Prince Albert’s son Alexandre Grimaldi gave an interview ahead of his 20th b-day

For years, Prince Albert of Monaco had a relationship with Nicole Coste, who was then a stewardess. Twenty years ago, they welcomed a son together, Alexandre. Over the years, Albert has made an effort (??) to embrace Alexandre, and the kid lives part-time in Monaco and he’s being included at some of the royal functions. Nicole gave a couple of interviews in 2021 and she served up some tea: she claimed that Princess Charlene doesn’t like Alexandre and Charlene had him moved into the “servant’s quarters” of the Prince’s Palace. Albert denied that, but Nicole went even further and said that Charlene’s health issues (in 2021) were “karma.” Well, ahead of his twentieth birthday, Alexandre chatted with the French outlet Point de Vue about his half-royal life, taking his father’s name and his relations with his stepmother and half-siblings. Some highlights:

He’s a business major: He feels he’s arriving at “the age when you make choices. These can be good or bad depending on the background you have and those around you. I think I’m certainly a reasonable person. The commitment which takes precedence in my life today is finishing my university studies.” When pressed by the interviewer on precisely what role he hopes to play in Monaco’s future, Alexandre shows a sign of his father’s wit: “I’m only 20. Let me get my diploma, and we’ll talk about it.”

He lives at home in England: Studying business management at an English university, Alexandre says he still lives at home with his mother and two older half-brothers from her past marriage — a situation he likes. “It’s a chance when you study and you don’t have to worry about anything,” he says.

Whether he would pursue modeling: “As a teenager, I thought about it. The idea of being photographed in nice clothes and looking elegant amused me. But COVID happened, and I ended up losing interest. I was also a minor. My father is a prince and head of state — I personally cannot imagine myself marching on a podium. On the other hand, if a prestigious brand asks me to be its ambassador and its image suits me, why not?”

The son of a prince: “I’ve had some rather happy times, to tell the truth, and I’ve never had the feeling that the way others, my friends in particular, change their views of me and who I am. But maybe I’m still too young to discern this. I appreciate my friends very much, and I hope they’ll never disappoint me.”

Adopting the Grimaldi name: Since 2022, with his father’s encouragement, he has publicly gone by the family name of Grimaldi, refusing the hyphenated version of his last name that the press imposed on him since childhood. His decision, he maintains, was significant, and he bristles at those — especially online — continuing to call him Grimaldi-Coste or challenging his legitimacy. “My father’s name is Grimaldi. It makes sense that I bear his name. I would have been called Dochomel if my father had been Mr. Dochomel! Besides, I never called myself Coste or Coste-Grimaldi. On no ID, at school or on my diplomas. Those who call me that have a malicious attitude.”

He doesn’t want to be called “illegitimate” either: “Nor am I ‘illegitimate’ since when I was born, neither of my parents was in another marriage, and they did not commit adultery. Using that word is insulting! I hope no one believes the lies conveyed on the internet. One bears the name of one’s father when one has been recognized since birth. I had voluntary recognition from my father when I was a baby. Not from a judge or the press who have forced him to,” he says. “My mother, whom I adore is my rock, and she is not jealous at all of my choice. If she never said anything about my surname, it’s been to protect our privacy. I was 2 years old when I was revealed in the press. One thing is certain: Today, I am a happy man being open and honest with you.”

His relationships with his half-siblings: Without hesitation, Alexandre says Jazmin Grace “is my big sister, and I love her like I love my two big brothers on my mother’s side. We all get along very well, and Jazmin is also very close to one of my two brothers with whom she shares the same birthday. We’ve a good relationship despite the fact that we live in distant countries.” As for Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, Alexandre acknowledges approaching his role with caution. Asked what he shares with the 8-year-old royals, he suggests “tenderness.” He adds with a smile, “Not their toys. That’s for sure given our age difference.”

[From People]

He sounds like an intelligent young man, but I can tell that his mother has coached him. She was apparently part of the interview too, and I would imagine the unpublished “outtakes” were probably the most interesting parts. It’s clear that Nicole wants Alexandre to have an attachment to Monaco and to be close to Albert. I think it’s refreshing that Albert hasn’t hidden Alexandre away and that the kid is being inducted into royal life in some kind of way. I also think that what Nicole said about Charlene is probably the truth, and that Charlene isn’t jazzed about her husband’s other children hanging around.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, cover courtesy of Paris Match..

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  1. Amy Bee says:

    We all know why Albert never married Alexandre’s mother.

    • Nlopez says:

      We sure do! Many people can’t handle melanin. Sad. I wish him and his mom the best!

    • Cassandra says:

      Is it the same reason he didn’t marry Jasmin Grace’s mother?

      Men enjoy having sex with women they have no intention of marrying and sometimes oopsies happen. There was literally nothing stopping Albert from making Nicole his wife, other than the fact he didn’t want to. If you’re trying to insinuate racism, then why was he so happy to make notable black woman Naomi Campbell his official girlfriend?

      • lucky says:

        There isn’t one line that denotes where someone starts or stops being racist. Dating and sleeping with women of color does not make someone not racist. If (and this is a projection for sure, but everything we say about these people is a projection) he would never have married a woman of color but is fine with sleeping with them or dating them (and to his credit not trying to sweep his children with them under the rug), then doesn’t that seem slightly problematic?

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Cassandra: There’s a difference between having a girlfriend who’s black and marrying someone who’s black.

      • Couch Potato says:

        He follows the late prince Phillips view. I can’t remember exactly how it was phrased but it was someting along the line of; some women are ok to have as mistresses, but not wives. I don’t remember if it included both POC and actresses.

      • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

        Is this question genuine? Because if you’ve read Celebitchy with any consistency, you’ve likely read at the least the headlines chronicling the British Royal Family’s racist treatment towards the Duchess of Sussex. Now imagine if the Duchess of Sussex was not mixed race. The reason why Albert was unable (either prevented or refused) to marry Nicole is that Nicole is a dark-skinned Black woman.

      • Wannabefarmer says:

        Maybe this is along the lines of the snobby/elitist windsors who look down their noses at Americans /American actors (until they need them for clout)? What was it philip said, you date them you dont marry them?

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        @Cassandra Oh honey, no. Albert was never going to marry a Black woman, especially one with dark skin, regardless of how much he loved them. He could have married any Black woman who he fell in love with, however, he chose to marry a blue eyed blonde woman he did not love and who actively tried to back out of the wedding. He literally forced her to marry him. Love had nothing to do with it. She was the perfect incubator to carry his legitimate heir and he made damn sure she did.

        Royal white supremacy must be upheld at all costs and Albert is no exception to that rule. So yes, Albert is a big, honking racist born and raised.

      • Nlopez says:

        You don’t have to be rude Cassandra. I’m allowed to have my opinion and I don’t have to defend it to you.

      • NN says:

        He was in a serious relationship with Nicole and they were public with their relationship so idk what you’re talking about? He never hid Nicole. They went to events together and she was introduced to his family whom she’s very close to.

  2. Grace says:

    Yes, he certainly sounds like an intelligent young man, but I don’t understand why he wanted to give this interview. Why not go on with his life out of the limelight?

    • Ladyjax says:

      It doesn’t sound like he wants to be out of the limelight though? He wants to finish his studies and make a name for himself, and said he was open to modeling.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Actually, he kinda said he thinks he’s too important to be a model. But he would consider being a brand ambassador. I think the self important Windsors are bad enough. But the Grimaldis, descendants of pirates, take snobbery to a whole new level.

        And this dude looks like Albert’s sister, Stephanie, at that young age.

      • Sugarhere says:

        @Brassy Rebel, You’re twisting his words and projecting your own prejudiced interpretation onto what he said. There’s nothing condescending about that young man.

    • Amber says:

      I don’t think he seems snobby. It isn’t snobby to acknowledge one’s value, especially when you’re a POC that the press insists is “illegitimate.” Sheesh.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I don’t believe in royalty. Period. And the Grimaldis are a joke.

      • Sugarhere says:

        I loathe royalty by principle as well. I don’t consider anybody on earth to be the prince or king of me. I only believe in the hierarchy of good actions.

        Yet, can we be fair and not put words in other people’s mouths 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Bettyrose says:

        Calling humans illegitimate needs to end immediately. Babies have no control over the circumstances of their birth, the concept is meant to shame women, and yeah in this case it’s such obvious racism.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I think it’s because Monaco’s constitution uses the word “legitimate.” Yes, that constitution is backwards and has no place in the modern world (and neither does a hereditary monarchy). But I don’t think they will change it, because it opens the door to people asking why do we have a hereditary monarchy at all, and why does it favor males over females? Why is Albert on the throne and not Caroline?

      • bettyrose says:

        Right, well that’s the other purpose of “legitimate,” I guess. It’s not always about shaming women. It’s also about making sure hereditary privilege is only passed through the acceptable blood line. (So it’s white supremacy, misogyny, and classicism all packaged together.) Alexandre is young, so I’ll give him a pass on suggesting children born from marital infidelity are the true definition of “illegitimate,” but the whole concept needs to be challenged.

    • Peanut Butter says:

      Stewardess? Haven’t used that one since the last century

  3. Gem says:

    Nicole is still in Albert’s life. Come on, whole of Europe knows that. Albert has a blind spot for Nicole is why she could say nasty things about Charlene when she was going through god knows what to try to leave Albert. Charlene never had enough power in the household to do anything to anybody. They isolated her pretty early after she tried fleeing befpre their marriage and had no friends. Nicole is everywhere Charlene and Albert go. As for this man, it is clear they don’t let him around the heirs and again, that is probably a decision his fathers household took.

    • ⁷Tree says:

      Nicole seemed to set Alexandre up as heir long time ago. She knows he isn’t the heir because she had him before marriage. Regardless of color.

      All she is doing is making him a target while putting a burden on his shoulders. Just tell Albert to find him a real job. On the side Alex can be a socialite. It’s better than how queen margrete of Denmark first set of grandchildren are doing. And they are legitimate prince’s.

    • KFG says:

      Charlene is a white South African who was fine and benefitted from apartheid. She is no victim of Nicole. Nicole is telling the truth about the racist attitudes of white south Africans. They really believe Black and non-white people are beneath them and akin to animals. Seriously. Look at how Australians and new Zealanders are reacting to white south Africans coming to their countries and being horrifically racist and abusive and not understanding why the other white people are not cool with them. The only reason Albert didn’t marry his 1st son’s mother is because she’s Black. He knows how bigoted and racist people are and is probably bigoted himself. Spare me the poor Charlene is hurt by the Black woman trope.

      • Bee (not THAT Bee) says:

        Saying her health challenges were karma is a choice tho. I think ESH.

        Nicole and Alexandre are really attractive and photogenic and I hope he goes far. I also hope Charlene manages to break free.

  4. Lizzie says:

    He seems like a nice young man. Nicole is a lot like Camilla. Doesn’t Albert have kids with two other women? I wish I was more clued into Monaco royal gossip.

    • KFG says:

      How is she like Camilla? She has a good relationship with her sons father. Albert’s current wife seems to be a typical white South African, racist and bigoted. Not surprising. Nicole is protecting her son’s interests and addressing the elephant in the room, he’s black and Albert loves him and legitimized him at his birth. He seems to be a well spoken, intelligent young man who is happy with his life.

    • Yup, Me says:

      Albert’s oldest child, his daughter Jazmin, is an American who sometimes accompanies him at events as a co-host. I don’t know why people are getting all tight sphinctered about his son (whose position is very similar to that of his daughter) recognizing his rightful place and position in his father’s life and society.

      Racism is a hellofa drug.

  5. YeahRight says:

    This boy mama is a thirst bucket she’s obviously is putting him up to these interviews there is no reason for it. That being said his father is nasty for letting people act like his son is some dark secret with that illegitimate crap. He handled that question better than his father. He doesn’t have a relationship with his younger siblings it’s sad but we know how the royals and their people treat Black people so it’s not surprising.

    • Sugarhere says:

      I am amazed at the number of people who know the alphabet but still can’t actually read. Where does it say he doesn’t have a relationship with his younger siblings? He does because Albert loves all his children the same.

      • YeahRight says:

        Ok girl whatever you say

        Anywho it’s sad he doesn’t know his younger siblings. A good father doesn’t allow the press to run with his eldest son being some dark secret.

      • Sugarhere says:

        1- He did the same with daughter Jasmine Grace, born out of the wedlock, and last time I checked Jasmine was White – meaning Albert’s concern was not about color, but rather not infuriating his own racist father.

        2- Prince Albert made legal arrangements as soon as Alexandre was born, so that his son would bear the name Grimaldi and be on his will.

        3- Alexandre gets to see Jacques and Gabriella on a regular basis. They know each other well and play together. However, Alexandre was instructed not to elaborate too much on the subject, to spare Charlene’s feelings.

        I am afraid you’re conflating the Monaco situation with the racist derangers of England’s royal family.

      • AlpineWitch says:

        All European monarchies and aristos are generally racist, Grimaldis included.

      • Dimdamdom says:

        Albert and so should have informed Charlène about the existence of those early childs, so she would have marry with all knowledge. And beside, i m afraid they did something to her to secure her saying ´yes’ at thé mariage.

    • Steph says:

      @yeahright why do you consider a mother making sure her child is set up financially a thirst bucket? She is making sure she can give him every opportunity possible, including making sure that his father takes care of him. That seems pretty normal to me.

  6. SIde Eye says:

    He’s a beautiful kid (yes I know he’s an adult but he looks like a baby to me) and sounds pretty level headed. I love that he is finishing his studies. It sounds like he has a good circle of friends he’s had for a long time. I could totally see him as a brand ambassador for one of these luxury fashion houses.

  7. Scout says:

    My mom (who lives in Europe) says that Albert wanted to marry Nicole. But his dad would not agree, obviously. Twenty years later and the BRF BARELY agreed to Harry and Meghan.

    They did have one of his longest relationships so he clearly felt/feels strongly about Nicole.

    • OriginalCee says:

      He could have married her the moment he became The Prince of Monaco.
      He chose to marry someone else and have children born out of that marriage.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        Yep. And at this point, Albert could give Charlene the divorce she wants and marry Nicole. But he won’t do that. After all, if he marries Nicole it would provide “legitimacy” (I hate that ridiculous concept) to Alexandre who might be able to be installed at the heir to the throne and Albert won’t allow that to happen.

      • Scout says:

        Nicole would have only been 34 at the time of his father’s death so yes, he absolutely could have and had an heir with her….but he didn’t

      • bettyrose says:

        90% of what I know about the Grimaldi’s is from this site, so I’m waffling here between posts suggesting that he’s a decent fellow for acknowledging and being a part time dad to all his kids, and suspecting that while Nicole may have been his one true romantic love, his bloodline and legacy are his real love. I don’t know what I would have thought about any of this before Harry & Meghan, what options a royal has in the g-d 21st century to break from a racist, colonial tradition, but none of us can pretend to be naive about that any more. Albert knew who he could love and who he could marry if he wanted to be the crown prince.

  8. Deanne from Canada says:

    On a side note: anyone else notice that Charlene’s official IG account has been deactivated? Curious…. Maybe she is finally free from ALL the drama and control? Wishful thinking …. I know.

    • Scout says:

      That poor woman. I think she is clearly waiting for her children to turn 18 before she ditched and divorces Albert.

  9. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    The tone of some of these comments…wow.
    Nicole is not a “thirst bucket.” She’s a woman who’s dark skin and pedigree prevented her from officially entering the Grimaldi family. She has every right to flex and support her gorgeous son’s (that bone structure!) entry into the spotlight. He is beautiful and the mixed race son of Prince Albert. If any Grimaldi child should be famous, it’s Alexandre.

  10. It Really Is You, Not Me says:

    I really hate the term use of the term illegitimate in any context. I hate that Alexandre felt that he had to explain that he isn’t illegitimate because the press continues to snarkily refer to him as Albert’s illegitimate child. It’s a term that has no place in a modern society so he shouldn’t have to explain it away. It’s 2023 — plenty of people have children who are not married for a variety of reasons — unplanned pregnancies, committed relationships where the people don’t believe in marriage, committed relationships where a previous divorce might not be final, etc. It shouldn’t be any reflection on the parents in the first place, but it especially bothers me that it’s supposed to be some sort of reflection on the child who literally had nothing to do with it, and no choice in the matter.

    • Bee (not THAT Bee) says:

      100 100 100!!!

    • Steph says:

      Agree. Really gross way to describe a human being.

    • SIde Eye says:

      It Really Is You, Not Me this is an excellent post – thank you! “Illegitimate” is a term that needs to die along with “illegals”.

    • Aurora says:

      Yes I felt a bit disturbed about how he really thinks some other kids might be ‘ilegitimate’ bc they don’t bear daddy’s last name. I don’t even understand what kind of ‘legitimacy’ he’s discussing or was asked about.

  11. aquarius64 says:

    Illegitimate is an ugly term and it’s a stick to remind Alexandre he has no legal claim to the Monaguase throne or be in the line of succession or have a title because of his parents’ past relationship. That has to stick in Nicole’s craw. Alfred surely must have some power to at least get him a title. Not meaning to bring Meghan into this, but Meghan married before she carried and that’s why Archie and Lili have prince and princess titles (their parents had to fight for them) and in the line of succession to the British throne.

    • OriginalCee says:

      Alexandre and Jazmin are not the only children excluded from the line of succession – Camille, Spethanie’s youngest, is also excluded. Only children born out of legal marriages are included. Alexandre will never be in the LOS. Even if Albert were to marry Nicole I’m not sure that would be enough to not only include him but to place him above his other half siblings.

      • Steph says:

        @originalcee Jasmin Grace, by law could never be “legitimized” (yuck, hate that term). Her mom was still legally married to someone else at the time of her birth. But Albert’s father, in the early 2000’s, went out of his way to change the constitution so that Alexandre could never be legitimized either. Before Rainier did this, Albert could have married Nicole and made Alexandre his heir. I don’t really understand why Albert hasn’t reversed the law.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        “ I don’t really understand why Albert hasn’t reversed the law.”

        Albert doesn’t change the law because he doesn’t want to. He chose to create “legitimate” heirs with a white woman even though he clearly prefers Black women. He’s fine with the law as it is.

      • Sugarhere says:

        “He’s fine with the law as it is”: Pure speculation. Monaco is a tax heaven whose residents are in the list of Forbes’ wealthiest. Those people’s mindset is classist and financially exclusive. The minute Albert decides to marry a Black woman, they’ll take their money out in retaliation = Albert’s very livelihood.

        Now that Charlene is away in Switzerland, Albert gets to live his best life with Nicole, the one woman he loves, without jeopardizing Monaco’s privileged status. It’s nothing but public strategy and diplomacy.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        @SugarHere Yes, Albert is making the choice to not make the change so he can continue to serve über rich racist white supremacy which means he’s fine with the status quo. Believe it or not, there are superduper wealthy non-white people, too, yet he doesn’t care about courting their money to support his tax haven country. He wants the pristinely white money…because he is a racist.

      • Sugarhere says:

        @BluenailsBetty: What you’re saying reveals you’re thinking with your emotions, not with your head. How much better is über rich anti-Black racist, women’s rights violators Middle Eastern money or über rich African oligarchs’ money stolen from their own people? There’s no such thing as clean money.

        Nicole’s isn’t complaining. She’s fine with the compromise. As for calling Albert a racist at heart, it’s on you.

    • mosshearted says:

      I’m sure it does stick in Nicole’s craw, but one day it’s probably going to hurt Alexandre, too.

    • Shawna says:

      @aquarius64 mentioned the possibility of a title being given without LOS being attached to it. So I back that question: why not make up a title? Do they have no dukes or barons or whatever? (Too tired to look it up.)

  12. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Whenever people talk about how unfair it is that Alexandre or Jazmin are not Albert’s heirs to the throne, I feel like pointing out that IF MONACO WAS FAIR AND MODERN, it is Caroline, and not Albert, who would be on the throne right now. Alex and Jazmin’s father is only on the throne BECAUSE Monaco is socially/politically backwards. If we want what is “fair” then Caroline’s kids would be the primary heirs. I do think that Alex and Jazmin should be in the line of succession, just lower down the line because their father should also be lower down the line (after all of Caroline’s descendants). I guess what I mean is, either we want the succession to be fair or not. If it’s not fair, then Albert is on the throne and his kids born out of wedlock are not in the LOS. But if it is fair, Albert’s kids born out of wedlock should absolutely be in the LOS, but Albert would not be on the throne and likely never would be.

    • Sussex Fan says:

      Monaco follows the Salic Law, which means that only heirs male can inherit. The reason why people scream about legitimacy there is that the royal line nearly ended in the 19th century, and France might’ve taken the principality. There’s been adoptions and designated heirs (cousins, nephews) all through the history of the Grimaldis. Look it up. Rainier married Grace on the quick time because his sister had a son who could have taken over. She was counting on Rainier running around with actresses, and she was mad as hell when he got married.

    • Sussex Fan says:

      Monaco follows the Salic Law, which means that only heirs male can inherit. The reason why people scream about legitimacy there is that the royal line nearly ended in the 19th century, and France might’ve taken the principality.. There’s been adoptions and designated heirs (cousins, nephews) all through the history of the Grimaldis. Look it up. Rainier married Grace on the quick time because his sister had a son who could have taken over. She was counting on Rainier running around with actresses, and she was mad as hell when he got married.

  13. Allegra says:

    That article is very Google-translated French-to-English! As a bilingual person it made me laugh. The tone sounds very stilted in English, but one can hear exactly how it would have sounded in the original French — much different.

  14. jferber says:

    Caroline’s daughter has two sons from different fathers. She did not marry the first child’s father, but did marry the second child’s father. For this reason alone, the first child is not in line to become an heir, but the second is. And the two boys are half-brothers and get along beautifully. So much that is not fair. I’d also heard within the last year that Caroline’s husband who died in a boat race that it wasn’t an accident and he’d been targeted because he had refused to launder foreign money anymore.

  15. Saucy&Sassy says:

    All I can think is that he has a choice: Does he want to be in the public eye more than he already is or not. I say this because modelling or being a brand ambassador will mean he’s more in the public eye. He gets to make that decision and whatever he does, I wish him well.

  16. AnneL says:

    He seems like a nice young man. Very handsome. He looks a lot like his mother but I think he might have Albert’s chin?

  17. jferber says:

    I could see him as a brand ambassador. He’d look great in sharp clothes representing a brand. Of course, he could do other things too. Albert is such a POS, really. This young man deserves to have had a better father than him.

  18. Lily says:

    His mother wants to make Charlene look like some evil bi.. Albert and her was the AH in the story (she knew that he is never going to marry her and i’m not buying the accidental pregnancy) Alexandre exictense came out few weeks before Alberts wedding (funny how this was the time she talked to journalist her son was already seven years old what took so long oh wait he was about to get married) he did not even admited he is his son she (the mother )had to force him to take a dna test he might be his son but he has no title and no right to be called a royal in peoples eyes thanks to Albert and his family and their stupyd rules he is not even his eldest kid he hasan older daughter but his youngest son would be the next in the line since he was born in marriage (stupid thing only accepting kids who are born if the parents are married