Queen Camilla’s kids & grandkids are invited to Sandringham for Christmas

Well, this news certainly explains all of the stupid drama over whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been invited to Sandringham for Christmas this year. All of a sudden, the Times and the Mail could speak of little else, how Harry and Meghan were desperate for a Christmas invite but none would be forthcoming, because William would throw an incandescent hissy fit. Now it turns out that was all some kind of distraction meant to soften the news that Queen Camilla’s children and grandchildren will go to Sandringham this year. I suppose it does look downright disgusting that the king is deeply estranged from one son and has barely spent time with two of his grandchildren, meanwhile Camilla is ensuring that her rottweiler relations are front and center for a royal Christmas.

King Charles is inviting the children and grandchildren of his wife Queen Camilla to the royal family’s annual holiday gathering at Sandringham, according to a new report.

Each year on Christmas Day, members of the royal family walk to church at St. Mary Magdalene and then return to Sandringham House for a festive lunch. According to the ITV report from royals editor Chris Ship, Camilla’s children — Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes — and other members of the Queen’s family will join the lunch for the first time this year.

The changed guest list may mean a change of venue for the meal. In a departure from the past and the days of the late Queen Elizabeth, the royals will sit down in the bigger ballroom rather than the dining room.

Ship writes that “the guest list of those attending Christmas lunch back at Sandringham House is being radically altered — and will include many members of Queen Camilla’s family for the first time.”

He quotes someone familiar with the plans saying, “The Queen has invited her children and grandchildren this year, which is different from previous years.” Also among Queen Camilla’s family is her sister Annabel Elliot, who is one of her “companions,” as the palace calls the ladies who help the Queen at her various official events and engagements. Annabel attended to her sister at the coronation in May.

The report adds that Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York (who hosted ITV’s This Morning show on Monday) would join the lunch too. Like last year, she and her former husband, King Charles’ brother Prince Andrew, will stay at Wood Farm on the Sandringham estate, along with any of their daughter Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie and their children who might be there.

[From People]

Since Camilla and Charles got married, Camilla usually only sticks around the Windsors for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, then she leaves soon after and goes to Ray Mill to spend time with Tom, Laura and their children. It would not surprise me at all to see Tom, Laura and many of Camilla’s grandkids join the Windsors for the Christmas morning walk to church. This was always part of Camilla’s endgame too – to have her cake and eat it too, to legitimize her Parker-Bowles children as royal-adjacents, with full royal perks and God knows what else. Tom PB will probably end up in some royal property. Anyway, that’s what all of the Sussex bullsh-t was about – a conveniently-timed distraction from Camilla’s machinations. Camilla spent decades destroying Diana and Diana’s sons and alienating Charles from his sons. All for this.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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125 Responses to “Queen Camilla’s kids & grandkids are invited to Sandringham for Christmas”

  1. OriginalLaLa says:

    Maybe people’s general distaste for the Parker-Bowles will open their eyes that royalty is made up, it’s all smoke and mirrors, the emperor has no clothes. There is no blue blood, nothing that makes them more special than say…the Parker Bowles. and if it’s all made up, then why are we paying for their upkeep? Time to get rid of all of them!

  2. Shawna says:

    Honestly not getting why they’d need to soft-pedal this. The queen’s family participating in royal Christmas? What else would anyone expect? The British public didn’t seem to protest her marrying him or getting her titles pushed up until she got the queen title. So why would this be a problem now?

    • Danbury says:

      Ya exactly. This isn’t shocking at all. I’d do the same if I were in her position

      • Bromptonviewer says:

        Agree. I think this is a modern healthy blended family thing to do. Not that I necessarily believe anything about the Windsors is healthy but Camilla is his accepted wife and Queen. Her children have every right to be there.

      • Bettyrose says:

        For normal people, this is nothing. Dad has better relationship with adult step-children than his own adult kids? I got bored just typing it. But for a family whose only justification for anything is bloodlines? 🤔

    • Geegee says:

      Oh there was outcry. It was ignored. Whatever the mistress wants, the mistress gets

    • ML says:

      Shawna, ITA that purposefully not celebrating with or hiding the fact that Camzilla’s biological family is celebrating Xmas would be weird.

      Totally different topic: Can we call her the queen consort instead of the queen. I know she’s technically the queen, but she wasn’t supposed to be referred to that way, and frankly, she’s awful.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, it shouldn’t be a big deal to have all the family included, even Camilla’s. But they thrive on their exclusivity so this becomes a statement. And it is a statement. Camilla is really something.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      Because Queen Elizabeth is dead. She was the reason people didn’t protest Charles marrying Camilla. And she was the reason the monarchy lasted this long. Charles will be the last King. Because people don’t like him. And they can’t stand William.

      • Tessa says:

        The queen should have been more protective of Diana. Diana was cut loose from that family.

      • MsIam says:

        @Tessa remember Diana asked the queen to help her and she threw up her hands and said Charles is hopeless, nothing she could do. Elizabeth and Charles, Charles and William, the cycle continues.

    • Mika says:

      Yeah I’m not going to hate on being an inclusive blended family.

      Except for the whole “you treat your actual son like garbage” part.

    • Cerys says:

      Exactly. Why shouldn’t Camilla invite her family to spend Christmas with her and Charles?

  3. s808 says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this is what William is really enraged about. There was no chance that the Sussexes were asking for an invitation or that Charles would invite them. The press conveniently slid them into the story to talk about this without talking about the real characters in the story.

    They all may have a had a common enemy in the Sussexes but W still hates Camilla is probably pissed this lady is moving her children in on real family tradition.

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      I agree. Eggplant is incandescent because of this. But Im kinda not. I dont like camilla, but at last she gets to spend a xmas with her family. Its ok

      • Geegee says:

        Beatrice and Eugene had to do christmas without their mother. The mistress has done so much damage and keeps getting rewarded.

    • WaterDragon says:

      Totally agree. The saying that your character ends up showing on your face is definitely true about Horsilla, Charles and Incandescent.

    • Sunday says:

      Exactly, the press used H&M as bait so people were actually paying attention when they subtly reveal the real story, which is Will’s incandescent rage against the continued Camilla-fication of the firm.

    • Eurydice says:

      Well, it was a pretty short-lived distraction, wasn’t it. Because the cat’s out of the bag now and it’s only November. Maybe now we’ll start getting stories about how Charles really doesn’t want Harry to come for Christmas because he insulted Camilla in Spare.

  4. Pinkosaurus says:

    I consider the Parker Bowles not as The Rottweilers, which are beautiful dogs, but as The Foot Family. Her son, in particular, looks exactly like a foot. Very unfortunate looking, that one, but seems to consider himself quite the ladies man? Ew.

    • Bromptonviewer says:

      Hard nope on this. His mother chose to break up his family and become one of the most hated women in Britain for decades. I have no doubt he and his siblings suffered bullying and derision as a result. He has no official roles he’s neglecting. Spending time with an elderly mum even though she’s problematic doesn’t earn him scorn

      • LRB says:

        No one is denying she shouldn’t spend time with her children. The issue is where and when… and having them treated as royals, whilst Harry and Meg and the Montecito Prince and Princess are ignored is not OK…. IMO. They are creeping more and more into the royal fold and the Brits don’t want them… or indeed the CowQueen.

    • Pajala says:

      Who, the Mocker-Bowels?

  5. equality says:

    Sounds like there is doubt about Bea and Eugenie being there. Maybe both are going to their in-laws? Or better yet, one or both end up in Montecito.

    • sevenblue says:

      Bea, who hugs Piers Morgan publicly without a gun to her head, is not going to visit Meghan & Harry, please.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        We have no idea if she has/ had a gun to her head. Her father is reviled and her mother was going through cancer treatments. We have no idea what they could be blackmailed or pressured with.

      • sevenblue says:

        @MoxyLady007, if Piers has her strings in his hand, why would H&M be stupid enough to accept her into their life after what they went through? She is a liability in whatever way you look at it. I remember how Meghan was used to bury whenever another Andrew story came up. I am sure that Meghan remembers it too. Bea accepted to play the game, so she needs to stay away from M&H.

      • May says:

        @sevenblue, 💯💯💯💯

  6. Becks1 says:

    Huh. Well. This puts a lot into perspective, doesn’t it? the Harry mess was just to distract us from Camilla’s grandchildren being there.

    On its face – whatever – traditions are going to change and it makes sense that Camilla is just going to bring her children to Sandringham rather than peacing out and going to Ray Mill. And it seems kind of silly that the Windsor christmas keeps plodding along the exact same way it did when QEII was alive.

    But we all know nothing is as simple as that here. I would kind of love to be a fly on the wall in Sandringham this year – I feel there are going to be a LOT of power plays going on between W&K and Camilla’s children.


    • Geegee says:

      I wonder what anne and her family think . And the wessexes. Will Sarah chateau and her family be there?

      • Laura says:

        I think Sarah Chatto has always been there. Is she Charles cousin?

      • Berkeleyfarm says:

        Sarah appears to be well liked by a lot of family members. The late Queen was super fond of her.

      • LRB says:

        Zara and Mike take every possible opportunity to remind everyone of their senior royalty… they both benefit financially from their royal links, it is disgusting.

    • Nic919 says:

      Seeing as how the maternal side of the family never seemed to be invited to Sandringham before, this probably gives Carole ideas about staying at Sandringham and that’s what Willy is pissed about.

      I don’t think it’s a big deal for Camilla to want her kids and grandkids present for Christmas, the problem is that they have treated Harry and Meghan so poorly that one of Charles’s sons and children won’t be present.

      • Cecile730 says:

        It would be not a big deal if she lived 100% with Charles. As its not the case, her family being there is a statement. I would not be surprised if new titles were announced soon after Christmas for her family if there is no public outcry.

  7. Nubia says:

    Why does it not bother Camilla that she values her family and puts them first and practically shoves them in front but lets her husband be such a deplorable father and grandfather. It wouldnt sit well with me to have a mate with opposite values. Or on the other hand why cant Charles learn from Camilla to treat his family better!!??

    • s808 says:

      She played him against his children (not that it took much on her part, she just knows his insecurities and how to play on them). She’s fine with him having a terrible relationship with H&W because it’s 2 less people that get his ear and stir his actions. A solid H&W against Camilla would’ve stopped her from gaining much foothold.

      • Geegee says:

        She is a ruthless puppet master.

      • SarahCS says:

        In my head there’s some sort of similarity to a cuckoo. She’s pushing the original chicks out of the nest as much as possible and bringing in her own. It’s all about the long game with her.

    • Laura says:

      I think Sarah Chatto has always been there. Is she Charles cousin?

    • Jaded says:

      Camilla is racist AF. She smirked during the Sussex’s wedding, there are dozens of photos of her literally recoiling from black people, so she really doesn’t give two fkucs about how Charles treats his son and biracial DIL, or their kids.

  8. girl_ninja says:

    Chuck betrayed Diana and Harry all so Cammie could be happy. He’s also tossed his dignity aside so it’s not surprising he’d toss his grandchildren all for that heifer.

    • Seraphina says:

      This. And it makes one wonder, me especially, what magic hold or spell she has cast on him for him to be so vile to his own son.

    • sevenblue says:

      There are a lot of men like Charles, who cares more about his second wife’s family than his own children. If he wasn’t a king, he would probably just abandon his first family and go to pretend that he is a good father/grandfather with his new family.

      • MaryContrary says:

        This was my FIL. He couldn’t be bothered with his own kids or grandchildren. He was all about his second wife’s kids and their families. It was nauseating. But I used to remind myself, his loss. More time for my kids with my MIL who was lovely, and my own wonderful parents.

    • AnneL says:

      Reacting to what sevenblue said above, I know a guy just like that. He was married to one of my closest friends and they have four sons together. He was also part of our extended social groups, went on a few vacations with us, etc.

      She finally divorced him due to his general narcissism, overly critical treatment of their kids, and failure to be supportive when she was diagnosed with chronic illness (which she treats with a strict diet). He was pretty bitter. He soon re-married and has since focused more on his current wife and her two kids from a previous marriage than on his own boys. Now in their 20s, they see him a couple of times a year but are pretty much estranged from him. Meanwhile, they call and visit their mother all the time.

      It’s really sad and frankly shocking. We knew he wasn’t perfect but he seemed like an involved father, and he did work hard to provide for them. But as soon as she wanted out of the marriage, he pretty much turned his back on them.

      It’s not the exact same as Charles, Di and Camilla but there are parallels. I just can’t fathom how a man with four children could not want to keep them in his life as much as possible. It’s so twisted.

      • Eurydice says:

        I’ve seen cases like this, too. These guys face failure by trying to erase it. Then it’s, “Oh well, that happened, let’s move on and focus on the future.”

      • Cecile730 says:

        Yes there is men like that but also Camilla isn’t there with Charles 100% of the time soooo I still think she knows a lot of damaging infos and probably own more than a few proofs.

  9. Eurydice says:

    Yikes, it’s like “A Merry Christmas Murder Mystery” – Charles, the oblivious patriarch, Scheming Camilla and her extended pack, Slimy Andrew and his grasping ex, Furious William and Twitchy Kate. Fa,la,la…

    • Betsy says:

      I know you were just riffing, but could you imagine if a murder occurred there at Christmas? The gossip world would never recover.

    • Harper says:

      Knives Out Sandringham edition. I love, love, love it. William not only has to spend his Xmas with Kate, but with Tom and Laura, who have lots of buddies in the press that they leak all the tea to. Burger King can’t escape by hanging with the bankrupt Middletons and keep his aristo cred, so now his only choice is making nice with the future Duke and Duchess of Ray Mill. Pretty sure Tom Parker-Bowles will be messaging Giles Coren all day with lots of crazy face emojis .

      • Jais says:

        Omg, you’re right. Camilla via Tom via Giles Coren was responsible for the rose leak and now William has to eat Christmas dinner with them. His incandescence will light all the trees 🎄🎄🎄
        They’re gonna need peasants to test all their food before they eat.

    • GoldenMom says:

      THIS is a genius idea….a murder at Sandringham!! Can we take a DM poll to decide who gets it?

    • Calii says:

      Well Camilla looks like a super villainess in the photo where she’s in all green. And her son looks like her bumbling and unattractive criminal assistant.

    • Blithe says:

      Commercial interruption:
      I’m reading the first of three — Soon to be four — mysteries by S.J. Bennett. The third one does involve a murder at Sandringham.

  10. Lady Digby says:

    Neither W nor K will be okay with this. It does underline Cam’s ascendancy having her family front and centre and Charles’s isolation from his son, DIL and 2 adorable grandchildren. She has gotten everything cushy, just like she schemed for in contrast to KM who looks like both she and the Midds are on their way out.

  11. Kittenmom says:

    I wouldn’t mind if Andrew Parker Bowles showed up too 👀🍿

  12. Tessa says:

    I hope they also get to spend holidays with father and grandfather Andrew Parker Bowles. I think Charles will give Camilla children titles. I hope it really rankles with William and kate.

    • Chaine says:

      I think he will too…

      • VADER says:

        Yes, I agree. Unlike Chucky, Cowmilla looks after her own. She is going to ensure her spawn get everything possible under the sun…titles, land and money.

    • Nic919 says:

      William will be pissed if titles are given because he knows Carole will be pushing for it from him.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        In my head, I think – she wouldn’t have the audacity to ask him about that after her deeply humiliating set down.

        But I can also see it as –
        1- she’s a grifter. They have no shame.

        2- it’s easy to spin as – do you want the world to think that you made a mistake marrying Kate? Do you want them to think you are powerless because you didn’t give your relatives titles? Is Charles more powerful and a more effective leader? Because he just went ahead and did it. You are so much stronger and better than him William. Show the world that they aren’t your family – we are. Harry isn’t.

  13. EasternViolet says:

    The Sandringham Christmas sounds like the most boring and UNFUN affair anyway. Those who are not invited to attend are probably glad they will be able to actually have some fun somewhere else!

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      I completely agree @EasternViolet. Can you imagine having to change 5 times a day?! The mind boggles at the excess, the formality, the coldness of it all.

    • JanetDR says:

      I wonder if Camilla will Insist on changing things? I picture her announcing “No, we don’t have to do that anymore” and Chuckles pouting in the corner while William secretly agrees but has his fists and jaw clenched in rage at having the step- siblings there… Good times!
      Meanwhile, H and M celebrating with freedom and love wherever and however they choose! 💗💗💗💗💗

      • LRB says:

        I wonder just how much the family know about the state of the Wales’ marriage?

        What do people think? Is it an open secret, or is Will trying to hide it until he has his exit planned?

  14. Amy Bee says:

    “Anyway, that’s what all of the Sussex bullsh-t was about – a conveniently-timed distraction from Camilla’s machinations.”

    Exactly and the press was a willing participant.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      It’s a tell that Fergie is also invited — I’m sure she’s meant to be another distraction.

      But hey, if it angers Will, that’s a win in my book.

  15. Side Eye says:

    MAN-URE looking rough Camilla – Charles REIN is doing you no favors. The header pic it’s as if the camera captured her soul. This is what Charles gets for his unBRIDLEd passion: this MARE winning the RACE to the altar. That blue velvety SADDLE does her no favors. I’ll quit HORSING around now and get to my point if I can TRACK it:

    Harry and Meghan are better people than me. I’d send her a giant fancy basket of carrots, radish, and turnips soaked in gin for Christmas, a giant brush, some sage, and some Mane and Tail shampoo with a lovely note in Meghan’s caligaphy. I’d troll the hell out of her in my downtime and report to the media on the generosity of my TransAtlantic gift baskets. But they’re too busy living their best lives, raising their beautiful family, supporting veterans, making the world a better place, rescuing dogs and chickens, and going to hockey games.

    • AnneL says:

      LOL. Somehow reading this I thought about Jerry Seinfeld’s standup bit about horse racing. He said the commentators and betters like to thing the horses are motivated to run fast and win, but basically what they’re all thinking on their way back to the stables after the race is “Oat bag, I get my oat bag now, oat bag now for me!”

      With Camilla, she’s always just thinking about the oats….and by oats, I mean gin.

  16. Laura D says:

    William is a fool! If he hadn’t allowed his jealousy of his brother to take hold he could have stopped this. Diana’s boys together would have annihilated any chance of the House of Parker-Bowles taking over the House of Windsor. William should be on the phone BEGGING Harry to help him stop this travesty. He should swallow his pride apologise to his brother and his wife and show that woman what Diana’s boys are really made of.

  17. aquarius64 says:

    The Parker Bowles doing the Sandringham Stroll is Cam’s way to legitimize her kids and grandkids, make them look just as good or equal to the blood royals. Someone on the platform formerly known as Twitter tweeted it wouldn’t be a surprise if Cam doesn’t push Chuck to give them titles or put them in the line of succession. Bulliam can’t be happy with this turn of events. He’s now seen as cosigning on Camilla further and the Waleses can’t bail this year, especially with the Sussexes not around.

    • Nic919 says:

      I’m not sure this is much different than the Middletons showing up on the church walk as they have in years past.

      Now if they get titles then that’s different, but also on the list of what Carole wants for herself too.

  18. Mary Pester says:

    This is what the witch wanted from day one! Her children are now part of the Royal family and boy is she going to milk it for all it’s worth. Her children will end up with royal properties and TITLES just wait and see. The news said that they are setting up the dining table in the ballroom, the room is the only thing with balls, because Charlie’s were cut off on his wedding day to camzilla! William your not going to be happy (good) and Kate, ah Kate wonder how long before your not Charlie’s “, beloved daughter in law?)
    Harry is sat in the US watching all his predictions play out and thinking” thank goodness your not here for this nan “. I’m glad she’s taking her motley offspring for the walk of the Royals, because this more than almost anything they have done, signals the fall of the house of Windsor.

  19. Horsilla is running amok this Christmas isn’t she. She will bring her grandchildren to Christmas at Sandringham so they can be the stars of the show like she has always wanted. Chuckles will probably bestow upon them the titles she has always wanted them to have. Ding dong the real Queen has died and the horse has arrived to 💩 all over the place.

  20. Mel says:

    As much as I don’t care for Queen Jump-Off, it’s kind of dumb that she has to “sneak” her family into Christmas festivities with her husbands family.

    • Nic919 says:

      I agree with this. Yes she’s behind a lot of the attacks against H and M and should be criticized for fostering a situation that has them skip the event, but it was always weird that the family of the consort was mostly ignored at Sandringham. Maybe it didn’t look so bad because most of Philip’s family was dead early on, but Camilla is the Queen consort and she has family herself.

      And you know Carole likes this because she is planning her visits too.

    • Laura D says:

      @Mel – I agree that she shouldn’t have to hide or sneak in her family. Where I draw the line is that it’s at the exclusion of two innocents. She is supposed to be the nation’s grandmother and yet she has manipulated a situation whereby two royal grandchildren are unwelcome and unsafe in the country where they are in-line to the throne. SHE has never apologised for her part in that disgraceful news article where the mother of the two exiled grandchildren was insulted and threatened with violence. The woman loathed Diana and is doing everything she possibly can to airbrush her descendents out of history. If there was a way to rid the country of George, Charlotte and Louis believe you me that woman would have found it by now.

      • Mel says:

        I get it , but frankly their holiday traditions sound tedious, exhausting and mean spirited. The ridiculous gifts, forcing people to weigh themselves, I love dressing up but dressing up to eat meals with your family all day every day? Too much. The kids are excluded from much of this and exiled to another room. I don’t think Archie and Lili are missing much at all and probably shouldn’t be subjected to the pack of jackals that is Dad’s family in any case.

  21. Cessily says:

    The Parker Bowels taking over the BRF isn’t by mistake, this has been orchestrated for decades by the mistress turned wife and her Rags.

  22. Over it says:

    All I got is camila and her son must have hit every ugly branch when they fell out of that tree. Yikes .

  23. Lurker25 says:

    So it wasn’t The Crown that was a carefully researched and accurate depiction of the royal family, it was The Windsors.

  24. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I don’t understand why they have to set up a longer table this year, WandK usually decamp to Anmer for their Christmas lunch with the Middletons, Harry and Meghan won’t be there and the children aren’t allowed at the main table anyhow.

  25. Amy says:

    Don’t people always spend Christmas with their mother and or grandmother? I mean, do we infer she has spent no holidays with her kids since marrying Chuck? So. Weird.

    • Becks1 says:

      No, she has always spent holidays with her kids since marrying Charles. I think at christmas she goes to church and then goes right after to one of her kids’ houses, or they all meet at Ray Mill. She might stay for the big lunch, I’m not sure.

  26. MsIam says:

    William surrounded by the Parker Bowles is just what he deserves. Hang dog Kate on one side, Horseface and her pack on the other, Charles off in the corner talking to the Christmas tree. It sounds delightful for him. I hope his kids have a nice Christmas in the midst of all of these terrible adults. I know Harry and Meghan and their family will be off in California wishing they were there. Not!

  27. Sunny O says:

    Camilla and Mitch McConnell have the same smile.

  28. VADER says:

    I’m not surprised that Cowmilla is bringing her family but I thought Willy didn’t like his step siblings. I can’t recall if there was any gossip about Will not getting along with camillas kids. But camilla used Harry to deflect from her own son’s drug addiction. This alone would explain why Harry does not want to spend Christmas with chucky. I doubt Willy wants to go either.

    • MsIam says:

      I read that Willy and Horseface’s daughter Laura didn’t get along when they were young. Considering William didn’t bow to Camilla or acknowledge her during the coronation concert, I don’t see this “one big happy family” thing going well. It could be more b.s. from the tabloids to taunt Harry.

    • Laura D says:

      @VADER – Addiction is an illness which many would have sympathy with. It was that he was also a ‘dealer’ which she/they desperately needed covered up.

      There were also plenty of article where William reportedly ‘admired’ Parker-Bowles for supporting Camilla after the release of Spare.

      • VADER says:

        The parker-bowles must all be laughing at the Windsors for being such dolts especially when Willy is forced to play nice with them. Willy and chucky got played big time. They deserve the humiliation.

  29. Berkeleyfarm says:

    On the one hand, it doesn’t strike me as unusual that Camilla’s family is invited for Christmas.

    On the other hand Will is going to be spending the whole holiday with one of the principal moles and he’s not going to be happy.

    (Isn’t Sandringham small for that # of people? Didn’t Harry get stuck in a back corridor last time he showed up?)

    • May says:

      Yes, Sandringham is small for that number of people. Not sure where they put Harry and Meghan but in 2018 (I think it was that year) it was reported that family members had to stay in staff quarters – don’t know what they did with the staff! My guess is that they will both cut down the number of extended royal family members invited and possibly have Camilla’s family members stay elsewhere on the estate. I am wondering if Sophie’s father will still be invited. He has been attending Christmases there for nearly 20 years (is he still around?). I am also curious to see if Camilla’s family does the Christmas walk to church. I am thinking some people may have a problem with that because it would take attention away from William and the possible future Queen and her kids

  30. CM says:

    Where is William’s rage when he actually needs it??

  31. Murphy says:

    Camilla is the Queen and unlike Kate, her husband still loves her and wants her to have everything she wants, so she’s going to get everything she wants.

  32. Macky says:

    I feel terrible for William. I had to sit with my sworn enemy for years. As much as you try to mitigate it the people around you keep throwing yall together. Or the enemy keeps getting in your space. William loved his mother. Now he has to eat stuffing with Camilla. Woah.

    If William knew this was his future would he have looked after harry. I THINK SO. William is totally alone now. Lol. All because he couldn’t humble himself. He should’ve just told harry, “I’m taking this newspaper deal, here is 20 grand.” Even if harry still decided to sue they would have a relationship.

    If the REAL royaly reports knew this was the future would they have went easier on harry and made Camilla cool down. YES. I’m certain of it. The newspapers don’t want Camilla and family. Especially if they can’t slander them. This is a disaster for the newspapers. They won’t be able to write stories on anyone but KATE and FERGIE.

    • VADER says:

      I think chucky turned willy against his mother. Remember Willy called Diana paranoid and they managed to force BBC to remove Diana’s interview from public largely based on willys statements.

      Willy doesn’t think long term. If he had any brains he would have kept Harry and Meghan around, got them to do the work and then attach his name to their projects. He could continue being lazy while getting credit for “work”. Now he’s got to hang with the parker-bowles.

      • Macky says:

        A lot of people think that William calling his mother paranoid was part of his newspaper settlement. The timeline adds up. William just called her paranoid a few years ago. Before that he blamed everyone for her death.

        The question now becomes exactly who got Diane’s interview taken down. Was it chuck or the press or both.

  33. Michelle says:

    Kaiser, the photo of Camilla is everything. You have a gift…

    • DeeSea says:

      A gift is right! On every post, the accompanying photos are chef’s-kiss perfection. Every. Single. Time. We are hashtag-blessed. 🥰

  34. J.Ferber says:

    Vader, I agree with you. Like a lot of power-hungry people, Will is an opportunist with no moral gauge. Like Trump. Whose side is winning? That’s the side he’ll take. If Harry were the older brother, Will would be cozying up to him or, conversely, kill him, which is also a very old and opportunistic method of kings and queens.

  35. Looseal22 says:

    Has it been confirmed that the Wales family will also spend Christmas at Sandringham? I thought William promised Catherine that they would divide holidays with her family. Perhaps they are headed to Bucklebury.

    And if the King doesn’t want the Sussex family there, then the perfect way to ensure that is to invite them when the Parker-Bowles extended family are present. Would Harry just love spending time with that woman’s family.

  36. Advisor2U says:

    In over one years time the House of Parker Bowles is fully established.
    Camilla’s nephew – Tory Party fixer, son of her sisters – is recently been knighted and laughed in the House of Lords. So soon the titling and housing of her own son, daughter and grandkid will start. Weak Charles has been fully played, and I love that for his heir son Willy (and his wife), who’s relevancy to his fathers rein is now pushed aback for the foreseeable future.

  37. Carolind says:

    This is Camilla’s home too. It would be unnatural if her children and other family were not there. Sarah Ferguson has also apparently been invited for the lunch too. Princess Margaret’s children are also always there at Christmas. Best of luck to them all. For years we had Kate dominating things and putting her parents above everyone.

    • Tessa says:

      The queen dominated. Not Kate although keen wanted attention on herself and still does

    • Lily says:

      I agree with you Carol. This Christmas lunch is most likely what the extended family will attend. They will be gone as soon as Camilla and Charles are gone. Then, it will be the Middletons.

      • Unblinkered says:

        It will be a national outrage if the Middletons dare show their debtor faces this Christmas.
        They’ve behaved dishonourably in trading while insolvent and taking folks for £££ss on the back of their royal connections, and then subsequently very shabbily in not selling their mansion trading down to at least pay off their debts.
        They’re not fit to have any sort of public profile. Camilla’s family are by comparison a breath of fresh air.

  38. vs says:

    Everything about this woman is ugly…..

  39. Her again says:

    This should surprise no one…..

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