Angelina Jolie told the FBI in 2016 that Brad Pitt physically assaulted her

We’re almost at the six-year anniversary of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s plane incident, an incident which was so bad that it necessitated an FBI investigation. It was so bad that Angelina fled the airport with her six children, filed for divorce and never looked back. She’s been fighting Brad in court for six years. She’s also been fighting his PR. When Angelina fled the private plane in 2016, she hired lawyers, child psychologists and trauma specialists. Brad hired crisis managers and publicists. In the past six years, Angelina has never spoken publicly about exactly what happened on the plane, but she has said that she feared for the safety of her whole family. Angelina was also successful – in the long term – in getting the unethical divorce judge kicked off the Jolie-Pitt case. Judge Ouderkirk failed to disclose his ongoing financial relations with Brad Pitt’s lawyers.

I bring this up because Brad has spent the past six years paying a lot of people a lot of money to cover up what happened on the plane and what he did to his wife and his children. In April, Angelina sued the FBI to get her hands on their records from the investigation into the plane incident. Puck News’ Eriq Gardner had an update:

Having followed their bizarre post-divorce legal battle for some time, I can now confirm that Jolie is indeed the plaintiff in the F.B.I. suit. I can also reveal that the pseudonymous lawsuit is available publically for the first time. On Aug. 9, Jolie amended the complaint, which includes an interesting new detail. Before the F.B.I. announced that Pitt would not be charged with assault on an airplane, the agent investigating the Sept. 2016 incident prepared a statement of probable cause and presented it to the chief of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. (In the amended complaint, Jolie says she learned this from the F.B.I.’s FOIA response last year.)

Was the F.B.I. preparing for the possibility of charging Pitt with a crime? Here’s what I can say after looking into the F.B.I.’s investigation. Jolie told the special agent that Pitt was drinking and had taken her to the back of the plane, according to the agent’s notes at the time. He allegedly grabbed her shoulders and shook her and yelled things like, “You’re f–king up this family.” Later, during this same flight, another physical altercation allegedly took place, and Jolie said she sustained injuries; she gave the agent a photo of her elbow in an attempt to corroborate this. At another point, Jolie says Pitt poured beer on her. (Pitt’s camp has denied any wrongdoing.)

After preparing a statement of probable cause, the F.B.I. agent met with the assistant U.S. attorney. They subsequently agreed that criminal charges would not be pursued, according to the case file. What was their reasoning? Jolie’s amended complaint cites the need for those unredacted records and corroborating evidence, which remain in the agency’s possession.

[From Puck News]

So, Angelina Jolie gave a full statement to the FBI investigating the plane incident, in which she detailed how Brad Pitt repeatedly physically assaulted her and she gave the FBI photographic evidence of her injuries. The FBI prepared a statement of probable cause, meaning that the FBI thought there was a case which could be prosecuted. The Assistant US Attorney declined to pursue criminal charges. This is why Jolie sued the FBI – she wanted these records and she wanted to know why criminal charges were never pursued and why the whole thing was buried so quickly. I’m not saying Pitt paid off anyone, but I will say that Angelina already discovered one instance of financial impropriety and unethical behavior involving Pitt and his team. Brad is such a piece of sh-t.

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  1. Belle says:

    Wow!!! Still after all these years, details are shocking. Angelina has been dealing with a lot and once again Pitt true colors are revealed.

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      Brad is an a$$hole. We knew it that whole time. Angelina is as strong as a woman can be. TeamAngie all the way

    • Laura says:

      And yet he’ll keep making movies and making millions and being adored by the oblivious.

      • HelloDolly! says:

        …And yet people will still scream of “cancel culture.”

        (THERE IS NO CANCEL CULTURE. IT’S CALLED ACCOUNTABILITY. And half these privileged people experience zero repercussions for their behavior!)

    • ArtHistorian says:

      She made a vague remark in an interview that haunts me after this revelation. She said that there had been times where didn’t feel safe – initially, I thought she meant that emotionally but I guess that she also had to fear for her physical safety with him.

      • Zen says:

        I can’t imagine how frightening it would be to have a drunk man yell at and shake you ON A PLANE while in the air. She couldn’t get away from him. And her children were trapped on that plane with her.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Yea, absolutely terrifying. I also recount one of the earliest articles about the plane incident mentioned that there were damages to the interior of the plane! He must have gone absolutely berserk. No wonder that the court specified that she had to ensure the children that they would be safe with him when they saw him. The children must have been absolutely terrified of him after that incident. I know the press and a lot of people took that instruction to be “evidence” of parental alienation but I think that the children were legitimately afraid of their father.

      • The Hench says:

        Not least that someone going berserk in a small, airborne tin can presents a danger to the flight itself. You do NOT want someone out of control at 35,000 feet. She could have been terrified for all of them. The fact the pilot thought it bad enough to do an emergency, unscheduled landing shows he/she thought it was a serious problem too.

    • Lucy says:

      My thoughts exactly. Just when you think it can’t get worse…

      I truly hope everyone involved has found good support and some healing after this incident and everything that came before.

  2. Amy Bee says:

    Brad Pitt wasn’t charged because of who he is. Plain and simple.

    • Aang says:

      Courts don’t take domestic violence seriously and any decent lawyer would take a single instance with no injury or hospital trip and have it quickly dismissed. She’s lucky she had the means to leave because it usually gets worse each time it happens. Many women are stuck.

      • Charfromdarock says:

        The legal system is designed by and for the benefit of white men. There is no justice for women.

    • ABCD says:

      Aang, yes! He wasn’t charged because this cases aren’t being taken seriously. The evidence of the domestic violence against me was enough for the police to bring me to a women shelter, but even though they were required by law to press charges against my then partner, they simply refused to.

      • aang says:

        ABCD I’m so sorry you had that experience. I hope you are in a safe space now. We need to do better protecting women and children from violent men.

    • Ariel says:

      Not just because Pitt is a celebrity. The FBI has a history, a recent one, of not charging other white men with heinous crimes- see: US gymnastics. Those girls and their parents reported and followed up with the FBI, who did nothing while Nassar continued to molest girls.
      The FBI is mostly about white men protecting other white men.

      They probably thought about pitt the way they don’t want to punish rapists- well, we don’t want to ruin his future- he has such a bright future.
      No thought at all given to the victims- after all those women aren’t dead- so- its all fine- as far as they are concerned.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        Say it again for the people ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the way in the back.

      • TwinFalls says:

        Agree. And what’s the common thread in so many stories on here? the misuse and devaluation of women by men and society and still some people want to “both sides” and “if it were reversed” everything as though fighting for equality under the law means ignoring the actual differences that currently exist for men and women that result in harm (financial, physical, emotional) to women and often the children, too, and the cycles go on.

        AJ every privilege available other than being male and her battle to be safe and guarantee the safety of the children has been uphill the whole way.

      • Ponchorella says:

        Brett Kavanaugh.

      • BP Payne says:

        @Ariel…YES EXACTLY THIS!

    • Eleonor says:

      He is Hollywood golden boy…😒

    • Christina says:

      I wish it was just because of who he is as a celebrity. Not the case as far as I have seen.

      My kid has a brain injury, and we have a permanent restraining order against kid’s dad, the man who caused it when he was trying to choke our 12 year-old to death. Neurologists from a reputable hospital wrote that the TBI came from his assault, but he was not convicted because there was not enough evidence in the minds of the prosecutor and his staff. The ex did not go to jail until a few years later, for international wire fraud.

      In short, money was more important than kid’s life in the eyes if the system. It’s baked in to protect abusive people in court. There are abusive women, but the vast majority, based on my personal experience watching years of cases in the courthouse as I waited with other former partners and parents, are men.

      And yes, kid is terrified of father, but is beloved by my wonderful husband, kid’s stepdad. We are fortunate that it’s finally over, but we will always watch our backs, because we know how dangerous he is.

      • Ronaldinhio says:

        I’m so sorry you and your son went through that that and are still dealing with it to this day. Sending you much love and agreeing with your every word
        I agree domestic abuse and IPV is not supported by law enforcement – unless death occurs. At this point they begin with why did this good man (largely) do such a thing and victim blame their way backward.
        My father tried to blind my mother after years of violent abuse. He never even faced charges. We were placed in care until she was able to leave hospital. I became a trauma therapist specialist in IPV largely because of our childhoods and lack of support for any of us

  3. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    And there it is. He’s such a garbage person.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      yup. suspected since it happened, now there is proof.

      it takes a lot of strength to do what she did…and before I hear it from anyone…yes, I know it was easier for her than for your average woman due to her finances, but it STILL indicates she is a strong woman who cares more about her children than anything else. those poor kids must have been so scared and BRAVO to Maddox for defending his mother.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        And he has continued the abuse post separation through the courts and dragging out the financial side of their divorce. Society in general need to realize that spousal abuse can take many forms.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      The way she has been treated since this relationship ended has been disgusting. Even without this being confirmed, because a woman shouldn’t have to have already been physically harmed (or stripped of basic rights) for misogyny to be taken seriously. The fact that she was assaulted just makes the way she was treated like some demonic, child-manipulating, psychotic Jezebel whom Poor Brad was too good to sully himself with even more sickening. And the kids weren’t treated very well by people pushing that narrative either.

  4. Southern Fried says:

    Wow. That changes things up for sure. Get his azz, Angelina. Brad wants to drag things out, so be it. It will only backfire on him legally. So her official request was April, where the hell are the records?

  5. truthSF says:

    Poor Jolie and the kids! I 100% believe her a d support her fight! There’s a reason their kids are standing by their mom!

    This story is very triggering and very real for me. My mom was assaulted on a train by my step father…after he threw his 3 yr old son to the other side of the isle because he was sitting in his seat when he got back from the bathroom.

    • SAS says:

      &TruthSF, ugh train/plane, the lack of escape is terrifying! Makes me feel sick to the stomach, sorry to your fam and to Angelina’s too for such an awful experience.

    • Kokiri says:

      I’m right beside you here too.
      My father punched my mother in the breast, in the car. She got out but made me stay with him (I hated her for that, I was terrified). I had to drive home with him, alone.
      I was a baby, just 5 or 6.
      The trauma is real & never goes away.

      Her kids experienced such trauma, & she stayed & helped them. I love her & always will, such courage she has.

  6. YeahRight says:

    The reason they didn’t do anything is because domestic violence isn’t taken seriously. So many women have lost their lives because the justice system failed them. A white man with his fame and money he’s basically untouchable especially he didn’t put her in a hospital so they really don’t care. Just goes to show that if a white woman with her fame and money can’t get them to take domestic violence seriously there’s no hope for the rest of us.

    • Gillysirl says:

      This is so true. People don’t take domestic violence seriously. It’s proven time and time again. On top of this, Brad’s team has victim-shamed Angelina and tried to make Brad the victim of a “shrew”.

      • KFG says:

        Considering stats say that excess of 40% of police/law enforcement commit domestic violence, it’s more of that whole protect their own. So many women in the shelter I volunteered at were running from police officer husbands/boyfriends. Domestic altercations are more likely to end in death or serious injury.

    • Becks1 says:

      This is so true and is what happened, IMO. Did Pitt probably use his influence to stop the prosecution? Yes. But it probably didn’t take a lot of influence (if that makes sense) because domestic violence as a threshold matter is not taken seriously. I think whats so important about Angelina getting answers is what it shows about the justice system in general and how it views domestic violence victims.

      • Colby says:

        Totally makes sense to me. He used his celebrity to squash the 10% of effort they were going to put into this.

      • Welp says:

        Does she possess no celebrity?

        He is likely no saint, but I doubt she is either. We’ll all have to see what the kids say about it when they grow up.

    • Kokiri says:

      And I think too, this is exactly why the comments about Michelle Branch differed so much from Will Smith.

      We know they will prosecute her as much as they can. Her ex will try to destroy her is ways a man will never be destroyed.

      Look at Angelina, & Britney too, what Kfed is attempting to do.

      It’s disappointing, disgusting, disheartening.

      • rawiya says:

        People were calling for Will to be jailed for life or killed. You’re really going to act like a BLACK man, no matter how wealthy/famous, could get away with some of the things his white counterparts can? The Academy banned Will for 10 years for a slap (okay, fine) but gives awards to pedophiles.

      • Kokiri says:

        Apologies, I meant the conversations yesterday about Michelle vs Will.

        Not Brad vs Will.

        Hope that clarifies.

  7. Mia4s says:

    So it is….exactly what we all knew happened. What do you know, once again a woman speaking truth about an abuser? Amazing, who would have thought!? (Please note my sarcasm)

    So essentially this happened and Maddox stepped in and was struck and Angie was done with it. Bravo to her. And f**k off Bradley and your assorted flunkies.

  8. sunny says:

    Well we here have speculated for years that he assaulted her on the plane, we knew it was bad. I feel awful for what she had to endure but also how he dragged her through the courts after for YEARS. What a jerk! So glad she and the children are thriving.

    Society real treats DV like it is not a serious issue.

  9. Maria from Tercer mundo says:

    his PR a few days ago: ‘he see the kids (the bio ones cough cough) as much as he can’.
    he must be thankful for even see them one second. he is a POS. is this new? No but I’m in shocked with the details physical and verbal atack even he poured beer on her with the kids looking, all on the air. what a frightening situation. Drunken b*stard.

  10. susan says:

    I knew that he got physical with her. I knew it. Been saying it for years.

  11. Mireille says:

    Just a reminder this is the same agency that did such a piss poor job investigating Larry Nassar.

  12. bergamot says:

    In the amended complaint, Jolie says she learned this from the F.B.I.’s FOIA response last year

    I really find it fascinating that she learned that from F.B.I. FOIA. If not for that, she wouldn’t know.

    • The Hench says:

      @bergamot – what is the ‘this’ in your comment? Because, if as I suspect, it is the assault itself, then you are wasting your time trolling here.

      If it isn’t, then I apologise but suggest you clarify so others do not make the same negative assumption.

      • Skye says:

        @hench seems logical to interpret bergamot’s “this” as the finding of probable cause before it was decided charges would not be pressed? AJ didn’t know what had gone on behind the scenes with the FBI/DA, just that he was never charged. Your interpretation is odd (to me).

    • Jaded says:

      She “learned” it because she “experienced” it. The FOIA request is because her cockroach of an ex-husband has been smearing her for 6 years. The FBI deliberately shelved her complaint because it’s a swamp of misogynistic jerks who don’t take domestic violence by men against women seriously. Pitt should have been thrown to the wolves years ago.

      • bergamot says:

        I thought that I was clear when I was referring to that quote that she only learned that he was almost arrested after she filed for FOIA. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t know.

  13. BuzzKell says:

    ugh. douche. what is it with men and their inability to control their substance abuse while also crying about the life that never was? Triggering for me as well. I can almost see all of it happening although I wasn’t there. LOL at the abusive narcissist who is crying about Ange selling away her shares at this winery …. the last thing Pitter needs to be doing is running a winery.

  14. AC says:

    I read that last night and It made me angry! She’s been dealing with a lot with that! Also, before anyone says she told, it was filed as Jane Doe! It was the FBI because it was on an airplane before people ask why they were involved. It only enforces to me why is kids don’t deal with him. Something tells me that he did this behind close doors also if he was bold enough to do it on a plane. I am so glad that she left that situation and didn’t look back. Shame on the FBI!

  15. MarineTheMachine says:

    Anybody else thinking about Michelle Branch’s right now? She was arrested without any proof of physical injury on her husband.

  16. Karisma says:

    From what Angelina has been hinting in interviews over the years, he was physically abusive with her multiple times and she stayed until it affected the children. So this new revelation isn’t shocking to me, her breaking point was him putting his hands on one of her children.
    And I wouldn’t be surprised if he used his power and influence with the fbi. How did he go from almost getting prosecuted to getting cleared so quickly? Something fishy went down for sure

    • Say what? says:

      Babee Pitt is sleaze and probably got wasted after this conversation started at Miraval and escalated that she wanted to leave his drunk azz. He retaliated with violence because she wouldn’t continue the charade. That’s how narcissistic people operate and has shifted the blame to her!

    • Discordant says:

      Right, he was so abusive to her she only had 6 kids with him, let him adopt her eldest, entered into a business with him, had an affair while he was married and got pregnant, etc. Yup. Also, Brad just suddenly became abusive in his 30s despite never being so before. Got it.

      • Coco says:


        Hi Brad

      • goofpuff says:

        @discordant. you have never lived with an abuser like him have you. this is very common thing. in fact this makes her experience ring more true to me.

      • Christy says:

        I’m curious Discordant – just what exactly is your theory as to why Angelina Jolie got off the plane, took her kids and never looked back?

      • Turtledove says:

        Men that were once in happy marriages sometimes go on to MURDER their wives and children.

        What is your point?

      • Lola says:

        Abusers usually don’t abuse their victims on day 1 of the relationship. They typically BEGIN abusing the other person for the first time after a change in the relationship that makes it harder to leave. This includes: her getting pregnant, being postpartum/breastfeeding, each additional child, her quitting her job/taking a pay cut, moving in together and her giving up her own housing, signing a mortgage together, being engaged, getting married. The number of women I’ve personally heard from who had the shit beat out of them the day of or day after their wedding, by someone who appeared like a dream guy up until that point, is terrifying.

      • AC says:

        It’s not his time. Brad You should know

      • Marcus says:

        You really should educate yourself on abuse. Jolie has suffered that.

  17. Noki says:

    No wonder his kids stay away , especially the boys and I imagine Maddox was livid and disgusted.

    • TIFFANY says:

      I was just thinking about Maddox. I totally believe Pitt putting his hands on him, who was defending his mother, is what got AJ to bounce.

      Something tells me we are gonna hear those stories sooner rather than later.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a “Daddy Dearest” book from either Maddox or Pax at one point.

      • Say what says:

        Poor Mad his fans said terrible things about this young man

      • Loolaa says:

        He did hit Maddox, he admitted to it in a press release. Or to hitting one of the kids. He said something like he had ‘made contact with his shoulder’, but specified that it wasn’t ‘in the face/head’ or some such wording.

  18. MJM says:

    After all these years Brad is still trying to gaslight us into believing Angelina was the problem and that he left Angelina through his pr and powerful Hollywood connections. Same old abuser playbook.

  19. girl_ninja says:

    What a f*cking monster. To grab, hit and POUR beer on anyone is horrible but to do this to your partner, your wife – the mother of your children? What a disgrace.

    • lucy2 says:

      Bad enough on its on, but also he did this on a plane where she had no means of escape, AND in front of their kids.
      Even worse, he’s never seemed truly remorseful (his sob story interviews were for PR only) and should have spent the past few years getting sober, getting therapy, making amends, and trying to repair his relationships with his kids and to be a good co-parent with her. instead he’s spent 6 years slandering and fighting her every step of the way.

  20. HeyKay says:

    I knew it. Right from the start, I knew he got physically violent with either AJ or one of the kids.
    God Bless AJ for protecting the children.

    I was married to a man who is an untreated alcoholic. Yes, domestic violence against me by him happened. Divorce lawyer called next AM.

    Brad Pitt has admitted that he went years not being sober. Liquor, weed, whatever.
    I don’t give 2 hot damns to hear his explanations, thoughts or opinions.
    Violence against your partner or children is unforgivable, IMO.
    He is a man who has lost his family because of HIS choices and actions.
    Face it, Own it, Live with it Brad. You vile excuse for a Father.

  21. Gobo says:

    I sometimes think back to the couple of times the cops were called out to their house due to the panic button being pressed by mistake. And I wonder if it was actually a mistake, or a panicking child.

  22. Jen D says:

    I’m very worried with how his team will respond to this. Dragging up her past drug use? Getting her father to say she’s unstable? Factoring her sexuality into this somehow? None of these things are shameful, but we know how the media treats women.

    I am hoping this will propel him to finally settle with her and allow her to move on.

    • Lady D says:

      Her drug use was so last millennium, I really wonder if his lawyers would bother with it? For the past 20 years, we’ve all seen her as a doting mother and humanitarian travelling the world to help the traumatized. I really wonder what they would fling at her that isn’t 20+ years old?

  23. Wow says:

    When Jane doe first filed this it was stated that the children have lasting PHYSICAL and mental injuries. So he beat the kids too. Also when the plane incident first came to light it was said that he was taring the planes interior up and then when it landed he took off in a truck and peed on the tarmac

    • KFG says:

      I always thought he was actively beating her, but she thought she hid it. I think bc he hurt the kids this time she was done. A lot of women think addicts will get better or the abuse is temporary. But him hurting her kids was the line. I would be surprised if the 3 oldest kids went after him to stop him and he attacked them. We know Maddox definitely attacked and Brad punched him. Those kids are very protective of each other so I don’t see this going without them trying to intervene. He’s a pos.

    • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

      The press tries to make us forget the truck! He commandeered a truck once the plane landed (emergency landing)!!! Insane.
      I cannot begin to imagine the terror those little kids felt on the plane as their father was beating their mother, brother and tearing the plane apart mid-air.
      And LASTING physical injuries?! He’s dead to those children.

      • Discordant says:

        Yea, so dead to his children he sees them regularly and has visitation rights. You people are insane.

      • Coco says:


        Hi Brad

        No he doesn’t by his own administration he said recently he has dinner with the young one every now and again.

      • Christy says:

        Please Brad. So regularly that he clearly didn’t. even. know. Zahara was going to Spellman.

  24. Wow says:

    Looking back to see how he’s handled the situation – no apology and a lot of priming and preening for the cameras on red carpets as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. He has been Gaslighting her through the tabloids and continuing the abuse

  25. Wow says:

    Not sure where my post went but look up the filing she when Jane doe first filed. It said the children have lasting physical injuries.

    He is an abusive pos. Yuck

  26. OriginalMich says:

    He is repellent. The assault, the verbal abuse, the children in the middle of it all. Just disgusting.

    The pouring of the beer seems like a small point in all of this but it shows such monumental disrespect and intention to humiliate.

    And he has tried to control and humiliate her ever since.

    What an utter garbage person.

    • Kebbie says:

      The beer is the worst part, IMO. If he intentionally poured a beer on her, that shows such a profound lack of respect. It is so degrading to do that to someone.

      If I saw a man shaking a woman by the shoulders and a man intentionally pouring a beer on a woman, I think I’d be more concerned for the woman who had the beer poured on her. Like, what other ways is this man torturing this poor woman behind closed doors? Unfortunately, Angelina experienced both of those things and worse.

    • VIVAAVIVA says:

      I agree. The pouring a beer on her is what sent this over the edge for me. I mean, obviously physically assaulting her and the children was terrible, but the utter degradation and humiliation of pouring a beverage on someone is next level.

      I wouldn’t treat an animal that way. Disgusting.

    • Hanna says:

      And he was took her to the back of plane. He was so busy abuser and coward.gosh what an insulted to her. I think sooner we heard more story.pouring and throwing a beer that so sissy abuser .you are moron brad

  27. TEALIEF says:

    She went to Washington DC with one of her daughters to speak for the need for the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, “VAWA”. She choked up, and damn near broke into tears. Yes, he did put his hands on her on more than one occasion, and committed acts of violence. No measure of styling: “artistically conceptualized” magazine covers, red carpets in skirts, neutral coloured or green leisure suits, and jumping around like a hyperactive anime character, is going to change what he did.

  28. bettyrose says:

    I’m still reeling from how shocking this was six years ago. I really thought they were a passionately in love power couple, but abuse doesn’t just happen instantaneously. Clearly he’d been abusive to her and the children for a long time and we weren’t seeing it. I’ve never been a fan of his, but them together I loved. Now this is all he is to me, an abusive douchenozzle who continues to use the courts to abuse his family.

  29. Xantha says:

    We all knew he had to have done something horrible for Angelina to file for divorce so quickly afterwards. Still knowing the truth doesn’t make it easier to handle.

    And also, celebitches who are lawyers: What is the statute of limitations on average for domestic abuse cases?

  30. candy says:

    These men are all the same. They think it’s okay to get belligerently drunk and intimidate, assault, scare their wives and children. Like so many women, I’ve been through it and it’s not fun.

  31. SIde Eye says:

    We knew he was garbage when he left his first wife and essentially blamed her in the media for his very public and humiliating affair with Jolie, calling her “boring” (you were boring so I cheated on you). His public bullying of Aniston on Oprah (I want babies “little Jennifers”) intensifying the public pressure on her to have his children when, she either did not want to have kids or could not – or maybe she saw he was an abusive stoner and not fatherhood material and decided against it – yes I’m speculating. If that’s the case Aniston’s instincts were spot on – look at Brad as a father today – the White kids are important and the others are an afterthought, or not much of a thought at all. He put his hands on one of his children striking him (but he didn’t punch him in the face ya’ll). He abused their mother in front of his children. He didn’t even know his own daughter got into Spellman, a huge accomplishment. Dad of the frigging year.

    He treated his first wife appallingly, and that stands whether she has forgiven him and is gracious to him when he is undeserving of it. I remember back then he had a lot of defenders here and the Aniston hate was out of control. Everyone gave him a pass cause he landed one of the world’s most beautiful women and they looked amazing with their insanely gorgeous, happy blended family. But the reality is he is a crap person.

    I’m gonna get cussed out now for bringing up Jennifer Aniston and I know she isn’t liked on here, but she did not deserve the way he treated her and neither did Jolie. I read somewhere that there was an eye witness account of him and Aniston in a limo and he was berating her, even the way she spoke. He had the power in that relationship because he was the mega star and the star of that relationship.

    I’m guessing he resented that Jolie eclipsed him in every way – she is more gorgeous than him even in his prime. She does more good things in the world. She was the star of that relationship – not him. He’s a has been.

    Kudos to Jolie for taking her kids and bouncing. I’m guessing Brad usually does the leaving and he is not handling very well that she left him. Now I’m glad Mike Tyson threatened to kick his ass and terrified him when she was with Robin Givens.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’ve disliked him since then too, and you’re right, so many people gave him a pass because it was Angelina, and then all the kids. I’d get reemed out for criticizing him back then, but it was how I felt. I disliked him for ditching his wife and then letting everyone blame her and pit the women against each other, but it turns out he had an even uglier side too – abuse and cruelty.

      It’s really sad to think that under all that glitz and glamour, and selling themselves as this perfect Hollywood couple, he was abusing Angelina, and the kids, and that they were all victims to his substance abuse and rage. I can’t imagine how isolated Angelina must have felt, and how trapped she must have been. Even with all the resources in the world, it took that horrible flight for her to finally be able to run with the kids.

    • Discordant says:

      so jolie gets a pass for being the woman who had an affair with a married man?

    • Bisynaptic says:

      Yup. Pitt revealed himself by the way he treated Anniston.

    • kirk says:

      I must admit I never paid much attention to these people back in the day of the cheating except to wonder why anyone would leave Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie, still don’t get it. Also don’t understand why AJ is amending the complaint six years after the fact when the federal statute is probably five years. Unless she wants it B&W in public. As for position of the FBI, no they don’t take women’s issues seriously (women are usually the victims in domestic violence case) because the force is ~ 80% male. Read great book recently about one woman’s experience in both CIA and FBI, “The Unexpected Spy by Tracy Walder.” Her experience in FBI was demoralizing.

      • AC says:

        @ Kirk Of course you don’t. You wouldn’t. It’s her fault right? Like she doesn’t have the right to know why they didn’t do anything. Typical misogynistic comment

    • SIde Eye says:

      @Lucy2 and @Bisynaptic perfectly stated. He really sat back while the media pitted these two against each other. It’s as though he enjoyed humiliating Aniston and he could have put a stop to that nonsense anytime and instead chose to rub her nose in it. @Lucy you are right that there is a darker side to him that we were unaware of. I noticed over the years that every woman who got romantically involved with him became painfully thin at some point. I always took this to mean he is no walk in the park that one.

      @Discordant – Angelina has a pattern of dating men involved with other women. So no, I’m not giving her a pass. However, I’ll say this about her – she seems like an amazing mom, she was an amazing daughter to her mom, she does amazing things in the world and brings attention to the plight of refugees. Her work is tireless and dangerous. There’s a pic of her at a refugee camp where the camera captured her without her knowledge, the emotion and the fatigue had obviously overwhelmed her. What’s Brad legacy again? Ripping off Katrina victims – taking claim for a project when it appears to have succeeded and then distancing and disassociating from it the minute it turned out to be disaster. Those victims had to sue him he won’t even do right by them and has the nerve to call this operation Make it Right. Also Angelina isn’t abusive – and she isn’t abusive to her children – which Brad clearly is.

      Brad was the one who had vows to uphold here – not Angelina. Angelina didn’t have a wife but Brad did.I put the onus on Brad to be faithful to his wife, instead of gaslighting her telling her there was nothing going on when there clearly was. I remember Aniston saying “I chose to believe my husband.” Yes, I hold Brad to a higher standard here – not giving Angelina a pass but she was not the married one when they met.

      • TEALIEF says:

        @Side Eye, my thinking exactly. “Brad was the one who had vows to uphold here – not Angelina.” As you said, no one is giving Angelina a pass, but there are levels of responsibility and culpability. It was his responsibility to hold true to the vows that he made to his wife. Angelina didn’t make the vows to Jennifer, he did. He was unfaithful to his wife, he was the culpable party. Primary impropriety rests with him. Why is it almost always women have to bear the brunt of the heaped scorn. Give me a break.

        That’s why I like that most European countries require a civil service – a contract entered into by two people- which can be followed by a religious service. There is a cold clarity. He broke the contract and he broke faith with Jennifer.

      • SIde Eye says:

        @Tealief I love what you just said. We are on the same page.

  32. AmelieOriginal says:

    Oh wow I was unaware of Angelina suing the FBI and wanting access to their records documenting the plane incident? Their divorce has been so complicated with so many moving parts. I thought the plane incident involved a confrontation/physical altercation with Maddox in some way and him saying unforgivable things to Maddox along the lines of “You’re not my real son” or something hideously awful. I dunno why I didn’t think Angelina being assaulted might have been involved too. It looks like Maddox was probably protecting and defending his mom and took the hit for Angelina after Brad had already assaulted her a few times on the plane. The kids must have been so traumatized. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Pitt’s lawyers had connections to someone within the FBI at this point. It would make sense after the shady judge.

  33. Adorable says:

    Even though this mess happened,I Bet Angie was prepared to let laying dogs lie & move on had Brad not been a abusing her via the courts as well.

    The kids are now old,& know what happened & Angelina has probably processed it all & must’ve dealt with it
    More after everything happened..Good for her,for fighting not only for her kids but other families as well cause of her influence & others the VAWA Act got passed.

  34. AD says:

    Pitt protected by the lawmakers of the land so he carried on the abuse, what a corrupt agencies who protect the abusers! Just like Weinstein was protected by the Hollyweirdos community so he carried on abusing many artist.

  35. tamsin says:

    i didn’t really read a lot of the news on Brad, Jennifer, and Angelina, but even a cursory look at the themes made you aware that the women were both criticized and reviled by different groups, and Brad was not. Admire Angelina for the strength to pursue this, and angry at how even a successful and wealthy white woman has a tough fight against the patriarchy.

  36. etso says:

    Sad Sack Shit Pitt

    • Barbie1 says:

      Hate that he was given an oscar and a standing ovation despite press reports. How they didn’t care is beyond me. He is so shameless about it all. An arrest would have been amazing.

  37. Sunshine says:

    LOL, remember that bodyguard/manny/ex-military guy who said he was basically a father to those kids and Angie would have suckerpunched anyone, including BP, if they laid a finger on any one of them? I wonder if Angie was tempted…

  38. AD says:

    Pitt is a disgrace no respect for his family. He is an abuser & continues to emotionally psychologically abuse them. Shame to those who support him!

    • Facts says:

      I think he flipped out because she told him at Miraval she was leaving when they got back to the states. He punished for 8 hrs or until the pilot finally had enough and emergency landed that plane. Of course his Stan’s and his circle in HW will blame her as they always have even for his dumped marriage to Aniston.
      I don’t have enough time to start from the beginning when he made his statement about not landing in Maddox’s face and for the media to leave Angie Alone in 2016 to him in 2022 suing her for selling her shares of a business and home.
      His fans are just like Trumps. Pitt has been playing the victim since 2005 when he skipped on Aniston. I don’t like Aniston because of her non backbone and lies to play victim also.
      That laughing and clapping at these past awards shows and the gaslighting he has done has come home to roost!

  39. Marcus says:

    The truth always comes out. I always suspected that she fled because of abuse you don’t just wake up and say now I am going to file for divorce and drag this out. It is all him and not her at all. I also remember her saying they had been having problems for a decade which was right after Angie had the twins. It also is too coincidental that they stopped adding kids after that. None of his kids want to see him which is very telling. His parents better get to California and get him the help he needs.

  40. Christine says:

    I can’t, with this. Angelina has stayed silent for 6 years. SIX YEARS!

    Brad Pitt has always known what he did on that plane, and he keeps suing her, for various things, because of course, he’s Brad Pitt. He’s too pretty for jail.

    I was Team Aniston, in the infancy of this bullshit girlfight. Now I know better, Jennifer and Angelina were both victims.

  41. JRenee says:

    His ego has over stepped his sensibilities. He not only poked the bear, he strengthened her resolve. SHE SUED TO GET DOCUMENTS FROM THE FBI, well done AJ, well done!
    I wondered previously if perhaps she started wearing longer sleeves to cover bruises. She told us enough without giving details when she said she left to protect her family! She pressed on and his ego kept him in stuck mode. Don’t let up AJ!