Prince William was worried that Meghan ‘had little understanding of British culture’

In The Palace Papers, one of the subjects/stories Tina Brown talks around is what happened when then-Meghan Markle was first introduced to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prince Harry has left enough bread crumbs (as have other royal reporters) to let us know that people within his family, like William, were making racist remarks about Meghan from the word go. In fact, I’m convinced that William was the one saying sh-t about what color their baby’s skin would be if Harry got serious with Meghan, and I think William said that early in Harry and Meghan’s relationship. I think that was a huge part of why Harry and William fell apart throughout 2017 and 2018. Well, Tina Brown clearly got tipped off on what was really going on with William’s qualms, and they had nothing to do with race, thankyouverymuch.

Harry was in orbit. He has always dated heiresses, airheads or aristocratic girls from within a narrow circle. Meghan was of a breed he had not encountered. As one former Palace adviser put it to me: “Very impressive. Very strong, very motivated, brought up to think she can change the world. It’s a very American type; we don’t have them here.”

…But William knew Harry all too well and feared he was heading for trouble. Every time his brother fell in love, it was an eruption of Vesuvius. “You do realize this is the fourth girl you’ve taken to Botswana,” he couldn’t help remarking after Harry’s starry-eyed account of the trip. William didn’t immediately divulge his anxieties about Meghan.

[After William met Meghan]… William was nervous about the speed at which all this was going down. His view was that if the union became permanent, Meghan would be giving up everything she knew: her career, which was a huge part of her identity, and her life in North America. She knew nobody in London and had little understanding of British culture. A person close to the Duke of Cambridge told me that William thought she should have more time to build up a life in the UK and make friends who didn’t always have to be brought in confidence to the Palace.

[From The Palace Papers by Tina Brown]

No, really, Tina Brown is trying to convince people that Elegant Incandescent Rage is just so forward-looking and compassionate that he was *worried* that Meghan wouldn’t fit in, that’s all! It’s not that William and Kate had their backs up from the start, it’s not that they were both committed to making Meghan’s life hellish, it’s not that they directed staff to smear Meghan to the point where she was suicidal. This is basically William saying “I’m worried that Meghan won’t have what it takes to withstand all of the sh-t I’m going to throw at her.” Meghan “knew nobody in London and had little understanding of British culture…” I think she figured out a lot about British culture in a hurry. Also: I feel like William and Kate wanted Harry to wait longer so they could find a way to bully and smear Meghan out of the country before the wedding, before it got “serious.”

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  1. Chic says:

    Is this book about anything other than HM? I mean .. these folks have BRF SHOOK!

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I think the penny is finally dropping for Bulliam. He is finally recognising that the incandescent, nonproductive and non-statesman who called Meghan that bloody woman, fed her to the press and questioned Archie’s skin colour may not be a good look for the royal family. This is a concerted effort to salvage his in-the-gutter reputation by coming across as concerned.

      • Yvette says:

        @Elizabeth Regina … I’ve often wondered why it took William and Kate an entire week to visit and see baby Archie. Is it harsh of me to think William first wanted confirmation of Archie’s skin color before making the ‘new baby’ visit? I’m not saying that explains the delay, just that the thought has crossed my mind more than once.

        The more probable reason for a delay in William and Kate’s ‘new baby’ visit is because Wills was incandescent with rage over Harry and Meghan’s refusal to display baby Archie on the hospital steps after his birth.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Yvette I just think that was a matter of the baby not being important enough to them. I think they just didnt care about seeing him.

        Remember though that Meghan said she was never asked to do the hospital steps thing. She didn’t “refuse,” it wasn’t something that was offered to her. I don’t think she would have done it anyway, but it was something that wasn’t an option and yet the press still smeared her for it.

      • Yvette says:

        @Becks1 … Whether or not Meghan was offered the opportunity to display baby Archie on the hospital steps, Harry was fully aware of the expectation. The press weren’t even aware Meghan has gone into labor or which hospital delivered Archie so, yes, I believe their decision not to display their baby was a refusal to participate.

        Harry knew whom to call. If he didn’t want to go through Kensington Palace, he could have contacted his father, who would have had the news released through Clarence House or would have had his Communications Office contact Buckingham Palace as soon as Meghan went into labor.

        But please don’t get me wrong. I was, and still am, pleased as punch the Sussexes decided to keep the birth of their child a private affair. 🙂

      • Becks1 says:

        H&M weren’t with KP by that point in time, they were with BP, so Harry was never going to “go through KP” for the birth announcement. And yes, I am happy they kept the birth of their child as private as they did.

        I just don’t understand why sometimes people don’t believe the words that H&M say themselves. Meghan said the whole Lindo Wing appearance (or the portland equivalent thereof) was not offered to her. She did not refuse it. This matters because the narrative of them “refusing to participate” or “refusing to display Archie” was used against them in the press, over and over again. They did not refuse.

      • equality says:

        I thought announcing births had to be done through BP anyway. Isn’t the protocol that the Queen is informed first? And, why shouldn’t PC and Doria have been informed before the press also?

      • Steph says:

        When they asked Kate, she not only had not met him, she didn’t even know Archie’s name. They didn’t meet bc Harry wasn’t in speaking terms with them.

      • usavgjoe says:

        Silly words coming from a silly man who, after his Caribbean Tour, had to tell QE2 that he lost half the Commonwealth… QE2 probably spit-out several 4-Letter words at him.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Becks1: “Meghan said the whole Lindo Wing appearance (or the portland equivalent thereof) was not offered to her. She did not refuse it. This matters because the narrative of them ‘refusing to participate’ or ‘refusing to display Archie’ was used against them in the press, over and over again. They did not refuse.”

        ^^ Exactly @Becks. The truth is crystal clear, but people keep getting it twisted, maybe because of all the purposely vile and distracting fakakta narratives constantly being spewed from Salty Isle rota carnival ‘experts.’

        M&H did not refuse, they were never offered the option. And honestly, after the way Meghan was treated while pregnant, by the racist BM, aided and abetted by members of the royal firm, it is completely understandable that M&H tried to keep as much as they could about Archie’s delivery guarded and close to their vests. The Sussexes were constantly being leaked on, especially when they were surrounded by KP vipers at Nottingham Cottage.

  2. MsNoMeGusta says:

    If Will wasnt so sure, at the time, that Harry would settle for Chelsea the way he settled for Kate, no one would know the name middleton. If he knew someone like Meghan was on the horizon, he would have married someone who was prettier and smarter (but still knew her place)

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      The only problem is that none of the smarter girls would have William. Kate was the last woman standing. And I don’t think Harry ever proposed to Chelsea anyway.

    • Shai says:

      William tried to marry prettier, smarter, etc but they didn’t want to marry into the royal family. Kate was literally last choice, it’s why they called her Waity Katy because she sat around and waited for him.

    • Tessa says:

      Chelsy was a lot more independent than Kate. Allegedly she would call him out on things like if he kept her waiting when she arrived at the airport. She also led her life and got the degree in Law and did not just wait to be asked out by Harry. I think if Harry settled it would have been with Cressida.

      • Mex says:

        Nah. From all the pics I’ve seen with them together, he looks very disinterested, bored or zoned out around Cressida. So I don’t think they would have lasted either. Either way, these people are history now.

      • Tessa says:

        I agree. I never thought he looked all that interested in her, he would walk ahead of not next to her. I don’t know if Tina interviewed Cressida or her friend, but Tina seemed to try to make the relationship more serious than it was. I know that Ingrid wrote an article telling Harry to “take Cressida back.”

    • Christine says:

      I offer this 2014 CB post, because all of the language should be familiar to every single one of us.

      P.S. Reading the old CB articles is hilarious.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    Nah, William’s only concern about Meghan was that he didn’t want her in the family.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Spot on! Did he send his CEO to give evidence against Megha unasked out of concern?

    • Merricat says:

      Yes, William’s worry was the shade of color his nephews or nieces might be.

    • Becks1 says:


    • kelleybelle says:

      William’s only concern was that she was biracial. Are they still lying to cover his sorry racist ass?

    • equality says:

      Yep. If you are concerned FOR someone, you help that person. If you are worried about a biracial person marrying into your family, you smear the person.

    • Alex says:

      In addition, and if I had to guess, I’d say W. recognized the moment he met M. for the first time how charismatic she was and that people would love her. Jealousy to be outshone seems to be a driver for so many decisions with the BRF.

  4. C says:

    She already knew Eugenie before she met Harry. She had been to London a lot. That doesn’t mean she knew what living there would be like but she was not a complete stranger to everything British. But they knew that of course and this is all just spin to cover how horrible they were and are to her from the start.

    • Chloe says:

      Meghan had friends who lived in London (remember how they advised her against getting into a relationship with harry?—something she mentioned in the South Africa documentary) And she’d been to london plenty of times. Her Instagram was full of the snaps. Just more proof that Browns sources are incredibly questionable and that she’s likely making things up as she goes.

      • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

        Didn’t Harry and Meghan say a mutual friend set them up? Meghan had been traveling to England during the SUITS hiatus to promote the show; she’d met quite a few people in England; they just weren’t the same sort of people that William & Kate pal around with.

      • Christine says:

        FFS, she had friends she was close enough with that she chose to leave Guy with them while he was recovering from his two broken legs. This narrative about Meghan having no friends is pathetic.

      • Fortuona says:

        Yup her BFF from Northwestern also married an Enlishman

      • ABritGuest says:

        Phew watching the Harry & Meghan saga really makes me question so much of reporting about Diana etc now as they can’t get basic facts right or just ignore it for a narrative.

        Meghan said on camera she had British friends who warned her off Harry because the tabloids would destroy her. She said on Oprah & Ellen that she knew Eugenie before Harry. One of Archie’s rumoured godparents & her good friend is British & Meghan’s northwestern bestie is married to a British guy. Meghan’s friend Misha Nonoo is half British I believe & was married to Harry& William’s friend from Eton Alex Gilkes whose brother had also dated pippa Middleton . So it’s not remotely true Meghan didn’t know any Brits.

        And that’s a point that shows there is a narrative to hide the true concerns: knowing that Eugenie knew Meghan why do we never hear that William checked in with Eugenie for her thoughts with his ‘concerns’ about Meghan fitting in? And why wasn’t William respecting ‘hierarchy’ & going around other relatives trying to get Harry to change his mind if Elizabeth approved the marriage? I thought that was sacrilege?

        And if William was so concerned about Meghan fitting in shouldn’t he have made extra effort to get to know Meghan & help her ‘understand’ British culture & the monarchy etc rather than going around trying to stop the marriage, which allegedly is what happened?

        As I’ve said before I do think that Meghan is earnest in a way that doesn’t go down well with the average Brit & that Americans tend to be more direct than Brits in communicating so I can imagine there were culture clash issues at play sometimes

      • aftershocks says:

        @Chloe: “Meghan had friends who lived in London…”

        ^^ Exactly. Meghan often made trips to London to visit friends. One of her best friends from college, Lindsay Roth, married a British guy. Meghan posted pics on her former Instagram about her trips to London to spend time with friends.

        Meghan was well-traveled and well-connected before meeting Harry. Plus, socializing in similar circles, and living in cosmopolitan, Anglophile Toronto, is how Meg met Harry in the first place. On top of that, their coming together was fated, as Harry alluded to in his NAACP Image Awards comments.

        ITA that British cultural matters were not fully known by Meghan, which is normal. But if she had been completely accepted by Harry’s immediate family, and by the royal firm altogether, understanding cultural matters would not have been a stumbling block. Obviously, the real problem is/ was systemic racism and class-based snobbery. Meghan soon saw this unfold against her in the most vicious, sly, and blatant ways.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Abritguest: “One of Archie’s rumoured godparents & her good friend is British…”

        If you are referencing Markus Anderson (who is surely a godparent to Archie), it isn’t accurate that Markus is British. He may have his home base in Britain, but Markus is Canadian (born and raised in Ontario).

        It was nice to see Markus spending time with Meghan and Harry at the polo match in Santa Barbara. Since the lifting of COVID restrictions, Markus has probably visited the Sussexes often at their Montecito home. There are definitely enough bathrooms for the Sussexes to entertain multiple friends and family. LOL! 😉

    • Tessa says:

      If William “respects” the “hierarchy” then why did he try to interfere when he is still heir to the heir and can’t act at cross purposes with his grandmother and father, who approved the marriage.

  5. IForget says:

    Oh yes, someone who graduated with a degree in International Relations, an actress who had moved countries before, who already had British friends, would struggle. Mmmhmm yep sure Will.

    • Chloe says:

      What he really means to say it “she’s too strong and she won’t let us bully her peacefully. She’s one of those types that believes that everyone deserves to be treated as an equal”

    • Layla says:

      THIS!!!!! All these dunderheads seem to forget that. Meghan studied International Relations at Northwestern University. That’s not a small feat. It makes her (at least to my knowledge) the most educated member of the dusty circus. She would’ve been perfect for all the diplomatic receptions they love to roll out so much but no… they just had to be racist

      • BothSidesNow says:

        That’s it!! She is more educated than Baldimort and CopyKeen put together!! The moment he met Meghan he knew she wouldn’t be bowing down to his position OR to his unethical practices of stealing from charities that others have created!! Baldimort knew instantly she was not to be trifled with and he saw a potential a woman that wouldn’t play by his rules!! He also made the statement that he and CopyKeen didn’t like her from their first meeting!! Baldimort is clearly, desperately trying to paint Meghan as having been incompetent where it is the exact opposite. Meghan showed Baldimort and CopyKeen how tours are to be performed and they didn’t like to shown up by an American and a WOC to boot!!! They were also still competent with Harry, and there was zero luck on those perpetual lies!!

      • Gruey says:

        Yep! My cute little 3.6 high school gpa got flat rejected from Northwestern. And when I went to a graduate professional program, there were a few folks who had beenNorthwestern undergrads. They were sharp as hell!!

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Yes indeed @Chloe, @Layla, et al.
      Thanks for highlighting Meghan’s stellar academic background. I forgot to mention in an earlier post that Meghan had also attended an international conference in Edinburgh, where she rubbed shoulders with Justin Trudeau, whom she’d already previously met through her connection with his wife, Sophie.

  6. Harla says:

    Yes, I’m sure that Meghan didn’t quite understand how racist, misogynistic and xenophobic British culture is. And leading that culture is her husband’s family.

    • Lady D says:

      To be fair, I don’t think very many people at all understood “how racist, misogynistic and xenophobic British culture is.” As a result of their treatment of Madame Duchess, most of us are now utterly appalled by them.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ + 1,000% @Lady D! ☑️

      • swirlmamad says:

        I studied abroad in the UK in college (albeit over 20 years ago) and I did not realize at all the racist and xenophobic side of British culture then. Granted I was a naive college student in my early 20s but I held an affinity for the UK for a long time — until I witnessed Meghan’s horrific treatment. Now? I have no desire to visit there ever again.

  7. Snuffles says:

    More like – William quickly realized that Meghan was too smart and confident and did not worship the monarchy. That she would not likely shrink herself, conform and put up with his BS. He also quickly realized that she was EXACTLY what Harry was looking for and that she would help Harry make good on his constant threats to leave The Firm.

    • JD says:

      This is exactly it. For how self-involved he is, even William would be able to quickly catch on to how lame she was going to make him and — especially — Mutton McButtons look in comparison.

  8. ChillinginDC says:

    Oh now it’s William was worried about her? Didn’t these same fools say William called her “that bloody woman” a few weeks/months ago?

  9. Miranda says:

    “Very impressive. Very strong, very motivated, brought up to think she can change the world. It’s a very American type; we don’t have them here.”

    Again with the “people HERE know their place” stuff! I think my main takeaway from this book has been that everybody surrounding the RF, and presumably the RF themselves, really, really hates their own country. And America. No wonder they can’t get over Harry and Meghan; they apparently haven’t even gotten over 1776 yet.

    • Snuffles says:

      “they apparently haven’t even gotten over 1776 yet.”

      We joke, but I firmly believe the royals and the aristocracy never did get over losing the American colonies.

      To quote Jack Gellar from Friends when confronting Emily’s posh British parents

      “you thieving, would-be-speaking-German-if-it-weren’t-for-us, cheap little man!”

      • Miranda says:

        Damn, it kinda makes me sad that, after the KKKategory 5 Caribbean tour, William and Kate are unlikely to ever get that American tour that they wanted to badly. It would’ve been hilarious to give them tickets to Hamilton, right?

    • Lawcatb says:

      “. . . we don’t have them here” = We don’t have smart, ambitious women who think they can make a difference. How is this not an insult to Kate and every other woman that is part of the RF, and the country as a whole? This is their defense? They don’t know how to handle women who don’t just acquiesce to following orders and receding into the background when they’re not “needed”.

      • Becks1 says:

        Ha, I copied that exact line from the excerpt to talk about. I said something similar the other day when the defense for the palace’s actions towards Meghan was her “directness” and how that’s not how British people are etc. It’s not the defense that they think it is. Saying that they don’t have smart, ambitious, motivated women in England just makes English women seem lazy and dumb and dull, and we know they’re not.

        That line does make sense though if applied to Kate. She is lazy and dumb and dull so we’re back to that being the big issue – that Meghan was a direct threat to Kate.

      • SarahCS says:

        Me too @Becks1!

        This is a shocking defence/accusation. Starting with being offended on behalf of all the amazing British women I know who DO want to change the world and have an impact, while being truly gobsmacked that anyone can not read this as a huge put-down of Kate and how dull and utterly lacking in ambition (beyond big blue) she is.

      • Aengus says:

        So TB had to leave England and make a career abroad because she couldn’t be a smart, ambitious, change-the-world kind of woman as a Brit. But she has no problem tearing down other smart, ambitious, change-the-world women (Diana, Meghan) while putting the opposite (Kate) on a pedestal. Talk about self hate.

    • Jaded says:

      “Very impressive. Very strong, very motivated, brought up to think she can change the world. It’s a very American type; we don’t have them here.”

      Oh yes you do Tina. Might I remind you of Diana? Princess of Wales? Your obvious nemesis and someone of whom you are STILL insanely jealous to this day?

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      Good grief, they really enforce mediocrity, don’t they.

      • Christine says:

        They do, and it’s alarming that they are leaning into it, like a national identity.

  10. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Posh! It’s to cover for William not wanting Harry to be happier than him. Not wanting a descendant or reminder of his family’s atrocities around as a constant reminder of how far non-whites have come. Someone who was accomplished, smarter than all of them put together and able to prove it through her words and actions. Someone who would show him up, his Waity Wifey up, and all his bigoted friends up. Oh, the discomfort he must’ve felt, knowing certain “jokes” would now be off limits. What an inconvenience it is to evolve, coming from a family of inbreds—the consequences of which, scientifically, is devolution.

  11. TL says:

    It’s b.s. If he was so concerned, why didn’t he befriend her?

  12. Marysia says:

    Now I am wondering… Who is the third girl Harry took to Botswana? (I assume that Cressida and Chelsy were the other two)

    • Steph says:

      I wanna know too

    • Jaded says:

      Could be Caroline Flack, Florence Brudenell, Camila Romestrand, as I recall he dated quite a few women for brief periods of time in between the longer relationships with Chelsy and Crissida.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yeah, I too wonder. Not that who Harry may have taken to Botswana before he met Meghan, is of any deep consequence. I doubt he will cover info about his Botswana getaway dates in his memoir.😉

        In any case, Harry only dated Florence Brudenell Bruce, an aristo and a former lingerie model, for three months before the tabloids focused in on her like a heat-seeking missile, after which she fled the relationship and returned to her former boyfriend. Rather ironic too, since her nickname at the time was ‘Flea.’

        It’s also interesting that Florence & Harry are 8th cousins. Little touted is the fact that M&H are also related via Meg’s direct line descent from King Edward III on her father’s side, making M&H 17th cousins. BTW, Edward III’s wife was a WOC from Lombardy, now part of France.

    • equality says:

      Who knows if that’s even true.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Natalie Pinkham is the supposed/reported? other name. Oddly, she would be the first(2003). Neither she or Harry every confimred a relationship. Fling at best? Andrew Morton put the ish out there in his Meghan book. It was supposed to be a ‘signature move’ by for a lot of reasons. If William actually said this-it’s very entertaining. Please, make a big deal about your brother taking girlfriends to the same place maybe? over 15 years. But, somehow, be excused from asking your brother to stand in for you at a rehearsal for your wedding? C’mon, the rehearsal was planned around William’s schedule and he still backed out using “work” as an excuse. That seriously is one of the funniest stories..William missed a wedding rehearsal because of The BM/RR’s don’t cover enough about how terrified Will was on his wedding day. Damn, Harry probably told him He couldn’t stand in for him again. Harry looked quite happy on his wedding day.

  13. MsIam says:

    Wow I guess William’s cousin is named “Nobody”. I thought her name was Eugenie. And I remember reading somewhere that Meghan said London was one of her favorite cities to visit. She had been there to see Serena play at Wimbledon. Plus in her line of work, Meghan traveled all over, its not like she had never been out of California. Makes me wonder if William the Racist was the source of those ” Straight outta Compton ” stories.

  14. NCWoman says:

    How does this make him look good? If it were true, it would mean that he knew there could be a problem and, with that foreknowledge in his bald noggin, still did nothing to support her when she was attacked mercilessly in the press. He could have demonstrated friendship toward her himself if he was concerned. It’s amazing how even their make-believe makes him look like a self-centered, entitled brat.

    • Tessa says:

      TB tries and tries to depict William as “wise” but it sure does not work for me.

  15. Beverley says:


    Here, I fixed it:
    Prince William was worried that Meghan was Black.


  16. ML says:

    What a nasty piece of work TB is! 1. Wikipedia has pages for both British reformers and British social reformers (eg, Florence Nightingale). 2. Several royal families marry women from other countries/ outside their culture (eg, Máxima). 3. I myself am American living in a foreign country: we expats get that it’s not America! 5. In my own family about half the people get married within a year of meeting their SO. In the past 60 years, one of those couples split…Meghan and Harry are still going strong in spite of all this pressure over the last 6 years to break them up.

  17. Eurydice says:

    This is all very plausible. Meghan is all of that – impressive, strong. motivated and definitely not an airhead – no wonder Harry was bowled over. It’s plausible that an older brother would be concerned if his younger brother had a history of “Vesuvius” relationships. And it’s plausible that Meghan, for all her strengths, was a fish out of water. What can’t be excused, no matter how hard they try, is how the RF treated Meghan and how they allowed, encouraged and abetted the BM’s efforts to destroy her.

  18. Mika says:

    Obviously this is all code for the “uppity black lady didn’t know her place”. But I also have to say that it really bothers me that they keep insisting that Meghan didn’t understand how things work, or refused to adjust to a different culture. And yet on a quarterly basis, we’re treated to talking points about how Kate is finding her footing, and finally coming into her own … after 11 years on the job. Even if I took them at their word (which I don’t), they’re still in the wrong because they never really gave Meghan the chance to learn or adjust, they started smearing her as soon as she got there. But Kate, a woman who married in after an 8 year courtship and a lifetime in England, was allowed to make mistake after mistake with little to no pushback. Every time I see a palace source claim everything is Meghan’s fault because she just didn’t know how things work, and demanded everything change for her, I want to scream. It makes zero sense.

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      And, they’re conflating understanding a culture with approving of it, however damaging and problematic aspects of it may be.

  19. Steph says:

    Ya got W’s be covered better than I could so I’m going to bring up another part of this clip which pissed me off: who tf is TB to talk about the other women Harry has dated like that? Airheads? Last I checked Chelsy is a lawyer and a successful business owner. The actual airhead is Kate who can’t complete a single sentence without notes. Ugh, I was so disgusted by that comment.

    • Tessa says:

      Cressida did go to University and did work in theatre and films, Chelsy got a law degree. Kate had no career just waited and waited for the ring and got one part time job with very flexible hours. Kate never really used her degree.

  20. Betsy says:

    I dunno… this doesn’t come off like William is the elder statesman or like Brown is even trying to imply that. This just seems more like damning with faint praise, absolutely burying William. He comes off like a simultaneously controlling and disinterested boor. Harry was in his 30s. He wasn’t some dumb dummy and I sincerely doubt he was giving William a starry eyed play by play of his and Meghan’s time together.

  21. Over it says:

    I will die on the belief that what William said to Harry was not take your time to get to know her, but something so racist that they was no going back after William said it, also what is this nonsense about Harry only dating aristocratic and airheads? Who has William ever dated that was far outside his circle? And what William meant when he said that was that Harry has never dated anyone of color before and William didn’t want anyone of color in his family lWilliam is indeed a racist

    • Beverley says:

      Yes, nailed it.
      Whatever it was, it was so awful that Harry may never forgive him. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Harry realized what a racist William really is and how toxic. One must protect oneself from such horrid people. Especially now that Harry has living, breathing children, Harry feels that even more acutely.

      • Tessa says:

        Harry was smart to leave with Meghan and raise their children elsewhere. william reminds me of a character in old movies who ‘forbids” his sibling to marry someone he loves and “suggests” he find someone “suitable”.

  22. EmpressCakey says:

    Chelsy isn’t a lawyer. She worked at a law firm for a bit.

    • Steph says:

      Ahh, ok

    • tamsin says:

      I think Chelsey is a lawyer and did practise law for a short while before quitting and starting some kind of gem business. I could be wrong, but I believe she is a graduate of Leeds. Chelsey appears to have gotten a very good education.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I read that Chelsea did get her law degree and later switched professions to start a jewelry line.

    • Emma says:

      Chelsy got a degree and a postgraduate qualification in English law — LLB and LPC — and was a trainee and associate at a firm. She started her own company because she said she wanted to have a life outside of insane lawyer hours.

      Of course she was no Meghan. Not many women have Meghan’s charisma and energy of course, but, the “source” is ignoring the obvious — Diana, the perfect example of a homegrown English woman who was very strong, very motivated, and believed she could change the world, a true star.

  23. Zut Alors says:

    What does that line about “friends who didn’t always have to be brought in confidence to the Palace” mean?

    • Shawna says:

      That they intended to make Meghan hide all her American friends? Weird statement indeed.

  24. Jay says:

    Repeating William’s nasty comment about Meghan as “the fourth girl you’ve taken to Botswana” is meant to diminish her, but it misses the point – Harry was sharing this place with her because it’s formative to him, and a big part of the charitable work he envisioned. He wanted to make sure the person he would marry understood that – and she did. Kinda puts ol’ Will’s decade long probation/ torture period of Kate in perspective, doesn’t it?

    They’re not even doing a particularly good job of hiding the racism.

    • Ennie says:

      He married a woman he strung out for 10 years and still is allegedly cheating on. Harry dated, he is just jealous of him and his freedom, even if Harry’s freedom was still limited, it is still a fuller life than his own.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t know who the “fourth” girl is. Harry dated a series of people after he and Chelsy broke up. But there were no reports he was actually serious about any of the others besides Chelsy and Cressida. William cheated on Kate so he is nobody to get judgmental. And William needed to just keep quiet

  25. MoBiMo says:

    You know, I’m developing a theory about Tina Brown. She is a smart, talented, well educated woman who, if she had cared to, might have been able to do something to make the world a better place. Instead, she has built a career fawning about wealth and celebrity, and specializing in cleverly-worded (at least in her mind) gossip. From the clips Kaiser has posted, it really seems like Meghan offends her personally. I think this is one of the reasons why (well, together with the fact that she seems to be a classist, racist, misogynistic a**hole.).

    • Tessa says:

      Brown is a bit too cynical IMO, she goes with trends, and apparently wanted the book to appeal to Meghan and Harry critics. But I doubt they will actually buy her book. She is certainly not even handed. She also changed in her assessment of Diana, now she glorifies Camilla. She goes whenever the wind changes.

  26. Brava's mom says:

    u left me in a coughing spell. What a succint summation of a blasted drivel masked as a gossip. That Tina woman must have been hurt that she is non existent in H&M lives.

    ***** Anytime I see H&M it reminds me of luxury goods whilst W&C reminds me of….u know what

    • Beverley says:


      ***** “Anytime I see H&M it reminds me of luxury goods whilst W&C reminds me of….u know what“

      @Brava’s mom – W&C come across as knock-offs, costume jewelry, fakes, and fool’s gold: a bit shiny, somewhat attractive, but nowhere worth the Real Deal.

    • Tessa says:

      If Diana only could have predicted the future about how Brown would behave and write bad things about Harry and Meghan, she would have said No to the lunch with Tina. Tina was not Diana’s friend. Now she’s praising Camilla.

  27. Sue E Generis says:

    So, my take on this is a bit different. If after meeting her he thought she ‘didn’t have a good understanding of British culture,’ I read that phrase as, ‘she met me and wasn’t impressed enough. Doesn’t she get WHO I AM?’

    And I believe it. I commented before on this. Reading a lot of these excerpts, I’m seeing a pattern of Meghan coming in and acting as if everyone she met was just another human, meaning she wasn’t awed and impressed into stuttering and bowing. It seems to me that everyone was deeply offended and taken aback by the fact that she saw them as ordinary human beings and not exalted and God-like. This fits Will’s persona, he needs people to understand that he’s a BIG DEAL, that they are in the presence of greatness.

  28. aquarius64 says:

    How is this making William look good? He’s looking down on Meghan for being an American and a meaningless jump off. I think Bulliam gave the order to the press to interview Samantha and the dimwitted Dooleys pre- and post-engagement: to show that Meghan was unsuitable as being a royal bride because her paternal family is trailer trash.

    • Snowpony says:

      My thoughts exactly. How is he going to Exert soft power if you are going to look down on an entire nation

    • Tessa says:

      William seemed to forget and/or was in denial about Uncle Gary and his issues. That seemed to be swept under a rug.

    • Mex says:

      But what about wife-beating, pissing on the street, etc UNCLE GARY?? Or pedo Andrew?? As if they are any better, lmao.

  29. KansasGal says:

    “Very impressive. Very strong, very motivated, brought up to think she can change the world. It’s a very American type; we don’t have them here.” How does a comment like this go down with British readers? Seems like quite a put down of your readership.

  30. equality says:

    What does it matter how many women PH had taken to Botswana? If you have traveled with other women or dated other women, you can’t be serious about the one you are currently dating?

    • Tessa says:

      He dated Chelsy for years they probably took a few trips there. ANd he visited her family in Africa. He dated Cressida for a few years. The way this is spun in the article is that he takes them to Africa hours after he meets someone new. I don’t know who the third person was, he dated others but they did not last.

  31. EllieK says:

    Why is this site still feeding into rumors like this and why are people still commenting? It’s just adding fuel to the fire regarding a feud that happened years ago. I’m so bored of having to look at these headlines. I feel like they’ll never go away.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      EllieK, well if the brf and the bm would stop with all of the articles that are created to breed hate, this site probably would talk about something else. Clearly, this “fued” is not years ago, but it continues today. A reason to continue the smears and hate is to encourage clicks and earn money. Another reason is to continue engendering hate, which could easily get someone harmed (at the least). Why would we ignore that? You could just ignore the posts regarding the brf.

    • equality says:

      You are aware that the articles here reflect what is currently being written in books and tabloids? If you are bored of it, why are you commenting? Does your device lack the ability to scroll?

  32. Snowpony says:

    I wonder if he would say the same thing if H married a white American lady

  33. Cbklyn says:

    In other words, Meghan is someone who cannot be groomed. I think that’s what really irked his incandescent nerves. Also, re: his comments about Botswana—seems a bit jealous about not having the chance to take 4 girls anywhere, not even in his prime!

    • Chrissy says:

      I’ve always thought that PW was attracted to Meghan and, because she wouldn’t give him the time of day or bow down to “his greatness” as well as make Harry happier than he is, PW reacted by unleashing the torrent of lies and racism on Meghan via the BM. Weaponizing her relationship with her father against her was particularly vile as well.

  34. pottymouth pup says:

    Do they realize that they’re insulting the hell out of all British women with these back-handed compliments to Meghan?

  35. Lizzie says:

    Why is Billy so worried about Meghan? She is an accomplished woman of equal age. The only self made millionaire to marry into the royal family. She’s not marrying your son but your brother so BUTT OUT. Everyone else in the world knows when to bite their tongue and let your siblings live their lives. Well, that is unless you are worried about future children’s skin tone.

    • Tessa says:

      I hope George meets somebody smart and accomplished and defies William when he expresses “concerns.”

  36. Eggbert says:

    “Very impressive. Very strong, very motivated, brought up to think she can change the world. It’s a very American type; we don’t have them here.”

    Dizzamn just throwing shade left and right at British women. So British culture is just women being compliant to men.

  37. Peace says:

    How rich. Dude who has no understanding of any culture beyond palace walls, concerned that a smart, self-made woman with an international studies degree from a prestigious university, has no understanding of a culture. The projection is strong with this one.

  38. equality says:

    Isn’t second-guessing the Queen (who approved H&M’s marriage) a slap in the face to her?

    • Tessa says:

      That’s what I don’t get, why was Will allowed to “get above himself” so to speak.

  39. Tessa says:

    william is so hypocritical. If he were “concerned: he would not have told Harry to “slow down” and continue to give unwanted advice.

  40. Tessa says:

    William visited Jecca in Africa, they supposedly had a “pretend engagement” and allegedly did a “fertility dance.”

    • SnoodleDumpling says:

      Was “fertility dance” a euphemism for “had sex”, I wonder. Because you know these khaki three-piece suits would use cringey xenophobic language like that.

  41. Robin Samuels says:

    Tina is desperately trying to help William clean up his narcissist image. A young woman born and raised on the west coast of the United States, who spent four years at a university on the east (3000 miles from home) coast and time overseas, would feel lonely in London? Tina never saw The Tig. Meghan is well-traveled and lived an independent life before meeting Harry. London is one of the most diversified cities in western culture. Young people relocate to cities for employment all over the world. Unlike William, they don’t live in their Grandmother’s house. Tina Brown should write about her relationships with Harvey Weinstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Perhaps her sales would be increased.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Northwestern is in Illinois; otherwise, everything you said is spot on. You forgot to add that William is an idiot.

    • windyriver says:

      Not to mention, Meghan spent the better part of 6 (?) years living in Toronto, the largest city in Canada and one of the largest in North America. So, she already had the experience of making a major move, thousands of miles away, out of her home country, to start her life anew in a huge and very diverse metropolis. And Canada itself, conveniently, has as its head of state – that very same Queen Elizabeth, whose picture appears on much of the currency. I’d guess the chances of Meghan having some familiarity with British culture, and likely making connections with expat or visiting British citizens along the way, is pretty high – along with the fact that she visited Harry in England multiple times, so would have some idea of what to expect living there. William (and Tina) needn’t have worried.

  42. Elle says:

    Why is the writer so anti-William? I get defending MM but there is no proof that William is the racist (i think it’s Camilla). I don’t care for Kate, I love Meghan but I just don’t think William is a villain either.

    • Tessa says:

      William does employ Knauf and he staged that Flybe jet PR stunt to show he cared about the “environment” and to put down Harry. It backfired since the commercial jet had to make an extra stop to pick up William and family. And there is a real problem when a sibling tries to break up his brother and his girlfriend,

    • Lady D says:

      He stood in front of a dozen reporters with cameras, and called his brother mentally fragile, aka, stabbing him in the back yet again. He called his mother paranoid and delusion on a TV program. How long before he throws one of his children under a bus to cover his own ass?