MacKenzie Scott gave $133 million to nonprofit that helps kids stay in school

Remember when Jeff Bezos, the second richest man in the world, went to the Baby2Baby Gala last fall and gave them $500,000? It sounds like a huge sum of money and I’m sure they were grateful, but Bezos is worth $176.5 billion. Vanity Fair reports that he’s given away a mere 1% of his worth to charity, all while buying yachts for his yacht (for which an historic bridge in Rotterdam is about to be dismantled) and building phallic spaceships he charges celebrities to ride in. Amazon also has punitive union-busting employment policies that micromanage employees and barely allow for breaks.

Enter MacKenzie Scott, Jeff’s ex, who has made it her life’s work to give away her fortune. The last time we talked about her, last summer, she was giving away $2.47 billion to 286 organizations, with a focus on educational, arts and cultural institutions that address inequalities in the US. This was her third distribution of donations, she gave away another $6 billion in two rounds in 2020. Unlike typical large donations, there are absolutely no stipulations as to how the money should be used. Mackenzie has since published two more essays stating that her team is continuing to make donations but that they are not going to publish the names of the organizations they’re helping. It is up to those charities to go public. A nonprofit named Communities in Schools has issued a press release stating that MacKenzie’s foundation has given them $133 million, making it their largest donation ever. They work in schools throughout the US to help reduce the dropout rate.

MacKenzie Scott has donated $133.5 million to educational nonprofit Communities in School, an organization that helps students navigate issues inside and outside of the classroom.

The billionaire philanthropist’s donation is the largest unsolicited gift in the program’s history.
Communities in School works in 2,900 schools in America, supporting students at risk of dropping out and providing resources to help young people be successful, according to its website. The program helps 1.6 million kids in 26 states, and Scott’s donation will allow the charity to keep “expanding to touch more lives and impact more students,” CEO and program alumni Rey Saldaña told “CBS Mornings.”

The organization places staff inside schools to establish one-on-one connections with students to help them overcome challenges, and meets with schools and local service providers to give students the critical resources they need, according to its website. It has been supporting those under academic stress throughout the pandemic, it said.

CIS announced Thursday that it plans to broaden its reach across the country, thanks in large part to the donation by Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, who was CEO of Amazon (AMZN) until last year. (Bezos is now the company’s executive chairman.)

“At a time when the global pandemic has particularly hurt students with fewer community resources or adequate supports, this investment will help CIS to carry out its mission to break down the systemic barriers that stand in the way of opportunity and student success,” the organization said in a press release.

[From CNN]

This is lovely and is likely part of another huge distribution of funds that MacKenzie’s team made under the radar. I would not be surprised if this was part of another $3 billion they’ve given away. In her last essay, MacKenzie wrote that they’re working on launching a website for the foundation sometime this year. They will have a searchable database of the charities they’ve supported, but it’s up to the non-profit organizations whether they will be included in that. They strive to have “humility [and] respect for non-profits” and focus “attention on their work and experience.”

Last December, MacKenzie wrote about how small acts of kindness and generosity can inspire and help others. She does not want her generosity to be known as philanthropy as she finds that term limited to the richest people, but as “giving,” something that all of us can do. MacKenzie remembers a dentist giving her free dental work when she couldn’t afford to fix her teeth, and a roommate giving her $1,000 so she could stay in college. That roommate has since gone on to start a company giving loans to students without co-signers. Although she didn’t write this, it surely sounds like MacKenzie has repaid her friend’s kindness many times over.

She has not been on a red carpet since she divorced this clown’s ass! She is a boss!
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  1. annie says:

    I don’t understand why Jeff Besos would leave her. She is attractive, seems nice and smart and probably loved him for himself not his money. Rich people are weird

    • Seraphina says:

      I too was thinking this as I read the article. What a beautiful person – inside and out. Well done.

    • Bettyrose says:

      I think she left him but either way she’s a decent human with a soul and genuine sense of how her privilege empowers her to do good. WTF would they have in common?

      • Jan90067 says:

        Wasn’t he already having the affair with Sanchez, and that was the reason for the split?

        Compare MacKenzie’s giving to Bezo’s hoarding: he’s now raising the price of Prime by $20 a year to “offset costs”. Like making millions PER MINUTE isn’t enough???

      • Bettyrose says:

        We don’t know the exact timeline but I suspect she’d long since outgrown the
        marriage by then.

    • Katlina says:

      So you think it was all his decision and he just left her? You think, knowing that she can have at least some of his wealth and not have to worry about the basics, she’d automatically want to stay with a man that is bald, short (I think ?) and quite possibly not very nice just because they were in love at some point? And never get to be with someone more (physically and otherwise) attractive? Also, best case scenario people do grow apart. She seems like a lovely person to me, him not so much.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      From their actions since the divorce, I would assume she’s too good for him. She seems to be a humble, deeply decent, kind and evolved person. He appears to be a superficial, prick. He values ego, money, flash and toys. She values humanity and making a contribution. Of course he would divorce her. I would bet he sees her as ‘wasting’ his fortune.

  2. OriginalLaLa says:

    Celebrities, rich people – take notice, *this* is how to you do it. Give for the sake of helping, not for the sake of building your reputation as a “philanthropist” or “humanitarian”.

  3. girl_ninja says:

    She’s great. That’s all.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Mackenzie was the best part of Jeff and he is a POS for his affair. Jeff is also building the most expensive yacht to date. Though he is paying for the bridge to be dismantled and reassembled.

      When I saw the video for her donation to this program, the founder couldn’t finish the announcement as he was crying.

      I think that MacKenzie is a very lovely woman and is a wonderful woman to share her wealth and to spread it far and wide.

  4. Leskat says:

    See how easy it is, other billionaires?? Take a giant chunk of your money and put it towards making this a better society and planet. Help those in need. Provide assistance to those who need it and those who this money will make a world of difference and give them that boost.

    Putting vast fortunes towards a d**k-measuring contest is repugnant.

    Mackenzie is my new hero.

  5. Malificent says:

    I love that MacKenzie is living her best life — and sharing it with everyone else!

  6. Denise says:

    Beautiful, amazing boss lady

  7. FHMom says:

    I adore her. It’s so nice to see someone with money doing some good.

  8. I want a show with Mackenzie and Abigail Disney doing good and using their money to create unions at disney and amazon. (And starbucks, walmart, target, etc. etc.) I would watch the hell out of either of these ladies. They show how utterly contemptible, scummy and juvenile all the male billionaires are.

    • lemontwist says:

      Omg, yes I would watch the hell out of that too. Trolling through benevolence… I love it.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Excellent idea!! It’s always the women that are leading you example while the men are off with their d!ck measuring contest as @ Leskat mentioned, which is true.

    • Christine says:

      This is such a fantastic idea! I would love that.

  9. waitwhat says:

    While rocketman asks the City of Rotterdam to dismantle a historic bridge so he can get his $485M yacht out to sea. She is so far above him in every way. I’m happy for her that she doesn’t have to live with JB anymore.

  10. Matilda says:

    I honestly think that Jeff Bezos thinks he doesn’t have to donate large sums of money (at least as much as his ex wife does) to charities because she does it using her divorce settlement that was largely funded by Amazon. Therefore he thinks he is involved in a way of her donating to charities. I think this because he is egotistical and has been shown to have poor character. I don’t blame her for being happily divorced and now married to someone she can respect. Having to have an historic bridge dissembled so your super yacht can go through? Building a spacecraft that looks like a phallic symbol? Spending ridiculous amounts of money to ride said spacecraft? This man is a living walking tool! I can’t believe these two people were once in love and evolved into two such different beings. She is my Shero.

  11. SarahCS says:

    No one needs millions, never mind billions. We need to take a long hard look at the systems which make that accumulation (hoarding?) of wealth possible.

    In the meantime, this is awesome and exactly what the world needs to see. Go Mackenzie.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    I think she’s doing excellent work. I thought she would keep the money from the divorce settlement but she really surprised me, I wish other billionaires would do the same.

  13. HeyKay says:

    I 100% support this woman!
    Smart, generous, gorgeous, etc., etc., etc.
    If ever there was a person who deserved to “Move on to a better life” she is that person.
    I hope the universe continues to reward her with good health, happiness and peace. 😀

    Bezos, that awful cheater ex-husband, tight fisted, egomaniac, etc., etc.
    May the universe smite him in a mighty way. The sooner the better, IMO.

    Dismantle a bridge so the tiny billionaire can get his yacht moved?
    A great big F U to that bull.

  14. Twin Falls says:

    She’s living my dream life. I had the opportunity to give back in a small but meaningful way recently and it was the best feeling.

    Beautiful way to live. Love her.

  15. SomeKindaWay says:

    She gave at least $1 million to the HBCU by my house, so go her and Go Aggies!!!

  16. Jaded says:

    Jeff Bezos is satan.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      Meh, he’s too pedestrian to be satan. He’s just a run of the mill ugly loser inside and out.