Victoria Arbiter wants to sue the YouTube ‘pranksters’ who exposed her as a fraud

In March 2021, a couple of YouTubers/pranksters named Josh Pieters and Archie Manners decided to pull a spectacular prank. They formed a production company and contacted several “royal commentators” to see if they wanted to give paid interviews about the Duchess of Sussex’s Oprah interview. The thing is, Josh and Archie asked the commentators to give on-the-record, on-camera interviews before the Oprah interview aired. The commentators were paid to pretend that they had just seen the interview and they were reacting to it. It was a mess. Ingrid Seward, Richard Fitzwilliams, Dickie Arbiter and Victoria Arbiter were all paid to do the interviews days before the Oprah interview aired, and then they were exposed by Archie and Josh. We covered it as it happened.

What was especially funny was that the commentators who mostly cash checks from British outlets were not affected in the least. Ingrid Seward still does commentary all the time on British television and print media. Richard Fitzwilliams barely missed a beat, and he still offers up his nonsensical opinions constantly. But Victoria Arbiter used to do a lot of work for American media. She was a CNN contributor and I think an ABC contributor too? She got a significant amount of work in the American media markets. But since the video came out, she apparently isn’t being hired and she’s thinking of suing!

The daughter of the Queen’s former press secretary is threatening to sue two pranksters who tricked her into commentating on Oprah Winfrey’s interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex before it aired. Victoria Arbiter was “cancelled” by CNN, the US television news channel, and suffered horrific online abuse at the hands of the so-called Sussex Squad, the internet army that supports Prince Harry and his wife. In the wake of the hoax, Ms Arbiter was branded a “Nazi Barbie”, “toxic racist liar” and “Apartheid Vicky” and CNN was urged by the Sussex Squad to sack her.

Ms Arbiter, 48, who lives in New York, is now considering legal action against the two London-based hoaxers in an attempt to restore her reputation. The prank, broadcast on YouTube, has cost Ms Arbiter, a single mother, tens of thousands of pounds in lost earnings over the past year. She believes she is the victim of fraudulent misrepresentation.

She said: “I just want to clear my name and for them to apologise and be accountable for what they did. They set out to have a laugh and make some money and in the process destroyed my life as I knew it. If it wasn’t for my family and friends I don’t know what the eventual outcome would have been.”

Ms Arbiter, who was paid a fee of £300 which was never cashed, was told she was taking part in a programme to be aired on ITV after the interview but that the programme makers – using the fake company name Beneath the Fold – needed a pre-record. Ms Arbiter says giving interviews in advance is recognised industry practice and she was merely trying to help out what she thought was a legitimate programme maker. Ms Arbiter said that in the aftermath the “onslaught had been relentless”, leaving her with dark thoughts and without any income.

“I have literally lost all of my work,” she said, “I was mocked mercilessly. I went to see a doctor who diagnosed me with acute anxiety and depression. I still have insomnia.”

Mr Manners, 29, who is also a magician, and Mr Pieters, 28, approached Ms Arbiter through her agent, asking her to comment on the Oprah interview, broadcast on March 7 2021. Ms Arbiter insists such pre-recorded interviews ahead of events are not uncommon. A few days [after the YouTube video came out], CNN, which paid her an annual retainer, cancelled an offer of a new contract. “I loved working for CNN. It was the pinnacle of my career,” said Ms Arbiter, who had worked for the channel for eight years. Other broadcasters also snubbed her.

“Archie and Josh sowed the seed and then willfully allowed the Sussex Squad to do its worst,” said Ms Arbiter, “The onslaught was relentless. I lost the ability to earn an income. We were still in the midst of a pandemic so there wasn’t a survival job to be had. I was too scared to leave my home. I lost a stone in weight and my eyelashes fell out. I still suffer from insomnia and at times the anxiety is so paralysing I’m unable to function.

Ms Arbiter has now been removed from the video after her lawyers at Kingsley Napley complained. But Ms Arbiter says the damage has already been done.

[From The Telegraph]

Yeah I watched the video again and they did edit out Apartheid Vicky, which is a shame. Everything Archie and Josh did was above-board where it counted – the commentators knew they were being paid to comment on an interview which had not aired. The commentators were not given a script. Josh and Archie simply asked questions and the commentators all went to their basest, most racist and most ludicrous instincts. As for Apartheid Vicky, imagine f–king up this badly and then whining about it publicly and exposing your own stupidity like this. “I couldn’t sleep, you don’t know how I suffer” – you lied about a pregnant woman. You marginalized a Black woman because you could, because you were drunk on your own toxic power. Imagine how Meghan felt when the media and the palace ganged up on her while she was pregnant and she was contemplating suicide? Victoria could have just chosen to… be fair. She could have chosen to tell the truth, or analyze the situation from a less anti-American, less racist perspective.

Screencaps courtesy of YouTube, CTV.

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  1. C says:

    Tots and pears.

    • Erin says:

      Seriously, cry me a freakin river lady. You’re pathetic and sound like a child. Does she even hear herself? You were part of the group that still sows seeds to try and create absolute hatred for Meghan for literally existing. It’s so foreign and astonishing to me that an adult can be so utterly blind to their own hypocrisy. Just another white woman blaming her tears on Meghan and trying to inflict more hatred. But I guess that’s why we are where we are in this terrible timeline.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Violet Beauregarde aint suing anyone anytime soon. This is all a publicity stunt to put herself on the radar of right wing media everywhere, blame the Sussexes and throw the Sussex Squad under the bus. 4 royal ‘experts’ were interviewed. The other 3 took their L quietly. This eyelashless Madam needs attention.

    • BlackToyPoodle says:

      but, but, but….she has a serene Buddha on the shelf behind her. Doesn’t that make her current, trendy? (sarcasm, no awareness it is a religious figure and meaningful to many. It just went with her color scheme)

  2. CommentingBunny says:

    Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions …

    • Yup, Me says:

      Right? Life comes at you fast.

    • Liz Version 700 says:

      Never say consequences!?!? Ha so sorry if your own bad acts are now coming back to haunt you lady…oh wait? I’m really not sorry for you at all…signed a gauche American lol

    • Feeshalori says:

      Oh, Vicky, Vicky, how does it feel now that the shoe’s on the other foot? I’ll play a tiny violin to accompany “your woe is me” pity party.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    Vicky is deluded and lacks self awareness. And she’s still making snide comments about Harry and Meghan. She got what she deserved.

  4. Jay says:

    I hope this brings more attention and therefore hurts the credibility of other commentators on that same tape – Ingrid Seward at the very least. If indeed it’s common to give commentary on something that hasn’t happened yet, that should be disclosed to the viewers.

    • Gruey says:

      This hurt the credibility of all of the RRs (which I guess they had with the general public, if not the media savvy).

      I’m glad she’s reminding everyone

    • equality says:

      I think that’s what is happening. And, if you’re successful in getting yourself removed, shut up about it and people will forget. Having a big fit and bringing attention back to the fact that you participated seems counter-productive.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        part of me hopes she follows through on the suit but, if she has a decent attorney, I’m sure she won’t because discovery will not be kind to her

    • Emmitt says:

      Those royal reporters who rely on American media gigs have seen their money dry up as their lies & obsessions have been exposed. The royal reporters who rely on British and Australian media are still working steadily. So Ms. Arbiter needs to leave New York and go back to Britain if she wants to eat.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    Victoria makes no sense at all. She tweeted out that the practice of commenting on a story/interview before it has been aired is common place and sited others who say the same. Okay then, why is she trying to sue Josh Pieters and Archie Manners? It makes no sense. If CNN and ABC don’t f*ck with her anymore then that’s on them and her.

    This is what she gets for being a liar and piling on Duchess Meghan. Talkin’ bout, I have lost weight and lost work…blah, blah, blah.

    • equality says:

      If that really is a common practice, it’s something that needs to be exposed because, to me, it seems unethical.

    • KFG says:

      She’s so full of dung. She is getting dragged on Twitter and by real journalists. She and cameltoe are trending for being liars. If she thinks will get her a job, she’s failing. But accountability is hard for racists to take.

    • BeanieBean says:

      And cry me a river. LOTS of people lost their jobs during the pandemic, lost their homes, their cars, their families. She’s OK. She’s not going to go hungry, unless it’s from stress, and then boohoo. She still has her home to live in.

    • Deering24 says:

      Seriously–since _when_ is pre-record-but-haven’t-seen-the-event standard media practice? Proof these people regard Meghan as “entertainment,” not “news”–and are as unethical as fuck.

  6. Amy Bee says:

    If she did nothing wrong why isn’t she suing CNN for letting her go?

    • Brit says:

      This is about her throwing a pity party for a job but to also defame the Sussex Squad. They have been a Thorn in the side of the palaces, experts, media etc. if anything, I think the Sussex squad protected the Sussexes and really highlighted the treatment of Meghan early on. Their comparisons and tweets have exposed a lot and many don’t like that. Not to mention they support everything the Sussexes, which only contributes to Harry and Meghan’s success. Again, is not supposed to happen. the royal family and tabloid/Royal media coming into the 21st century. They’re learning the hard way that what they did 10-30 years ago doesn’t fly anymore. What’s hilarious is that they’re acting like this is a new phenomenon.

      • Liz Version 700 says:

        The Sussex Squad magnificently showed these folks to be foolish racists idiots. My favorite part is watching them try to burn the Squad and end up looking worse and worse when 30 years worth of recipes start flying. The never learn either lol

      • Christine says:

        I knew when I went on vacation for a week there would be a delicious comeuppance when I got home, and here it is. This vile woman got what she deserved, and attempting to make the people who support Meghan the villains is hysterically funny. Oh, you don’t like it when people call you out on your crap? Maybe stop lying your ass off.

        Cry me a mother effing river, Meghan was suicidal while preganant, and then miscarried, all while you fake raged at her, and continue to do so, Vickie. So sorry Covid and your own hubris is cutting into your bottom line, maybe don’t make up bullshit like it is a fact.

    • Athena says:

      She wasn’t a full time employee of CNN, sort of an as needed commentator, and they decided not to renew her contract. She has no grounds to sue CNN.

    • Josephine says:

      My guess is that she’s angling for a postion with Fox. She’s has to show just how low she’ll go to snag a job there, and apparently there is no bottom for so many of these people.

      • Gigi lama says:

        I don’t think it would work. I think both cnn and fox prepare comments before things happen (when 1/2 things are likely to happen like an election outcome) and her being so open about how the sausage gets made is not going to fly at fox which is just if not more lacking in spontaneity as cnn. Her name is now attached to “we always pre record comments.” No news network wants that. She’s more famous for that than whatever she said about Meghan (which isn’t clear to me?)

      • Petra (Brazen Hussy Uppity Phenomenal Woman) says:

        #VictoriaArbiterIsALiar is angling for a more prominent spot in the Uk media since her US gig dried up.

  7. SussexWatcher says:

    As I said in the other thread, FAFO 🤷🏽‍♀️

    This woman is a liar who used her platform to harass Meghan to the point of planning suicide – not just SI but actually planning to do it if Harry left her alone. There was no compassion for Meghan so Victoria gets none from me.

    Victoria and all the others absolutely deserve every bad thing that’s coming to them because they’ve brought it on themselves! I’m only saddened that the others aren’t suffering as much as this one is. It just goes to show (once again) how utterly awful British media is that all the other liars in the video continue to be hired in the UK.

  8. Amie says:

    I don’t think she’s really suing. If she were she’d have just done it. People who suffer consequences always whine and cry about being victims instead of just owning their own behavior.

    • Kels says:

      Yeah does she even have grounds to sue? Lol
      Anyways this is her “please hire me “ tour and unfortunately she’ll probably get something with the way the British media works.
      She really is just like her racist asshle father.

  9. dlc says:

    Protip….to not get caught doing unethical things, don’t do unethical things.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      This is why we need Pippa Tips!

    • North of Boston says:


      There used to be a weekly paper in my city with a masthead that said something like “if you don’t want it reported, don’t let it happen”

      Basically saying, don’t get upset at the outlet reporting you something you shouldn’t have done. If you don’t want to read about you doing something bad and have others hear about it too, don’t do that something bad.

    • Liz Version 700 says:

      I miss Pippatips so much.

  10. Belli says:

    Victoria said she had “dark thoughts” and that “there’s only so much one person can take when hate is pouring in from every side.”

    I wonder whether that has made her see what Meghan went through, which was a thousand times worse and has been going on for years, in a new light.

    Lol jk we all know the answer.

  11. Brit says:

    I remember her. She really was the go to “expert” in the states especially when it came to Harry and Meghan. This is one of the reasons many of these people won’t leave Meghan and Harry alone. They made them too much money and they want it back. The Sussexes leaving didn’t just has consequences for the RF but the industry that made millions off her. That’s why they’re so hateful. They’re actually facing consequences, Losing jobs and influence.

    • Poli says:

      I used to see them all the time on GMA or today in 2018-19.
      Now if the royals are mentioned it’s a foreign correspondent versus a royal reporter..probably because the stories they are discussing are things like the colonial cosplay tour, Charles cash for honors scandal etc.
      All the news they used to need RRs for with Harry and Meghan they get to break themselves since they live here and have direct access to the Sussex communications team.

      • Westire says:

        I agree Poli. Harry and Meghan are on US soil. There is no need to bring in British commentators to discuss topics like abortions, women’s empowerment and gun violence among other things. These rota media have lost all credibility outside the UK and Australia.

        Also, if they kept this woman on they would have opened themselves up to legal repercussions with their hateful and bigoted opinions.

        I also believe the US media have realized they do not need to give these commentators long term contract
        The British royal family main interest are weddings and funerals. UK centred topics don’t gain traction in the US. These commentators just want to be on US tv to promote the rest of the British royal family while bashing Harry and Meghan.

  12. Josephine says:

    I’m here for the glorious nicknames. White conservative racist cries for getting caught being a malicious, calculating, evil person – it’s a daily thing now. If she never got work again it still would not be enough justice.

  13. Dss says:

    She plays stupid games, she should expect stupid prizes. Maybe she should consider getting a real job.

    • VoominVava says:

      Exactly. And the best part of all of this is that she’s bringing attention back to that whole thing. I had forgotten they’d done this, and I’m second hand embarrassed while delighted at the same time all over again.

      • Debbie says:

        It’s at times like this that I wish I were on social media so I could taunt her.

    • Emme says:

      @Dss….BA are recruiting baggage handlers at the moment, just sayin’.

  14. Zapp Brannigan says:

    “I went to see a doctor who diagnosed me with acute anxiety and depression. I still have insomnia.”

    I don’t believe her, so tell me Victoria what’s it like to be hounded by the press, driving you to the brink and then not be believed? Any birds coming home to roost at all do you think?

    • Lizzie says:

      Quite surprised her ‘doctor’ didn’t blame the Sussex squad for her acute anxiety and depression.

  15. windyriver says:

    At the time, I couldn’t believe that NONE of these four “experts” bothered to do (have their people do) even a cursory check into the organization they were agreeing to work with. They just saw $ and said “sure”. And not even much money either. What a racket. No wonder a new “royal expert” seems to pop up every week (at least in the UK).

    Also, isn’t poor single mother Vicki the mother of – a 20 year old?

    • equality says:

      She is, according to several sources on-line, married to Ryan Brown since 2001. I couldn’t find any sources saying they were divorced. She’s still lying.

    • Ginger says:

      The really sad part is that it was only
      $300. That’s it. It doesn’t take much at all for them to lie.

      • Ponchorella says:

        They sure are some low-budget whores!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Agree. It doesn’t take much for RR’s/BM to lie. 300 pounds.

        Compare that to Simon Rex turning down $70k by the BM to lie about Meghan.

        Lying is the standard practice for RR’s/BM/royal “experts”.

        VA has only herself and her agent to blame. And as someone else here posted, I’m kind of happy that this has come up. A nice little reminder of how they lie for a living.

      • Roo says:

        Sold her career down the river for more than it was worth, actually. 😂

      • Lorelei says:

        And the article said that she never even cashed it! That’s one of the funniest parts of this whole thing to me, for some reason. She didn’t even get her sad little $300 😂

      • Jay says:

        And she’s very careful to let us know she hasn’t even cashed that £300! As if that makes any difference.

        You agreed to do the interview, you appeared on film, fulfilling your contractual obligations, and you got a cheque for said appearance. It doesn’t matter a whit if you cashed it or not!

      • Debbie says:

        To paraphrase the old expression: We all know what you are, Victoria, it’s just a matter of agreeing on the price.

      • Isabella says:

        Lots of people appear on TV for little or no money because they need to stay in the public eye. I’m sure she planned to give other interviews until she got found out.

    • Shoshone says:

      They were willing to appear and fabricate commentaries and opinions about an interview they had not yet seen for a client that they did not know for an amount that was (basically) lunch money.

  16. Ginger says:

    She was a royal commentator on the Today show and hasn’t been on since the Oprah interview. Good luck to her suing these guys. I’m sure they have contacted lawyers before doing this prank to make sure they can’t be sued.

    The fact that these people didn’t bat an eye lying commenting on an interview they haven’t seen is awful. I remember one part about a ‘donkey sanctuary’. The others still have jobs in the UK ( surprise surprise) if she is so desperate for work then go work in the UK. Her son is 19 and is probably in college so she doesn’t need to stay in the US if she desperately needs work.

    • Brit says:

      She’s not going to because the US is where the money is. She’s lives right where the golden geese’s live and she wants that back. If she was getting paid and booked before they moved to the states, could you imagine how much she’d make right now that they’re here. That’s why many want them to back in England for any kind of function they can come up with because the Sussexes on their territory. I can’t believe how desperate and dependent they are on this one couple. That shows the lack of interest in the other royals and how toxic it all is.

  17. SURE says:

    VA also denigrated Oprah’s journalistic skills by implying that she asked the Sussexes softball questions. This attack was particularly despicable because VA had appeared years ago on the Oprah show when she was trying to break into the US entertainment industry.

    • Roseberry says:
      This is the link to the Oprah show segment and she then goes on to say that she was trying to break in US tv journalism for years and after the show she she started getting a lot of work.
      This just exposes her for the racist, treacherous person she is.

      • Lorelei says:

        The fact that Oprah was the one to jumpstart her career in this first place is really the cherry on top of this whole mess. Karma came running this time

    • Yup, Me says:

      VA is a fool. She came up off of Oprah shining a light on her and then forgot.

      But if Black women had a dollar for every time a white woman talked shit or looked out for her own selfish interests after having benefitted from the Black woman in some way, we’d all be as wealthy as Oprah.

      Sadly, the way it plays out shows that white women’s loyalty is to their whiteness (and the goodies associated with it). First and foremost.

  18. one of the marys says:

    Did the Sussex squad abuse her or did they call her out. It’s not the same thing.
    I hope SS is not engaging in troll like behaviour online because I like their activism

    • Nic919 says:

      The Sussex squad weren’t the ones who set up the prank. At best, they helped spread the news of her deception, but it wasn’t just about her. And a lot of verified accounts commented about this story. Arbiter wasn’t even the sole target for this prank. She just happened to be the only one who suffered consequences because she doesn’t have British clients who don’t seem to care about honesty and integrity I guess.

      • Brit says:

        Most of those reporters cant even get on legitimate news stations anymore besides Fox News and irrelevant tabloids like US weekly and Page Six. Even Piers Morgan’s vitriol barely gets a peep and he writes for Murdoch news columns now. Attacking an American woman of color has been the worst move the RF and rota could’ve done. Why didn’t they have any foresight and self control? It’s has only costed them.

    • Izzy says:

      Called her out and tagged CNN asking them why a news network employed a proven liar who is also racist. All fair questions, IMO.

    • Debbie says:

      If the Sussex Squad had “abused” this fragile flake, don’t you think she would have been the first one to sue them, or threaten to sue them? These people can dish it out, but they can’t take it. VA strikes me as someone who always needs to paint herself as the victim, even as she uses her privilege to bludgeon people.

    • Petra (Brazen Hussy Uppitty Phenomenal Woman) says:

      @one of the marys, Sussex squad did not abuse her. Sussex squad made sure #VictoriaArbiterIsALiar was trending on Twitter when the video came out. There was no troll behavior just telling the truth and holding people accountable for telling lies. The other three RRs on the video got the same treatment. Maybe those three kept their jobs since they work for UK outlets and she lost hers because her gig was with US networks.

  19. A says:

    Dickie Arbiter named his daughter Vickie Arbiter? Jeez.

  20. VoominVava says:

    awww, did ONE interviewer make you feel bad and cause you to become depressed and have bad thoughts? Imagine if a whole country did it. Get Lost.

  21. Snuffles says:

    Or, she could have not taken the gig. If she had an OUNCE of journalistic integrity, she should have said no. The fact that she thought nothing wrong of it because it’s so common place in the UK, just shined a light on how shit UK “journalism” is. And seeing how the other three are still working in the UK, why can’t Icky Vicky just get gigs in the UK instead? I mean, she’s part of that crowd. It should be easy peasy.

    She chooses to whine and sit around and do nothing because she lost her prestige jobs on US outlets. Thank God CNN has enough journalistic integrity to can the bitch. If they kept her on, it would have called into question everything they report on.

    But PLEASE sue Vicky. Embarrass yourself and the whole royal reporter cottage industry and expose that invisible contract even more. I could use some entertainment.

    • SURE says:

      According to her bio she’s a trained actress. There’s no mention of a journalism degree. She does sell herself as a royal commentator which as we all know is devoid of journalistic integrity.

    • aquarius64 says:


  22. Amie says:

    Also you’d think if she suffered so much depression and couldn’t sleep, lost her hair etc, she’d have some sympathy for all the attacks she inflicted on MM as well as her colleagues. She is just so vile.

  23. Nic919 says:

    She hasn’t actually sued anyone yet and until she does this is just an exercise in PR.
    I really doubt any court will find it acceptable that she was prepared to comment on an interview that no one had seen yet. She was not deceived in anyway here and CNN simply decided that did not want to continue working with someone who makes up things.

    Perhaps American networks have a higher standard than the British ones, but Brian Williams lost his top anchor position for exaggerated stories about his involvement in things and if that can happen to someone who was at the top of the US tv news business for a decade, they certainly don’t care about some British woman who rides on her dad’s former position with a royal and spouts nonsense about a celebrity family of emotionally stunted inbreeds.

    • Brit says:

      This. This is not going to make people feel sorry for her. They have bigger and better things to worry about than someone crying because they lost their job. The royals aren’t a big deal in the states. The only time I hear anything about them is literally about Harry and Meghan and the Queen and everytime, William and Kate are brought up, it’s either in relation to the Sussexes or their kids.

    • Lorelei says:

      IMO that’s the real takeaway here — for all of the (many, serious) issues the US media has, they saw that she was a blatant liar and she immediately lost her contracts. The UK media didn’t even blink and kept hiring the liars as if nothing ever happened. Perhaps this will make some in the BM reflect on why that is (lmao, they won’t).

      Agreed that she isn’t actually going to sue. If she was, she would have just filed the lawsuit and then it would have organically become a story. (It wouldn’t have even gotten that far since she has no grounds whatsoever to sue.) This is just her running her mouth and throwing herself a pity party.

      Plus, for her to be talking about the “Sussex Squad” makes her look so juvenile. It isn’t as if the SS is an actual organization in which one becomes an official “member,” and pays dues, etc. I think the SS does a lot of good, but for people who don’t pay attention to stuff like this, Vicky just looks like she’s pathetically whining about online trolls.

  24. Rapunzel says:

    These morons sold their integrity for 300 pounds sterling. There’s no way Vicious Vicki will win any lawsuit. She wasn’t told what to say or forced to take the deal without making sure she wasn’t being pranked.

    • Debbie says:

      I even think that calling it a “prank” diminishes the results. These British royal reporters weren’t tricked or “pranked” in any way.

      Question: Would you like to discuss your reaction to what was said in the Oprah interview to be aired next week?

      The obvious answer to that question is, “How can I, it hasn’t aired yet.” Victoria didn’t say that, even though she knew she hadn’t seen the interview yet. Where was the trick? Show me the prank?

  25. Wiglet Watcher says:

    This is great.
    Imo she doesn’t have a case unless her American bosses come out and say she isn’t getting work anymore because of the interview.
    Otherwise, you can’t link it.

    • Lorelei says:

      Even if CNN or ABC had spokespersons state why she was let go, they have just cause, because she was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a liar (in a professional capacity) and a completely unethical “journalist,” so I don’t think she could even sue then? I mean, she could try, but my guess is that it would immediately get laughed out of court as being frivolous.
      As someone here already said, Josh and Archie did everything aboveboard and SHE fell for it. SHE chose to lie for money. I can’t imagine any court of law ever finding in her favor here. She’s delusional.

      And I agree with Kaiser, I wish they hadn’t removed her segment from the piece. She did it willfully and knowingly, so it should absolutely stay in. In any case, her name is forever linked to this shitshow, so at least there’s that.

      • Petra (Brazen Hussy Uppity Phenomanal Woman) says:

        @Lorelei, The original video can be found on Twitter. Squaddies are receipts collectors.

      • Lady D says:

        Love and appreciate Sussex Squad more every day. They do the work of angels.

  26. Sunnydaze says:

    I do a lot of consulting work in public health and this is baffling to me. First, like commenters stated above, how did you not look into who was writing your check? I would NEVER think to accept a job for whatever amount of money if I didn’t know exactly what the agenda was. Sometimes the smaller paying contracts are the ones I have to research the most as it’s not uncommon for people to want a few minutes they can wedge into an agenda I’m not aware of. If it’s someone who is relatively new or a grassroots org that’s just getting established I absolutely try and find a mutual connection to run it by and it’s saved my butt more than once. Secondly, I’m baffled commentary before an interview airs is standard practice. My credibility is everything, what if I made a $hitty comment on something that actually was pretty surprisingly decent? This just feeds into “here is the narrative and we don’t deviate regardless of new information”. This woman and anyone who thinks these two above points are ok should not be given work, period. It’s the epitome of laziness and greed, and unethical behavior.

    • SURE says:

      In her radio interview with #Camillatomineyisaliar V says that she was told the programme would air on ITV.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Exactly. “She was told…” and not that she researched further. Being a freelancer or small business owner you always do background and never assume. It’s your name on the line and your reputation is only as good as your work demonstrates.
        This is on her.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Sunnydaze, seriously! She is blaming other people for all of these steps that *she* should have taken. The more she talks, the more foolish and amateurish she’s making herself look.

      Are there any Celebitches in journalism who can confirm that this is “standard practice?” Because if it is, that is WILD. I can see it being SOP to maybe record some kind of teaser in advance, but an actual whole-ass review of a show that the reviewer hasn’t seen? I find it hard to believe that this is done all the time and this is the first we’re all hearing about it!

      And if it is in fact done all of the time, then what exactly does she claim her grounds to sue are?! It makes zero sense.

  27. s808 says:

    Can’t sue anyone for making a fool out of yourself. No one told her to lie, she made that choice. Hope the $300 was worth it.

  28. Blujfly says:

    She’s already using lawyer-speak and trying to claim that someone Manners and the other guy are responsible for “Sussex Squad.” This is clearly an effort to attack the credibility of any support for the Sussexes, ginned up no doubt by herself and her father, one of the original sell outs.

  29. Roseberry says:
    This is the link to the Oprah show segment and she then goes on to say that she was trying to break in US tv journalism for years and after the show she she started getting a lot of work.
    This just exposes her for the racist, treacherous person she is.

  30. ***Stevie*** says:

    I have watched as UK Media, after ragging on M&H, wonder aloud how far their defamation of M&H is impacting M&H. Specifically, whether the US is now feeling as they state, the UK feels about M&H. After which they state the equivalent of, ‘we’ll see’ as if this is done project they are still working on; and plan to check in later on their work.

    Ms. Arbiter….lay down with snakes…….

  31. Mina_Esq says:

    I didn’t know she was based in NY. For someone so anti-American, she sure loved and needed that American money.

  32. Jan says:

    I’m using broad strokes, 99% percent of pirates with press passes lie.
    Camilla is a lair, wrote fake tweets to herself claiming she was getting threats, trying to put the blame on Sussex Squad, well the Squad sent her fake tweets or emails to Scotland Yard, who asked her and she went radio silent, nothing else came of that lie.

    • Debbie says:

      I hadn’t heard about that. Scotland Yard should have brought her up on charges for making false claims. That would teach her, and other like-minded people, not to try that again.

  33. MsIam says:

    They all “saw” the interview but not one person mentioned the skin color concerns comment. But yeah that donkey sanctuary, they had to make a point about that. Lol for days about this one Vickie. Sorry but FAFO. You just toasted your own career here in the US. I guess you can fight it out with Angela Levin-Troll and the rest of the scroungers for the scraps in the UK.

  34. AnneL says:

    Surely it is not really common practice for people to tape reactions to an interview that hasn’t aired and about which they have no inside knowledge?! Not among respectable/respected journalists and commentators it isn’t. If she thinks that, she’s running with the wrong crowd. And she still deserves everything she got.

  35. Lizzie says:

    I’m guessing that it is common practice for the tabloid contributors to make up commentary but actual journalist probably don’t do this – I hope. Face it they all always have their scripts written ahead of time, it doesn’t matter what the Sussex’s say or do. I would never describe any of the four as journalist, they are at best tabloid and on line contributors.

  36. CROWHOOD says:

    Sucks to suck, sis.

  37. Lizzie says:

    Hopefully the ‘pranksters’ sue her for defamation.

  38. SimKin says:

    If she was going to sue she would have already sued. She retained attorneys in May 2021 and here we are in July 2022 and just saying her lawyers said she had grounds to sue? Why not sue then.

  39. Lady D says:

    I laughed sooo much reading this story on Sunday. I went back a couple of times to laugh some more, and even read the comments. It was great to finally see one of them suffer consequences. FAFO.

  40. kyliegirl says:

    This made my blood boil this weekend. I am so tired of people not taking responsibility for their owns actions and blaming others. What she failed to mention in all her “interviews” was that many of her colleagues were also asked to participate and with the exception of the four who did, all politely declined. If this was common practice, why did most everyone else say no? She has written many an article telling Harry and Meghan to suck it up and move on. She is just like all the other RR, full of it.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Kylie, do we know who the others were who were approached but declined? I’m just curious. Whoever they are, they might be trash 364 days a year, but at least they made ONE ethical career decision.

      • kyliegirl says:

        I don’t know the names of the reporters, the two guys that did the prank told interviewers that they contacted other reporters who turned them down. The goal of this prank was to see how many would accept their offer.

  41. MrsH says:

    So she bullied the creators to cut her out while complaining about being bullied …for making a living bullying other.
    These people are so awful and I’m so sick of people using the legal system with their fake maladies and for not being able to handle the consequences of their own actions.

    • Athena says:

      I don’t know why she bothered to get them to remove her from it, when the full video is still available on the social media.

  42. Jaded says:

    Vicki…lemme give you a word of advice. What goes around comes around. You were part of a flock of vultures that brought a lovely woman to the brink of suicide. A woman who only wanted to enjoy her baby, her husband and her work, and while she was doing all that successfully, you and certain members of the BRF did everything you could to trash her. So the chickens came home to roost and now you’re bleating like a lost sheep BeCAuSe pEOplE WerE MeAN tO ME!

    Go away you racist cow.

  43. kimberly says:

    They make it sound like she’s unable to feed her toddler with the single mother nonsense. Her son is 19 and records show she’s still married.

  44. equality says:

    Interesting how the media wants to cry about the Sussex Squad when Kate’s derangers have attacked charities that had to take down posts, close comments or correct lies that were spread. There was a report that they even attacked a business that had nothing to do with H&M because it had “Sussex” in the name.

  45. Steph says:

    #ApartheidBarbie could have chosen to have some integrity and not comment on something she hadn’t seen. I feel bad for the YouTubers. The video is gaining all this traction again but from other channels bc ppl want to show her part so they aren’t getting paid for it.
    British CBers: does she have a case in London? She doesn’t here in the US. If she doesn’t I hope she does sue so she can lose even more income.

    Btw she is married, her son in 19, and she been sold her house. So she’s lying throughout this article too.

  46. usavgjoe says:

    Sorry Vickie, but you have already lost your lawsuit. Now you gonna pay for playing. Karma’s abiatch, ain’t it?

  47. TangerineTree says:

    Victoria Arbiter clearly practiced her spin for this interview with Camila. She glosses over her own full knowledge at the time that she willingly and with full knowledge of the circumstances commented on an interview that she and no one else had yet seen. In the YT video, she put a sly negative spin on H, M and Oprah. She shamefully takes no responsibility for her actions when she speaks with CT and instead goes after the two young truth tellers and an on-line group who called out her lying. What else has she lied about? How far does her involvement go in this hate campaign? I can’t imagine a real news organization would want to involve itself with her.

  48. Eloisa says:

    Incredible her lack of integrity and the support from other British she is getting.

    Her insinuation about Oprah being soft is just so unfair and unprofessional, she is disgusting and trashy.

    I wish Oprah or Sussexs sued her un a USA court for libel and lying about an interview she hadn’t seen.

    I Love the work of Sussex squad.

  49. Tigerlily says:

    I read the story that DM (I know, I know) had about her. I was shocked at the number of comments that were FA & FO or you got caught lying…. Even DM readers not buying her BS

  50. Petra (Brazen Hussy Uppity Phenoomenal Woman) says:

    #VictoriaArbiterIsALiar, played herself for a measly £300. She fucked around and found out the consequence of lying was losing her American gigs.

    #VictoriaArbiterIsALiar thought using her white woman tears (I know not all white women do this) would help the RR to come after Sussex Squad. The RR are starting to realize their hate campaign against the Sussexes accomplished nothing. I guess the RR has decided their next move is to come after the Sussexes firewall of supporters. Well, this attempt is already a failure, the Streisand effect of #VictoriaArbiterIsALiar crying her crocodile tears has been playing out since Sunday. People who missed the story the first time around now know the RR’s are for sale. She has no ground to stand, if she did her co-conspirators will be screaming too.

    The past 3 days were a whoot for Sussex Squad. Squaddies on twitter having a ball.

  51. L4Frimaire says:

    I think most people had forgotten about # ApartheidBarbie and that clown show. Can still see the unedited version online. So she hasn’t actually sued anyone yet? Hope they drag up all her biased reporting and interaction with hate accounts if she actually does it. In addition, she blamed a fandom even though a lot of blue-check journalists called her out for her dishonesty. Is she saying anything about them or suing CNN? She wouldn’t dare. She served up her own shabby reputation on a platter but blamed others for it? Also there really is no need for that much royal commentary in the US now that the Sussexes have left and there are a lot of other people who can fill that slot. Too bad too many of them are still dishonest hacks but her problems are of her own making. She can’t even own it or acknowledge that what she herself did contributed to Meghan’s misery and the hateful trolling, that’s continues to this day. Bugger off Vicky.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Would love a link to the original version. I can’t find it! She’s claiming she only commented about things that were public domain pre interview. So the original is necessary to see of she is telling the truth. A wonder why her lawyers got it taken down if it exonerates her.

  52. Cookie Monster says:

    So if I read this correctly this woman can dish it out but can’t take it?

  53. Julia K says:

    So these lies destroyed your life? Look over your shoulder. That’s Karma coming for you.

  54. Babz says:

    YOU had “dark thoughts,” Vicky?? What about the massive amount of dark thoughts Meghan endured, while pregnant and after, as your mob of howler monkey tabloid gutter denizens abused her, smeared her name, made her weep while breastfeeding her newborn Archie, made her weep at night into her pillow so as not to disturb her sleeping husband? What about those dark thoughts, Vicky? What about her begging for help and not receiving it, because it would reflect badly on the Firm? What about that, Vicky?

    You are responsible for your part in a deliberate, planned smear attack of a woman who did nothing to you and your mob compatriots. A woman who lives to help and uplift others, was treated worse than dirt by you and others of your kind – all for money, attention, and headlines and clicks. You should be ashamed of yourself, but you have to have a conscience to recognize shame. You, madam, are no victim. Your need for attention and clicks caused you to behave unethically, stupidly, and ridiculously. I have no pity for you and your pals. Grow up, take the consequences of your actions, and stop trashing someone who is so far out of your league that you can’t begin to measure up to her.

    • SomeChick says:

      Babz for Judge! I can just see you delivering that second paragraph from the bench in your judge robes!

      • Babz says:

        Thank you, ma’am! ☺️ I don’t post a lot, but when something hits me wrong, I don’t hold back. VA playing the victim was that moment. She’s every mean girl who ever mean girled. And she nearly caused an innocent woman to take her life, along with her unborn boy. There is something so vile about that, it defies belief. She got paid money for it every time she opened her mouth or wrote words. No. Not cutting her even the tiniest bit of slack. Again, thank you for your kind words!

  55. Shoshone says:

    So Vickie wants to sue the two guys that produced her little fraud video apparently because they forgot to tell her that it is wrong to lie. If she wants to sue anyone over this she should look no farther than her father “Dickie” who, it seems, should have thought to tell her this fact when she was still a child. Perhaps Dickie should join her in this lawsuit since he apparently does not know it is wrong to lie either. One presumes that he is at least aware of this now.

    Victoria is going to love the American civil justice legal experience.

    • kirk says:

      The two guys who produced the video were completely up front about the need for a pre-record, i.e. they wanted ‘experts’ take on the Oprah interview before it happened. And she believes she is the victim of fraudulent misrepresentation? How? Sounds like she’s working on her impression management. Badly.

  56. Bisynaptic says:

    God, the entitlement of these people…
    It’s too bad they removed her from the video; she was the most photogenic of the bunch. Nice of her to remind everyone, once again, how tabloid sausage gets made—we were just about to forget. It’s interesting she’s taking the “but everyone does it!” approach. She doesn’t realize that doesn’t cut it with the CNN audience. FAFO.
    —oh, yeah: and she’s cheap. $300? You’d have to pay me a lot more than that to lie.

  57. Daisy D says:

    I love that CNN kicked her back where she belongs — the trash that is the UK tabloids. Her hate for Harry and Meghan blinded her just like it blinds William and Kate. It clouds their judgement and they allow people to see the clown show happening behind the curtain. If William and Kate want to get that US adoration, they’ll need to dump these trash reporters and that’s not going to go over well. I love that they’re in this pickle!