Chris Evans & Alba Baptista got married quietly at a private Cape Cod estate

I’m sorry, but I actually knew this was coming all year. Chris Evans has married Alba Baptista, the 26-year-old Portuguese actress he’s been dating since 2021. Once they went IG-official late last year, I knew Chris was really serious about her. Then the Valentine’s Day photo dump – it was clear that they adore each other and they were headed for marriage. That’s exactly what happened. Page Six was the first to report the news:

Chris Evans is officially off the market! The “Captain America: The First Avenger” star married Alba Baptista over the weekend, Page Six has learned. The couple said “I do” Saturday in an intimate ceremony that took place in Massachusetts at their Boston-area home.

An insider tells us the nuptials were “locked down tight,” as guests signed NDAs and phones were forfeited. We’re told Evans, 42, and Baptista, 26, invited their closest family and friends to witness the “beautiful” ceremony.

[From Page Six]

Hours later, People Magazine got more information, I’m assuming from Chris’s rep. Given the NDAs and such, I would assume that no outlet is in the running to publish the wedding photos exclusively. I would assume that Chris or Alba (or both) will eventually post one or two wedding pics on their social media and they’ll leave it at that. Just FYI, People’s not trying to butter up Chris.

Chris Evans is married! The actor, 42, wed Alba Baptista during a ceremony at a private estate in Cape Cod, Mass., on Saturday, a source tells PEOPLE. The New York Post’s Page Six was first to report the news.

Many of the couple’s famous friends were spotted in nearby Boston for the wedding, including Evans’ Marvel costars Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan Downey; Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky; and Jeremy Renner; plus John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.

Hemsworth, Downey, their wives and Renner were photographed dining and chatting at the Contessa restaurant in the five-star Newbury Boston hotel on Saturday. Krasinski and Blunt were seen returning from the festivities soon after midnight on Saturday, a source says: “They were very happy, joking and smiling.”

Representatives for both Evans and Baptista did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

[From People]

Wait, so did they get married somewhere near Boston or at a Cape Cod estate? I would assume that People Mag has it right, and everyone was in Cape Cod and they probably rented out one of the estates or borrowed the estate from a friend. Did Chris Hemsworth and Elsa fly from Australia to Boston just for the wedding? Crazy. Anyway, congrats to Chris and Alba. I’m not looking forward to the reactions from the Evans fan-girls, but I will ask you bitches to at least be respectful and mature – Chris clearly adores her and they’ve been together for two years.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Chris’s Instagram.

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  1. Marie says:

    I’m just here for the meltdown. Between this and the Kylie-Timothy confirmation, I hope the fangirls are okay.

    • Lady D says:

      I read part of a fan page on twitter, and those fans are insane. Talking about the Kardashians getting what they wanted from him, his life is being destroyed, we have to stay strong for him, etc. There were some truly deranged comments on that site. A few were planning to stalk the K’s so they could rescue Timothee.

      • Lorelei says:

        His fans are saying they need to “stay strong” for him?? And there’s talk of “rescuing” him? Holy crap, that is deranged

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Kylie or Kendall? I thought Kylie was still with the baby daddy of her two kids? I can’t (read: don’t) keep up with the Kardashians lol

  2. Tulipworthy says:

    Congrats to them. Not a fan of the age gap.

    • kgeo says:

      Yeah, she’s an adult, and it’s not gross or anything, but 24 is so vastly different from 40. I have no doubt she wants this life right now, but as a 40 year old myself, I just can’t understand the appeal. Knowing how much I changed from 24 to 40, I could never date someone that age.

      • Megan says:

        And rumors are he started dating her and Lily James around the same time. So that would have been 2019-2020…21 is so young to be dating a 38 year old.

        But I hope this is something that was at least considered and that her family addressed some of these concerns with her.

      • Trixie says:


        Alba was dating Lucas Bravo till early summer 2021. From what I’ve heard is that they started dating around September 2021.

      • Mocha says:

        Jon Hamm has a bigger age gap with his wife and no one was bothered like this when they got married (Evans has weird fans). However, she was 30-something to his 50-something. It’s true you’re less likely to know what you want in your 20s. Also, Alba looks 16 and he looks his age.

        Thinks Chris knows it’s time to have kids as well as being crazy about her. I looked up their charts since he seemed commitment phobic. He’Her sun conjuncts his venus so she’s basically his dream woman. Lots of water and earth mingling. Good luck to them!

    • molly says:

      My first thought was, “she looks like the pretty 20-somethings on TikTok who pose with their good-looking dads (who had them as teens) on Father’s Day. They’re not old-old, but definitely old enough to be their dad.”

      …then I did the math. Yep, checks out.

      • goofpuff says:

        Haha yeah she does look like someone posing with their dad. Her looking really young where she could pass for a teenager and that he looks his age doesn’t help the marked comparisons. I hope their marriage is one of the Hollywood ones that manage to survive Hollywood. They seem like nice low drama people.

      • Bee (not THAT Bee) says:

        It’s partly because they have the same face!

    • AlpineWitch says:

      Me neither tulipworthy, imagine if this was a 42-year-old woman marrying a 26-year-old man, the comments would be different, wouldn’t they?

      My husband and I have a similar gap but reversed (I’m the older one), we’ve been married for more than a decade and to this day people haven’t stopped shaming me. It wasn’t even for kids because we agreed we didn’t want any before getting married.

      Congrats to them, I guess!

      • ML says:

        Alpine Witch, For me this is not entirely about the age gap.
        I have a friend who has spent years on her PhD after kids. Another friend who had her career put on hold. And I know mostly women who sometimes run into these issues with marriage.
        Alba is clearly talented, she’s from another country (me too, different part of the world), she’s multilingual,… it’s not that this is a bad situation, but it’s one in which many women get “delayed” or “derailed” in career wise. Her husband is a much older, rich, movie star in the same profession. They have two different cultures and if kids show up, in-laws tend to get very insistent on how those kids get raised (I have experience here). That’s what concerns me.

  3. Nubia says:

    Yes i know she is not,but she looks like a cutesy little teenager.

  4. JW says:

    It’s whatever. He’s a relatively bland Hollywood dude marrying a relatively bland starlet that he fell in love with. This is in no way a knock on the coverage. I get that it’s news, and yet I can summon no interest in Chris Evans other than for his dog (because all dogs are interesting), and there are no dog pics. I wish them a bland happy forever after.

    • Tila says:

      Agreed. I have never found this dude interesting. He’s oatmeal to me and I genuinely do not understand the overwhelming hype regardless of him playing captain America. Mazel Tof to two of them I guess. The melt downs from his stans are going to be epic.

    • HoofRat says:

      I’m only interested in the wedding pictures if Dodger was the flower dog, or Best Dog, or possibly the officiant. “I now pronounce you husband and woof!”.

    • Erin says:

      Same, he’s not my type at all I guess because I’ve always found him meh and never understood the hype. The only time he pinged my radar just a little was in Knives Out and I think the sweater did the heavy lifting in that situation lol.

      • Lux says:

        He will always be that guy from “Not Another Teen Movie” to me and I’ll always be shocked that the budget Chris Klein (at the time) transitioned to major stardom. Also, watched “Snowpiercer” and his character required someone with skills way beyond his acting range.

      • Mocha says:

        Yep, he’s so bland. I liked him in Gifted though and Jenny was likeable in that too. Captain America is just such a stupid role (and one of the worst outfits in the superhero genre) and I think he honestly didn’t want to do it (he wanted a Tom Cruise career, with somewhat more dignified action hero stuff) but was told to to boost his career.

      • Princess Caroline says:

        That sweater was FANTASTIC

    • taris says:

      evans is objectively hot, and he seems like a good hang.. but, yeah, i think his best days are behind him.

    • Kebbie says:

      Exactly. I can’t believe this guy inspires such crazy fans.

  5. Niki says:

    It’s clear from the age difference that he wants children so this makes sense on his end. This would make more sense though if she didn’t have a career, also 26 is very young for marriage. You change so rapidly as a woman as you age and your 26 year old tastes just aren’t the same, so we’ll see what happens. Hopefully he supports her ambitions and he’s available to dial things down and take care of the kids if they have any. They’re a beautiful couple, good luck to them both.

    • Flamingo says:

      Jesus H Christ, why does everything have to come down to a woman’s uterus? Maybe they just fell in love and wanted to be married.

      • taris says:

        agreed. all the “he’s marrying her for her eggs” commentary is very medieval ffs.
        yes, a lot of men prefer the young ones, but i’m sure many would marry a woman of any age if they actually truly loved her.

    • MF says:

      I got married at 26 (not because I or my husband wanted kids), and honestly, yeah, it was too young. I adore my husband but I think I would’ve been happier if I had waited a few more years. I needed time to figure out who I was and to have more adventures as an unencumbered woman.

      • B says:

        I got married at 22, 2 weeks after I graduated college, because that what women in that part of the country at that time did. Also I was naive and stupid in a way that I now find breathtaking in all the wrong ways.
        Other than my children, who I love dearly, getting married at that juncture is the biggest regret of my life. That marriage brought nothing but grief and disadvantage.
        Who cares if she can speak 5 languages. There is still significant disparity between the two of them, and she hasn’t had much chance to experiment with what works for her adult self. I wish her luck because I think she will need it. She just doesn’t know it yet.

      • Mrs. S says:

        I got married straight out of high school at 18. He was 23. 3 kids at 21. Youngest is now 25. Raised our babies, and husband and I are having the time of our lives. No regrets!

    • LaraK says:

      No, I’m with you. I don’t think he married her “only for her eggs” which, ew. But I’m sure it was a factor.
      For the career thing, she’s also Portuguese. As someone from a similar culture, I can tell you it’s a LOT more accepted, encouraged and supported to have children younger. Not too young, but late 20’s for sure. So I don’t think she’s seeing it as forfeiting her career or anything. It’s just different.
      I honestly think Mangianello will end up with someone in her late 20s too, and people will freak out, but it makes sense kids-wise. We’ll see.
      In the meantime, all the best to these two, and honestly I admire their commitment to privacy. I always worried Evans would end up with a media wh- like Hemsworth, but they seem to be on the same page. Good for them!

      • ML says:

        I also agree that Chris did not marry Alba only for her eggs.
        LaraK, for the past nine years, women are 30+ years old when they give birth for the first time, which is higher than the EU average.
        There are happy couples with this age difference. I do think these two are in love…where I am hesitant is they’re in the same industry, but she’s at the beginning of her career. CE has said that he wants kids, and I hope that if she wants her career that she will get all the opportunities to continue it. Children change things in ways that aren’t clear until they’re born. Differences in upbringing, expectations as to what’s normal, partner-only time, energy…I love my husband and parts of when my kids were young were rough. The power imbalance is there, it just makes me a bit nervous.

      • ML says:

        Whoops, correction:
        Since 2014, the average age Portuguese women give birth to their first child is 30 years and older. Which is older than the EU average.

    • ama1977 says:

      I met my husband at 26, married him at 28, and had our first kiddo at 30. Said kiddo will be 16 next month and we are as happy as clams. I think I am largely still the person I was then; I think 26 is a perfectly normal age to marry. And if they want kids, great! If they don’t, that’s great, too.

      I think his light was on. I am a big believer in that stupid SATC saying, lol. I think many men get to an age where they finally feel ready to settle down and get married, and they usually marry the woman they meet shortly thereafter.

      • sunny says:

        Agreed! The are a cute couple. Definitely feel like his light was on. I wish them all the best! I do hope that whatever her career ambitions are, he’s supportive of them because I think relationships are challenging enough without being in the same industry and having such a power imbalance.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      At brunch yesterday, a friend and I were just talking about how it shouldn’t be legal to get married before 25, t 5 because your frontal cortex isn’t even fully developed until then.

  6. Krista says:

    Not a fan of the age difference (I know they are both adults, call me old fashioned! LOL), but they are super cute together and I wish them the best.

    • Fina says:

      I am exactly his age, and I just cannot imagine a serious relationship with a 26 year old. I would feel so old all the time. Good luck to them. It is of course all fine, but I find that I really always automatically respect men in their forties more if they go for women roughly the same age. Like Ben Affleck (Ana de Armas being an exception) and the husband of Naomi Watts. Or even Brad Falchuk.

      • Kate says:

        Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck have the same age gap as these two, but WAY different when the younger person is in their mid-thirties versus mid-twenties. At least in my opinion.

    • BayAreaGirl2000 says:

      I think it’s interesting that everyone tries to ignore the age gap, and power imbalance within the same industry with this couple but everyone can see through the PR of the Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorce. Chris is a regular white man like the rest of them in Hollywood. Giving him special treatment of what is the most obvious is eye roll inducing.

  7. MsIam says:

    Congrats to Chris and Alba! I thought he was going to give Leo a run for his money. But hey, much happiness to them! I wonder if another announcement will come soon, wink wink.

  8. Kokiri says:

    I hope she will be ok.
    There’s nothing about him I like or admire, & while both are technically “adults”, it’s only been 2 years with a 16 year age difference, his career is so so much bigger (though she’s a better actor), & the power disparity is significant.
    Added to his crazy fans, I hope she will be ok. He might adore her now, but so did Joe Jonas adore Sophie.
    I hope she’s got good solid people around her that aren’t connected to him first.

    • ML says:

      Same, Kokiri. She’s young (they started dating when she was 24, right?), foreign, has talent, speaks something like 5 languages and has married a 40-something movie star who has said he wants kids.

    • Trixie says:

      She will be fine. She mentioned a couple of yrs ago about wanting to take a break from acting and wanting kids and Chris has said he wants to work less so I think they are on the same page.

    • B says:

      I was just thinking about that! I do wonder how the CB readers commented when Sophie and Joe got married and if it was similar oh she was beautiful / good luck / young + still an adult…

      • iisaidwhatiisaid says:

        I was JUST going to say but what about Sophie and Joe? It can go either way. I know others don’t see his appeal and neither did I until I watched one of his interviews. He comes off as very grounded, witty and highly educated. An all around classy guy. I would like him for those reasons alone as I do not find him physically appealing which I’m sure others would disagree with.

  9. Eurydice says:

    Congrats to them both – I wish them a happy life.

  10. Mtl.ex.pat says:

    As someone whose husband is 10 years older than me, I totally understand the comments about the age difference. It doesn’t matter when you’re 28 and 38 or even 38 and 48.. But as you start to get older, as you watch your partner ageing it can be very worrisome .
    Fun fact. The Newbury Boston hotel was originally the first Ritz Carlton in Boston. The Ritz moved across the park and it was renamed the Taj. It became the Newbury three or four years ago. I stayed there back when it was the Taj and it was absolutely gorgeous. We ran into Cameron Diaz, and whichever of the Madden brothers she’s married to in an elevator.

    • girl_ninja says:

      I dated someone who was 10 years older and was a single dad. I was 30 and he was 40. We got along really well and I adored his girls. I just hope that they treat each other well and that the prenup is fair to her.

    • J says:

      I don’t think anyone would comment if it was just a ten year gap. That is close enough to be same crowd as like friends of siblings in school and have tons in common still. I have had that too and it’s nothing really. It changes though as it gets beyond that mere 10 years

  11. Angel says:

    Congratulations to the lovely couple.

  12. Mia4s says:

    Ok, fess up everyone: who like me could not care less but clicked to see if there were any photos of the dog? Was the dog part of the wedding party?? 😁

    I mean congrats and all but where is the doggie?!?!

  13. Kirsten says:

    Congratulations to them! They seem happy together!

  14. SAS says:

    I know they’re insanely private but pleeease make there be a vogue weddings spread- she will be a truly gorgeous bride.

    Good for them, yes he’s cringe for being a cliched middle aged man that *just clicked* with an early-20s “old soul” but they do seem in love.

    • FHMom says:

      I would love a photo spread. And to be honest, he has always seemed super immature. I hope they last forever.

  15. Cel2495 says:

    Congrats I guess, she is really young but hopefully it will work.

    Love her in Warrior Nun!

  16. Peanut Butter says:

    I really don’t know much about Chris Evans’ career, but I appreciate and respect his vocal support of abortion rights and Roe v. Wade, as well as his full-throated support for gay marriage and banning assault weapons. His progressive views and willingness to speak out instead of playing it safe or espousing conservative talking points make him a whole lot more interesting to me than certain other Hollywood dudes.

  17. Lightpurple says:

    Where is Dodger?

    Contessa is the rooftop restaurant of the Newbury Hotel, formerly the Taj, formerly the Ritz Carlton, overlooking the swan boats and the Public Garden.

    Depending on traffic and destination, it’s an hour-90 minute ride to the Cape.

    • Nanea says:

      I only came here for Dodger too.

      What I don’t get, why Boston when the actual event is on CC? It’s not like there aren’t any luxury hotels on the Cape.

      I wouldn’t want to drive, or be driven, to a place ~ 90 minutes away from the venue.

      BTW, have they upgraded the ducks to swans since I last was in Boston a few years ago?

      • LightPurple says:

        The biggest nearby airport is Logan in Boston. People would have flown into Boston so it makes sense to have dinner there. The dinner wasn’t the same day as the wedding. There’s no information where anyone stayed after that.

        What ducks? The duck boats? Or the swan boats?? They’re two different things.

  18. Normades says:

    She’s one of those 20 something actors that could still play a teenager on screen. She looks so young. This doesn’t meet the 1/2 + 7 rule but oh well… wish them the best (though I did find their jumpy scared video super cringe).

  19. duchess of hazard says:

    She looks like Elliot Page (when he was pre Elliot Page).

    Tumblr has been a mess since this news broke. But to be fair to the man, he was projecting his wants for a long time. He wanted marriage, and children since 2019. He has enough money to scale back on work and look to family.

    Good luck to them.

  20. Ace says:

    He’s been a fuckboy for a long time and she’s much younger, so I’m gonna side eye the age difference and hope for her sake that this is not going to turn into a Jonas/Turner type of divorce in a few years.

    I’m also curious to know if Scarlett was there because she hasn’t been mentioned. Maybe the rumour that Chris and her used to hook up whenever they could is true and she didn’t get an invite out of respect for the bride.

    • Snoozer says:

      Scarlett and Colin attended! There was another People article about them also grabbing a dinner with RDJ and wife and staying at the same hotel as the others.

      • Ace says:

        Good to know! I did think it was weird she wasn’t mentioned with the rest of the Avengers crew considering how long she and Chris have known each other.

  21. Lilywise says:

    I too saw this coming all year. I supected it when they did the pap walk, but from the moment he did that Valentine’s Day scare reel with her on Instagram I knew that was the unofficial engagement announcement. Him leaving social media sealed the deal and I knew it was a matter of time.

    The meltdown of his fangirls has been quite something to witness, and while they’re harping on the age difference and the people she surrounds herself with as their excuse, we all know the reaction would have been the same if he’d married a 40 year old working with Doctors without Borders.

    I hope the heartbreak heard around the world is a lesson to people not to become too attached to their ‘internet boyfriends’ but this is probably too much to ask. And I’m not saying this to be snarky, but I do think a lot of us would do well to take better care of our mental health. The kind of things I’ve seen written in some spaces over the last 48 hours have been shocking and frightening.

    • SeemaLikely says:

      You are so right about mental health care. I don’t visit other celeb sites, and I avoid most posts on this one. (Can you guess which ones?) The vitriol can be so intense. I get that it’s an outlet for some people, but the apopleptic rage and nastiness they express towards people they have no connection to or investment in is disturbing. They really need another hobby.

  22. Mel says:

    As long as Dodger is happy, I’m happy (I love that dog, he’s ok). Congrats to them.

  23. Ameerah M says:

    Welp I am an Evans fan girl and I am slightly heartbroken but I knew this was where it was headed the moment he publicly acknowledged her as his girlfriend. He has never done that. Also he deleted his IG account some time ago – that is usually the red flag that a marriage or baby (maybe both in their case) is afoot. So am I high key sad that I will never get to shoot my shot at America’s Ass? Yes. Am I surprised? No.

  24. Abby says:

    Congrats to them both! She looks like Emilia Clark to me. I hope they are happy together.

    Re: age gap, I got married at 26, but my husband is only 3 years older than me. I’m 39 and he’s 41 now. I cannot picture me at 26 marrying a man in his 40s. Plus, the power disparity is huge.

    I know it happens–one of my good friends from college married a man 12 years older than her, and they’re happy, over a decade later. They also have no kids–she’s 38 right now with a GRANDBABY from her stepdaughter. And he’s a “young” 50s man (I know we’ve talked about that) like he really takes very good care of himself, he’s fitter than most guys in their 30s, much less 50s. But I’m sure it’ll get harder the older he gets.

  25. AA says:

    26? (side eye) She looks 15. I hope they are happy.

  26. Kebbie says:

    She can look forward to a lifetime of having to pretend jump scares are funny

    • Lilywise says:

      Hahaha! Right? If I was her her I would tell him to keep that crap between him and Scott because that would get real old REAL fast.

  27. VilleRose says:

    I was a mild Evans fangirl and I was hoping he’d settle down with someone closer to his age. She is so young (she was 24 when she and Chris got together?) and her career is just getting started. Warrior Nun wasn’t a great show but it looks like she did a bunch of Portuguese stuff prior to that and she was cute in Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. She’s always come across well in the promo interviews I saw for Warrior Nun but I’m afraid she’s going to get bored living in Massachusetts far from her family in Portugal and her friends. I don’t see them lasting but I also wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already pregnant. If they announce a pregnancy in 3 months, I won’t be surprised at all. To me secret celebrity wedding = also a pregnancy more than 75% of the time. Meaning she might already be showing. Anyways best of luck I guess!

  28. Pati says:

    They are SO cute together! They look happy, relaxed and playful. Love this vibe and wish them all the best!

  29. Moi Ra says:

    She’s definitely pregnant. Why else request guests do NDAs. Well goodluck to them. I hope they have a good prenup. Chris was saying for years now that he wants children in a traditional home life. I hope she’s really cool with that and it doesn’t end up like Jones/Turner situation.

  30. Meee says:

    Congratulations to them! They’ll be divorced in 10 years. We’ve seen this too often now. The massive power disparity. She’s incredibly young for marriage. What you want at 26 is very different by 36. She’s going to grow and change and he better be willing to adjust to the grown ass woman she’ll become in 8-10years. I doubt it. We’ve seen this soooo many times.

  31. Jenni says:

    Isn’t this the guy who “accidentally” posted a photo of his p3nis a few years ago? I’m not so worried about the emotional age difference then. I will say that I am 41, my husband is 43 and our best friends’ (who are early 50s) twin boy and girl turned 26 in June. The thought of being in a romantic relationship with someone their age creeps us out! We married right out of college and thought anyone over 30 was old and out of touch. Can’t imagine wanting to date someone 16 years older, much less marry them. But good luck to them. Takes all kinds to make the world go round!

  32. Well wisher says:

    Congratulations to the newly weds!!

  33. original minny says:

    Congrats to the happy couple. Two things of note -Scorpio Moon’s loooooooove deeply-looking at you Chris. And getting married during a MERCURY RETROGRADE -yikes! Brave couple. That’s all I got.

    • Mocha says:

      Haha, I dabbled in astrology when I was younger and see my comments above. His Venus conjuncts her Sun and they’ve got some good compatibility re earth and water signs. Virgos (her moon) are intellectually stimulating to easily bored Gemini men (his Mars and Sun), I’ve read, even though they’re not meant to get along! Good luck to them!

  34. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    She looks like she could be his daughter. I know men think they are impressing the world with sh!t like this (“look at the young hot thing I could catch with all my money”), but to me it makes them look pathetic.

    • Mango says:

      They’re just pigs that like young women. Getting everything and everyone they want is more important than impressing anyone. It’s embarrassing that these guys wait until they’re middle aged to get married and to someone much younger. If men had a similar biological clock to women this pattern would not keep happening. The guys would actually have to “settle down” (whatever the Hollywood version of that is) while they are still young if they wanted biological children. There wouldn’t be anymore 80 year-old dads either (*cough* Pacino).

  35. Jeannine says:

    They both want a family together and they are happy together. I was with a man 25 years older than me and we just matched, but I eventually married a man six years younger than me. We’ve been together 23 years. It really is a matter of if your minds meet, your values match and you see yourselves moving in the same direction. Age really is a relative thing.

  36. Lizzie says:

    They’re super cute and appear to be very in love. I like that they’re low key and really do seem like they’re happiest living their lives away from the spotlight together. Congratulations to them and wishing them many years of happiness!

  37. Libra says:

    Maturity is the key. At 26 I was far more mature than my 27 year old hu sband though I didn’t realize it at the time. I really don’t think their ages are that important here. Other factors are more important.

  38. AC says:

    I wish both of them the best. I actually like Chris and his political stance against Trump.

  39. AgathaTatiana says:

    I was really hoping to find some deets on this. I’ve vacay’d a lot on the cape. They didn’t drive they would have flown from Boston to Hyannis and left via private jet or heli right after or stayed overnight at the estate. Some reports are saying that it was THIER home. I didn’t know that he owned a place there but it makes sense he’s from Sudbury. I’m not invested in either of them just here for my tenuous Cape connection.

  40. Beeks says:

    He seems like a down to earth guy who is super close to his mom and siblings and has been a very devoted, involved uncle to his niece and nephews. Why is he getting maligned because he waited for “the one”?

    My sister and BIL have a 15 year age difference and have been happily married for 23 years. Neither is wealthy so it wasn’t a trophy situation. Age doesn’t matter, the person does.

  41. Kynesgrove89 says:

    I can’t say anything against it. Me and my husband are 17 years apart. He’s 50 to my 33. Sooooo…..