Blake Lively is pregnant, she & Ryan Reynolds are expecting their fourth child

I’ve never really been into Blake Lively as a person and the “Allure of Antebellum” mess was probably the end of any warmth I had for her. I actually thought about the “Allure of Antebellum” debacle recently, because the Duchess of Sussex has a similar obsession with alliteration when it comes to naming her Archetypes podcasts. I’ve joked on Twitter that if Blake ever turns up on Archetypes, Meghan should for-real name the episode Allure of Antebellum and they can sit there and deconstruct the “archetype” of the Confederacy-loving, Old-South-glorifying, plantation-wedding-having clueless white racist woman trope. Blake would never.

The one thing Blake WILL do is have babies. Blake and Ryan Reynolds already have three children: James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2. Blake is pregnant again with their fourth. She’s got a nice-sized bump and we saw Blake and her bump for the first time in months. She attended the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit on Thursday, and she wore a shimmery mod-style gold dress. I imagine Blake draping that white ribbon loosely across her neck and whispering “I’ve never had a stylist, you know.” Congrats to them – they spend most of their time in upstate New York, raising their children and trying not to remind people of their plantation wedding.

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  1. Jessie Quinton says:

    To be fair…if I was pretty and rich and married to Ryan Reynolds, I’d be doing the same.

    She’s still the worst for the Antebellum mess, though.

    • sunny says:

      Agree. That Antebellum things was ignorant and a whole mess but I liked that she seemingly learned something from that mess? (after she was called out for her ignorance). She and Ryan(especially Ryan) are often donating and supporting good causes which is pretty cool.

      Ryan especially has stayed really active in supporting causes in Canada pretty locally which I respect.

      Switching gears, she looks gorgeous here but the outfit doesn’t feel like it works. The earrings and shoes, and ribbon really don’t work with the dress.

      • Jessie Quinton says:

        Yeah she’s definitely doing too much with the outfit. She’s pulling focus on too many areas, she should have just stuck with picking one detail with a dress this shiny.

      • Humdinger says:

        Yeah, I came around on Blake Lively when Michelle Obama invited her to the White House and Blake talked about how much she regretted not having a college education. She deserved the flak she got for the “allure of antebellum” lifestyle blog and her plantation wedding. (I still think Ryan Reynolds deserved a lot more.) To be fair, I can’t imagine any sheltered white woman (myself included) developing an accurate understanding of race, slavery and American history after spending one’s intellectually formative years on the set of Gossip Girl, where Serena’s cleavage outnumbered named black characters by a ratio of 9 million to .001.

    • BB says:

      Rich would be enough for me to pop babies all over the place, Nick cannon style. Kids are the best ❤️

      • SugarHere says:

        Same. Children are a blessing. I love large families. 4 to 6 max. I guess they tried again because they’re yearning for a son, this time around. Congratulations are in order.

  2. Emmi says:

    I mean she looks good but not because of the outfit, she’s just a gorgeous woman. I don’t understand how she’s so proud of not having a stylist. If she looks this good in meh outfits, imagine how she’d routinely look with a stylist. Those shoes are shockingly ugly.

    4 kids … I couldn’t. I have none and that’s a good thing.

    • Fuzzy Crocodile says:

      I’m pretty sure I had a similar pair of shoes when I was in high school. At least they looked similar.

      I vaguely remember thinking they were so cool (probably because they were a really high heel).

      They were kind of ugly. I don’t know what I was thinking at 15.

    • minx says:

      Her whole getup is supremely tacky. And sure, she looks good now because she’s had Ivanka Trump-level work done. She and RR strike me as the type of wealthy white people who think they can have as many kids as they please because they are genetically superior.

      • @Minx- that seems like a lot to assume about someone you’ve never met.

      • Emmi says:

        Uh …. what? You think Blake and Ryan think they should procreate because they are what, ar*an perfection??? That is quite the statement.

        She loves babies and has the resources to have a whole bunch. It’s not that deep.

      • minx says:

        Pink Flamingo—Well, have any posters actually met Harry/Meghan/William/Kate/Charles/Camilla and so on, and yet everyone is free to ascribe intentions, feelings, motives, even dialogue to them, aren’t we? And we don’t know them. It’s what a gossip site does.

      • minx says:

        Emmi—yeah, I think they do think they can have as many kids as they want, because they’re just that special.

      • Lol Minx, I wish you lots of luck in life- you are going to need it 😂

      • Emmi says:

        @minx – Oof, okay. I mean gossip is one thing but 1) I think people go way overboard when discussing the royals and 2) again, gossiping is not the same as accusing two people of thinking they need to populate planet earth with as many white babies as they can because they are “genetically superior”. Yikes.

      • minx says:

        Pink Flamingo—I’m 70 and have a good, not perfect life, but what does that have to do with anything? If you’re saying the standard for commenting on a celebrity is that we must know them in order to comment on them, there would be no gossip sites.

      • minx says:

        Emmi, you must not go in the royal threads.

      • Sue E Generis says:

        I’m with @minx. Not about the Aryan population thing, but I’ve definitely always gotten a strong vibe from them of utter smugness. They have always struck me as thinking they are absolutely IT. Too cool for school. Not my sort of people. And highly overrated in both looks and talent. I don’t ‘get’ either at all.

      • Sakura says:

        @Minx – Who hurt you?? Pretty sure BL and RR have kids because they want to and they can afford to, not because they feel so genetically superior that they must release more and more of their spawn on the world.

      • Barrett says:

        I was surprised to learn she had a nose job and boob job. Mostly the nose. She has a great figure. Her family is in business. I was surprised at seeing noses on her family. I always wonder what they say if their kid comes out w their old nose? Ha

      • waitwhat says:

        Save the good stuff for the D, Minx. They get it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        minx, they’ve always struck me as shallow, performative, and lacking any real talent. He wanted a wife who would stay home, look good (with surgical help), have babies, and never have an existence outside of mummy-and-bedmate role. That’s part of why he and ScarJo didn’t work – because she wants her own career. Having so many kids when the world is in the current state? Reminds me of Javanka, as in ‘We can because we want too, who cares about the excessive global resources our family uses, stop questioning us peasants’.

      • Fabiola says:

        That’s an awful thing to say. They are human and want to have kids. You are making it out to be that they are Hitler.

      • nemo says:

        @Barrett – she also had a minor brow lift.

      • tealily says:

        Lol why is everyone up-in-arms over this comment? These people obviously think they are amazing. I mean, whatever, has as many kids as you want. But if they weren’t famous in other ways, Blake would totally be a mommy blogger. She thinks she is Doing It All Right ™ and that everyone else wants to be like her. That’s absolutely her vibe.

      • Emmi says:

        So we’re just fine with accusing these two to be white supremacists in the vein of the Nazis? The original ones? Okay then.

        We don’t have to like them, I personally think Ryan R is the lesser Ryan Gosling and she is just not very bright. But there are tons of people who have kids because they think they’re awesome and doing the world a favor when really, they should never procreate. It’s pretty widespread.

      • Sorry Minx, I’m just seeing your reply. I get what you are saying about us all commenting on a gossip site and sometimes that is going to be divisive. But I think you took it a little too far.

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      For kids with thoses ages it’s either super fun, or it will totally rip the brains out of you and make you completely crazy. But with their money, im betting on super fun. Having kids when there’s people cooking cleaning and taking care of the lawn and snow for you is kinda the best really. You cant top that. It’s just play and laugh and fun the whole time.

    • HufflepuffLizLemon says:

      Imagine if Law Roach got his hands on her. Not that he would bother, but she could pull off so many looks..

    • Barbara says:

      I don’t know, if I was married to Ryan Reynolds, I’d sure enjoy the process of making babies, if not the reality of having them. It has nothing to do with genetic superiority though, that’s just a weird observation.

      I have one kid and that’s more than enough in the real world for me but that’s because I’m exhausted and not rich. lol

  3. SAS says:

    I somehow find Ryan Reynolds more annoying than her, although the plantation lifestyle blog or whatever it was was a mess.

    I will say for two people who love the spotlight, I respect them a lot for how private they are about their kids lives.

    • Lens says:

      I do too. One of those annoying daily mail paps followed her and her kids all over Manhattan and she called them out on her IG saying these scum followed me and my kids and we don’t want to be harassed. so far anyway it seems to have chastised them as I have only seen pap pictures of her and Ryan in New York since then. I must say I was thinking hummm she looks a little thick still she must have problems taking off the weight after the third kid (I did) but no she was actually pregnant again. Not surprising when she made it known that she wants five kids like the house she grew up in. All of them are just two years apart so I say Good for you guys that would drive me a little insane at least at the ages they are.

    • molly says:

      He’s chilled out a LOT in the last few years. He used to be an obnoxious try-hard with his mean and unfunny quips. Not sure if it’s age, a talking to, or just some legitimacy in the industry outside the d-bag brands of Van Wilder and Deadpool, but he went from a total BEC to pretty likeable.

    • lucy2 says:

      I find him more annoying too. Something about him has always bugged me, don’t know why.

      • yellowy says:

        He’s always on. Always charming. Always positioning himself for ultimate marketability. He’s amusing and pleasant but I couldn’t trust him as far as I could through him.

        I love Blake because of The Shallows and The Age of Adeline. She’s has a history of vain and privileged gaffes but she seems sweet and maternal.

  4. FancyPants says:

    Looks like a strip of toilet paper got caught around her neck.

  5. Sean says:

    Good for them. However I’ve heard too many blinds ALLEGING how controlling Ryan supposedly is BTS and it made me feel kinda bad for Blake if true.

    • Lee says:

      Surely it is curious that everytime she seems about to make a new movie after a hiatus from the latest pregnancy, she gets pregnant yet again….but still, if he was so controlling as some say, she could still walk away.

      • E.A says:

        On the other hand she’s proving you can be a successful actress and be a mother, get a movie make money take a year or 2 off with the children, get back to work, whilst still being present in the scene,

      • Sean says:

        Does it really need to be said how difficult it can be to leave a controlling relationship? Especially if your finances are intertwined and children are involved. That’s in addition to whatever emotional manipulations may be at play as well.

        I hope that’s not the case with them, that being said.

      • Yup, Me says:

        “On the other hand she’s proving you can be a successful actress and be a mother, get a movie make money take a year or 2 off with the children, get back to work, whilst still being present in the scene,”

        Her whiteness, wealth, adherence to societal beauty standards (and the accompanying privilege all of those provide) make all of that infinitely easier for her than for others who might like to do the same.

        And in addition to Blake’s Allure of Antebellum shenanigans, let’s all collectively never forget her “I’m Cherokee” hair commercial bs and her “LA face with an Oakland booty” self congratulatory SM post. She’s that special brand of white woman who wants to dabble in racist/vvhite supremacist fantasy when it suits her while also granting herself a veneer of exotic “other” by playing with ethnic identity markers.

    • Susan says:

      @Sean, that is what I came here to say! Do you listen to the Beyond the Blinds podcast? They had an ep about she and Ryan and….it was rough. I had no idea. I definitely think there are people out there that really believe they want something….and then when they get it they are like “What have I done??” I think that way sometimes about my marriage and children to be honest. No one is abusive or mean or anything, I just…wonder what it might have been like if I hadn’t made the choices I did.

      • Lee says:

        Can you share something about that Podcast? Never heard of it. Thanks

      • Sean says:

        Yes Susan, Beyond the Blinds sent me down the rabbit hole, lol. As I wrote above though, I hope it’s not true. It is gossip, after all.

      • Sophie says:

        Are these allegations of him being controlling based on him being much older than her? I always see them as a happy funny couple but what do you know🤷‍♀️

      • MissM says:

        Not to mention that both Alanis and Scarlett have alluded to his controlling behavior and jealousy as being the reason their relationships didn’t work out

      • Anners says:

        Oof! That Beyond the Blinds episode was something else! I hope it’s not true, but I have never really warmed to either of them for some reason I can’t fully articulate, so part of me feels justified.

      • Susan says:

        @Lee, Beyond the Blinds is a podcast where they choose a famous person or couple and address the multiple blinds about said person/couple. They have disclaimers that it is all alleged and they don’t focus on like one crazy blind, they look for patterns and multiple blinds from multiple sources before talking about them.

        I didn’t know much about either of them tbh, I had read rumors and such, but it does seem to sound like he’s a bit of an old school controlling man and that was a factor in the issues with previous relationships. It makes me look at her in a different light.

    • Emily says:

      I’ve never heard that about Ryan. I agree his whole hilarious marketing guy persona is getting a bit old; he’s becoming more famous as himself than as an actor. BUT I appreciate that he brings attention to causes and him and Blake seem genuinely in love. I’ll always respect her for dumping Leo.

      • Sean says:

        Emily, check out the episode Beyond The Blinds (podcast) did on gossip surrounding Blake.

        SUPPOSEDLY Ryan controls every aspect of her life and their marriage. From what she’s “allowed” to eat, wear and who she can be friends with. ALLEGEDLY she also began her career circling Harvey Weinstein and was willing to do anything to get famous. Anything. It’s also said she specifically sought out men who held more clout/fame than she did for relationships (gold digging/social climbing. SUPPOSEDLY She broke it off with Leo because he didn’t want to marry/have kids (which we know).

        Again, it’s all just gossip. I actually like them as a couple so I hope it’s not true.

      • Normades says:

        I believe it. I think he always wanted the perfect domestic wife. ScarJo was young and thought she wanted that but then she was like ‘nope’. He always seemed jealous of her career. Blake is perfect in that she won’t outshine him career wise, has a banging body and makes cupcakes.

      • FhMom says:

        You just summed up perfectly everything I think about Blake: not the best actress (her career is not illustrious), banging body and good at baking and domesticity.

        I never heard Ryan is controlling, and I hope it is not true.

      • Elo says:

        She doesn’t need to circle Harvey Weinstein, she’s from a famous family and her father was an acting coach.
        I like them together and I’m not sure I buy that gossip.

    • La Dolce Vita says:

      Maybe Taylor wrote ” No Body, No Crime” about the other two-thirds of her thruple?

    • Ignoto says:

      @Sean, I remember reading some gossip about Blake and Ben Affleck when they were making The Town. Ben was of course married to Jen Garner around that time. I also remember reading that Blake and Ryan had something going on while making The Green Lantern which caused the end of his marriage to Scarlett. The timing of the filming of that movie, his divorce from Scarlett, and his marriage to Blake line up.

  6. ML says:

    From what little I understand of the celebrity set up, stylists, make up artists, fashion houses, hair stylists, jewelers, etc, are all important to how actors present themselves and their projects. If she feels better not having a stylist that’s up to her, but given how many people get thanked in instagrams when celebrities show up to big events this stands out. And sometimes it looks like she could benefit from offering someone a job.
    As to the antebellum wedding, forgive me if I’m mistaken, but didn’t she and RR apologize for that and admit they were wrong?

    • Kara says:

      Yes. I don’t know about our current culture’s inability to accept that people are fallible and ignorant and make mistakes. We don’t allow any path forward after apologizing and working to correct their mistakes.

    • Yup, Me says:

      They had their wedding at a forced labor camp and she tried to start a whole damn business rooted in a white washed history of those labor camps. She’s from the fucking United States. It’s not like she’s from some other country and immigrated here without a nuanced understanding of this nation’s history. She tried to glamorize a terrible portion of our history and market it to other delusional white women to make a buck. Fuck. Her.

      Spend some time imagining someone doing something similar around the Holocaust – having a wedding at Auschwitz and unironically building a business around the glamor of WWII Nazi culture- then tell me how quickly you would accept an apology about it.

  7. Lee says:

    I remember just read a rumor about a sequel to a A Simple Favor, but I guess that’s not happening in the near future.
    Funny, bc everytime she is close to make a comeback after the latest pregnancy, she ends up pregnant again.

  8. E.A says:

    congrats to them I had a felling they would have another for a son at least, I can see them having a fifth, I like when people have a large family, they appear happy , married financially capable, goof for them

  9. Mei says:

    Congrats to them. She definitely has a great eye for fashion, she doesn’t always get it right but she clearly loves what she wears and it really lifts an outfit when that comes through.

    I like them both, yes the wedding venue and whole Allure-of-Antebellum shit was inexcusable, but I think they’ve grown and matured a lot since then including putting their time and money where their mouth is – for example Ryan’s non-profit The Creative Ladder that is aimed at improving access for unrepresented groups/increasing diversity in creative professional careers.

  10. K says:

    I admire them for the way they are raising their kids otherwise..meh. She has a great figure and beautiful hair and so does he. At any rate I wish them a happy healthy pregnancy.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    I guess they’re hoping to have a boy this time.

  12. HandforthParish says:

    Re Ryan being controlling, I always cringe at their ‘humorous’ twitter/Insta exchanges, they feel very performative to me.
    I would not be surprised if he was a control freak BTS.

    I don’t think much of her style, either. She is a gorgeous woman but she doesn’t have the effortless style of say, Cate Blanchett or Angelina- instead she always looka bit self-conscious and theme-y.

    By the way outfit on this post looks so costume-y, I thought she was in character foir a film!

    • Lee says:

      I agree, she’s not on the same level of Cate nor Angelina and I wouldn’t even call her a successful actress. I mean, she’s done a movie every couple years or so and although some did well at the box office she is not comparable to other working actresses.

      • HandforthParish says:

        Somehow she has managed to cast herself as a style icon though. I was stunned to see her host the Met Gala???
        And she was wearing this incredible dress and somehow made it look prom-like.
        Teens seem to love for some reason.

      • La Dolce Vita says:

        @HandforthParish That’s exactly it. I couldn’t put my finger on it – but you’re right, she seems to go for quite a teenage look – or maybe more so lewks that teenagers would like.

        Maybe that’s to do with her fame having peaked on a teen soap? You know that old trope about celebs getting stuck at that age? I don’t know. For a 35 year old who’s been in the business/public eye for a long time, she doesn’t seem to have pulled a signature look together/decided what look is hers. She usually has a fun look anyway, so I do enjoy seeing her at events.

  13. tuille says:

    Blake always looks great at Met Galas. She’s pretty & has a terrific figure. Btw, has anyone seen Ryan’s psa “Lead from Behind” video?

  14. Hannah says:

    I love her shoes. I am besotted with platform pumps rn. To hell with my back and feet

  15. Beach Dreams says:

    Friendly reminder that people are not obligated to forgive you or give you grace, especially when you have a history of racist and ignorant behavior like Blake. This woman was verifiably obsessed with the Antebellum for *years*. She has also gushed over working with Woody Allen of all people and called him empowering. Some of you can believe she’s changed and accept that, but understand that the rest of us don’t have to do the same. Again, she is not entitled to forgiveness.

    • AnneL says:

      I moved to Houston in the 90s and have been to a number of weddings here of people who were raised in Texas. Not one of them was “Antebellum themed.” What Blake and Ryan did is beyond weird and offensive. Who does that in this day and age?

      I majored in American Studies and my concentration was the American South. I grew up outside of NYC but my parents were from the South and their families had been there for generations. I knew a fair amount about the legacy of slavery and the Civil War but I wanted to learn more about it. I was interested in it, but there is a difference between interested and NOSTALGIC.

  16. Lalalallaa says:

    It’s well-known in certain circles that RR doesn’t like his women working. Knocking BL up again and again is a good way to keep her home.

    That said, if she’s happy doing so then good for both of them.

    Other than the wedding mess, they seem pretty harmless.

  17. PChantal says:

    Not gonna comment on the Antebellum mess…
    Wasn’t a fan of either but I started liking them bc of their obvious love and social media bantering. Anyway, what a rare misstep for Blake. Her fashion choices are usually on point. IMO, she’s pregnant again bc he wants a son. Their daughters are beyond cute tho!

  18. Smalltowngirl says:

    I was wondering the other day if she would announce soon. Ryan gave an interview a couple years ago where he said they wanted at least 4 kids since they both came from big families (he is one of 4, she is one of 5–3 half-siblings and a full sibling).

  19. jferber says:

    She also had under eye bags removed in addition to the nose job (and breast lift, I guess). Think both are low on talent, but very lucky in Hollywood and life. Happy fourth baby.

  20. girl_ninja says:

    I’m a black woman and I’ll be honest I didn’t really think about their plantation wedding when it went down. I didn’t really pay attention to them at all. No doubt it was disgusting. Forced labor/death camp weddings are disrespectful & heartbreaking. It was right for them to apologize.

    As for having all those babies – at least they can afford them. Good luck to their family. I think back in the day I’d heard that Ryan and Alanis’ relationship didn’t end all that well. I do think that the way Ryan and Blake got together involved some cheating and that she may have even used Leo to get to Ryan.

    As for if they’re truly happy – we don’t know. Look at the Bünchen-Brady’s.

    I’m in the minority in that I don’t think she’s particularly beautiful 🤷🏾‍♀️ She’s a very attractive blonde wealthy white lady. She takes care of herself. Her style to me has always been borderline bad and I think she should employ a stylist.

    • Gah says:

      He def cheated on Alanis

      She had no idea. Thought they were going to get married

      I have never liked him and think sarcasm is the least intelligent category of humor.

      Blake ah Blake. Yes so much surgery but then all Hollywood actresses get nose, boob and eyelid job these days.

      It’s so boring

      The biggest data point on her is that she and Leighton are not friends. Who would you rather be friends with in real life?? I know who I would pick.

      She does look like a happy pregnant lady. Hope it’s easy and healthy

      • ohrhilly says:

        I so agree on all points. RR is not funny. At all. He’s using the George Clooney-esque humor and it isn’t funny. His SM media banter is just as trite. I find him and his wife insufferable. RR was a huge jerk towards Scarlett and Alanis and I can see him doing the same with Blake.

  21. Rxbunny says:

    These two are as talentless and insufferable as they come. I live for celebrity gossip because it is an escape from most people’s reality. I cannot understand how people don’t see through the utter BS of their PR. RR is as douchey as they come. Rich, white privileged at its finest. This site has notoriously criticized other couples for having more than 1-2 children. Which is it??

    Minx, keep your comments coming!

  22. Stef says:

    Happy for them and I like them both. She’s a decent actress and I especially enjoyed Age of Adeline and A Simple Favour.

    Often wondered about the family dynamics growing up in the Reynolds household. Ryan’s brother was very controlling and physically abusive to his partner, so much so that his domestic violence is why he was denied becoming a cop in Vancouver. Well known details within the VPD.

  23. Trish says:

    Congratulations to them. They seem pretty stable and have the money to afford children so I am happy for them. I feel sorry for the bitter people on here who’s mindset was ew more white babies. I bet you wouldn’t have said that to a famous black couple or Asian/Indigenous couple. Minx I’m looking at you.

  24. Debbie says:

    Where did Blake Lively make this birth announcement, aboard a replica of the Amistad?

  25. Maddie says:

    I like them as a couple! I didn’t like the antebellum wedding either but at least they eventually apologized. J Lo and Ben went ahead this year and fully embraced the antebellum theme without a hint of criticism from the pop culture press!

    • girl_ninja says:

      Jen and Ben’s wedding was not on a plantation/death camp. Ben bought that house/property years.

      • Lens says:

        It was a new house that was built to replicate a plantation big house and is even called the big house. On or near property that was a former slave cemetery. Yeah they definitely didn’t get the same criticism of Blake and Ryan. But then JLo didn’t write an article that was an ode to the slavery years of the south called the ‘allure of the antebellum’ either.

  26. Ej says:

    I can’t imagine bringing 1 child into this horrifically scary world, much less 4.

  27. jferber says:

    I know he can’t help it, but Ryan’s eyes are too close together. There are no make-up tips to help with that?