“Jon & Kate Plus 8″ to end next month

Jon Gosselin looks dapper as he leaves the Montgomery County Court in PA
“Jon & Kate Plus 8″ is over, Radar Online reports, following dad Jon Gosselin’s moratorium to the TLC network to stop filming his children. The producers will cobble together what they can from past footage and cease airing new episodes at the end of next month. It is widely expected that Kate Gosselin will get her own reality show, to focus on her life and career. She is also working on a roundtable talk show with cooking personality Paula Dean.

On Tuesday Jon Gosselin was ordered by the court to return $180,000 of the $230,000 he took out from his family’s joint account, leaving Kate with just $1,000 to pay the bills. Jon initially said he took out only $22,000 recently, but admitted that he took out “$177,000 over the course of a year… which is my paycheck.” Kate had an e-mail from the bank showing that Jon withdrew a total of $230,000 since August 10, 2009, which is well less than the year that Jon claimed.

Now Jon has admitted that he took out the money recently, but he did it in a kind of mumbling half-assed way, and told Entertainment Tonight that he didn’t realize he was in contempt of court, again repeating that it was his paycheck. He also tried to turn it around on his wife, Kate, and said that she has to account for the money she spent, too. He sounded like a teenage kid who realizes he’s been busted and has to own up to it but still tries to justify his behavior:

“Well, it was just after arbitration, we weren’t supposed to take money out of the restrictive account and we both did,” he tells Diane. “I was found in contempt for doing so, I didn’t realize, I was just like taking my paycheck out.”

And when it comes to how much he claims Kate has taken?

“It’s unaccounted for,” he says. “So by Friday, we’ll know her complete accounting, which might reduce my accounting, so I don’t know what’s going on.”

According to the judgment from Wednesday’s hearing Kate has to provide accounting records for $55,000 that she claims she withdrew for “household expenses”.

When asked by Dimond if Jon wanted to approach Kate in court Wednesday and tell her they could work it all out together, Jon replied, “I thought about doing that, but you know, in a public setting as a public figure you have to watch what you say and do.”

[From Radar Online]

How can Jon explain not working things out with his wife by claiming that he has to watch what he says? He’s made statements bragging about how popular and photographed he is, and has repeatedly trashed his wife to the press. He’s hardly taking the “high road” as he’s claimed.

Meanwhile Jon may be claiming that he wants to protect his children’s privacy, but he only blocking TLC from filming them. As MSNBC’s The Scoop points out, Jon didn’t mind having his children filmed on several occasions as part of his exclusive deal with Entertainment Tonight.

Jon Gosselin looks dapper as he leaves the Montgomery County Court in PA

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  1. Firestarter says:

    And so ends Kate and King Douche Bag’s gravy train.

    What is the deal?

  2. Leni says:

    How stupid does he think the public is. Okay, don’t answer that. He is such a used peebag. Little snotty brat.

  3. HarbinsMom says:

    Exactly. As long as it’s his deal alone, then he can film the kids all day long. He got ticked when TLC dropped his name from the title and that started all this garbage. He couldn’t care less about his kids, just himself. This idiot cannot keep his lies straight. One one show, it’s he didn’t take any money, the next, it’s his paycheck. He claims he’s never had a dime from the show and that’s an out right lie. How is he paying for his NY apartment, his and *the soulmate’s* new cars? His frequent trips to LA to pimp himself out on ET and The Insider? This guy is a train wreck and I just want him to go away with Hailey and disappear.

  4. nanster says:

    I’m with you, HarbinsMom – I want Jon to go away, but I want Kate to go away just as badly.

  5. tooey says:

    Where does he think his gravy is going to come from now? He’s been making an excellent living pimping out his kids and if that stops where’s he gonna make a dollar? Kate will get her own show, books, etc., but he has a stench attached to him now that even Hollywood and the media won’t touch. He better rein in the spending cuz the check he’s getting from ET is probably the last one he’s going to cash for a while…

  6. nAynAy says:

    Phew! Hopefully now both of them will just fade away. Wishful thinking, right?

  7. Diwali6 says:

    They both deserve each other! I dont quite understand why everyone just seems to be bashing Jon? Kate is just as bad if not worse.

  8. bros says:


  9. Judy says:

    Jon looks damned good in a suit! But yay to no more shows. PLEASE make Kate go away…ICK. And Celebitchy, it’s Paula Deen…not Dean. And I won’t be watching it.

  10. Popcorny says:

    Hey, can we make a promise?
    It’s been torture watching and reading all about this little tubby greaseball rolling in money, lame expensive clothes and misguided moronic fugly chicks.
    But we did it, no matter how nauseating.
    (*congratulations purple blogging hearts and strong vodka shots for everyone*)…
    So, if (and as) this little turdball crashes to Earth penniless, homeless and lonely …
    -will the powers-that-be (that forced John upon us daily) PROMISE to still cover his every move on the decline?
    I have this perverse need to see that lying little twit get leveled before he gets cast out of his undeserved and unwarranted limelight.
    If he winds up in an cold alley, under cardboard and newspapers, battling rats for half empty ketchup packets and crushed cigabutts -I’d actually be interested and amused by him for the first time, I’d want to see his pics and hear his thoughts then.
    It’d only be fair.

  11. Icecat says:

    Geez I hope Kate doesn’t get her own show…She is just as bad. I love Paula Deen, but I will definitely NOT be watch anything involving dead possums :)

  12. Tess says:

    Deen and Kate will dish-up a flatbed truck-load of bulls**t and I hope there’s zero audience to lap it up.

  13. Judy says:

    Popcorny: Hey, let’s make this promise. Let’s substitute “Kate” for “Jon” in your post, and then I’m all for it!

  14. nAynAy says:


    I agree with you. Their both pretty awful people. They should both just disappear from tv. I’m pretty sure that nobody would miss them.

  15. smallwonder2738 says:

    LMAO.. does anyone notice that his lawyers have on matching shirts and ties… No wonder why he loves them so much, it’s not just “because they are Jewish” that he thinks they’re great… it’s because they are douchetastic. Just like Jon.

  16. Shelly says:

    Judy, are you on Jon’s payroll or are you just that hard-up you’re drooling over him? Kate’s no queen but at least she’s not trashing herself with every Tom, Dick and Harry that’s out there. Jon only grew a set once all his flavors started coming forward and TLC said they were dropping him. I’m happy for the kids that they won’t have cameras in their faces so much – now if the slimey paps will leave them alone, the might have a normal childhood.

  17. Judy says:

    Smallwonder: Jon has ONE ATTORNEY. It is poor little Kate who can’t pay her bills who hired THREE ATTORNEYS from THREE SEPARATE LAW FIRMS.

  18. Judy says:

    Smallwonder: Jon has ONE ATTORNEY

  19. Prissa says:

    “…in a public setting as a public figure you have to watch what you say and do.”

    Is this guy serious? After all the galavanting he did? He is such a moron!

    Popcorny – what a wonderful idea! I’d tune in for that definitely! It would be much more enjoyable.

  20. Firestarter says:

    Who cares how many attorney’s either of them have. If it meant beating that little troll Jon, I myself, would have a team of lawyers lined up to make his life as hard as possible.

    And the man is NOT hot in a suit. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but some on. You can put a sow into a suit and they will look good, in fact better than Jon.

  21. BiggieShortie says:

    BOTH of those ASSHOLES Jon and Kate need to fall off the face of the earth, already. They are BOTH equally stupid, selfish, and unconcerned for the welfare of their kids.

  22. Judy says:

    Shelly, I have a 29-year-old daughter, so I am not drooling over Jon. But I have followed this extensively. Did you watch all the shows, did you see how Kate treated him in each episode? I’m not condoning Jon’s actions, but he’s not lying about being a sleaze, whereas Kate is sleeping with her MARRIED bodyguard. She’s a liar, a manipulator, and not a nice person. And I just want them BOTH to go away for good.

  23. Feebee says:

    Even the list of names we have for this poor excuse for a man isn’t enough. Just when you think it is, he tops himself and we struggle to keep up. I think he’s overtaken Spencer Pratt as moron of the century. Big call I know.

  24. Eileen Yover says:

    I’m 100% with you. I never watched their show-never will. And I never watched Dancing with the Stars (which is where one or both of these morons is heading)-and never will.
    I’m shooting a virtual Grey Goose as we speak!

  25. IdiotJon says:

    What can anyone do to make this little greasy slimbag shut up? He needs to go get himself a 9 to 5 job with “no responsibilities” and shut his ignorant, ugly piehole.

  26. DoMaJoReMc says:


  27. Firestarter says:

    If Kate is sleeping with her married bodyguard, then why isn’t his wife making a Brandi Glanville stink about it?

    I am seriously asking, as I do not follow these people extensively, only on here.

  28. original kate says:

    yes, please please go away, gosselins.

  29. Judy says:

    Firestarter: Too much info to post here…go back a couple of weeks on here and read about her Diva attitude at a charity auction (with her bodyguard) where she was booed. Google it–there’s tons of info. Read about Jon having known about it for quite awhile because of his IT ability…that was his job before Kate MADE him quit the job to stay home with the kids. And it was Kate’s idea that Jon get the hair plugs.

  30. Shelly says:

    So Judy, it’s okay for Jon to sleep around, while still married mind you, because he thinks Kate was? And I’m with Firestarter, why isn’t the bodyguard’s wife coming forward; she’s actually Kate’s friend.

    Yes, I’ve watched the show in the past and I don’t really blame Kate for her actions toward Jon. He’s no more than the 9th child she had to take care of.

    I think Jon would need at least a 2nd attorney since that Heller or whatever his name is isn’t even legal to practice in PA.

  31. birdie says:

    I actually support Kate getting her own reality show. They have 8 kids and rapidly diminishing resources… Who is going to pay for the kids? Certainly not Jon, so Kate once again has to step up and be the adult in the situation.

    I really question how they’re going to continue to share the Wernersville, PA property where the kids live. It’s a nice idea, but in reality these are 2 people who are not getting along, who still have 2 mortgages to pay, who disagree on just about everything, and whose finances are in completely different places.

    Kate is very controlling about her money, budgeting, using coupons, keeping careful watch of expenses while Jon seems to fly by the seat of his pants and spend whatever he can get his grubby hands on.

    Especially if Kate gets this reality show and has a new means to pay for things, I don’t see Jon contributing to their mortgage. I see him running out of money very quickly with the lifestyle he leads, and then crashing in his “apartment” above the garage and smoking weed and playing video games all day long.

    Unfortunately, I think this divorce will not be the last time the Gosselin’s are in court. Jon will file for bankruptcy, he won’t contribute to the kids or the house, but will still try to fight for his right to 1/2… And the kids will once again suffer for their dad’s idiocy and gross negligence.

  32. T says:

    Did God answer my prayers? Is the publicity for this crud finally going to end?
    I feel so bad for those poor kids. Their world has been torn apart – in front of the entire nation.

  33. amanda says:

    If there is a God, these two people will be spiteful enough to block each other from filming their own separate reality shows featuring their children. End result– the children are off the air and on to a more normal childhood. Unfortunately, they are stuck with these two imbeciles for parents. But, hey– 18 can’t come soon enough.

  34. Firestarter says:

    @Judy- I am aware of the rumored liason with her bodyguard, my question was, if the rumors are true and they are in this torrid affair and have been, why is his wife not making a big deal of it? Don’t tell me she is taking the high road, becasue with these people, there is not a one of them in the whole sordid mess that is or will take the high road.

    I would like to know for certain, and not just speculation, that Kate has been fooling around with her bodyguard now and during his marriage and hers. I have heard the rumors and read a smidge about it, but don’t tell me if he is indeed happily married that his wife would not be taking advantage of the money train wreck that this situation is.

    If you have links to this being fact and his wife being aware, I would like to read about it, and I am not trying to be argumentative, I am just trying to uncover info.

    p.s- I am not sure what him getting hair plugs has to do with my question. However, I will agree with Kate, he needs them! There is too much fug on him already. Baldness would just send me over the edge!

  35. Judy says:

    Please don’t roll your eyes at me. I have not done that to anyone here. If you want to roll your eyes, roll them at the people who post opinions who have never even watched the show. My opinion would be much different if that were true for me.

  36. Shelly says:

    Judy – do you recall Jon telling Kate he didn’t like dark hair and that her stomach was disgusting after the 6 were born? Yeah, that makes him husband of the year material for sure. I think you’re lusting after the dog otherwise you’d stop rolling his red carpet out for him. Kate didn’t tell him she hated that he was going bald – she said that she missed running her fingers through his hair. If you honestly watched the show as much as you say you did, one would think you’d be HAPPY it’s ending. Ya know, for the KIDS!

  37. Judy says:

    Good lord, I AM happy it is ending. How many times do I have to say it! The only worthwhile or worth-mentioning individuals in this mess are those precious children.

  38. Spike says:

    Never watch any of those shows, but I’m glad for the children’s sake that it’s over. Hope he is likewise banned from using them for his “exclusive” ET contract.

  39. Ron says:

    Kate is going to get another show. So she will be fine. Jon on the other hand will be forgotten and delivery Domino’s by this time next year. I don’t know who in television is going to greenlight a new show with him after his antics with TLC. It’s tough when all you have had to do is Mr Mom for TV and now you actually have to go back to being a worker bee. Idiot.

  40. thedomesticgoddess says:

    Finally. An end to the show. Apparently not the scathing comments.

    There was another TLC show with a family of 10 kids, one of whom has CP. Down to earth couple, he’s a cop and she’s a homemaker. No security, no fancy cars or duds, no free GAP clothing, no free anything. Lived in a small home which they renovate to fit their family. They care for their special needs child with little external assistance. Their home from what I could see, is full of love, happiness, and not least of all, love and respect between the parents.

    What is so sad is that Jon and Kate have been led to believe that they are something they aren’t. All the hangers on, every single person who has profitted from the Gosselin family, including TLC, are disgusting. Who from TLC guided this family? Not one I bet.

    Having watched this show from start to almost the end, and (I will watch the last programs because I enjoy the kids, – I turn off the volume when Kate speaks), I come away with the same opinion. Jon took alot of crap from Kate, and Kate is just an unhappy, bitter, conniving shrew. That she expects applause from me for having 8 kids and being a good mother to them is beyond ridiculous. You had the kids so raise them. Jon was right there beside her, and if you had watched the show, you would have seen that.

    I am always going to be Team kids. I hope Jon gets it together for his own sanity, and for his children. As for Kate, I’m sure she’ll stomp all over then next man that comes into her life, and anyone else who comes near her, who has a mind of their own and can see through her. Alot of us have. I won’t be watching any program she’s on. Unless it’s Paula trouncing all over her!

  41. thedomesticgoddess says:

    I do find it interesting that those who have never watched the series, and who say they don’t want to argue, are doing just that. Anytime a fact is stated, these individuals post unkind comments, singling posters out to do so. Exactly what is the goal of doing this?

    Despite clearly stating that I am not pro Jon, I have been attacked for my opinions. I am definitely not pro Kate, and I justify that with facts, not emotion. Again I am attacked.

    I have never singled anyone out, nor will I. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and when there are erroneous “facts” posted, sure I’m going to say something.

    ie: what don’t people get about the fact that both Jon and Kate bought that house? and the house before ? and the first house was because his father helped them out. Kate did not buy that house on her own. Oh and “the house belongs to the kids” … with Kate standing at the front door “directing” everyone, yelling “welcome to MY house”.
    Bite me.

    Jon and this ET thing is awful. But there again, who is the worst? Who went to whom? Did Jon ask ET to film, or did they approach him? If they approached him then they are disgusting as well. No one should be giving either one of these people any more air time.

    But how is ok for Kate to have her own show and not Jon? Oh right, because he left and was an idiot? Hmm .. ok. Well then I guess Letterman will be off the air shortly for his sordid behavior?that has gone on for years.

    Given that those who have never watched the show by their own admission, I am unsure as to where they derive their facts from? Seeing is believing folks, and 5 seasons of Jon and Kate plus 8 speaks volumes more than rag mag tittle tattle.

  42. Firestarter says:

    Well. DomesticG, I think that most of us who post on this site, who have strong opinions on certain celebs or subject matter, have been attacked a time or two or three, so I do not think you are alone there.

  43. birdie says:

    domestic, my issue with your continuous streams of postings is that you seem to think they sound so logical but they don’t!!

    “I am definitely not pro Kate, and I justify that with facts, not emotion”…… “I come away with the same opinion. Jon took a lot of crap from Kate, and Kate is just an unhappy, bitter, conniving shrew.”

    Those comments you make are OPINIONS not FACTS… and it would help your cause if you stopped acting like its a “fact” that Kate is a “shrew” because it is not a fact, it is your opinion.

    You are not the only one who watched the show. I watched it too, and what I came away with was that Jon was a shirker. He didn’t like to work. He didn’t like to take responsibility. When you have 8 kids there is a lot of work to be done, and Kate really did the brunt of it and it addition took care of Jon. They’re relationship was never very loving, they always bickered with each other. Where you say you saw Jon being abused, I saw him being lazy and passive. These are my opinions. Not facts, and I won’t try to justify them as facts the way that you do. In my opinion, Jon’s recent behavior has proved that he is lazy, selfish, and incapable of taking responsibility, and now he has been caught red handed stealing from his family.

  44. Commander Cody says:

    I’m just glad this whole miserable affair is over. I don’t care for either of them and I don’t care for TLC.

  45. danielle says:

    Wow is that man stupid! And does he EVER stop smoking anymore?

  46. thedomesticgoddess says:

    lol… I guess I was watching a different series then. hmm … Jon moving house on his own, after a full day at work, bathing the kids while Kate went and got her hair cut, Jon working all day, coming home three nights in a row, pulling up carpet, laying new carpet, taking and putting back furniture, setting up bunk beds, etcetc. Becoming a stay at home Dad so his wife could go gallavanting all over the country promoting a book that she didn’t write alone and keeping the profits for same …Nope he never did a thing.
    If Kate herself, before the drama, says he was a good dad, and he worked hard who is anyone of us to say he didn’t? Kate herself says they were a good team. And true, I do call her a shrew, based on her behaviors on the show, watching her on interviews and reading what she apparently has said.

    There is no smoke without fire, and to blame one person for the failure of a marriage is fantasy. It takes two. Now that show is cancelled, it doesn’t matter anymore does it? The kids hopefully will not be exposed to anymore of this madness by either parent.

    Curious though? If one parent has the right to stop the kids from being filmed, how is that Kate didn’t intervene in the filming of the twins on their birthday? Are you telling me that know it all Kate didnt know that was happening? And if she did, why she didn’t stop it? Hmmm….yeah right.

    But I digress:)

    If you don’t want to read what I say, then don’t. You’re quite entitled to just skip to the next post. :)

  47. Feebee says:

    Domestic Goddess, I’m not attacking you but I’m confused when you write you’re not pro-Jon but talk about him like he’s your beautiful, brillant, misunderstood son who married a woman you hated from the start, warned him not to marry and now can say I told you so.

  48. Firestarter says:

    DomesticG- In the future you can address me directly instead of through a veiled comment directed at me.

    If having an opinion, contrary to yours and Judy’s makes me argumentative, then fine. I have a right to ask a valid question and do not have to limit my commentary on the subject.

  49. Squirtle says:

    Can’t we all just get along? In our hate for Kate and Jon!

    Hey that rhymes, look at me go! lol.

  50. Diwali6 says:

    Squirtle – funny…

    Jon and Kate plus HATE would make for a good TLC programme! The downside of “fame”! lol…. “eye roll”.

  51. thedomesticgoddess says:

    Good lord. Sensitive much? I say what I like as all of you do. You don’t find me accusing you of anything, or making snide comments. Seems strange that the anti Jon folks are so easy to ruffle up! I don’t have to like or even understand half of the posts on this site. I just read them. If someone is saying the same as I am, then I just agree. I don’t go off on anyone for disagreeing. It`s pretty clear to me that some people just feel the way they do, despite facts.

    And given that many of you are quite solid in your convictions either way, who the heck are you to have a go at me? or anyone else here. Jeez louise.

    If it were the other way around and it was Jon being verbally abusive, controlling, put one face out there for the world to see and another in house, I`d be saying exactly what I`ve said about Kate. At least with Jon, stupid or not, you get what you see. Confused, f`ûp, whatever. Kate is just a player, sucking up public sympathy to cover her ass and keep that gravy train rolling on, no matter her husband`s feelings or her childrens. That was pretty evident to me at least at the end of Season 4. I would`n`t be surprised if TLC threatened Jon with legal action if he quit and all this malarky is or was one big set up to the eventual goal. Maybe Jon isn`t as stupid as he lets on. He got what he wanted – the kids are off the air. That`s all I really care about in the end. If Jon or Kate, god help us all want to do television or whatever, fine. As long as it doesn`t involve the kids.

    Firestarter – as I recall a few weeks back you were being what I felt to be harassed by several posters who were personally attacking you for your opinions. As I recall I posted that it wasn`t cool and you thanked me. I will be sure not to make that mistake again.

  52. Yae says:

    Well kids, dad just shoved your financial stability in the crapper.

  53. Firestarter says:

    DomesticG- That is fine. I didn’t attack you for your opinions, I just asked that you address me personally instead of making a veiled ref. to a comment.

    Thanks for defending me a few weeks ago, and sorry that you feel that my comments were so offensive to you that you have to be nasty, but I understand, and I co-sign your feelings on the matter.

  54. Lisa says:

    I am shocked to see how cruel some or your post are. Everyone says they want them to go away but seem to be delighted in the whole thing. What will you do with out the Gosselins to bash. Both parents were wonderful parents and captured a large percent of us TLC viewers. They are having some hard times now but have growned into this and are having to deal with it as best as they can. They are the victums here and instead of wishing to see them homeless and under a card board box. How many of you are perfic and how many of you are praying for them. Jesus said, he without sin throw the first stone. There are sure a lot of stones being thrown here. Are you stone throwers perfic?????