Andrew Shue & Marilee Fiebig were just friends before learning their spouses were cheating

Last week, the Universe gave us a fun little gossipy holiday gift. On the day that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ podcast debuted, there was a very conveniently timed little story in Page Six that their exes, Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig, have been dating for six months. The cherry on this delicious gossip sundae was a quote about how they boned (bonded, but typo and it stays) over being cheated on. This directly contradicted Amy and T.J.’s declaration that they weren’t cheaters, but rather two mere mortals who were punished for being in love. The starcrossed duo were reportedly “livid” that their thunder was stolen. Some poor assistant probably had to provide double the vodka, edibles, and (presumably) electrolytes and Advil for T.J. that night!

As for Andrew and Marilee, pictures of the two together quickly went gossip-viral. There was a selfie from 2016 and a selfie with Michael Strahan from 2017. As people do, context was applied for the sake of filling in a narrative, and in my head, that narrative was that Andrew and Marilee were two close friends that re-enacted the scene from the first paintball episode of Community, where Britta and Jeff joke about how everyone thinks they have sexual tension and then end up doing it in the study room. However, Andrew and Marilee are setting the record straight by letting everyone know that sometimes, a selfie is just a selfie.

The two selfies, one from 2016 and one from 2017, both show Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebeg — Robach and Holmes exes, respectively — looking very pally, their faces pressed up against each other. The cozy snaps led many to believe Shue and Fiebeg have been tight for years.

But sources say they really didn’t know each other all that well until after their marriages fell apart around a year ago amid Robach and Holmes’ affair. We’re told “Melrose Place” star Shue and immigration lawyer Fiebeg had a “long-time [social] friendship” because Robach and Holmes were work friends. (Holmes joined ABC in 2014 and Robach has been there since 2012. They began co-hosting “GMA3” in 2020).

“T.J. and Amy were [initially] work friends, so they’d all hang out here and there, but [Fiebeg and Shue] weren’t that close,” a source told Page Six.

But we’re told Fiebeg and Shue developed a stronger friendship in the aftermath of their divorces and eventually started dating about six months ago. Sources say Holmes and Robach, whose affair came to light after they were snapped on an intimate getaway in December 2022, “have known about their romance for months” but that Fiebig and Shue have “kept it within a close inner circle.”

“It’s not something they want to publicize. They care deeply about each other, but [the relationship is] still developing,” the source said.

Sources told us Shue and Fiebeg grew suspicious of their exes’ cozy work relationship and “naturally developed a bond” once they figured out their exes were stepping out on them with each other. (Holmes and Robach have denied cheating on them).

But the news couple’s adultery isn’t the only thing that brought them closer. They also “both have very strong family values and philanthropic endeavors,” the source said. Fiebig works as the chief diversity officer of Save the Children, and Shue, an actor turned entrepreneur, founded And unlike Robach and Holmes, we don’t expect to see them smooching on red carpets anytime soon — or perhaps ever.

“They’re very private. It’s awful they have to rehash all of this. It feels unfortunate they have to live [Amy and T.J.’s] public show,” the source concluded. Shue and Fiebig did not comment.

[From Page Six]

It was only two pictures, so I do buy that they were just work-spouse friends before everything went down. Again, good for Andrew and Marilee for finding love in a hopeless place (I literally cannot get that song out of my mind right now). Whether it’s together or separately, I hope they both find the happiness they deserve. And, as it just so happens, they were papped together earlier this weekend. So, now at least outlets won’t have to use those older selfies of the two of them anymore. They are playing the PR game so darn well right now. I love it.

Meanwhile, Amy and T.J. are really werkin’ it to show that life is good for them too! They brought his daughter to NYC radio station Z100’s Jingle Ball because – get it – he has custody this weekend since her mom went off with her new boyfriend. He has to ‘girl dad’ it up! My goodness, they are serving. I wonder what episode two of “Amy & T.J.” has in store for us…and you know what? This is a statement I did not have on my December 2023 bingo card. Bring it on, Santa Gossip Christmas.

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  1. TIFFANY says:

    I cannot believe it’s been a year since those 2 got told to stay home. It feels like it was 10 years ago.

    And good on Andrew Marilee. At least they waited until they were no longer married. 😃

  2. Southern Fried says:

    It’s just weird. Are they both late stage cling-ons? It’s weird and kinda of creepy.

    • Bros says:

      These 4 were probably swinging/couple swapping and the two developed feelings for one another. I don’t know why we still cant talk about or take seriously unconventional relationship/sexual practices and have to come up with really traditional back stories to explain all this

    • girl_ninja says:

      It’s weird that two people were able to find comfort in each other after terrible and embarrassing shit happened to them? Okay…

      • Ameerah M says:


      • ML says:

        Being cheated on really sucks and it does a number on your self esteem, ability to trust, and it’s heartbreaking. I can totally see that two people who were friendly acquaintances get together and try to piece together what was really going on while their spouses were cheating. Snd then finding out that they were romantically compatible.

    • Shai says:

      It’s weird they both bonded over their spouses publicly embarrassing them? Look up Shania Twain, this is the same scenario & exactly how she met her current husband.

  3. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    Yeah, I don’t see Amy and T.J. going the distance, I don’t see him remaining “faithful” and the talk about vodka and edibles isn’t sounding good.

  4. girl_ninja says:

    You guys! This is what I was hoping and wishing for! Seeing them smiling and looking so happy, it really put a smile on my ole gossip heart. Amy and T.J. not owning up to their affair and lying about what went down has me rooting for Marilee and Andrew.

  5. Bettyrose says:

    I haven’t followed Andrew Shue since the 90s. He’s still quite the cutie, isn’t he?

  6. Emily says:

    I’m watching Melrose Place for the first time, and Andrew Shue was hot then and hot now.

  7. Jackiejacks says:

    I am to the point now with celebrities where I don’t think anything is innocent or a coincidence anymore. My hot take on this is maybe pre-divorce they did a couples swap and Robach and Holmes caught feelings and then went on to act on it. Maybe Shue and Fiebig were into it with each other but once the swap was over they had enough self control to not do anything else.

  8. Lurker25 says:

    Andrew Shue is the brother of Elizabeth Shue. I’m just surprised that Amy would ever ever even consider pissing of Elizabeth shue 😆

  9. Lila says:

    I’m happy for them. They both seem like they’re trying to do good things in the world, and I can’t blame them for bonding over what is a really insane and unique situation. It must burn the cheaters up that their exes have found happiness and truth with each other.

    Reminds me of the Shania Twain situation all over again!

  10. Giddy says:

    Amy and T.J. are really working in those pictures to convince the world that they are soooo happy and life is fun, fun, big fun. I imagine they thought that their cheated-on spouses would just stay home and lick their wounds. But the exes bonded and a deeper, happy relationship evolved, and stole all the press! Oops!

    • FYI says:

      Yes! The photos of TJ and Amy are absolute ::cringe::.
      Him in a leather jacket and her in a crop top? They look really try-hard … and not convincing.

  11. JaneS says:

    No to all of this. How weird is this for the kids?
    I’d rather be alone.

    • Lau says:

      There’s only Marilee and TJ’s daughter right ? Poor girl that situation must not be easy and she’s being used as a prop by her own father.

      • VilleRose says:

        Amy has two daughters from her first marriage but no kids with Andrew. Even if they didn’t have kids together, this is probably still hard for her daughters. They were very young when Andrew came into their lives per Wikipedia and so he helped raise them. I imagine it must be hard for them to lose their stepfather like this. If they had a good relationship with him, hopefully they can stay in touch.

      • Lau says:

        @VilleRose, I didn’t know, sorry. It might be even more difficult for them to maintain a relationship with their stepfather if he is not on good terms with their mother.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    I think this is cute. They look good together.

  13. DaveW says:

    I know someone who played soccer with Andrew Shue at Dartmouth and said he was/is just a great guy (and doubts he was involved in any swinging/marriage swapping, lol).

    The pics and stories of Amy and TJ at a network execs wedding this weekend were so OTT and cringey. And she looks way more into it than he does; he looks half checked out already.

  14. Kittenmom says:

    Andrew and Marilee are a very attractive couple. Good for them.

    TJ and Marilee’s daughter is a cute kid. I’m sure she is not thrilled with being splashed all over her dad’s social media.

  15. BQM says:

    Amy and TJ were just at a wedding reception (with various Today show people and, yuck, Matt Lauer) and were dirty dancing and drawing attention to themselves.

    • Beeks says:

      The last three people I’d want blessing my nuptials with their presence:

      1) Amy Robach’s smug, overclowning face
      2) T.J.‘s checked out, half-stoned Tiger Woods mugshot face
      3) Matt Lauer’s weasel “I was robbed of my career” face

  16. VilleRose says:

    Can Andrew and and Marilee do a one episode podcast in which they invite Shania Twain as a guest lol. But seriously, good for them! I hope they make it in the long run. I also love that news of their relationship overshadowed TJ and Amy’s podcast.

  17. Cait says:

    I feel bad they were both partnered with such attention seeking Narcissists for so long. I hope they get to the point where they truly understand how great it is to be untethered from such people.
    They still have to deal with them because of the children but they can detach from their idiotic theatrics.

  18. Turtledove says:

    I saw this happen with people I knew.(fake names used below)

    Sandy & Tommy were married. Joe and Anna were married.

    Sandy and Joe ended up working together. Then Sandy took up a hobby that Joe was really into. So the two couples ended up hanging out together many times doing the hobby.

    At some point, an affair started between Sandy & Joe and they would still do the hobby with their spouses because the spouses didn’t know there was an affair yet. Eventually the affair came to light, I do not remember how. Spouses were angry that they were cheated on, but doubly angry that they were so duped… being forced to hang out.

    At one point Tommy and Anna dated once they were separated from Sandy and Joe. It didn’t last long. I am sure they had plenty to bond them at first, just talking about their cheating spouses and probably comparing notes. I also wondered if it felt a little like revenge?

    Sandy and Joe ended up married. But that also didn’t last as Joe cheated on her too. Joe is now on wife #3. Tommy also is on wife #3. We were all pretty sure he had cheated on Sandy for years before she met Joe. Then Tommy also cheated on wife #2 with wife #3.

    • nisa says:

      My God that sounds exhausting! Seriously though, I wonder if this is more common than people realize because I know two couples who were in this situation. One where the (now ex) husband and wife were completely in the dark about their respective spouses’ affair, bonded over shared hurt and realized more was there; the other where two polyamorous married couples basically swapped partners. To my knowledge, none of the new couples are still together but I’m rooting for Andrew and Marilee – even if it’s just a fun FU to the exes.