NY DA: Jonathan Majors’ ex-girlfriend will not be arrested & Majors has more victims

In March of this year, Jonathan Majors was arrested in New York after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Within days, Majors’ lawyers released a statement from his girlfriend, a statement which his lawyers claimed would exonerate him but instead made him look even worse, like a man who brutalized his partner to the point where she lost consciousness. She was so clearly terrified of Majors, it still sends a shiver down my spine. Then in June, Rolling Stone released their investigative report on Majors’ history, and long story short, he’s a serial abuser and he’s spent much of his adult life terrorizing people, mostly women.

Well, on Tuesday, The Messenger reported that Majors’ victim, Grace Jabbari, would soon be arrested on an assault charge. The Messenger’s source, they claimed, is the NYPD’s Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information, and this whole thing stems from Majors’ claim that Jabbari hit him or slapped him too, which is why he beat her so severely that she lost consciousness and needed medical treatment. The Messenger’s report was curious, made even more so when Variety dropped this big exclusive:

Prosecutors in the Jonathan Majors case have revealed a previously unreported incident involving London police, which they believe is relevant to their domestic violence allegations. Majors was arrested on March 25 in Manhattan and is accused of assault and aggravated harassment following an alleged domestic dispute with his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

In a new, 115-page filing obtained by Variety, prosecutors say they are attempting to get a copy of a London Metropolitan Police report from September 2022. While it is unclear what that report contains, the filing references medical care obtained by Jabbari at that time. Jabbari is a citizen of the U.K., and Majors was in London during that period, filming season two of the Disney+ Marvel series “Loki.”

The lengthy filing from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is in response to the actor’s motion to dismiss the case. It does not entirely lay out the D.A.’s case, though it is intended to provide enough detail to move the case toward trial. Variety previously reported that additional alleged abuse victims of Majors are cooperating with the D.A.’s office

The filing also alleges that Majors’ legal team has leaked and misrepresented court evidence, as well as attempted to have police create a wanted poster with Jabbari’s photo. It also dismisses the idea that the D.A. has any plans to prosecute Jabbari for domestic violence alleged by Majors in a counter-claim, contradicting recent media reports that claimed such an action was imminent.

The document also offers new details on the events that led to Majors’ arrest. On March 25, he and Jabbari were taking a private car service from a Brooklyn party to their Chelsea apartment, according to the filing. Jabbari, who worked as a movement coach alongside Majors on Disney’s Marvel tentpole “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” saw a text message on Majors’ phone that read, “Wish I was kissing you right now.” She allegedly took the phone out of his hands to see who sent the message. Majors then “began grabbing the right side of Ms. Jabbari’s body and prying Ms. Jabbari’s right middle finger off the phone, causing bruising, swelling, and substantial pain.” The filing continues that Majors “then grabbed Ms. Jabbari’s arm and right hand and proceeded to twist Ms. Jabbari’s forearm, causing substantial pain to her finger and arm. The defendant then struck Ms. Jabbari’s right ear, causing a laceration to the back of her ear and substantial pain.”

After he retrieved his phone, Majors exited the vehicle and Jabbari attempted to follow the actor. That’s when “the defendant grabbed her, picked her up, and threw her back inside … [and] sustained substantial pain, including a fractured finger, bruising about her body, a laceration behind her right ear, and a bump on her head,” according to the filing.

[From Variety]

“The filing also alleges that Majors’ legal team has leaked and misrepresented court evidence, as well as attempted to have police create a wanted poster with Jabbari’s photo.” Jesus Christ. I mean, we knew that Majors’ lawyers were trying to pull “a Johnny Depp special” and blame everything on the battered woman, but holy f–k, they were trying to convince the NYPD to create a “Wanted” poster too?? “It also dismisses the idea that the D.A. has any plans to prosecute Jabbari for domestic violence alleged by Majors in a counter-claim, contradicting recent media reports that claimed such an action was imminent.” Makes it sound like The Messenger’s source was Majors and his lawyers, not the NYPD. The details about the assault are extremely gruesome, and I would absolutely believe that Majors also attacked her while they were in London too. Also: Majors is due in court in NYC today, Wednesday, for a pre-trial hearing.

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  1. North of Boston says:

    Why, men, why?

    And why is our society such that men just think they can behave like this and no one will care, and that their “teams” believe they can just get the justice system and the rest of us to fall in line with their abuse and dismiss and/or pile on their victims.

    (On that last one yeah it’s probably because that’s usually worked … look at Depp and many others)

  2. Pinkosaurus says:

    I hope The Messenger either immediately retracts and apologizes for its story or is sued to perdition and back. This poor woman being revictimized in the press and social media over and over. Jonathon Majors should never work again after his campaign of harassment and abuse.

    • SarahCS says:

      I agree on all counts. I’ve just watched the episode of Loki where he shows up and it’s uncomfortable seeing him on screen, even more so knowing he was also abusing this poor woman while filming it.

      • Amy says:

        I have been watching them too. The most recent one left me feeling physically sick. Disney is usually SO CAREFUL about their image and so quick to fire actors who aren’t on the party line. It felt irresponsible of them to air an episode where an actor accused of abuse says (something like) “I am not a bad man. You don’t know my heart, you can’t know the real me” I’m not sure I’m going to finish the season.

      • Nicky says:

        I haven’t watched this new season of Loki for this reason. And I really liked the 1st season and was looking forward to more. But, as someone who has suffered with an abusive parent, I could never willingly watch someone like that on screen. Talk about triggering.

  3. FancyPants says:

    How awful that was for her. The injuries sound horrific even without the psychological damage.

  4. Kitten says:

    The Wanted poster detail is so gross like wtf.

    And yeah Majors’s legal team is clearly trying to use the Depp strategy here. And look, it sounds like it was a volatile relationship and you wish she would just walk away from the dude who is clearly a ticking time bomb. But we have to understand what reactive abuse is and the idea that occasionally, victims will fight back and defend themselves. That does not somehow make them the same as the abuser. The abuser is still the instigator, still the one driving and perpetuating the pattern of abuse.

    I’m scared to hear about the other victims but there’s power in numbers and sadly, the more victims come forward, the more credence is given to the claims of abuse.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Precisely. Defending oneself and attempting to fight back are not abuse. That’s self defense. But now Depp has shown abusers how to spin their abuse, leaving victims with a choice between self defense or being beaten to a bloody pulp.

  5. Ariel says:

    I really enjoyed season one of Loki. It was weird and funny and surprising.
    But I’m not paying for Disney+ to watch season 2- just personally don’t want to watch majors in ANYTHING and don’t want to support Disney- who feel they spent too much money on him to replace him or even fire him after the fact.
    Hard pass.

    • CommentingBunny says:

      I’ve been a Marvel nerd for years but there’s no way I can watch Loki. Nothing fun about this. Maybe I’ll go back if they change up their plans and give him the boot, but I doubt it.

      • JayBlue says:

        Same here. Loved him as Kang, now won’t watch anything with him in it. I’ve boycotted the guardians recent stuff due to James gunns behaviour, now no loki s2, and no more avengers unless they recast him. Massive mcu fan, but I refuse to support actors/talent like this.

  6. Miranda says:

    The “wanted poster” bit…Jesus. I thought he was out of his damn mind after releasing that statement that only made him look worse (I have to believe that his lawyers at least TRIED to talk him out of that), but imagine being so narcissistic as to demand such a thing against a partner whom YOU repeatedly brutalized, and believe that you are in the right. Pure evil.

    So grateful that Ms. Jabbari finding the courage to leave and to report the abuse; she likely saved other women from suffering the same. Really, considering what he did to her, she may have even saved a life. There’s not a huge leap between making someone pass out and actual murder.

  7. Mia4s says:

    My jaw dropped reading about the actions of his legal team. Yes everyone is entitled to a robust defence, that is (well is supposed to be) a cornerstone of the legal system. But this?!? It’s unethical and pathological and could be grounds for disbarment. Sickening. And all it does is convince me beyond any reasonable doubt that he is guilty as sin.

    Gross keeping him on as a cornerstone of your “universe “ Marvel. Really gross.

  8. Nanea says:

    Poor Grace Jabbari. I felt so bad for her when the JM fans started smearing her even before her name became public knowledge.

    And then to have to endure the endless psychological warfare from team JM via select publications while there were quite a lot of believable Twitter threads and posts on other social media highlighting what a problematic, ill-tempered personality JM is. His poor daughter. And then there was a rumor recently that JM and Meagan Good got married, and/or she’s expecting.

    This awful case of domestic violence and whatever else they have on JM is again a proof that employers don’t seem to care until it hurts their profit line. That’s why I don’t get why Disney didn’t think of releasing a straightforward statement against DV and digitally erase him from Loki II. It’s not like they didn’t have time to change anything.

    It’s bad for the whole team that they’re forever tainted because of their association with JM, no matter that series II is better than season I. But after Disney didn’t react, hoping things would somehow go away, someone from the team should have forced them to do the right thing – speak up and replace JM.

  9. Concern Fae says:

    If anyone is looking for a good book to read, the mystery novel Everybody Knows by Jordan Harper is set in the world of black-bag publicists. There are people whose job it is to make these sorts of stories go away. What a dirty, dirty way to make a living.

    • BeanieBean says:

      The assault happened in the car on the way home, after what you see in the video. Stop caping for an abuser.

      • Snoozer says:

        Actually this video is from after the assault, as per the Variety article:

        “Chaudhry has maintained that there is evidence clearing Majors of any wrongdoing, including surveillance video that shows Jabbari “completely unharmed” after the defendant’s alleged assault. But the new filing counters this assertion, saying the “surveillance video referred to by the defense actually shows Ms. Jabbari visibly upset, crying, and seeking help from strangers to get an Uber cab home.””

        The thing is, the video could make it seem like she is ‘unharmed’ to people who don’t know much about assault. Which is frustrating. Because often people don’t believe assault victims unless they are so severely injured that it’s impossible to deny. IE: almost killed. Like what Chris Brown did to Rihanna.

        If your face isn’t swollen beyond recognition or your arm isn’t broken, or you don’t, at least, have a massive black eye, a lot of people either don’t believe you or think it was ‘minor’ – which apparently is okay?

        We saw this with Amber Heard. She had photos of injuries including marks to her face; a cut, swollen lip; minor facial bruising and swelling; and a bloody spot on her scalp and a clump of hair on the floor. But that wasn’t enough for the public. Beyond ridiculous stories of her ‘faking’ these injuries, the real truth is that her injuries weren’t obvious enough to matter to people.

        The reality is that many injuries aren’t that visible. That it takes a lot of force to cause the type of injuries we ‘expect’ to see in IPV; but that violence with less force is still terrifying, damaging, painful and illegal. That this women could be covered in bruises and scratches under her clothes. That she could have internal injuries (especially if any kind of strangulation was involved). That a grainy video from afar is not evidence of a lack of injuries.

        Just because she can stand up, move around and talk to people; doesn’t mean the attack didn’t occur. Especially when you consider that post an attack of this nature, her body would have been flooded with Adrenalin. I was once hit by a car and I couldn’t feel any of my injuries until the next day because of the Adrenalin. In fact, the ambulance officers told me they couldn’t assess for neck injuries from my responses because Adrenalin would mask any pain I should be feeling. So, tying her hair back is not actually the gotcha evidence that her finger wasn’t broken that people watching might think it is.

        I think that if the NYPD says there is strong evidence, and we have a history, including police reports from London and many previous victims; the evidence suggests that he is a vicious serial abuser.

  10. Flamingo says:

    She looks disheveled and upset like she got in a fight. And she did what so many abused women do. They try to comfort their abuser afterward.

    His team claimed she ‘fell’ later that night causing the injuries. Come on, that is what every abuser claims happened. Sorry, but I will leave it to a jury to decide his guilt or innocence.

  11. GorgeousGecko says:

    Oh look, its the Chris Brown special. I cheated, and my girlfriend found the evidence on my phone in the car so I had to beat her up. Good stuff guys. We’re all falling for it. jeeeeesus

  12. K says:

    I feel awful for these women.I hope they can heal and move past this horror. I speak from experience. All I can say is vote women into offices, judicial etc. And parents..please teach your boys/young men that this is not the path. 💔

  13. Jiller says:

    Plus he’s absolutely terrible TER.RI.BLE. in Loki Season 2, so we can gloss over the whole “singular talent” bullshit.

    • Flamingo says:

      I try to separate the art from the artist. But I really can’t with Loki, Majors was in the majority of the last episode and it irked me to no end.

  14. Spike says:

    Thank you so much for covering this. To quote one of my favorite YouTube creators – Aaron Smith-Levin (Growing Up In Scientology) Jonathan you done messed up. That poor woman. She must have gotten a skull fracture. I can’t imagine the physical and PTSD she has. What a horrible psychopath. He’s an evil person. I am so glad that he was exposed. He had a huge deal with Marvel. He is in the 2nd season of Loki but he is toast. He’s out millions of dollars because he couldn’t control his emotions. It couldn’t have happened to a more egregious scumbag.