Thomas Markle was released from the hospital & his first call was to the tabloids

Last week, Toxic Thomas Markle was hospitalized for “stroke-like symptoms.” No one knows if the whole thing was faked, if this was always the plan or whether Toxic Tom went entirely off-script. I don’t have a particular theory, but I obviously think the whole thing was a huge scam. Thomas Markle had made “plans” to fly to the UK for the Jubbly, where he was going to be a paid circus freak for the media, as they set him up with various staged photo-ops. Maybe he never intended to go. Maybe he’s running his own scam. Who even knows at this point. I do think that he’s keeping up relationships with various royal commentators, and those same people continue to write his scripts. Speaking of, Thomas has now been released from the hospital. He apparently still has trouble speaking, yet he managed to write down a statement to the Daily Mail, pledging fealty to the Queen or something.

The Duchess of Sussex’s father left hospital last night, five days after having a stroke – and promptly sent his best wishes to the Queen for a happy Jubilee. Retired Hollywood lighting director Thomas Markle, 77, who is estranged from Meghan, said: ‘I feel hugely grateful and know how lucky I am to be alive. I want to thank everyone, especially the wonderful doctors and nurses who saved my life. They are angels. I have been deeply moved by loving messages I’ve received from all over the world. People have been so kind. I can’t speak right now, but I am working hard and will thank people properly when I can.’

Mr Markle had been planning to fly to the UK this week to celebrate next weekend’s Platinum Jubilee, but the stroke on Monday night, which has left him with limited speech, scuppered the trip. Writing on a whiteboard with a felt-tip pen, he said: ‘I wanted to come to pay my respects to the Queen. I wish her a happy Jubilee and many more years.’

The severe stroke was caused by a blood clot on the right side of Mr Markle’s brain. He was rushed to a hospital near his home in Rosarito, Mexico, before being transferred by ambulance to the US border where an ambulance was waiting to ferry him to a hospital in San Diego, California. He has been in a critical-care ward all week and has made what one doctor told him was ‘remarkable progress’. While he is now able to speak a few words, he faces what he calls ‘an uphill battle’ to regain his power of speech.

‘I have lots of hard work to do and will do it,’ he wrote. ‘I want to get well. I’m so lucky to have had amazing care and love. Thank you everyone.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Imagine getting out of the hospital and your first f–king video-call is to the Daily F–king Mail. Anyway, yeah, his script was written by people within the British tabloid press. That’s been happening for years and it really bothers me that no one talks about it – the scripts they write for him to “perform” and the words they put in his mouth never even sound like the way Americans talk. He’s entirely the tabloids’ plaything now. He’s their puppet.

Speaking of, the Mirror had a stupid story about how Meghan is “concerned” and she’d like to contact him privately, without any of her ridiculous half-siblings getting involved. I doubt it, peeps. I think/hope Meghan is completely done with her father’s bullsh-t.

Screencaps courtesy of GB News, 60 Minutes Australia.

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    He was released from hosp 5 DAYS after a massive stroke and has gone from not being able to speak to speaking a little but STILL able to write clearly and articulately on a whiteboard.

    Wow, this man must have some super human healing abilities. Last person I know who ended up in hosp with serious stroke was there for months before being released and couldn’t even feed themselves properly let alone write.

    Again, no one but the Fail is touching this story – tells you all you need to know about how much of a setup it is.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      No one believes him. I think the powers that be had a little word in his ear and he and his handler decided to pull this latest stunt. I’ve seen zero sympathy for him and long may it continue. He is best left on the scrap heap where he belongs.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, you don’t get sent home after a severe stroke – you get sent to rehab.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        That’s right!!! He can’t seem to understand how his illnesses are to be treated post care. Heart attack, stroke, what are my symptoms supposed to look like? Certainly NOT sitting up on the stretcher chatting awayL???

        My gawd, what a f&ckimg moron…..

      • Blithe says:

        Very true. It really says something about his/their planning skills — or the level of discernment that he/they expect from whatever the likely audience for this crap might be — that Thomas Markle and his advisors and handlers didn’t even bother to mention “rehab” to support the story.

      • Yvette says:

        Have you notice not one person or tabloid has mentioned the name of the hospital that treated Thomas Markle? Most people when released thank the doctors and nurses at ‘——‘ hospital for taking such good care of them. Funny that.

        The British tabloids and most British people are ignorant of distances in America, so they probably don’t know how bizarre we in America find it that the paramedics drove someone with ‘stroke-like’ symptoms 17-miles to San Diego, California. Only after driving through Rosarito, which is 18-miles from the Mexican Border (I think that’s where he lives in Mexico) and then crossing the Mexican Border (I can’t imagine they weren’t stopped and vetted).

        So in total they drove a man with ‘stroke-like’ symptoms 35-miles to San Diego, with a possible 10 – 30 minutes wait at the Mexican Border, to a hospital they won’t even name. Right. I don’t buy it.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Yes @ Yvette. Rosarito is about 28 miles from the border. The first report had him placed in Tijuana? I believe Chula Vista Medical Center is the first closest hospital. If I’m putting out a statement thanking nurses & doctors, mentioning the name of the facility is expected/normal. It’s all bs. Samantha told TMZ that Bad Dad was regaining his speech with the help of a physical therapist, lol, not a speech therapist. Liars are terrible about remembering their lies. The initial video from TMZ showed the filmer focusing on an empty bed for a while. Why? It’s not like Bad Dad changed clothes. Bad Dad didn’t suffer anything.

      • Christine says:

        I am convinced he read about Bruce Willis’ aphasia a while back, and in his head he thought, “YES! THIS IS WHAT I WILL FAKE HAVE!! I CANNOT SPEAK WORDS!”

    • Lionel says:

      Interesting that he had a “clot in the right side of his brain” when the brain’s language centers are on the left side. Inquiring minds would like to know more …

      • Sasha says:

        Strokes can affect Broca’s area and whether you lose your ability to speak or ability to understand /use words – I’m not quite sure…However, if it was on the right side of his brain (which is where it usually happens) the left is usually impacted motor wise, because nuerons at the level cross is over. The inability to speak comes from the left side of the face/body being paralyzed.
        It was weird because I’m he was clearly using his left side in the video, which would be too soon for hemiplegia to resolve (sometimes it resolves spontaneously).

      • Kathleen Williams says:

        He had them drive him to California to be closer to Meghan’s purse.

    • Teddy says:

      You can’t write when you have had, or are having, a stroke. Period. It’s not a choose-your-own adventure where you can’t speak but oops, it turns out that you can write. A stroke is a blocked blood vessel in the brain, and it means brain cells are dying. This whole thing was absolutely an completely faked. Shame on the media for being transciptionists and not talking to medical experts who can call bs on the whole sorry spectacle.

      • Debbie says:

        @Teddy: “Shame on the media” for being transcribers — especially when the guy is already known to have faked pictures of himself for good press, when a royal event was imminent. I mean really. At this point, this is just malpractice on the part of reporters. This Jubbly situation involving Meghan’s family is a parallel incident.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yep, I don’t care what kind of topnotch treatment you receive, but nobody leaves the hospital a mere five days after a massive stroke. Nobody.

    • Debbie says:

      Not just writing clearly and articulately on a whiteboard, but writing AT LENGTH! That’s some looong, involved, redundancy from someone who is supposed to be incapacitated, or recovering from some “major” illness. And the Daily Fail!? That’s who you were thinking of getting in touch with while ill? Oh my God, this guy reveals himself at every turn. He’s pathetic but only the good die young,

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    I think it’s too much to believe that Meghan wouldn’t be concerned and does want to reach out. As divorced as she’s had to be from her father, she knows he is mentally limited and under the influence of others that would do her harm. And that injuring her is not his first instinct but that he is incapable of thinking for himself. My guess is she does want to see him and this is hurting her now too. I think Thomas will tell us soon that a car was sent for him and took him to an undisclosed location, where he and Meghan talked, and he promised her he’d keep it under wraps. You heard that right: he would have then sprinted with all his blood clots pumping to the DF to spill every last bean.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      *And that injuring her is not his first instinct but that he is incapable of thinking for himself*

      I am going to respectfully disagree with this, he has shown time and again that he is willing to do things that harm her, saying that he is under the influence of others is not good enough, any decent person would be appalled if someone suggested lying or selling stories about their child. Doing that on an international stage is another level, doing it when you know that there are people that would use his words as the motive for inflicting real life harm or her and her kids is another level of messed up again. This man’s words and actions have helped the British press place a target on her back and there are already people that have been jailed over plans they made to harm her and Harry. Saying he is being led by money, attention seeking or whatever is not good enough, he is causing serious harm here.

      • equality says:

        Several decent people who went to school or worked with Meghan have refused to be paid or coerced by the tabloids to speak ill about her. There’s no excuse for bad dad.

      • Tessa says:

        I think Meghan wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but after years of his going on TV to slam her and now a You Tube station, I don’t think she blames others for what he did. He is out for himself and he even talked about the money he gets from it (on that TV special), it is not just selfish it is deliberately and methodically going to the media to slam his daughter and he does not turn down the money. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. It is in essence abuse.

    • Bex says:

      His first instinct is to make money off her. He’s chosen to do this over and over since 2018. Why continue to excuse what he does by claiming he’s “under the influence of others”? Is he incapable of saying no?

      He’s certainly capable of staging photos, and making sure he looks directly at the camera while being loaded into the ambulance. He’s certainly capable of running a YouTube channel where he labeled is nearly one year old granddaughter “trashy” for having the temerity to be born last year on June 4. He publicly sided with the racists who’ve been abusing his daughter since 2016. He has given multiple disparaging interviews about his daughter (and her mother) since 2018 by choice. And he’s said multiple times that he won’t stop and that Meghan should “get over it” because he will keep giving interviews.

      He’s a grown man who has the power and mental capacity to say no (especially when it comes to Meghan asking him to not talk to the press), but he’s suddenly incapable of telling strangers in the press no?



      • Debbie says:

        I continue to be stunned at how some people cover for Toxic dad, ignoring everything he does to her, every bit of abuse he heaps on his daughter, and overlooking all the other non-famous children and grandchildren he ignores or has, happily, never met. You notice how the media was not asking Toxic if he was going to reconcile with Meghan when she disclosed the suicidal ideations or when she had a miscarriage. Somehow, Meghan’s distress is never an opportunity for reconciliation but, let Toxic Tom get a hangnail, oh boy the question soon becomes: “Is Meghan going to reach out to him? Meghan has yet to issue a statement.”

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I don’t quite agree with you. She knows he is very capable and willing of doing her and her children harm. In the Oprah interview she asked him point-blank about a story they were willing to take the hit on for him, even if it meant sacrificing any future exchanges etc with the press and he blatantly lied to her. He also went to the press to say that he did not believe she was suicidal and set up a Youtube channel where he bashes her everyday. Plus he kept begging for photos with her. Not to spend time with her but photos so he could sell them!!. This from a man who claimed he wouldn’t let photographers take any photos of him at her first wedding, although I doubt if he was even present.
      There is nothing more she can do for him other than cut him off. He is like the slave owners of old who sold their own children. Nothing about this grandiose, malignant narcissist of a man screams protective father to me.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        I hear what you all are saying. But I don’t think he was always like this. Always a narcissist, yes, but a malignant one? Something changed. Meghan wanted him in her wedding, even after the staged photo op. If I’m not mistaken, she has alluded to Scam as being the toxic influence he cannot get away from. She loved her dad and this hurts—he chose money and vitriol and his own infamy over his child. She herself said she needed to get him away from these vile influences in order to protect him. He made his choice, yes, and that’s on him. But I also think he is mentally impaired. But what do I know.

      • equality says:

        He likely is mentally impaired but you can’t help someone like that unless they are willing to put in the work themselves.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ equality, no. TT is NOT mentally incompetent or impaired. TT doesn’t have one ounce of care for Meghan!!! TT didn’t start seeking the photographers UNTIL Scammy set that up. But everything that TT has done is ALL of his OWN decisions!!!! TT has found a solid source of income against his daughter and he’s taking it!! TT has zero care for everyone, but he isn’t giving up the gravy train!!

      • equality says:

        @Both Sides I see what you describe as a mental impairment. Having no empathy, especially for a daughter is being impaired. Now whether it is something fixable might be in doubt. I don’t think he’s mentally incompetent. He made his own decisions as a responsible adult and now he can live with them.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Thatsnotokay: Nah she’s done. I know some people believe in family no matter what but her family has only damaged her mental health and threatened her safety. She’s decided that she can’t have a relationship with her father. As she said on the Oprah interview she lost her father. Cutting him off doesn’t make her a bad person.

    • BEX says:

      @THATSNOTOKAY The “thing that changed’ is the UK tabloids throwing money at him to trash his daughter.

      When she was Meghan Markle from Suits, no US media outlets were looking for dirt on her, so there was no money to be made. But at the moment she was linked to Harry, Samantha gave her first paid interview.

      She’s the golden goose for that family now, and they’re never giving that up. They will milk the connection to her for all it’s worth.

    • MsIam says:

      @Thatsnotokay Thomas was always like this. Look up what his first wife said about him. Thomas and Toxic Jr didn’t speak for 10 years until the “engagement” (i.e. money making opportunity) came along. I don’t think he and Scam-Dog were close either, he’s never even met all of her kids. So he’s acting now exactly like he’s always acted, like a disgusting asshole. I think he was closer to Meghan because he spent more time with her when she was younger but his evil nature was always lurking under the surface.

    • vs says:

      Had he been the black parent would you have said the same thing? I am certain, the press would have used the opportunity to remind “some people” about deadbeat black dads!

      This man is a sperm donor and not a father. Meghan has already grieved her loss….he is dead to her! only Vanessa Bryant’s mother comes close to being this bad!

      No parent who claims to love their children, can behave the way this man did! he is the absolute worst and I wouldn’t wish him on anyone! she might be sad when he finally passes but hopefully she remembers his behavior! a man willing to help those who are out there to destroy you? no, no and no

      He can rot in hell and that’s still won’t be enough

      • Lady D says:

        I believe Bad Mother of the 21st Century is a tie between Kate Gosselin and Dinah Lohan. Vanessa’s mother is greedy and disgusting, but the above two? They actively and with malice aforethought harmed their children/daughters.

    • Formerly Lithe says:

      First of all, you can’t assume that every parent’s first instinct is to protect their child. TM has proven otherwise over and over and he is still doing it.

      Secondly, you might need to believe that Meghan does want to see her father, but that’s not her problem. And in fact, whether you realize it or not, there is judgment wrapped up in that assertion. Why do you need to be assured that Meghan is torn in order for you to be ok with her staying the hell away from him?

      If anything, this latest stunt of his should be proof enough that she made the right decision cutting him off.

    • Josephine says:

      Enough of this lunatic

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      @vs Yes, I would have. I don’t subscribe to the “deadbeat” black parent trope/stereotype. Let’s not go there. And especially not with me, and not today.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Nah; granted we’re all different, but I had a father like TT & when he had major health issues at the end–well, no, sorry not sorry, I didn’t jump on a plane to see him. Just no.

    • Kathleen Williams says:

      Let Meghan send in her lawyers to rumble this scam.

  3. PaperclipExtrordinaire says:

    He’s a public figure of sorts. He easily could have asked the hospital or his doctor to announce his diagnosis. But he didn’t. Feels a little fishy, no? I mean, obviously.

    • BEX says:

      He is not a public figure in the US though, so it would not be newsworthy (especially in the face of two high profile mass shootings in less than two weeks) to report his alleged stroke.

      It is fascinating that it went from “massive stroke” to “stroke-like symptoms” in less than 48 hours.

      • PaperclipExtrordinaire says:

        As I said, he’s a public figure of sorts. He’s in PageSix weekly and the new trashy Newsweek online almost monthly and is the father of an international public figure. Also, he doesn’t strike me as someone who would allow a national tragedy to get in the way of publicizing his alleged suffering.

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t think he’s a public figure, some never heard of him, or maybe found his rants annoying and ignored him. He’s like relatives of the famous who try to become famous by association only he slams his daughter to the media. Billy Carter for instance was relatively harmless but he rushed to the media so he could become “famous” also because he was the President’s brother.

    • North of Boston says:


      I’m going to join the others disagreeing with you. As someone with a toxic family member who consistently caused chaos, discord and emotional, even sometimes physical harm to me and people I care about, there comes a point where while one might wish it were possible to have some sort of relationship, you recognize that the other person isn’t interested in your well-being, isn’t acting in good faith and is willing to manipulate and harm you to satisfy some need they have that’s more important to them (ego, self-image, power, money, autonomy, narcissism, bigotry, whatever). So it is impossible and unsafe to allow them any closeness or access, and you make the break and end contact.

      And that distance, break from the toxic, abusive person becomes even more necessary when you’ve got your own kids to protect from the toxic person … your own priorities can become crystal clear, and trying to accommodate or maintain a relationship with someone who uses and harms other becomes a hard NO.

      She owes him nothing; he’s proven himself to be willing to lie, disparage her and her family and to not be willing to try to have a good faith relationship with her. He may be alive, but he is lost to her; and every time he pulls these stunts or shoots his mouth off he confirms that.

      • MissMarirose says:

        As the daughter of a parent like Thomas Markle, I can say that this is 100% accurate. Cutting off a parent is extremely difficult, mentally and emotionally. It doesn’t happen easily and can take decades to do so.
        So, having people come at you with excuses why you should stay connected to an anchor that weighs you down, drowning you to the bottom of the ocean, is really disheartening. I mean, you all see what he’s like and some of you all still think she should have any relationship to him. My God.

      • vs says:

        @MissMarirose — exactly!!! with the level of fame Meghan has, it is even worse….for most, some of this type of ugliness is hidden but with Meghan, it is playing out publicly…..I wonder if those who wish Meghan reconcile with her deadbeat sperm donor would do the same, if they were in her shoes

  4. Brit says:

    Harry and Meghan have so much so more in common than I’ve ever realized. The BM is just Thomas Markle times infinity. The ownership the media thinks they have over Harry is the same with the Markles and Meghan. I’ve never seen people so desperate. They are never getting access to those kids and couple and the press seem to think they can use Thomas to get them access is perplexing. They’ve lost at this point.

  5. Amy Bee says:

    Yeah the story in the Mirror was fake. The Mirror’s royal correspondent didn’t even retweet this story on his timeline. Once Toxic Tom found out that Harry and Meghan were going to the UK it was game over. As I said before the press think that they can get a response from Meghan by using her father. But she’s not falling for that and I think she knows him better than anybody else to know that this stroke was a scam.

    • Genevieve says:

      I’ve seen a number of people say something like this – once M&H announced they were going to the UK, TM couldn’t go. But I don’t understand the connection. Why couldn’t he?

      • MsIam says:

        I’ve always believed he was never going to go. But ultimately, he’s a coward like most bullies. I think hes afraid to face her and Harry in person. He knows how to get in touch with Meghan, or at least he did because he was informed about Archie’s birth by Doria. Even she may have cut him off by now because hes harrassing her too. But he’s more interested in sticking to his “poor lil me” narrative.

      • GuestWho says:

        I think initially, when M&H weren’t supposed to show up, wootton and lady collin cambell planned to lead him around like a tame ape in a suit disparaging his daughter and her husband for lol’s. Once it was confirmed that M&H were going to be in the UK, they probably started pressuring the disgusting POS to try a direct confrontation with demands to meet his grandchildren. Cowards like Tom never directly confront their victims hence the “stroke.”

  6. equality says:

    Sounds awful but real stroke or pretending not to be able to speak means not having to listen to him spew nasty things about H&M and their children.

  7. RoyalBlue says:

    William’s a sadist who sicced his dog Wooton on bad dad to continue to embarrass Meghan.

    • Formerly Lithe says:

      I agree with you. I just wanted to add that I hope Meghan isn’t embarrassed. If anything she should hold her head high. To be where she is now, not just having a healthy relationship with her husband, but also being able to do good on a massive scale, speaks volumes about the character she developed in spite of this man.

      TM’s actions aren’t her own. He and the cabal that enables him are the ones who should be embarrassed. Not Meghan.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        100% agree. I should have said …bad dad to try to embarrass Meghan.

        You are right, there is no way Meghan is embarrassed. Thomas is embarrassing himself and allowing himself to be the laughing stock of the British tabloid media.

  8. Louise177 says:

    So after a massive stroke Thomas is able move, write, and go home? That’s laughable.

    • twoz says:

      Please. Meanwhile after a massive stroke last week my mother is dead in the morgue.

    • susan says:

      it just doesn’t work that way. even an isolated stroke in Broca’s area would still have effects that would interfere w/the ability to write out thoughts coherently, swallow food and move about.
      loss of ability to speak with preservation of all other capacities is not a stroke, it’s conversion disorder or a publicity stunt.

  9. Layla says:

    May no one have a father like Markle. Daughters are supposed to be gifts and this is how he treats his. He never deserved Meghan or her love.

  10. Chaine says:

    So odd that despite cheap healthcare being one of the key reasons for US retirees to move to Mexico, he instead supposedly pays for a private ambulance to meet him at the border and take him to a presumably exorbitant five day hospital stay in the US. Even a brief ambulance ride can cost thousands, and five days is going to be a six-figure hospital bill if he really went to the hospital.

    • MsIam says:

      And honestly, if he was so critical that he had to be placed in ICU wouldn’t they have taken him by helicopter? And I looked it up, its about a 60 mile trip from Rosarita to San Diego, why would you transport a stroke victim that far if they are critical? And it was a massive stroke but he can still write? This whole thing stinks but I hope we never hear from Markle again. I wonder if the queen and Charles opened the royal wallets to pay this leech and his spawn off?

      • Lady D says:

        No amount of money will ever be enough for him. Once they start paying they are stuck paying. All the signed agreements in the world won’t stop that piece of filth from blabbing about his contract with the royals each time he wants more money. And he will want more, no doubt about it.

    • Becca says:

      He probably has Motion Picture insurance, his job was a union job in the industry. My dad has it and it is very good insurance. He may not have a lot of cash, but probably great health insurance.

  11. Jan says:

    Thomas has Medicare, who only pays US Hospital bills, so he is responsible for the Mexico hospital bills.
    There is no proof that he stayed in a hospital for 5 days, after they run a bunch of tests on him, and they can’t find anything wrong with him, besides obesity and his preexisting health problems, they will adjust his medication and discharge him.
    Now if he had a stroke, he would be going to rehab, not writing on a white board.
    He is such a bad actor, even “pretending” he is having a stroke, and being able to lift his head and arms, guess he thought he was playing Lazarus.

    • Tessa says:

      It takes a lot of time for normal functions to be restored. Rehabilitation is where a person has to relearn to eat, how to pick up a spoon or fork. This man can write on a board with writing legible. This is so fake.

      • HeatherC says:

        Writing legible even though his left hand was affected, right? This story has so many holes in it, it falls apart in a quiet breeze. There was no stroke. He’ll miraculously recover his ability to speak in time for a You Tube episode commenting on any engagement or public appearance Harry and Meghan make during the Jubilee.

  12. aquarius64 says:

    Something is in the water with the British media. India Knight, a writer for the Sunday Times, did a piece yesterday stating how Meghan is justified if cutting off her “deadbeat dad”. Yep she called TT that; and it’s a good read. Denise Welch of Loose Women put out a Tweet yesterday stating daughters should be able to ghost toxic fathers for their health. Today Scammy was on GMB and was broadsided by the presenter Richard Bradley (sp) with the news that Bad Dad was planning to ambush the Sussexes at Frog more with a camera crew in tow. Scam claimed fake news and PR, but Bradley fired back and said Tom Bower was on GMB the previous week to talk about TT’s plans. Bower got the ambush tea straight from the Jackass’s mouth. (Bower has been talking to Bad Dad for sometime to do his hit piece on Meghan.) Scam tried to play it off but you can tell she didn’t see it coming.

    Also Karl Larsen, TT’s partner in hispodcast, gave an interview saying he and TT were set to fly out to the UK today for the Jubilee. Getting material for podcast? I don’t think Wooten and Lady C knew about this guy; they were paying only for TT. I think the BM realized the stroke was a hoax and its was being doublecrossed by Bad Dad so a media hit is getting done on him. Karma.

    • Mrs. Smith says:

      Yes! Came here to mention The Times story yesterday. It was something—a clear-eyed op-ed about M having every right to cut toxic people out her life, including her deadbeat dad. It felt like a real journalist was finally and firmly staking a flag of support for Meghan. I really hope the tide is turning. And that W&K (and Wooten) start feeling the gaze of the BM intensifying as TQ and Charles publicly get behind H&M for the jubbly.

      • Tessa says:

        I think the Queen has, not sure about Charles. His attention still seems to be on Camilla promotion. I don’t know how he can bring Harry back into the fold, after all that has happened. Charles has a lot to do, to undo the damage that he helped bring about.

  13. L4Frimaire says:

    I’m sure Meghan has ways of finding out exactly what is going on with her dad. I think she knows a lot of what he does is for tabloid consumption and at this stage, he’s just gone from bad to worse. The Markle’s really think Meghan cut them off from Royal access, and they’ve been livid ever sense. This man has no real interest in reconciliation and sees her children as another paycheck from the tabloids. This relentless harassment, making up news to go after Meghan, is so disturbing. If anything it seems to be ramping up again because the Sussexes are going to England and the press are acting the fool about it.

    • Tessa says:

      I honestly am puzzled about how this man could possibly be a sympathetic character, by some in the media ,to say the least. It’s like someone who blames the person abused for the abuse. Enabling more abuse. Tina Brown even interviewed this man for her Palace Papers which I found appalling.

      • Formerly Lithe says:

        “It’s like someone who blames the person abused for the abuse. Enabling more abuse.”

        That is exactly what is happening. Not only that, they are also blaming her for not submitting to more abuse.

      • HamsterJam says:

        Tessa: He is a “sympathetic character” for racists. They use him as an excuse to publicly disparage Meghan without having to explain their real reason for disliking her. They don’t care if he has grown a second belly, he suites their needs.

  14. Julia K says:

    According to Samantha, he had a blood clot in his right brain with left side weakness. Most people have their speech area in the left brain. Aphasia is usually caused by a left brain insult ( a clot or a bleed) with resulting right side weakness. Either she read her script wrong or she is just going with what Tom told her. Because of the privacy act, health care staff are unable to comment, so he and she are basically free to write their own narrative with no one able to set the record straight.

    • QwietStorm says:

      That is exactly what I thought. Speech and swallowing problems result from ischemia on the left side of the brain. That is how I learned it in RN school. So when I read about a right CVA, I began to think the report was fiction or written by someone who was ill informed.

    • Lionel says:

      Yep. Assuming he even had a stroke (ha!) it was either
      1) Left-sided and someone misspoke. But in that case he’d also not be able to formulate words to write on the whiteboard; OR
      2) Right-sided affecting facial muscles on the right which could definitely lead to difficulty speaking. But that would also lead to weakness or paralysis on the left side of his body necessitating a stint in rehab after the hospital.

      We’re being told that he was discharged from hospital back to home, alone. That he appears to have full neuromuscular function in both sides of his body. And that he can formulate words just fine and write them legibly on a board which he has no trouble holding. Ergo, we are being told he did not, in fact, have a stroke.

      • Julia K says:

        Yes @ lionel, which brings us right back to ” stroke like symptoms “. Could have several different causes none of which we’re entitled to know about. ( privacy) However we do know this was apparently not a ” major ” stroke, which contradicts his reason for not going to London.

    • HeatherC says:

      When someone who is left handed has a right sided stroke, it is possible for the speech areas to be affected.

      One would have to have an actual stroke first though.

      • Julia K says:

        @ heatherc, 30 % of left handed people can process language in the right hemisphere which would affect the left arm and leg. However the photos of Tom seem to indicate he is right handed, not left. See the picture above in the post. He is gesturing with his right hand.

  15. Lady Digby says:

    Is it a factor that TT was a behind the scenes cameraman? I get the impression that he loves the limelight, believes he is a star and is always ready for a close up and paid interviews galore! He can’t sing, dance or act . All he has to promote is his narrative of unfairly estranged father whose ungrateful daughter cut him off for a tiny mistake. Scammy repeated this on GMB that TT staged photographs to enhance his image and as such he has done nothing wrong. Very annoyed interviewer never stated that is the rift was caused by blabbermouth” constant paid interviews trashing her and invading her privacy NOT the pap shots!!

  16. Over it says:

    If Simon Rex, a man that knew Meghan for less than five minutes can be a good man and human being, Toxic Tom has zero excuses. No child should be expected to sit there and take abuse from their parents. Tom choose himself and Meghan is choosing to be surrounded by light and love. He made his bed.

  17. Tessa says:

    If his stroke were severe, he would not leave that hospital in 5 days with relatively little effects of the stroke. there would be rehab to try to be able to recover. So Tom can pick up a pen and write clearly on an eraser board now? And the DM comments are sickening talking about Tom as so “wonderful” and calling him “sir” and just enabling the behavior. Some negative comments about Tom are allowed in but there are not many. And then slamming Meghan. It’s in effect “advising” the abused person to “apologize” to her abuser.

    • Julia K says:

      But was he really in the hospital for 5 days? We have only the word of a liar. He could just as easily been discharged the following day and he’d been holed up in a motel somewhere, knowing that because of the privacy act no one at the hospital can comment. This is a man who sells his daughter to the highest bidder and we’re supposed to believe how wonderful he is? And about writing out his good wishes to the Queen; with aphasia usually comes right side weakness. How is he using that right hand so efficiently? Until some insider ” leaks” we will only have his side of the story and that’s what he’s counting on. In my opinion, this guy is a manipulative abuser.

      • Tessa says:

        He thinks so much of himself he believes the Queen “cares” about his good wishes. Some in the media enable this person just to “get at ” Meghan and Harry. Which leads to his feelings of importance when he’s so not important. When the media finally get tired of him, he will not be paid attention to. Or hopefully not.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Severe? I doubt it was even real. Please. I call BS, just like the “heart attacks.”

  18. Elizabeth K. Mahon says:

    My dad had a blood clot on his brain and had to have surgery to remove it before he had a stroke or worse. He was definitely in the hospital for more than a?week. There is no way that TT was released to go home after an allegedly massive stroke. And no way he would be able to write out a lengthy statement. He would be sent to a rehab facility where he could have 24 hour care.

  19. Izzy says:

    There really is little doubt that Toxic Tom got his start in trying to destroy Meghan (and her marriage to Harry) not only by the UK tabloids/royal rota, but also with help from inside the palaces. Now the palaces have completely lost control of their lapdog; he’s gone rabid. He goes offscript and the rota rats have realized they can pull the strings directly just by dangling money in front of him. And the palaces can’t do a thing because if they try, the rota will invoke their invisible contract and threaten to start spilling dirt.

    They’re all reaping what they sow now. The only ones I feel badly for are Meghan, Harry, their kids, and Doria. The rest deserve every bit of drama and bother they get from this.

  20. kelleybelle says:

    The worse part is we have to endure his hideous, greasy countenance in the storyline feed. Please spare us, please. He puts one off their morning coffee and their breakfast. Such a vile abuser and monster never existed.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Kelleybelle, seriously. CB needs to figure out how to do that thing where the photo is blurry/grayed out, and you have to confirm to click that you actually want to see it for all of the Thomas Markle posts. He is revolting.

  21. Jay says:

    “Said to have stroke- like symptoms” and ” his doctor said he had a remarkable recovery”…so, no sources. He’s a grifter, and not even a good one. Next he’ll be showing a CT scan he found on the internet.

    Meanwhile, I’m wondering how American taxpayers feel potentially paying for that cross border ambulance ride.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Since no names of any hospitals have been given and the ambulance ride across the boarder that passed several hospitals happened to someone that just suffered a “major stroke” I’m betting it was a private ambulance with actors. That was a bare bones set up.

  22. Lady Digby says:

    I complained to Of com and GMB TV direct for plat forming S Markle given Buzz feed expose of her hideous conspiracy theories and lies about her rightly estranged half sister.
    How is this anybody’s business to decide that Meghan should or shouldn’t speak to a relative? She is entitled to make that decision for herself and doesn’t have to justify that decision to anyone else. Other famous people have estranged relatives eg R Barr’s sister wrote a book about their falling out. u

  23. Vanessa says:

    I don’t Believe Thomas had a stroke I Think he got cold feet once he Realized that’s meghan and Harry we’re actually Coming To The Jubilee. I Think Thomas and his cohorts in the media we’re going to try to confront Meghan and Harry at frog cottage Thomas was too afraid to do it and now he had a stroke which is completely false just like the heart attacks . Samantha is a liar and she knows damn that was the plan all along I’m glad that their tired ass plan backfired on them and now it’s out in the open The Only people buying this Thomas sob story is the British media and the usual hater crowd. Their the ones trying to make this into a some drama to drawn Meghan into their web to get a response for her like the stalkers they are .

  24. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Well, he used medical emergency to get out of the court hearing where he was supposed to supply evidence of his two heart attacks, and the hearing was postponed until July. I suspect he’ll need to have documentation for the Judge about this “medical emergency”. This is going to get interesting.

    • Julia K says:

      And I’ll be here for it.

    • Feeshalori says:

      I must have missed something, but why is he in court to give evidence for his heart attacks?

      • aquarius64 says:

        In his lawsuit Bad Dad claimed Pap gate caused him to have two heart attacks in 2018. In a US court if you claim illness as a reason for compensation the judge is going to want receipts, medical records. If the court prove both medical episodes are fake it’s over for Bad Dad. He’ll be in legal trouble filing a bogus lawsuit and the response from the US media will be brutal, especially when he used these claims to harass Meghan for four years.

      • HamsterJam says:

        He screwed himself big time. He sued the Pap who took the wedding pics for more money AND (this is where he really effed up) he claimed in the lawsuit that not getting paid as much as he was supposed to for the pics CAUSED his “2 heart attacks”.

        Before, no one could make him prove that he actually had those “heart attacks” in a court of law.

        Now, because he was stupid enough to make it part of his lawsuit against the Paps, he is being forced to prove they were real in a court of law or lose the case and pay attorneys fees for the Pap.

        He was due to prove that he had the “heart attacks” in court the day after he got the “stroke”.

        Here is the real dumb sh*t part, even if those heart attacks were real, there is no way to prove that someone GAVE you a heart attack.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Thank you both for the explanation and the link.

  25. Nutella toast says:

    I think he’s not coming because they finally got the security they’ve been asking for and realized he was never going to get within ten miles of them. What’s the point without the potential drama of a face to face run-in?

  26. aquarius64 says:

    Worse. Bad Dad would have risked a confrontation by Special Escort Group. That’s an armed team tasked to protect the royals and government officials. The Sussexes may have it for the Jubilee. Wooton may have told TT about the UK protection that have orders to arrest him given the history.

  27. blunt talker says:

    All their asses would be arrested if they had stepped one foot on the Frogmore Cottage property without consent from the home owners who live there-the Daily Mail is the main tabloid trying to make this a story-Meghan would have put her people on this stroke business asap-if there is no medical records or doctors and nurses to verify his time in the hospital you can bet Meghan and Harry have the receipts-no doctor names or hospital names was given-they ought to have some brain function to know all this could be checked with the snap of a finger. I don’t get why these tabloids don’t understand Meghan would call hospital and doctors to get the information about the condition of her father before making any decisions to see him or help him-period.

    • Julia K says:

      There is a privacy act called HIPAA which ensures confidentiality. Meghan would not have access to his medical records or name of doctor, or even the location of the hospital and his length of stay without the express written permission of Thomas to share this information with her. This is why Thomas is free to say whatever he wants about his alleged illness; because he knows the medical community would be in deep trouble if they shared any information about him. He could sue and win.

  28. Linney says:

    This man baffles me. Let’s assume his grievances are genuine. Why run to the press from Day 1? How would that possibly help solve any problems between him and Meghan? If I was having problems with an adult child, I doubt I’d think: “Oh. I’m going to blab to the press and that will make things all better.” When you add in the fact that he’s obviously a jerk and a liar, then his behavior is doubly cruel and stupid. And this nonsense about paying his respects to the Queen? I guess I didn’t realize he had a long term friendship with her and she’ll be looking for him at the Jubilee. ????? Can’t this guy just shut up instead of blabbing nonsense and looking like a fool?

  29. J. Ferber says:

    “Lord, what fools these mortals be,” William Shakespeare.