Prince Michael of Kent will attend a Jubbly concert… which features a Ukraine tribute

Prince Michael of Kent is likely Russia’s man within the British Royal Family. Michael speaks fluent Russian, he’s been a frequent traveler to Russia over the course of his life, and he has made a fortune in Russia. No one is quite sure *how* he made a fortune in Russia, but surely it has something to do with his “consulting firm” which he operates with full permission from the Queen, and which was involved in a cash-for-access scheme. Soon after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Prince Michael announced that he “is returning his Russian Order of Friendship honor.” Not “has returned.” “Is returning.” At some point. And he’s made no mention of his desire to “return” all of the millions he made from providing introductions and “consulting.” I wonder how much of his consulting work is just money laundering too. Anyway, I digress. As we know, we’re all about the Queen’s Platinum Jubbly this year. Tonight, there’s a Platinum Jubbly concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Prince Michael of Kent will represent the Queen at the concert.

British Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee concert at the Royal Albert Hall will see a tribute to Ukraine, royal expert Richard Eden has disclosed.

Richard Eden says in his latest article for the Mail Plus, “The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee concert tonight will see the Royal Albert Hall ‘covered in blue and yellow lights’ to create an image of Ukraine’s flag as the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra plays the country’s national anthem. Soprano Laura Wright, a royal favourite since she performed at the Diamond Jubilee, tells me she’s ‘incredibly honoured’ to be singing God Save The Queen tonight while ‘heavily pregnant’.”

“Interestingly, the royals in attendance will be Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. He has come under scrutiny for his cosy links with Russia.”

[From The News International]

So the Russian asset within the Royal Family will represent the Queen at her Platinum Jubbly concert, a concert which will also feature several tributes to the British allegiance to Ukraine? My head is spinning. Why did Buckingham Palace think it was a good idea to send Prince Michael? They’re actually betting on the fact that if they act like everything is normal and there’s nothing problematic going on with Michael, then no one will look too closely. Surely, a Jubbly concert should be something given to another royal though? Charles? Camilla? William? Kate? LOL.

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  1. Eurydice says:

    I’d say tone-deaf, but this is optics – so they must be blind, too.

  2. TigerMcQueen says:

    Good googely moogely, but the RF and their courtiers are tone deaf.

  3. tamsin says:

    Well, they are a bit short of people to attend things. BTW, wasn’t Andrew patron of the Royal Philharmonic? Seems to me they played at Eugenie’s wedding.

  4. Blujfly says:

    The walking rebuttal to any claims that Harry deserves to be banished and his openly racist wife, representing the Queen.

    If this is the kind of “royal family” presence these jubilee events can expect, god speed to this “family.”

  5. girl_ninja says:

    Amazing. It’s like they don’t even give a sh*t now and since Chuck is about to take the throne they’re like “f**k it. It’s whatever.”

    Wow. Just wow.

  6. Wiglet Watcher says:

    I’m shocked we haven’t heard whispers of the Middletons attending as seat fillers. Which is all anyone is at this point. A seat filler.

  7. Polo says:

    And these mofos had the nerve to falsely try and link Harry and Meghan to Russia. Child bye!!
    As long as the firm, British media, and government are behind them they will continue to operate the same. That is until the royals can’t give the media what they want then they’ll turn on them like some have with Boris.
    Hope that day is sooner rather than later.

  8. Amy Bee says:

    Pity the Queen couldn’t attend. Prince Michael is proof that Harry and Meghan weren’t asking for anything out of the ordinary.

    • Gill says:

      Harry and Meghan were asking to do good for others and not line their own pockets which is completely different from the Kent’s!!

  9. Jais says:

    The RF is backed up by the BM royal propaganda machine so what do they care. Saint Camilla, women’s activist Sophie, and Ukraine supporter Kent sounds about right.

  10. Gubbinal says:

    I wonder why the Wessex couple isn’t going instead? This is an enormous slight to Ed and Soph considering that they are up the chain from Prince Michael. Or is this a public way of announcing the BRF’s fealty to Putin?

  11. Julia K says:

    Is his wife the racist broach lady?

    • blujfly says:

      She is racist broach lady. Long before she was racist broach lady, she shouted at a table of Black people at a restaurant in New York to “go back to the colonies.” Her daughter’s former boyfriend wrote a piece for vanity Fair discussing racism in the royal family and noting her particular joy at introducing people to her black sheep, named Venus and Serena.

  12. Izzy says:

    HOLY SIGOURNEY WEAVER. It’s not just that they can’t read the room, it’s like they’re not even IN the room.

  13. anotherlily says:

    The comments in the DM can’t be what the Palace expected. The contrast between lighting the venue in Ukrainian flag colours and then sending the Queen’s Putin friendly cousin has certainly been noted.