Matt Healy went to Taylor Swift’s Philly concert, ‘It’s not just platonic’

Taylor Swift performed in Philadelphia last Friday, at a sold-out concert at Lincoln Financial Field. Guess who was there? Taylor’s new boyfriend, Matt Healy. Matt and Taylor – Swealy – were in Nashville together two weekends ago, then they traveled to New York, where they were seen out and looking loved up. They were making out and holding hands and this sh-t has been happening for a while. The Snake Fam knows it’s been happening for a while too, which is why Taylor’s fans are so unsettled. Taylor really dumped Joe Alwyn at the same time she was starting something with Healy, a guy who has the (deserved) reputation as kind of a racist a–hole. Well, that a–hole was in Philly for his lady:

Matty Healy was spotted taking in Taylor Swift’s concert in Philadelphia Friday night – just days after they were spotted packing on the PDA in New York City. An eagle-eyed fan caught a glimpse of the 1975 rocker in the crowd and took a quick video.

Standing near Healy was Swift’s pal Blake Lively, who reportedly brought along three of the kids she shares with Ryan Reynolds: James, 8, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3.

The sighting of Lively comes on the heels of notorious funny guy Reynolds seemingly teasing Swift about her romance with Healy. On his Instagram Story Wednesday, the “Deadpool” star, who has been friends with Swift for years, shared a selfie of himself set to the 1975’s hit song “Chocolate.” He added the words “Zoom Zoom” to the post and left it at that.

[From Page Six]

LOL. If I hadn’t looked up Healy’s history of racism and gross behavior, I would actually think it was kind of cool that Taylor’s new boyfriend is acting like a full-on groupie for his girl. Oh well! Interestingly enough, Taylor seems really, really into Healy. And she wants people to know that she’s really into him too, thus her people are briefing People Mag:

It’s been an enchanting time for Taylor Swift and Matty Healy. Amid rumors of a romance, the musicians were spotted spending time with pal Jack Antonoff at New York City’s Casa Cipriani on Thursday. Photos posted to social media showed Swift, 33, and Healy, 34, holding hands at the members-only venue.

“Taylor is happy. She’s very focused on her tour but is enjoying hanging out with Matty when she is off,” a source tells PEOPLE. Adds another insider: “They’re hanging out and having a good time. It’s not just platonic.”

[From People]

I love how extra she is – “it’s not just platonic”!!! Girl, we know. No man is going to haul his ass to Nashville and Philly just to see your show for a platonic friendship. I guess this is the issue with Taylor and her fans – so many of her fans are really young, so it means something to them when she’s gently telling them “it’s not platonic.” She has to gently spell it out for them.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Pinkosaurus says:

    Ugh gross. Taylor has a type though, she can’t resist a posh boy even when they are greasy and racist I guess.

  2. Elenor says:

    So Taylor likely cheated on Joe with POS Matty and the news about her split with Joe came out on Matty’s birthday?

    Taylor, go to therapy. Her personal life is such a trainwreck.

    • Justpassingby says:

      Omg. You’re right. Both on April 8th. That’s really low.
      My best guess: Joe was dragging his feet to put a ring on it and Taylor decided she’d move on and make him really jealous to make him regret it…

  3. Gutterflower says:

    Gross gross gross just all around gross

  4. Bitsycs says:

    She does have a lot of young fans (my 12yo is one), but the ones who are crazy on the internet are closer to her age, in my experience.

    I still think this is giving off bonkers just divorced energy (so I’ll be curious if it lasts) but I’m old and my mom group/acquaintances went through a rash of divorces when we were in our mid 30s. Dating a fairly questionable, kind of greasy guy and lots of PDA (well for the non celebs, lots of social media love posting) was pretty standard. Some people really went off the rails though; it’s just funny to me the parallels.

    • Barrett says:

      She is starting to look more like her parents especially her mom w age. Always love the red lipstick. I wonder if this will be a quick rebound. It’s usually the way it goes. It’s hard to be in right headspace after long relationship.

    • snooty_tooty says:

      It’s like she is in a feast of publicity after the long fast she had with Joe Alwyn. Rather like someone who is trying hard to keep the dieting. It is more often than not that a relapse is going to happen. The satiating is so strong that she can’t help it, even if it is in front of the whole world.

    • It Really Is You, Not Me says:

      @Bitsycs you’re onto something here about the just-divorced in your mid-30s energy. I don’t think this is the guy that Taylor ends up marrying.

    • Rural Juror says:

      Totally agree! The whole vibe is very recent divorcee

    • Coco says:

      Excuses Excuses Excuses Excuses , you people will do and say anything, but hold her accountable for her own actions.

      • Lisa says:

        How is the OG comment not holding her accountable? I mean seriously this is pretty normal behavior for someone who was with someone they thought they were going to marry and it didn’t work out. So they spiral. Taylor is clearly in a jump off to play at everything is fine and went for the opposite of Joe (from what we know)

        But for the life of me I can’t see how she isn’t being held accountable. I mean the OG post didn’t say Joe made her do it, they didn’t say Matty is brainwashing her. OR that she is the victim but that what she is doing reminds them of what she has seen from friends.

        I think your need to paint Taylor as an evil villain is clouding your views of comments.

      • Coco says:

        @ Lisa

        First off I was talking about many of the comments under Bitsycs comment.

        Secondly oh please you can’t see how she is not being held accountable, the people downplaying his racist, anti-Semitic, and misogyny , or just ignoring it, claiming it is not “iconic racism”, people romanticize the relationship as a love story, people in infantilizing her saying she only in her 30’s and does not know better, claiming it because of the brake up because it like a “divorce” and she just dating him to show she fine. I can go on and on and these are just from the comments on this site.

        But I am the bad person trying to “villainize” her for calling out the BS what is excuses.

    • Red says:

      Except Marty Healy is not “ a fairly questionable, kind of greasy guy”. He was just on a podcast in February saying he loves porn that degrades and tortures woc. He followed Kyle Rittenhouse on IG before he deactivated his account. He did the nazi salute at his concert, and has forcibly kissed a lot of young fans. This isn’t a cute, endearing moment for Taylor.

      • bitsycs says:

        Sorry I don’t care enough about this guy to delve into his myriad failings because I’m not dating him and neither is anyone I care about “fairly questionable” is good enough for me to express my point, which is that I see parallels to friends who got out of long term relationships in their early to mid 30s and it’s amusing to me/I doubt it will last. Celebs, they’re just like your problematic, messiest mom group friend or college friend who can’t stop posting about their new love on social media. My daughter who likes Taylor’s music doesn’t have social media nor does she follow gossip which is the only reason I’d care much about who she dates.

        People just think their 20s are messy AF, it’s really your mid-30s. I’m not defending her choices, I’m saying “wow I watched this happen with five different friends who got divorced in their mid 30s, wonder if this will be as big of a train wreck as all that was.” Because truly it all was a train wreck for years. Happy to say most have come out on the other side with good, non-problematic partners. Hope that’s the case for Taylor, because I wish most celebs I find entertaining well, but if not, I’m sure her money will keep her warm and she isn’t too worried about what I think.

    • Lucy says:

      This feels 100% accurate to me. I had the same experience of watching female friends in their 30s go through divorces and then embark on the messiest rebounds ever. This feels exactly like that.

  5. BB says:

    Snake snaking, what’s new ?

  6. DaniM says:

    I’m surprised that people are actually surprised at this. Swift’s poor decision-making when it comes to men and racial insensitivity is WELL. KNOWN.

    • Elenor says:

      Taylor recently invited Casey Affleck to one of her parties and worked with David O’Russell for 10 min. cameo. I mean…..Isn’t it pretty clear she’s an asshole as a person herself?

      • Kokiri says:

        And really close friends with Lena Dunham!

      • snooty_tooty says:

        The Casey Affleck episode actually was more serious, instead of the usual squad thing. He went there more likely as a representative. And might have something to do with NBNC.

      • Coco says:

        @ snooty_tooty

        Please with this BS.

        NBNC doesn’t need for Taylor to invite Casey Affleck to her party and him going as some type of “ representative” 😀😀😃😃 I can’t even call you delusional because you’re beyond that.

      • snooty_tooty says:

        @ coco
        Do you even know who NBNC is?

    • Michael says:

      I have always thought Taylor was fake and was a conservative cosplaying as a semi-woke celeb but this is making me question her friends like Gigi Hadid who are supposed to be more forward-thinking yet have welcomed this guy into the fold so openly. I have never been a Taylor fan but I was a Hadid fan. Now I am thinking that is probably not a good idea too

      • Lara says:

        Agree very disappointed in Gigi who I thought was better than this. She has a daughter with a Muslim East Asian man and her dads family is from Palestine. MH has said pretty Islamphobic things but apparently this is ok because Taylor is dating him…

    • Ameerah M says:

      THAT PART.

  7. K-Peace says:

    I really believe that Joe dumped her. She’s going above & beyond gallivanting around with this new douchebag, because she’s hurting and is trying to show Joe that she’s moved on and is over him. (She’s obviously not.)

    • Spillthattea says:

      This is a new low, even for her. Crawl on your belly, girl. 🐍

    • Kebbie says:

      Yes, I think it’s this too. She’s determined to “win” the break up because she was dumped.

    • Sandra says:

      I think it could equally be that she dumped Joe after she gave him some kind of ultimatum. This would then help her justify that he was “really” the one who was at fault

      “If you won’t propose to me I’ll show you how HAPPY I am” Maybe she coached Healy on the “be as public about your love for me as possible while also pretending you want privacy”

      She seems like the kind of person who would tell the rest of her friends that they need to “break up” with Joe too… or say that her ex did something so awful that friends of hers would do something as dramatic as… unfollowing them on twitter. Ha.

    • Ameerah M says:

      I believe this too. Taylor always has to “one-up” her exes. And this falls right in line with her past behavior. Girl never grows up.

      • Lisa says:

        Oh Jesus, this is ridiculous. And way to make up a narrative that isn’t accurate.

        She has said negative things about three men she dated:
        Joe Jonas who “cheated” on her (she was 16 so yeah it wasn’t real cheating and she was immature but you know 16)
        John Mayer- and if you are defending John Mayer who was a 32 year old man preying on a 19 year old look inward.
        Jake Gyllenhol-

        All her other relationships she either took the blame or has said nothing but nice things about them.

      • Dara says:

        @Lisa, Calvin Harris says hello. And Hiddleston got the “it’s his fault, not hers” treatment by her reps after the breakup, which was not complimentary to him. And weren’t there “hidden” barbs about Styles in some of her songs?

      • Lisa says:

        Dara she has literally never said anything about Calvin Harris and the two songs that could be even mildly associated with him are about HER WANTING OUT AND CHEATING.

        That goes with Tom too. Get away car is her using him, as is Midnight Rain.

        And all of 1989 is pretty much they are mutually way to into each other but terrible for each other.

      • Lisa says:

        Ok she has literally never said a word about Calvin, he barely got any references in songs but the ones he did it is about her being done and cheating to get out of it.

        Tom she takes the blame and admits she was using him, I mean Midnight Rain is about him, and if anyone thinks the guy is the bad looking one in that song then they just want to view him as wrong.

        And the entire 1989 album is about their back and forth, how they both were so into each other and couldn’t make it work, probably because they loved the drama as much as they liked the other one.

        I get people have a narrative they are obsessed with holding about her, and that is fine think what you want but reality is she doesn’t do that.

      • Dara says:

        @Lisa, I get that you think it only counts if the words are actually heard coming out of Taylor’s mouth, and I’ll grant that she never actually “says” anything about her exes. You can’t cite song lyrics, because Taylor has said herself not to take them literally. But if you don’t think that all of the articles quoting “friends of Taylor” and “sources close to the star”about how all her exes are trash and she is the innocent wronged party, while also being the biggest star on the planet (insert current album name here), aren’t coming from her reps with her approval, then I have a bridge to sell you.

        And she did try it with Calvin at the very beginning of their break-up, but those stories quickly went silent when he publicly came back at her, the only ex I can recall that ever did that.

    • Lisa says:

      Totally agree, I think she was dumped. I don’t think she cheated but I think when it happened during such a public time in her schedule she freaked out and found a jump off so people wouldn’t think she was sad. She clearly is though I mean she almost cried singing This Love.

      All of this is giving big I thought I found the one it didn’t work out but I am fine and don’t care energy.

      I wish she’d found a better jump off if what is said about him is true (i know nothing about this guy) but her behavior is pretty standard girl who got dumped after a long term thought was the one relationship ends.

      • Lux says:

        Trying way too hard here, @Lisa. She admits to being “indifferent” about Calvin in songs and excoriates enough exes to earn her a “spurned lover” reputation. And it’s not just from her lyrics, but the endless leaks to the press presenting her side of the situation (and please don’t tell me this didn’t happen with pretty much EVERY guy she dated because some of us hold memories longer than a goldfish).

        Why defend someone who absolutely owns her own vengeful, scheming ways? She loves Karma, delights in being a Mastermind, takes part in active manipulation and sabotage and admits to getting high off of doing something bad. Also, nothing she does better than revenge, right? It’s open ex season and she’s gonna hunt. Just let her.

      • Polly says:

        @Lisa what is said about him IS true, it’s not hearsay, there are multiple videos and audio clips of him being a vile racist misogynistic pig. The fact that she has chosen to be with him cannot be excused by a bad break-up.

  8. M says:

    Sounds like the “I heart TS” t-shirt is just around the corner.

  9. Kokiri says:

    She’s way more problematic than I ever imagined.
    I found out this weekend, she’s also really close friends with Lena Dunham! Gross!

    I think she cheated on Joe, & that’s why it was leaked he was supposedly jealous of her fame. Poor Taylor, another guy who can’t respect her. To my knowledge Joe was always private about their relationship, & has yet to say anything publicly about this breakup.

  10. LongThymeLurker says:

    That picture at the top of the article always makes me think she just pulled the microphone out of her butt.

    • Concern Fae says:

      I know this has been fairly standard stage costuming for a while now, but whenever I see it, all I can think is “That lady forgot to put on her pants!”

  11. Sasha says:

    This just seems like such a step down in so many ways. And the splashy, tacky rollout of this relationship makes me feel even more sorry for Joe. What did he do to deserve this??

    • SallyWa says:

      My best guess is that Joe dumped her. And Taylor now goes out of her way to show how HAPPY and UNBOTHERED she’s, lol.

      • Kebbie says:

        Yeah, I’m surprised people think she cheated and left Joe. To me it seems very obvious that she’s overcompensating. Trying way too hard to prove she’s HAPPY all caps, like you said.

      • Lisa says:

        Kebbie totally agree she got dumped but you know some people have to make Taylor evil and the villain.

        Now do I think she is processing her breakup in the most healthy way? Nope. She is making bad choices but she is a human and it is clear from her songs she thought her and Joe would last.

        For the record I don’t think Joe is a bad guy or did anything wrong, and I don’t think Taylor cheated. I think they hit a point and both wanted different things and Joe was just like yeah this doesn’t work for what I need and want. Which is normal but doesn’t make it less painful.

  12. SallyWa says:

    Poor Taylor…….she was very into, into Joe Alwyn…Now she’s very into , into Ratty Matty.
    And before Joe Alwyn how many guys she was very into, into? Kinda lots of them.
    Taylor is just that forever miserable person, who gets in love really hard and quck, gets obsessed with this person, until it crashes, then immediately she shades her ex and hops on to the next dude. Incapable to be single even for a minute, incapable to have real love and devotion.

  13. Nora says:

    He opened the Philly concert by playing with Phoebe- he wasn’t just there watching. I thought that was so gross that she forced her boyfriend on her opening act.

    • Natalie_K says:

      Matty Healy and Phoebe Bridgers are friends and have collaborated together more than once. That doesn’t seem like he was forced on her?

    • Arizona says:

      Phoebe and Matt are very good friends, he wasn’t forced on her lol.

  14. R says:

    Okay, my tinfoil conspiracy theory is that she desperately wants to find a partner with whom she can be seen as the ultimate cool it couple, she just hasn’t found him yet. Calvin was too into his own thing and knew how the music industry worked, so she couldn’t really influence him the way she wanted. Tom was too cheesy and corny about it and ‘too old for her’. She wanted a lowkey partner when she was at her lowest popularity point and the whole ‘squad’ thing came down crashing hard and then the pandemic happened so it wasn’t exactly the time to be out and about and be visible. Joe also had this ‘next big thing’ going on at the time and then his career didn’t exactly catapult into the next level and he really was just a lowkey guy who didn’t want his relationship to be this huge thing in the pop culture. Her head must have been spinning for a new jump off, only Joe broke it of first and she’s scrambling for a ‘she’s totally fine and super desirable’ spin. Also think she’s showing her true colours here. At the end of the day, she’s the daughter of rich, white bankers, who got even richer AND famous in her teenage years. She’s surrounded by yes people and people who know how to market her for the biggest demo. no way she’s actually versed/interested in anti-racism activism etc.

  15. Lara says:

    Not sure I agree that Taylor was the dumper.
    Personally leaning towards Joe dumped her and she is doing this so publicly to save face.
    Hence her her revenge tour with racist man ( nothing gets her off like revenge) . There’s no need to be so public about this especially as it looks bad so soon after a break up with the implications that she cheated. We know she can be private if she wants from her relationship with Joe so clearly she wants people to see and hear about this, and probably in particular Joe.

    Who btw was pictured with a fan looking refreshed and unbothered in London yesterday (at a theatre matinée apparently)

    Meanwhile Racist man looked like he slept in his clothes and just woke up from a bad hangover. Also his manager was with him. Probably planning how to capitalise on this “opportunity”

    • EmN says:

      Agreed Lara, this feels performative all around.

    • Lux says:

      I really have to give it to Joe. His influence seemed to have made her a better, more chill person. She was entirely talented and tolerable during those six, stable years. Writing in the third person seemed to have shown her that personal drama is not always necessary in the creative process. And now we have this.

      It’s gross to me how much her friends are throwing their weight behind this. Like full on, showing open social media support. Taylor should know how problematic “Matty” is, but if she is blinded by bad judgement/rose-colored glasses, that’s where friends are supposed to step in and show her the way. But her friends are probably laughing alongside him/her. They really are a shameless bunch.

      And it’s funny how everything was foreshadowed in that first report, something like Taylor needs a public romance now, loves a London boy, and can’t wait to be with someone at her level who wants to be seen with her. The (puke-stained) carpet was unfurling long before anyone was the wiser.

    • Kebbie says:

      I said this on another post the other day, but I really think she’d prefer people think she cheated than have people know she was dumped.

  16. EmN says:

    The more this goes on and how incredibly Over the Top they’re both being has me seriously doubting it’s legitimate – and that the reason she’s chosen such an entitled edgelord (Saw him called Morrissey Jr somewhere, pretty perfect) racist & supposed addict is because no one else was willing to take her PR team’s offer to date her mega publicly and there was the Jack Antonoff connection to pull upon. He’s up for more fame and helping his image and she needs proof she’s Doing More Than Fine.

    If she really IS into this man, honestly, that’s even worse. Both versions of events are gross and damning.

  17. Anne says:

    He was hanging with Taylor’s dad at one of her concerts over the weekend too. The MESS of it all.

  18. AnneL says:

    Part of me is here for this mess and part of me is already bored with it.

    Does Taylor want to get married and have kids? Because it seems like if she really wanted that, she could. She’s rich, famous, and attractive. She seems like she would be reasonably fun to hang around with? She has friends who are famous in their own right, if not as famous as she is. Friends who are beautiful like Cara D and Gigi. It’s not like she’s just surrounded by hangers-on she can totally outshine. I get the sense they hang around with her because they like her and enjoy her company.

    It’s hard to imagine she couldn’t find a nice, good-looking guy who had his own thing happening but was fine with her level of fame, with whom she could make it work. If Julia Roberts could do it with Danny Moder, Taylor can do it too.

    I think maybe she’s just not ready to settle down. She wants to keep writing break-up songs. Her fans will keep consuming them, for sure.

    • Plasma says:

      The question is -what guy really would like to get married and have kids with somebody like her? She’s immature, petty, obnoxious, basically a narc – she wouldn’t hesitate to use the child against her husband/partner at any given moment, when something is not going her way. Not to mention she could always blackmail her husband/partner with the power/money imbalance (if it’s someone who’s not as rich or famous as her). She’s that person. There are not many celebrities among men on her level in fame and money – and those on those levels would not date/marry her, most likely. Or wouldn’t tolerate her BS for a long time, even if they entered into relationships with her.
      Taylor is really not a catch or desirable prize for marriage her fans think she’s. Atm she’s basically a walking red flag.

      • Kebbie says:

        I hate to say I think you’re right. I thought she had grown up these last six years. The fact that she so quickly reverted to obnoxious showmance and girl squadding pap walks and leaks about how Joe couldn’t handle her fame (despite dating her for 6 years) is kind of shocking. And having her friends unfollow her ex en masse, it’s so childish. This is all so childish and unsavory.

      • MissMarirose says:

        And she incorporates so much of her personal life into her songs. Any husband would have no privacy. Then you have that weird relationship she has with her fans where she puts easter eggs in her songs, photos, videos, etc. for them to figure out. Which then has them developing conspiracy theories about her personal life. What sane man would want to be a part of that or raise children in that environment?

    • Anne says:

      I totally hear you. When the news of her split with Joe happened, I was genuinely sad for her because I thought she found her Danny Moder- guy– she seemed more grounded, so secure in a very low-key relationship, the Miss Americana doco told that same narrative, not to mention how prolific her time with Joe was– surely he WAS supportive of her career given ALL THE MUSIC that came out of those six years. But then I thought, well, she is on the top of the tops with her career, this super successful tour, etc. she should just enjoy this moment for herself. Then when the Matty Healy news broke… UGH. I wonder if its self-sabotage? Regardless Taylor, GET A THERAPIST.

  19. Jeannine Pope says:

    The awful part of this, and I say this as a feminist, is that most women don’t stay w/ someone for six and a half years w/out expecting it to go somewhere (i.e. marriage). T.S. has written A LOT about that and those bonds. If Joe did break up w/ her, we don’t know. Neither is saying. The healing thing for her to do as a grown woman is to say that she needs a break to grieve and process this — Probably get off social media, the tour, and men for a year and get some therapy as someone said previously.

    What she will do is self-medicate with a douche bag and give into her worst impulses because everyone is probably telling her that the Show Must Go On.

    • Kebbie says:

      “What she will do is self-medicate with a douche bag and give into her worst impulses because everyone is probably telling her that the Show Must Go On.”

      Her default definitely seems to be “get as much attention and publicity as possible.” I really thought she had changed and matured. I thought Joe let her see she doesn’t have to be that way, but she clearly *wants* to be like this. I doubt her team is encouraging this, they’re just trying to manage the fallout.

  20. hangonamin says:

    ugh. none of the photos of him are flattering. why girl? why? i get you are doing the rebound, i’m winning at this breakup trope a lot of ppl fall into. but you’re half-a-billionaire and don’t need this guy’s energy. my guess is she wanted to get married, joe didn’t, ultimatum and then he dumped her, and now she’s just acting like she wants to get cancelled again.

  21. Normades says:

    Lol this roll out is going so poorly. They tried to throw poor Joe under the bus and make Matty look super successful who 100% supports her career and it is not happening with the snake fam. This will not be the career bump he’s hoping for. She will regret this and throw him under the bus with a song soon enough.

  22. Dee Kay says:

    I hear what y’all are saying about how Joe probably dumped TSwift and this is her overreacting, but I have another hypothesis, which is that some people who have been in long-term relationships by the time they reach their early- to mid-30s look at their stable, secure, nice, normal partner and wonder, “Is this it? Is this all? I’m never going to sleep with anyone else ever again?” And then they break up with the nice normal person and go out and find some trash to hook up with b/c that’s what they think they want/need/will make them happy/will make them feel desirable and alive. A lot of men do this — why not TSwift who has more money and power and fame than 99% of men???? She’s basically behaving like a rich douchebro who thinks, “I like my solidly loyal and affectionate girlfriend that everyone wants me to marry, but I want to get out there and hook up with some strange and be the hottest, handsomest, most f–kable guy in the room again.” It’s a kind of longing for sexual freedom that isn’t wise but is a craving a lot of ppl — especially ppl who know they *can* have lots of choices of sexual partners — give into.

    • Jeannine Pope says:

      This is true as well and the trap of having everything and everyone all the time. The person who is “The rich douchebro/gal” will never be satisfied. There will always be more or another “Pretty Young Thing” or what ever your Strange is. Then you’re onto the flavor-of-the-month club.

    • Kebbie says:

      I don’t necessarily buy this, but I will give you a couple of things.

      One, she is showing a definite self-destructive streak by making this showmance so public. Two, she picked such an unsuitable jump-off, it does make me wonder if she’s just a masochist. Even her fans hate this and they’ll defend anything she does.

      But ultimately, I think what really gets Taylor going is vengeance, and I think this is her trying to show Joe up because he dumped her. If she was just bored and throwing a wrench in things, I don’t think she’d be so publicly brazen. She’s putting on a show with all this. Boredom isn’t fueling it, her ego is.

  23. Vanessa says:

    Matty is a vile disgusting subhuman being he admitted to watching and enjoying videos where black woman are being brutalized and torture. This isn’t not some harmless fun gossip hook up some people on here and her fans are falling over themselves to excuses. Taylor used her lover era to promote herself as a ally for black lives matter then moment that was over . She was silent while her overzealous racist Karen fans send death threats and racial slurs toward Antonia Gentry the lead in Ginny and Georgia . Over a joke has no problem co-sign and being public with a racist misogynistic man . Taylor is a typical white feminist woman who only cares about herself and woman who look like her . People will continue to defend Taylor because she white blonde and makes good music so her dating a man who likes to watch woman of color being abused is excuses and justified as Matty just playing a role we don’t get it it’s satire .

    • lanne says:

      Satire? Good satire punches up, not down. There’s nothing satirical about watching WOC get tortured for sexual gratification.

      “Hi, I’m a global pop star with millions of young fans! I’m dating a man who gets off on watching black women get violently degraded by white men in torture porn. I’m a feminist!”

      If this is truly okay, then Swift needs to say it out loud with a megaphone, and take whatever response she gets. What is it with some women allowing their attachment to these absolute nothings of men potentially destroy everything they worked so hard to build? All this vitriol for a dude who probably doesn’t even shower?

    • Teee says:

      You hit all the nails on the head @Vanessa

      She has a history of being vile. Now she’s brazenly parading it with that scum “Morrissey Jr”

  24. HeyKay says:

    This Matty fella.
    He seems really awful. Plus, nepo baby, plus looks dirty and greasy.

    Why of all the people she could hang with, pick this scum bag?
    Unless, of course, she agrees with his horrid ideas and behaviors.
    I do not think TS has ever been the “America’s Sweetheart” she keeps pushing in her image.

    TS is in her early 30’s. A grown adult woman. She knows who he is and she chooses to go forward, either a complete PR relationship, OR she is fine with him.

  25. Amando says:

    I think Taylor overcompensating for getting dumped is a real possibility, but I also believe the theory that she cheated on Joe with this douchebag. She’s been open about cheating on Calvin and Tom, so I wouldn’t put it past her. I think she expected Joe to be her beck and call boy and come to all of her Eras shows – instead he wanted to work on a movie overseas because, ya know, that’s his JOB! Either way, she loses in the end. Joe seemed like a really solid, mature, nice man who handled her fame and narcissism quite well. #TEAMJOE