People: Brad Pitt ‘still has a pretty good relationship’ with his children

Brad Pitt is currently being sued by his new business partners, Tenute del Mondo, a subsidiary of Stoli. Angelina Jolie sold her half of the Miraval estate and wine business to Tenute del Mondo last year, after spending months clearing various legal hurdles. Once Jolie sold her half, Brad treated Tenute del Mondo like he treated Jolie – he cut them out of the business, he acted as if he didn’t have a business partner and he refused to give them access to Miraval. So Tenute del Mondo sued him and from what I’ve seen, the French authorities have conducted at least one raid on Miraval. Very few American outlets are talking about that though, because Brad gave everyone one big deflection: he decided to sue Angelina over the sale. She’s already won the right to subpoena all of Miraval’s business records too.

I bring all of this up because Brad is currently promoting Bullet Train and his team of publicists, crisis managers and hacks still operate by the same old quid pro quo of celebrity image-making. People Magazine has only done a handful of stories about all of the Miraval drama, and People Mag wants to walk that fine line of staying on Pitt’s good side and Jolie’s good side. So as a reward for not covering most of Pitt’s Miraval mess, People got an “exclusive” about how Brad is “living his best life” these days. Curiously, this piece actually mentions his children AND his dating life.

Brad Pitt is making the most of life on and offscreen. Although the actor, 58, has recently been busy promoting his upcoming action-comedy Bullet Train, he makes the most of his downtime with his kids, despite ongoing legal disputes with ex Angelina Jolie.

A source close to Pitt tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, “Brad has dinner with his younger kids when they are all in L.A. Since the kids are older now, they have their own life and friends. Brad still has a pretty good relationship with them.”

“Brad has his movies, he has Miraval and he has these other [passions],” says the source. “He loves architecture, he loves creativity. He’s living his best life under the circumstances…. He’s really enjoying Miraval and always poured the profits back into it,” adds the source. (Jolie sold her interests in the property in October 2021, and Pitt is fighting her in multiple lawsuits seeking to nullify the sale.)

“Brad is having a great time promoting Bullet Train,” says an insider. “It was a great project for him to film after months of COVID lockdown. The shooting schedule was intense and challenging for him. He loved it. He feels great about the movie.”

Pitt is just as content outside of work, immersing himself in a variety of creative pursuits and spending time with friends. “He has a large group of artsy friends in L.A. that he hangs out with,” adds the insider. “He’s dating, but is not in a serious relationship.”

[From People]

This September will be the sixth anniversary of Angelina Jolie taking the children, fleeing from a private plane and filing for divorce. What continues to surprise me is that Brad hasn’t been in a serious relationship since then. The Neri Oxman thing was a PR debacle, as was the Nico Poturalski mess. It cannot be this difficult to find a pretty, young-but-not-too-young serious girlfriend for Brad. So why hasn’t his team done that? I suspect it’s because Brad is still a huge f–king mess. Like, we only know a fraction of it. Anyway, the kids are in Rome with their mom right now and I have my doubts as to whether he sees any of them regularly. As for Pitt “pouring the profits” back into Miraval… well, that’s what we’ll see in his dipsh-t lawsuit against Jolie, as Tenute del Mondo’s lawsuit against Pitt.

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    The kids and Angelina seem to be happy and doing well. I hope that he gets his act together so that he can enjoy his children. Messy.

    • LMK says:

      Nothing is stopping him openly dating despite every person knows he’s been sleeping around with women , so why the ehikd secrecy , it’s not like he’s hurting the kids feelings, especially as he hasn’t put their feelings first or foremost with all his gaslighting of Angelina Jolie in media and public. So what gives. Also I see he’s already laying down the ground work by saying he’s pouring money back in to Miraval, same miss use of business funds he’s being taken to court by his buisness partners Stoli Group. Their victory has made him change the narrative trying to play nicely, still gaslighting Angelina of course there can never be an article where he and his team not accuse Angelina of any form of misogynistic attack on her

      • AD says:

        Thank you

      • N says:

        Totally agree re: the pouring profits back into Miraval. I noticed he was using present continuous, and not past tense, or even present perfect tense to describe this specific action. Just like he was specific about “he did not hit his kid in the face”. Same old trick. Like does he think the law would be lenient should they find out he mismanaged business funds in the past? Does he think he can get away with it just like he got away with the abuse investigation back in 2017? He got away with the latter, because he played along to buy time and Jolie hoped that he truly was remorse about his action. So the mother of his children decided not to persue further and then he waited until all court files were seal, by which point, he knew he could start attack without the legality of domestic abuse allegation ever getting in the way. But this is different. Tenute del Mondo (Stoli) is not the wife of his children. They do not owe him any emotional attachment. I wonder what would his PR be like should the court find him guilty of business malpractice, misuse of business funds, dodging corporate taxes, etc. Any one of these charges is a criminal act and is potentially prison serving, or at least subjected to fines. Does he think he can bet serious media such as NYT, WP, etc to ignore this like he can manipulate the tabloids in the past or right now?

      • N says:

        I recant. He did use past tense by saying “poured profits back into Miraval”. But the devil is in the detail. When did he pour the profit back? When he drawed the company funds in the form of paying out dividends, was there a corporate motion involved? Did his partner, ie Jolie at the time, have any say? And even if he did not draw out funds balatently, did he mix his personal living arrangement as individual with Miraval as the company? Did he overcharge his tax deduction when submitting his or Miraval’s annual tax return?

  2. fineskylark says:

    My first thought on reading that headline was, “Sure, Jan.”

  3. A says:

    Having an occasional dinner with 3 of your 6 kids is not anything to boast about. Very sad story all the way around.

    • DK says:


      Especially when, if it’s just the 3 youngest kids, as the article implies, it’s also having an occasional dinner with only your biological children and not your adopted children; only your white children and not your children of color.

      Not a boast at all, and in fact, a very bad look, Brad.

      • MtlExPat says:

        Came here to say the same thing Re him just seeing his little blond bio kids (if that’s even true). He’s such a vile human being.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        Not that I really want to defend Pitt here, but if that’s the case, it’s likely because the older (non-bio) kids are now legally old enough to decide whether or not they want to see him and have probably (COMPLETELY understandably) told him to go scratch.

        of course I could be wrong and he could absolutely be THAT GUY who thinks adopted children aren’t really “his”.

  4. TheOriginalMia says:

    He has dinner with the younger ones. I told mom the younger ones aren’t of age to tell him to kick rocks. He’s desperate to prove he’s the cool, concerned about his kids’ futures, when the reality is he’s still an addict, abuser and all around jackass whose looks are leaving him.

    • Ivy says:

      I am pretty sure it’s just the twins too. I am confused why his PR thought it was appropriate to add?

  5. Tina says:

    Gosh, imagine a woman saying this… the bare minimum involvement with kids said by a mom, she’d be eaten alive. Women can’t even go out for a night without being asked why they aren’t with their kids. He’s such a POS and the industry just keeps pumping out his projects and promoting his gross brand.

    • Mia1066 says:

      Same with Cruise, right? The daily Fail right now are so up his arse it’s unbelievable!

      • lucy2 says:

        That one always gets me. If a woman had flat out abandoned her child for a cult, the media (and everyone) would rip her apart for the rest of her life.

      • Xantha says:


        That’s what happened with Nicole Kidman to an extent. I remember people in the gossip sphere in the late 2000’s accusing her of abandoning her two older kids. It was only later when we find out that they are brainwashed by Scientology to turn against her.

        I’m still stumped that Brad’s gone nearly six years without being seen with any of his kids in public. Even the most private celebs can’t dodge the paps like that forever.

  6. JustMe says:

    Well he must be doing alright – he supposedly bought an estate in. Armed, CA for 45 Million

    • Sunnyish says:

      I saw that! The article mentions that it is the highest sale price of a property in the area!

    • lucy2 says:

      While he’s still battling it out with his ex, being sued by the winery partner, and being sued for all the New Orleans mess? Who told him that was a good idea, to be a $45 million estate!?

  7. Ohplease says:

    Ah yes, how every great parent describes their relationship with their kids.

    “Pretty good.” Nevermind having been involved in no major milestone in their life, missing college visits, orientations, karate tournaments. All attended by mom.

    Also it was revealed he was planning a big dinner in his hotel in Rome and staff was getting ready but his kids didn’t go with him. He arrived back at the hotel alone, so interesting he feels the need to bring up dinner. This, plus the profits being poured back into miraval, looks like his team is trying to cover all their bases when there is already proof to the contrary.

    • Coco says:

      Ya the kids wouldn’t have dinner with him in Rome, but he want us to believe that they have dinner with him in LA.

      You know who they didn’t mind having dinner with, going shopping, getting ice cream with, their mom. Which tells you everything you need to know about his relationship with his kids.

  8. Cora says:

    “He’s dating, but it is not a serious relationship.”

    So is that People-speak for he’s dating another married woman again?

  9. Glamarazzi says:

    Gee those stories about a dinner with his kids is kinda saddening. I just wish for him to get good therapy and get his life together. He could have many productive years ahead if he seeks help – take it seriously, get off the sauce, stay away from lawyers.

  10. Emily says:

    Wow, it’s already been six years! His relationship with his kids is still in the toilet.

  11. Coco says:

    The fact that a “source close to Pitt” aka ( his PR team) is talks about him having dinner with some of his kids and not Pitt himself tells me it’s all BS. He using a source so that if the story ever comes out on untrue, he can always deny it and say it was BS made up by the tabloids.

  12. Ivy says:

    I see they mentioned pouring the profits back in the business like they did when Nouvel won. Sounds like Nouvel was on the right track and money was indeed being mismanaged he’s laying the ground work for a defense

    • ShazBot says:

      Yeah, the more they keep publicly saying he pours the profits back into the business, the sketchier it sounds.

      • Ivy says:

        Especially since they have never added that part. They’re getting ahead what will be found

  13. lucy2 says:

    He’s great, the movie’s great, the filming was great, the promotion is great, everything’s GREAT, OK???? that’s how that source’s comment reads.

    What a mess he’s made of his life.

  14. Jay says:

    This is what I don’t get – Tom freaking Cruise is seen with and often rumoured to be dating several beautiful, age appropriate women. Usually a costar, which makes convenient press for whatever his upcoming film is. My point is it can’t be that hard.

    Why can’t Brad, presumably a much more sought after bachelor, or his pr people get it together? The only explanation I can think of is that he’s a mess behind the scenes and not even C list celebs want to have their names linked to his romantically.

  15. Karisma says:

    “It cannot be this difficult to find a pretty, young-but-not-too-young serious girlfriend for Brad. So why hasn’t his team done that? I suspect it’s because Brad is still a huge f–king mess. Like, we only know a fraction of it.”


  16. AC says:

    The article is just like him, pathetic.

  17. lulu says:

    Does Pitt pay child support?

  18. AppleCart says:

    I will never forget him going on media tours spouting how deseperate he was to have kids. How badly he wanted kids. While married to Jen A KNOWING she never wanted or would have kids. Gaslighting her or punishing her for not wanting his sacred seed.

    Then he gets a gaggle of them and abandons them. Or just wants them for a career photo op. He’s worse than the kid that cries for a toy then gets bored of it and tosse it away 5 minutes later.

  19. AD says:

    One of his lies!