Tom Holland on whether he’s broken up with Zendaya: absolutely not

Late last week, the Internet was in a minor panic that may or may not have been a threat to the time/space continuum when people noticed that Zendaya stopped following boyfriend Tom Holland on Instagram (although she also unfollowed everyone else). Rumors began flying that they had broken up. After all, couples unfollowing each other on social media have a decent track record of being the forebearer of bad news (See: Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson). Tom and Zendaya are such a delight and by all accounts, genuinely great people, so of course everyone – myself included – went into “If these two can’t make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us” mode. This led to TMZ, which never misses the opportunity to invade someone’s privacy, to catch up with Tom and ask him what the deal was.

On Friday, January 12, Spider-Man star Tom Holland clarified his relationship status with co-star Zendaya, telling reporters that they are “absolutely not” split up in a video shared by TMZ. Zendaya has unfollowed Holland on Instagram and a number of other people, but it apparently means nothing about her relationship. The actor was very clear about that as he walked to his car in Los Angeles, wearing a bright green hoodie and black baseball cap.

It’s unclear why Zendaya has unfollowed Holland, but it does not appear to be that personal—she is currently following zero people. She and Holland met on the set of the Spider-Man films, where they played love interests Peter Parker and MJ. Rumors of an off-screen relationship began following them in 2017, though it was not confirmed until 2021, when they were photographed sharing a kiss at a stop-light in Los Angeles.

[From Elle]

Yeah, Zendaya unfollowed everyone for some reason. It would be next level PR psy ops for her to unfollow everyone just to hide the fact that she only meant to unfollow Tom! They’ve always been pretty private about their relationship, but were last seen together on New Year’s Eve. They don’t generally walk the red carpet together if it’s not a project they’re both involved in. In fact, Tom attended this year’s Critics Choice Awards by himself. That’s pretty typical and if that works for them, then awesome. It’s the rest of us who are sad when we don’t see official pictures of them together, haha. So yes, everyone, don’t panic! We’re starting off 2024 with Selena/Taylor lip-reading drama and Ariana’s no Fs given attitude. There’s no need to bring Tom/Zendaya bad juju in here! We’re only two weeks in.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I always figured this was a “wipe the socials clean to start the promotion cycle for a new project” thing (which, BTW, why do celebs do that? It comes off as weird and stunt-y to me)

    • Ameerah M says:

      That’s what I assumed as well. Her film is starting promotion soon. She has posted about it on her IG stories.

  2. KASalvy says:

    There’s an option for celeb/status accounts to turn their following numbers to zero, basically blocking anyone from knowing who they’re following, and privately unfollowing accounts.

    Such a non story.

  3. Rainbow Kitty says:

    Agree with all of the above. Also, I think that when celeb couples aren’t publicly “love bombing” each other people assume they are done.

  4. pme says:

    Sad part is that if TMZ had done one minute of research they would have know that there have been lots of sightings of Tom and Zendaya since October. They have been to plays in London with picture evidence as well as a visit to cancer patients in a children’s hospital. Darnell is not Zendaya’s brother and Harry is Tom’s brother, not his pal. Lazy journalism all around and every other publication just copies and pastes what TMZ has written.

  5. Lady Gurnavere says:

    I want to say they’re fine, but I’m just not sure. My spidey senses (bad pun) are tingling. I also never felt this relationship would turn into love, marriage and kids, either.

  6. Xubeauty06 says:

    Zendaya probably married that man over the holidays and at home giggling about all the rumors. Now people on Twitter saying she’s pregnant since she hasn’t been seen for awhile and hasn’t come out during award season. We’ll know for sure if she starts photoshopping all her pics and walking the red carpet with a mou mou

  7. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who never believed in this relationship? I guess so.

    • lisa says:

      I never believed either. There are a lot of these types of business arrangements in hollywood – branding is everything.

      • annie says:

        I have no idea but I can’t spot a PR relationship. It just worked for them both. She after Elordi fiasco (?). Two powerhouses. She makes him short but cute and together they’re worth more.

    • Ameerah M says:

      People love to say stuff like this about couples they don’t/understand. Not everything is about PR folks.

  8. Lady Gurnavere says:

    I co-sign. I like both, but never believed in the relationship.

  9. phlyfiremama says:

    I mean, once she scrapped everybody it was a pretty obvious “not him” nothing burger. Not sure why so many people freaked out. 🤷

  10. BQM says:

    She likely did what Chris Evans did (only he took a months long break first ) and made his instagram more of a business one. He’s been upfront about comments on Instagram and Twitter negatively affecting his mental health. He only follows Jinx dog food (he’s an investor and also on their marketing team) and his political site A Starting Point. I doubt he comes back to twitter anytime soon.

    Tom has been upfront about social media and his mental health as well. Negative, nasty comments get to you after awhile. I think he’s likely like Chris and gets caught in doom scrolling. He took a social media break, not sure if he’s back. Z may have done this to avoid negative comments on her own page. I think we’ll see more of it because parasocial relationships are getting more out of control. There are some unhinged people out there.

    RDJ reconfigured his a couple years ago (the internet freaked out when he unfollowed his marvel costars) to a mostly business one. They’ll do BTS scenes pics to promote projects, highlight charity work and businesses they’re involved with, etc. But not so much the personal stuff. It just gets too intense on some celebs—Chris, Timothee chalamet, etc. You look at Twitter, instagram, Reddit and tumblr and it’s like 😱 😳 People like Jen garner and Reese Witherspoon don’t attract crazies.