Brad Pitt is finally putting his Formula 1 movie on hiatus, two weeks into the strike

Most people haven’t been following the British media’s reporting on Brad Pitt, or at least that’s what I thought. The British media hasn’t been shy about saying it outright, that Pitt was still filming that Formula 1 movie even after SAG-AFTRA called the strike. Initially, there were sources insisting that the film, loosely called Apex, was going on hiatus immediately during the strike because Pitt is such a “good union member.” But then Apex kept filming in the UK and Hungary. You could argue, hey, maybe Pitt isn’t in those scenes, maybe they’re just doing stunt scenes, etc. Except that there’s a growing body of evidence that Pitt absolutely was filming scenes during the strike. This story from the Sun got picked up by some of the trade papers in LA:

Brad Pitt is pulling the plug on filming for his new blockbuster Apex to show support for the current strikes by Hollywood actors and writers. The screen star is supporting the walk-out by actors’ union the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), and has cancelled the production for now.

A source said: “Brad is arguably one of the nicest guys in Hollywood and this move seals that reputation. He has been filming Apex, his new Formula 1 film, for the past few weeks but has now pulled the plug. Brad agreed that they would finish shoots booked in but has postponed planned production over the next two months.”

“The cast and crew of Apex have been filming in Budapest but Brad has called for the future dates to be put back, in solidarity with everyone striking. Everyone has been informed that there will be a two-month hiatus now. Conversations about when to start up again are ongoing but it’s likely it will be in November when they will be going to Las Vegas to shoot some scenes.

“Postponing the production was a massive call, especially financially, but Brad has listened to the concerns of the people he works with and wants to show his support.”

[From The Sun]

Imagine making a big deal about how you’re putting a film on hiatus in solidarity with your union… weeks after your union went on strike. A few days ago, I was describing Pitt’s activities to someone I would not consider to be well-versed in unionization and the first thing out of her mouth was “he’s a scab.” Like, the SAG and WGA strikes really have gotten through to people and workers of every variety are watching what’s happening. Even more than that, they’re paying attention to who worked through the strikes. The fact that Deadline, Entertainment Tonight and several American outlets picked this up too – that’s notable.

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  1. Eurydice says:

    He’s also “arguably” a scab.

    • Mika says:

      Also, what is this “in solidarity” shit? He’s a member of SAG! This is his strike!

      • Coco says:

        He has to disassociating himself from the SAG because how else is he going to make himself look like the “good guy” for being a scab.

    • TeamMeg says:

      I thought scabs were outsiders/non-regular employees who came in to fill the shoes of the insiders/employees who were striking. Brad can hardly be considered an outsider. I don’t think scab is the correct term for him.

      • Concern Fae says:

        A scab is anyone who crosses the picket line to work. So a union member who goes back to work before the strike is over is a scab.

        It would be brilliant if evidence of Brad scabbing becomes public and he’s kicked out of SAG. I’d like to think he’s not that stupid, but he keeps doing dumbass things.

  2. Lucy2 says:

    Wow. Nobody works harder than Brad’s PR team, forever trying to convince the world he is a decent person, while spinning all the bad stuff he does.

    • Danbury says:

      And so many people still buy it too! It’s crazy to me

    • Louisa M says:

      I think I might work out Pitt’s strategy here, which is based on his true opportunistic.and calculating character, the premise that he has liquidity problems, and the past track record re his behaviour towards his divorce with Angelina Jolie. So here it is:
      I think this piece of news should be read together with the one Kaiser had written a few days ago on Pitt’s willingness to mediate with Jolie and Shafner’s Stoli (
      I think he is playing delaying tactics again. He knew that continuing shooting this Formula 1 film is really untenable against mounting pressure and adverse PR damage. So he had to stop shooting. However, if he allows the court litigation to continue on its course, there is a high possibility that he loses again, and even will face criminal charges in the French court, which will be a nightmare for his barely revived actor career. Imagine he becomes a criminal indicted by the French authority! The international sensation! Apple might shelve the project all together, or even if they choose not to, it could become another case of WB’s Flash, where they had to turn down the PR campaign for the film and lost money in the box office. So he is trying to deley the French legal system, just as he has been doing this by suing Jolie and Stoli in the past year.
      And it seems the delaying tactics was working, since he played the same thing post the drunk/attack-on-the-plane and divorce back in 2017. He pretended to be morose in the public eye by going to therapies and counsellings and playing nice to Jolie. But as soon as he thought he was safe, he started to be nasty and play dirty game with AJ through court, and on tabloids via anonymous sources.

  3. Eva says:

    Say hello to my middle finger, Pitt!

  4. Roo says:

    So, he hasn’t actually stopped filming? He has graciously agreed to film shoots already booked in and he’s only postponing stuff that’s months out? Wow. What a nice guy.

  5. Plaidsneaks says:

    F1 takes a summer break every year; the next race is August 27th. It is quite the move to strike once your setting shuttered for a month.

  6. Jais says:

    It’s unbelievable. Hilarious how some rando source said brad is arguably the nicest guy in Hollywood. Lolololol. Okay, then if some rando source says so. Sounds to me like his fellow actors have all noted his sad scab behavior. What a dick.

  7. Coco says:

    Of course he a scab and of course his PR, but out stories last week to try and cover it all up.

    #Pittabuser #Pittscab

  8. CL says:

    What a jerk. Wants to look good, but can’t be bothered to actually try to be good.

  9. AlexS says:

    Pitt I think thought he could film this movie and no one would notice. Why he thought he could film an big budget movie and no one would notice I dont know. Arrogance no doubt.

  10. Jen d says:

    At what point is there going to be a
    more widespread condemnation of this guy? I know he’s not Mr Popularity here and on a couple of other sites, but there is so much against him – the MIR fiasco, his treatment of his wife and children, and this. He’s a dick, and these things never happen in isolation. I guarantee that there is a host of other shitty things about him that have gotten the PR treatment and are buried.

  11. BlueNailsBetty says:

    “Brad is arguably one of the nicest guys in Hollywood…”

    I could definitely argue against this.


  12. ambel says:

    “Brad has listened to the concerns of the people he works with” – it’s not even something he wanted to do. He was shamed into it! How much do you want to bet that some of his Hollywood friends also told him to stop being a dick? And yet they will continue to stand beside him. Argh – what a miserable POS he is.

  13. Surly Gale says:

    They have to get as much of his scene work done before his fillers start dissolving and his face reverts to matching his age. That’s all.

  14. Mslove says:

    I guess the plan is to prop up Brad Pitt until the bitter end, no matter how many people he’s screwed over. I hope his peers realize what a scumbag he is & stay away from him, for their own good.

  15. kel says:

    “Brad is arguably one of the nicest guys in Hollywood…”
    What the f***?!!
    His team is always working to make him the hero, the victim, the greatest, the nicest guy, when in fact he’s the guy incapable of doing what’s right, of just accepting the rules. Unable to accept his mistakes and apologize… Hollywood has created a monster, a cross between Trump and Homelander.
    It’s unbelievable.

  16. ML says:

    Wow, someone finally got told off and now he had to find a bunch of publications to mansplain why he wasn’t an effing scab. (He is a scab.)

    I live in the land of Red Bull fans, though I’m not into F1. However, a couple of weeks ago, the news here was that BP was coming to Spa (last weekend’s race) in Belgium and was (is?) scheduled to show up in Zandvoort, The Netherlands. Here’s an article in Dutch from 12 July 2023 reporting that JUST IN TIME FOR THE STRIKE:

    Brad Pitt had no intention of supporting SAG AFTRA. Only after people started side-eying his behavior has he decided to stop filming.

    • Danbury says:

      I was at the Belgian GP in Spa yesterday and as far as I know he didn’t come, thank goodness

      • ML says:

        So were my neighbors, Danbury. I hope you enjoyed it in spite of the weather.

        Just wanted to point out Rupert Murdoch’s evil empire at work: The Sun, a UK paper, reported this drivel about Brad being one with his fellow actors weeks after the strike started. The strikes are in the US, not the UK. British actors are not legally allowed to strike. Murdoch owns TMZ and PageSix, which are US based. Those gossip sites are NOT announcing what a great guy Brad is for stopping work on his F1 movie during a strike. Just wanted to underline how and where Murdoch is helping BP out.
        Deadline, part of the Penske empire, along with Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, etc—essentially all the trade magazines—are pro studio. The Deadline link above has more or less the same info as The Sun. That means that the studios want BP to look good as well.
        Brad Pitt is a scab.

  17. Dorianne says:

    UGH. THIS GUY. AGAIN! Jennifer Aniston was correct. This guy has a sensitivity chip missing from his brain. And a few other chips, too. If your union authorized a strike, you strike! I have a friend in the WGA. She’s been out on strike since May. But what can you expect from this idiot who continued to work with Harvey Weinstein knowing full well that HW had assaulted GP & AJ, among so many others. Then Pitt tried to fix that catastrophe by producing a movie about the takedown of Harvey Weinstein. You can’t make this stuff up. On another tack, case management conference on Nouvel sale in LA superior court this Wednesday. Pitt still trying to “unwind” the sale to Tenute del Mondo. Yes, box 5 requesting jury trial is still checked along with section 10, box b3 which states that this case is exempt from civil action mediation. Get ready for more PR deflections, diversions and, overall, shenanigans.

  18. Kat says:

    Hiatus to support the Writers or hiatus because the F1 teams are now out on Summer holiday? Hmm…