Prince Andrew ‘might be able to pursue a “Profumo-style” path to redemption’

My stomach turns whenever I read some new update from Prince Andrew. The man is a delusional degenerate, too arrogant to understand that no one wants him around. Unfortunately, he’s also well-connected in the royal rota, which means that nowadays, it’s the Telegraph’s turn to look after the idiot. Two weekends ago, the Telegraph ran a front-page story attempting to “discredit” Virginia Giuffre, with a photo of two adults in Ghislaine Maxwell’s London bathtub. Virginia had written, at one point, that Andrew’s sexual assault on her began in the bathtub, so no, the photo didn’t disprove anything. Andrew has also been briefing the press that he plans to launch a comeback, that he plans to use his HRH, that he will sue Virginia Giuffre if she says one word about him, and that he wants to “overturn” the out-of-court settlement he made a year ago to Giuffre. Now Camilla Tominey has a full and unhinged briefing from Andrew and his lawyers, and it’s just as despicable as you imagine. Here’s the crux of it:

The latest image [of the bathtub in Maxwell’s London home] has fuelled suggestions that the Duke is planning to try to overturn the out-of-court settlement. Yet is there really any hope of Andrew getting his money back? And even if he did, would it be enough to herald a return to public life? Team York certainly likes to think so.

Confirming that they are pursuing a number of legal options, a friend told The Daily Telegraph: “When the Duke settled with Ms Giuffre, what’s absolutely critical to know is that he did so to protect his late mother’s Platinum Jubilee and to protect Her Majesty. When officials at Buckingham Palace proposed this approach, he readily agreed for that reason – and that reason alone. He settled without admitting any guilt and has always resolutely insisted that he has been falsely accused. He’s been utterly consistent about that for more than a decade. But when he settled, it didn’t clear his name. So there is a legal resolution, but this was always a three-stage process: legal resolution, followed by clearing his name, followed by whatever it is he wants to do next.”

“You can’t expect the Duke to live permanently in this no man’s land with a legal resolution of a civil case, no investigation by any legal authority, let alone any charges. He’s not been found guilty of anything in a court of law, yet in the court of public opinion, his name remains sullied because people think there is no smoke without fire. This isn’t about victim shaming, but there are a number of crucial things that Ms Giuffre – who remains his sole accuser – has said which simply don’t stack up. It’s only a half-written story.”

“The Duke and his team believe he’s done nothing wrong but the rest of the world doesn’t believe it and that’s what needs to be addressed next.”

Yet the death of the late Queen, which saw her “favourite” son return to the royal fray for the state funeral, appears to have revived his quest to clear his name – despite the Buckingham Palace powers that be reportedly regarding it as “wishful thinking”.

The late Queen not only believed her son’s protestations of innocence, but according to recent reports, also thought he could return to public life if he devoted himself to charity work. Believing he might be able to pursue a “Profumo-style” path to redemption, a source said his family agreed that following the route of the disgraced minister John Profumo, who devoted himself to charity work after being forced to step down from government in the 1960s over his affair with Christine Keeler, was his only hope of rehabilitation.

That perhaps explains why – despite talk of tensions with his brother, the King – Andrew was invited to spend Christmas at Sandringham with the family. Since then, the Duke had been lying low at Royal Lodge, the Windsor home he shares with his ex-wife. But according to one onlooker, he has recently become “much more visible”, regularly walking the late Queen’s dogs, which he inherited, at Frogmore and riding in Windsor Great Park. “He’s not hiding himself away, that’s for sure,” added the onlooker.

[From The Telegraph]

“You can’t expect the Duke to live permanently in this no man’s land with a legal resolution of a civil case, no investigation by any legal authority, let alone any charges…” The FBI literally wants to interview him. He is either a witness or a perpetrator of dozens (if not hundreds) of criminal acts. If he wanted to, Andrew could fly to New York and arrange an immediate interview with the FBI this week. My point is there IS an investigation by a legal authority – the FBI and the American federal government. Just because Epstein died under mysterious circumstances in a New York jail, doesn’t mean the investigation stopped. I’m sure DOJ could arrange for charges to be brought as well. My larger point? “You can’t expect the Duke to live permanently in this no man’s land.” That’s exactly what people expect. You don’t get to rape teenage girls with your human trafficking friends, then use your mother’s position and money to escape consequences and then cry about living in legal limbo.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, The Telegraph.

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  1. Emmi says:

    No. Throw him in the volcano.

  2. Fineskylark says:

    This is why I think Eugénie maybe moving to the US is so interesting—Daddy will never be able to come visit.

    • Startup Spouse says:

      He’d also be greeted by giant billboards like the one in NYC on FDR advertising a self-storage facility that says:

      “Safe, Secure, Protected, with Minimal Charges. Just like Prince Andrew.”

    • Blue Nails Betty says:

      After seeing the way he groped her ass I imagine Eugenie would like to put some distance and boundaries between her and that pig.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    He doesn’t even have to fly out to NY. The FBI would be willing to go to the UK to talk to him. An innocent man with the means to fight in court doesn’t settle this case under any circumstances.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Agree!! IF Pedrew was actually innocent he would welcome the FBI in clearing his name.

      The Duke needs to come into reality and stay living in no man’s land as that is where he deserves to live.

  4. Brassy Rebel says:

    When an adult signs a legal settlement of a civil suit, they remain bound by it unless they can show coercion or that they were mentally incompetent when they signed. Andrew’s new insistence that his mother’s death invalidates it because he only signed it so she could have a peaceful jubilee is legal fiction. The time to show concern for his dear old mum was when he was raping a trafficked minor. Had he not done that, he wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. And I’m sure the FBI would love to hear from him.

    • tolly says:

      If Andrew uses his inheritance to further harm women, that will be a terrible stain on the queen’s memory and legacy. I (sort of) understand that a very old woman wasn’t about to disown her favorite son, but it disgusts me that he feels empowered now to go after his victim.

    • Tacky says:

      Andrew’s only adviser must be Fergie. This plan is obviously going to fail and he will be more hated, if that is even possible,

  5. Marilee says:

    Stop trying to make fetch happen.

  6. Tessa says:

    So his mother had to pay up so he could protect the jubilee. If he were innocent why would he pay up to save the jubilee. His mother could not attend most of the events and was quite sick. No way will the money be refunded by virginia

  7. Eurydice says:

    The thing about Profumo is that he finally admitted he lied. He resigned his position and worked as a volunteer for a charity for the rest of his life. Does Andrew want to do anything like that?

    • SarahCS says:

      He also didn’t rape a trafficked teenager.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Look. Andrew COULD make a comeback. He could say he didn’t realize he’d done anything illegal, because Virginia was not under age (ew, but still) and he didn’t know she was being trafficked. It’s a stretch, but plausible. Then he can start doing work on himself–yup, the mental health stuff the Royal Family, particularly and most recently Kate, frowns upon–to figure out why he was attracted to that lifestyle. He can then apologize to Virginia and start doing speaking engagements about the perils of sex trafficking from the perspective of men who think they’re just “having a good time.” This would get a significant portion of the (male) public to soften towards him, be able to put themselves in his shoes.

      BUT! None of this is going to happen because Andrew is TOO honourable and SO much better than the lowly peasants he thinks he reigns over, and he could never, in his pudgy life, admit fault or blame for ANYTHING. See, he’s too much like William, in that respect, because he was treated like William. This is a case study in early childhood development if ever there were one, and proof positive that overindulging kids turns them into narcissistic monsters.

  8. Jais says:

    Andrew so badly wants to go back to parties and events where he can feel like the important person in the room. It’s pretty wild.

  9. Miranda says:

    He wants to redeem himself by devoting his life to charity work? Really? This greedy, spoiled, overgrown brat who screams at the help for disturbing his teddies? And that’s assuming that any charity would want to work with him in the first place. Didn’t some of them try to drop him as a patron when the allegations first became public, even before the settlement?

  10. JMoney says:

    Andrew wants to “clear his name” to “work” for charities” but really it’s to continue to seek donations and funds from wealthy shady donors to bankroll his lifestyle.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      That is Andrew’s actual drive behind these new revelations. Pedrew simply wants to return to the life he once had and is simply trying to make the claim that he settled out of concern for his mother. The insinuation that he is trying to sell this as any other plot is utterly absurd.

  11. Cessily says:

    He is the brother Charles deserves and he will taint his monarchy until the very end. At least we know he will never set foot in the United States again.

  12. Feeshalori says:

    This is not the path to redemption, it’s more the path to perdition.

  13. Jay says:

    First of all, Andrew doesn’t have to wait for the settlement to be overturned to do charity work – I wouldn’t let him around any organization that works with vulnerable people, but he could pack food boxes or scrub floors right now if he wanted to. He’s looking for credit for saying he’d like to do charity work.

    And the Profumo affair was by all accounts I’ve seen consensual and between two adults. It was scandalous because Profumo was married and it was the 1960’s. Virginia was neither an adult nor a sex worker, she was a trafficked minor, so the comparison is insulting.

    And he had a whole team of palace-aporoved lawyers that helped him work out this deal – is he claiming that he didn’t understand what he was signing?

    • Elizabeth says:

      Seriously, what has stopped him from doing charity work this entire time? But what charity would want to be associated with him? Unless he starts working with Fergie’s charity. The Profumo Affair was different, and the relationship was between consenting adults. The more significant issue was that he lied about it, and there was also the issue that Keeler was also involved with a Soviet naval attache at the same time. It was the height of the Cold War, and there were concerns about information being passed.

      • Pamela says:

        What’s stopping him is that his idea of “charity work” is the kind of “work” the rest of his family does, which is basically showing up for a photo op. He doesn’t want to do WORK, he wants to be a patron.

    • Teagirl says:

      I lived in the UK in the 60s and I remember the Profumo affair. The woman with whom he had an affair was apparently an escort who was also involved with a Russian naval attaché who may or may not have been a spy. That was also someone called Stephen Ward involved, possibly a procurer, and he was charged with immorality or something along those lines. Committed suicide IIRC. Anyway, the key thing I remember my parents saying was that Profumo was a decent and honourable man who fell for another woman, and he did the decent thing: resigned. My folks said ‘they’ were probably concerned about what was said as pillow talk, government secrets endangered etc.

      Andrew’s situation is totally different and there is no way he should be considered like Profumo. Also IIRC Profumo died a very loved and honourable man after years of charity work and I can still remember my mom saying the country had lost a very decent man.

      • MaryContrary says:

        So this is also tainting Profumo’s legacy and turning it into something darker and more sordid.

  14. Lizzie Bathory says:

    A day or two before the Telegraph ran the weird bathtub story, the Mail said Andrew was excited about new evidence that would clear his name. It seems like Ghislaine’s family are running their own campaign to get her moved to a UK prison & playing on Andrew’s delusions of rehabilitating his image to help her case. And in turn, Andrew is pleading with Charles in the press to return to public life.

    Both causes are doomed. I think they’re desperate tantrums in advance of Virginia’s memoir.

  15. M says:

    Wanna know how Andrew can achieve redemption? Start a bunch of social media accounts with QE’s corgis. People will forget anything with cute dogs. Just saying. Shut up and post dog pics.

  16. Blue Nails Betty says:

    I would like to be excluded from this conversation.

    -John Profumo’s ghost, probably.

  17. crazyoldlady says:

    the Real Housewives of the Royal Family just gives and gives. The storylines!

  18. QuiteContrary says:

    “You can’t expect the Duke to live permanently in this no man’s land …”

    The only line I agree with. He should be in prison.

  19. Jaded says:

    As usual, Camilla Toenail has her information completely wrong. There’s another woman, Johanna Sjoberg, who claims she was groped by and forced to have sex with Andrew in 2001. The fear of exposure and going through what Virginia went through is likely keeping others from speaking truth to power. And the difference between Profumo and Pedrew is huge. The Profumo-Keeler relationship was consensual between two adults, not forced on a trafficked teenager. Furthermore, Profumo was appointed CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) for his charitable work with Toynbee Hall, an organization that helps the impoverished in East London, and he eventually became its President.

    Yo Cammie, do some research before you grovel in front of the royals.

  20. j.ferber says:

    I’d love if a plane full of FBI descend on Buckingham Palace with all the U.S. news crews, demanding to question Andrew, even breaking down the palace doors with tree trunks if necessary. What a fantasy! But that will never happen. I think if Affleck made this movie, I would DEFINITELY watch it.

  21. Feebee says:

    Prince Andrew can actually do whatever TF he wants. There’s no law stopping him from doing charity work or attending parties. Let him try it. See what the reaction is. I mean maybe he needs a reminder of how disgusted people are with him. Not least his own brother, who in reality is the “law” that’s keeping him in lockdown.

  22. Charlie says:

    Elizabeth is on the money. Profumo was
    1. Ultimately a matter of adults’ private lives; blown up by constricted social mores of the time, and
    2. He did the damn work. His charity work was under the radar for years. He rehabilitation worked because he wasn’t seeking rehabilitation, he was seeking a meaningful use of his life when the service he was giving to the country ended abruptly.

    • Teagirl says:

      Totally agree, @Charlie. Profumo didn’t sit around discussing what is the best strategy to get back into the public’s good books. He went into charity work because he believed in it, and did so until the day he died. Andrew is only interested in something, anything, that might put him back on top. If he truly believed in charity, he’d be doing it anyway, not sitting around plotting. And if he did do some charity work and people thought better of him, you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as he was back in the royal fold, the charity would stop right away. It would be a means to an end, that’s all.

  23. Emily_C says:

    Redemption requires recognizing you did something wrong and trying to atone as best you can. Constant whining about how he’s the most put-upon person in the world, poor boy, is the absolute opposite of anything redemptive. He sure is like Chuck that way though!

  24. Rnot says:

    The thing is, it’s been more than a decade since Andrew flew to NYC to “break up” with Epstein and more than two decades since he raped Virginia. The survivors are older and some may have fewer f@cks to give. This new PR push may outrage some of them enough to come forward. Hopefully the DOJ or NY law enforcement are irritated enough to issue another public statement about his ongoing lack of cooperation. I don’t think Andrew understands how everyone is much less inclined to protect him now that his mother’s gone. Andrew might “fall off his horse” in the same sense that Fredo “drowned.”