Prince William & Kate are getting cooked for their foodbank poverty tourism

It actually feels amazing to watch as one of the big discussion points on this blog becomes a national and international conversation. In this case, it’s the fact that Prince William and Kate are poverty tourists who show up empty-handed to visit poor people or refugees. Last week, Will and Kate stopped by the Windsor Foodshare, a food bank located just minutes away from their fourth home, Adelaide Cottage. Will and Kate arrived empty-handed, stayed for about an hour, posed with some food and several volunteers, and then made a self-serving fan-cam about it without ever including information about the food bank or how to make donations on their social media. This followed William and Kate’s repeated empty-handed visits to refugees as well, where they also failed to provide information about where their fans could donate. The point of William and Kate’s visits is not to help or encourage others to help. The point is that William and Kate are making it all about them. This time, their visit to the Windsor Foodshare has become some kind of inflection point.

The Prince and Princess of Wales made a “surprise visit” to Dedworth Green Baptist Church in Windsor on Thursday. The royals were pictured talking to staff and packing food supplies into bags. William asked: “What is the hardest thing? How do you start setting up a food bank?”

They were then taken to the church where they helped a team preparing 98 food vouchers which can feed just under 200 people. William packed food deliveries which feed a family of four while Kate checked food labels were in date. At one stage when she was chatting to a group of four volunteers, William joked that they should pick up the pace and stop chatting. He also joked with one volunteer that Kate usually does the shopping and laughed with another about knobbly vegetables.

A video of the visit prompted anger on social media from some, with the couple accused of being part of a “publicity stunt”.

Graham Smith, the CEO of anti-monarchy group Republic, told The National: “These visits are little more than PR for the royals. They’re aware how bad their extravagant tax-funded lifestyles look during a cost-of-living crisis. Now they want us to believe they’re rolling up their sleeves for foodbank charities. A brief trip round the corner from one of their palatial homes smacks of cynicism, not genuine concern. If they were concerned they wouldn’t be accepting the £22 million a year income from the Duchy of Cornwall or the state-funded homes.”

Another Twitter user said: “How do they not realise how offensive and insensitive this is? Multi-millionaires funded by the public visiting a foodbank. It’s obscene.”

One person added: “Such a shock and surprise a fucking camera crew were there. This country is so broken The future King exploiting the poverty of peasants for a photo op.”

Staff were reportedly told the royals were coming just an hour before.

[From The National]

Here’s the thing – there are ways for royals or politicians to visit foodbanks, homeless shelters and refugee centers without it smacking of hypocrisy, out-of-touch cruelty and tone-deaf self-aggrandizement. Again, none of the criticism would be this brutal if William and Kate had shown up with bags and boxes full of food to donate. Very little of the criticism would be this hostile if William and Kate were capable of using their position to put the spotlight on the charities and organizations rather than themselves. And no, none of this is the fault of the Sussex Squad. This is William and Kate being tone-deaf a–holes yet again.

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  1. Osty says:

    They deserve it and more. And instead of them taking lessons from it they sent Richard palmer to act the fool and blame the Sussex squad for making people call out their tone deaf desperate PR move

    • Ginger says:

      Richard seems terrified that Will and Kate are not that well liked. He was posting photos of other people visiting food banks (including Biden) He needs to understand that not everyone HAS to like Will and Kate. In fact, not that many people do. The ones criticizing W&K are just regular people calling these two grifters out.

      • Lorelei says:

        Wait, what? Palmer tried to blame the Sussex Squad? LMAO. This was an article in an actual newspaper written by a journalist. Does Palmer not realize that the SS is essentially just a bunch of fans, and anyone can call themselves a member? It isn’t some widespread organization with leaders and membership dues. Not to mention that plenty of people with brains form their own opinions (like the tweet Kaiser posted) about things like this as soon as they see it; in no way does it mean they’re affiliated with the “Squad,” lol. But I guess it’s an easy target whenever your faves are getting legitimate backlash. Blame it on the Sussex Squad! Palmer is ridiculous.

        Sussex fans are AMAZING on social media, and I love how they always have the receipts immediately whenever people start on their BS, but it’s not like they’re the Illuminati, ffs.

        And it IS weird how panicky Palmer seems whenever there’s any negativity about W&K. The RRs take everything so personally—and we know why—but it’s still funny to watch when they have little freakouts like this. When they accidentally let us see that deep down, they *know* that their attempts to polish these two turds are unsuccessful.

      • Nic919 says:

        Palmer wants to blame the squad for the criticism so he can pretend that it is not regular Britons who find the poverty porn visits awful.

    • Chic says:

      Wasn’t he the one that went and posted pics of Harry and Biden doing the same thing? Only difference.. Harry and Biden had donations in their 🙌

      • Jan90067 says:

        JFC that necklace she wore to one of the Olympic events, diamanond rings on a chain, was £50,000 ALONE. She could’ve fed a few hundred families in the food bank for almost a year on the cost of that alone!

      • Tacky says:

        They could have brought a Harrod’s shopping bag full of money.

      • Julia says:

        To be fair, I think bringing actual donations might be self-defeating. People would (rightly) point out that they were being “generous” with what amounts to taxpayer money. But what I don’t understand is why they aren’t better at raising awareness. Promote the place that you’re visiting online! Post lists of ways to get involved, from in-person volunteering to more covid-safe ideas, like starting a garden patch in your yard to benefit the food bank.
        And–in the royals’ case–maybe highlight the people who NEED food banks, too, rather than just the volunteers.

      • Christine says:

        Seriously, when Harry and Meghan visited PS 123 in NYC, and donated the washers and dryers, pretty much everyone on CB called this exact scenario. The Wails have had ample warning that they are seen, or more to the point, not seen doing anything useful.

        In other news, I love this site.

      • Kiki says:

        @Tacky Beautiful 😂

    • HennyO says:

      Earlier this year Kate went visiting a baby bank emptyhanded for a photo op – in heals, fully made up, in expensive outfit, and …, again to learn and not ready to actually contribute.

      The learning curve of the Wales, almost 12 years at the royal job, keeps bending down backwards.

      • Teagirl says:

        “Kate went visiting a baby bank emptyhanded…”

        Kate went visiting a baby bank emptyhanded and empty-headed….


      • Lorelei says:

        And to all of the people who will respond that this is always the way that the BRF has done things and that W&K aren’t going to be the ones to change things- okay, fine — I do understand why people believe they don’t want to set up an expectation that they’ll always be arriving with donations (god forbid! 🙄) — but why on earth can’t they include a link about how *other people* can donate when they post about it? That’s the most egregious part, imo. It’s absolute common sense and so easy to include information like that, but everything KP puts out focuses exclusively on Dumb and Dumber.

        @Jan, I realize this isn’t your point, but omg I thought that necklace was so ugly, considering how much it cost

      • irish eyes says:

        The clothes were, for me, the standout feature of the visit. It was clear from Kate’s clothes, at least (Will always looks like he got dressed in yesterday’s clothes in the dark) that they never intended to DO anything. Why not turn up in jeans or casual trousers and sweater plus comfy shoes, hair tied up out of the way; and ask, right where we can we start helping? Pack boxes, give out care packages, clean up, it doesn’t matter but DO something. Let it be videotaped and photographed with the name of the charity, and donation/volunteer details prominently displayed. Got to be more effective than what they’ve just done.

      • DouchesOfCambridge says:

        The wails are entitled MORONS who think that people will be freaked out by their presence, and they think they’ll kick it up a notch by making it a last minute surprise visit. Yeah, they think they’re THAT HOT. The ARROGANCE. It’s actually a lack of serious, lack of professionalism, a lack of interest and the nerve to get our face there as an elite privileged rich of the world EMPTY HANDED, to only disturb people for chitchats and photo op and selfpromo video without even having the DECENCY to make believe you want to actually help by MINIMALLY present a link to encourage the world to help is just so ASTOUNDING. they’ll try to piggy back Harry’s book by saying “ we dont have a giving budget, Pa only gives us a budget for our clothes on official visits, poor us. We must use it all on designer clothes”

    • Mary Pester says:

      Dick head Palmer needs to phone Harry and meghan for advice on how these other two can do things properly, maybe ask how THEY get it right and Billy bully and botox barbie get it so wrong or maybe he woke up today and has been trolling through the Archwell site to see how it’s done. Well we can tell him, its actually DOING SOMETHING, not just posing for multiple promo shots

      • Anonymous says:

        No excuse for not posting the link with how to donate. Just an utter whiff at minimum. They should post it now if they’d haven’t already.

        I feel like I hate comparing them to the Sussexes because H&M took themselves out of this game and the comparisons were part of the problem.

        So let’s just say that if Kate (and ideally Will too) couldn’t find 2-4 hours ~every other week since they’ve moved to Windsor to do something they’ve likely never done before like low-key volunteering at the food bank 10 min up the road (without any fanfare), maybe even with the kids once a month, packing up bags, or organizing a food drive in the community that benefits the food bank, well I guess I’ll give them a pass on that in the ~5 months they moved, changed kids’ schools, lost a grandmother/great grandmother & boss and and took on new positions. But they really should consider that type of service in the future. Because then when they do show up for an hour to do the PR bit & draw attention for awareness/donations, the relationships they’ve built and knowledge they’ve gained will resonate. And hopefully they will be aware enough of the needs to actually remember to tell their comms team to include the link in their post and get the RR to include it in their stories! I mean, ideally they’d also maybe show up that day and work too-in clothes that make sense, like Kate does for sporting events. If she can take a few hours and do a sailboat race, she could volunteer at the food bank and so could Will.

        And I don’t want to see some KP staffer fired because they forgot to post the link. If that’s really what happened, then they should make sure that person gets some more training if needed and scrounge up some other pictures from the visit or figure out some other way to do a follow-up post with stats about the impact of the foodbank. Sometime maybe even with a little humor, like “think we forgot to post the link? We just wanted to make sure we had everyone’s attention! So listen up, here are the stats on how X, Y & Z (maybe $, food, labor) donations a month have a huge positive impact the community…for more info or to find out how you can contribute, click here…”

        I mean really, the W&K generation of the BRF of all people should’ve OWNED the social media era. They had all the attention and cache and people already found their whole thing aspirational. They didn’t even have to be less self absorbed. They had all the content there for the taking. They just needed a team (and they had the money to hire the best!) who was competent in sharing it in a way that was on-brand and enhanced their brand. The should’ve hired Kris f***ing Jenner. (Who btw seems to know how to do impactful charitable work.)

      • The Recluse says:

        I doubt they know about Stephen Colbert, but they could take a page from how he raises money: he creates a product of some sort: book, T-shirt, etc. and uses those to raise money for a cause. He’s raising money right now for World Central Kitchen to feed people in Ukraine by selling a t-shirt saying “Is Potato.” I bought one for my Mom for her birthday because she asked for it.
        It really isn’t that hard when you’re in that position to do SOMETHING/ANYTHING to help out a cause. They’re just too clueless, entitled and self-involved to do anything impactful.

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    Jesus people – they donated their time, their smiles and kHate wore a special wiglet. FFS what more do you poor peasants want from us.

    You can tell it was last minute as their clothes weren’t matching! Guess Peggy doesn’t have a sweater to match her at his house.

    UPDATE – they are still being dragged on twitter about this. LOLZ all day – the chickens are roosting for these 2 useless twats. Even her wiglet seemed embarrassed to be there, it looked liked it was trying to make a run for it.

    • Nic919 says:

      And the roasting is from accounts under articles posted by Jobson and Becky English and not by squad people.

      I know it might blow Palmolive’s mind, but many people find it offensive to show up to a food bank for under an hour with multiple photographers and a videographer wearing clothes worth an amount that could feed a family for a month.

      This is a viral moment as bad as the flop tour and a lot of the criticism is coming from regular British people.

      • Harper says:

        KP doesn’t get it. Instead, they send Palmer out to say look at all the other bigwigs who have visited food banks. Why pick on us? Then yesterday The Fail followed up with a photo spread of the very ordinary home that Kate grew up in. See, Kate isn’t really Marie Antoinette; she slept in this cramped attic bedroom and had a dingy sitting room.

        I wish more outlets had focused on the video clip of Kate moving on after hearing news of recent donations and saying “I’m just learning, just learning.” Her tone and reaction seemed like she was making fun of her own press releases that repeat nonstop that the princess will listen and learn about this or that. Truly an odd moment caught on camera.

      • Nic919 says:

        The Middletons are scrambling if they are trying to pretend kate came from quasi poverty. Besides she’s spent millions of taxpayer money on ugly clothing since 2011. Whatever common touch they claimed she had has long since been forgotten.

        You can’t be a 41 year old woman and still be learning about food banks. It shows how out of touch she is with the real world.

      • Mumsy says:

        Feed a family for a month? Six months or a year is closer to the mark. How much does Willy pay for a suit? Shoes?

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Palmolive was also comparing them to Biden, Sturgeon, Sunak etc, who are all elected public servants. I took offense that he put these royal scroungers in the same category as a public servant to be honest. These entitled royals live in expensive council housing that they upgrade by eagerly running hand over fist to taxpayers to fund. Never denied, never held up to scrutiny, never accountable to anyone. It’s only the King who is doing any kind of public service, the rest of them are biding their time and making everything about them.
        They are lesser than the elected ones. Sorry, not sorry. William should stay managing the Duchy and Kate can do something in Cornwall too.

      • OriginalMich says:


        Fun fact about Marie Antoinette is that she actually gave generously to the poor. During a particularly bad famine, she sold all the royal flatware to buy grain for the hungry.

      • ChattyCath says:

        I’ve had to use a Food Bank. Now a huge box of actual Palmolive would be very useful. The food bank I used didn’t provide toiletries.

      • liz says:

        I grew up in a home that periodically relied on a local food bank. I am now (fortunately, gratefully, thankfully) in a position to donate time and money to my local food bank (Food Bank for NYC – – if anyone wants to donate!!!).

        I’ve been part of long conversations about the need for various hygiene products and they are working with the companies that make those products to provide them to the food bank at (or better yet, below) cost for distribution to our clients.

        Will is the f’ing Duke of Cornwall. That Duchy is one of the largest business enterprises in England. They can figure out a way to get a stream of Duchy Originals (even off-label/store-brand) on the shelves of food banks throughout the UK.

    • ISandy says:

      I’m dying at the wiglet comment!!! Too good, I love it!

    • Chic says:

      Wiglet… nah’ they were struggling tape-ins. Very visible in the side shots

    • Margaret says:

      @ Digital unicorn
      Lol. Just stop. Lol. Wasn’t expecting that errant wiglet comment. Lol.

    • Dee says:

      Oh I have been enjoying the dragging thoroughly.

      Not sure if this has been mentioned, but part of the dragging is a video where the food bank official said that they have a lot of generous donors, and Kate answered, “I’m just learning,” said in such a way as to make it seem like she was defensive, with the subtext being that surely they don’t expect money from K and W… we deigned to come here and you should be grateful. At least, that is how a lot of people seemed to take the comment. The more I hear the words that come out of her mouth, the more I wonder about her IQ. Seriously stupid, tone-deaf woman. St. Andrews must have a separate set of expectations for aristos and the rich, or she could not possibly have graduated.

      By the way, one of the rags with Express in its title, can’t remember the name, actually posted a video outlining Meghan’s pre-royal accomplishments. Hilariously, someone replied, flummoxed, asking what was going on. Ha ha ha.

      • Sunday says:

        That was my reading of it too, that Kate heard the woman talking about the donation they had received, immediately recognized that these people might have the audacity to actually expect something from her, and defensively fell into her rehearsed lines of how she’s “just learning.”

        It almost makes it worse, because to have that reaction she’d have to realize that they might want something from her other than the distinguished honor of her presence (gag me), she just didn’t actually care enough to do something proactive about it. IMO that’s way worse than her just being a complete space cadet, lost in the clouds and never even realizing that the food bank may need food and perhaps she should bring some.

      • Savvy Sue says:

        I’ve searched for the “I’m just learning”clip. Does anyone have a link?

      • vs says:

        I have said it many times here….she is a dumb woman with no curiosity! Every time she opens her mouth, nothing intelligent comes out of it! that’s why I assume, they always go with pictures and no videos.

        I have always said I wonder what prompted W to marry her; in a way, I pity him for that choice…I know some have said he wanted a woman diametrically opposed to his mom but he could only find this one? all over the UK?

        Anyway, W is not better; something has been off with him since 2018; it is like him having reverted to using the much visible invisible contract has frozen his brain cells and empathy gene….what a waste!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Why did he marry her?

        1) He was getting criticism from the tabloids and he hates criticism.

        2) He wanted to keep the freebie holidays and Sex Waiting he got from the Middleton Family Trap a Prince Plan

        3) Kate and the Midds agreed to let him live as a single man in exchange for making Kate official. They only protest his cheating when it goes public and hits Kate in the ego.

        4) Carol(E) threatened to cut off the fake motherly affection and cheese-on-toast if he didn’t finally propose.

        5) No one he really wanted wanted him back (see Jecca, Isabella, Carly, etc.)

        6) I think he married her because she’s as awful, useless, incurious, selfish, and lazy as he is. He wanted someone who would embarrass his family – and she’s done that. Does he regret it? Yes, because it turns out she embarrasses him too. Can’t be a global statesman with a wife who cannot speak her only language with any sense of intelligence. He’s lost the ability to disguise how much he dislikes being around her, which is why it makes sense they’ve lived separately most of their marriage.

      • Sunday says:

        @SavvySue here you go, I saw one earlier with better sound but I can’t find it anymore.

      • The Recluse says:

        I’ve said this on the bird app: Will and Kate could readily create special deluxe gift baskets from royal property products and auction them for charity.
        That it doesn’t occur to them to do even this simple thing astonishes me.

    • Sugarhere says:

      I don’t mean to sound petty, but something in me relishes the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been long gone, and that Brutus and Karen are screwing up big time all on their own. Not only is the Sussexes’ forced exile shifting the public focus on the Wailses, it puts a magnifying glass on their fecklessness, on their patronizing, paternalistic interactions with the man in the street, as well as their disconnection from financial realities.

      Catherine and William’s photo op sheds a bad light on the royal culture of complacent self-applauding while barely lifting a finger or giving a dime, as well as their very off-putting overweening desire for recognition, while actually slowing down the center’s activity for the sake of raising their profile.

      They could have spared us the histrionics that accompany their mock charitable antics by simply not calling the press and releasing a sober statement afterwards. Willy and Wiggly aren’t serving the Crown, they’re putting on a ludicrous camera-friendly performance of themselves serving the Crown. Although service is universal, it is now obvious it’s not for everybody.

    • Lorelei says:

      @DU “Even her wiglet seemed embarrassed to be there” 😂

      @SugarHere, I don’t think it’s petty, and I’m enjoying it too. They’ll never get their true comeuppance, but it is great watching them expose to the world how useless they are. And they cannot in any way blame this on the Sussexes.

      • Sugarhere says:

        @Lorelei: I have a dream that one day the media will release the dirt and juicy secrets of William’s ongoing double life, so that justice of some sort will be served. The way the press keeps everything so hush-hush when it comes to Andrew makes it unlikely, though. At least for now.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      They are raising awareness that poverty exists! And they listened and learned that some people are poor. That means they are classy, hard working royals!

    • Deering24 says:

      “ Even her wiglet seemed embarrassed to be there, it looked liked it was trying to make a run for it.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😈

  3. Basi says:

    You said (and have been saying) it best.

    Also…Kates hair looks crazy. Who is she trying to fool? She must be covering up serious hair loss.

    • Stef says:

      Nailed it!

      Hair loss is pretty common when a person doesn’t eat and is clearly malnourished, you can see it in her face also. She looks so unwell.

      • Chloe says:

        @stef: hair loss amongst women is also connected to aging. I don’t get the comments about kate supposed weight. The times she showed us her arms and legs she just looked muscular, not anorexia thin.

      • Nic919 says:

        Not everyone with an eating disorder looks like a skeleton. It is a fallacy to assume that is the only sign.

        But if you want to compare what Kate’s arms and legs look like and how they have shrunk look at her from her early 20s. There is a noticeable difference and muscle loss which would be unusual for any woman in her early 40s without a significant health issue going on.

      • Betsy says:

        Look at her trunk and hips. That is not the body she had years ago.

      • Emily_C says:

        Kate is all tendons, grit, and bone. She severely overexcercises. Also, women don’t normally lose hair like that in their early 40s. Just, no. She has all those fillers to make it less obvious, but she is way way way too thin. And anorexia has the highest death rate of any mental illness. Anyone who actually cared about her would be concerned.

      • Lisabits says:

        She really does look ill, exhausted, depressed and as if she were dragged out of bed to attend this photo op. I actually feel sorry and concerned for her at this point, despite how awful she was to Meghan. I don’t see how she can this up. She needs serious help.

    • notasugarhere says:

      She isn’t covering up hair loss. If you look at pics during the dating years, Kate has always had thin hair like Sophie and Charlene. Do an image search for Kate Middleton black hat white feathers. All of her hair is pulled forward over her shoulders in that pic, there is none hanging down the back. That is the true amount of hair she has. Since around the engagement and ever after? She’s obsessed with OTT wiglets and weaves. It is vanity not a health issue.

      • morgfunk says:

        Definitely not a Kate fan or apologist, but from the recent clips released from Spare, and…I forgot, a couple other things I’ve read, it seems the Royal Family is low key obsessed with hair, especially her hair. Did anyone else remember reading that Queen Elizabeth and Charles prefers her to keep her hair down, and that Charles frequently commented on how nice her hair was, how thick and lustrous or something. I don’t know they’re all terrible people surely not even debatable but I can’t help but wonder how much control she has over her hair? Or if she’s pressured for it to look a certain way? A certain length ect. Seems like they’re aware they have those bad hair genes and are trying to breed better hair into their line lol. Even when she was a girlfriend she always was obsessed with her hair, getting those blowouts and I think she actually started wearing extensions then, probably due to pressure to look a certain way, i.e. a princess.

      • Dee says:

        Richard Ward was her hairdresser early on. He was doing interviews after the wedding and promoting getting “Kate hair” with the use of extensions. Mentioned extensions too many times when talking about Kate’s hair and got the boot.

    • Lady D says:

      @Nic919, honest to God I thought everyone who had an eating disorder looked like a skeleton. I’ve seen pictures? Truly surprised to find out not all are.

      • Jan says:

        Look at Unable’s chest and back, she looks like a person that over exercises, it can help your legs and arms, but not your chest.

      • Kkat says:

        @ladyD are you joking or serious here?
        There are many types of eating disorders.
        With some like bulimia you may never be thin, it still destroys your health and can kill you.
        There are plenty of fat people with anorexia (waves hand)
        In my 20’s when it was really bad I would be on juice cleanses for weeks or eating no more than 200 calories a day.
        I would also vomit and abuse laxatives
        And I would do aerobic videos all night instead of sleeping

        Once a week I allowed myself a treat of a cup of broccoli and a tablespoon of sour cream

        I’m 5’10 and with all of that I never got under 150#
        No one would have guessed from how I looked how horrible I was treating my body.

        Now I’m 53, I had a gastric bypass ( I’m on psych meds and on one of them I gained almost 100 pounds.

        My weight is 220# and I eat very healthy whole foods, I also have dessert sometimes. I eat lottsss of cheese.
        Would I like to lose more weight? Sure.
        But I judge my health on how much energy I have and stamina now.

        So all that to say I haven’t been skinny skinny since 14, but I sure have/had a ED

      • Emily_C says:

        Uh… first, everyone with an eating disorder doesn’t look like a skeleton. There are fat people with restrictive eating disorders. But second, Kate looks like a skeleton.

      • Lady D says:

        Hey KKat, thanks for your answer. It sounds like you went through hell. For myself I know little to nothing about eating disorders. What little I do know I’ve gleaned from the comments here. I am lucky to not have a loved one in that position (so far). Good luck with your journey Kkat.

    • Sunday says:

      The wiglet here is truly from another planet. If someone approached me with this absolute rat’s nest, a rictus grin, and a face like a bad hangover following a Vegas binge, I would smile politely and back away slowly. She looks absolutely unhinged, and if it’s this bizarre in photos I can’t even imagine what it’s like in person. That we’re expected to praise her beauty and aspire to her class is gaslighting at its best.

      I’m not going to speculate about hair loss, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a wig or extensions or anything like that, but there IS something wrong with wearing this one, in this way, and thinking it looks good. It’s incredibly revealing that she has this entire staff (and her husband is right there!) and yet at no point did anyone look at her and say “let’s blend this in a little better before we go on camera.” It’s the extreme example of letting someone walk around with spinach in their teeth; if you really care, you give that person a heads up so they can fix it. And nobody does that with Kate, ever. It’s very telling.

    • peaceandlove says:

      kate appears lazy, ultra-competitive to the point she sanctioned bullying of her sister-in-law, white privileged, un-relatable and tone deaf on things outside of her upper-class upbringing. those are all valid criticisms of her.
      But saying she’s got an eating disorder and that’s why she’s losing hair and why she looks so bad is no better than the bullying Meghan got. stop it. these are seriously some really gross comments and do not belong here. go to DM with the other trolls.

  4. Chloe says:

    Lmao i see what they tried to do here by adding that statement from the anti monarchy group. Sorry people but the criticism comes from people who wouldn’t care either way. Not specifically from the squad or anti-monarchists.

  5. Brassy Rebel says:

    And there were articles that they arrived with two cars and two drivers (that’s interesting)! They also brought a videographer and several photographers. How to say “This is all pr” without saying, “This is all pr”. They arrived @ 10:35 and left by 11:30. And there have been some very thoughtful comments on social media about the glorification of food banks in Britain these days. They would not be necessary if the government was doing its job.

    • Nic919 says:

      The problem for Kate and William is that they accept money for their excessive lifestyle from the same place that could instead be providing food to the people who need to attend food banks. Royalists try to pretend otherwise but the cost of supporting them takes away from those who need it most.

      And kate making comments that she was still learning about foodbanks at 41 is just offensive. She spent what is more than the annual salary of most people in one year on clothes but doesn’t understand how food banks work? That stupidity needs to be roundly condemned.

      • Chloe says:

        @NIC919: I found the whole i am still learning comments shocking and also out of place. The woman was telling them about their donors and all kate has to say is that she’s still learning? What is that even supposed to mean other than an admittance of incompetence?

      • Jais says:

        Yeah the I’m still learning comment was bizarre. Learning that people generously donate to food banks? What? Wondered if she got her events confused or just fell back on what she’s been saying for years about the early years. I’m still just learning. It’s her fall-back phrase. Was she afraid the lady was about to ask her if she’d donate?

      • Ginger says:

        Kate seems to think she is still brand new at this whole royal thing. The ‘still learning’ statement is her default.

      • Giddy says:

        To the tune of “f I Only Had A Brain” from Wizard of Oz:

        Why do the poors demand so much to eat
        Oh why can’t they see?
        That if they’d just starve
        They could look wan and wasted
        And older than they are
        A lot like me.

      • Lorelei says:

        Does someone have a link to the “I’m just learning” video? Because if her tone really does come across as defensive…yikes. It’s not quite as bad as “WHAT ELSE” but it’s not great for her either.

        This has nothing whatsoever to do with her role; everyone knows that food banks run on donations. What is wrong with this woman?

  6. ThatsNotOkay says:

    They show up with photographers and journalists who breathlessly report on it the next day. Let’s hypothesize and say they: 1. showed up with food stuff to donate…and some cash, 2. they don’t tell anyone or publicize they’re visiting so that 3. the charity/organization can release the footage when and if they feel like it will help THEM, and 4. they actually cared.

    Now, I’m not comparing them to anyone in particular (yes, I am), but wouldn’t that be the smarter way to give back or at least use your position to the public’s benefit? Otherwise, you’re just tax-dodging, grifting, welfare-receiving layabouts, living off stolen wealth and flaunting it in the faces of people who are itching and itching to take it back. Get ready.

    • Amy Bee says:

      It’s very hard not to compare but your hypothetical way is just better and more genuine.

    • M18isyss18 says:

      Well said

    • Lionel says:

      @Thatsnotokay (great name BTW)
      I’ve said this before but if we think BRF PR teams are reading this site, I’ll repeat for their benefit.

      Why on earth do W&K not donate a nominal amount (let’s say 1000 pounds*) to each place they visit? Then have their SM announce the visit, that they donated (don’t even need to publish the amount) and give the info to make it easy for others to donate with the reminder that “any amount helps.”

      *obvi the amount could and should be much more, I’m just being pragmatic given who they are. This could be such a win-win, they only do about 25 of these things a year anyway, and it would be zero extra work for them.

      • Michelle says:

        Watch out or you might be another unpaid consultant like Kaiser lol! This is an excellent idea that anyone with an ounce of common sense would implement ASAP. But we are talking about Bill and Kathy so…

      • Harper says:

        Someone on Twitter said they had been with a charity “honored” with a royal visit. The publicity around the visit said the royal had donated to the cause. The charity was obligated at that time not to reveal the amount of the donation, but now she wanted the world to know that it was a grand whopping total of $25.00.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Lionel, as Nic said up above, the 1,000 pound is literally coming from the government. The same government that could be spending that 1,000 pounds on.. wait for it… food banks. The gig is up for these wannabe celebrities.

      • Lurker25 says:

        @lionel, no one is as cheap as the rich. And no rich person is as cheap as the one who inherited the wealth.
        They will hoard those bags of cash in gold plated toilets and begrudge every penny given without getting something back.
        Aaannd @harper for the win with the proof. 25 (pounds? Dollars?). Jesus. In any case, *I* give more, when I venture out from my crumbly little starter home.

    • SIde Eye says:

      @ThatsNotOkay I couldn’t agree more.

      • Lorelei says:

        @ThatsNotOkay, 👏👏👏 to everything you said.

        @Harper: $25.00? JFC. How are they not too embarrassed to pull stunts like this? Truly, giving nothing and showing up as a “guest of honor” would be better than such a paltry donation. An amount that small coming from a royal is like an intentional insult.

    • TheVolvesSeidr says:

      Princess Diana used to go visit children in the hospital in the dark at night in casual clothes. She very rarely got photographed doing it. That’s how you behave like a royal.

      • Christine says:

        Exactly, if you are just there to offer smiles and hugs, do it privately, like your mother and brother, Dummy.

  7. Talie says:

    It is weird that if it’s their local food bank they wouldn’t show up and announce a private donation. Also, they could’ve scored a major PR win showing up with food they had collected from, say, the staff at Windsor castle or even members of the Royal Family. I’m not sure it will work to just show up at these places and do a photo-op to say that you are just bringing attention. They already have attention since people can’t afford food and are desperately visiting food banks.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Will and Kate almost NEVER donate money. I think I can count on one hand that they’ve donated money – and one of those examples was a belated response to criticism.

    • Concern Fae says:

      It’s because that would be an implicit criticism of Tory policies. Say what you will about Charles, his younger self would probably have caused a scandal by saying “This is terrible” on a visit like this. Will has a friend set who are undoubtedly sitting around talking about how this wouldn’t be happening if people would just get proper jobs.

    • Lady D says:

      I doubt palace staff donate to food banks. From what I hear they probably need to access them based on their pay.

    • Giddy says:

      With their money and royal contacts it would only take a few phone calls for them to have shown up with an 18 wheeler full of food, diapers, formula, and basic toiletries. They could have then pledged to have a similar truck arrive at a food bank somewhere in Britain once a month. It could be called The Crown Cares and they have the money to do it!

      • BeanieBean says:

        They could also just drive down the road once a month & spend an afternoon volunteering in whatever capacity they can. You know, like a lot of us normal people do.

    • Sunday says:

      The very fact that Windsor f*cking Castle has a local food bank is a complete disgrace and should be the end of the monarchy.

      • Nic919 says:

        In earlier times the nobility would be responsible for feeding their people under the concept of noblesse oblige. The Windsors let the government take care of that and just hoard the wealth without the responsibility of helping others.

      • Emily_C says:

        If the nobility did not do their job of feeding people and hosting very regular feasts where they fed people lavishly (I mean SUPER regular, all those Saints’ Days), there would be mobs with pitchforks at their doors. Yes, this is a suggestion.

  8. Smart&Messy says:

    I don’t think it’s thebtide turning, but it’s a good thing they receive criticism on some platforms anyway. They better get used to it. The press will have to revert back to criticising them too. After Spare, the press can’t poke the Sussexes too hard without drawing attention to their own disgusting practices. And the Keens just don’t give them much to work with.

    • Sunday says:

      Unfortunately I agree with you. It reminds me of that iconic swimming pool on Bondi Beach, Bondi Icebergs. The pool abuts the ocean, and depending on tides and storm conditions, the pool can experience some of the crashing waves to a degree, but mostly it’s protected in its own ecosystem. No sharks, no sea life, and only occasional spillover from an unusually large wave to remind us that the ocean is actually right there.

      That’s what the royal family has become. The media ecosystem that they’ve built has turned any real press opposition into sycophantic fan-cam coverage. It doesn’t matter what the public really thinks; the British media will ignore what actual Brits are saying, report on what they should be thinking (didn’t Kate look lovely! they bring in tourism money! and what about that evil Meghan!!), cram it down our throats until we give. It takes a particularly large wave, like showing up to a food bank adjacent to your castle in the middle of a cost of living crisis completely empty handed, to even spill over into their protected and paid-for coverage, but any spillover will be short-lived, quickly receding to be replaced with more fawning reports. The only way to make any real change is to dismantle their PR apparatus.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Sunday this is a great analogy, I love it! But I do think it’s progress that in recent months, Netflix, ABC, CBS (60 Minutes) and Penguin Random House all pretty much laughed in the faces of the courtiers who expected advance copies of interviews, Spare, etc. The BRF may control the British tabloids, but they’re a joke to real media outlets. Baby steps!

      • Christine says:

        This really is a great analogy!

      • Irene says:

        Stellar analogy!

  9. Neners says:

    This is YEARS of not actually working hard to meaningfully help the causes they supposedly support blowing up in their faces. There is no grace to extend to these two. They are vacuous leeches. They have been for years.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @Neeners, this is exactly what their basic lack of compassion comes into play. The public needs to understand that no matter how many “events” they attend or programs they visit or supposedly push for progress regarding “early years”, none of their “visits”, programs or supposed action based programs will be effective because they DON’T care!! It doesn’t matter who is bringing forth the truth of their uselessness nothing will change because deep down in their heart of hearts that don’t give ONE thought of those who are suffering.

      This is the crux of the issues and unless they are given shock treatment of a brain transplant, it’s not happening. You can’t change their character or incorporate activism.

      • Neners says:

        @BOTHSIDESNOW Exactly! Some would say that it’s laziness (and they are definitely lazy IMO; on that, Harry and I are just going to have to disagree haha), but more than that, it’s just incredible self-involvement, arrogance, privilege and LACK OF CARE. It would cost them nothing to actually donate to a charity. A mere pittance. One phone call asking, “What can we bring to help?” and a donation. They don’t do it because they couldn’t be arsed to. The only thing they care about are the headlines in the papers the next day and it shows.

      • Eurydice says:

        If they can’t even show compassion for their own family members, how can they be expected to show compassion to strangers?

  10. Zazzoo says:

    How do they not have better handlers?. One PR savvy staff member (or,gulp, genuinely charitable advisor) could have easily made this a win for them. Bringing food, sharing a bit in the video about what they learned from the visit, and yeah providing info on how to donate. 🤦‍♀️

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      It’s even more galling given that they now have access to the Duchy Originals brand – this could have been a great brand exercise for them (Duchy Originals) and Waitrose if they turned up with a Waitrose delivery van in tow.

      • Snuffles says:

        Exactly! The Duchy of Cornwall has a partnership with the Waitrose grocery store chain and created the Waitrose Duchy Organic line. At bare minimum, they could have shown up with a truckload of Duchy organic food, a check from The Royal Foundation, and included information on how to donate and/or volunteer.

        If they were more enterprising, they would have negotiated a deal with Waitrose to help supply food banks during this cost of living crisis. Or created a Duchy Original product where all of the proceeds went to food banks nationwide.


    • Seaflower says:

      That’s wat happens when you only hire for what school/family they come from, and not expertise. Also, do you really see Willie listening to anyone offering good advice (any advice) to him?

      • Michelle says:

        Great point @Seaflower. Bill probably would not listen. And @Snuffles you win the comment of the day for your shout-out to KP lol!

      • Lorelei says:

        I agree that Bill likely doesn’t listen (well, maybe he listened to Jason, but look where that got him), but at the same time, we know he gets upset when he gets negative press. He freaked OUT at the criticism of the Caribbean tour.

        Does he not see a correlation here? That maybe if he DID listen to professionals, he wouldn’t keep getting raked over the coals for being useless and offensive? That he wouldn’t keep doing and saying useless and offensive things and if he had professionals preparing his remarks?

        He’s too arrogant for his own good. But, whatever, I’m going to enjoy the fallout

    • Nic919 says:

      They could announce that a percentage of the sales of Duchy Originals go to foodbanks. That would snow an ongoing commitment.

      But they don’t care.

      • Seaflower says:


      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Nic919, I just checked and Duchy Originals is separate from the Duchy of Cornwwall, and its profits go to charity. I think you have a great idea that a certain percentage could go to foodbanks. And, they should have arrived with Duchy Originals products for the foodbank they visited.

        I wonder how many foodbanks there are in London and how many people they feed? The Wailses should have listed them and how to donate along with the number of people they feed.

        I like the idea above about sending a truck load of Duchy Originals products to a food bank in the UK each month along with a certain percentage of the profits going to the foodbanks. They don’t even have to dip into their pockets to donate.

        Wails is an idiot, because when she was told that there were people would were donating she should have immediately said that they would be making sure people knew how and where to donate to foodbanks and any amount helped. Not a penny from her pocket.

    • Heather says:

      Makes you wonder if this is all part of what Harry talked about: Charles needs some distraction right now due to the coronation and will H&M come or will they be invited, blah, blah, blah……so Charles’s staff is now feeding stories to the press to make W&K look even worse over this? I wonder if Charles’s staff called W’s staff and told them ‘don’t let them take food to donate’ due to some not real protocol because Charles’s staff knew it would look horrible.

      Harry talked about this in his book. Kate was supposed to have a tennis outing and Charles’s staff called Kates staff and told them to make sure Kate wasn’t photographed with a tennis racket because it would overtake Charles’s coverage for whatever event he had.

      That institution is so toxic. I can’t imagine living in that scenario. So glad H&M got out and are thriving.

      • Moondust says:

        Stop making excuses for W&K. They just don’t care. Kate didn’t even take her coat off. Will you blame Charles for this too? There was an article back in November or December saying that Andrew and Fergie give their surplus from their garden to that charity. If Andrew and Fergie can do it I’m sure W&K can do it to.

      • Tessa says:

        Harry was being nice. Will and Kate have always.been work shy.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Lets not forget that the Middletons tried to blame TQ for kHate’s laziness and lack of a job during the waity years – they complained to the press that kHate couldn’t work because the palace said so. Said palace then came out and said that was not true. Not sure if this was before or after TQs comment about what she did (that was leaked to the press and resulted in her ‘very part time’ job at Jigsaw).

      • notasugarhere says:

        Not buying it. What I do buy is that Harry believed every lie William told him about W&K’s laziness. ‘Oh we really want to work up a storm but Pa won’t let us’.

        BS. Philip called out W&K in his 90th birthday interview and they still refused to work more. William nearly lost his wings at SAR because he never showed up. At EAAA he claimed he was working, but his co-workers went on record that he showed up less than 10 hours a month. At the same time we’re supposed to believe Charles was stopping W&K from working because they’d be popular? They were sending Harry all over the world as the Attractive Bachelor Prince and exhausting him. If Charles didn’t want anyone else getting attention, he’d have locked Harry in a box.

        So no, not buying the BS that Charles stopped them from working. W&K have no charisma. They could show up for 500 engagements each per year and no one would notice, esp if Kate had been limited to a 5000 pound working wardrobe. The only attention she gets is for clothes which is why she’s wasted over 2 million on a useless wardrobe.

      • swirlmamad says:

        I really enjoyed Spare, but you can tell in several parts (and one is the passage you included) that he really tried to hold back on William and Kate. Not sure if that is his knee-jerk loyalty to family, or just that he knew if he revealed TOO much about their true character, the BM and courtiers would make it so it would come back worse on him and Meghan. It just seemed clear to me that he was trying to make W+K come out not as badly as we’ve seen they are, time and again. Or maybe he just intended to collect the dots and let us as the readers connect them. Regardless, William and Kate are lazy asses, period (and mean and vindictive to boot).

        ETA: I also like @notasugarhere’s theory that it was down to Harry simply choosing to believe William’s excuses that he and K couldn’t do more. Just like he always held on to the belief that they would all be just like a “real” family once he had a wife and children of his own.

      • Ginger says:

        His publisher maybe told him to hold back some. Remember, Harry’s book was 800 pages long and he had to take a lot out. He has some damaging stuff that his ghost writer has. That was definitely a warning shot. He may have held back some on W&K but they still came out looking pretty bad ( especially Will)

    • Jaded says:

      It’s clear they only hire gormless sycophants from the *best* families and then intimidate them into submission or fire them, or they quit out of sheer frustration. The revolving door of their PR/Comms staffers is ridiculous. I can’t imagine what it must be like working for those two, but if Harry and Meghan’s stories are any indication, it must be hell. They simply won’t learn by example because their hatred and jealousy of the successful Sussexes blinds them from doing the right thing, i.e. showing up at these places without a retinue of photogs and videographers, rolling up their sleeves and bringing out their wallets.

      We here at CB know at least one person in their group of PR toadies, possibly more, reads this blog so here’s some sage advice: STOP WITH THE PERFORMATIVE BULLSH#T AND EFFING DONATE.

  11. Snuffles says:

    This reminds me of Trevor Noah’s comedy skit about poverty tourism (At 2:00 minutes)

  12. Tessa says:

    Kate orders staff to get food supplies she does not run to the store to shop and they have chefs and cooks. The they are like the rest of us spin is super patronizing

  13. Eurydice says:

    Even if this was a last minute visit, which I don’t believe for a second, how much time does it take to tell people how they can support the food bank? The answer is – there’s no excuse and W&K should shut their mouths and accept that they’ve screwed up once again.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      How did they assemble a videographer and several photogs at the last minute?

      • Eurydice says:

        I know, seriously. The weird thing is that people now are so used to selfies and reality shows that they think they’re watching an event through their own private camera. It doesn’t occur to them that there’s a whole film crew behind what they’re watching (although clearly, not a wig wrangler this time). So, if you’re going to lie to the public, at least throw them a distraction, like a donation or a mention of the charity.

  14. Bitsycs says:

    It’s ironic to me that the other thing I’ve been seeing all over the past week is Joe Burrow’s heisman speech (yes the thirst for him dominating algorithms is kind of funny). This was a few years ago, and in it he mentions the food bank in his hometown. And I believe I saw that ended up helping raise $350k or something like that. Even with most of W/K’s supporters being bots imo, they could actually raise money and supplies for a food bank if they put 5% effort in. Just this most pathetic and useless people.

    • AnneL says:

      Right. Burrow was a kid barely into his twenties in Sponge Bob socks and he was able to manifest some meaningful cash with a well-placed mention. Of course having grown up there, he went to school and played football with kids who actually knew these struggles. And he did something to merit his accolades. He beat Alabama! I imagine a few people who weren’t even LSU fans donated money just as a thank you for that.

      Will and Kate are SO out of touch.

    • CourtneyB says:

      Celebs do it all the time with their favorite charities. a few years ago, after a super bowl bet, Chrises Evans and Pratt visited Evans’s main charity, Christopher’s haven (not named for him), the children s hospital. At first no photos were going to be released Pratt told the administrator to take more and they’d release them on their social media with info and links. The amount brought in was basically their budget for the year. Just simple things like this, for a small or medium charity, can be HUGE.

      • The Recluse says:

        If you have the name and the fame, you can work miracles for charity budgets, but these two just have no clue.

  15. Tessa says:

    Will had to ask how a food bank is set up
    Why not visit and help more of them will

    • Julia K says:

      Instead of asking HOW the question should be about asking WHY ? Intellectually uncurious, indeed. I see Wm is wearing his “going slumming” outfit.

    • North of Boston says:

      Plus at least as reported he asked a question and without waiting for an answer asked another one that didn’t naturally follow.

      The first one “what’s the hardest part?” was actually relevant if we allow he was interested in helping… ie if the answer is xyz he’s maybe in a position to facilitate or ease the difficulties.

      The second one was irrelevant to the charity – they’ve already passed the start up phase… them answering queries about that doesn’t do anything for them. If Will was interested in setting up more, he can hire people to do it, doesn’t need to spend his 55 minutes getting a how to guide

      • Lorelei says:

        @NorthofBoston, you’re being more charitable toward Bill than I am, lol. I felt like his questions were the equivalent of busy work. Everything he said was so vague, he could have asked the same exact things at literally anyplace he visits.

        It’s like a line an aide fed them just as they were exiting the car to keep at the tip of their tongues for when they can’t think of anything actually relevant or interesting to say. Which, with these two, is always.

        And I didn’t even catch that, but you’re right. All of William’s “jokes” toward Kate are sort of tinged with mean-spiritedness. This one wasn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t be thrilled if my husband said it to/about me in public and on camera.

  16. Tessa says:

    Laughing at vegetables and claiming Kate does the shopping is what will has to offer.

  17. North of Boston says:

    Side observations: interesting that a) they arrived separately and b) William couldn’t go an hour without criticizing Kate – when she was chatting with volunteers he “joked” that Kate should stop chatting and pick up the pace

    Yes, I know it said he was joking, and yes, she was probably chattering inanely, but so often his “jokes” involve criticizing or ragging on other people, frequently his wife and often in ways that pressure her to be less. And he apparently missed the memo that chatting with the people you’re meeting with is part of the point of visit like this … particularly when you’re not actually doing anything else meaningful like making a donation or promoting how others can donate.

    He’s just so bad at this and seems to frequently be coming from a default position of mean-spiritedness and impatience.

    • notasugarhere says:

      She makes just as many backhanded, bitchy comments about him in public. That has always been the dynamic of this relationsh!t. They treat each other poorly, talk each other down in public, have screaming fights about inane things, and Carol(E) comes in to patch them back together for a short period.

      • Chloe says:

        @north of boston: did they? Arrive separate? I thought i saw them come out of the same car in one video?

        And seeing william’s track record of making snide comments to harry in joint interviews, i am not surprised he does it to his wife too.

    • AnneL says:

      He was like that in his interviews with Harry too. Certainly in the one I saw, and I understand in others as well. Always getting in snide asides.

      • Lorelei says:

        I know people like that IRL and they are the WORST.
        The people who don’t know how to make a joke (or even carry on a normal conversation) without somehow being snide toward others. Never self-effacing, always snide.
        We’ve had years now to see that’s exactly who William is.

      • Mary Pester says:

        Annel he has always been a rat. If it looks like someone is taking attention that he thinks should ALWAYS be his, he has to try and bring them down. He did it to Harry all his life, has done it to his father and his friends. He will never change from the petulant child described by Ken Wharf his Royal bodyguard

  18. CindyP says:

    They give the foodbank an hour’s notice then show up with an entourage? WTF is wrong with them? Looks like Kate was given short notice too; she looks awful. She needs to cut that mess & quit the cheap wiglets & extensions. The proper thing to do would have been to bring lunch for the staff & present them with a generous check. They are such clueless, uncaring idiots.

  19. kelleybelle says:

    Holy Hallah! The press actually managed to get a shot of William actually looking at Kate. Wow. Haven’t seen that in months, many, many months.

  20. Lady Digby says:

    The RF as an institution should be scrutinized : is it fit for purpose and still relevant? UK has a serious cost of living crisis and many people rely on food banks. How RF “do” charity visits should also be open to question. How did this visit help the users or potential users? Should they have donated food? Should she have baked cookies and brought along home made chutney or aren’t food banks allowed to accept home made food? I can’t understand the North Korean vibe on TV and newspaper coverage of this couple’s charity events when they are fawned on for taking 55 minutes to patronise hard working volunteers!

  21. Over it says:

    Things are advancing. We usually get a smile and a wave. Now we have added dumb jokes and pretended to pack a bag. Next we can add a we will be back in a years time to see if people are still hungry.

  22. Izzy says:

    Kate was all “I’m here learning.” Learning what? Why? She’s been part of the Firm for more than a decade and was Peggy’s limpet for a decade before that. How ling does it take her to learn the simplest of concepts?

    • Ginger says:

      Exactly. Why does she need to learn at food bank? It’s pretty self explanatory. That’s her go to when she doesn’t know or care what’s going on.

    • windyriver says:

      One thing she’s apparently learning is which end is the top of a container of whatever liquid that is she’s holding. Doesn’t it look like the food bank worker is showing her a diagram of how to do it correctly? That picture is a capsule summary of everything wrong with the “work” W&K do. Backwards and poorly executed.

      • Tennyson.Sarah says:

        The container is a quart of semiskimmed milk.

      • Nic919 says:

        Yes it’s a really bad look when you have video of Kate holding tins like she’s never seen them before and then holding milk cartons upside down which could spill the milk if the cap somehow loosened. It’s clear the woman has not done a serious shop for groceries in decades.

        She looked massively out of touch and her learning about food banks comment only added to it.

    • Maeve says:

      I found this incredibly odd. Anyone I’ve met whose interacted with the late D of E, Charles, Anne says the same thing – they are INCREDIBLY well briefed. They know what the organisation does, what its goals are, who it’s aiming to support and so on. The do the homework beforehand and they take in information, ask follow up questions, and if something catches their interest they will really drill down so they understand it (Charles is very interested in policy, Anne is all about the logistics). That really doesn’t come over with these two at all. It’s like they only find out they’re going somewhere an hour before and it’s all very superficial.

  23. HeyKay says:

    Well they should be getting negative reviews.
    They are awful at these “meet and greet” PR events.
    Diana was such a natural, and sincere when she did charity PR.
    W&K and their Team should be doing much better, it is not the first day on the job, been what 10+ years?

    I just tired of these hypocrites. Either do a proper job, including giving a donation from their own wealth, or stay out of the public eye. Obvs they do not care.

    • Dee Kay says:

      Diana had really profound empathy — it was almost like the person she was talking to didn’t need to say actual words, it was as if Diana could look into a person’s eyes and understand their struggle. Of course a lot of that was actual research — Diana read up on the charities and organizations she was visiting beforehand and so had the history and context of what they were set up to do, so when she went in person and met actual employees/volunteers and people being helped, she could convey how aligned and supportive she was of their work and how much she appreciated them. What a gift that woman had. And Harry has it, too, and so does Meghan. No one else in that entire family has a lick of the Diana talent.

  24. MY3CENTS says:

    I think it’s very much like Button’s Irish guards apperance, they do not want to bring anything so as to not set up expectations for them to bring anything to their next visit.
    Twisted logic.

  25. Amy Bee says:

    If the Royal rota and the Palace weren’t in a bubble they’d realise that visiting foodbanks is no longer seen a good PR move. Smiling politicians opening or visiting foodbanks has been criticised by people for years. As Kaiser said there is way of visiting these places without it looking like a PR stunt. They should have brought food items or announced a financial donation. Another question is why was foodbank only notified about this visit an hour before they came. It shows clearly that William and Kate were interested in their PR and not the foodbank.

    • Lorelei says:

      @AmyBee, your first sentence is really all that needs to be said. There just isn’t any way to make it look good for these two taxpayer-supported spendthrifts with four homes to visit a local food bank.
      Sure, there are ways they could have done it that would have made it somewhat less ridiculous, by bringing donations and giving the public info about how to donate, etc. — but really, they should just stay away from places like this. It raises way too many questions and issues they do NOT want raised.

  26. aggie says:

    Doesn’t the Duchy of Cornwall produce organic food products? You’d think they’d show up with a few pallets.

  27. Noor says:

    William and Kate are consistently making the same mistakes: the jeeb ride in full colonial military gear in the Caribbean tour, the silly statement uttered by William that war does not happen in Europe and now, a crass visit to the foodbank where the 41 year old Princess Kate was caught saying she still learning, just learning. They are in a royal pickle all of their own making.

    • tamsin says:

      And William telling some poor EarthShot winner who invited him to visit that he definitely would if he happens to be passing by- in China!!! How dismissive. Obviously no complete plan of how to do the most good with the EarthShot prizes beyond having a committee pick winners and William and Kate making a big splash at the presentation. PR, and not the environment is the purpose of the awards. It seems clear that William does not work continuously at his “projects.” The question William must ask is not what can I do to help, but what can I do to keep up my profile? A hundred years ago, this would have been adequate.

  28. Stef says:

    The twitter posts dragging them as tone deaf, stupid, and useless are epic – especially the cartoons!

    Glad to see people are starting to see these two wastes of money for what they are – lazy grifters looking for positive PR on the backs of the poor.

  29. Jay says:

    Good, I hope they keep getting roasted so that if they insist on doing this kind of poverty tourism in the future, they might just bring something other than smiles next time.

    Seriously, as many of us pointed out the other day, they have connections with Duchy originals, a company which literally produces food! Or they could have matched donations, since most food banks would prefer $$$ anyway.

    And WTF giving the food bank an hour’s notice and expecting to be entertained? I can just imagine the headache that would have caused. Even if we give them the benefit of the doubt and say that the short notice was a security protocol, they could have come, toured the facility, done their “learning” about it and then set up a future date with cameras that was less thrown together. There’s still time for these morons – they did promise to return, right?

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      Exactly! They could have reached out to their extensive, well-organized and highly motivated and altruistic supporters to offer a donation match for a period of say, 24 hours. Oh wait, I forgot their supporters are more about hating the Sussex’s then truly loving and uplifting the Cambridge’s.

  30. Jan says:

    Now KP is showing Unable with her note book open and a picture of a black man, are they implying that black men missed out on early education.

    • Nic919 says:

      It will likely be covered tomorrow, but I would check out the comments on Twitter linked to the BBC article about her new letter. She’s being ripped on that inanity too.

  31. Mrs. Smith says:

    What I really need right now is a H&M charity visit. I want to see it all — shrieks of excitement, hugs, armloads of donations, a washer and dryer delivery, info on how to donate — the whole enchilada. It would be amazing.

    • Lurker25 says:

      A video clip of Meghan introducing get smart works capsule collection is doing the rounds on Twitter. She visited multiple times, identified a gap in what they offered (stylish basics), created a solution (design capsule collection), by getting corporate buy-in (marks & Spencer, 4-5 others) in a 1 to 1 buy/donate model that ensured a steady supply for the charity long after her involvement ended.
      Contrast that with “I’m still learning” wiglets.
      It was being shared by all these non-squaddies. “Regular” UK people gagging with shock at how good she was at the princess thing, contrary to what the media told them.


      • Curmudgeon says:

        That video you’re talking about was on the Royal Family Channel official twitter page and people were noticing that their likes on that video was disappearing. Guess someone in KP is panicking that it’s making the rounds. Bet they wish they can just delete it but that would definitely be noticed 😀

      • windyriver says:

        Important to emphasize, Meghan did the SmartWorks project – while still a working royal. And, Charles copied the capsule idea! Though at a higher price point, and a different concept behind it – it was still focused on more than just personal aggrandizement, and various media highlighted the people doing the actual work. KC is a turd in many ways, but as POW he did a lot of good around education and training.

        So, two working royals, two projects with impact beyond the typical, let’s go bless a patronage today type visit. The how to blueprint is there for W&K. ES should have been originally designed to promote winners and their work, and provide opportunities to amplify projects via connections with resources beyond the ES prize. It’s on everyone connected with the Boston debacle that it presented as one big PR op for W&K. Likewise, multiple ways to amplify the visit to the food bank, as simple as publicizing effective ways to donate. At least give W&K a script that shows they have a fu*king clue when they make a visit.

        The sh*t is about to hit the fan, and it’s time for W&K to wake up and realize H&M’s popularity they’re trying to emulate is based on actual work, not just how they look in the media. I’m not optimistic. Much easier to throw a fit, feel sorry for yourself, blame staff – it’s the royal way. (See: Andrew)

    • kirk says:

      Archewell has released an AW Foundation Impact Report. Unfortunately for detractors, since they wanted to highlight the IMPACT of their work and so much of it is done in partnership with other purpose-driven orgs there are no easy $ or % cites. Enjoy.

  32. Chickadeetx says:

    I saw on twitter someone said (in response to this visit) something along the lines of “Can we finally now just refer to William and Kate as ‘WanK?” LOL

  33. Eowyn says:

    Honestly people have started being very vocal about how absurdly shallow these photo ops are, what did they think would happen?

  34. Hopey says:

    Yea, this is so, so bad. I never used to understand it when people said the RF use charity visits for their own PR. Like, I bought into the idea that the RF help bring awareness to societal issues even if at the same time they get publicity (inadvertently) for themselves. I guess I was thinking to myself, why do they need PR if they are already famous/rich/popular etc.??

    But now I see it clear as day. The point of this visit was solely for Will and Kate to get good PR. Period. There was no other goal on their part. They wanted people to see them at a food bank and brought journalists and photographers and camera people to film them for their own publicity. If it was even remotely about “helping” they would have at least provided a link on their social media to how others can donate money/food. What a scam.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      The BRF started doing the charity stuff a century ago because they were afraid of ending up like their Russian cousins, abolished. Now, their charity “work” is used as an argument for them being publicly funded and personal PR.

      • kirk says:

        So they started doing charity work about the same time they started handing out aristo titles to newspaper publishers (Rothermere)?

  35. Trix says:

    I don’t mean to go all QAnon here but zoom in on her right eye. Something doesn’t look right … a bruise? And then zoom in on his left hand. I see a mark or two, maybe a faint bruise/red mark?

    I have never seen her look as gaunt and exhausted and over it as she does in these photos, either. Maybe she’s been bearing the brunt of the simmering-beneath-the-surface rage that guy always exhibits?

    Also, has anyone seen a photo of Rose’s six-year-old girl? Apparently there’s a resemblance but I have never been able to find a photo.

    • Jaded says:

      You’re seeing things. Bear in mind Kate’s photos are heavily photoshopped, but lately it seems the gloves are off and more photos are going unedited. That’s the real Kate. And no, Rose’s daughter looks nothing like Willnot, in fact she favours her (real) father.

  36. Mslove says:

    I don’t mind paying taxes because my money benefits the community I live in. But how does supporting the Wails lavish lifestyle benefit anyone? It doesn’t. It makes a mockery of the hardship their subjects are enduring. #abolishthemonarchy

  37. Vanessa says:

    William and Kate can’t handle any sort of Real Criticism the moment it Happens they automatically sent their favorite royal reporters to try to place all the blame on Sussex’s fans . It’s like they want it both they want to be praise for showing up and smiling but also if they get any blown back they want to appear as victims. No one outside of their racist fan base believe their lies that they have their lackeys spinning .

  38. Monlette says:

    I can understand if they can’t donate brand name items, but they should have showed up with boxes of fresh produce. Or if they can’t do that, a cake and tea for the staff.

    But maybe they aren’t allowed even that since it would show up Camilla, who has all the sensitivity and people skills of a rancid cactus?

  39. TheWigletOfWails says:

    Workshy Will and Duchess Doolittle forgot what the criticism of them pre-Meghan looked like. After the release of Spare the royal rats kept posting polls showing them as the most popular royals (why they care is a mystery to me, popularity doesn’t affect the LoS). No more Harry and Meghan to cover up for their screwups, enjoy that spotlight you were so desperate to have! 😂🤭

  40. HeyKay says:

    How incompetent is the PR team for W&K? Also C&C?

    Here we are on a celeb gossip site, and still our comments are giving the royal clueless clowns better advice vs. the PR pros.

    Stay out of the public eye.
    Have an official announcement that W&K are supporting XX charity with a generous donation from the Duchy ($50K min) asking everyone to join together, blah, blah, etc.
    C&C also.

    Honestly. These clowns are about to get a good old fashioned ar*e kicking in front of BP if they don’t wise up.

    I wish H&M would send out an announcement too.
    In support of all in need, we are donating ($50K) to UK food shelf and CA food shelf.

    Chuck would be put in his place, Will would go angry, Cam would ignore it, Kate would go shopping or take the kids for a pap walk.

    • windyriver says:

      Looks like you’ll get your wish! As per Variety (see another of today’s posts) Archewell will release the impact report on their charitable giving, within a week.

      Should be interesting timing, as at the same time Kate seems to be about to release more details on another mega hyped project she’s been “working” on, in which a notebook rather than a pie chart appears to take the starring role. I”m sure we’ll hear more about it on CB tomorrow.

      • Mary Pester says:

        Windy River, the release of wiglets big project had me and many, many others laughing like loons. The headline was “Kate sends an open letter to all UK parents! She has stressed the importance of a child’s first 5 years, because a happy healthy child leads to a happy healthy adult. Honest you couldn’t make this sht up. She REALLY HAS NO IDEA. We all as parent try to give our children a happy healthy life, not just until they are 5 but until they leave home to start their lives as adults. But, none of us know what the future holds from illness to job loss. She is a patronising idiot and her PR team are useless

  41. Kingston says:



    H&M should continue doing what they’re doing, luxuriating in their California mansion, surrounded by their babies, while their enemies bay for them to show themselves.

    H&M know how this “dirty game” is played and so theyre not gonna allow themselves to be used for distraction to take the heat off Cain&Unable.

    And we who support them, are perfectly happy for them to continue doing EXACTLY what they’re doing right now.

  42. BeanieBean says:

    Those quotes provide yet more examples of just how inadequate William is, what a jerk he is, and how utterly pointless the monarchy is. He ‘joked’ about Kate talking too much, he ‘joked’ about vegetables, he asked about how you go about setting up a food bank (WTAF?), their staff only let the food bank know an hour ahead of time, and they only stayed for less than an hour. Absolutely bloody useless.

  43. Sunday says:

    “What’s the hardest part?”

    Oh, I dunno Will, maybe the hardest part is trying to scrape together enough food so that your friends and neighbors, families and children, don’t starve to death while living in the shadow of an enormous castle, one of myriad properties on thousands of acres of land owned by a single family who could fund our operations for a decade if they sold a jewel or two. But instead we’re supposed to bow and scrape and be grateful that you and your be-wigged spouse descended on us with zero notice and empty hands and demanded we entertain you and asked us stupid f*cking questions like “what’s the hardest part” of operating a food bank to take care of the citizens that you call your subjects but can’t be bothered to lift a finger to actually help.

  44. Arya says:

    Kate’s face is really saggy and haggard. She looks like someone who’s not sleeping for three weeks in a row.

    • notasugarhere says:

      This is how she’s looked for at least a decade. When the press don’t photoshop her, like in some of these photos, the Real Kate is a surprise.

      • The Recluse says:

        That’s one heck of an airbrush technique they use on her, so it is a bit a rude surprise to see her as a mere human.

  45. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I rather think the brf and bm made a mistake. The Sussex Squad is not responsible for the blow back. The UK people are tired of worrying about how they’re going to pay for food and heating. The people are letting the powers to be know how they feel, and the bm is distracting with the Sussex Squad. I suggest they stop ignoring this blow back and start realizing they have a problem and do something to address it. This rumble will become much bigger and ignoring it will make it worse.

    • Unblinkered says:

      The pictures and their behaviour at the Windsor food bank and, now today, KM’s inane ‘open letter’ about early years are ALL horribly condescending: they’ve crossed a line into inappropriate behaviour.
      It’s time they were both put to useful work on Charles’s Prince’s Trust & Prince’s Foundation. And no more turning up with an hour’s notice to the poor staff, only their film crew & photographers given plenty of notice.

  46. Dee Kay says:

    This useless visit only highlights how much excellent work H&M do for the non-profits they support. I have donated to several that they promoted via the Archewell site and am still mulling over when I can give to other charities they have mentioned or that they are involved in. Like Harry is a part of several veterans’ charities and I want to find some money to send their way this year. I would have known absolutely nothing about these orgs if H&M had not mentioned them but since they did, I know they are vetted and are really doing substantial good work in the world. I trust H&M’s endorsements more than almost any other celebrities b/c they have such a solid track record of thorough engagement, putting their own funds and often, their time into any non-profit they talk up.

  47. Alexandria says:

    As if saying the charity was informed an hour before the visit is supposed to make them look better and explain the empty hands? It makes their entire team look incompetent. If you want to visit a food bank last minute, you drop off food and leave without being in their way or a camera crew in their way. If you don’t want to visit a food bank last minute, then plan it properly and ask what’s needed instead of disrupting their work.

    They’re really dim.

  48. Well Wisher says:

    This was inevitable, the contract between the two entitles require an antagonist, an inept, a baddie, whatever…..

    Prince Harry has successfully reclaimed his narrative and protected his family.
    There are no longer available scapegoats.

    Nature abhors a vacuum, so look to who’s next in line…..

    This further underscores all the nonsensical questions that were asked in regard to Meghan’s recent whereabouts.
    One cannot help but notice that they were mainly from the women’s brigade of non-journalists in the privately owned english media.
    Their feeble attempts to centre Meghan on their fascist dart board failed miserably.

    So next in line……
    The heir and his family…
    Hence the bottom feeders checking social media to find the next attack story .

    That is the essence about negative energy. It always return to its origins.

    Look at the sadness in Kate’s eyes and give her the grace that she refused to extend to Meghan.
    In other words the milk of human kindness.

    She needs it, badly.

  49. Rapunzel says:

    “What is the hardest thing? How do you start setting up a food bank?”

    Donations, you boob. Donations. It’s always donations.

    • BeanieBean says:

      What would his response have been had the volunteer said something like, ‘the hard part is turning people away after we’ve run out of food’ or something like that. Would we have been informed of his stupid question then?

  50. robin samuels says:

    William and Kate put zero effort into their work, and the British press and taxpayers have only themselves to blame. Everyone happily wallowed in the Harry and Meghan smear campaign; they lost focus on the heir.
    This visit was another missed opportunity. Their PR department invests too much time in House Montecito.
    It was an excellent day for comfortable clothing. Look as if you’re coming to work. William looks more work-ready than his cohort. In every photo, Kate is wearing a coat, and in one, she’s holding a container of milk upside down! You cannot take these two seriously.

  51. Deanne from Canada says:

    I firmly believe that this extra dragging of W & K is all Camilla driven (& KC3 supported) to rewrite the new narrative as these 2 as the new lazy / out of touch/ racist “baddies”. They must accept it vs publicly denounce the leader of the Institution … so they trot out their Royal Rota (weak) Twitter game.

    No pumpkin, Pa & Cammie want you to look like shite for years to come. Welcome to your new version of hell. Harry left for this very reason.

    W&K will enjoy barley minimal positive PR for a very long. Mark. My Words. This is the new normal. The magnify glass will scrutinize & report everything. The invisible contract will slowly disappear due to thirsty Charles and Cammie.

    • Emily_C says:

      I agree. Many people predicted that after Harry and Meghan left, Chuck and Cam would start holding Willy and Kate under the wheels of a bus. Will and Kate didn’t think the face-eating leopards would eat their faces.

    • The Recluse says:

      It’s going to get interesting to watch the internecine warfare that’s going to go on between Camilla and William.

  52. Annalise says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wigs or extensions or fake ponytails or any of that. My issue is that Kate felt the need to get dolled up to the point of having hair extensions put in, her makeup done, and possibly even bought a new fancy outfit, for an hour long visit to a FOOD BANK. A friggin food bank!!!! Which just shows that she had NO intention of doing any REAL work there, in fact her only intention was to be there briefly.

    And Palmer with his [high pitched nasal Cockney accent] “What about the Sussexes, then?? Seems to me that lot goes to food banks, too! What bollocks!”
    Except when the Sussexes go, they’re in jeans, tees and sneakers. Practical clothing that won’t hinder movement, that they won’t mind getting dirty, and that shows they’re actually there to WORK. Not to mention, the Sussexes would never DREAM of showing up empty-handed.

    Could the Wales POSSIBLY be any more insulting than they currently are, with their tone deaf, INEFFECTIVE, UNPRODUCTIVE, UNMOTIVATED, insular bullshit???

  53. Hydra says:

    I’m so glad they are being dragged again on social media but besides the Scottish paper it hasn’t extended to actually newspapers.
    Also some Sussex fans need to be careful not to jump on threads about W&K like derangers.. point out the hypocrisy but leave the name calling out of it..keep it simple..agree and move on otherwise It takes away from the point of these posts calling them out.
    And for the love of God stop giving them ideas. It’s like some of y’all want them to be more like Harry and Meghan..It’s weird. Let them fail on their own.

    • SussexFan says:

      All of this. ALL OF IT. ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽❤❤❤

      One more thing for a newbie: Who is a deranger? Thanks.

  54. HeyKay says:

    Off topic: Re: Oasis the band, Noel and Liam Gallagher.
    Oasis, big successful band in the 1990s.
    Famously the band split and the Gallagher Brothers have been at war, refusing to speak to each other, moaning to anyone who will listen about how awful the other brother is, stirring up crap, since about 1997 or so.

    I read this comment elsewhere and am paraphrasing.
    Comment about the band possibly reuniting in the next few years.

    “They are like the Royal Brothers, fighting between themselves, etc.
    The difference? The Gallagher Brothers worked, earned their own money, paid their own ways thru life. Not like William” Oooooh, yes! 👍👍
    OMG, I love that shot at William, specifically name checked. 💕💕

  55. Cel2495 says:

    “ I am just learning” wow she is full of 💩 and defensive. I guess when you wrong there is nothing else you can say. Empty handed to a food bank ? The worst

  56. Emily_C says:

    Don’t donate food. Donate money. That’s something Will and Kate could have done, and could have used their platform to let other people know that this is what they should do. Food banks have deals with farmers and grocery stores that get them way more and better food than the stuff people donate. Unless it works totally differently in Britain.

    • MJM says:

      A surprising number of people don’t understand how food banks run nowadays. Most want monetary donations because in the past many donations of food were stuff people didn’t want or need like your expired can of creamed style corn. There are x number of staple foods given out to patrons when they come in. These staples are purchased at a discounted rate from grocery stores as they buy in bulk.

      Kate and William are supposed to have a foundation right? A sizeable check to the food bank they visited would have done a lot of good. Some gravitas when visiting and interacting with the workers would have shown respect. I can’t imagine touring a local food bank and horsing around. It was utterly shameful.

      As stated the least they could have done was shared information about how to donate in their publicity of the visit. These two are clowns plain and simple.

    • AnneL says:

      A couple of local grocery store chains where I live (Houston) give you the option to buy a bag of food to donate as part of the check-out process. The bags are pre-packaged, with an example sitting in eyesight. They contain things the food banks can use, and they don’t cost much. It’s an effective way of getting food to the people who need it locally.

      When I’m buying a bunch of groceries for my household and see the opportunity to help people with just a few extra dollars added to my bill, it isn’t hard to make that choice. I understand many people are on a tighter budget and can’t swing it. But they make it easy it and cost-effective, so it’s a good effort and I believe it’s been pretty successful.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Donate however you can, but some places need ready-made options. Things like granola bars, cereal bars, bottles of water. Require no preparation, refrigeration, or freezing. Desperate people walk in to food bank offices needing help *right now*. They don’t have a place to cook or prepare food or their electric has been shut off. The ability to hand them a box of cereal bars and bottles of water does make an immediate impact to some.

  57. Roisin says:

    Jeebus…this is not rocket surgery. Show up with donations. Wear clothes suitable for doing some work. Spend a few hours there doing something useful. Don’t ask asinine questions. Leverage your social media to let other privileged folks know how they can help. Who is advising them? WTAF?

  58. Kristina says:

    I know no one’s ready to talk about this but hello my god the textbook example of the 15 tenants of white supremacy is strong with these two. I could not ask for a better example in real time as I am deconstructing my life and my family and the suicide of my sister and the tragedy happening in my state it is ALL linked to this. This is called Centering the Argument. Making it About You. The fact that they are so fucking oblivious to THAT ANGLE and are going out here making asses of themselves on a global scale is so cringe it couldn’t have happened to better people. I hope they have the life they deserve for what they’ve done and continue to benefit from and intent, knowledge and ability to kill maim rape steal torture and harm. To hell with all of these people.

  59. Rnot says:

    Charles’ years-long failure to assert managerial control over William and his household is going to devastate the institution. It’s too late now. William was a bit of a blank slate for years and people used that to reduce their dread of King Charles. Charles is as hopeless as Queen Elizabeth said, but they’ll just wait out this unsatisfactory king and then William will be better. As time passes William can’t hide the fact that he has many of Charles’ flaws without his virtues and has no virtues or accomplishments of his own. William represents the “great white hope” that the status quo for the establishment can be defended and maintained.

    • Noor says:

      Great post. The setting up of a separate communications staff at Kensington Palace under the direct control of William was an expensive mistake. Charles lost power and control to a competing son.

  60. HeyKay says:

    H&M left official duties but have started and support several charities of their own.

    Why can’t William and Kate do the same? The charities are already up and running, all they need to do is DONATE to them, and announce how others can support it.
    Go ahead and copy a plan that has been shown to work.

    Between C&C, and W&K doing such lousy PR has no one at The Firm seen the clear fact?
    Change and move forward OR you will all be private citizens, paying your own way.

    Stupid, heads in the sand, denial, denial isn’t going to help them.

  61. QuiteContrary says:

    Their apparent inability to be embarrassed by their own ineptitude is kind of impressive. I’d be mortified if I was as terrible as Wank (stealing it) at this stuff.

  62. Constance says:

    HOW stupid can their advisors be? They keep doing the same sort of brain dead things, totally tone deaf. How dare W&K criticize H&M for anything? Or look sideways at them, even? At least the Sussexes show up at hard hit areas, physically pitch in and add cash. Sure they could do more but they probably will, while these two are hopeless.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      They keep doing the same old Queen Mother approach to charity where they show up and say a few words, then expect high praise for this bare minimum. It seems very last minute with little preparation. Like others have said, either bring a check or gift basket for the staff, then add links for how you can donate to this or other local food banks. People saw this for what it was, which is highlighting the couple and their perceived fabulousness, instead of the issue of food insecurity and the work of the charity. Try as they might, the press can’t blame the Sussexes or their fans for this backlash to this photo op.

  63. Ceej says:

    No excuse for not sharing links to donate on social media (I mean this is why you hire social media managers to run your accounts – this is a basic knowledge point)

    But I think they haven’t cottoned on to the fact that the way royals could turn up in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s is simply NOT VIABLE today. Back then a house cost 3.5x an annual salary, today the average is more like 10x. The gap between what the royals have and the devastating choices people are making to get through winters is now profound. Being a face cutting a ribbon is a relic; if they want to keep having articles about modernising the monarchy, it’s time for someone in one of these organisations to set out the fact that you MUST modernise your tactics for that to be true.

  64. kelleybelle says:

    I noticed that Kate’s “I’m learning” statement sounded a bit frustrated, like “Don’t expect too much!” in the same way Edward said, “I don’t know, I didn’t take notes” during the Caribbean tour. Snooty and arrogant. Like “Give me a break, my appearance should be enough.” They really are something else, aren’t they? That’s the vibe they put out, and it’s a total turnoff. Tell a charity/food bank that you’re coming in a hour? *snort* , stay home.

  65. BEE says:

    Even the cruelest kings in history threw coins (from taxes paid by peasants) to the peasants as they thundered past pushing them aside.