Miranda Lambert: ‘I just don’t give two s—s about people’s opinion of me’

Miranda Lambert used to be so much fun to cover. She IS the drama. Or she was. In 2018-2019, Miranda’s life was chaotic and it was entirely of her making. She homewrecked a married country singer, Evan Felker, and tried to intimidate his wife into giving Felker a quickie divorce. Then she dumped Felker as soon as the divorce came through. Then she met a hot cop named Brendan McLoughlin, and one of the first things we heard about him was that he witnessed her tossing salads on patrons of a Nashville steakhouse. Then she suddenly married Brendan, even though he was in a relationship when they first met, and had only recently welcomed a child with his then-girlfriend. As I said, chaotic and messy. That being said, in the past two years or so, Miranda has been less publicly chaotic. She’s still with Brendan, a fact which still shocks me. She covers the latest issue of People Magazine to talk about her life nowadays and her haters and a lot more. Some highlights:

She’s found happiness at 38: “Finding happiness and being at peace with yourself, it’s a long journey, but I’ve really gotten to a great place. My manager’s been good about asking me to ‘sit in my life.’ Country music is a huge part of my life, but it’s not fully who I am.”

She’s super-busy: As an artist, she’s in her creative prime, having released four records in three years, including Palomino, her recent ninth solo album. Meanwhile, she’s gearing up to kick off her Velvet Rodeo residency in Las Vegas this fall. Then there’s the nonmusical empire she’s built since she launched to fame nearly 20 years ago on the singing competition Nashville Star: a restaurant (Casa Rosa in downtown Nashville), a fashion label (Idyllwind, available at Boot Barn) and a charity (her MuttNation Foundation advocates pet adoption). Next, she’ll debut Wanda June Home, a home-goods line at Walmart that’s inspired by her mom and grandma.

She’s ready for a vacation: “It’s really about balance of life and work for me right now. I’ve been touring for 20 years, and I’ve been everywhere and seen nothing — just a lot of parking lots. I’m trying to use my downtime to really experience life. I always get the boring months off, and I’m like, ‘Can I just have a sunshiny month off?’ So the first of July, I’m out of here, and I’m taking my Airstream.”

She began to reevaluate her life when she turned 30: “When I turned 30, I started to take life in a new direction and really start to understand myself a little better. And going through hard things obviously makes you get to know yourself better. When you get broken down pretty good, you look at the mirror and you go, ‘I have to spend some time with me, learn who I am and what I want.’ I got to a really good place with myself. Then I met my husband.”

On her marriage to Brendan: “I want to be open about how happy we are. I just don’t give two s—s about people’s opinion of me, my marriage, my music or anything else. I just care that I’m being me. He jumped right into this lifestyle — there’s a learning curve taking a New Yorker straight to the woods — but it was a big laugh. It’s nice to have a partner in that, someone by your side that supports you, loves you and believes in you. He loves me for me. It’s a really cool thing to have in my life, at this point in my life.”

[From People]

“There’s a learning curve taking a New Yorker straight to the woods…” She met a young New York cop with a newborn at home, demanded that he quit being a cop and move to Nashville (she didn’t care for living in New York) and he complied. Everything is on her terms, and he follows her around and takes care of the house and their animals. We wouldn’t say sh-t if the genders were reversed, which just emphasizes to me that Miranda has always operated like a man in her world. I would applaud her on feminist grounds but holy f–k, she’s so unlikeable. “I just don’t give two s—s about people’s opinion of me, my marriage, my music or anything else…” Sounds like she cares a lot, actually.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, cover courtesy of People.

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  1. Eurydice says:

    Well, that’s fortunate, because I don’t give two s—s about her, either.

  2. girl_ninja says:

    Like Pratt, Miranda absolutely cares about what people think of her and her life. She is shady as hell but the men she picks are too. Talk about having a bad picker.

    • duchessL says:

      it’s weird how often people who make it an important point they dont care about people’s opinion on them are always the people who make bad choices and take bad decisions.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      She sells her image. Songs will stop getting offered and producers will not care to work with her unless people like her. She needs to care. Her whole management team exists because she cares and she listens to them because she cares what people think of her.

  3. Millennial says:

    I would be super curious how much he sees his kid and if he pays any support (I think his official job is Miranda’s security so presumably he has income).

  4. @poppedbubble says:

    So Staci took Evan Felker back in 2021 and they had a kid. I didn’t know that. I would never have taken him back.

    • @poppedbubble says:

      Correction. They remarried in 2020.

    • Cait says:

      To her credit, it was predicated on a lot of rehab and counseling, and she also stopped drinking to help him in his sobriety. I don’t think I could take someone back after that, but she’s been painfully honest, funny, and gracious about it on the ‘Gram.

      • jan says:

        That isn’t true but it’s what Staci peddles on instagram while exploiting her daughter. Evan got yet another DUI a month before she conceived. He wasn’t sober before she took him back

  5. Stef says:

    Saying she operates like a man is a great description of her. She truly is a terrible person who is clearly quite selfish and has an ability to ignore certain truths in life in order for her to thrive.

    I lost a lot of respect for her when she homewrecker the Felcher marriage and then called and taunted his wife. That’s some single white female shiz and shows a level of psychopathy. She’s also shown zero remorse for taking away a new baby’s father.

    She’s talented but kind of evil.

    • duchessL says:

      saying she oerates like a man in 2022 is absolutely inapropriate, outdated thinking and an insult to modern men of today.

      • Stef says:

        Oh look, a 2022 version of “not all men”. Lol.

        OK, so how would you describe her past behaviour?

  6. Luna17 says:

    Curious if her husband has a relationship with his child since he moved to a different state around the time they were born. She seems chaotic!

  7. Smart&Messy says:

    On a shallow note (it feels appropriate), it looks as if he is wearing someone else’s dentures.

  8. Mel says:

    She clearly is very self-centered but the men, the men went. They’re the ones who made promises and plans to and with people that they chose to break. They’re worse than she is, especially the current husband who left his baby behind to run after her. You don’t want to be with the Mom or the Dad, fine. You stick around for your child. He sucks.

    • It Really Is You, Not Me says:

      You’re right, buuuuttttttt (as I seem to remember this site making the point when it was all happening) there is a certain type of woman who goes after attached men because they like the challenge. The men absolutely bear blame for walking away from their commitments, but sorry the woman is still a s*&t person if she has a history of getting with married and attached men. With Miranda, there’s Evan Felker, her current husband, and didn’t Blake Shelton leave his first wife for her?

      • Vesper nite says:

        Yes he did indeed leave his first wife for Miranda! Miranda is a garbage person…can’t stand her! And she is not that talented…

      • Mel says:

        Oh let’s be clear, she’s awful. She’s selfish and doesn’t seem to care about anyone but herself and what she wants. The cop husband saw dollar signs and went with it. He left a baby (I bet she doesn’t want to be bothered with a baby or small child) for her, he dumped his kid. He’s way worse than she is.

  9. Lucia says:

    Lmaoooo, she gives all the sh*ts.

  10. Nev says:

    But your on People magazine.

  11. Tiffany says:

    I not gonna sit here and pretend I am above it all. I miss her mess. Her life being quiet and content means no gossip for me because she never disappoints when it goes down.

    I miss Messy Miranda. I said it. 😀

  12. Rhonda says:

    Not to be nitpicky, but he did not leave his wife for her. He was not married – he got a woman pregnant whilst engaged to another woman. His fiancé dumped him for that, and he was not in a relationship with the mother of his child. He is a messy one, too.