Prince William appeared on Cate Blanchett’s ‘Climate of Change’ podcast

Prince William is a man with zero passions. He is wrathful and engorged with rage constantly, but does that truly suggest a man who is passionate, or a man who is a temperamental, immature, insecure bully? I think about this too much. One could argue that William’s truest passion is for power, but even then, I have my doubts that he knows what to do with power if he even gets any. I was reminded of William’s lack of passion as I tried to listen to a few minutes of his interview on Climate of Change, a podcast co-hosted by Cate Blanchett and Danny Kennedy. I did not know that Cate co-hosts a podcast about climate change, but here we are. Cate is involved with William’s Earthshot (Keenshot) and that’s why William was invited on this pod, to talk about the environment and Earthshot. Curious timing, right? This was obviously pre-recorded, possibly even weeks ago. Was it timed specifically to come out just before the Invictus Games? And won’t William think about how his podcast interview is destroying the monarchy? Oh, wait, I guess podcasting is only a slap in the Queen’s face when it’s Harry and Meghan.

Prince William is talking climate change — with Cate Blanchett! The royal was a guest on the new Audible Original podcast series Climate of Change with Cate Blanchett and Danny Kennedy, where he sat down with the hosts in a solar-powered recording studio in London to discuss the importance of preserving the environment.

Prince William said his connection with the natural world “started pretty young,” crediting David Attenborough documentaries as well as his grandfather Prince Philip and father Prince Charles with introducing him to the outdoors.

“I think my grandfather and my father both kind of having a deep passion and interest in this area for many years has sort of piqued my interest and my curiosity,” he said. “So growing up, I was surrounded by kind of this adventure and this idea of exploring and being out in the garden. I used to spend hours climbing trees, digging ditches and all sorts of things, hiding in dens and all sorts from the garden, so I used to love being out in the wild and the wet.”

Prince William, 39, also recalled his time spent in Kenya learning from experts about the wildlife and environmental challenges during his gap year before attending the University of St. Andrews.

Blanchett also asked William about his hopes for his Earthshot Prize, which aims to promote impactful approaches to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. In October, five groundbreaking projects were anointed with an award of $1.3 million each.

“It sounds like you’re quite hopeful that maybe we can imagine our way and plan our way and work our way out of what seems to be a crisis,” Blanchett said. William replied, “To coin [Costa Rican diplomat] Christiana Figueres’ phrase, ‘stubborn optimist’ — I think is sort of where I’m feeling quite like I’m at the moment. She’s given me a lot of hope that this can happen, and I believe I’m seeing it with my own eyes — it’s really inspiring, it’s really hopeful.”

[From People]

I’m including the video below, which is basically a sedative. I mean, I’m sure there are people who can’t wait to hear William speak, yet again, about how his grandfather and father inspired him to be the keen pretend-environmentalist he is today. It’s also clear that William will do anything to promote his own environmental credentials, from boring-ass documentaries to boring-ass Keenshot photo-opsto boring-ass People Magazine covers to boring-ass podcast interviews. After all of that keenness, he hops on a private jet and goes on his ski holiday.

Photos courtesy of ‘Climate of Change’ Audible podcast, plus photos from Ted Talk/Earthshot and People Magazine.

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  1. Rapunzel says:

    This is all so “see, Harry? I can be on a celebrity hosted podcast too!”

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Poor baby. Despite his immense wealth, privilege and platform, he is not engaging at all. He spent so much time picking on his younger brother and avoiding work that he never truly found or developed any passions. I hope he doesn’t bring his anti midas touch to the listening figures of this podcast.

  2. Princess Peach says:

    How long until Kate Middleton starts to copy Keen Cate Blanchett?

  3. C says:

    When you say “coin a phrase” aren’t you making fun of it or saying it’s cliche? He’s a strange bird.

    • Steph says:

      No, it’s just saying where a phrase originated. You can coin a phrase today that enters into the lexicon and later become cliche. But the credit for its original use still goes to you.

      He is a strange bird though. 😆

  4. equality says:

    So nothing at all about the prize winners? Anything to draw attention to the people who are actually doing something or was it all about Will and how he was privileged to play in the outdoors?

    • Steph says:

      This is exactly what it was about. William, William, William. Not the winners and definitely not the environment.

    • Deering24 says:

      Honestly, one should not have to do a Google deep-dive to find this information. Hell, we know more about the yearly MacArthur foundation winners than we do about who’s running it—and rightly so.

  5. Polo says:

    Did this get a lot of attention? I wouldn’t have known this dropped if I hadn’t seen this on here but then again maybe I’m too much in a bubble lol.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      No one pays any attention to Horse Teeth the Bald.

    • Suze says:

      A Will & Kate fan on Twitter cited it at me in defense of “how much” William works. Phillip’s memorial, this podcast, and the Anzac day service were all proof of how he’s such a hard-working man. (3 events over the course of a month doesn’t sound like that much to me, but hey.)

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Polo: It was dropped late last night UK time, I guess in time for it to be included in the today’s British papers.

    • betsyh says:

      According to Cate Blanchett’s website, the entire Climate of Change podcast series just dropped today, so that’s why we’re now hearing about this. I do think William was aware that the broadcast date preceded Invictus, but there is no way this will overshadow the games.

  6. Hillbo+Baggins says:

    This view of climate change is pretentious and narrow minded. All he cares about are his pretty gardens and the ability to see wildlife on his vacations. He does not have the selflessness to even consider the real-life horrors that climate change will cause (and is already causing) to people, especially those in poverty. It’s always Me, Me, Me with him. The rich will be fine as the world changes. People who have to rely on the natural world for survival will not.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Very well said!

    • It's all your fault says:

      Blanchett also asked William about his hopes for his Earthshot Prize, which aims to promote impactful approaches to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. In October, five groundbreaking projects were anointed with an award of $1.3 million each.

      Can William and other environmentalist go talk to Shell, Exxon and Chevron about the negative impact they are having on Nigeria. All this companies talk about their part in providing cleaner energy and oil yet a 2020 Guardian report states that –

      “Shell, Exxon, Chevron and other major oil companies extract and export up to 2m barrels a day of high quality, low sulphur “Bonny Light” crude from the Niger delta. But very little of this oil is refined in the country because its four state-owned refineries are dysfunctional or have closed.

      Instead, international dealers export to Nigeria around 900,000 tonnes a year of low-grade, “dirty” fuel, made in Dutch, Belgian and other European refineries, and hundreds of small-scale artisanal refineries produce large quantities of illegal fuel from oil stolen from the network of oil pipelines that criss-cross the Niger delta.

      The net result, says international resource watchdog group Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN) in a new report, is that Nigeria has some of the worst air pollution in the world, with dense clouds of choking soot hanging over gridlocked cities leading to a rise in serious health conditions as well as damaged vehicles.
      Illegal refineries and pollution among the waterways in Rivers State, Nigeria.”

      The extreme toxicity of the “official” fuel exported from Europe surprised researchers who took samples of diesel sold in government-licensed filling stations in Port Harcourt and Lagos. They found that on average the fuel exceeded EU pollution limits by as much as 204 times, and by 43 times the level for gasoline.

      Come back and tell me how Africa and Africans are destroying the ENVIRONMENT and ANIMALS.

    • equality says:

      As long as the royals have their estates where they do the massive bird hunts it is hard to take them seriously. Those estates are managed to decrease the predator population and other bird populations in favor of the pheasants.

    • Green Desert says:


    • Lemons says:

      This is what I noticed from that excerpt…We’re already too late and any optimism should be prefaced with the fact that millions of lives will already be ruined because of our inability to pivot and drastically change our lifestyles to save the environment. There are no small changes that will reverse this course.

      So any climate change activist or expert who does not drive this point home isn’t versed on the issue. Even the goals of the majority of the Earthshot winners are dead in the water once temperatures rise. All the work to save the coral reefs and clean the oceans will be for nothing once the actual animal life within them finds that their environment is too hot to survive.

      This worries me a great deal. We already know that the only drastic change possible will come from change to the industry itself, but no one is tackling that monster. William will be the last person to do so.

  7. Vs says:

    This podcast will go unnoticed by his own supposedly royal fans given Invictus! If I were working on his PR team, I would have released the podcast before the disaster tour or around the jubbly 😂

  8. Nyro says:

    Wow, this made zero noise. I hadn’t seen a single thing about this. Kate doesn’t spark huge media interest either but at least she’ll get a little attention due solely to her clothes. It’s like William doesn’t even exist.

  9. Noki says:

    With all the luxury,resources and free time this dude has,he should not look like the life has been sucked out of him.

    • it's all your fault says:

      Question: How do you get children to eat their vegetables?

      Answer: Show them a before and after picture of William, saying “This is what happens if you don’t eat your vegetables”

      • Noki says:

        LMAO,He was a gorgeous young man. The Windsor genes are brutal. It could be why he is so miserable,his beautiful looks were stripped from him way too soon.

    • Deering24 says:

      Having everything is a way different beast than knowing how to be productive with it. Or even how to enjoy it. 😈🙃😎

  10. Julia K says:

    People are born with that strange, elusive quality called ” charisma “. Can’t learn it or buy it or demand it. William and Kate don’t have it, no matter how hard they try. No one can define it but you know it when you see it. A girl I knew from school, ordinary looking, walked into a party and the room went quiet and everyone turned to look at her. She glowed from inside. She was special but I could never figure out why.

    • LoryD75 says:

      I agree Julia K, but as a teacher for over 20 years, I can tell you that charisma and natural ability do not replace hard work. Preparation and determination trump it every time. If William had any desire to do good and improve and actually work at something, anything, he would be able to create change and earn the respect he demands.

      • Becks1 says:

        William’s problem isn’t that he lacks charisma, or charm, or anything interesting in his personality. It’s that he’s lazy. If he had charisma, that would be a plus, a big plus. But the issue is that his work just falls flat because there is nothing to back it up. I think he thought Earthshot would give him some credibility in the eyes of the world, but it just emphasizes what a lightweight he is. Earthshot for him is about trying to create the next Invictus Games, and it really would be better off as a luncheon reception, not a big awards show with a red carpet (sorry, a green carpet) etc.

        Charisma would help him. but it wouldn’t make him not-lazy, and that’s his biggest problem.

      • equality says:

        I agree. Eugenie doesn’t have Harry’s charisma but when she does her environmental things about plastic she comes across as sincere. PC doesn’t have the big charisma either but when he is talking about something he is interested in, he gets that interest across. PW just sounds bored and blase about everything.

      • windyriver says:

        If he wasn’t so lazy, he’d have some charisma, because interest and enthusiasm are part of what creates it. He cares about nothing of use, and broadcasts that everywhere.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      It is weird what people have it and what people do not have it: Jackie Kennedy, Diana, Barbara Hutton, Elizabeth Taylor, The Queen Mum, Queen Alexandra, Grace Kelly, Babe Paley and even Anna Nicole Smith had it. Baldy & Wiglet do not have it and never will.

      • Deering24 says:

        And just about all those women put. In. The. Work. Which is its own charisma.

      • Christine says:

        Exactly, Deering. I would add Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Serena and Venus, Oprah and Gayle, Kamala, Sonia Sotomayor, and, FINALLY, Ketanji Brown Jackson.

  11. Em says:

    I mean he’s so far up his ass that he can’t get the actual winners of the prize to speak about it, this is the first award show and he’s prancing around like it’s all that. He wants that international recognition and I’m sorry earthshot isn’t going to give it to him, it’s better he takes over the princes trust and then makes it’s bigger and claims credit. It’s strange how I haven’t heard a single peep from the last prize winners.

    • It's all your fault says:

      That’s because it never about the winners. It only about them. You never hear about the winners. Just what the prince’s have done/doing.

  12. Jan90067 says:

    Yeahhhh….I can’t get excited about any of these hypocrite-celebs prattling on about THE EVIRNOMENT! CLIMATE CHANGE! WHAT ABOUT THE ANIMALS! as they flit around the world on private jets, and consuming vast amounts of material things (which require energy to be manufactured), the vast amounts of energy for heating, cooling, and watering their huge estates as well as. Sorry. It’s just comical at this point: “Do as I say, not as I do; these rules are for you, peasants!”

  13. JW says:

    Cate Blanchett, of the obviously spectacular talent, named her child after Roman Polanski and worked with Woody Allen. She literally gives no fucks about character or integrity, so I stopped having time for her or anything to do with her long ago.

  14. Dee says:


  15. Amy Bee says:

    The People Mag piece just exudes boringness. I just get the impression that William is playing catch up trying to compete with Harry all the time. Plus William’s environmentalism is based in the WWF/eugenics realm where there is a need to conserve animals so he can go on a safari with his children and that overpopulation especially in the Global South is a major problem.

  16. Becks1 says:

    Yawn. Oh william. You kind of try sometimes.

    It’s like we’ve been saying for years now – he’s boring and he’s lazy and thats a bad combination for someone like him, who wants all the praise and press attention his brother gets, who is charismatic and NOT lazy.

  17. Kelly says:

    If this putz really cared about the environment, he’d put his money where his mouth is. Hypocritical creature.

  18. Heat says:

    As an environmentalist by passion and by trade, I didn’t find this a snooze-fest. I find this work really exciting and positive.
    Honestly, I am able to put my feelings about Little Willie aside for this. Anyone who has a voice and a platform for these initiatives should be using it. I don’t care what his ulterior motives or motivations are.

    • equality says:

      But, as you say, you are already an environmentalist. The idea is to get people enthused who are not and to do that you need someone interesting enough to spread enthusiasm. To me that’s not Will or Cate but maybe some people do find them exciting. It also would have been nice for him to talk about what is being done or what people can do and that doesn’t seem to have been the topic.

    • C says:

      “I don’t care what his ulterior motives or motivations are.”

      I get what you’re saying, but those sort of matter given he only wants to preserve the planet for his kids to go on safari and hunting. Resources being preserved won’t do much if only the royals can access them.

    • kirk says:

      How exciting. 3-house, 3-children Cate Blanchett talks to PW, who also has 3 children and unlimited uncounted helicopter travel, but currently restricted to only 2 palaces, about climate change. Walking the talk not. Any clues on how to get rid of the excess African people so PW can enjoy safari?

  19. Steph says:

    I wonder if he gets away with so much by PC and TQ bc they realize that he’s like Bertie and not strong enough to be King. Bertie at least had the Queen Mother who was strong and useful. Kate is pointless. They don’t want to drive him to such an early grave that George isn’t old enough to take over.

  20. Over it says:

    Willy? How is your helicopter?

  21. Bonsai Mountain says:

    But William’s lifestyle is contributing to the climate problem, his ancestors helped create the climate problem, so like the Mayan people in Belize said, maybe he should be listening to the people who have been practicing sustainable development for 3000 years, and get Flora and Fauna International to give them back their communal land? That’s how you can make a contribution, William. SMH.

    • kirk says:

      “…like the Mayan people in Belize said,…get Flora and Fauna International to give them back their communal land? That’s how you can make a contribution, William.”
      💯 on colonialist ancestors.

  22. Eggbert says:

    Just performative BS as always

  23. Angela says:

    I can’t believe he takes himself seriously or that anyone else does either. Prince Incandescent should shut up a while.

  24. BeanieBean says:

    He liked to play outside as a kid; ergo, he’s an environmentalist. Oh-kayyy. He’s done nothing but pay lip service to the case.

  25. Christine says:

    “Prince William is a man with zero passions.”

    My takeaway is, yes, of course, Willnot cares about nothing. We don’t care about him either, evidenced by the fact there are only 57 comments a day later. He is reaping what he sows.