Times: Palace sources swear that the Sussexes want a royal Christmas invitation!

The last time Roya Nikkhah at the Times of London got a big palace briefing, King Charles’s aides lied their asses off and Roya printed it. The king’s team lied about extending an invitation to Charles’s 75th birthday party to Prince Harry (alone) and that Harry “snubbed” the invite, and poor, poor Charles who just wants to reconcile with his darling boy. Harry’s spokesperson called out the lie quickly, after which the entire British media simply ignored that the palace now openly lies during briefings. The same British media which is now consumed with spreading the palace’s new set of lies, which is that Harry was the one briefing the BBC, the Telegraph and the Sun about Harry’s birthday phone call with his father. Please. Well, Roya got a new briefing, y’all. I hope Harry denies this story just as quickly. Apparently, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are desperate for an invitation to spend Christmas at Sandringham.

The Sussexes may have been absent from Charles’s birthday party at Clarence House for his extended family and close friends that night, but they were still keen to be part of the day’s narrative. Buckingham Palace refused to comment on a “private” call, but soon after it happened, details emerged that Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42, had a “warm” conversation with Charles, and played him a video of the grandchildren he barely knows, Prince Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet, 2, singing Happy Birthday.

Sources close to the Sussexes hailed the call as a “turning point” in the strained relations between the King and his second son. Courtiers rolled their eyes in dismay, finding it “baffling” that a private conversation was briefed in advance and afterwards. As a source close to Charles said recently: “It frustrates him that personal issues intrude on the public duty. He’d much rather the focus was on his work, not the soap opera of the private life. It is always frustrating when family dynamics overshadow the public role.”

Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, who lives in California, is the only grandparent in regular contact with [Archie and Lili]. Meghan’s estranged father, Thomas Markle, has never met his grandchildren or Harry.

Friends of the Sussexes say they want to change the state of play, and would readily accept an invitation to Christmas at Sandringham, the King’s Norfolk home, or a summer stay at Balmoral, Scotland, where members of the royal family come and go in privacy and can easily avoid each other.

A friend said: “I can’t imagine the Sussexes would decline an invitation to spend time with His Majesty. As of yet, there have not been any invitations for the holidays.” Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

What if logistics, accommodation, security and royal diaries could all align, making a visit by the Sussexes feasible? After so many royal secrets have been spilt by the Sussexes’ commercial ventures, the royal family continues to struggle with how any future reconciliations could remain private.

It is a fear acknowledged even by friends of the couple. In the aftermath of Harry’s book, a source close to the Sussexes conceded: “They realise they’ve got to a place where private conversations and calls could be questioned if they’re going to be private.”

Those fears are as acute as ever. After Tuesday’s private phone call was made public, a royal insider told The Daily Telegraph: “The King and Queen worry that if stories about phone calls and private conversations make it into the public domain, they will be accused of leaking to the press, even if it’s obvious it didn’t come from them. They just think, ‘It’s in the public domain, and public domain equals bad.’ Even if this had been the most positive story in the world from the King’s point of view, it would still have generated anxiety for him.”

[From The Times]

Let me spell it out: Buckingham Palace leaked all of the information about the phone call, then blamed all of the leaking on the Sussexes, and is now saying that Charles is afraid to speak to his son because Harry would leak about it. Plus, the layer of bullsh-t about the Sussexes “wanting” an invitation to Sandringham. Nope. I don’t believe any part of this, and even more than that, I find it despicable that Buckingham Palace’s comms people can’t take Harry and Meghan’s names out of their f–king mouths, even as they clownishly try to hide their tracks by calling themselves “friends of the Sussexes.” The real “friends of the Sussexes” would not talk to William and Charles’s favorite royal reporter at a Murdoch-owned publication. Come on. At some point, the palace surely has to stop creating and feeding this f–king psychodrama.

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113 Responses to “Times: Palace sources swear that the Sussexes want a royal Christmas invitation!”

  1. Fawsia says:

    I agree the palace comm teams need to stop the lies and the briefing! Maybe Harry needs no contact with his father like Meghan!

    • olivia says:

      I doubt there is any that the cordial 1 minute phone call on his birthday…
      The palaces are preparing for Harry’s lawsuit that is moving along in the courts and going to expose them as the disgusting, media and money shielded narcissists they are.

    • Advisor2u says:

      Nikkhah is angry that she got caught lying and selling palace leaks last week. Now she has doubled down with misinformation and twisted ies.

      Her fan fix glass ball flipped from: Harry got a birthday celebration invite but snubbed the king, to Harry (and Meghan) want a Christmas invite so badly, but the king is reluctant to gif it to them because of fear that Harry will leak about it.

      But here we have Nikkah mouth piecing lies again for the same king and his team of leaking liars.
      Oh dear, one must be a particular kind of psychopath to do these kind of crazy royal reporting jobs.

    • Ginger says:

      If Harry went no contact with his dad that wouldn’t change a damn thing. For all we know he has gone no contact. We can’t compare a King (who has staff, etc) to……Thomas Markle, that’s insane.

    • Campbell says:

      Anyone with half a brain would know this is made up. It’s not like Harry and Meghan talk to the British media. Why would Harry and Meghan put themselves through a holiday in the UK with all the tension. Charles evicting them from Frogmore means there is no obligation on their part to ever go back to the UK again. And if Charles wanted to see Archie and Lili, he wouldn’t have evicted them, end of story.

  2. Jais says:

    Okay, this is ridiculous. They are playing too much. The way I want to see these fools get slapped down for their games. It’s brazen playing. Now, I really want the Sussexes to enjoy a montecito Christmas, as Meghan just said they’re creating their own traditions and love decorating the tree.

    • Chloe says:

      I hope they throw a massive Christmas party and invite the Spencers, all cousins included.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        If they went that far. Then they need to invite Charles only. Not Camilla or William or Kate. And when I say Charles only. I mean Charles only. No aids, not courtiers. Charles. And no security for him while he’s there. Then when he refuses. Say he snubbed them.

      • Glamarazzi says:

        @Robert Phillips You are hilarious and I love this scheme!

      • Gabby says:

        But who will install the toilet seat that Chuckles absolutely must bring with him?

  3. Eurydice says:

    So tiresome. I don’t think anyone actually wants to go to Sandringham for Christmas or Balmoral for the summer, except maybe Andrew. And how did Doria and Terrible Tom end up in the middle of this?

    • Christine says:


      Worry about the heir and his wife, who used every excuse under the sun to avoid the fuck out of Sandringham Christmases while the queen was still alive.

      I don’t think there is a single member of that family that looks forward to Christmas at Sandringham, but sure, Harry and Meghan are briefing the very people they ghosted while they still lived in England, and Harry is suing, about how desperate they are for an invite.

      I am starting to despise that whole island.

      “I can’t imagine the Sussexes would decline an invitation to spend time with His Majesty.”

      Can’t you? Harry managed to attend the man’s coronation without ever getting near the man.

  4. Jes says:

    Is charles behind this? Or is this totally beyond his control now? This makes him look so bad.. Do ppl in the uk buy that harry would leak anything to the press?

    • Avonan says:

      Right you are. Harry and Meghan, who have or have had countless lawsuits against the British media’s relentless campaign of lies and illegal information-gathering, are not about to seek out that same press to discuss their relationship with KC. This tried-and-true method of briefings by the palace(s) has got to now be ineffective, right? After the lawsuits won, the Oprah interview, Spare and the Netflix series, I hope people are starting to understand the Sussexes relationship with the BP, if not the BRF.

    • Eurydice says:

      The people probably do believe Harry is leaking to the press. After all, the press/RF have been saying that for years. The thing is that the Oprah interview, the Netflix series, Spare – those were one-time events and separated by quite a bit of time. But the briefings are daily and repeat the same narrative – Harry is the one leaking, Harry can’t be trusted, Harry is a traitor – over and over and over. Even when a lie is revealed, like with the invitation to Charles’ birthday, it was covered up and ignored right away – and then they went back to the regularly scheduled narrative.

    • SarahLee says:

      I think Harry has been very clear that if he has something to say, he will say it – directly.

  5. I can just feel that something about the other royals is maybe coming out and this is just what they always do they try to cover for the others with this complete and utter nonsense. It’s a pattern with these idiots. Harry and Meg want none of this Christmas bull💩. This is just them trying to get ahead with f whatever will come out in Omids book.

  6. MsIam says:

    Poor Harry and Meghan. It must be hard to have relatives who are maliciously psychopathic like this. They do everything to antagonize you and then turn around and play the victim if you respond. On top of this, they have endless staff who are experts at playing this game too. Its psychological warfare. For those folks who for some reason wonder why the Sussexes don’t “respond” more or say “they need a better comms team”, this is the reason why they go no contact. Its best to ignore people like this unless its absolutely necessary to respond.

    • Bad Janet says:

      And there is always plausible deniability because there are never on record quotes. They never have to take accountability for pulling the strings of the press. It’s the ultimate gaslighting.

      If my family turned an entire country against me and my family, ntm all the other stuff they’ve pulled, I’d be finished. It’s better to have the small family you choose than the large one who abuses you.

  7. Mamasan says:

    Harry needs a restraining order from all things related to Pa and the British media.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      It is peculiar that these judges never tell the papers in the midst of legal disputes with the Sussexes to have, at the very least, a disclaimer statement telling the public they or their parent company are involved in litigation with H or M when they print articles about them.

  8. Shawna says:

    Note the opening phrase “I can’t imagine.” What the media and BRF “can’t imagine” is a big part of their entire attitude toward the Sussexes: can’t believe Harry would call his dad just out of lingering private affection, can’t believe they actually care about charities instead of it just being about the impression that going through the motions gives, can’t believe Meghan was just being sincere and trying hard, etc.

  9. equality says:

    So, “the royal family continues to struggle with how any future reconciliations could remain private”. Who leaked that? It couldn’t be that the palace said that since NONE of the leaks come from them. How utterly stupid can the BM and the RF make themselves sound? The story before was that H&M snubbed the royal Christmas and Balmoral and that was when QE was alive. Why would they be interested now? The ones who are interested are the BM. That way they could get quotes about Archie and Lili and how they speak and behave like Americans.

    • paintybox says:

      Exactly – and they’re too deep in their traditional conniving and collusion for it to dawn on them that outsiders might be able to see through their BS. I think they’re leaking now that H & M desire a Christmas invite only so they can then leak that dear (‘goodhearted’) Chuck finally capitulated and extended an invite. But wait for it, then they will leak that H & M had the unmitigated gall to snub or turn down the invite – all in hopes that Chuck will appear fatherly and angelic and H & M will again be confirmed as unstable and ungrateful, blah blah blah, and the press then has endless clucking and scolding content to get them clicks through the holidays.

    • Berkeleyfarm says:

      Well, they could actually do something about that and NOT LEAK.

  10. Talie says:

    I would think Roya is burned from what happened last week and perhaps a royal source tried to throw her a bone, but this reads more like speculation. But H&M at Sandringham, with *all* of them in one contained space? I doubt that. In fact, I’d be stunned. Balmoral, I could see since it’s more timed to have different people every week.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Talie, ITA, it’s a preposterous idea and it’s incredible that Roya didn’t realize she was being played AGAIN.

      And they really need to STFU about how poor Charles doesn’t know his grandchildren, because that is no one’s fault but his own. He was invited to Lili’s christening and freaking declined. So he really needs to stop playing the victim (although after 75 years, I doubt he’d know how).

      But yeah, no WAY do the Sussexes want to spend Christmas with these people. It’s comical, really, to even suggest that they would. But the BM is trying *hard* to push the narrative that the Sussexes “need” the royal connection in order to stay relevant (lol), so we get stories like this.

      • Christine says:

        It really is preposterous, and exactly as unbelievable as it would be if there were articles claiming that Harry and Meghan hope to make a trip to Mexico to see Toxic Tom for Christmas.

    • Gabby says:

      I don’t think anyone threw Roya a bone and I don’t think the palace played her again. I think she took matters into her own hands and invented this. She wants to pressure Chuckles into extending the invite or she wants to trigger a Sussex denial. Either way gives her clicks.

  11. Jan says:

    This story wouldn’t be so funny, if Meghan didn’t just say, they’re starting new holiday traditions with their children, and my guess is, it’s not at Sandringham.
    If the Sussexes don’t travel for the holidays, Montecito la casa is going to be ringing with children squealing and dogs barking.
    The King thing is not going well for Chucky, and Earth Sh*t which is not a nonprofit, is begging people with finished products to bring them to the lame organization, so that they can use them and make a profit, like Pedo Andy palace money making scheme.

  12. S808 says:

    On one had I want them to deny this but on the other hand the BRF is obviously playing games and I don’t think H&M should give this the time of day, especially after M said her husband and children have their own Christmas traditions. It’s been years since they spent Christmas with those ghouls why would they beg for an invite this year??

    • ML says:

      I also think H&M should ignore this and live their best lives and enjoy Xmas far, far away from Sandringham, S808. Otherwise the Sussexes will continually be issuing denials and helping the RR write stories. Why fund them?
      The only thing I think is betond crazy is that KC seemed rather happy with his birthday call from H&M and the birthday video from A&L. Why destroy that relationship? I suspect that Camzilla or Peggington, who have a less amicable relationship with H&M, might be the actual leaker.

      • Eurydice says:

        There’s nothing to ignore, really. This is just supposition, not like the birthday story which said that Harry had declined an actual invitation.

    • Lara (the other) says:

      I think they shoud ignore it. The “leak” only consists of speculations from “friends”, meaning rota rats, about the wishes of the Sussexes.
      The only denial so far was about a factual lie, the invitation that was’t issued.
      They should only react to reports that can be proven to be a lie, either you got an invitation or not, not to vague feelings from unnamed sources that can not be disproven absolutely.

    • Christine says:

      We are at the point where I think they should make a blanket statement that they will never travel with their children to the U.K. because of the security issues. That will at least cut down on speculation around any holiday where they would obviously want to be with their children (all of them).

  13. Anonymous says:

    After this leak my guess is next weeks “call” is not happening. I doubt Harry will allow a second call. If that was even true it was probably scheduled for a time were Archie and Lili could speak to chucky. But on the other hand if he doesn’t do it they will print stories that he refused the call and denied chucky a chance to speak to his grandkids. In other words they’re making chucky the victim yet again 🙄

    • Gabby says:

      I think “next week’s call” was manufactured fiction. I still don’t believe the birthday call took place.

      • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

        Yes and it seems like work to never have calls with them. Continual demonstrations of how little Chuck cares for or loves Harry.

  14. Patrivia says:

    The British a royal family are seriously ill. This kind of behaviour has no place in the Sussex lives. I know it will never happen but after all the law suits are finished I would love to see Harry reject all thing royal.and become a citizen of a friendly and supportive country. Then he could tell all thing British to kiss his non royal ass.

  15. Cessily says:

    I can’t think of a more depressing way to spend the holiday than to have to sit at a table and break bread with chunky and his mistress wife, add in Peggy and his issues and you are in a nightmare holiday scenario. Why would anyone choose that?

  16. Feeshalori says:

    So this is the new game plan now. BP leaks all the sh*t it wants about the Sussexes and blames them for spilling. Captain Obvious at work.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Once again Harry was nice to his father, extending good wishes on his 75th birthday and sending a video of the grandchildren Charles doesn’t seem to want anything to do with. And once again, Harry is now getting kicked in the teeth for his kindness and thoughtfulness. Eventually, Harry will have to recognize this pattern and escape it.

      • Athena says:

        We don’t know that Harry called or that a video of the children was sent to Chuck. It’s all a made up story by the RR and BP.

      • Steph says:

        Was there any confirmation that the phone call/video actually happened? I don’t understand (and it’s not my place to) Harry if it did. Like that amount of effort immediately after he lied on them. He has a big heart. I just hope that he doesn’t keep getting it broken.

  17. Chantal1 says:

    No, the RRs want the Sussexes to receive a royal invitation. Sounds like the BM is giving C-Rex his marching orders to invite the Sussexes for Christmas. I think reports about how Meghan is DONE with the RF really has them shook bc that means no current or future access to her or their children. And the RRs desperately want to make more money exploiting and abusing the Sussexes. And aren’t there rumors of possible layoffs at some of the UK tabloids?

    Maleficent most definitely doesn’t want to invite them and I’ll bet that C-Rex doesn’t want to either. How is the head of the Church of England going to navigate the spirit of Christmas with his animosity towards his own son, DIL and Sussex grandchildren? Will he trot out the Wales’ kids for a much needed “family” photo op? Or is he just going to keep pretending that he’s not the head of the church. What a sorry and ridiculous “man” he is!

  18. The Duchess says:

    These people are terrible daydreamers. In fact, almost dangerous. They salivate on trying to cause as much drama and trouble as they can. H&M dropped them in 2020 and moved on for their own good. It’s rather sad how shutter island and that family full of idiots refuse to move on. Bless their hearts.

  19. Tessa says:

    Charles causes all the soap operas in that family and is still at it

  20. HO says:

    I have to blame Harry and Meghan for this one. They can’t stop all of this by completely cutting Charles off. Worst thing they could have said was Harry didn’t wish him a Happy Birthday. If Meghan could cut her abusive father off for feeding her to the press, why can’t Harry do the same??

    Same way the Mail claimed a friend of the Sussex briefing them. It’s a cycle and Harry needs to completely cut the entire thing off. They’re a cancer.

    • Tessa says:

      Harry has never commented and neither has Meghan. Charles and William still are after control.charles and William want harry to comment and react. Harry and Meghan are not to blame.

      • Tessa says:

        Rarely commented. Harry and Meghan do call out fake stories but not for each and every invite stories

    • Jais says:

      I don’t see how that would stop the lies. I don’t see how its fair to blame Harry and Meghan for this one. The palace lied about them snubbing an invite and there was never an invite. Harry could cut off his father if he chooses he wants that for himself but it will make no difference in whether the RF continues their lying games with the BM.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Jais, I’m with you. When it comes to the British media, they’re going to lie about the Sussexes no matter what they do or don’t do, so it’s unfair to blame any of it on them.

        This has been going on for so many years now that I’m honestly shocked that anyone thinks that literally *anything* H&M do could make the tabloids stop publishing lies.

      • equality says:

        You are so right.

    • Jaded says:

      Wrong. Harry and Meghan have said repeatedly they do not speak to the press, and that the briefing/leaking comes directly from the palace to the tabloids because Charles, Camilla, William, Kate and Ma Middleton all use the rota to fight their stupid wars. Unless the Sussex’s spokesperson denies the most egregious lies, they have been radio silence. Neither you nor anyone else commenting here knows anything about what conversations have or haven’t taken place between them and Charles, and to assume it’s their fault for cutting Charles off is ridiculous. Let’s not forget it was Charles who cut their security, it was Charles who booted them from Frogmore Cottage, it was Charles who condoned the Meghan smearing to the point where she was suicidal. He was more than likely part of the discussion around the colour of Archie’s skin — for those reasons and many more, Harry and Meghan have every right to ignore him.

    • Steph says:

      @Ho emotions, especially about family, are difficult. Also keep in mind that Meghan and Harry had very different lives in regards to their parents. She has a very good relationship with her dad until her engagement. His betrayal came as a horrifying shock. Charles has always been a shitty father. He wasn’t shocked. I think emotionally Meghan being betrayed by her father is closer to Harry finding out William was leaking about him. Notice Harry doesn’t deal with W at all. And Meghan still has the support of her mom. If Harry goes no contact hell have no parents. I imagine that’s hard. I think I’d go no contact but I really don’t know. It’s always really hard for victims to cut off their abusers.

    • CatMum says:

      what makes you think they haven’t?

      why take Roya Nikkah’s word for anything? she’s peeing on our shoes and telling us it’s raining!

  21. Amy Bee says:

    The “friends” of the Sussexes are either Palace staff or members of the Royal rota. There’s a lot of speculation in the piece and no indication that Roya Nikkhah even approached Harry and Meghan’s team for a comment. Plus Meghan was just on the record saying that she’s looking forward to the holidays with her children at home. There’s no way she’s going to put herself and her children in that toxic situation at Sandringham. I also remember Roya Nikkhah falsely reporting on at least two occasions that Harry and Meghan was going spend the summer at Balmoral. She can GTFOH with this fanfic.

  22. Nanea says:

    Is the whole British tabloid press suffering from collective amnesia?

    The Sussexes went public repeatedly, saying only named sources would speak for them, and that they wouldn’t communicate with tabloids/Murdoch press etc.

    Didn’t they listen when Meghan described Christmas at their home in Montecito only last week?

    It’s sad that the public lets the press still get away with their fanfic, smears, downright lies – not only where the Sussexes are concerned, but in general, e.g. politics, Brexit, public health…

  23. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I saw in twitter yesterday, numbers showing how much British press readership is declining and how much revenue is being lost so ,of course we’re going to be seeing lots more “stories” about the Sussex’s and “that family”. Ahh, the sweet smell of desperation sweat rolling off the royal reporters!

  24. Advisor2u says:

    Oh dear, only the thought of the sweet Sussex kids in one room with Chucky and that evil step thing Camilla frightens me.

    If I’m right, none of the Sussex kids can remember celebrating Christmas in the UK, let alone with that horrible family. I thing it’s more like that, as a family, the Sussexes will mark their 5th Thanksgiving and Christmas away from the miserable royals and that island.

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      Neither Archie or Lili have celebrated a Christmas in England, Archie’s first Christmas was spent on Vancouver Island and then following Christmases in California.

      • Advisor2u says:

        That’s what I’m saying. This would be their 5th Christmas AWAY from Shutter Island and from that horrible family, Canada is included in said number.

  25. Jay says:

    Yeah, only one of the sides here has ties (as well as an ongoing contract of sorts) with the British media. And it’s obviously not the Sussexes!

    Poor Charles only gets to see a video of the grandchildren he barely knows! I wonder if there’s anything one of the wealthiest heads of state could possibly do about that?

    I think it’s ridiculous to lay the blame on Harry and Meghan, though. It takes years of therapy for most people to go truly non-contact, and it’s not so easy to cut your surviving parent out of your life even if you want to.

    • Lorelei says:

      Even if Harry did go no-contact, we wouldn’t know because the press is going to lie about it! How anyone can lay blame on H&M is beyond me.

  26. @BelizeEmpower says:

    This is the most twisted, manipulative story ever written to make the Sussexes look like they are the ones leaking to the press when we know that it’s just Charles and his cronies feeding the beast yet again. Charles/the press desperately want the Sussexes there for Christmas so they can feed off the stories that are spawned from such a visit, but it’s an ass-backwards attempt and I doubt the Sussexes will take the bait just because they can read into it as much as we do. Bottom line is…the media doesn’t want this to end.

  27. Mrs. Smith says:

    I’d love to see another happy, smiling California Christmas card from the Sussexes this year. It always makes the haters choke to see how relaxed and joyful H&M are as they celebrate the holidays with their adorable young kids in sunny 70 degree weather.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Something on the beach would be nice! I can’t imagine why anyone living on the California coast would want to go to cold foggy Norfolk for Christmas. And with those people!! They’re the biggest reason to stay away!

      • Christine says:

        Word. I can easily imagine having a lovely Christmas in England. I cannot imagine it with that family.

  28. kelleybelle says:

    Lying bastards.

  29. Beverley says:

    What a crock! The Sussexes have made it crystal clear that there would be no ambiguity when they spoke through a spokesman. There would be no tabloid communication whatsoever. So no, I don’t believe this story.

    Let’s employ critical thinking, shall we? Why would the Sussexes clamor to leave their gorgeous Montecito home and estate in glorious Southern California to spend a gloomy Christmas under grey skies with people who consider their youngsters to be nigg**s? Why put their children in contact with relatives who never wanted them born into the family?

    This repetitive narrative that Harry must come home for the holidays, preferably *without* his mixed race family gives prodigal son and runaway slave. Who believes this rot? This isn’t about celebrating the holidays together. This is about putting the Sussexes into harm’s way where the journalists have free rein to attack and malign them.

    Only a masochist who hates his own children would willingly subject them to Christmas with the relatives who arranged for their Granny Diana’s homicide.

  30. Mslove says:

    Didn’t Peg & Keen leak to the papers that they would never forgive Harry? Why would the Sussexes suddenly be keen to visit? SMH.

  31. Jensa says:

    This is clearly a load of crap. But it’s also wishful thinking on the part of the press. They are desperate for the Sussexes to turn up, because otherwise the Royal Christmas church walk etc. looks very dull.

  32. Grandma Susan says:

    …ah, and finally the Royal Fiction Writers have become psychic and can *tell* what the Sussexes *want*. They are letting us know how desperately H & M “want” to spend Christmas with King Jealousy and his Kween. The tabloids have authored their own bankruptcy. They drove away the money-makers. I believe that’s what my mom always used to call “cutting off your nose to spite your own face”.

  33. Ohwell says:

    The entire article reads as if the rota made it all up. This is why I struggle to follow all this royal nonsense. It is insulting to people with critical thinking skills or really just basic common sense.

  34. Nic919 says:

    Harry has been clear that he wants an apology for Meghan before they head back to the UK. She was treated like dirt at the funeral so why would she travel halfway across the globe to have a Christmas with a family that treats her poorly. And while Charles might be fine, there is still William and Kate who remain bitter and resentful.

    • Lorelei says:

      @JW, oh, wow…I want to be glad that someone is finally telling the truth about W&K, but that article is so full of lies about everything else!

      All we’ve been hearing over and over again for months (years?) from everyone is how much William hates Harry and how he’ll definitely never speak to him again, but now we’re expected to believe that WILLIAM wants to “extend an olive branch?” Seriously?

      And lmao at W&K’s workload “being doubled” since the Sussexes left. I mean, come on, that’s simply a batshit insane claim.

      But, baby steps, I guess? At least someone is *finally* talking about the elephant in the room that is W&K’s trainwreck of a marriage.

      • Gabby says:

        @Lorelei, if KKKate’s workload has doubled, then the 2 months she took off this summer would have been 4 months. Which is longer than the actual summer LOL. Just double all her downtime and that’s what she would be doing if the Sussexes were still working royals. Shame on me for being so unsympathetic to her plight.

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      I wonder if this is the tip of the iceberg? I recall, years ago, pre-Meghan, that the press was sitting on loads of unflattering stories about the then Cambridge’s and how anxious they were to have the gloves finally come off and be able to print what they know. Not that I feel one iota of sympathy for the rota but having to write all those “embiggening” pieces over the last 4+ years must really be driving them crazy.

  35. Maxine Branch says:

    The Sussexes have moved on. The search for relevancy by Harry’s birth family is to use or attach their name to their events. Oh how the mighty Windsor’s have fallen. No one searches for them so they use the Sussex name for clicks. Meghan and Harry are creating their own traditions for their family which changes as their kids grow. The one constant Meghan mentioned I’d is family decorating their Christmas tree together. Given a choice what parent would want to subject their child to the trauma of. a Windsor Christmas?

  36. Lau says:

    “Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, who lives in California, is the only grandparent in regular contact with [Archie and Lili]”, maybe it’s because she’s the only grandparent who is actually there for these children without turning around to run to the press and spread lies.
    Next week they’ll be running the story that the Sussexes have received the “kind” invitation and refused it.

    • Berkeleyfarm says:

      Has Charles even met Lili in person? I know that QEII did but Charles seems to run the other way when Harry visits.

      Neither of her worthless grandfathers who seem to be talking up “grandparents’ rights” (out loud or by proxy) meet the California legal standards for pre existing relationships. For Charles, “He evicted her parents and baby brother and put them in danger” would definitely hold sway.

      • Lorelei says:

        @BerkeleyFarm, I don’t think Charles has ever met Lili. I guess none of us can know for sure, but AFAIK, he has not. He’s trash.

  37. Mary Pester says:

    OK camzilla, time to stop the phone calls now. But if your going to call your tame paps, leave the bloody gin in its bottle FIRST. Hopefully Harry will call this bullsht out, because his father hasn’t got the guts to. After all, he’s more worried about his blood thirsty eldest son and his deranged cos playing daughter in law! ”
    Let’s call this what it is, lies upon lies, upon lies. And you would have though the Times knew better, but obviously the war in Ukraine and the war in gaza, are not as important as full fiction about harry and meghan. Why the fk would they subject their children to the grinch and malfiescent as Christmas? But look at the headlines in other papers all week, the monarchy are not as popular as last year according to a poll, people want to know why earthsht is not about this country, keen is doing another Carol service, where is camzilla? Is Edward ill? And Where is William? See to many negative or questioning headlines, oh forgot, another one of Andrews mates has been convicted of sex offences and they want to question Andrew again about ANOTHER friend and the government have waisted 100 BILLION! so how can we afford a rise for the Royals next year. Yep, let’s write a negative story about harry and meghan, with NO ATTRIBUTED NAMES AGAIN bloody cowards. Time for a restraining order Harry.

  38. girl_ninja says:

    Do these fools know what Christmastime is like in the USA??? We do it like no other and they really think that Meg and Harry are clamoring to pack up their babies and spend it away from their friends and chosen family here in the states and instead go to a cold beat up castle to deal with a hateful racist group of ghouls?

    Whew. Delusions of grandeur indeed.

  39. Allison says:

    Hmmm. The holidays in wet dreary Sandringham with people who are at best, stuffy and boring. Or the holidays in sunny, relaxed Montecito.

  40. Over it says:

    Okay , my thoughts. The Christmas walk is becoming like the jubbly and the con-a-nation. No one cares. Harry and Meghan bring the interest . We see everything they are involved in gets huge worldwide press. Charles needs the spotlight. He desperately needs it and having Harry and Meghan show up for Christmas now that he is king pin, would be the biggest get of his reign. So even if he knows that they won’t come or he has zero plans tp invite them . The idea that they could somehow come , makes people show up or tune in. Then when it doesn’t happen, he would be fine because all he ever cared about anyway was getting people tp pay attention to him and his horse movements

  41. One of the marys says:

    This statement caught my eye
    “they will be accused of leaking to the press, even if it’s obvious it didn’t come from them”
    How ever is it obvious that leaks don’t come from inside the palace? To my mind, Harry & Meghan have been so consistent in their non cooperation with the tabloids that here I am fully convinced they have nothing to do with this story.

    • Jais says:

      Right? Why should it be obvious? Bc this writer says so? This writer who lies and has been caught out lying. She has no sussex sources and she’s lying that she does. Ugh, it feels a fool’s errand for the Sussexes to clap back but man how I’d love for them to put out a statement saying they don’t speak off-record to the times and anyone who does in their name is not someone close to them. But then what happens? Nikkah cries that her sources are impeccable, just like Tominey did with the crying story. It’s so maddening.

  42. L4Frimaire says:

    These people in the UK are taking crazy pills. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Harry is pissed about the phone call leak and told them to leave him alone about Xmas. Also at the Variety event Meghan mentioned their holiday tree trimming with the children, which indicates they’re having Christmas at home in Montecito. This probably made those clowns over there panic and try to create drama with these lies. Everyone said they’d start this Sandringham BS once Harry called out the birthday lie. I think the Sussexes can ignore this one and just go about their business. At least let them get through Thanksgiving before starting with these new set of lies.

  43. Beverley says:

    The Sussexes’ continued silence unnerves the Royals and the Britshitmedia. They want to evoke some response from Harry and Meghan. This starvation diet the Sussexes have imposed on them makes them angry and panicky. They keep throwing stuff against them to see what sticks, but the tea is growing colder and weaker by the day. After the holidays, there’s very little to dangle in front of H&M to entice them back to Salt Island. When will they finally get it through their thick heads that the Sussexes have resigned their roles as scapegoats and whipping posts for the Pale, Stale Leftover Bigots?

    Let the rota rats make coin on the oh-so-very-important-and-impossibly-popular white Leftovers. I mean, if white supremacy is such a heady drug – and a basic Windsor Family Value – let them proudly enjoy being the First Family of White Racism.
    Poster boys, every one.

    • Christine says:

      I swear to God, if we get another article that the Sussexes broke the Cambridges hearts because they didn’t send Easter presents, I am going to fly to England and slap someone.

  44. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Well, this is getting really amusing. I didn’t believe (and still don’t) that there was a phone call from HMA&L to KFC for his birthday. I believe that was entirely made up–let’s remember that the Sussexes have been very clear that the statements from their official spokesperson are the only ones they do. They do NOT LEAK. EVER.

    The bm are just trying to get them to respond again. Their spokesperson responded when they put out a definitive lie: an invitation was issued. No, it wasn’t. That’s what the spokesperson said. Their spokesperson NEVER said there would be a phone call.

    Since they got a response once, they are hoping to get another response. That’s what all of these articles are about. I think H&M should continue to ignore all of them. It won’t affect their lives, and it won’t feed the bm frenzy. They can’t talk about Christmas forever. After the first of the year, the bm will be talking about PP’s death anniversary and/orTrooping. So goes life.

  45. Sunny O says:

    I think Kaiser’s writeup says it all.

    I couldn’t agree more with Kaiser.

  46. Grace Yancy says:

    What did Prince Harry say?
    “The media will never quit until my wife is dead!”

  47. aquarius64 says:

    The ones who are desperate for the Sussexes Xmas invite: Nikkah because she has egg on her face for reporting the birthday invite; the BM because it’s losing money and laying off staff. The BM is yanking the BRF chain b/c the media can’t make money without fresh Sussex stories and pictures of the kids (they know Bad Dad has zero chance of winning a visitation lawsuit). The Windsors are not holding up their end of the invisible contract and these are warning shots they will report negatively on the family if the don’t come through.

  48. Anonymous says:

    The media and the royal family are so desperate for attention they can’t keep the Sussexes name out of their mouths and lie 😂🤡.

  49. Lissen says:

    “sources”, “royal insiders”, “friends of the Sussexes”, etc. etc. etc.

    And when asked to specify who these sources/insiders in Buckiingham/Kensington are, rota rats like this one will righteously fall back on their so-called journalistic “honour” and say they must protect their sources BUT if they really had sources/friends of the Sussexes, they’d gleefully name them. Thus, there are NO Sussex sources. There are, however, plenty of BP/KP sources.

  50. Concern Fae says:

    LOL on all of this. That said, if Charles had an honest choice between Harry and William for Christmas, I wouldn’t be surprised if he chose Harry. And if Camilla had to choose between Sandringham and her house, she’d stay home. Since we’re in fanfiction territory, I’ll say I can see Harry going home for Christmas once, when the kids are old enough to remember. Just so that they have that insight into how he grew up. Whether everyone on salty isle will ever have their shite together enough for that to happen… I doubt it.

    • Christine says:

      I would generally agree, except for Chuck being the king now.

      I doubt anything resembles how Harry grew up, anymore. He can take his kids to visit the structures and places he grew up, but the family isn’t remotely the same.

      They are going to know what flashbulbs are, just like Harry always did, and hopefully Charles Spencer will invite them all to Althorp. I think that’s the most Harry can hope for from Salty Isle.

  51. MadamNoir says:

    I don’t understand why Harry will not go no contact with his father. I don’t understand the need for him to constantly give his father the benefit of the doubt when time and time Charles has proven he doesn’t deserve it. Honestly, Charles is no different than Thomas Markle both continue to sell out their children to the media. The difference is that Meghan is well aware of that and has cut off contact with her father which I’m sure is painful for her but for some reason, Harry refuses to do the same.

  52. Thena says:

    “Meghan’s estranged father, Thomas Markle, has never met his grandchildren or Harry.”

    And that’s his own damn fault for not showing up to the wedding and ghosting Meghan’s calls while putting TMZ on speed dial.

  53. AC says:

    They didn’t even know Meghan was going to the Variety event. People with common sense knows HM won’t leak anything to the BM. If they haven’t gotten the hint yet will do for them – Meghan is done with that family.

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