Kanye West was escorted out of Skechers HQ after showing up uninvited

This week was when it all fell apart for Kanye West professionally. The dominoes were already falling for weeks, with Anna Wintour cutting off Kanye, with the fashion industry types revolting against him. But then the hits just kept coming one after the other: Balenciaga dropped him, then Adidas, then the Gap. Adidas was the big one – Kanye’s Yeezy-Adidas line made him a billionaire on paper. Now that Adidas has dumped him, Kanye is only worth, what? Something like $400 million. That’s “poor” in Kanye’s world. Besides, Kanye craves one thing ahead of money: fashion industry legitimacy. The fashion world turning their backs on him is one of his biggest nightmares. So Kanye is desperate to recreate his Yeezy success at another brand. Which is why he turned up, without an appointment, at the Skechers headquarters.

Kanye West reportedly showed up uninvited to Skechers headquarters in Manhattan Beach, Calif., after Adidas gave him the ax for his recent barrage of anti-Semitic remarks. The disgraced fashion designer — who also goes by Ye — arrived Wednesday morning wanting to chat with executives at the sneaker company about potential business opportunities.

However, as Skechers explained in a statement, West was immediately turned away.

“[West] arrived unannounced and without invitation at one of Skechers’ corporate offices in Los Angeles,” the spokesperson said. “Considering Ye was engaged in unauthorized filming, two Skechers executives escorted him and his party from the building after a brief conversation.”

Skechers — which has partnered with such celebrities as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Camila Cabello and even West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian — is notably owned and operated by a Jewish family. Robert Greenberg founded it in 1992, while his son Michael Greenberg is the sitting president of the brand.

“Skechers is not considering and has no intention of working with West. We condemn his recent divisive remarks and do not tolerate antisemitism or any other form of hate speech,” Skechers’ statement continued. “Again, West showed up unannounced and uninvited to Skechers corporate offices.”

[From Page Six]

Shoe companies are really going to have Kanye out on the street with a sign reading “will design ugly shoes for a billion dollars.” Seriously, it would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic and sad. Literally all Kanye had to do was not being an antisemitic, misogynistic bigot and he couldn’t do it. Adidas, Gap, Balenciaga – they were all fine with Kanye when he said slavery was a choice. They were fine with it when he was stalking and harassing his ex-wife and threatening to murder Pete Davidson. Kanye literally could have kept doing all of that and they would have let him keep his Adidas-Yeezy line and everything else. Again, I ask: is this finally Kanye’s rock bottom? Being escorted out of Skechers, a business operated by a Jewish family?

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  1. Flowerlake says:

    Are there any memes yet?

  2. Chantal says:

    FAFO, table for one!

    • XOXO says:

      I think Kanye’s problem is that he got too comfortable moving in “white spaces”, that he let his armour fall, showed his belly, and got gutted. The damn fool. Candace Owens is next.

      • bettyrose says:

        Sadly, I think you’re right. He flew too close to the sun and forgot he’s not Mel Gibson (or a million other bankable white men) who will be lightly scolded, trotted out to say some meaningless words of contrition, and forgiven.

  3. Eurydice says:

    Well, it looks like he showed up with a film crew – “him and his party” and “unauthorized filming.” Maybe he was going to post a video with “See? I can take an unscheduled meeting with a Jewish-owned shoe company.” Idiot.

    • Christine says:

      He’s too stupid to realize it’s owned by a Jewish family. I think he was filming as some sort of FU to Adidas thinking a company like Sketchers would LOVE to work with him.

      • ME says:

        I’m not sure he’s too stupid. His hatred runs pretty deep and he’s been that way for a while. Likely he knows exactly what is owned by Jewish owners/families and eager to make them targets.

      • Christine says:

        I am so grateful that Sketchers is run by a Jewish family. They are my absolute favorite shoes, and I would have to find something different if they collaborated with Kanye. It took me 40 years to find them!

    • drbessy says:

      unfortunately, i fear it will be “see? This jewish CEO won’t give me the time of day,” instead. 🙁

      • pottymouth pup says:

        I can confirm, for a fact, it’s been presented across the twitterverse as proof of all the antisemitic tropes. Sadly, there are a lot of Black people who while condemning Ye’s antisemitism are concurrently lending credence to the all powerful Jews own fashion/entertainment/media trope which is extremely disheartening. I’m extremely thankful for all the allies who recognize it for what it is & are pushing back and pointing out that all that’s being done is stoke more mistrust & division which is a boon to those who support white supremacy

      • Debbie says:

        But you don’t see your comment (“there will be a lot of Black people… lending credence to all the powerful Jews own etc.”) as “stoking mistrust & division”? I don’t know…

      • alibeebee says:

        Kanye is too ignorant to
        realize that Jewish people come in all
        colours and hues . This is just awful as i am Black and jewish this just plays into horrible antisemitic tropes and misconceptions all over the place! My very much multi faceted family is distressed about all of this. comments like this actions like this need to
        stop we make
        up 0.2% of the worlds population! there’s maybe 15 million of us tops!

      • pottymouth pup says:

        @Debbie I think, perhaps, you should read those words in the full context of what I wrote. I didn’t just chime in saying there are a lot of Black people spouting Jewish conspiracy theories. I noted the people were speaking out against antisemitism but I found it disheartening that some of what they’re saying while doing so lends credence to those antisemitic tropes; I didn’t say those people were intentionally instigating further antisemitic actions. I also noted being grateful for all the people who are pushing back on that.

        Please understand when someone says, “Kanye shouldn’t have said all that stuff, I’m against antisemitism but it’s telling that Jews have all the power to shut him down so quickly” or “.. . but Jews were able to cancel him because they run the banking, fashion & entertainment industry” or other similar things that lean into the all powerful Jews tropes, the caveat does harm regardless of intent. We should be able to point that out as an issue of concern without being told doing so, not the trope supporting caveat, is what’s actually sowing the division. It’s a request for POC to understand what they’re, inadvertently doing or even for them to check their own bias if they really believe that Jews are that powerful.

        POC have to spend an inordinate amount of time pointing that language out to white people who think they’re being great allies but haven’t checked their internal bias. So, respectfully, please ask yourself:

        If a POC person noted how white people aren’t being the allies they think they’re being when they criticize a celebrity making a racist statement and qualified their criticism with a negative stereotype about that POC racial group; or if a white peson, rightfully, castigated a white celeb for being Islamophobic with a caveat about the Taliban, etc. would you tell that minority that they shouldn’t point out the harmful caveat reinforces negative stereotypes?

  4. mia girl says:

    When I saw this yesterday, I was sure it was an article from The Onion and thought it was so funny.

    I still can’t believe it really happened.

  5. C-Shell says:


    It’s mind boggling. First he gets dumped for his antisemitism by a company formed by Nazis, then he turns up at a company formed and run by a Jewish family and gets perp walked out of the building **with his camera crew FFS**.

    Get your Yeezys on Etsy, folks.

    • Miranda says:

      Nah, never mind Etsy. Just wear a white t-shirt until it yelluows, then do some drywall work in it. Throw your mom jeans in the washer with a bit of bleach, then tuck ’em into your ugly wellies and jump in a puddle for some authentic, oh-so-chic mud spots. FASHION.

    • Lucy says:

      Someone on my local FB Marketplace was selling INFANT Yeezys for $300 yesterday. They look like microwaved Crocs! I will never understand.

  6. HeatherC says:

    Actually all Kanye had to do was not vocalize and demonstrate he’s a misogynistic anti-Semitic bigot. That’s the worst part. These people and companies have known for years the hateful mess that is Kanye but as long as he didn’t SAY it out loud it was fine.

    • Haylie says:

      He was saying the racist and misogynistic part out loud plenty. Lest we forget, “Slavery was a choice” and “White lives Matter,” from just a week ago. And his campaign against his estranged wife and her then boyfriend all Summer long.

      But not one of these companies who are dropping him like hotcakes today took a stand then. They just backed the idea of him being a “free thinker” and admonished “cancel culture.”

      Those companies get no credit.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Yep. It’s a mixture of these companies are absolutely complicit and total hypocrites … and friggin’ *finally* they’ve stopped enabling him.

        I don’t feel any kinda way about Skechers responding appropriately to this disturbing behavior, but I love their shoes. I imagine there’s something in their closet, all major corporations have something, but they handled this the only way they could.

      • Cmb says:

        I think his racist commentary about black people was something many people disagreed with and were troubled by, but because it was a black man saying it companies were not sure how to handle. I personally do not feel comfortable telling a black man how he is allowed to feel about atrocities committed against black people. I’m not sure I’m expressing this right, but I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as what you are saying.

      • Ameerah M says:

        While I get your point – plenty of non-Jewish people felt comfortable calling him out his anti-semitism and didn’t feel like it wasn’t their place to do so. How is calling out anti-Blackness any different?

      • Cmb says:

        It’s very different, because Kanye is not Jewish. Both his racism and anti semitism are horrific, but one is self hating and one is hating others. The self hating bit is trickier to call out.

      • Ameerah M says:

        I’m Black and I disagree. And it’s this reluctance to call his anti-Blackness out that got us to him feeling okay with being anti-semitic. Because everyone minimized and ignored what he said about Black women, slavery, and “White Lives Matter”.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        “plenty of non-Jewish people felt comfortable calling him out his anti-semitism and didn’t feel like it wasn’t their place to do so. ”

        @Ameerah plenty of non-Jewish people felt comfortable calling him out because Ye’s not Jewish and he didn’t even bother with dog whistles, he came right out and said the quiet parts out loud. When it comes to his anti-Blackness, Kanye is a Black man so people who aren’t Black have to be very careful to tread lightly when speaking out, let alone demand companies break ties with him, etc. When the WLM thing happened, there were Black people (Bishop Talbert Swan among them) telling white people to stay out of Black people’s business. Since I was never a Kanye fan, a boycott from me is meaningless since I never contributed to his success so the best I could do was amplify Black voices every time he said/did something that seemed clearly harmful to the Black community & they were calling out as problematic. I think many white/Jewish allies feel the same as I do.

        To be honest, I’m fairly certain the only reason Kanye is facing real consequences now is because there was a compression of asshattery in rapid succession across a couple of weeks starting with the WLM stunt at the beginning of the month with the overt antisemitic statements & doubling down over the next 1-2 weeks. This is the first time that someone as rich & famous as Kanye has suffered such significant consequences that may actually have long-term negative impact on their career for being antisemitic, and it should be pointed out that it wasn’t just the repeated antisemitism that did him in, they were just the final straw. It still remains to be seen if Kanye has really been done in long-term for this. Mel Gibson is still making movies, Nick Cannon is still working (he lost one show), Ice Cube and others pretty much did an I’m sorry and got a pass.

      • Ennie says:

        He was still working with black entertainers, I really despise that they did. I like hip hop, but I’d never play one of his songs knowingly.

      • Tiffany:) says:

        I think the reason this was “the line” is because it involved advocating violence. It was acceptable for him to say incredibly horrible things, but when he threatened violence with “Death con 3”, they realized it was too much.

        Let’s be careful we aren’t playing into the tropes that Ye is presenting about Jewish people.

  7. K says:

    At this point Karma is proving its existence yet again. That being my true belief I will also now say I hope he gets the help he needs. I truly feel like he could harm others or himself in this current state.

    • FC says:

      Plenty of people have mental health issues and aren’t Nazis. I hope he gets help so his kids can be safe and find peace. Then he can burn in the same hell as Hitler, Trump, and every republican.

  8. Maddy says:

    And all this time his stans were trying to convince us that he WANTED to lose all his deals because he wanted to be done with big coorporations and do it all by himself instead. HA! I wonder when reality is going to set in for him. He’s still filthy rich (on paper), but I would bet he’s running low on cash, the way he’s allegedly spending money like there’s no tomorrow. Once the money is gone, the yes-men he surrounds himself are going to dip too. He’s in for a very rude, very lonely awakening.

    • Colby says:

      hEs pLaYiNg cHeSs nOt cHeCkErS!!!!

      lol sure.

      Turns out, it’s hard to spin up a manufacturing and worldwide distribution network…..? Weird.

  9. Stef says:

    Indeed, this is both pathetic and sad.

    While glad Kanye is finally being cancelled for his blatant racism, the shadenfreud is heavy with concern. He has not yet hit rock bottom, and he’s rapidly approaching a tragic ending. This is just my gut speaking as I feel an impending doom with him.

    Bless those four innocent kids and I’m glad Kim has them safe and sound.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      I totally agree. I said yesterday that this will eventually end tragically with him either hurting himself or Kim or someone close to them both (or even worse) and I wished he would get the help for his kids sake.
      I would imagine that Kim and the entire Kardashian clan have circled the wagons and tripled down on keeping her kids and the cousins safe and secure

      • Stef says:


        It’s great that Kim and the Klan have the means to protect themselves and their assets. Most women are not even remotely that lucky, sadly…

      • chloeee says:

        Truly unless he seeks treatment i don’t see this ending well. I am a little worried about those kids. He already perceives Kim not disclosing the location of one of the kid’s birthday parties to him as kidnapping. I could see him doing tit for tat. Also, his recent comments about clone children in his house brainwashing his kids is a big alarm to me. God forbid he not believe one of his kids is his and he does something bizarre. If it gets to the point where he can’t see the kids (because she’s rightfully protecting them) he gonna lose his shit.

  10. Rural Juror says:

    So, when are we going to see Kanye under a conservatorship? Or do we not do that for men?

    • Stef says:


      This man needs a conservatorship, stat! Yet because he’s a man and a man if colour, it won’t happen. Le sigh

    • Lucy says:

      Right? It’s been *concerning* for a long ass time. Legit worried for his safety and those around him.

    • Nicegirl says:

      @RuralJuror Yes, my understanding is also that the US does not use conservatorship to control men.

    • drbessy says:

      Unfortunately, not likely to happen, bc (as you said) 1) he’s a man, and 2) who would step in for him? (this is the sad part) Does he have any sane parties interested in conserving him/his money? I doubt Kruella would want to touch that w a 50ft pole. His mom is passed, who is his next of kin even?? Sad for him (and i’m not excusing his racist exploits by feeling sympathy for his disease plight).

      • Jennifer says:

        Kim literally said she couldn’t force it upon him while they were married. If she can’t, who can?

  11. Miranda says:

    I would actually love an article about Donda Academy in general, but I’d settle for another commenter telling me what’s up. I’ve read a bit about the school and that it’s super sketchy, but it always tends to be rather vague. Can anyone here elaborate?

    • Colby says:

      Sketchy doesn’t even begin.

      No administrator of the school has a masters degree or relevant teaching experience. It’s not accredited.

      It’s just a vanity project masquerading as a school and to me it is absolutely criminal that it’s allowed to go on.

    • Christine says:

      I don’t think we’ll hear anything unless the parents allow their kids to talk, and the parents aren’t doing that right now because they’re the clowns who paid for their kids to go to this “school”.

  12. hangonamin says:

    wow he’s skirting so close to having an involuntary psych hospital admission. it really feels like he’s hypomanic and just causing havoc. he’s done some crazy and awful things lately and rightfully deserves the backlash…but still sad to watch someone spiral towards rock bottom so publicly.

    • Colby says:

      This. Just showing up places and walking in is something my bipolar family member does when she’s manic. Mostly peoples houses and not company HQs. But same idea.

    • Lady D says:

      I think that next he will build his arrest record, then eventually be hospitalized.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      I’m pretty sure you have to be an imminent threat to yourself or others for a legal psych hold. Until he’s overtly threatening someone with physical violence or clearly had a psychotic break, he won’t get an involuntary hold

  13. ME says:

    Have his feet ever touched a pair of Sketchers? He’s become so desperate hasn’t he? “Hey Sketchers I think your shoes are lame. Let me design some sh*t for you and make you popular”. Dude, wow. I love that Sketchers told him to eff off.

  14. Bettyrose says:

    Why can’t he launch a fashion line in partnership with his BFF out in Florida? A whole white nationalist themed line of apparel modeled by women trafficked into the country on suspicious visas?

  15. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    So here’s MY question:

    If he “designed” his own brand of sneakers (and from what I have seen, they’re ok I guess? I mean a sneaker is a sneaker is a sneaker to me. But what do I know? I call them tennis shoes and buy mine at Wal-Mart when they’re on sale🤷) why doesn’t he wear THEM instead of those rain boots?

  16. Lucy says:

    I have an uncle who’s had schizophrenic adjacent mental issues since the 1970s (undiagnosed and untreated, he moved back in with his parents). He has a theology degree from Yale and was working on a PhD in physics when he got sick. I’m just thanking God right now he isn’t a hateful A- hole like Kanye. His preoccupation is more with ancient aliens type things.

    Tldr, it’s possible to be nuttier than a squirrel and not be like what Kanye’s doing.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      Yes it IS “possible to be nuttier than a squirrel and not be like what Kanye’s doing”

      I had a male cousin who dug tunnels underneath his house because he “wasn’t safe” above ground and it only got worse when his Mom died. He went full blown underground and there were very few of my older cousins who could talk him out. He also ranted and raved about clouds 🤷 and butterflies.
      I loved him dearly despite it all and really he was a gentle soul except when he was manic and paranoid, but he would just go to his “safe” place and draw and draw and draw until he felt calm and back to himself. he would have been horrified if he ever hurt anyone.

  17. Coco says:

    Someone on here called it yesterday .

  18. Lemons says:

    I wonder if Kim is in talks with Adidas and Gap as we speak… Either one of those companies could do with a SKIMS collab.

  19. EduBois says:

    Think about that phrase: “not feeling comfortable” rebuking blatant anti-blackness. How does that work? Our culture and economies are comfortable WITH anti-blackness. That’s how it works. If you know it’s wrong why the discomfort? It’s so common many write this as though it makes sense!! Many need quiet honest reflection.

    I have no comment on this homeless flagrantly mentally ill, nasty person. I do as I do on the subway – move cars. Leave the back-pedalling to all the companies.

    • death by bacon says:

      Thank you folks are so well trained to accept self hating anti blackness. And the truly dastardly part of the whit3 supremacy playbook is that a self hating person would take a white person’s opinion/pushback; before they ever listen to a person of color.

  20. Miss Owlsyn says:

    “They were fine with it when he was stalking and harassing his ex-wife and threatening to murder Pete Davidson.”

    Yeah a lot of people were fine with that, not just the fashion industry, and continue to be fine with it because they don’t like Kim Kardashian. It’s fine to terrorize a problematic woman.

    I really hope we can across the board say antisemitism, racism and violence against women are not okay. It should be as simple as that.

    • Jennifer says:

      It’s interesting to see what exactly is the straw that breaks the camel’s back on these things. Antisemitism for Kanye, finally going to jail for Harvey. And yet drunken abuse of kids/wife on a plane hasn’t hurt Brad Pitt at all!

  21. Ihatepeople says:

    I hope Kim and her kids have massive security right now. The pressure on him is immense and he could very well turn into a family annihilator.

  22. Cel2495 says:

    I am happy that this is happening to him because his behavior has been terrible and problematic for way too long. I don’t think we have to just let go of the dangerous shit he says just because he might have a mental issue ( i am not even sure he has confirmed this). Anyhow, having a mental health issue doesn’t make you a racist asshole. This is just bad behavior all around and people make apologies for him and mask it as mental health issues.
    Saying all the above, pretty upsetting that he suffered no consequence when he was trashing black people and saying some really dangerous things , but he continue being received in all these spaces… this proves once again that you just have to say shit against the “right” group to actually face consequences and be cancelled. Anna , Adidas, Gap, Balenciaga and all those brands that are finally cutting out are trash, they should have done it sooner.

  23. Sunnydaze says:

    I absolutely agree the drops should have happened a LONG time ago, but hear me out: I expect companies to look out for their bottom dollar. If they’re comfortable with where/how their stuff is made, I expect no moral reasons would stop their partnerships. But here is where I will blame the public: Because money moves all, there wasn’t until recently a financial reason to terminate because so many people were still buying his crap. His stuff was still selling out. If we as a society collectively decided we wouldn’t support his lines the fashion industry would drop him like nothing. Basically, we can only expect so much from an industry if people are still willing to drop money on his stuff – I wish it wasn’t this way, but it’s hard for me to target my rage at the inaction of certain companies and not highlight people were/are still buying his lines. If the demand presents, the industry will supply – it’s amoral and repugnant but whoever is supporting his line still….that’s what will move change.

    • theotherviv says:

      Also my sister works at Skechers Corporate and she was beyond relieved that she wouldn‘t have to start discussing and producing the dollar store Kanye Galoshes.

    • poppedbubble says:


  24. SomeChick says:

    he’s also been dropped by TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx! who will be next, Dollar General?

  25. Talos IV says:

    All this naive complaining about how these companies continued collaborating while knowing of all the controversy – and finally do something about it “now” instead of “before”. How about blaming the CONSUMERS who continued tob buy into this mess KNOWING about previous controversy all along; This trainwreck is funded by the people who buy the goods. Companies goals are to make money, not be social police and it is foolish to expect that. It is disingenueos to say antisemitism was the main reason sonething was done. Where was the outrage all along, before the antisemitism? Why did it have to reach such a point when the issues preceeding those posts were so disgusting, vile and egregious? Antisemitism was the final straw but why did so many turn their heads until this point? Lay blame squarely on people who knowingly and wiilingly buy into it. Maybe this will end the fawning and excuse making consumers and sponsors engage in when dealing with situations like this? Probably not…apologists, abound no matter vulgar someone is…