Anne Hathaway wore vintage Valentino to the British Fashion Awards: gorgeous?

Here are some photos from last night’s British Fashion Awards, an annual event celebrating fashion and British fashion in particular, although most attendees aren’t wearing British designers. Take Anne Hathaway, who turned up at the event in a vintage Valentino gown. This is literally from the Valentino archives, a museum piece which Anne was allowed to borrow. It’s very pretty, but if you got a chance to wear an archived Valentino, wouldn’t you go for one of the bigger, brighter looks?

Simone Ashley also wore Valentino, but not a vintage piece. This is… very short. I mean, she has legs for days, but lord, how did she sit down?

Rita Ora wore a specially made Primark dress with a chrome spike down the back. From the front, it looks like a basic black dress, but the party’s in the back. Do you think Taika Waititi is tired of this?

Kate Moss looked really good here – I like that she kept it simple.

Letitia Wright wore Prada – I’m so glad that “dress-over-pants” is coming back into style.

Ashley Park wore a big fish! LOL.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Pinkosaurus says:

    Hmmm, none of these are that interesting. Taika loves attention and I think that’s one of the things that make Taika and Rita work. I wonder if those spikes can be removed so she can sit back at some point in the evening without having to change?

  2. TrixC says:

    Anne’s dress is beautiful but I’m not sure the bustline is flattering on her.

    Lol at Taika in a winter coat while the women all freeze.

    • Jane says:

      The incredibly low neckline doesn’t sit well with the length of the sleeves. It looks off, at least to me. In fact, all the proportions seem off to me.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree, the neckline is a bit low.
      There’s something vaguely ancient Egyptian about it, I kind of like it.

    • Emme says:

      Do not like Anne’s dress. Makes her look totally flat-chested.

  3. Cherry says:

    Last time u saw Anne she looked painfully thin and sickly. She still is very, very thin (look at her chest!) but she looks much healthier here. I like the dress, it’s very pretty.

  4. StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

    Kate Moss cosplaying Kate Middleton in the devil version of the variety show outfit.

  5. Slush says:

    I wish Anne’s dress were another color, but to me she is always gorgeous.

    I actually really liked the spikes on Rita’s back. They were unexpected and fun!

  6. Caseymams says:

    Anne’s dress is beautiful 🤩

  7. Seraphina says:

    Letitia For the win!!! She looks very chic! Well done LOVE it. Ashley comes in second and Anne’s dress is nice but the color was not working. Maybe a more vibrant color or something to help the pattern stand out.

  8. ML says:

    I’d wear Kate Moss’s dress—it looks comfortable and witchy—, I love how Letitia looks, and I love the fish on Ashley Park’s dress, too. That fish is really well done!
    I not as into Anne’s or Simone’s dresses. I would have said that that was because they weren’t black like the rest, but whew, Rita Ora was included in this post… she seems to have a thing about creature cosplay dresses—remember the mermaid gills last year? This is an improvement over that look: (scroll down to see it)

  9. Nanea says:

    I would have liked Anne’s dress better in a jewel tone.

    I find the dinosaur spine effect funny, and I like Rita’s dress, even if it’s by ultrafast fashion brand Primark, infamous for creating unsustainable clothes from cheap materials.

    My favorite here is Leticia’s Prada dress-pants combo, clean lines and unfussy.

  10. Thelma says:

    I like Anne’s dress. And Both Rita and Letitia’s too. Hate Ashley’s whole look. Her stylist did this pretty lady wrong. And the shoes are all wrong…too clunky for the dress and make her feet look huge.

  11. Plums says:

    I think Anne should have worn her hair up with that look.

    Simone is gorgeous but nothing could save that dress from how ridiculous it looks.

  12. Twin Falls says:

    Is the spike part of the dress, though? It looks glued to her back.

    The fish is very pretty for a fish on a dress.

    I would wear witchy to everything so I approve of Kate Moss’s choice. Hair makeup and jewelry too.

  13. Chaine says:

    I kind of love the fish dress! So fun. And the dinosaur spikes too. I’m not sure why the post that Ann is too thin? She looks normal to me, she just has smaller natural boobs and she’s not got on a bra, that’s why her chest looks flat.

  14. Christina says:

    Those spikes look like special effects makeup. I don’t think that they slip off with the dress. I don’t see the sheer fabric it would be attached to, and the spikes curve with her spine as if they were glued on. And it makes sense for Rita to wear special effects makeup since it’s part of her schtick.

  15. Sunny O says:

    Kate Moss is perennially chic in my book.

  16. blue says:

    Anne looks better in colors & the sleeves are “off.” Either long sleeves or sleeveless would be better.
    Kate’s bracelets are the best thing in these pics.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Kate looks gorgeous and I think the jewelry really elevates the look. I don’t really like any of the other outfits–not even Anne’s. I feel like the design is over worked and the color is awful. The less said about Simone the better.

  18. lucy2 says:

    Letitia’s is my favorite, and I kind of like the fish?

  19. Ann says:

    I really like Anne’s dress just not the swirl in the middle. I like the front of Rita’s but not sure about the spikes. Leticia looks good.

    • sparrow says:

      I like it but not how low the neckline drops – it makes her look a bit drooped in the bust, esp with the down swirl design, which she isn’t.

  20. sparrow says:

    I feel a bit lonely with this, but I love Simone Ashley’s look.

  21. J.ferber says:

    I liked Simone Ashley’s outfit the best.

  22. Kirsten says:

    NO to dresses over pants. If you have a dress, you do not need the pants. Have pants? No need for a dress. No one thinks if you are wearing a dress you also need a skirt. Let’s not do this again.

  23. Natalia says:

    Yes, to dress over pants. One of my favorite styles that I look good in. Love Ashleys dress.