Chris Rock wants everyone to know: he has not been obsessed with Jada for 30 years

One year after “the slap” at the 2022 Oscars, Chris Rock addressed Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith in his Netflix special, which aired last Friday. It took him a year to figure out what to say and, in that year, he never once had a moment where he considered altering his worldview or perhaps made the decision to speak differently about Black women. In the aftermath of his special, the reaction has been pretty remarkable: overwhelming disgust at Rock’s blatant pandering to a white audience, disgust that Rock continues to attack Jada, a woman who has done nothing to him, and disgust with Rock’s contradictory, nonsensical attacks on Meghan Markle. One year after the slap, it feels like even more people are like “wow, I understand why Will Smith slapped him.”

Interestingly enough, around the one-year anniversary, Jada’s friends are talking too. Jada must have been unsettled by Rock’s continued and unprovoked attacks on her in his Netflix show, where he repeatedly referred to her as “bitch” and shared his delusions that Jada had somehow been criticizing him for years (she has not). Jada’s people said it flat-out: Rock has been obsessed with Jada in this bizarre way for almost 30 years. He even filmed the Netflix thing in Baltimore, Jada’s hometown. Well, Chris Rock read that People story and he ran straight to Page Six to cry about how he didn’t pick Jada’s hometown because of Jada. Some highlights:

Rock’s side says Will Smith still hasn’t “personally apologized”: Will Smith still has not personally apologized to Chris Rock nearly one year after the infamous 2022 Oscars slap, a source tells Page Six. “Will did call Chris last year after the Oscars, but Chris didn’t pick up. And they haven’t spoken since,” a source who knows both men tells Page Six exclusively. “Chris was open for a call until Will made his public apologies, and then all of those ‘Red Table Talk’ discussions,” the insider continues, referring to Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Watch show, on which she once shared her hope that her husband and his onetime friend could “reconcile.”

Will’s multiple apologies: Smith, 54, has apologized for the incident twice via Instagram: in a written statement the day after the awards show in March 2022 and in an emotional video in July. “Will’s two public apologies were all about saving his own reputation,” the source claims to us. “Will has not apologized to Chris Rock in person — and Chris isn’t expecting it.”

Rock’s closure: In fact, Rock, 58, is ready to move on now that he has said his piece in his live special. “This was closure for Chris,” our source says. “He wanted to do that in a safe space.”

Why Rock filmed in Baltimore: The insider also denies a recent People magazine report that claimed Rock chose to film his special in Baltimore because Pinkett Smith, 51, grew up there. “[He] performed there five times last year, and he loves the audience,” the source explains. “The choice of venue wasn’t because Chris has been obsessed with Jada ‘for 30 years,’ as it had been claimed. It is because he feels comfortable in the venue and audience.”

[From Page Six]

He liked the vibe of… Baltimore? Don’t get me wrong, Baltimore is a vibrant American city. But… Rock could have gone to Philadelphia or New York or DC or Boston or Chicago or literally anywhere else and sold out. Baltimore does seem like a very specific choice and by that I mean, specific to Jada. As I said, it’s giving Incel. I still believe the stories about Jada rejecting Rock in the ‘90s. That’s his energy – a guy who has been rejected and spends years obsessing over the woman who rejected him.

As for Will not “personally” apologizing to Rock – Will has made it clear multiple times that he’s reached out to Rock and that he would like to apologize in person and clear the air. Rock has refused, because clearing the air might mean that Will would call him to account for his obsession with denigrating Will’s wife.

Photos courtesy of Kirill Bichutsky/Netflix, Avalon Red.

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  1. Emmi says:

    That’s not closure, that’s a tantrum. Also, this is what he’s like in public. I can’t even imagine what an unfunny manchild he must be in private. Can you imagine him as your boss??? The ego! And if you’re a woman? Oof.

    • H says:

      He also talked about his ex-wife again in the show and his oldest daughter Lola. I’m not sure why anyone thinks Rock is funny anymore.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      “It’s not closure, it’s a tantrum”.
      Totally agree with you.

      I was also surprised that he admitted and put on record that indeed Will called him to apologise and Chris did NOT pick up the phone.

      This entitled, self-serving, nuclear-grade A-Hole didn’t just want ‘an apology’, he wanted it at his convenient time and in a manner he considered appropriate.

      I’m glad I wasn’t in Will Smith’s shoes last year as I’d be in jail by now. I cannot stand this sort of entitlement in ANY person on the planet.

  2. Eleonor says:

    And this is why he cannot stop attacking right?

  3. girl_ninja says:

    Obsessed. Needs therapy. It’s not just Jada. Rock is a little jealous of Will Smith too.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Chris Rock instead of making a stupid Netflix special where he looks like an obsessed scorned boyfriend who never really was, should have just pressed charges against Will Smith like a normal person would have. I believe being charged with assault and battery would have been therapeutic for Will Smith because we all know he felt bad afterwards.

      • AlpineWitch says:

        Exactly, he was given the opportunity to press charges, why didn’t he take it? I mean, its not like Will Smith could have denied it anyway.

      • Blithe says:

        I think Chris Rock may have realized the very real possibility that he would have looked a thousand times worse, in unrecoverable ways, had he called the police.
        I’m imagining the tweets:

        PO: Sir, did he hit you?
        CR: He slapped me.
        PO: Did he injure you?
        CR: He hurt my feelings! On TV!
        PO: Ok, Sir. Do you have any idea what preceded the slap?
        CR: No, Sir, officer. All I did was publicly disrespect his wife. But I’ve been
        doing that for YEARS. I know this was an important event for him, but
        DANG! Can’t he take a joke?
        PO: So, you disrespected his wife in public— AGAIN. And you called PoPo
        because he hurt your feelings. Is that right?
        CR: Yes Officer.
        PO: Have you ever heard of Black Lives Matter?

        Chris Rock could have chosen to be an adult, accept— however grudgingly— Will’s apology, apologized — however grudgingly— to Jada, and found something else to “joke” about. For whatever reasons, he couldn’t do it. I think, though, that pressing charges would have been even worse, possibly for everyone involved.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Exactly @Blithe! Spot-on! 🎯 Thank you for breaking it down like it is. Thanks to @Kaiser too. 👍

    • DouchesOfCornwall says:

      This is black pearce morgan. Angry, resentful, jealous and obsessed. Probably thought he could have given her everything with his success and wealth, but she still said no.

  4. H says:

    I’m sorry, I totally believe that Rock picked Baltimore specifically because it’s Jada’s (and my) hometown. Instead of picking Philadelphia where Will Smith is from, and who his alleged beef is with, instead he picks JADA’S hometown. You’ll never convince me that wasn’t deliberate. This is all about Jada rejecting him, not about Will slapping him.

    The amount of times he called Jada the b word in his Netflix special says everything I need to know about Chris Rock. He’s vile.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ H, at yet the fact that people are calling him out for his unhealthy obsession with JPS and the first thing he does is run to the rags and declare the opposite??? Please……JPS rejected him then and has still hasn’t accepted the truth. This jealous, vile, incel minded, pathetic man-child hates that he was rejected 30+ years ago but expects us to think differently.

      CR is the perpetual “victim” as he sees it and uses it for the opportunity for his misogynistic behaviour towards BW using derogatory words “bitches, etc”.

      My gawd, I feel heartbreak for his daughter and any other BW who is tied to this useless, man-child.

  5. MsIam says:

    Wait you refused to speak to the guy but you’re mad he made a public apology? Even though he reached out to you first? Because that means you don’t get to solely control the narrative. And then this guy has the nerve to title his alleged comedy show “Selective Outrage”. Ha! This is a also a change in the story because Chris and his brother were claiming he never heard from Will.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      The fact that he admitted Will called but he didn’t pick up says everything about this POS.

      I had been on the fence until now, but I’ve become team Will after his Netflix special.

      • aftershocks says:

        I knew a little about the history last year when the ‘slap’ incident happened. I had never forgotten what CR said about Jada with a backhand slap at Rihanna during the infamous 2016 Oscars telecast. What I already knew about Will publicly and about CR publicly also informed my ability to not ‘fence-ride.’ I’ve been Team Will all the way. 🌟

        CR piled on carelessly and needlessly at last year’s Oscar ceremony out of jealousy and spite toward Jada and Will at an important moment in Will’s stellar career. Will was triggered and he responded in an uncharacteristic way, but both CR and the Academy share provocation blame IMHO. Will was immediately contrite, knowing he should have handled it differently.

        But yeah, Will and Jada had suffered a lotta dissing from CR. Will had previously politely and privately asked CR to stop. And thus … chickens came home to roost. Karma will win out always. CR obviously still hasn’t learned how to stop dissing Jada. And now he needs to keep Duchess Meghan’s name ‘out his f’n mouth’ too! SMH

  6. Cel2495 says:

    Yep, he is obsessed with her and people are calling him out on that. Hence him running to the mag to “clear” the air.

    He is obsessed and a not funny comedian. I hope people will stop going to his lame shows.

  7. BeyondTheFringe says:

    How exactly are you supposed to personally apologize if someone won’t pick up the phone call? Is Will Smith supposed to just jump out of his bushes while Rock is walking to the garage?

    I am confusion.

    • Kate says:

      Right? He didn’t pick up the phone but was open to a call but only until Will made public apologies which was literally a day later so….there was a 2 hour window in which Will could have called and he would have answered?

      Wish he would just grow up and own his pettiness. No I didn’t want to hear it I was pissed and humiliated. I didn’t hit back because I’m not 12 years old anymore and constantly on guard for being punched by my peers. I thought it was a sketch someone forgot to tell me about. It’s not like comedians aren’t allowed to be candid and vulnerable sometimes. The best setups are when you make the audience serious for a minute and then crack a joke to relieve the tension.

  8. Then maybe he should keep her name out of his mouth as Will requested.

  9. ThatsNotOkay says:

    I am not a fan of Jada’s, never have been. She lorded her lightskindedness and “good” hair over Black women since she got on the scene, and acted like she was the epitome of all Black women and what they should aspire to be. Then she and Will opened up their Scientology school and lied and said that isn’t what it was, again trying to suggest that they knew anything about something they never studied. Meanwhile their kids remained uneducated because their parents believed in that stupid Scientology crap of kids raising themselves because they’re just little adults. The holier-than-thou piece of this couple is well know and highly despised, even among people in the industry. And their facade of perfection and being a perfect couple while each has been stepping out on the other their whole marriage and at sex parties was insulting, though it’s nice in this day and age they can slowly reveal more about their sexualities without judgment.

    That said, the Oscar pop was embarrassing for all of them and damaged everyone’s reputation. I don’t identify with Jada or look at Will’s actions as anything more than one man’s outburst and loss of control and don’t see it as a rallying cry to protect Black women, because I don’t think it was about that—it was about egos clashing in public, not about defending a lifetime of abuse against his wife. I think people are putting too much importance and giving too much credence to what Will did, suggesting it is about Black women needing protection. Black women do. More than almost any other demographic. This wasn’t that. This was about his own ego. I said what I said.

    • Haylie says:

      Nice fanfiction. But cool story attacking a black woman (who did not lord her “light” skin and “good” hair over anyone) in service of a man who lets his white comedy bros throw around the n word.

    • Dee(2) says:

      I’m not going to touch the Scientology stuff, but there’s a lot of judgment regarding polyamorous relationships in your idea that they presented the facade of a perfect couple while they were having sex with other people. Bottom line I don’t know if they’re in a poly relationship but whatever relationship they’re in works for them which means it is a perfect relationship for them. Also I don’t really recall the stuff about Jada lording her skin tone over other people, that seems more like gossip than observed behavior. Especially since in the mid 90s Halle Berry was way more popular and an in demand actress than Jada was.

      • Eurogirl70 says:

        ☝🏻precisely. Rock isn’t upset that Will and Jada may have a polyamorous marriage; it is the fact that Rock was never and will never be a sexual partner of Jada. She doesn’t want you Rock. She can see through you and that is why you lash out at her. When Jada looks at you CR, there is nowhere to hide

    • Ameerah M says:

      That’s some serious projection you have going on there. I don’t recall Jada Lording her skin color over other Black women – EVER.You don’t have to be a fan but she has always been pro-Black woman. Your entire comment feels like you in your feelings about things that ultimately have nothing to do with the two people involved.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ ThatsNotOkay, first off, WS and JPS never became Scientologist though they were courted heavily by the creeps in the organization. And when has JPS ever “lorded her lightskindedness and “good” hair over Black women since she got on the scene, and acted like she was the epitome of all Black women and what they should aspire to be.” When and where did this happen?? I am actual curious of your reasoning behind these claims, as in actual proof.

      As for the rest of your fan fiction, I am having a very hard time wrapping my head around your opinions to everything that you have written as I have never read or seen proof of your writing.

      • Coco says:

        Will and Jada definitely had some serious dealings with Scientology they might not have been official members, but they were definitely working their way there. You don’t build a Scientology school with a foundation and teaching of Scientology, raising your kids in those same principles and practices without being part of the cult.

      • SomeChick says:

        they were never in. it’s true that they were convinced to drop a lot of money on the school (which closed before long).

        scientology is very sneaky, and it did try very hard to land them. they were likely not given the whole story, and sci definitely does treat celebrities very differently to regular folks. the closest scientology watchers say they were never in, and I believe them.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I agree. Being a victim of CR does not automatically erase what the Smiths did themselves. I don’t support them anymore than I support Tom Cruise. I also think both CR and WS need therapy to deal with their root issues that are behind what happened on stage.

  10. Ariel says:

    The bar was so low for Rock. He was the wronged party in the physical incident, and yet, he did not manage to clear the low bar of- being funny and not creepy toward a woman who has spent her life not noting him.
    He could not get over that bar.

    The special was a little funny/ it wasn’t awful. But the cognitive dissidence of hitting the right wing talking points like an old rich white man, and then taking big about the racism of the royal family (which the press tends to skip when they quote his Duchess material)
    And his saying they are the OGs of racism and they saying she didn’t experience racism from them.

    Or his people’s statement about him having a “safe space” to talk about it. Was that a joke?

    Incel/old rich man- does not make for a funny comedian.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Agreed. There were like three or four small funny moments. The rest was old man yells at cloud material that he apparently workshopped this whole year. And the Will-Jada rant was just sad, not funny. And he was clearly upset still. He’s not past it.

      I give comedians a lot of latitude. So when one slaps the other on the world stage, it gives me a lot to think about. And, yes, I think of Will still as more comedic actor than serious. That said, comedians are supposed to get you to think and challenge your way of processing things, and make you look inward at your own biases. That was not there in this special. This was a therapy session with no therapist on site to steer him back toward a healthy mindset.

    • Susie says:

      I mean that has to be part of it right. You get slapped on one of the biggest stages and black Twitter is celebrating the dude who slapped you. Black people have basically shrugged and many rallied for will. Chris’s ego must be screaming in pain cuz he had stronger “black cred” and now black Twitter is constantly replaying the video of will dancing with his Oscar. And that’s just us peasants. black celebs are a small group they all know each other. I wouldn’t be shocked if even black celebs are like sure it sucks you got slapped but keep jadas name out your mouth. The overall black community didn’t come out against will at most they said violence is not the answer and nether is insulting someone wife and the hate will is getting is disproportionate. And Chris has no moral high ground cuz he keeps coming after jada. Chris has become a joke to everyone he respects except for White celebs. Chris like a lot of the rich comics hasn’t been funny for a long time. Esp since his divorce but also cuz his humour doesn’t match with the youth since he always punched down to black women and poor people. Chris was already feeling old now black people are laughing AT him making him the butt of the joke. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes another version of Chappelle. Just angry and bitter and unfunny and picking on black woman and eventually trans people. They need to punch down to feel like they still have it cuz they know they are too weak and too comfortable in their wealth to punch up.

  11. Rapunzel says:

    Dude wants to rant about “selective outrage” but also “ ‘He wanted to do that in a safe space.’ “? LMAO at this baby needing a safe space to rant about folks he doesn’t agree with.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      In addition, ‘safe space’ is a code word often mentioned in the press by anti-trans activists and it really added another layer of disgust to this clusterf**k….

  12. Midnight@theOasis says:

    Yesterday, Chris Rock was claiming he didn’t care about what other people thought/said about his performance. He was fine with how things went down and collected a huge paycheck. Now, sources are running to Page Six whining about how he hasn’t stalked Jada and Will hasn’t apologized. Even the Wayan’s brothers have talked about CR obsession with Jada starting back in the 90’s. There are too many witnesses for CR to claim otherwise. Chris needs to get into therapy and work out all his deep seated issues. Maybe Harry could recommend a good therapist…oh no wait.

    • Coco says:

      Right the People magazine article was all about how he doesn’t “care” how awesome he is and how awesome the show was there I loved it. He doesn’t care, but he wants to make sure right now it’s not it because he was rejected 30 years ago. 😂😂 This only person that’s exactly what it’s about.

      It’s like he went to the Brad Pitt school of not caring (I’m happy in a relationship and I don’t care what AJ thinks, but here’s how I want to let her know that I’m happy in the relationship and also here’s how I keep bring her up in every article to shows how much I don’t care about her or what she thinks.

      I don’t think either one of them actually knows what it means to not care, they really are just too far gone in their obsession.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      He’s been workshopping this act for a year in “safe spaces.” (I’m convinced being onstage is the closest thing he has to therapy.) He thought this would be some sort of comeback after a public humiliation he’s been stewing over for months & (perhaps) a private rejection he’s been stewing over for years.

      Now that he’s getting bad reviews & pushback, he’s scrambling. He’ll double down on this–I don’t think it will be good for his material.

    • Lizzie Bennett says:

      When did the Wayans brothers talk about CR being obsessed with Jada? I know Marlon’s newest stand special is supposed to be all about the slap, but I haven’t seen it yet. Does he address it there?

  13. Bubblegum Dreams says:

    Obsessed with Jada. This is all about Jada. Insanely jealous of Will for being with Jada, obsessed with the young man who were able to get some attention from Jada. Here he is after all these years, rich and famous and Jada still wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.
    He complained more about Jada’s dalliance than he complained about Will slapping him. Who cares who she slept, Will still decided to stay.
    Newsflash human sized squirrel, She still won’t touch you. HAHAHAHAH.

  14. JCallas says:

    Rock’s people made it clear that he wasn’t interested in speaking to Will. What was he supposed to do?

  15. jj says:

    “likes the vibe”…? Sure, Jan.

  16. Tee says:

    Rock’s nose is still out of joint (pun not intended) from last year. He chose to make that joke about Jada unprompted and unscripted, and for no good reason other than to jab as he’s done for decades. Should Will have slapped him onstage? No, but I’ll be honest and say I’m not upset about it, either. Jada is not perfect, and I personally have no time for her or her RTT, but I can still see Rock for what he is. And how do you manage to give off such incel energy after being married and having children? I can’t even imagine what being married to him was like, seeing him publicly carry a torch for another woman the entire time we were together.

    He’s been coming for Black women and courting the white gaze since he started. Its just all at the forefront now and he’s feeling that justified heat. There is no sympathy for someone who gave two of the nastiest comics free reign to say the n-word, and had to be checked by Jerry Seinfeld, the man who dated a teenager, of all people.

    • Whyforthelove says:

      TEE 100%. Before this I was neutral on Jada and Will and vaguely annoyed by Chris. Now I have respect for how Jada has handled the crazy BS that got hurled at her for sitting in her chair minding her business at that awards show. But my opinion of Chris Rock is through the floor. He sounds like a teenager being shown consequences for the first time and yelling from his room(where he has been grounded). You attacked black women especially Jada (and the receipts are now out there for all to see) so get over yourself when your behavior turns people off. Dude needs to seek help. Eventually his daughters will be the ones not picking up the phone when he calls if he don’t figure out why someone as blessed and lucky is so angry and obsessed with another man’s wife

  17. TheOriginalMia says:

    For someone who doesn’t care what people think about him, he ran to PageSix pretty damn fast to counter what Jada’s friends said. He truly thought he could continue to beat down a black woman and no one would stand up for her. Well her friends did. They told the truth and this pathetic incel was called out for his creepy, hateful obsession with Jada.

  18. Ana170 says:

    No one said Will’s actions were about defending black women but about defending his wife.
    Personally I think the Smiths willingness to be open with the public about just about everything led to that moment. The line between personal and professional conduct is too blurred.

    That, however, is a separate issue from the one being discussed here. This is about Rock’s disdain for black women, particularly Jada. Will Smith was wrong. No one really disputes that. Chris Rock was also wrong but, instead of self-reflecting, he’s chosen to double down.

  19. Okay says:

    I thought he didn’t care about the backlash. LOL oh he cares he effing cares about everything being said. I felt for him when he got slapped and also admired his composure. He really diminished Will being unhinged and out of control. It also made me sick that he got to get his Oscar and then party afterwards BUT now I see i was caught up in the moment. Chris Rock human I get it and very VERY insecure. With that said was and very unfunny special. I forgive you Will.

    1. Dated out of touch jokes ( RKelly joke ) real down with young folk lol

    2. Kissing ass to Beyonce, Jay Z and Serena

    3. Some weird shit about how white people have it worse or something

    4. Some weird shit about not playing victim on Oprah while playing victim on Netflix

  20. Optimaldork says:

    The man is rich and famous and I assume there are women attracted to that. Yet he sounds and behaves like an incel.

    • K8erade says:

      Last I heard, he was dating Lake Bell. But that was a year ago. I hope Lake saw that special and decided to run.

  21. K8erade says:

    I don’t agree with some of the private stuff Jada has put out there. That’s just not how I would roll but if everyone involved in those private matters consents and is okay putting matters out there like that, then that’s their right. I don’t agree with Will taking things to a physical place with Chris but I get that he was seeing red. It happened and he’s done his best to make amends with Chris. Chris made the choice not to participate. That’s his right but don’t play the victim and say no one has reached out when it’s well documented that people have tried.

    What angers me the most though is that Chris has the balls to criticize Jada for publicly putting it out there that she cheated on Will and turn it into a discussion on Red Table Talk when he made an entire comedy special that was practically bragging about how he cheated on his now ex-wife. So it’s okay to humiliate your wife but not okay for a wife to do the same to her husband? His anger towards black women seems to be that they call him out on his s**t. Why is he even still a thing. GTFOH.

    • Petra (Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

      @K8erade, You nailed it. I’ve always felt the backlash at Jada for cheating on Will Smith (put outside the 21 years old and friend of son aspects) made no sense. If it was an open marriage then Will was doing the same and ii’s not cheating. Yes, it’s a male ego anger against Jada and Chris jumped on the bandwagon because to people like him, men are the only people allowed to have affairs.

      • Sophia’s Sideye says:

        During the same time frame as Jada’s entanglement Will was openly traveling with a young woman. He was all over her instagram, and it went on for more than a year. I wish I could remember her name, but I saw all her posts at the time. For what it’s worth it definitely looked like they were together.

  22. Maria T. says:

    Honestly, as a person working in the field of Domestic Violence, I was pretty much on Chris Rock’s side, as that kind of public violence is often an indication of a bigger issue. Then I watched the first FIVE minutes of that special. I couldn’t even get past that. When he went in on “wokeness” I thought “Oh, this special will be quoted by every white dudebro in the land to justify their hateful, racist, GOP thinking.” What a disgusting display. He really should have continued to keep his mouth shut. Team Jada here.

  23. Elon's Sink says:

    Puss Morgan: Meghan ghosted me and now I’m pinning for her.

    Chris Sucks: Hold my beer!!

  24. SIde Eye says:

    I think he thought when he got rich, he could revenge bang all these women that had no interest in him when he was just broke and unfortunate looking. And now he’s mad that he could lay naked in a tub full of money and most women would avert their eyes immediately and shudder. Like all that money dude and we still don’t want you. Because at your core, you’re toxic and horrible. Black women see this man coming.

    He seems to have a particular anger/obsession/resentment directed at lighter skinned women. I think he has also fixated a bit on Duchess Meghan. It’s okay for him to bring Lake Bell home (and feel selective outrage over all the perceived racism Lake endures in that situation), but how dare Meghan marry a White man, and a Prince at that? She’s supposed to be available for him to treat her like garbage. That she, and so many others, availed herself to a much better option makes him so angry. More importantly how dare Meghan speak up – she’s supposed to take it and STFU – that’s how these Black women haters perceive us – like we are packed mules able to bear all things. We don’t have any humanity or feelings they should consider. It’s beyond the pale and gross. I am so sick of it and so happy to see people finally call him out on his crap. And let it be a warning to other “entertainers” Black women are not the butt of your jokes. We are not here to take your garbage and be dumped on.

    This man treated his beautiful wife appallingly and seemed hell bent on humiliating her – the mother of his children. He is determined to take her down a peg because he is jealous of her. He refused to pay child support for an adoptive child. He is a terrible person at his core, stingy with his family and he is unrepentant. He is 58 and never grows or changes.

    Also, I don’t care much for Jada, and even I can see he IS obsessed with Jada and felt entitled to her affection. Dude has ISSUES. He hates Black women. Especially the lighter skinned ones. Remember that Erykah Badu song Bag Lady? “Bag lady, you gonna miss yo bus. You can’t hurry up. Cause you got too much stuff. When they see you coming. They just take off running…”

    • Whyforthelove says:

      Side Eye your analysis makes so so much sense – very eye opening

    • K8erade says:

      Yes! All of this! You really gave me some stuff to think about in regards to the colorism and he does seem to go after lighter skinned women. That’s something I’ve dealt with most of my life. I’m black and Latino and I really feel a lot of what you said myself the way you put it. I had never looked at this situation like this. Thank you.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ I too love your overall analysis @SideEye. Lots of food for thought. OTOH, though Jada’s skin tone is on the lighter spectrum, I personally do not view Jada as ‘light-skinned.’ She looks ‘honey-skinned’ to me. 🤎 Granted that I’ve never seen her in person.

        Anyways, Jada def knows how to hold her head high and own who she is! Both Jada & Will have been supportive of Black causes and advocates for the African American community in general, and in Hollywood! More power to Jada & Will! Jada don’t have to be perfect or liked by everyone. To me, she seems to carry herself with grace and dignity. She exudes toughness, vulnerability, and honesty. She’s who she is (which as with all us humans, can be messy sometimes). Peeps who don’t like something about Jada can take several seats and look in their own mirrors.

    • Angelica Schuyler says:

      @SIde Eye I completely agree with you. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he had run into Meghan before she was married, tried to hit on her, and was rejected. She was in entertainment. Their paths could easily have crossed.

      Yesterday I debated a male friend about CR being angry about being rejected and he didn’t start to understand my point of view until I pointed out that CR is famous, successful and rich (just made $40mm from this special). Jada is in an open marriage with a license to sleep with other people and she still doesn’t want Chris Rock. And this is why he’s angry and his feelings are still hurt. He just cannot accept that he’s not her cup of tea.

    • SIde Eye says:

      Thank you guys. Sadly, I’ve dealt with some Chris Rock types in my life. In my 20s they’d make me laugh or appeared to be thoughtful and i’d give these guys a chance despite that they were short, skinny, unattractive, broke, whatever.

      Then the real them would come out. They always seemed to have the same agenda which was to take me down a peg. They’d try to steal whatever they could. Steal my pride. Steal my money. Steal my youth. And they always cheated which falls into the take me down a peg category. Thank goodness I always had enough self love to leave. Today i’m old enough to see these men coming.

      I want to recommend a great book to you guys: “Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women “ by Elizabeth Wurtzel. Reading that book was such an eye opener. She has a section where she discusses how being perceived as beautiful can be quite dangerous for women. The same quality that attracts men simultaneously brings out the absolute worst in them: so you see a lot of jealous, suspicious, controlling, violent, and resentful behavior from men directed at beautiful women. Men love to abuse beautiful women. Look at that ugly ass troll from The Cars and what he put Paulina through.

      And since that has been on my radar I’ve seen it repeatedly: Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry (yes she’s drama but she’s also been abused and cheated on by various men in her life) Rihanna, Uma Thurman, and remember the basketball player that was so hellah mad at Lupita having never even met her – and you could go on and on and on seeing this play out over and over and over again. There are not many men like Harry in my generation. Instead of being proud of you shining, they are jealous and resentful. They are in direct competition with you. My generation has a ton of Charles and not enough Harry.

      No one walks up to you and introduces themselves as an asshole. They are nice. Charming. Funny. Helpful. Until you are disarmed and then they aren’t. Thank goodness for wisdom, maturity, and age – cause now I see ‘em coming. No wonder men love to date younger women. We older ladies have radars that are sharpened. Those can only be acquired through experience, which through heartbreaking is an excellent teacher.

  25. detritus says:

    This is honestly the perfect cap to Rocks shenanigans.

    He literally cannot come back without proving the point that he is obsessed with Jada and maybe Will too.

  26. j.ferber says:

    What? He called her bitch several times in his special? The effing nerve! I’m not saying Will should slap him again, but . . .

  27. NOLANative91 says:

    Sure Jane. He and Piers have that same affliction, I dare you, ignore, ghost, show disinterest in ME, black female!!!!!! Both are obsessed, closeted incels with huge SDE.

  28. Sshark_29 says:

    Personally I think Will should have waited until was off stage & used his fists. CR is a pos, making fun of a person’s insecurities which she just spoke on in a magazine. He’s every guy who can’t have who he wants so he throws a fit, entitled a holes do this. Misogynistic fool is what he is

  29. Fabi says:

    I think he’s in love with Will, he hates Jada for having him.

  30. jgerber says:

    Fabi, interesting theory. Will Smith is hot, for sure.

  31. DivaLibra says:

    How is this guy nearly 60!?! He looks great for his age