The Queen’s lady-in-waiting said Prince Harry & Meghan would ‘end in tears’

Remember when Kensington Palace employees ran to Tatler to brag about all of the cruel nicknames they had given the Duchess of Sussex? They referred to her as Duchess Difficult, Me-Gain and probably a lot worse. That was during Meghan’s pregnancy, in 2018 and 2019. Before all of that sh-t, they were calling her “The Degree Wife.” Those same salt merchants genuinely believed that Meghan would only “stick around” for three years tops. I just got so many flashbacks to how prevalent those stories were circa 2018 – that Meghan wasn’t in it for the long haul, that she was a flighty American who just wanted to marry a prince, divorce a prince and move back to America. It was wishful thinking for a lot of Salt Island – when Meghan tried her hardest to thrive in the UK, they began to try to force her to leave. And only her. They never expected Harry to leave with her and for the Sussexes to set up their American empire. I bring this up because of this crap from Tom Bower’s awful book:

An aide to the royal family allegedly predicted that Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle will “all end in tears,” an explosive new book says.

Lady Susan Hussey, who has been a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth II since the 1960s, allegedly made the comments during a lunch with theater executives months before the couple’s wedding in May 2018, according to a report.

The comments from the longtime aide were revealed in investigative reporter Tom Bower’s “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors,” released earlier this month.

“While discussing the possibility that Meghan might become linked with the National Theatre after the wedding, Hussey became unexpectedly serious about the couple’s future,” Bower writes. “‘That will all end in tears,’ she is alleged to have said. ‘Mark my words.’”

Lady Susan, 83, had been part of the team of palace courtiers asked to help Markle adjust to life inside the royal family, according to Bower.

[From Page Six]

When you really think about it. it did end in tears. The Windsors cried salty f–king tears because they screwed it up. The British media is awash in salty tears because they can’t use and abuse the Sussexes endlessly. But Lady Susan Hussey obviously thought the same thing as those old royal establishment types: that Meghan wouldn’t stick around when they began to make her life a living hell. None of them believed that Harry would choose his wife and children over his privilege.

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  1. C says:

    I remember Bishop Pete Broadbent saying in 2011 that William and Kate’s marriage would only last 7 years and he was suspended for two months for the remark.

    But the royals and tabloids were all saying Meghan was a “degree” wife and that’s ok?

    • swirlmamad says:

      That’s interesting — never heard that about W+K before now. I wonder what made him make that claim? Curiouser and curiouser.

      • C says:

        I think he was/is a republican. He made a bunch of disparaging remarks about the royals. But it was the comment about William and Kate he was suspended for, showing how much everyone was willing to protect them from the things they threw Meghan to the wolves for.

    • Chloe says:

      Whenever is see an article with the message “aides predicted harry and meghan won’t last” i really read “aides will make sure that harry and meghan won’t last”. That is what they wanted. That she would leave. And it why they still haven’t stopped their wishful thinking of harry coming back alone.

      • C says:

        Or, they wanted worse given her mental health struggles, which we can’t rule out at this point. They are evil.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Kaiser, thanks for your brilliant reading! Your comments provide an excellent summary and a succinct assessment of the context and underpinnings of the Lady Susan Hussey comment. Hussey’s words are shamelessly scooped by Bowels to demean Meg, when actually, his entire crap book is mostly an expose on the royal firm’s toxicity and systemic racism.

    • Lady Esther says:

      Who was the (male) journalist who said that while William loved Kate, he wasn’t “in love” with her? And Dickie Arbiter said that Meghan was “just a fling,” didn’t he?

      Seems to be a thing for male British journalists to suddenly turn into teenage gossipy Mean Girls once the British Royal Family decides to marry…And the lady aristos follow suit and shit all over everyone. What a horrible, toxic culture.

      • C says:

        I remember being in Britain in 2011, the press was over-the-top complimentary to Kate. Everything negative got scrubbed. I know the remark you’re talking about but if it was made at the time it disappeared. The contrast between the treatment of Kate and Meghan is night and day.

      • C says:

        Meant to add this: during the engagement and run up to the wedding in 2011, I remember the tabloids saying things like “during their breakup, most girls would have changed their behavior, but Kate wisely did nothing to try to show off”, which is utter nonsense given that she was giving Hello exclusives and pap strolls. Can you imagine if this was Meghan?

    • ABritGuest says:

      Exactly. With hindsight my guess is nasty articles pre wedding were normal tabloid trash bigotry but also perhaps to scare Meghan off cos they press would likely have known the palace’s true view of the relationship & people like Chelsy had said how scary the press was.

      Then people like William tried to persuade Harry against the marriage. When that & Thomas Markle’s’ shenanigans failed to stop the wedding, then they ramped up attacks on Meghan during her pregnancy so she’d get fed up & move to US with her child for peace. So calling Meghan a degree wife etc was their wish fulfilment.

      I wonder why Meghan was given some of Elizabeth’s high profile patronages like national theatre or ACU in the end especially as it sounds like Camilla wanted the national theatre? To me suggests that at least someone in the palace valued what Meghan could bring.

      • C says:

        It’s extremely bizarre because at some points it looked like they knew the value of the image of welcoming Meghan (Charles walking her down the aisle which from recent info coming out I don’t think she was really given a choice about) but didn’t really want to in sincerity. These people are nuts.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Abritguest: The Royal Family was successful in scaring off Chelsey ( I think Harry dumped Cressida) and thought they could do the same with Meghan. I was listening to a Twitter spaces some weeks ago and one of the speakers said exactly the same thing that the Royal Family never wanted Meghan in the family and did all they could, with the help of the press, to run her off before the wedding.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah its weird bc there were some signs of welcoming her and then they drove her away in a public and cruel fashion via the smear campaign, and whatever else happened behind the scenes. My guess is that the pregnancy was a big problem, bc maybe the royals thought they could tolerate a black duchess for a few years but they couldn’t tolerate her in their lives permanently, which she would be if she had a child with Harry (since even if they divorced she’d still be the mother obviously.)

        i also think the success of the Oceania tour was a trigger and i think their overall popularity was a problem, but I think the pregnancy was the big turning point.

      • harpervalleypta says:

        @becks1 I think there were people in the palace who were both pro and anti Meghan during the engagement and the wedding, but the pregnancy combined with their popularity during the Oceania tour put everyone into the anti-Meghan camp.

        It’s one thing for Charles to look gracious and benevolent walking her down the aisle. It’s quite another for her to be getting much bigger crowds than he does. That pricked his ego, and goodness knows his ego is a delicate, delicate flower that must be cherished by all.

      • Both Sides Now says:

        @ Becks1, we all know how fragile the ego of Charles, as well as Baldemort, are. The mere fact that they were seeing history repeat itself triggered Charles into overload to smear as much as possible, while keeping his hands free from any traces of participation.

        It is odd that they chose Meghan to be the head of so many important patronages, many very dear and near to the heart of the Queen. In addition to her solo trip with the Queen of the royal train, which had never happened with CopyKeen.

        I may be wrong but I believe that the Queen was impressed by Meghans history of philanthropy through her life and she was taken aback by her own actions through Meghans life, which cannot be said of CopyKeen.

        Unfortunately, the Queen allowed the smear campaign of Meghan and didn’t lift one tiny finger to rescue her. And for that, she is as responsible as the rest of the rabid dogs that caused her so much pain.

      • Sid says:

        Both Sides Now, I’ve always felt QEII genuinely liked Meghan, just not enough to pull her head out the sand and properly defend her.

    • Christine says:

      The reason they were convinced only Meghan would leave is because they had done this before and it worked. When Princess Margaret wanted to marry a divorced man, they explained to her that all her privileges would be taken away, she chose to stay. She understood there would be no protection for her. It wasn’t just the loss of funds, it was the protection.

      • Annalise says:

        I know I’m insanely late to this party (I’m in California) but I think th t Princess Margaret was MUCH MUCH more put off by lack of privelages than lack of protection. She was notoriously spoiled, thoroughly enjoyed all the trappings of being a princess, and wielded her privelage like a sword. The protection thing irked her, at best. The loss of privelages she could NEVER have abided.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ But Margaret was born a blood royal British princess. That was the only identity she’d ever known. Plus, her parents are to blame for spoiling her and for not giving her a modern, academic education with less entitlement, snobbery, and toxic elitism. How would any of us know enough about Margaret to understand for certain exactly what she was or was not most ‘irked by.’ She could have felt equally fearful of losing the only identity she’d ever known, along with her title, income, privileges, and royal protection.

        There are photos of Margaret’s face after she made the public statement about giving up Townsend. IMO, her tearful visage is the epitome of pure emotional pain and grief. She had to choose between her identity and the man she deeply loved. The institution now trying to rewrite history by claiming she wasn’t really in love with Townsend and that she willing gave him up, is a pack of lies. As we know, lies and cover-ups are how the royal firm rolls.

        The fact is had Margaret’s sister Elizabeth not become heir-to-the-throne at the age of 10, then no one in the British government and few within the royal firm would have cared about or tried to block who Margaret fell in love with and married. Ever since Margaret & Townsend passed away, the institution has tried to twist and to camouflage the true nature and historic details of their romance and its aftermath.

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    They are diabolical. And if that Hussey isn’t let go…who are we kidding? She’ll be given a medal and a spot on the board of Earthshyte.

    • XOXO says:

      Okay this is so sad!
      These people tasked with helping Meghan to adjust, were undermining her all along.

      • Both Sides Now says:

        @ XOXO, yes. That is the greatest display of how deceptive they were then, as well as now. They had no intentions of providing a genuine interest to help Meghan.

        They are ALL complicit in their treatment, as well as the sources, to smear the hate campaign against Meghan.

    • Lili says:

      Luckily i think she is dead already.

    • Concern Fae says:

      Blast from the past on Lady Susan Hussey. I think she was quoted back in the 1970s Prince Charles’s “Action Man” most eligible bachelor days. She’s always been an ardent monarchist.

  3. HeyKay says:

    The Queens lady-in-waiting is likely over 90 y/o.
    News flash..times change. Seems everything changes except the BRF and their boot-licking hangers-on.

    • MakeEverydayCount says:

      She’s 83 and probably believes that The Queen has something magical about her blood that is different from everyone else. Yes, she delusional

    • SueBarbri says:

      Right. I mean, that’s one of the major problems with the entire BP apparatus: almost the entire team was born during the Great Depression or WW2. Even the “younger crowd” at KP dresses and behaves like a bunch of sheltered Edwardians.

    • Isabella says:

      I mean, how could this go wrong? “Lady Susan, 83, had been part of the team of palace courtiers asked to help Markle adjust to life inside the royal family, according to Bower.”

  4. MakeEverydayCount says:

    None of them believed that Harry would choose his wife and children over THEM. Harry having children with Meghan wasn’t the problem as long as he didn’t marry her. But he did. So, he was to stay and take his punishment which was abuse of his wife and children.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Having children with Meghan was a problem for the Royal Family hence the concerns about Archie’s skin colour. The Royal Family thought Meghan would be unable to have children because she was over 35 and because of that Harry would divorce her. The smear campaign ramped up after Harry and Meghan announced their first pregnancy and the Palace released the statement that Harry and Meghan would not be returning as working royals after the announcement of the second pregnancy.

      • Nic919 says:

        It’s wild they even brought up Meghan’s age with respect to having kids after 35 because Sophie had both her kids much later and kate had Louis after 35.

      • Galadriel says:

        Like yikes!!!! My mum fell pregnant at 45. 35 is still so young. Screw these fossils at BP and RR.

  5. Merricat says:

    The queen’s lady-in-waiting’s opinion means absolutely nothing. Lol. Astonishing.

    • Well Wisher says:


    • Bunny says:

      It means a lot. It means that the BRF purposefully surround themselves with duplicitous racists, spies, and backstabbers. We are known by the company we keep.

      • Both Sides Now says:

        @ Bunny, yes!!! We are known by the company we keep and this is a clear display of their own shenanigans in trying to destroy Meghan.

  6. C-Shell says:

    All these crusty old fossils feeding lies and bigotry to each other endlessly is beginning to look like a circular firing squad. This is just another example of Bower’s book making the Queen look bad (by proxy, to be sure). If, as I’ve come to believe, the Lamebridges (and CarolE, obvs) are his primary sources for this crap, they’ve really dealt themselves a body blow — when the receipts come out the finger of blame keeps pointing back at them by process of elimination. They really suck at Machiavellian schemes.

    • Maxine Branch says:

      Totally agree with your comment. The interesting thing as you have mentioned is the boomerang effect this vile man’s book is having. Much of what he has written has been debunked and Meghan remains unscathed because all he has tried to do is twist her philanthropic work into a negative. And because Meghan has received so much negative coverage from the UK, it really is not having the effect he desires of “bringing her down.” Instead what this book does show is how obsessed the UK is with this woman. Obviously, she did much right or they would leave her alone. She has cast a wide shadow over that firm.

  7. Duch says:

    The number of people who failed to support Meghan – even those charged to do so, like this one – is just astounding. At the end of the day, beyond Harry, I wonder who actually supported her?

    Beyond the attacks in the press, this must have felt overwhelming to her.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Eugenie. That’s it. That poor woman was set up to fail, but she still prevailed. Queen Meghan, indeed.

      • Mary says:

        @swirlmamad, a longer reply did not post so I will be short and sweet: Eugenie was no friend to Meghan when she needed it most. Harry himself said that no one, not one person, in his family was supportive of them. This was around the time that he filed his wiretapping suit.

        Eugenie did not even rebut the gossip going around, for a long time, about her being angry at Meghan for announcing her pregnancy at her own wedding. Maybe she and Megan were friendly early on but that did not last.

        We hear about them being friendly only when Eugenie moved into Frogmore cottage. I think Eugenie just realized that she didn’t have a working future with the Cambridges and threw her lot in with the Sussexes when she need a bigger place to stay. Eugenie is a grifter just like her mother.

        So much for a short post!

      • aftershocks says:

        @Mary, we don’t know the exact extent and nature of Eugenie’s feelings about Meghan. We do know that Eugenie was introduced to and had an acquaintance with Meghan (via Misha Nonoo) well before Harry met Meghan. We also know that Harry and Eugenie have always been close. We know that M&H double-dated with Jack & Eugenie in Toronto b/f M&H’s relationship was publicly revealed. And that J&E have visited the Sussexes in Montecito with their son, August.

        Please stop calling Eugenie ‘a grifter’ because of who her parents are. That’s the same as haters looking down on Meghan without actually bothering to find out who she is. There’s no evidence of Eugenie engaging in ‘grifting’ behavior. Other than Eugenie being a high-born royal with privilege and entitlement, and having a close relationship with her cousin, Harry, we don’t know that much about Eugenie’s personality, emotions, or motivations.

        Keep in mind that Eugenie has never had enough royal power, status or privilege to say anything publicly supportive of M&H. When Eugenie did make the slightest show of support for the Sussexes, she received heavy-handed pushback. Honestly, few people in the public, especially outside of the U.K., even know who Eugenie is. Those who do have an inkling, constantly get Eugenie and Beatrice mixed up.

    • Athena says:

      I was thinking just that. If this woman is one of the people who was assigned to support Meghan and that’s the person’s opinion, Meghan received no support. If the Queen assigned this person she must have had faith in her, which doesn’t say much for the Queen’s judgment.

      I’m glad these people are going to the press and to “biographers” to tell their story, because the more they talk the clearer Meghan’s predicament becomes. Meghan told us she was unsupported and the people who were around her are telling us themselves that they didn’t support her.

      Every book, every story makes the royal family and the people around them look worse and worse. I use to be neutral about the British royal family, just like I’m neutral about all royal families. But now I can’t unsee who the British royal family is. Their existence in this century feels like one of the biggest scam, biggest gaslighting perpetuated on mankind.

      • Lady Esther says:

        “If this woman is one of the people who was assigned to support Meghan and that’s the person’s opinion, Meghan received no support. If the Queen assigned this person she must have had faith in her, which doesn’t say much for the Queen’s judgment.”

        Well put. Imagine that this is the person who was supposed to be “supporting” you? Meghan was set up to fail, clearly. And didn’t Bower admit that his sources for his book, like this aristo lady were all anti-Meghan and therefore his account is heavily biased?

        And about the Queen’s supposed “judgment”….one of her closest aides is Machine Gun Kelly, right? So….yeah.

    • molly says:

      This lack of support (or even active anti-support) from the family, the Firm, and everyone on the payroll is what nearly broke Diana. Shame on the RF for learning absolutely nothing, and good for Harry for refusing to let history repeat itself.

    • aftershocks says:

      @Duch: “… At the end of the day, beyond Harry, I wonder who actually supported [Meghan]?”

      @Swirlmamad: “Eugenie. That’s it.”

      Clearly, the mutual friends who introduced Meghan to Harry were supportive within that milieu. As far as the firm itself, Eugenie has no power nor leverage within that system so her sympathy and caring toward M&H behind-the-scenes, carries no public weight.

      Also, I think it’s overly simplistic to feel there was no one other than Eugenie who were welcoming and at the least, accepting of Meghan. I believe there are a few people who worked within that system who respected M&H, but had no power to influence the prevailing negative attitudes against Meghan.

      For example, I think Lady Sarah Chatto (Harry’s godmother & Margaret’s daughter), along with her family, have been decent and accepting toward Meghan. Also, I believe Sir Christopher Geidt appreciated Meghan and was sympathetic toward her. I say this b/c of how enthusiastically he greeted her ahead of the panel discussion at QCT’s International Woman’s Day event in 2019. Geidt was the Queen’s private secretary until he was ousted in a coup, in August 2017. Charles’ guy, Edward Young (who reportedly hates Meghan), took over as private secretary to the Queen.

      There was also this quoted comment by someone on the inside: “Meghan was always the smartest one in the room.” For all we know, Harry may still have a few loyal contacts within the firm, which could be how he & Meg were able to quietly meet with the Queen in April, getting safely in and out of the U.K., before their visit could be leaked! LOL!

  8. Vanessa says:

    I remember all of those Meghan will leave storylines some commentary on here can repeating those talking points as well . It was definitely wishful thinking on there parts because Meghan first marriage ended early they Conveniently forget that Meghan and her first husband we’re together for years before the actually marriage. The palace and the press and the haters were convicted that if the ramped up the pressure of the abuse that Meghan will either die by suicide which show you how evil those people are or she would divorce Harry and leave . Which would have been a win win for the establishment . They didn’t think Harry would choose his soulmate over them they still refusing to see it that Harry would rather been with wife and his kids then be involved with the royals they are ones who can’t let go . Their focusing on the wrong marriage because it clear that William has one foot out the door when it comes to Kate .

  9. equality says:

    None of these people have any class whatsoever. What is wrong with being happy for somebody and keeping nasty opinions to yourself? Have any of them got it in them to empathize with or support somebody else? Millions of “peasants” manage to support and get along with in-laws however long they might think a relationship will last.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Exactly my thinking: Why didn’t the royal family agreed to keep their racist bigoted ways to themselves for Harry’s sake. Behind Harry and Meghan’s back they can say whatever they want, but to their face and the media they should keep an appearance of tolerance if not of acceptance. They really must’ve believed Harry was going to chose them over his wife and children.

  10. Scorpion says:

    Such a pity, Hussey didn’t have such foresight when Chucky was marrying a teenage girl, when Andrew got with Fergie, not to mention Anne with Mark Phillips and Peter Phillips and Autumn!

  11. Laura D says:

    Wasn’t TQ alleged to have said the same thing about William and Kate? Rehashed story which is unlikely to have been said about either couple.

    Bowel had better be very careful. It’s one thing slagging off M&H because as far as the RF are concerned they’re fair game. However, spreading rumours about the monarch and the heir could land him and who ever is his source in very hot water indeed.

    • Nic919 says:

      The “ it will all end in tears” comment sounds like it was recycled from a previous marriage. I am sure I have heard it used before for another couple.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        Sounds much like a phrase used by the boozy, country-aristo set c. 1960s-1970s.

      • Emmitt says:

        It was alleged that the Queen stated of William and Kate’s marriage, that it would all end in tears.

  12. Lizzie says:

    I would love to know why she thought it would all end in tears. Like, because someone said aloud they were putting an end to it? Someone said there would be no mixed race great grandchildren? Or was this just her own racist opinion?

  13. Bettyrose says:

    End in tears can mean a lot of things and it’s a pretty awful implication for a man whose entire childhood was surrounded by hurt and tears, ending in the most tragic way imaginable. That comment is just cruel.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Very thoughtful and empathetic on your part.

      • Both Sides Now says:

        Yes, @ Well Wisher!!! @ Betty Rose certainly
        highlighted the trajectory of Harry’s life.

        Harry was deceived of any and all support from his “loving” family members. It must have been soul crushing that his own blood tried to destroy his happiness and his unconditional love for Meghan.

        Such bastards, ALL of them. A clear indication that they did not want what was best for Harry. They would support him as long as he stayed with his lane, but he didn’t. They drove Harry away by their own actions. Those to blame for Harry leaving is due to everyone who betrayed him.

  14. Sue E Generis says:

    How is it considered journalism to quote any and every idiot as an authority on someone’s life, thoughts and motivations when their contributions have zero basis in fact and are based on little or no knowledge of the people they’re pontificating about?

  15. Margaret says:

    The old fossil is willys godmother. Enough said.

  16. Rapunzel says:

    The only tears are the haters crying out all their salt.

  17. Deanne says:

    This kind of cruelty just makes the fact that they are happy and thriving with their own little family so much better. After everything Harry’s been through, who in their right mind wouldn’t want him to find a woman like Meghan and wish them a long and happy marriage? These people are diabolical and sick.

    • Merricat says:

      This is what has really surprised me, and changed my perspective on the royal family in a fundamental way–the levels, the depths of hatred and sickness for this American biracial woman who committed the unpardonable sin of loving, and being loved by, their ginger prince. I will never see them in the same way again.

      • Both Sides Now says:

        Neither will I @ Merricat. They were supportive as long as Harry was kept in the BRF to serve as the proverbial thrown under the bus.

        More importantly, they had ALL expected Harry to stay within the Monarchy to be the actual king for his less qualified as well as incompetent brother once he is king.

        Guess they bet on wrong and are now trying to destroy him further. Solely to return solo back to Britain and serve out his expectations of all, most Baldemort.

  18. Amy Bee says:

    It all blew up in the Royal Family’s faces and they’re still unable to recover. There is no doubt in my mind that the Royal Family set out to make Meghan’s life difficult as soon as she and Harry got engaged and when they couldn’t stop the wedding with the help of the press, they initiated the smear campaign to get her out as soon as possible.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Looking back I also think that’s why we heard of Charles giving her nickname Tungsten. They knew she was being seriously tested already

    • Beverley says:

      Amy Bee, I agree. I was surprised they allowed the wedding to take place. It must have been a terrible shock to the RF when Meghan announced her pregnancy. At that point, I was predicting that they’d find a way to eliminate her and unborn Archie.

      I still think they’re plotting something awful for Meghan so that Harry will finally return to the fold. But they are fools if they think he’ll come back under any circumstance.

      • Sonia jarvis says:

        Harry would not return to live in the uk under any circumstances and if any thing was to happy to Meghan (God forbid), it’s even less likely that he would return. If anything, it would unleash his wrath against the unroyal family and the bm. He would feel freed to go after them and expose them for who they are. The brf has better be careful and wish Meghan a long life!

  19. Lizzie Bathory says:

    The most disturbing thing about these kinds of stories is the glee about wishing harm on Meghan & Harry. Meghan & Harry weren’t people to them–they were playthings to abuse. These courtiers & the rota can see joy but can’t understand it, much less experience it. They understand cruelty, cynicism, lies & destruction. What a horrible way to exist.

  20. Emmi says:

    I don’t think “end” in tears means the marriage would literally end. Not necessarily. The woman has seen some shit and knows that family. She wasn’t wrong either, it was a shambolic disaster until Harry and Meghan decided to leave it all behind.

    It’s not great foresight either, many people saw this relationship and thought oh shit, girl don’t. That family is awful and the UK is a LOT more racist than people who have never spent a significant amount of time there can imagine.

    I just don’t understand how that quote is supposed to enlighten us at this point.

    • Amy Bee says:

      No, she was saying the marriage wouldn’t last. Nobody in that family wanted Harry to marry Meghan. They only allowed it because the greater fear was that he was going to leave if they didn’t approve the marriage.

    • Sofia says:

      This is a 80 something British aristocrat. Do you really think she looked at the biracial american and had *empathy* for her? And went “oh no the institution is gonna eat you up you poor thing”. I understand wanting to play devil’s advocate I do it too but sometimes the explanation on face value makes the most sense.

      • Emmi says:

        That’s not what I wrote, I don’t know where you got empathy? Why is it that as soon as you don’t completely trash anyone formerly associated with H&M, people want to argue?

      • Sofia says:

        I’m not arguing – I even said I understood wanting to understand different points of view. And from your comment, you say “The woman has seen some shit and knows that family.” which came off to me as saying the woman knows the institution is a shit show and will be bad for Meghan (which it is and was) so the woman will have empathy/sympathy for Meghan.

        If I misinterpreted your comment I apologise. It happens on the internet especially when tone isn’t present. But there’s no need to get defensive even then especially as I just questioned you slightly.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, it’s a pretty blanket statement – the marriage might literally end, or it might be totally miserable, H&M might become estranged or, worse yet, Meghan might be driven to kill herself. As you say, this woman knows the reality of the RF.

    • C says:

      I can see what you’re saying but given the way these people treated Meghan I’m not inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt is all. Personally I think it was exactly how it sounded.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        C, exactly how is sounded–without context–has, I think, been proven true. There are any amount of tears on Salty Island, but none of them are Harry’s or Meghan’s in sunny California.

  21. Kels says:

    I just can’t do any more of these stories for my mental well being. The cruelty of these people during Meghan’s stay in the UK and now rehashing it…the injustice of it all just makes me livid.
    They are all so disgusting! I can’t stand any of them where before I was indifferent.
    I hope they one day are all destroyed by the same evil they tried to throw at Harry and Meghan and most likely Diana.

    • Julia K says:

      I hear you and feel for you. My blood pressure cannot take the injustice directed towards a woman who has done nothing but love her husband and give up her country and career for him, only to be hated and smeared.

  22. Eurydice says:

    I’ve often wondered why TQ even approved H&M’s marriage. My theory is that Harry was going to leave if she didn’t approve it and then the RF decided to do whatever they could to destroy it. It will be interesting to see if Harry says anything about this in his memoir.

    • Tessa says:

      She approved of divorced Charles marrying a divorced woman who was the other woman in his first marriage if she did not approve Meghan and harry marriage she would have been a hypocrite

    • C says:

      I honestly think she was and is fine with it. But she just ostriches and ignores everything else or takes advice about “tHe CrOwN”. What bizarre existence.

    • Sunday says:

      I think they knew that if they told Harry no he’d be even more determined to marry her, so they decided to go through the motions, get all the good press they could (like Charles walking her down the aisle, the ‘tungsten’ nickname, etc) and in the background work to push her out. They manufactured the entire hate campaign and deployed her own father against her, all while wringing their hands to the press insisting that they welcomed her with open arms.

      I also think that, at least in the beginning, they believed their own narrative that the marriage couldn’t possibly last and that it was just a phase. But the 1-2 punch of the wildly successful Oceania tour and the pregnancy announcement kicked everything into high gear. At that point they just had to stamp her out quickly and thoroughly, and in the process they showed their hand and ruined the act they had been trying to hide behind around the wedding.

      In my mind, Charles was behind the slow drip of the faux welcome initially, and then William stormed in like a bull in a china shop once jealousy and the need for tabloid fodder got the best of him.

      • Eurydice says:

        Yes, this is the story that’s much more interesting to me than just “who is the royal racist?” And while I think there was a common goal – “Meghan must go” – I don’t think there was a coordinated effort, which is why we’ve seen such different leaks from the various houses. Even the “Sussexit” wasn’t all that coordinated with cutting off security on the one hand and offering a 1-year trial period on the other. I mean, what would they have done if H&M had said “Yes, we rather think we’d like to come back to the fold, so sorry for all the trouble.”

        I think this whole story is what’s terrifying the RF about the memoir, not the specifics of who said what or whether Harry hates Camilla – Harry’s marriage to Meghan was the major turning point in his life, after the death of Diana, and it’s bound to be a major point in the memoir.

    • SnoodleDumpling says:

      Harry was at the time and is still now the sixth in line to the throne. The Succession Law of 2013 reduces the requirement of royal assent to royal marriages to only the first six in line – meaning that if Harry married anyone without the Monarchs’ explicit consent then he and his descendants would be out of the line of succession forever.

      I think that to these people the idea of Harry walking away forever was (and still is) absurd, and that even if Harry walked away he would always come back after awhile. But the idea of being permanently removed from the line of succession to the throne is the sort of calamity that gives them cold sweats. It’s…a permanent stain, a humiliation, not just for the person subjected to it but for the ENTIRE monarchy.

      Add in the fact that Harry was then and still is one of the most popular royals and that leaving for love would be/is an immensely popular storyline that would cast the royal family and the monarchy as the villains…I think they realized that they could not afford that sort of PR nightmare. Whereas coercing one or the other or both of these two star-crossed lovers to quit, apparently of their own accord, well, the Windsors and the Palaces aren’t quite so obviously the villain there. Aaaaand it blew up in their faces and now they look like EVEN WORSE villains.

  23. W says:

    Can we acknowledge how good Meghan looks in these pictures? One of my favorite looks on her! 😍

  24. Cathy says:

    I don’t believe this story. Lady Susan Hussey is an old school aristocrat yes, but she’s been at court for years and yet this is the only time that it’s been recorded that she misspoke? What I am inclined to think is that this is a reach by Bowers to try and give his book some legitimacy by using the name of one of the Queen’s ladies in waiting. Or, if this is CarolE PR at work, is getting Lady Susan in trouble pay back for that time she frog marched Kate down to a Sandringham memorial service after church when Kate didn’t want to go?

    • Original penguin says:

      Isn’t she dead? I’m sure it was in the news last year? So TB can make things up without much blowback

      Having said that – I’m sure things like this were said.

      • Jaded says:

        She’s very much alive. She accompanied the Queen at Philip’s funeral and is William’s godmother.

  25. Robin Samuels says:

    So the Queen assigned a woman in her late 70s to guide Meghan? Regardless of who Harry married, the courtiers would not see it as a marriage with the potential of longevity because they didn’t perceive Harry as responsible or capable of fulfilling the obligation. They shortened the projected years for Meghan because she was biracial and an American actress.
    Lately, all the stories about Harry and Meghan have had a boomerang effect on the Royal family. They look like an unstable institution, a pit of vipers that undermine one another regularly. Say what you will about the 96-year-old ostrich; she has had many opportunities to shut the media smear campaign down and chose not to.
    The level of distraction in the reporting lately is obvious. Investigative reporting is dead! There’s no report on the Queen’s health. Charles and Camila are quiet, and Camila’s documentary didn’t fly. Where are William and his family vacationing? Jason Knauf is on the Board for William’s Earth Shot. You don’t have to be in the country to be a board member. Is he still overseas with his husband? The amount of attention given to a book filled with lies and inuendos saddens me. I’m happy Harry and Meghan don’t engage in social media. It can negatively affect your mental health. I think I’ll go to the library and check out a book by a new author or re-read Meghan Misunderstood by S. Smith. I understand he has requested the publisher to print more copies because of increased interest. Protect your mental health. Don’t believe the hype!

    • TurquoiseGem says:

      “Protect your mental health.”

      @Robin Samuels, absolutely yes, to this.

      There are lots of thoughts swirling around in my head that I’m trying to pull together about the media smear campaign, but that can and will wait.

      For my own wellbeing I’m going to focus on the positive. I’m grateful that the best look Meghan wore last week in New York was one of peace, contentedness and fulfilment. Her eyes shone and her skin glowed. Seeing that made me feel so good!
      I’m going to order the hardback version of Mr. Smith’s Meghan Misunderstood. I didn’t know the book even existed until last week…!

    • Sonia jarvis says:

      I totally agree with you. It’s important to give as little regard as possible to these gossipy old hags. I focus on all the positives around Harry and Meghan and tune out the negative jealous comments. This has saved my mental health.

  26. Harper says:

    Asking if Bower has taken down the Sussexes yet with his book as he said was his purpose in writing it? I think the clock is ticking on his news cycle so this take down should be happening soon, right?

    Also, exactly what did Bower think would happen? That the Queen would read it and be so shocked she would make a pronouncement stripping them of their titles, removing Harry as Counsellor of State, removing Harry from the line of succession and burning down Frogmore Cottage? Bowels is a nutter.

  27. DeluxeDuckling says:

    Lord, that burgundy top looks heavenly on her.

  28. The Royal family were against the marriage. Look at all their faces during the wedding. Kate grudgingly snubbed the couple and hardly glanced at Meghan during the entire ceremony (Kate really is a first rate Karen). William looked so distraught. Camilla was a witch. Charles tried to fake a happy countenance. They’re all a racist lot.

    • Sonia jarvisn says:

      William snapped a response to something Harry asked him, then realised that the cameras may have been on them, so he faked a half smile. He was very irritated waiting with Harry at the alter for Meghan to arrive.

  29. Andi says:

    All of the crap around them is gross, but I do think it will end in tears, but not bc of this Duchess Difficult bs.

  30. Jay says:

    And this was said by a person whose job it was to “help” Meghan adjust. What a pro. I think we can just take it for granted that these “sources connected to the royal family” don’t know sh!t about sh!t. Let’s take a look at some recent examples:

    They thought that Harry would never get serious about Meghan. Then, that he would never marry her. Then we were told that Meghan would keep working as an actress. And she would need a few years to “hit the ground running”, just like Kate ( we’re all still waiting on Kate, lol).

    Then we were assured that even though they were unhappy, the Sussexes would never leave the firm – it’s simply not done, and surely they wouldn’t be able to survive outside of the royal bubble. Nobody would be interested in them once they left. They’ll come crawling back in a year.

  31. SuzieQ says:

    “Mark my words.” What a terrible person. They’re all terrible people.
    Meghan and Harry were so smart to escape.

  32. khaveman says:

    Tears of joy over their life together!

  33. C says:

    I think you got lost between posts, lol. What wishes might you be referring to?