Who had the worst Met Gala look from the Kardashian-Jenner clan?

The 2022 Met Gala was the first gala to invite all of the Kardashian-Jenner women at the same time. The only thing that pleased me about it was that they all did their own things sartorially, it’s not like they showed up en masse, all wearing the same designer. Kim Kardashian went blonde and wore the famous Marilyn Monroe dress. Kris Jenner brought Jackie O Realness to the occasion. Kylie Jenner probably got the most attention after Kim. Kylie wore Off White, designed by the late Virgil Abloh. It was a wedding dress with a veiled baseball cap. Like… I think if you want to wear a wedding gown to the Met Gala, why not? That should actually be the theme one year, “weddings.” But the baseball cap… eh. I get why she wanted to wear something that Abloh designed though. Kind of surprised we didn’t see more pieces from his last collections.

This was Khloe Kardashian’s first-ever time at the gala, I think someone said that on the carpet. She wore Moschino, and it was tacky AND gilded. I feel like it fit the theme while also looking incredibly cheap? So, a toss-up.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker wore Thom Browne. Their outfits are supposed to complement each other and be interpretive of the other. While I don’t find it on-theme, I do think theirs was honestly one of the better “couple looks.” They spent time working out what they would both wear and the effect is interesting.

Kendall Jenner in Prada. I don’t hate it? It’s big and intricate and you could tell that she loved it. I’ll never cosign a huge, ruffled skirt, but making it seem like a deconstructed gothic-Victorian look kind of worked.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.

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  1. Harla says:

    It looks like Kourtney’s skirt fell down to reveal her Skims, yikes!

  2. Josephine says:

    incredibly sad collection and their hair and make-up was universally off across the board. i don’t get it at all – it’s like they went out of their way to look cheap and wear the least flattering things possible.

    • Lolaispretty says:

      So, basically another day in the life of a Kardashian.
      I don’t understand the makeup on either Khloe or Kendall. Both are unrecognizable. Khloe’s nose is gone and what happened to Kourtney’s eyes.

      I’m dizzy now from all the K’s.

    • VoominVava says:

      I may get attacked for this, but I am really disappointed with hairstylists today. So many of them just do awful work. I don’t understand it. It’s like they want to be avant garde but don’t know how .. and as if they don’t use a mirror across from them or something. Hair of this era is not going to hold up well.

  3. lucy2 says:

    Well, Khloe has turned herself into her mother.
    I don’t like any of these.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      They all look awful. I mean just really bad! Ks aside these outfits are terrible. Styling is cheap. Just bad.

    • Miranda says:

      I think Khloe and Kourtney both look like different stages of Kris’s facelift evolution.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Khloe looks like she was competing with Kim in the Marilyn dress, but ever the exhibitionist, went sheer (because God Forbid you don’t see some part of them almost naked almost all the time!).

      Kylie just looked stupid in that baseball cap. Kourtney gave her a run for the prize in that get up.

      So sad they all felt they had to carve themselves us so badly (facially and bodily).

    • Lemons says:

      Her resemblance to Kris is quite shocking, mostly because her face is a replica created with plastic surgery. The internal issues between mother and daughter are on display quite literally.

      It’s also weird to see her face unretouched…It looks scary.
      On top of that, it looks like she wanted to wear Kim’s outfit, but found the next best thing.

      • Coconut says:

        Kourtney looks like she is wearing a huge maternity waistband. That look is absolutely hideous on her.

    • Sudie says:

      When I first saw Khloe, I thought it was Hannah Waddingham!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      because she wanted people to stop saying that she looks just like her father.

      and yeah, how other have noted…it’s weird to see them with their NON-photoshopped faces.

      • VoominVava says:

        Non photoshopped faces and the lighting was awful on the carpet. All of the photos make the makeup look so heavy handed and you can see flaws that aren’t even there. I think they need to fix that for next time. I’d be unhappy if I was a red carpet celebrity .

  4. Barrett says:

    The baseball hat makes Kylie‘s plastic surgery face look round and bloated! Why didn’t anyone tell her, you may want to honor the designer but this look accents the Bad !

    • molly says:

      It’s always so jarring to see their faces when they CAN’T photoshop it to death on their own platforms.

      Kylie and Khloe, especially, looked extremely plastic and nothing like their own photos last night. (A tragic message for their children.)

    • yvrjanice says:

      In the first two pics of Kylie it looks as if she’s giving the angry side eye to bystanders laughing at her ridiculous outfit. Cause that is what I’d be doing if I spotted her! Sure, maybe Virgil designed it, but it doesn’t make it a great look on her.

  5. Noki says:

    Anna Wintour was once upon a time known for being stern and rigid with her guestlist and vogue covers. I dont even see the old hollywood A listers and music royalty on the carpet anymore,it has lost its prestige. I hope next year she comes to her senses and culls the guestlist to resemble the golden days.

    • Seraphina says:

      +1. Once Kim got her cover I stopped giving Vogue the weight it used to have.

    • ArtMaven says:

      Meh. It’s a fundraiser. They need to go where the money is and I think the Hollywood A List is not really reflective of the industry anymore. You can see their lunches on instagram.

  6. teehee says:

    None of them are good … they’re all equally terrible despite being so in very different ways

  7. Snoozer says:

    I love Thom Browne but Kourtney is way too basic to pull him off. Travis does it better (and Oscar Isaacs even better!)

    Kylie is too plastic barbie and ‘done’ for this Off White look. You need a certain coolness and slouchiness to pull it off. Like, Tessa Thompson or Janelle Monae could pull it off. Not this sad plastic girl who took black features and attached them to herself with a barbie aesthetic.

    Khloe just looks thrilled to be invited and went safe and boring so as not to fuck it up. She can’t elevate fashion, so, this is fine.

    Kendall is SO BORING but this is a surprisingly good Prada and the no eyebrows makes it more high fashion I guess? I quite like all the dark takes on the Gilded Age as it was such a corrupt, gross time.

    • FC says:

      Agree with all of this.

      Travis was best dressed, hands down.

      Kylie looked like a sad barbie doll in an ill-fitted wedding dress.

      Khloe looked like she always does, boring sexy. Also like the cheaper version of Kim’s knockout vintage, meaning she prob picked it out before she found out Kim was wearing the showstopper and was too lazy to change dresses.

      Kourtney has no idea what she’s doing with this look and it’s hilarious.

      Kendall, ugh. Fine.

      • Kelly says:

        Boring sexy, hahahaha. Sad Barbie doll, LOL. All in all, a perfect summation.

      • VoominVava says:

        Sad Barbie is so true. I was taken aback when I saw Kylie’s look. And not just because of that awful hat design. She looked so sad … almost trapped inside that sculpted plumped up face. So strange to look at her eyes and see such sadness behind them.

    • Christine says:

      Travis looks incredible!

  8. Sue says:

    I thought Khloe looked nice. Kourtney’s outfit was so ill fitting. Mostly everyone else there looked ridiculous so I’m not even going to hate on Kylie’s bridal dress up.

  9. Colby says:

    Khloe looks more and more like Kris with every new version of her face.

  10. SAS says:

    Kylie’s was the most embarrassing but Kourtney’s was the worst.

    I get what they were going for but it came out so poorly which is really surprising/ disappointing by Thom Browne, who’s normally amazing at playing with proportion.

    I think being next to Travis’ impeccable look made her look even worse (not for the first time). Plus a couple of other ladies had incredible menswear inspired looks. Money can’t buy…

  11. Miranda says:

    Khloe’s dress looks good, but her hair ruins that look. WTF is the Kardashian obsession with that fugly just-got-out-of-the-pool hair?!

    • Lolaispretty says:

      “WTF is the Kardashian obsession with that fugly just-got-out-of-the-pool hair?!I ”

      I think it’s to emphasize their natural beauty.

  12. ArtMaven says:

    I think their outfits make a great group photo actually. Otherwise, did no designer actually look up what the Gilded Age was?

  13. Selene says:

    I’m screaming it from the rooftops- “KYLIE JENNER!” Worst look this decade so far.

  14. Danbury says:

    Chris Appleton does Kim’s hair (I follow him on Insta) – for this event he did Khloe too – and I have to say the last few looks are an absolute fail. They need to re think the glam squad

    • Josephine says:

      His hair styles lately have been dated — the Ks are falling behind and it doesn’t seem like they can come up with anything new and modern anymore. There were some great hair styles at the Met Gala and the Ks all have the saddest hair styles.

      • Kelly says:

        Chris also did Kim’s drowned-rat look for the Met Gala where she wore the too-tight Mugler (was that only last year??). Her makeup was pretty but the hair was terrible.

        He is also responsible for her ridiculous 3-ft long braid, and for her parted-in-the-middle pulled-back-tight look which I also really hate.

        But he is HOTTTT.

  15. ME says:

    The worst part of all their outfits is Khloe’s, Kim’s, and Kendall’s horrible fake tans. Why do they do this? Stop it. They make themselves 5 shades darker.

    • masterandmargarita says:

      Kim actually said she couldn’t wear tan/bronzer on her body because of Marilyn’s dress.. and you can tell. She is several shades lighter than usual.

      • ME says:

        That is NOT her natural skin tone honey lol ! She is super tanned…like 5 shades darker.

  16. Cortney says:

    Kylie and Kourtney

  17. Janice Hill says:

    The One In White: That hat! So clever! I thought it was a regular hat until I saw the strap and realized it was a baseball cap turned around. So clever. Cheers to the hat designer who thought it up!

  18. Merricat says:

    They can all share first prize in this “who is worst” contest. Holy cannoli.

  19. Still In My Robe says:

    Kim. Marilyn wore it better.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Did Kim take out her implants, or go down a size, to fit into that? She doesn’t look as top heavy (or bottom heavy for that matter).

      • whatWHAT? says:

        yeah, I had noticed that in her WHCD dress.

        she looks like she lost both the “upper” and “lower” implants. and she looks SO MUCH BETTER.

  20. ChillinginDC says:


  21. kelleybelle says:

    Kourtney looks ridiculous, Kylie looks very uncomfortable and out of place as usual, Kendall and Khloe don’t look too bad. I’m just sorry for Marilyn’s dress on Kim. I’m still surprised that this clan even gets invited outside of Kendall.

  22. Meh says:

    Kylie, hands down. I laughed so hard when I saw her. All of the K-J’s never disappoint when it comes to being tacky and tasteless. But Kylie wins for most clueless and embarrassing this time around.

  23. Mimi says:

    Kylie looks horrible and she’s only in her mid 20’s- very sad. Khloe makes me sad also. I thought Kim looked good, Marilyn wore it best obviously 🤷

  24. JFerber says:

    I did not recognize Kendall’s face. And is it only me that is offended that Kim wore Marilyn’s dress?

  25. Matilda says:

    Umm…hard choice but I’m going to go for Kourtney because she is not cool or edgy enough to pull off that outfit. Btw, I guess the legend turned out to be true. When all Kardashians and Jenners finally attend the Met Gala it will start the End of Days. Sad we are talking about this and not how women’s rights just step back to the 60’s.

  26. WHAT says:

    Why is the carpet dirty

    • masterandmargarita says:

      I thought that too! But I think its worn out in multiple spots. They probably recycle these carpets over the years and use them periodically. I was surprised.

  27. I’ll be honest, Kris was my favorite look. She killed it.

    Kim looked amazing. And I liked the idea, it was different. However, Marilyn WORE the dress, it was made for her, she was sewn into it. The dress itself isn’t that interesting, Marilyn made the dress interesting. I feel like the dress is wearing Kim.

    Khloe looks good, but my issue is we have seen her in this same exact dress a million times. She didn’t wow me.

    Kendall surprised me by not showing up in a sparkly see through dress like she does every year. She went for something different and edgy, I don’t think it was on theme, but it worked for me.

    Kourtney’s dress was confusing and not on theme. It looked awful.

    Kylie usually has decent met looks and I have no clue what happened here. I think she didn’t want anything form fitting and somehow landed on this monstrosity. I am actually surprised she went this year, I didn’t think she would.

  28. Sundaygal says:

    As a fellow shorty, Kourtney needed to be at least 6 inches taller to pull off that Thom Browne look. (See also: Camila Cabello)

  29. Diamond Rottweiler says:

    I can’t remember the lesser Kardash-i names, but the one in the wedding dress looks like she fished it out of old boxes in the garage.

  30. SIde Eye says:

    We really are one step away from Honey Boo Boo and Sugar Bear making an entrance. Something nice: I like Kendall’s look. She seems to be the only one with her original face and I think Kendall photographs beautifully. I think Kourtney has her original face but I have no thoughts on her one way or the other. She’s just always kind of there to brag on how she’s the smallest sister or whatever, like this is some sort of accomplishment tantamount to getting into med school. Speaking of medicine … and I try to adopt a live and let live attitude when it comes to plastic surgery… but…this whole damn crew needs to stop with the nose jobs. They are veering into Michael Jackson territory – especially Khloe and Kim. On Instagram (I don’t follow them – just see the pics posted here) they can fool us with the photoshop and lighting etc. and they look more normal. When you see them in motion or other people photograph them without their edits – it’s so jarring. Who would have thought I’d long for the days when Lena Dunham posed twee with her feet turned inward complaining there must be something wrong with the Black guy who paid her zero attention. Sigh…

    • Mel says:

      I think you probably have a good attitude regarding plastic surgery but the Kards have veered into body/ facial dysmorphia , so any reactions you have aren’t really bad.

      • SIde Eye says:

        Ah thank you Mel. Geez they are unrecognizable. It’s really disturbing how Khloe and Kris share a face now.

  31. CruzMom says:

    I’m going for Kim but only because the dress was such a bad idea. It was pretty, but Kim wearing it really highlighted Marilyn’s otherworldly beauty. That’s probably not what she was going for.

    Kendal looked amazing! One of my faves of the night, honestly.

  32. Delphine says:

    I think Khloe looks the best. I love sparkly dresses. She looks better than Kim imo. Kendall looks good except for her invisible eyebrows. Kylie looks ok. Kourtney…yikes.

  33. Mel says:

    Kylie looks like a goth nurse. Girl, please. Kris is cosplaying as a cheap Jackie O, Kourtney and Khloe look ridiculous, Kendall looks ok.

  34. Nonartistic Diane says:

    I actually thought Khloe looked good. Dress and presentation wise. The best out of the Kardashians.

  35. Suzybeontime says:

    Kourtney looks like she was wearing a white skirt, maybe got her period and wrapped the black blanket around her. It looks so bland and strange.

  36. The Recluse says:

    Did Kim wear the ‘actual’ Marilyn Monroe dress or a copy? I thought the original, which is vintage and probably beginning to become fragile, was being preserved in storage somewhere.
    Just found this:
    Is Kim Kardashian wearing the original Marilyn Monroe dress?
    Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Happy Birthday’ dress to the 2022 Met Gala. Kardashian only wore the original dress for a few minutes as she walked the Met Gala carpet, while one of Ripley’s conservationists was on-hand to assist her while wearing white gloves.

    So, only for the red carpet. It’s too fragile for anything else I suspect.

  37. JustMe says:

    Kylie’s after party dress was way more on theme and she looked hot

  38. Steph says:

    I actually really love all their looks, they just aren’t on theme. Kourt and Khloe could have found another event for their fits, but I can’t see where Kylie or Kendall could have so I’m not even upset.

  39. Grant says:

    Well, something nice: it looks like Khloe’s new face finally settled…

  40. Patricia says:

    I think kourtney is pregnant.She looks rounded in that outfit

  41. Sharon Newman says:

    You get to go to the Met Gala, You get to go to the Met Gala, You get to go to the Met Gala. Everybody gets to go to the Met Gala. (Pretty in pink quote), “you shouldn’t be able to invite just anyone Blane.”

  42. Hannah says:

    I liked Kris & Kendall. The oldest short one looked ridiculous. I think she’s Kourtney??? Khloe looked like she was trying to rip off Kim, she actually looked ok but got lost because her dress looked like the Target version of Kim’s dress and black accessories looked fugly. Kylie would have been ok sans back to front baseball cap veil

  43. Mamasan says:

    The plastic surgery has made the once pretty ladies all look much older and more odd than they ever did before.

    How sad. They were beautiful in their own ways because of their individual nuances.

  44. Penn Central says:

    Khloe looked beautiful in her bold dress with black accessories, same for her hair – loved the severe look, channeling Dynasty/Barbie from the 80s.
    Kylie’s “wedding dress from H*ll” is awful. All that’s missing g is the “traylur”, ugh.