Chris Evans says he’s ‘laser-focused on finding a partner’ to live with

Chris Evans makes me so happy. He is a beautiful combination of someone who wears his heart on his sleeve but also chooses chaos in interviews. Which is exactly what he did while speaking with Mariel Turner at Shondaland. Mariel asked Chris if there was any area of his life on which he was as “laser-focused” as his character in The Gray Man. Chris, under the guise of giving his most earnest answer, said his current pursuit would be a life partner, someone whom he could “really pour (himself) into.” Whatever he said next was drowned out by the thundering sound of footfalls as people ran to Chris.

Chris, your character is pretty obsessed with tracking down Sierra Six. Is there anything in real life that you’ve been that laser-focused on?

Okay, good question. Thank you for a good question. My goodness. Laser focus — you know what? We’re gonna do this. I’m gonna give you a good answer.

The answer would be that maybe [I’m] laser-focused on finding a partner, you know, someone that you want to live with. I mean, look — I love what I do. It’s great; I pour all of myself into it. But in terms of — even this industry is full of pockets of doubt, hesitation, and recalibration in terms of really trying to find someone that you really can pour all of yourself into. Maybe it’s about trying to find someone that you’re looking to spend your life with. Yes, so maybe it’s that.

[From Shondaland via Page Six]

It’s not that I don’t believe Chris, it’s just that I think he knows full well this is a swoon-worthy answer. Either that or his mom has been on his back to meet a nice someone and he planted this to keep her happy for a bit. But he doesn’t say he wants a relationship or to find a nice person to spend time with – he jumps in the deep end with finding someone to share his life and “someone that you want to live with.” Then he doubled down with his comments about pouring himself into someone? I know more than one of you thought, I have something you can pour into, Chris. I’ll bet Mrs. Evans has set up an inbox for all the martial curriculum vitaes she’s about to receive.

I don’t blame anyone, were I single, I’d be booking a ticket to Boston with a suitcase packed with dog treats by my side. Because let’s face it, whoever wins the key to Chris’ home is going to have to convince Dodger first. Chris’ last known relationship was Jenny Slate. That ended in 2018. Now, I like Jenny and I actually liked Jenny and Chris together. But I still theorize that Dodger was the one who vetoed her, mostly because she didn’t understand his connection to Lion. So if you are currently brushing up on the Patriots’ stats to win The Captain Formerly Known as America over, make sure you also Google ways to a dog’s heart. It’s not difficult, a few well-placed belly rubs and some forbidden treats secreted under the table should do it. Coincidently, those tips also work on Chris! But whatever you do, hurry. Because this grand pronouncement in the wake of Minka Kelly’s breakup with Trevor Noah makes me nervous. There are certain areas where Chris is just blind, and Minka’s one of them. Unless they’ve both grown, in which case, maybe they can be our next year’s Bennifer.

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  1. vanna says:

    cheeky. either he wants to sow choaos, or his light went on, and he’ll be a real daddy real soon

  2. Danbury says:

    Here’s me currently researching all Dodger approved snacks …

  3. Aurora says:

    Whoever wants him will have to live in his hometown near his mom and regularly entertain his group of hometown bros. Good luck.

    • Lawcatb says:

      Right! Hard pass.

    • girl_ninja says:

      So one doesn’t spend time with their partners family or friends. And why would you have to “entertain” anyone? Odd.

      • FancyPants says:

        She’s referring to a previous feature on him where he talked about how he bought a farmhouse and all his guy friends hang out there all the time. If I remember right about the comment section here, we were all wondering what all their wives thought about their husbands hanging out like frat boys without them every weekend.

  4. harpervalleypta says:

    No lie, while reading this I immediately flashed to the opening of a rom-com starring Chris. He’s on stage with some late night host, and he says he’s “laser focused” on finding The One.

    Backstage, his team groans.

    And then hijinks ensue as EVERYONE wants to be The One.

    • Abby says:

      Totally agree, and I would 100% watch this movie with glee.

    • The Recluse says:

      Damn, we need to someone to hold a seance and channel Jane Austen. She could do real justice to this scenario…..but so could Buster Keaton. He did a whole comedy about a guy who has a deadline to marry.

  5. Noki says:

    He is clearly very charming but maybe something else is amiss with him. His relationships dont go anywhere!

    • Elsa says:

      There’s not something “amiss” with people who aren’t in long-term relationships. None of my relationships went “anywhere” until I met my husband, who I married when I was 40.

    • girl_ninja says:

      By your logic there are a LOT of people amiss. Being single at a certain age doesn’t mean broken.

  6. AT says:

    Oh please for the love of god just don’t let it be minka Kelly

  7. LightPurple says:

    I’ll be standing in front of the Old Manse with a bag of dog treats the next time you and Dodger run by, Chris!

  8. Scorpion says:

    I’m right here, Chris!!!

    Just say the word!

  9. girl_ninja says:

    I’m not far from Chris so moving isn’t really an issue. I’ve been wanting to meet Dodger for some time now and think he and I would be a great match. Chris can spend time with us too if he wants.

    I have been loving all of his looks from the red carpet premiers. Chris, not Dodger.

  10. AmelieOriginal says:

    I also wonder if this answer came out because of the back to back press junket interviews for The Gray Man. I don’t think he ever planned on sharing this but when the interviewer asked him “Have you ever been laser focused on something like the character in the movie?”, he took a long pause to answer. Ana de Armas was sitting next to him and had to stage whisper the question because he was taking so long. He was struggling to come up with something and I could kind of tell he seemed pretty tired at that point. This must have popped in his head and he was just like I’ll just say this because I dunno what else to say. It was still a thoughtful answer but I think it was a “screw it let me go for this because I need to answer this somehow.” But I do think it’s also true, Chris Evans is always a great interview.

  11. FancyPants says:

    I dunno, I will get murdered here for saying this, but I think there’s something “off” with his whole “aw shucks I just want a wifey” public persona. If he’s really such a great package in real life, then why hasn’t anybody snapped him up by now? You’d think he’d have at least one marriage under his belt by now, but he doesn’t really even have any long term relationships (that we know about). Has he dated anybody for a whole year?
    And I’m not knocking long-time single people, I am one myself, but I’m also not a rich, beautiful, near-universally desirable movie star who supposedly wants to settle down with someone.

    • Amm says:

      Didn’t he date Jenny Slate for a while?

      I’m predicting a George Clooney type deal for him. Years of being a bachelor and than a serious-type wife when he settles down at 45-50. His political dabbling makes me suspect he won’t settle for an actress, but his frat boy ways make me suspect he’s not quite ready to give up fun.

    • cassandra says:

      I don’t know if it’s “off” or maybe just obvious PR spin?

      He’s been saying this for almost a decade now, I don’t really believe him anymore.

      • AMA1977 says:

        I think he’s adorable, and were I my former mid-20’s pre-husband-I-love and two kids self, I’d be all over it (I was pretty good lookin’ myself and I love dogs AND cooking!) but I think it’s what Amm and Cassandra said. He’s low-key Clooneying (when Clooney was dating all of the pretty d-listers), just doesn’t want to settle down yet, and he will if/when he’s ready. Or like somebody said above, his light went on and he’ll be settled with a baby on the way in a year. We’ll see!

    • notasugarhere says:

      It feels a whole lot like PR. Esp with the talk of the recent hookup with the 20 years younger Portuguese actress.

    • Ella says:

      I know lots of people, myself included, who are “a great package in real life” but haven’t been “snapped up by now.” You can’t assume single people have something wrong with them.

  12. Who ARE These People? says:

    He’s laser-focused on generating clickbait and he’s good at it, but listen carefully: his answer is in the third person, not the first person. He’ll likely keep his business to himself.

    • TwinFalls says:

      He’s a pro and people are working hard to ignore he said maybe at the beginning and the end.

      I’m meh on Evans but he has been publicly single a long time so if he wanted to start dating someone so we can gossip about it, I’m okay with that. I like him with Ana.

      • AmelieOriginal says:

        I think she currently has a boyfriend, he’s non famous and an exec at Tinder. But she does get bored easily and seems to move on every 1-2 years so you never know! But I think she’d get bored of Chris within a year, I don’t think she’d want to live in small town MA where Chris lives.

      • Jess says:

        Ana has a boyfriend and it sounds pretty serious. They are living together.

      • TwinFalls says:

        I hadn’t read the Elle article yet but y’all are right, she’s with the Tinder exec.

  13. Emme says:

    Chris! Chris! CHRIS!!!! I have a single daughter, marriageable age, animal lover….signed, Mrs Bennett xxx

  14. Pati says:

    “men are like cabs, when they’re available their light goes on. They awake one day and decide they are ready to settle down, have babies, whatever, and they turn their light on. Next woman they pickup, boom, that’ the one they’ll marry. It’s not fate, it’s dumb luck.“

    Chris explained by Miranda!

    • Eurydice says:

      Lol, so true. I saw this happen so many times with the men in my office. One day they’d be confirmed bachelors and the next they were checking out any candidate within a 100 foot radius – “Ok, her.”

  15. ML says:

    Could he just be thinking of getting a new dog?

  16. Jess says:

    As much as he’s talked about finding someone he’s also been pretty open about how much he likes being alone. I honestly think he doesn’t know what he wants.

    His sister just got married as did one of his friends so finding someone could be on his mind because of that.

  17. daisyfly says:

    *raises hand*

  18. Lens says:

    Whoever it is and whenever it is I hope they are mentally tough enough to deal with his crazy fans. Or Stans I should say.

  19. Jferber says:

    Apart from me (very happily married, but tempted all the same), I still like Lizzo for him, though she’s dating someone. Something about them together blows mind in a good way. Call her, Chris!

  20. Remy says:

    I’m a fan, and maybe I’m cynical, but that was such a PR answer. He knew what he was doing. I wonder if he’s still dating the Portuguese actress.

    Anyways, I’m off to Boston to win over Dodger, should be too hard, I just won over my sister’s bf’s dog. Lol. J/K

  21. LizinA says:

    I never cared a thing for him cause I haven’t seen the capt america films, but today I saw Snowpiecer and WOW, he was amazing in it. What a great film, he is now firmly on my radar and piqued my interest.