Ngozi Fulani & Susan Hussey met at BP seventeen days after racist interrogation

November 29th was the date of Queen Camilla’s Buckingham Palace reception for charities and activists involved in gender violence work. That was when Susan Hussey, an 83-year-old aristocrat, began her racist interrogation of Ngozi Fulani. In the two-and-a-half weeks following Fulani’s reporting of the Hussey incident, she’s faced a torrent of racist abuse, to the point where she had to shut down (temporarily) Sistah Space, and she and Sistah Space are being investigated by the British Charity Commission after some random person claimed that Sistah Space misused the paltry grants they were given. For two-and-a-half weeks, Buckingham Palace stayed silent as Fulani was abused, and I would even argue that the royal establishment lined up to protect that racist a–hole Susan Hussey.

The palace’s silence was contemptible and repugnant. So… on Friday, the palace finally did something. The palace invited Fulani to come back… and they sat her down with Susan Hussey, so Hussey could make a personal apology. Note that there is no video, probably because they could only sit through one photo without Hussey hissing “but where are you really from???” The Palace also released this huffy statement:

A meeting took place this morning, 16th December, at Buckingham Palace between Ms Ngozi Fulani, founder of Sistah Space, and Lady Susan Hussey to address the incident that took place at a Palace reception last month.

At this meeting, filled with warmth and understanding, Lady Susan offered her sincere apologies for the comments that were made and the distress they caused to Ms Fulani. Lady Susan has pledged to deepen her awareness of the sensitivities involved and is grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the issues in this area.

Ms Fulani, who has unfairly received the most appalling torrent of abuse on social media and elsewhere, has accepted this apology and appreciates that no malice was intended.

The Royal Households will continue their focus on inclusion and diversity, with an enhanced programme of work which will extend knowledge and training programmes, examining what can be learnt from Sistah Space, and ensuring these reach all members of their communities.

Both Ms Fulani and Lady Susan ask now that they be left in peace to rebuild their lives in the wake of an immensely distressing period for them both. They hope that their example shows a path to resolution can be found with kindness, co-operation and the condemnation of discrimination wherever it takes root.

It is the wish of both parties that, at the end of the UN’s 16 days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, attention can now return to the important work of Sistah Space in supporting women affected by domestic abuse.

Their Majesties The King and The Queen Consort and other members of the Royal Family have been kept fully informed and are pleased that both parties have reached this welcome outcome.

[From Buckingham Palace]

A pure PR question: is this the way it should have been handled, and should it have happened sooner? If I was working for BP, I would have organized a stunt like this just hours after Fulani’s reporting of the incident on November 30. Fulani should have been invited back to the palace by the end of that week. So, no, they don’t get a f–king cookie for organizing this over two weeks after the first incident of racist abuse. As for the sit-down between Fulani and Hussey… Camilla should have been there, right? Camilla was the one who organized the initial reception on November 29. Hussey worked for both Camilla and Charles. There should have been much more (seen) involvement by Camilla. From a PR perspective, it would have been such an easy win for Camilla too, but I guess no one working for that ancient boozehound has the good sense god gave a goose.

Anyway, I genuinely hope that people stop attacking Fulani for being victimized by these racists. I’ve been called a “race baiter” for merely covering the story, I can only imagine the racist invectives hurled at Ngozi Fulani.

Photos courtesy of Buckingham Palace, Cover Images, Avalon Red, Sistah Space, screencaps.

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  1. Noor says:

    Camilla should have been present as Ms Fulani is her guest and Lady Hussey is her staff. Camilla should also offer her apologies to her guest and take responsibilities for the shortcomings of her longtime staff.

    It is in poor form for Camilla not to be present.

    • Dawning says:

      We know all this is just for show and there is no sincerity involved. Cowmilla is complicit on so many levels. Imagine inviting POS Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson to her party after the former hurls daily verbal abuse at Meghan and the latter inciting violence against Meghan.

      I hope Harry and Meghan politely decline the coronation invitation.

      • Sugarhere says:

        @Dawning: After the Camilla call by proxy for a Meghan lynching, the coronation is no longer safe for the Sussexes. This being said, it seems that Camilla’s lifelong march to the throne is taking a serious toll on women: how many more after Diana and ….. have to “be gone” for Camilla to stop calling for others to be gone? That is the question.

      • ML says:

        Yes, I just read the “JC vitriol in The Sun” article. My sincere hope is that this will improve things for Ngozi Fulani given that it really appears to be helping SH and Camzilla polish their images. The apology seems rather late and insincere, but given the hate that Ms. Fulani was subjected to because of SH and Camzilla, I would be glad if that stopped.

      • FTBRF says:

        @dawning Exactly, it means absolutely nothing if they can’t name what is actually is: racism. Instead they dance around with language like “sensitivities” and “issues in this area.” And to say it’s been an “immensely distressing period for them both” is even less accountable. Who cares how the racist felt during this time? My god, these people are truly the worst.

      • Krity says:

        “distressing for them both” has a real “good people on both sides” ring to it.

    • Blithe says:

      I agree with everything you’ve said Noor! Perhaps someone on Camilla’s staff realized the very real possibility that if Camilla and this Hussey woman were both in the room together with Ms Ngozi, the chances of Camilla and Hussey spitting out yet another racist misstep — in front of cameras and witnesses — would be quite high?

  2. Jais says:

    Why’d Ngozi have to trek all the way back over to that stuffy palace? Camilla and Lady Hussy should have trekked over to Sistah Space for this apology.

    • Ginny says:

      @jais spot on!!

    • MoBiMom says:

      Yes, this…. and perhaps a generous contribution towards their work? I know, I’m dreaming….

    • TangerineTree says:

      @Jais Yes, the offender Hussey should have gone to Ms Fulani to apologize, not the other way around. And this part,
      “Ms Fulani, who has unfairly received the most appalling torrent of abuse on social media and elsewhere, has accepted this apology and appreciates that no malice was intended.”

      Of course “malice was intended”! Susan Hussey was rude, condescending and racist. Stop excusing her her rudeness in this official statement. And do not pretend to speak for
      Ms Fulani! This whole PR event was strong arming Ms Fulani so that Hussey will not be questioned when seen at upcoming palace events.

    • Gabby says:

      Sistah Space shouldn’t have its location publicized or photographed. Even before this brouhaha, organizations that offer refuge to domestic violence victims need to be on alert that a client’s abuser will show up onsite.

      And I hope the palace wrote an obscenely large check to Sistah Space.

      • TangerineTree says:

        Correct, Gabby. The palace has done enough damage. Good manners dictates they should have gone to a location of Ms Fulani’s choosing – Not the palace. A neutral location should have been the goal.

  3. Beana says:

    Is anyone else deeply uncomfortable by the photo op element of this?

    Fulani was the one victimized at the event, then abused publicly in the media, personally threatened, her charity “investigated,” etc.

    Now it’s like the BRF is saying:
    “If you want to make this all go away, come back to the palace and sit down with the racist. Say you don’t think she meant it. Take a nice picture with her. And then never say anything again, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll let you have your life back.”

    It’s like Tyler Perry said – they’re all professional abusers.


    • Dawning says:

      I second that (figuratively of course): Abolish this sh*t show that is called the monarchy.

    • Lissen says:

      I agree. And I find every statement from BP suspect.

      I also recall that Ms Fulani worried that if she spoke up, there would likely be consequences for her charity and the clients. I absolutely don’t believe that the meeting was “filled with warmth and understanding”, not on the Hussey’s part.

      As for the QC, she was probably too “busy” briefing her media pals to attend. She trusted that the hate campaign had done its work, and that Ms Fulani had been shown exactly where she and her clients belong. Play by our rules or be destroyed.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I have seen more convincing “proof of life” photos.

      • Debbie says:

        @Brassy Rebel: I know right. Ms. Fulani, tell us, are they holding your puppy hostage at this moment? Blink once for “yes”, or twice for “no.”

        @Lisen: The meeting “filled with warmth and understanding” caught my eye too. I was also troubled by the fact that they kept saying “both”, as in this was an immensely distressing period for “both” and they “both” want peace. It’s like “both” of them were insulted, and they’re “both” being investigated, right? And it reminded me of when the palace put out ONE statement acknowledging online harassment to Meghan, but they just had to include Kate in it, stating that both the duchesses were being harassed online.

        “The Royal Households will continue their focus on inclusion and diversity.” So, what does that mean, even more photographs of the royals standing near people of color, or pointing jazz hands at them, grasping their sleeves, or baring their teeth at them? I can’t wait to see examples of this focus on inclusion and diversity.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      photo op to say “look she’s sitting to chat with the Black lady so we’re not racist” is all that is

      This statement is utter bunk: ” Lady Susan has pledged to deepen her awareness of the sensitivities involved and is grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the issues in this area.” Unless & until Susan Hussey comes out to say what sort of education on racism she received and publicly uses her wealth & connections to try to drive some change for improvement to show some commitment to anti-racism, we all know this was all for show.

    • Peachy says:

      I agree with @BrassyRebel’s “proof of life” comment. The body language in this photo is clearly of a woman who does NOT want to be there. Ms Fulani looks very uncomfortable, drawn inward and as if she working to maintain her composure.

      The meeting was held at the palace because, ya know, those royals are important and busy and security blah blah blah and, perhaps, even to intimidate. Yes, it should have been held sooner. Yes, Camilla should have been there. Yes,they should have gone to Ms Fulani if she so desired. But that would have required them to acknowledge just how egregious this all was and not simply a misunderstanding, which is how it sounds they view it.

  4. equality says:

    Was this before or after Cam’s lunch with the racist, misogynists who write articles for her?

    • Kaiser says:

      Camilla’s lunch with Clarkson & Piers was on Wednesday. This Fulani meeting happened on Friday, the same day Clarkson’s column was published.

      • Dawning says:

        Piss Morgan hurls vitriol at Meg every day and he gets to lunch/party with Cowmilla. They could not be sending a clearer message.
        I hope M&H boycott the coronation.

      • C-Shell says:

        HM Camilla #QueenofBullies is off to an abysmal start, isn’t she?! The harassment of Fulani at the reception was hateful, the palace’s non-reaction to it (oh, sorry, firing Hussy — their standard way of addressing malfeasance among the staff) was gross ineptitude. Allowing the continued abuse and initiation of an “investigation” (again, standard act of retribution) over the following weeks was ugly and cruel. This meeting was timed to try and prove something against all the truth revealed in “Harry & Meghan,” but boy oh boy did that blow up in their faces! Cammie’s posh, boozy lunch party to court and reward the vile cretins who bash her DIL for a living getting splashed across the tabloids and then Clarkson’s hate crime in the Scum on Friday make this cringy photo op look like the fake it truly is.

  5. aquarius64 says:

    Ms. Fulani looks like a hostage. It’s damage control for the Palace.

    • Nic919 says:

      I don’t want to threadjack, but whatever they were trying to accomplish with this apology got utterly destroyed within a day after that Jeremy clarkson mess.

      And Camilla is linked to both. While she isn’t to blame directly for what Hussey did, her response afterwards is not great at best and considering the clarkson lunch… just awful.

      • Debbie says:

        I know that the BRF is not a real company or a corporation, but since they like to call themselves “the firm,” let’s treat them as such for a minute. Camilla hired or promoted this Susan Racist person to her lady in waiting position and she invited her to this event, so since when is a “boss/manager” not in some way answerable for their hire? I think Camilla bears a lot of responsibility in these things and the way they were handled, and when people let her off the hook, she goes further behind the scenes, of course, by having that Vipers’ Luncheon with Clarkson and P. Morgan.

    • SarahCS says:

      I absolutely agree, it’s a bit like Liz meeting Liz when Liz briefly became PM, was THAT the best photo you could find??

      In this instance the image they have shared does not speak of warmth to me.

  6. Eurydice says:

    Yes, they should have done something much sooner, and I don’t have much hope for BP learning anything about diversity.

    But the final paragraph tells us why Camilla wouldn’t be personally involved. Charles and Camilla are “Their Majesties” now. They’ve got to elevate and (further) insulate themselves from the public to become regal symbols like Elizabeth, instead of distinct and flawed personalities. I’m not sure how well this will work – Elizabeth had 70 years of being a symbol and C&C have had 70+ years of being people, but we’re seeing this approach with H&M, too. I imagine C&C hope to fully ascend by the time of the coronation.

  7. Likeyoucare says:

    That poor woman, everyone will think she didn’t have a principal by bowing down to that cowmilla.
    She had to close down her organisation, harass by the authority because of the fake claim of her charity and constant abuse onlines and media’s.

    Now she had to open her organisation for free publicity by the BRF, trust me cowmilla and Kate will go there for photo op.
    Or worse it will be money laundering spot by the BRF.

  8. tolly says:

    I wonder what it took to get Hussey into that room. After more than two weeks (and a dozen testimonials from her suspiciously numerous friends at the tabloids), this isn’t spontaneous remorse. I suspect the royals quietly offered up some trinkets/honors to her or her family, much like the late queen luring Kate out of hiding with a new ribbon.

    • Seaflower says:

      “I wonder what it took to get Hussey into that room.” Guaranteed invites to all state functions, her old job back in 6 months….

      • tolly says:

        Yes, she’ll probably be back in time to stand behind Camilla at the coronation, because that’s the message that the royals want to send to all their Little Englanders: “We didn’t really mean it; she’s one of us and people like Ms. Fulani never will be.”

    • Dara says:

      Am I the only one that thinks she shouldn’t have been in the room at all? BP fired her, she shouldn’t be allowed back in the palace, at least in the public part of it, ever. Camilla should have been the one hosting Ms. Fulani to offer her apologies on behalf of the institution that Hussey woman represented when she made those awful comments.

      This has nothing to do with making amends. This is performative, paving the way for that horrible woman to be eased back into royal service.

  9. Seaflower says:

    From a PR perspective BP should have been on the front foot from the word go: denouncing the behaviour by Hussy Susan, had Camilla front and center within 48 hours denouncing the backlash against Ngozi Fulani, having cultural sfety training for their staff etc

  10. Lady Digby says:

    The meeting was full of warmth and understanding just like the Sandringham Summit when Basher screamed the place down?! I remain concerned about how Ngozi has been treated throughout this ordeal and clearly this resolution is once again about OPTICS not about meaningful change.

  11. FancyPants says:

    If this is what Ms. Fulani wanted and she felt comfortable accepting the apology, then good for her and I hope it brings her closure. Otherwise, it looks like a hostage situation, and might have come across better if BP had arranged it immediately after the incident.

    • Jay says:

      A donation? Of Camilla’s own money??? Nah, that would be the action of a person that actually thought what Lady Susan said was wrong.

      This photo op is mostly for Susan’s benefit; that’s who the palace has done the most to protect. They are trying to try to put a point on this story and have it magically fade away.

      Notice the part in this press release where they repeat that Susan’s remarks were not “intended” maliciously (who cares about the intent when the net effect is so harmful) and that “The Royal Households will *continue* their focus on inclusion and diversity”( emphasis mine).

      They still don’t get it, and probably never will.

      Sorry, this is meant to be a reply to @mobimom upthread!

  12. Sean says:

    The BRF are nothing more than real-life Eloi at this point. They serve no purpose other than to waste taxpayer money. When will someone pull the plug?

  13. Dawning says:

    Not to thread-jack, but has anyone else seen the recent video of a black woman getting down on her knees when Charles visited their establishment? I am so ashamed. This woman literally set us back several millenia.

    • Eowyn says:

      I’m trying, and failing to feel empathy for that woman. She’s no doubt faced next-level racist psychological abuse. Maybe she’s also really silly. At the same time, I remind myself fools have nothing to do with me and Black people are individuals. If the plantation is on fire, I’ll let the Black folks that want to run to the big house and save it carry on. I’ll let the rest of Black community know which way to scatter, then I’m running with my babies.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    Two weeks too late and no concidence that it happened the day after Vol. II of Harry and Meghan’s docuseries comes out. BP needs crisis managers as part of their comms team. Camilla should have been there as well. But I’m not surprised she wasn’t she’s not a genuine domestic violence advocate.

  15. Bonsai Mountain says:

    Both Ms Fulani and Lady Hussey ask to be left to rebuild their lives in what was a distressing period for them both? Hussey harrassed Ms Fulani, Ms Fulani is the only victim here. What utter rubbish. I’d like to know if Sistah Space is still being investigated or if the investigation will magically go away now that Ms Fulani has given them their photo op. They really are the most revolting people on the planet.

    • Peachy says:

      That line bothered me as well. Very much so.

    • Debbie says:

      All I can say is, I hope that Ms. Fulani stressed her very real concerns about the ongoing investigation into her business as a condition for giving them this photo-op. I don’t know if Fulani is in a position to make any ultimatums but the least the royals can do is make a phone call to the government person who is so obviously trying to “punish” Fulani on the royals’ behalf.

  16. Jay says:

    I echo the sentiments that Camilla and Susan should have been the ones to visit Sistah Space and Ngozi Fulani, and it should have been done right away. Instead, the palace lied about whether she had been contacted and whether an apology had been offered, protected Lady Susan by allowing her to resign and essentially go into hiding, then basically sat on their hands while Fulani and her organization endured hateful and dangerous abuse. And that abuse continues – Fulani’s charity is under investigation now, for no other reason than she spoke out about her experience at the palace.

    Plus, I can’t help remembering that the palace has form for releasing a “joint” statement that one party has not agreed to, as they did with Harry. So I think I’ll wait to hear from Ngozi before I give out any credit.

    Geez, it’s like the British media and the royals have taken it upon themselves to demonstrate every single one of H and M’s claims in real time.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Good point. I’m going to side-eye any ‘joint’ statements from now on. This one, in particular, was a tough read; it made it seem as though both women had been distressed in equal measure. It was the ultimate in ‘both sides’-ism.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I’m still on Twitter, and the racist abuse towards Ngozi Fulani continued after the photo and press release went out. So many people were tweeting that Ngozi should have apologized to Lady Susan Hussey, not the other way around, that she was nothing but a race baiter, a grifter, and a plant by Meghan. I agree with what others have said regarding the Palace. They should have gotten ahead of this, but they allowed the racist abuse towards Ms. Fulani for two weeks while they negotiated/prodded/bullied Lady Susan Hussey into publicly apologizing. I don’t know why in the year 2022, the British monarchy is still so bad at this.

    • MsIam says:

      “I don’t know why in the year 2022, the British monarchy is still so bad at this.”
      Because they are fckng racist terrible people who live in a racist echo chamber. It probably never occurred to them that Ngozi Fulani would object to being treated that way let alone speak about it publicly. Just like with Meghan, they wrongly assumed a black person would be so “grateful” to breathe the palace air, they wouldn’t even notice they were being treated like sh*t.

  18. Eowyn says:

    Ngozi Fulani IS a hostage. This hapo me to every Black person targeted by racist hate. She would have likely faced escalating racist physical harm if she refused the “invitation” where she was FORCED to accept engaging with her abusers and then vouch for them as good people. Also this is how white people get to control the misunderstanding of violent antiBlackness as a “misunderstanding” where two sides both made “mistakes”. It’s psychologically distressing as a Black women to witness how Ms. Fulani is being used as a token.

  19. North of Boston says:

    SH “offered her sincere apology for the comments that were made”? Way to try to slip accountability by using the passive voice they weren’t “comments that were made” they were comments that SHE, Susan Hussey, made.

  20. Brassy Rebel says:

    They waited until Ms. Fulani was well and truly terrified to do this so that she would be intimidated into going along with anything they had planned. Making her return to the palace (the scene of her humiliation) is just gross. And the statement paints them both as victims, equivalent victims at that.

    This is the culmination of Hussey’s rehabilitation. She will have a prominent place in the coronation.

  21. susan says:

    Really? …”at the end of the UN’s 16 days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence…”

    at the end of those 16 days Camilla was having lunch with Jeremy Clarkson, whose violent misogynistic screed is STILL up on the Sun’s website.

    somebody ought to tell Camilla that shes been named Queen and her behaviour and choice of friends ought to reflect that.

    • MsIam says:

      Didn’t the queen say that Camilla was “unsuitable” right from the start? That’s probably why it took her years to even acknowledge Camilla publicly as Charles’ wife.

      • SomeChick says:

        It took her years to acknowledge the relationship. It only took hours to acknowledge the marriage. She was at the reception.

        These people just keep sinking lower and lower. It’s disgusting and difficult to believe. We know who Camzilla’s friends are. They are hiding behind passive voice in the statement here, but elsewhere they are saying it in print. And what they are saying is vile beyond imagining.

        Take note, British, UK, and Commonwealth taxpayers. And duchy residents. This is what you’re funding.

  22. usavgjoe says:

    Tic, Toc the BritishMonarchy is on the rocks. TIMES UP

  23. TheOriginalMia says:

    The only reason they did this PR stunt was H&M’s docuseries. They are trying to make it seem as if they really want to tackle racism and diversity, but we all know the truth. Like @Jais said up thread. Why was Fulani summoned to the palace? Those crimes should have been made to come to Sistah Space.

  24. ThatsNotOkay says:

    The Queen C*ntsort Camilla should definitely have made a visible and open apology to Ms. Fulani. As far as I am concerned, this is more on Cowmilla than that other Hussy. Cowmilla’s inner circle is trash, and she is the trashiest ringleader of them all. Time for an open rebellion against this POS woman. She’s going to be the death of the monarchy. Good.

  25. HeyKay says:

    I think it’s good that they were both willing to meet face to face and the apology was needed.
    Small steps but something anyhow.
    So much division and hostility everywhere these days.
    It takes a lot of work to try to come together, a lot.

    So, happy holiday season to all CBers, prayers for a safe, healthy 2023.

    • MsIam says:

      No its not “something” its nothing. They let Ngozi twist in the wind for almost three weeks, her reputation being trashed, her business closed. Now they think a photo op can fix it. And trust this is not for Ngozi Fulani’s benefit but for the Hussey woman and Queen Cruella. Now they can turn the page on this “unpleasantness”. The palace mafia can go get fcked as far as I’m concerned.

      • Dawning says:

        @MSIAM, I wish there was a like button. They waited until Ms. Fulani was thoroughly scared from all the intimidation online and by people in positions of authority, to extend an invitation so they could have a photo op. Looks to me like Ms. Fulani had no choice, for she was backed in a corner.

  26. Chantal says:

    This angers me but I understand. At this point its about survival and Ms. Fulani’s previous magnanimous comments towards the Hussy weren’t subservient or self-debasing enough. With this hostage photo with her abuser, at the scene of her trauma, Ms Fulani’s humiliation and damage to her credibility and confidence is now complete. The palace can rest now that she has been put in her place and they can comfortably allow SH to resume duties without further controversy. This family is beyond despicable. I wish MS Fulani and Sistah Space the best and hope she recovers from this bs. Ugh!

    • Beana says:

      Well said!! Yes, they thoroughly made an “example” of her and I’m sure most POC in the UK received the message. Play along with the “inclusive” optics, take the abuse privately, bow and scrape to the useless White people draped in stolen treasure. Or else.

  27. Mslove says:

    I think both camilla & Chuck should have apologized. Ms. Fulani was a guest at C& C’s castle. Their staff was rude to an invited guest. Terrible manners on top of the racism.

  28. Red Weather Tiger says:

    All I got from that fakakta statement is the “LADY SUSAN” is a victim too, you guys!!! 🤮

    • Debbie says:

      Well, she is old, elderly, and aged, and she has a one-legged husband named “Marmaduke” so, you know, true victim.

  29. jazzbaby1 says:

    Camilla was too busy writing a column in The Sun.

    Wasn’t it Tom Bower who wrote something about Camilla being “the right type” of aristocrat because she’s uneducated and not curious? It explains so much.

  30. Well Wisher says:

    One can be assured that Ms. Falani knew that this is one of outcome when she decided to speak up about her treatment.

    She is a brave woman.

    The usual took to it like red meat, the emotional violence of the abuse is to put her in her place.
    It is similar and not unlike Meghan was treated. To put her in her place.

    This will show the diverse population the level of tolerance for real inclusion.

    Should BP ever try to use optical illusion, instead of welcoming diversed ideas, people from said organizations should politely refuse their invitations.

    Organizations that boost mental health and DV should be cognizant as to whom they chose to associate.

    Their work is too important and very much needed to be co-opt for PR purposes.

  31. Roo says:

    Ugh. “Sensitivities involved” rubs me the absolute wrong way!! As if the invited guest was just too sensitive and “we can’t say what we mean in front of them.”

    There were no “sensitivities” – just rude clueless questions by an old, privileged lady who never bothered to learn to interact politely and equally with POC.

  32. Athena says:

    Kaiser and all on Celebitchy, we need to stop with the narrative that the palace does not understand the optics and how they should have done this or that, they’re doing exactly what they want to do. This is the optic they want to put out for the world to see. A thousand years of history comes down to these clowns.

    Within days of Fulani making public what happened to her, they drummed up a fake investigation with threats to shut down her organization. If Fulani did not show up for the photo up Sistah Space would have been shut down and her reputation in tatters. For showing up they release some story about providing “guidance” to the organization, since there was no there there in the first place. They made an example of Fulani, they’re letting all POCs know that this is what will happen to you if you speak up against us. In history there’s always a moment when a people say enough is enough, when will black Brits say enough is enough, when will the commonwealth say enough is enough.

    • Julia K says:

      Well said. I’d up vote if I could.

    • Jaded says:

      Exactly. The “palace” pulls a few strings with the investigating body and *BOOM* an “anonymous source” appears with suspicions of financial irregularities. They never play anything but dirty, especially when it concerns POC. The predominately black commonwealth countries must speak with their feet and walk away from this sick, rotting system. The palace understands full well the optics, they just don’t give a flying f&ck and continue doing things their way, all the while proclaiming they’re “definitely not a racist family”.

  33. Maxine Branch says:

    You expect little from that Insitution and they do less.

  34. phaedra7 says:

    Camilla was and still is part of the “Institution” (this word is used repeatedly in the “Harry & Meghan” NETFLIX mini-series). She has the same mindset that Charles has; she was the one who Charles wanted to really–and now eventually–married when Diana (R.I.P.) was alive. One can tell by the pictures taken of her the CLASSISTNESS and RACISM in her countenance!🤨 (Just. My. Personal. Observation. And. Opinion!) 👆☝🏽

  35. Moo says:

    The meeting was “filled with warmth and understanding.”
    Ngozi, blink once for yes, twice for no.

  36. Peanut Butter says:

    Poor Lady Hussey, such a victim who must now “rebuild” her life 🤮 The racist, royal parasites and their supporters can eff all the way off with that rotten tripe

  37. Julia K says:

    Rotting from the inside. The RF needn’t worry about the Sussex family. They are not the problem. You are being taken down by your own. Give them enough rope etc etc. you know the rest.

  38. Therese says:

    what is a race-baiter, and who called you that? i’m glad you’ve covered this: I would never have known about it otherwise.

    • CourtneyB says:

      This hit the US news shows like a bomb. Totally overshadowed the Waleses arrival in the US. I’m guessing you don’t live here? I was actually surprised at how much play it got.

  39. Emily_C says:

    After Lizzy, the deluge. Charles is unfit, which he proved a long time ago by abusing (and likely more) Diana with the help of his emotional support rottweiler.

    What really surprises me is that apparently old Liz was doing a lot more to hold Charles and Camilla back than I thought.

  40. blunt talker says:

    All optics and nothing will change-the royal institution should have spoke up when this black lady was being bullied and torn to shreds in their so call media-you cannot help these people as Harry says-they don’t want to change.