Hilaria & Alec Baldwin announce that they are expecting another daughter

In March, Hilaria & Alec Baldwin announced that they were expecting another child. This will be their seventh child together, and eighth for Alec overall (he is also father to Ireland Baldwin). Notably, before this pregnancy, Hilaria was last pregnant in 2020, when she gave birth to bebe Eduardo. Six months following Eduardo’s birth, Hilaria and Alec welcomed Lucia via surrogate. Meaning, as soon as Hilaria found out she was pregnant with another boy, she organized a surrogate to carry her much longed-for second daughter. It was, how do you say, loca. Lucia was their sixth child and everyone hoped they would just stop. They did not. Part of me wondered if Hilaria would be disappointed if she was carrying another son. Well, guess what? She is expecting a daughter. This will be the third Thomas-Baldwin daughter after Carmen and Lucia.

The Baldwins are adding another baby girl to their family. On Monday, Hilaria Baldwin, 38, revealed that she and husband Alec Baldwin are expecting a daughter, sharing the exciting news on Instagram. In a video featuring the whole family, Alec, Hilaria and their six children are each seen throughout the clip giving advice to their baby sister on the way.

“It’s always been both fun and meaningful for me to find out what is the sex of my baby, yet, as I grow and learn, I want to do it a bit differently this time around,” Hilaria explains in the caption. “What will make our baby a loving, whole person? What matters? What will make them feel seen, free, and proud?”

She continues, “Perhaps nothing that we can define. We can only guide, encourage their spirit, listen, share our experiences, and learn from them, as we watch their own journey. We can provide as good a life as we can, but the rest is up to our baby to discover their own, unique self.”

“I share with you our family’s hopes and wishes, encouragement and advice for our new baby. I feel so much joy, watching these children, who are filled with love and the most simple, kind wisdom,” Hilaria concludes. “Hearing them share their words is one of my greatest gifts in life.Join us in honoring this whole little independent human, growing inside of me.”

[From People]

I’m including the Instagram below. Hilaria and the nannies got the kids to recite some “Live Laugh Love” sh-t (vive ríe ama) and Hilaria isn’t faking a Spanish accent in this particular video. It’s actually nice to see that the kids seem… okay. I actually don’t think Hilaria cares much about mothering these kids beyond the baby phase, but I suppose the nannies are doing a good job. Dios mio, esta perra es ridícula.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instagram, Backgrid.

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  1. LightPurple says:

    The kids knew their lines better than su madre.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      I feel pity, poor kids. Imagine growing up in such a big household.

      My maternal grandfather was the 3rd of 9 siblings and he always said it was a nightmare. My mum is an only child, which means he didn’t really enjoy the idea of having a football squadron of kids.

      I don’t care about how wealthy they are, their parents are 2 nutcases.

      • Swack says:

        Here’s the thing. If they want a big family – great, they can afford it. But, instead of bringing more people onto this planet adopt instead. There are plenty of children out there that need a home.

      • LightPurple says:

        I agree with the point on adoption. If they want a large family, have one but do it through adoption, there are so many kids who need loving homes.

        AlpineWitch, I get your point but not every large family has the same experience as your grandfather. My mom was the 7th of 9. She and her siblings are super tight and loved being in a big family. My mom didn’t get along with her younger sister when they were kids but they worked that out in their teens. My mom tagged along with her 5 older brothers everywhere they went. She wouldn’t change that fr the world and neither would any of them.

      • Noki says:

        Some people simply dont want to adopt, they want their ‘own’.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        Please don’t suggest adoption to these people. Does anyone really think that the screwed up world of Casa Baldwin would be the right environment to meet the needs of an adopted child?

        These two want the attention that comes from a pregnancy announcement, the gender reveal, the first photoshoot with a new baby and then it’s on to the next bambino. It’s like collecting stamps or beanies babies to them.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        Responding (in the wrong place) to the adoption comments.. even if they wanted to they would never pass at least international and foster care adoption as in my experience they require a visit and assessment from a social worker. I don’t think any social worker would ever give a green light to that loco household.

      • CocofromCanada says:

        Yay babies however I would think they have enough going on with the accidental shooting on the film set. Just add another newborn to the mix.

    • Barrett says:

      I’m sorry this video is insane. She’s crazy – she’s using the kids to make points to the media that no one can define you (culture, you are unique). So loco??? How ab the 6 other gender define party/announcements for other kids. But now she has been outed – this video “Using the kids”!

      Her accent still sounds funny ..,,

      • bros says:

        she is still adopting a strange accent and she is f’ing nuts. bonkers. the kids all around her in her stupid bra, I just cannot.

      • Lionel says:

        “Nobody can define your culture.” Um, I think actual Spaniards and Latinx folks may disagree, Hillary.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Well said @ Lionel!!!!

      • kirk says:

        Please don’t confuse Hilaria with Hillary.
        There’s no reasonable comparison between the two.

      • Saba says:

        Agreed! She’s not putting on a Spanish accent anymore, but there’s still a weird affectation… enunciating every letter as though she is ESL and learnt English later in life. It’s still gross and wildly inappropriate. Just like her video.

        Honey, NO ONE is harassing you for your culture. They mock your ‘Spanish by proxy’ grift that you still haven’t taken responsibility for.

    • Barrett says:

      I’m sorry video is too much! And only done after being caught a cultural grifter!!!!

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ LightPurple, that was due to the fact that they aren’t deciding to fake an accent or not.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        Responding (in the wrong place) to the adoption comments.. even if they wanted to they would never pass at least international and foster care adoption as in my experience they require a visit and assessment from a social worker. I don’t think any social worker would ever give a green light to that loco household.

    • BeanieBean says:

      They’re sweeties; too bad this was posted for all the world to see, rather than kept for their little sister-to-be. Rather cheapens the message somehow.

  2. Mary Tosti says:

    Um, what?

    • kirk says:

      So are these people Baptists, Catholics or Mormons?
      Or are they just personally committed to accelerating climate change?

  3. Sandy says:

    I just don’t understand why he keeps on sleeping with her, UNPROTECTED. get snipped you dumbass. Who are you getting these kids for? Definitely not because you want to be a parent. Does he have some pregnancy fetish or nanny fetish or something?!

    • Jo says:

      Apparently there are theories and receipts on Reddit (I think) about her not having been pregnant and having all those kids or most of them via a surrogate. The argument being that there is no way she had so many kids and a completely unchanged body.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I love that subreddit. The theory makes sense except that she kept saying she wanted another girl when they kept having boys, which doesn’t add up if they were using surrogates and could choose the gender.

      • MaryContrary says:

        She lives on IG in a sports bra and underwear demonstrating exercises-she is absolutely always pregnant (other than the last one.) And her body looks like good because she exercises hours and hours a day.

      • Luna17 says:

        Ya that subreddit convinced me she had only birthed the first one. Her body looked like a normal pregnancy for that one then all the rest she had an ever changing bump and no other indicators of pregnancy. Apparently some waiters claim she would come into restaurants without the bump when she was supposedly very pregnant and drink wine then snap the fake bumps on and go a pap stroll. Also she is a huge oversharer but doesn’t ever share any actual birth details. This crazy person is 100% not pregnant but pretends to be for attention and to try and sell an impossible bounce back narrative. It’s disturbing.

      • ANON says:

        Agreed, that subreddit is a juicy read, and they have receipts. Most troubling to me is the predatory surrogacy agency the Baldwins allegedly use. It does not appear to be above-board and aggressively recruits low-income women of color.

      • Andie says:

        I think she had them all herself but after experiencing pregnancy with her first she went super unhealthy with her eating and exercise habits with all subsequent pregnancies. People don’t realize how you can get skinny and stay skinny, even through pregnancy, if you just drastically under eat.

        To do so during pregnancy is, in my opinion, dangerous and selfish, but, there you go

      • Nivz says:

        This is getting ugly, the talk about ever changing bumps and secret surrogates. This is what the crazies are doing to Meghan. Please stop.

      • ANON says:

        Nivz, the Balwins have openly used surrogacy for some of their children, and the agency is vile. This is what I was referring to. Can’t speak to the theories about some of their other children’s births, however, let’s not let them off the hook for this.

  4. Jo says:

    La procreación infinita.

  5. Fiona Fan says:

    Why is she wearing just a bra in that picture with all of her kids? That’s all I’ve got.

    • Andria says:

      Maybe it’s my upbringing but I saw my mom in a bra plenty of times. Never bothered me. Not like she was nude

      • Summer says:

        @Andria, nothing wrong with being in a bra in front of your kids–it’s having the posing photo taken in the bra that’s so strange.

      • Lionel says:

        My little kids see me in my bra all the time. It’s still not my choice for the poised holiday card photo! I feel like Hillary was like “oh, family picture time? Hang on, let me touch up my makeup and take off my shirt…”

      • Bettyrose says:

        That’s the issue for me. Posing with her kids in a bra for what was intended as a very public picture. What was the message here?

      • kirk says:

        @Lionel – Please don’t confuse Hilaria with Hillary.

      • Lionel says:

        @Kirk: But Hillary is her real name! Hillary and Hilaria are the same person. I’m choosing to call her by her given name for emphasis. Who is the Hillary you think I’m confusing her with?

      • kirk says:

        Sorry @Lionel. Had no idea Hillary was ‘Hilaria” Baldwin’s true name.

    • Orangeowl says:

      Who among us doesn’t hang out in the yard in jorts and a bra?!

      She is beyond exhausting. And maybe it’s me but Alec looks beyond exhausted, too.

      • CocofromCanada says:

        Exhausted and honestly really unwell. Doesn’t he have Lyme disease? Workplace trauma and 15 million kids would not help for wellness if he’s already sick. I don’t know anything about Lyme disease –

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      She’s maybe a narcissist and needs to be the center of attention.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Uh. The Bra is really the standout issue in this saga. And I’m not squeamish around nudity. That is just a very weird time to not be wearing a shirt, or a sports bra, or a bathing suit top.

  6. K says:

    They are insane. It’s all so narcissistic and they need help. Which they will never get because they are selfish attention seeking whack jobs. Poor kids I wish them well with parents like that

    • Orangeowl says:

      I know. All her platitudes about raising good people…while she perpetrated a scam on their dad…so hollow and weird.

    • Tempest says:

      Those two are so messy. She remains a cultural appropriator with a tenuous relationship with honesty. He is Alec Baldwin… need I say more? That child army doesn’t stand a chance.

      • Gubbinal says:

        I was a child of a semi-big (6 children in the space of 7 years, 2 months) family. Mother toxic narcissist; father enabler of mother.

        I can not enumerate the reform schools, mental hospitals, jails, detention centers, rehab, detox, suicide attempts (and successes) amongst those 6 children. We were shamed intensely about things like “dishwater hair,” “large feet,” “sallow complexion,” and the height of failure: plump, fat, chubbette.

        I also don’t see how the Baldwins can grow their income at this point. Not even in a reality tv program.

      • osito says:

        @Gubbinal — I’m sorry you and your siblings were subjected to abusive behavior from your parents as individuals and as a unit.

  7. Tattles says:

    Fresh micro blading for Hilaria.

    So, these two suck and they are weirdos but having six or eight or whatever brothers and sisters seems super fun. It’s like building a dynasty. Do they all go to private schools??

    • Twin falls says:

      I agree that having all those siblings growing up could be fun. They aren’t struggling for food or clothes or money for extracurriculars or being made to raise each other. Their parents are whack jobs but at least they have each other.

  8. Genevieve says:

    The baby in the back and the kid in the hoodie (in the jorts picture) have the best expressions. I’m with you, kiddos!

  9. Miranda says:

    At what point do we just assume that someone in this relationship has a pregnancy fetish?

    Also, can we just keep abortion and let Senora Baldwin handle the domestic supply of infants?

    • Sue E Generis says:

      Heehee. Brilliant!

    • HoofRat says:

      Spat out my tea, Miranda! But I think Rethugs would only accept her as a domestic supplier if she dropped the accent. You can never be too careful . . . .

  10. Betina says:

    I see that she is still pretending to be ESL – I detect a non-Bostonian accent. All this nonsense about being a “multi” human are her talking points about how it is okay she has pretended to be Spanish and developed an accent in her mid-twenties because she went to Spain a few times as a kid. Her whole thing was about how we don’t understand how difficult it is to be “multi” as though some of us aren’t actual immigrants with all the pain points that that can entail. She just puts on the accent whenever she feels it will benefit her (see her speaking at the UN on behalf of Spain, or taking Hola covers from actual Latinas – and I say Latina because her whole act was to mimic Latina stereotypes even though Spanish and Latina are not the same thing) Forcing her kids to parrot this is so inappropriate. She won’t give up the grift.

    I also think it is batshit to have hired a surrogate during a global pandemic when she already had 5 kids at home, including an infant. They need to be called out on this. This new kid was announced 5 months to almost the day that Alec killed Halyna Hutchins. These people are so narcissistic and disordered and I cannot believe more people are not calling it out and questioning it.


    • Betina says:

      And to announce this on the first Mother’s Day that Halyna’s son and husband have to experience without her? It is so inappropriate. They needed to go away for a bit.

    • Rumble says:

      @betina I also noticed that… she can’t seem to stop herself from pronouncing her english words as if she grew up speaking and listening to spanish all day every day in her home. Its maddening, I teach heritage speakers, and many feel SO insecure about what they know/don’t know, and this insecurity can make them very hesitant to speak spanish to non-family members.

      I can’t anymore with this güera putting on an accent acting like she’s Latina and/or Hispanic (she doesn’t seem to know the difference) when she could use her platform to talk about the importance of being proficient in more than 1 language and all the work she does to ensure her kids feel equally comfortable with spanish as english. Like, that’s amazing! And its not easy to do! But instead Hilary wants to play pretend oppressed poc.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      I don’t understand why you think she should stop? I get that she’s annoying and her whole vibe is dishonest and shady, but clearly it has worked/is working well for her?

      She hooked a rich, famous dude, got herself to be a successful influencer, lives a luxe life, has child support locked in forever. Putting aside the morality, why should she stop? None of us would stop doing something that was getting us everything we ever wanted.

      Just a thought.

      • Betina says:

        She is no longer an influencer. Because of her grift she has lost every single sponsorship she had. She’s also a bit of a punchline (and would be made fun of even more if her husband was not so unhinged). If she apologized and stopped speaking in that ridiculous accent, she could probably redeem herself and actually have what she wants again.

        Additionally, I can’t “put aside the morality” easily and feel that is 100% a reason to stop doing what she’s doing. If I were doing something immoral, even if it were working out well for me, I would stop doing it. I think your absolutest statement (“None of us would stop doing something that was getting us everything we ever wanted”) says a lot and doesn’t really describe me or most people in my life. Eeeep.

        Finally, she’s hurting her kids – they will find out and they will be teased and confused about why they have those crazy names (A Spaniard explained to me that those names are beyond pretentious and would never. Ever. Happen in Spain) and why mommy pretended to be a Spanish woman.

      • Rumble says:

        I suppose she should stop because it’s as you wrote, a shady and dishonest practice.

        Trying not to get too philosphical, but I don’t think you can set aside morality. Yes, Hilary gets all these lovely material benefits. She may not have gotten these benefits if she hadn’t decided to innacurately cosplay an identity. Obviously, I’ve no idea how Hilary gets her happiness, but you describe a person whose ends – luxe life, instagram fame, etc. – justify their means. This is itself a moral code and it is one of many. It works well for Hilary if that is how she finds value. For me though, ‘end justifies the means’ is an awful way to live.

      • Sue E Generis says:

        @Betina No need for personal insults. I did not comment on whether she should or should not stop, just asking why would she. I don’t think you’re as perfect as you think you are. You’re very judgmental and obviously don’t understand human nature very well.

        @Rumble I agree that the things she has chosen to do are immoral and it wouldn’t be my choice at all. Just saying that it seems to be how she gets what she wants so I’m pretty sure she won’t be stopping. Also wondering what their number is. 15 children? 20? I find the whole thing gross and alarming.

      • Betina says:

        @sue where did I insult you? Where did I say you said she should stop? Where did I say I was perfect? Your response is far outsized from my response and I’m honestly a bit shocked at your insults on my character given that I did not say anything about yours. It’s kind of wild that you took what I have to say so personally.

        And, I have a PhD in organizational psychology so I like to think I understand human nature just fine. Thanks.

      • tealily says:

        “Putting aside morality…” I mean…

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Betina, they just need to go away, period.

      As for Milaria, she might need to find another husband as Alec may not be insurable ever again after the killing of Halyna Hutchins. We still haven’t heard the finalization of the killing yet and where the liability lays, if my memory serves me. Depending on the outcome, he will probably never produce or direct again, but he could try to re-enter as an actor. At the rate he is going, with a cray-cray wife, 18 children, age, he’s a little overweight and the stress of the lawsuits, it will certainly affect his health.

  11. Brailler says:

    She actually did fake an accent, big time, when she said, “You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.”

    • BothSidesNow says:

      And why did she stick her entire face into the lens? Was she afraid that she would lose her concentration on her accent?

      I worked with a woman from a family of NINE children. She hated it!!! She swore off children and it was apparently a very unhappy childhood as she would very rarely discuss it. The bits that she shared was that she was basically a mini mother with all of her younger siblings. She never experienced a childhood from her speech and body language changed as she discussed her childhood. It was not a happy child hood. I felt bad for her as she still seemed to be scarred from it.

      • Lucy says:

        My husband’s cousin has six kids, and a family income that can support maybe two kids comfortably. She’s joked that the oldest won’t want kids when he’s married because he’s spent so much time taking care of the younger kids. I don’t really find that funny, especially since her husband worked from home and couldn’t have possibly been very busy with his barely solvent business.

        When she announced her sixth pregnancy, the other kids got upset with her. The youngest has Downs Syndrome and now her highest public praise for the other kids is in relation to how the do with the youngest. It’s completely unhealthy, messed up, and there’s no way to help, just watch her screw up the older kids.

  12. LORENA says:

    How do they afford all these kids and nanny’s? I’m sure they are rich but how rich can they be to keep affording this lifestyle?

    • Emma says:

      Alec Baldwin is estimated to be worth $60 million. He was paid a reported $300,000 per episode of 30 Rock (which ran for like seven seasons). Then there is additional income and residuals from his many other TV and movie roles.

      Alec and Eeeelareeeea are ridiculous, but they can *easily* afford seven children.

      • Lionel says:

        I mean, yes $60 million is an enormous amount of money. But his earning potential has ground to a halt, no? I suppose he gets 30 Rock residuals till the end of time. But, thinking as a mercenary here, every new baby dilutes the amount of money available to each as a future inheritance, and to Hillary as spousal inheritance or alimony. She’d get more child support in a divorce, but what is she gonna do when they successively turn 18? $60 million becomes $30 million when Alex dies (or when Hillary dies if she’s still married to him when he passes on.) Divide that among 10 kids (I know they’ve got 8 now, I’m betting on two more) and that’s $3 million per kid, assuming they’ve spent nothing down in the process which seems unlikely. And $2 or $3 million is still an enormous amount of money, sure! I’d love to have that kind of an inheritance. But in irresponsible hands $2 or $3 million gets squandered really fast. It’s frankly not what I’d want to do with my hard-earned money and my legacy.

      • kirk says:

        Are you talking about Hilaria Baldwin or Hillary Clinton?
        There’s no reasonable comparison between the two. Particularly when you’re discussing estate dilution through increasing progeny.

      • Emma says:

        The rich / financially savvy have lots of ways to keep inheritances secure. Assuming Alec is getting good financial advice, he is setting up trusts for the kids now to take tax advantages. In fact, he could have set up a family trust before his first child was born. Then the trust funds can be invested and grow, and the kids (when of age, or if needed due to an emergency) can be allowed to withdraw certain annual or monthly amounts that don’t impact the principal, so there is always plenty of money growing and growing for them.

        Kirk – Hilaria was named Hillary by her parents. It’s her real name.

      • Lionel says:

        Kirk, “Hilaria” Baldwin’s real name is Hillary. This has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and I must say I’m bewildered at how you could think I might be confusing the two.

      • kirk says:

        Sorry @Lionel. I don’t know enough about ‘Hilaria’ to know that she’s really named Hillary. She sounds Hilarious based on this article.

  13. MsIam says:

    Very strange situation. It seems kinda extra? Congrats?

  14. HeyKay says:

    Ugh to Al and Hil Baldwin. lol
    Ma and Pa Baldwin are both goofy. I’m trying to be light hearted in my comments about them but, damn anyhow.

    I am so old, I recall when he was thought of as good looking and talented as an actor.
    Seems a bajillion years ago. lol

    He was commanding in his A-B-C speech in Glen Garry Glen Ross.
    Now? What a hot mess his personal life has become, I can’t watch anything AB is in now.

    I hope he gets sued for boatloads of money in that shooting death on set.
    May her widower and young son find peace.

    • MsIam says:

      I used to be in sales for a hot minute and his speech in that movie gave me nightmare flashbacks of my old boss, lol.

    • Driver8 says:

      I LOVE Glengarry Glen Ross, omg, what a great movie! Alec is definitely a highlight. Wish I had seen the play.

    • Lionel says:

      I LOVED him in Malice and in Prelude to a Kiss! For the young’uns here, Alec really was hot once upon a time. I thought he was my ideal man when I was a tween. Youthful fantasies fade, but this one crushed me as he became increasingly awful.

  15. Lena says:

    Always find it hilarious how pale and blond her children are. Sure, there are so me Spanish people with blond, pale children but the pictures of her either her fake tan and I think darker then her natural hair colour died hair and her (super cute) pale blond kids just really illustrates her fakery well.

  16. Lucia says:

    All I can see is eyebrows.

  17. JFerber says:

    I never would have imagined this many children for Alec. He’s not exactly a nice man and has been cruel to Ireland when she was a child. He has a bad temper and is beyond acerbic. I just don’t get it. I also don’t understand her obsession. Will 7 be enough? She’s actually increasing production as they both get older.

  18. Justjj says:

    Her slight accent sounded very fake to me. 99% of this video was making her kids publicly affirm all her talking points about being “culturally fluid” or whatever. Her name is not Hilaria, it’s Hilary. “How you say it in English? Oh jes, cucumber.” is what I hear whenever I see her or Alec.

    • damejudi says:

      She’s appropriating fluid-misappropriating-in the hope that she won’t be called a liar anymore.

      And it might just work, ugh.

  19. Mimi says:

    This woman is deranged

  20. Andrea says:

    Can the nanny please write a tell all? This two must be hell to work for! Poor kids, imagine having this two as your egg and sperm donor.

  21. Skyblue says:

    Okay, that video is weird AF.

  22. Margot says:

    Just checked the date on this article to make sure I hadn’t clicked on an old one. Didn’t we just read about them expecting again?!

  23. AnneL says:

    Hilaria Baldwin really manages to make being embarazada, how you say, embarrassing.

    The kids are cute and seem happy, I guess. I think being a sibling in a big family like that would be fun IF, as others have said, the parents have the money and time for it. But then I grew up in an era of larger families. I’m the youngest of four and most families in our neighborhood had at least two. Three or four was the the norm, and families of 5-6 not that unusual. A handful had even more than that. One had ten. Yikes.

    Different times. My husband and I stopped at two. I know families with four and I don’t know how they handle it.

    The oldest, Carmen, strikes me as camera-comfortable. I hope they don’t push her to start acting or modeling at age 10.

  24. tuille says:

    This woman is nuts. I feel sorry for the kids she already has. Please, no more.
    They’ll need a mini-bus to take the family for a ride. Will H be caught dead driving a Suburban or Honda Pilot?

    • L4Frimaire says:

      To think if it was a small daycare that takes @6 kids, would need a license and inspections, with CPR certifications. If it’s your own kids you can be like the lady who lived in a shoe.

  25. Gil says:

    Kaiser, I would change the sentence “Dios mío, está perra es ridícula” . I would write “Dios mío, está pendeja es ridícula”

    I think it’s is a more appropriate word to describe this crazy bitch.

    Pendej@ means asshole/idiot

  26. R says:

    No No No. are you fucking kidding me? I have whiplash from the insane news of the last one. They truly need extreme therapy because this is truly deranged. At this point, it’s either a fetish as someone said or something pathological. The kids wont remotely get enough attention and this is horrendous for the environment. And honestly, how can they even afford this? Alec looks tired. And the fake accent just adds to the insanity of this unhinged woman.

  27. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Maybe she just wants one with her skin tone. Por favor solo uno con coloración latina oh dios mio.

    • Jaded says:

      We all know her natural skin tone is pale. A piel oscura niña is never going to happen.

  28. Nicole says:

    She keeps having kids bc she loves the attention. She’s a narcissist, I have a sil just like her. Works out for hours and “sends the kids outside to play.” Let’s hope the nanny is giving them the attention they need. Sadly, it’s my husband’s family providing it in our case. At least trying to.

  29. Nicegirl says:

    Bienvenida nena

  30. L4Frimaire says:

    These people are so messy. There is something so disturbing about this, like they’re collecting kids. Money and white privilege let’s you get away with a lot. I guess at least it’s the same two parents instead of a Nick Cannon scenario with a harem, but this is the type of stuff you see in cults and fundamentalists sects, those quiver people like the Duggars. It used to be the norm before birth control was widely accessible to have loads of kids, but most women don’t want that life now. Takes lots of money and help, or if no money, an ability to think basic food and shelter is all the kids need, with nurturing and attention a secondary consideration.

  31. Lov3zone says:

    Hillaria is HILLARIOUS

  32. AA says:

    Maybe this one will be named Tiffany or Tammy or Dorothy or something. (In comparison to the rest of their crazy names.)

  33. tealily says:

    I used to be indifferent, but I have grown to hate these people.

  34. ao says:

    I died with that last line. My first language is Spanish, so it is something I would say.

  35. Ang says:

    Just watched the video — why is someone SOOOOO committed to having “a girl” suddenly so committed to a fetus being non-binary? WEIRD!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Would they be anyone’s first choice for adoption after Alec’s voicemail leak and temper incident or the wife’s questionable background? Sad to say, because many kids without families may rather be adopted by them (hey, no one’s perfect!) than left in foster care or a group home, but the adoption system can be CRAZY picky. And I know of several adoptions that looked 100% like they had gone through and the birth parents changing their mind, nixing it at the last minute. Maybe they sized-up all their options and knew biological kids were the best (or only) available route for them. I can’t criticize them for the blessing of having children, especially since all the large families I know are like a great team. Does it seem like they’re both a little off and (maybe separately) they’re obsessed with having kids? Kinda, but is the jury still out on whether that’s a bad thing (maybe they are doing a good job raising them)? I mean people thought K-Fed was a no-good gold digger and he seems like he’s done a pretty good job. Should we give Hilaria the benefit of the doubt on the mom front for now? I’m just brainstorming-food for thought!

    On the bra front, in my opinion, in 2022 with athleisure, etc., especially since she’s a yoga instructor/enthusiast, I’m not going to criticize her or any mom for wearing a bra in front of their kids. Just like I wouldn’t criticize Rihanna or anyone else either. It’s just the human body! It’s not like she’s wearing sheer underpants and nothing else to a school or something.

  37. Bisynaptic says:

    What she’s doing is the equivalent of what Elon Musk is doing.

  38. Valerie says:

    Condoms are a wonderful invention.

  39. Oye says:

    People can have whatever they want it is not a bad thing wanting to have a large family. Also they are not on the help… but still she is too much imo.
    She put him to this too I bet…from one kid to 8 one on top of another?
    He is too old for this now…his sixties should be about relax travel rest working on with some thing that has meaning or etc according to self… but bunch of kids you won’t be grandfather to theirs’? Not idol or normor is it? No its not.

    But,,, congrats its life…
    Obviously, you cannot reason with the like of her / them they have different mind and live in parallel universe?

  40. teehee says:

    I was kinda meh about this but then I watched the video.

    Is she using her kids as sounding boards for what she thinks SHES going through?
    Like, she’s all “authentic” and “nobody can truly know me” etc and she’s making her kids recite these lines???

    Absolutely bonkers

    And what is with this editing

  41. Emily says:

    I will never understand baby collecting. How in the world can she give each of those children the individual emotional attention they need? It’s like a mental illness.

  42. JFerber says:

    Emily, It’s not what she gives to them, it’s what they give to her (and then when each outgrows babyhood, their replacement shows up and they’re shoved aside).

  43. JFerber says:

    Her slight faux accent just kills me. Honestly. It’s like she’s Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek in her mind. Maybe Alec still thinks it’s sexy, even though he knows it’s fake?

  44. beauxblue says:

    it’s interesting that there is an uproar about restricting abortion, it violates a woman’s choice. Here is a woman making a choice to have a child. Shouldn’t she be given the same respect as the woman who chooses to have an abortion?