Aaron Rodgers referred to Travis Kelce as ‘Mr. Pfizer’ during a chat show

During the pandemic, the drug companies making Covid vaccines began partnering with celebrity athletes and sponsoring sports events. For the past three years (I think?) Moderna has been a major sponsor of the Us Open, which is funny because a few of those tennis-player dumbasses refused to get vaccinated. I didn’t realize it, but Pfizer has also gotten into the player/team sponsorship game. Pfizer is now one of Travis Kelce’s sponsors, and they got him to record a PSA about getting your booster shots. What an excellent use of Travis’s NFL fame and name, right? Well, according to dipsh-t Aaron Rodgers, it’s something worthy of mockery:

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a new nickname for Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with Taylor Swift. During his weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers was discussing the Jets’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday — with Swift in attendance for the second week in a row to see a Chiefs victory — when he referred to Kelce as “Mr. Pfizer.”

Kelce recently partnered with the pharmaceutical giant to promote its COVID-19 and flu vaccines in commercials, which have been seen by Rodgers and many others.

“There’s some sort of moral victory out there that we hung with the champs and that our defense played well,” Rodgers told McAfee about the Jets’ performance. “[Kansas City Chiefs quarterback] Pat [Mahomes] didn’t have a crazy game, and ‘Mr. Pfizer,’ we shut him down. He didn’t have a crazy impact game. Obviously, he had some yards and stuff, but I felt like for the most part, we played really tough on defense and played well the last three quarters.”

McAfee and former Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk, one of the show’s co-hosts and an ex-teammate of Rodgers, laughed as the four-time MVP tried to keep a straight face while finishing his thoughts on the game. McAfee asked Rodgers about the nickname for Kelce again, to which Rodgers said, “He’s doing commercials for Pfizer, so I’m sure he’s owning it.”

[From Fox News]

It really is something to watch this happen in slow-motion. Before the pandemic, Aaron Rodgers was a popular quarterback and many people considered him smart, handsome, engaging, interesting. Then it all went sideways – suddenly he was spouting Joe Rogan’s talking points and bitching about vaccines and modern science. I said before that there’s an element of toxic masculinity to Aaron’s whole deal nowadays – he’s trying and failing to position it as “you’re not a real man if you get vaccinated, you’re weak.” You know who looks like a real man? The famous dude who is trying to save lives by reminding people to get their flu shots & Covid boosters. That same dude is banging one of the richest women in America and she just brought Wolverine and Deadpool to his game (which he won).

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.

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  1. Dutch says:

    Says the man whose checks now come from an owner whose fortune came from Johnson & Johnson

  2. Oh Aaron I see you showing you’re stupid again. How’s your life lately hmmm. Out with an injury don’t seem to have a love life. Life sucks for you. Why don’t you go climb back under your rock and recuperate there. I bet the slugs and roaches miss you.

    • Arizona says:

      I love how he keeps saying “we” like he was participating at all. I get that it’s a team, but he didn’t do acting except watch from the sidelines lol. him and Taylor Swift contributed the same amount to the game.

    • Josephine says:

      What is particularly short-sighted is getting on the wrong side of Taylor Swift’s fanbase!

    • Renae says:

      Aaron , did you have the surgeons not wear masks for your operation?
      Did they pack the wound with Ivermectin?
      Did you wave away any prophylactic antibiotics?
      Then shut up, fruit-loop!

    • Lux says:

      I side-eye the lot of them—when he was engaged to Shailene Woodley and hung out with Miles Teller and wife, they ALL had anti-Vax vibes, so much that Shailene had to distance herself with a bunch of non-excuses. And now Taylor is hanging out with Miles’ wife and Aaron is calling her boyfriend “Mr. Pfizer”? Weirdos, the bunch of them.

  3. BlueSky says:

    Oh but I believe in science when I needed surgery? What? Didn’t rely on Ivermectin to fix your Achilles tendon?

    • Dutch says:

      Oh he’s saving his delusion for the rehab process. This injury requires a year or longer for nearly all athletes to return to their old form. Rodgers thinks he’s going to return before the end of the season because (more quotes from his show appearance last night) :
      “This is just my mindset. I believe in the power of intention. I believe in prayer. I believe in your mental status and the power of will. I believe in making room for the miraculous to happen. … I just kind of have been making my own protocols and my own timetables.”

      • Sportie says:

        @Dutch “…making my own protocols and my own timetables.” That line gave me a spit take. How exactly are those “protocols” and “timetables” working out for you lately?

        2023 Season – Lasted 94 seconds until a season ending injury.
        2022 Season – “Rodgers’ 2022 season was a major disappointment. Rodgers posted career lows as a starter in passer rating (91.1) and passing yards per game (217.4). He also threw his most interceptions (12) since his first season as a starter in 2008. Ultimately, Rodgers’ Packers went 8-9 and missed the playoffs”

        It’s almost like there is a correlation between his entry into the anti vax, anti mask, incel army of ignorant uneducated lonely angry men.

  4. Ameerah M says:

    Mr Stinky Anti-Vax should worry about his potentially career-ending injury and less about what the someone else is doing.

  5. Southern Fried says:

    Qaaron Rodgers really needs to stfu because before too long his reputation an asshole will overcome his career accomplishments.

    • Whyforthelove says:

      💯 agree. Aaron was much easier to like when he didn’t talk so much. Yuck

      • Somebody Nobody says:

        God covid really gave the crackpots a spotlight, didn’t it? I used to think he was so special and talented. He needs a hobby, or, I don’t know, something to keep him busy. Maybe he will run for office.

  6. MF says:

    Honestly, I just think Rodgers is jealous. Kelce is more popular and is now getting more attention than him. *shrugs*

    • Jay says:

      Ding ding ding! Rodgers thought he would get lots of airtime by standing with his crutches on the sidelines, but he barely got one cutaway shot! Instead, it was all Taylor and Travis all the time. This man is a diva!

      Also, considering he’s going to have a long rehab period with this injury and he’s 40, it might be a good idea not to piss off big pharma.

    • Aimee says:

      That’s what I came here to say. He’s straight up jealous about all the attention Kelce is getting and I was also surprised he didn’t schlep up to see Taylor in her suite. He’s a well known fan of hers too. JEALOUS. What an ass. I used to love him but after his anti-vax crap I actually loathe him now.

  7. CJW says:

    As a former Green Bay and Rodgers fan all I can say is this guy SUCKS A**! I quit watching football during the pandemic because of this fool and the way the Packers coddled him.

    • smalltowngirl says:

      Same! I grew to hate him so much that it made me disgusted with my beloved Pack. I feel like we are well rid of him and I had zero sympathy for his injury.

      Aaron Rodgers wishes he was Travis Kelce.

    • MJPAUL says:

      Another former Rodgers and Packer fan here, ha.
      I concur. Rodgers is a tool and douchebag who thinks he’s so much smarter than everyone else but his true colors showed with the whole LYING about being vaccinated thing. I used to respect him a lot. I even had a pic of him as one of my profile pics on FB (now deleted).

  8. Lurker25 says:

    “she just brought wolverine and Deadpool to your game”

  9. Iris says:

    This is an especially dick move because Travis kelce said nice things about Aaron on his podcast this week. He said they had a chat on the sidelines during the game and Travis was commiserating with Aaron about his injury, wishing him a quick recovery

  10. Stephanie says:

    Absolutely Kaiser- he was so popular and well-liked and people actually thought he was smart. To see this shift happen-by his own doing-is surreal. To be talking about Mr. Pfizer & Mohomes when you played like 20 seconds this season shows a real lack of humility.

    • sunny says:

      Popular yes but well-liked is more iffy depending on how closely you follow football. He was respected hugely in the league due to his talent but his reputation as a teammate and a leader had detractors for years before his anti-science conspiracy stuff came out.

      ESPN ran a piece about Mike McCarthy’s firing from the Packers and Aaron’s relationship with him and they both came off looking badly.

      It is telling many of the great QBs have teammates that will go to the wall for them. For example, say what you want about Brady but he has never been less than absolutely adored by anyone whose shared a locker room with him. Guys jump to praise him as thoughtful, smart, the ultimate teammate even there for there kids. You know which great QB has always had a middling to low rep with his teammates? Though I thought Rogers was at least trying with the Jets.

      He remains terrible.

  11. girl_ninja says:

    Aaron only believes in science when it can heal the Achilles that snapped during his first game as a New York Jet. Never when a vaccine that has helped save the lives of millions from a virus that has killed 1,813,188 HUMANS. He’s full of sh!t and evidently jealousy.

    Maybe Aaron is jealous that Travis has Taylor cheering for him on and off the field instead of anti science Rogan-bot.

  12. K says:

    Wow dude I would hand you a shovel but it looks like you are about done digging on your own. The Swifties have been mobilized..and I don’t even feel bad.

  13. Renee' says:

    Instead of Rodgers letting people think he’s an asshat, he decided to open his mouth and confirm it.

  14. Brassy Rebel says:

    Jealous much, Aaron?

    • Mslove says:

      Of course he’s jealous, didn’t you see him hobble as fast as he could to the KC vs Jets game? He wanted a pic with Taylor too.

  15. QuiteContrary says:

    My favorite tweet from Sunday:

    “Hey, NBC, enough already with all the shots of the attention-seeking diva who doesn’t even play football. No more Aaron Rodgers. Show us Taylor Swift.”

  16. Abby says:

    This is interesting to me, because as a swiftie I know Aaron and his ex Shailene were friends with Miles Teller and his wife, who are good friends with Taylor Swift. I even think there might have been a photo of them all in a group together sometime in the last few years at someone’s house. So it’s possible that he knows Taylor.

    This is just so petty and small of Aaron. I don’t understand his doubling down about being anti-vaxx. It just makes him look like a fool.

  17. Qtpi says:

    Lifelong Viking fan here married to a Packer fan. Even with the rivalry between the teams I always had a soft spot for Rodgers. But that evaporated quickly once he started down this current path. Too bad.

  18. Eurydice says:

    At this point, he should just shave his head and officially join the gang of thick-necked, bald-headed, white guys who are always angry about something.

  19. Mireille says:

    Hey Aaron! I just got my Covid booster and guess what? IT WAS FROM PFIZER. Thank you Pfizer!!! F U Rodgers!!!!

  20. AC says:

    He’s Just one of the pathetic NFL dude bros wanting to get attention. As everyone’s attention is with Taylor and Travis.

  21. Mel says:

    I guess he’s planning to hold a sage waving thing over his injuries and toughen his mindset so he’ll over come them? Meh, thought he was Sominex in human form when he hosted Jeopardy and all Covid did was show us that he’s not only boring but an intellectual light weight also. Go sit down somewhere….

  22. Aelione says:

    I thought that vaccine ad was super adorable! It’s also an important PSA for public health and the public good. Travis (with his twinkly eyes) is very charming. I didn’t really get it before I watched his skits on SNL (the one where he’s doing “public service” by picking up woman whose boyfriends aren’t strong enough to pick them up) and the podcast he does with his brother (not a sports person – I didn’t even know who he was) but now I get why Taylor is cozying up to that guy.

  23. J.Ferber says:

    I bet Rodgers is STILL not vaccinated though he lied about it to his former team, putting teammates and their families at potential risk for the virus (including babies and the elderly). He should be ashamed of himself. And he tripped on the turf in Game 1 of his tenure with the Jets and is still being paid, what 75 million dollars? and spewing anti-vac shit at someone hotter, younger and more intelligent? Retire already, Rodgers!!!!! Once your Achilles hell/tendon is torn, he will NEVER be the same on the field again and will no longer be the elite athlete who choked at the most important championship games. Old man.

  24. Eowyn says:

    I’m surprised about how angry this Aaron goofball makes me get. Vaccines and masking, the difference between life, death, long COVID and serious illnesses. Celebrity can be entertaining and it’s great when people use their fame to promote issues (I’m aware Travis is getting paid-capitalism hasn’t magically disappeared). Taking digs at positive fact based messaging is vile.

  25. BlueNailsBetty says:

    “ he’s trying and failing to position it as “you’re not a real man if you get vaccinated, you’re weak.”

    The irony of this is covid can cause erectile dysfunction. So good luck with that if it happens to you, Qaaron!

  26. Bassflower says:

    Qaron Rogers.

  27. Michelle says:

    Aaron Rodgers is a tool. During his latest pod with his brother, Travis was positive about the injured Jet player. What a jerk. Thanks for reminding everyone what a whack-a-doo you are Aaron.