Prince William personally requested that the Middletons get coronation invites

Last May, Carole and Michael Middleton turned up at King Charles’s coronation. Pippa and James Middleton were also there, but Pippa and James didn’t get to invite their spouses. I have no idea where they were seated, but it wasn’t close to the front of the church. Still, they posed for photos and Carole showed off her latest cosmetic work. We knew at the time that the Middletons’ business, Party Pieces, was having major financial issues, but everything fell apart just weeks after the coronation. Suddenly, Carole went to bankruptcy court, sold PP for low six figures and the buyer didn’t have to assume any of the Middletons’ debt. As it turned out, Carole had accumulated over £2.6 million in debt and a chunk of it was Carole screwing over small businesses, businesses from which she had personally requested credit. Anyway, we don’t need to relitigate all of that now, especially since the coronation was probably the last time we will see the Middletons at an official royal event (Kate’s Christmas carol thing doesn’t count). So how did the Middletons get coronation invites anyway? William personally requested them.

There was one thing that Prince William was totally “insistent” on when it came to King Charles’ Coronation, and it involved his mother-in-law Carole Middleton, a new royal book has claimed. The book, Charles III: The Inside Story by Robert Hardman, states that William wouldn’t budge on his demand over the attendance of Kate’s family and how they would be included on the big day. The Prince of Wales was reportedly so adamant that there was no choice but to grant his request And in Hardman’s view, this decision shows just how much things have really changed within the Royal Family since the start of the late Queen Elizabeth’s reign, which lasted 70 years.

The author wrote that Prince William made a “direct request” that the Middleton family be in attendance and seated in a pretty high-profile position. Hardman noted that this was in direct contrast to some of the old guard of the extended Royal Family, with the Queen Mother’s family – the Bowes Lyons – having only two members there to represent them.

The journalist also pointed out in the book that the Mountbattens – Prince Philip’s family – were only represented by Countess Mountbatten, with other relatives left off the guest list entirely. Even Lady Pamela Hicks, one of the former members of the Royal Household under the late Queen, got snubbed.

However, Michael and Carole Middleton, as well as Kate’s two siblings – James and Pippa – were invited to the big day that officially marked the start of the new reign.

This was a “direct request from the Prince of Wales himself,” Hardman wrote, quoting an anonymous source saying: “‘Having all of them there was very important to him… he was absolutely insistent that his wife’s family be properly included.'”

Hardman says that this encapsulated just how much the Royal Family had changed since Queen Elizabeth’s own Coronation in 1953 when it had been controversial that the Mountbattens played an influential role in the monarchy. “Such are the shifting sands,” the book reads, “that, seventy years on, the Middletons outnumber the Mountbattens four to one.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

Yeah, I wonder? I sort of believe that William personally requested the Middletons receive invitations – because Kate doesn’t have the power to request sh-t – but why did he do it? Probably to get under Charles’s skin. Charles loathes the Middletons, and I doubt Charles would have invited them if left to his own devices. That being said, it’s weird to blame the Middletons on the lack of invitations to the wider family – India Hicks was actually quite upset that she and her mother Pamela Hicks were not invited, and there were SO many aristocrats screaming and crying about how they belonged at the Chubbly too, to no avail. At the end of the day, including the grifter Middletons set a particular kind of tacky tone. Of course, seeing Camilla smirk in her consort crown also set a tacky tone. (Don’t forget, the Cholmondeleys were also invited.)

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  1. Krista says:

    This is all such pettiness – wtf cares wtf attended the waste of money coronation.
    What relevancy does this family have in the world other than to provide a soap opera storyline?
    Brexit only further sealed their fate.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I was super tired when I read this and thought it said William personally requested that they get corona virus and I was like – DAMN DONT SAY THAT IN PUBLIC WTF.

      Also taking cues from Charles since that’s how he finally got rid of mummy. One long decline after her illness that Charles gave her.

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      Toff-on-toff social crimes are my favorite petty gossip. Lord Featherbootoms is still so angry he couldn’t dust off his ancestral carriage because he didn’t get an invite, only to have to watch FOUR MIDDLETONS get pride of place in the good seats! 😩

      • BeanieBean says:

        I kinda love that for the Featherbootoms. I truly see nothing wrong with William inviting his in-laws, although I think Pippa & James’ respective spouses should’ve gotten invites, as well.

  2. Those Middletons know a thing or two about there dear son-in-law and he knows it so he probably had to begrudgingly invite them. The aristocracy won’t forget this.

    • Proud Mary says:

      William would have looked really awful if his in laws were not there. Whatever they’ve done, they are still the grandparents to the future future. That their appearance at the event was not automatic, speaks volumes. I think that after spending a whole lot of time lording it over Harry that he, William, exercised better judgement in selecting the proper in laws, the Middleton Party Pieces scandal hurt William. I don’t think that his paving the way for the Middleton to attend the event says anything at all about his feelings towards them. The fact that he didn’t pay their debts probably says more.

      • SarahCS says:

        That’s what I was going to say, their daughter will be queen (assuming they stay married) and their grandson will be king (assuming there’s still a monarchy by then). It makes complete sense that they had a decent presence even if they haven’t been involved with the monarchy for generations.

      • Becks1 says:

        It does make total sense that they were there (Pippa and James maybe less so), but then it raises the question – why did William have to fight for it? Why were they not just automatically on the invite list? Or maybe they were and William just wants it out there that they weren’t (to make them feel “less than” and that he fought for them like a good son in law?)

        And honestly they should have been invited – until a separation is announced (if one ever is), they are in-laws of the future king and their daughter will be queen, so they are going to show up at these kinds of huge royal events.

      • Carisel says:

        While I normally like to dump on the scheming Middletons, I also agree they should have been there. Let’s not forget they are the parents of the future Queen, in addition to George’s grandparents. It would have been weird had they not.

        If the cow can have Parker-Bowles’ all over the place, then the Middletons have the same right.

        Btw… the Parker-Bowles are not the best looking bunch. This is a wild suggestion but could it have been possible the queen and Philip wanted better genes? I know that Diana’s long line of blue blood was a big plus. Her family line goes much further back than that of the Windsor-Mountbatten clan in England, thereby giving William and Harry more pure British blood than the queen or Charles.
        Plus, Diana was much more beautiful than the other one. Better chance to have good looking kids.

        I know it sounds nuts, but they were also obsessed with Diana’s virginity. Why wouldn’t they be obsessed with the future king’s blood?

  3. Jensa says:

    “The Prince of Wales was reportedly so adamant that there was no choice but to grant his request “.
    This is interesting wording. Sounds like he threw an absolute tantrum.
    I expect he did it to keep Carole sweet. Lord knows what secrets he shared while he had his head in her lap.

    • Laura D says:

      @Jensa – that’s the part where I also raised my eyebrows. Although I thought the conanation was an awful waste of taxpayers money, it was KCIII’s big day and that’s the case in point. KCIII should have told William it wasn’t his conanation and that he didn’t want them there. Especially as William would have every opportunity to invite them to his own conanation.

      • Sunday says:

        That’s exactly why I think he did it – if Will wanted a divorce and the firm won’t let him because of optics, then I can see him saying ok well you won’t let me get the Middletons out of my life so why should you be free of them too?

      • Chloe says:

        Laura D: as we all know by now Charles is absolutely spineless and i think he’s scared of a face to face confrontation with his son. I mean he flees the country every time harry comes and he’s the gentler one of the 2 brothers. So i am not surprised that if willy threw a tantrum, charles relented. Seems like he never told his first born no.

      • Minority Report says:

        Re: the Middletons at William’s coronation, he was probably swayed by the fact that this is potentially once in a lifetime for Carole and Mike. It’s entirely possible they’ll be dead before William and Kate (if she’s still married to him) are crowned.

    • Delphine says:

      Maybe he threatened to not attend unless they were invited. What else did he have to bargain with?

    • Vik says:

      If Will has any sense for PR (or is for once managing to listen to someone who does), then this is purely for optics. Many complaints have been made over the years that once you marry into the Windsors, your birth family kinda doesn’t exist anymore. Xmas is spent with the Windsors only. Liz changed after a long time, so that in-laws “could” leave on the 26th.
      Even Diana complained about this. It was always a “suspicion” that the Midds were invited to all the jubilees and other things, because the Windsors didn’t want to seem “exclusive” like with Diana. And exactly this is being pointed out in the book, I mean Liz q mum only had two family members at her own coronation!

      Frankly, it would have been terrible optics if the princess of Wales’s parents hadn’t been at the coronation, regardless of their being complete crooks. This isn’t about Kate and it isn’t about the Middletons, it is about a married-in person, the in-laws and the good image the Windsors try to project (bonus if the in-laws are “English rose” types….). The bare-minimum of invites was given to the Midds, as Matthews and Alizee didn’t get an invitation, which is hint enough that this was for optics.

  4. equality says:

    Is it because PW is so fond of the Middletons or he knows that KC isn’t? Revenge for having to kneel down and pledge loyalty. Since Kate and Charles are reportedly so close, why wouldn’t his beloved dil ask? And now KC’s revenge is to let it be known it was all PW’s fault so the aristos who didn’t get invited should be mad at him?

    • Jais says:

      Good point. So much has been made lately about Charles and Kate’s supposed closeness, why wouldn’t he invite her family, as a favor to his beloved DIL? Unless it’s lies and they’re not really close.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Equality, you make a really good point about the recent claim that Kate is closer to Charles than William. Funny how they can’t even remember which lies they tell. As saying goes, if you tell the truth you don’t have to remember.

  5. JaneS says:

    Ugh. Who cares?
    I think people are giving too much credit for brains to the entire bunch of Tools in the BRF.
    William likely just wanted his own way. To get under Charles skin.

    How about we get some new folks in items?
    Or old Hollywood gossip or photos?
    Or celebs dog photos? Dogs!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I figured it was William’s doing. He loves to throw them in the royals’ faces and the Midds are happy to oblige.

  7. Harper says:

    I think Kate throws a tantrum if her family isn’t there as she will have no one else to talk to afterward. We’ve all seen William ghost her when out in public. But if the Middletons are there, Kate is off his back.

  8. MaryContrary says:

    Carole is a tacky grifter but she is the grandmother of the future King-she should have been at the Coronation. It’s weird that she wouldn’t have scored an invite without William intervening. I did think it was actually kind of awful that Lady Pamela Hicks wasn’t included.

  9. Digital Unicorn says:

    Hmm, interesting as I recall that at the time it was Mumbles who asked for extra tickets for her staff and family. I can see her parents being there (as the grandparents of the future King) but there was no need for her siblings to attend.

    To me this isn’t as much about shoving them in Chucks face but more of a power move at Harry – who was there on his own. I can absolutely see Mumbles chucking a tantrum over her family not being there but given the power move she made on the day by making the Wails late (nothing will convince me it wasn’t her – she does it ALL. THE. TIME).

    It was about the Wails intimidating Harry, nothing more. William still didn’t bail them out financially and you can get your last penny Carole would have demanded he did if she had any influence over him. Remember, he reportedly bought Middleton Manor for them.

  10. Shawna says:

    Why shouldn’t they have been there? The grandparents of the heir’s heir seem a natural fit. Would have been weird if they hadn’t been.

  11. February pisces says:

    So Charles own family on his fathers side got disinvited, but Kate’s whole family got to go?

    Charles not inviting any Mountbattens to his own coronation would be like George not inviting the middletons to his, or willie not inviting any Spencer’s. Charles is a Mountbatten also. Lord Mountbatten schemed to get Phillip to marry Liz so a Mountbatten could take to the throne, yet non even get invited to the coronation? There really are no perks to marrying into this family.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      February pisces, I agree that this was really odd. I can see KHate insisting on this, but I have a hard time seeing Wont going all out for this. Would he care who was there–I always get the impression that for most royal stuff he shows up and then he’s off to whatever or wherever.