PR expert: The Sussexes desperately need to network at this year’s Oscars!

The 2020 Oscars were held on February 9th, remember how crazy-early they were that year? The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, fresh from their big Sussexit, were still renting a home in Canada and they were not in LA at the time of the 2020 Oscars telecast. Since then, they’ve been in California for three consecutive awards seasons, and this year will be the fourth. They have never attended anything during the awards season – no Golden Globes, no SAG Awards, no Oscars, no Grammys, not even the Vanity Fair Oscar party. My guess is that IF they ever do go to anything around the Oscars, it would be one of the WME events, since Meghan is now represented by WME. Still, we’ve gone through this for the past three years – the British media eagerly suggesting that Meghan and Harry will turn up at the Oscars, oh no wait, the Oscar snubbed them, no wait, they’re D-listers in desperate need of Hollywood connections. Here’s this year’s version:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should take a big gamble for the 2024 Oscars, it has been claimed, with it also said that an appearance at the event would be “make-or-break” amid a warning. The nominations for the 96th Academy Award nominations were announced last week, with the ceremony set to take place on March 10 in Hollywood. And according to an expert, the glitzy event could be the perfect opportunity for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

A PR expert has now claimed that the Sussexes’ Hollywood ambitions are “clear”, although noted that the couple integrating into A-List circles “has been slower than anticipated.” Speaking to Newsweek, entertainment expert Mark Boardman from MarkMeets revealed that he believes the couple attending the Oscars could be a “make-or-break” situation for the duo. He said that the ceremony is “a cultural touchstone, sparking conversations, influencing trends, and showcasing the incredible talent and creativity that cinema offers, and everyone who’s anyone will be there”.

He then said: “The Oscars aren’t just about statuettes; they’re a star-studded networking magnet.” Noting how the Sussexes “rubbing shoulders” with Hollywood power players “could open doors for future projects, production deals, and even lucrative endorsements”.

Mark went on to say how if Harry and Meghan attend and get to mingle with industry elites, it “could open doors to lucrative projects and production deals as everyone will be chatting before, during and after the event including at the many after parties”.

He added that Meghan could end up landing a blockbuster role if she attends and “makes the right connections”, with a “well-received appearance” promising to “reposition the Sussexes as cultural influencers”, especially if they presented an award or championed important causes on-stage. And although if the Sussexes do decide to attend, Mark issued the couple a warning when he noted how “one awkward encounter” could risk “derailing their carefully crafted image.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

The biggest “tell” that the Sussexes roll deep with powerful people is that we rarely hear about it, and then suddenly Meghan will pop up in photos taken by Beyonce’s personal photographer, or the Sussexes will be seen with Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez, Ted Sarandos, or, you know, NATO Joint Force Commander General Guglielmo Miglietta. The other biggest tell that the Sussexes already have plenty of connections and powerful friends is that they don’t feel the need to network and pitch at every fakakta Oscar party every year. I mean, Meghan’s good friend Serena Williams had a whole-ass film nominated for Best Picture and Meghan still didn’t leave her house on Oscar night! You know why? Because the Sussexes have cultivated an air of exclusivity.


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  1. Maxine Branch says:

    I can only imagine the number of invitations the Sussexes decline. Love how they navigate the celebrity space. They pick and choose what is important to them which shatters the gutter press narrative of desperation to be seen. They have no need to, the folks that matter to them are probably entertained by them in their home setting. And this is how you maximize access.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Don’t you love it when people like Mark who is on the outside looking in gives advice beyond his pay grade? He can only dream of a Z list Big Brother contestant as a client talk less of Oscar nominated A listers. The Sussexes network with power brokers, star makers and CEOs. Something salty island know nothing about since many of their stars escape to the US where they know the money resides.

  2. Jais says:

    How many “make-or-break situations will there be? Feels like there is a new one every month.

    • KFG says:

      This bs tells me the BRF are the ones in trouble and H&M are refusing to provide cover to them. Lolol if it was make or break, then M&H would be everywhere trying to be seen. They aren’t. They have the cash and clout to be selective and choosy.

    • OriginalMich says:

      It is particularly silly because they have already “made” it. They are arguably the most famous couple in the world. They have best-selling books and podcasts, a top-rated documentary, the most streamed series on Netflix (Meghan with ‘Suits’), a senior executive position at a company with a multi-billion-dollar market cap, a production company, venture capital investments, a number of NGO initiatives, and the most powerful people in the world answer their calls. The list goes on, but typing even that leaves me exhausted.

      • SarahCS says:

        We were watching Drive to Survive last night and one of the team principles released his memoir. In a cab on the way to a book signing in London the guy he was with said that he needed to sell 50,000 copies to make a best seller list then added that Prince Harry sold 400,000 copies in whatever the timeframe was. They are firmly out there in the public consciousness.

      • bisynaptic says:

        This guy is chasing their clout, so cringeworthy.

  3. Dee(2) says:

    I see it’s time for the monthly / quarterly this is the last chance for the Sussexes article. Weren’t they literally just saying this about them going to Christmas at Sandringham and how it was their last chance, make it or break it moment, for ” relevancy”? And then they wrote tons and tons and articles after they didn’t show up about how they were finished, just to gnash their teeth and rend their hair about them showing up in Jamaica a few weeks later? And how that was totally wrong too?

    • PC says:

      If, and that’s a big if, Meghan decides to attend the Oscar’s this year it will be to support Misian Harriman. He is a good friend and she conducted that interview for his film. I would be happy to see her there supporting him along with Harriman’s wife. But I’m not holding my breath.

  4. My god with this nonsense. They already rub shoulders with Hollywood power players. We have seen the with them in Jamaica and at the Beyonce concert rubbing shoulders with those power players. It’s Peg who wants to rub shoulders with those power players so he can one up them in his one sided competition.

  5. Christine says:

    This is so tired and boring. Stop trying to convince us Harry and Meghan are d-listers. We have eyeballs and ears.

  6. truthSF says:

    The British tabloid media are sooooo desperate for the Sussexes to do an appearance to offset not having anything or anyone else to talk about. No access to the sussexes + no one interested left on the island to write about, or can’t per an agreement with the RF. Oh, they got it bad. They’ve painted themselves in a corner by:

    1. Helping the RF to push the Sussex out of the U.K., thus losing all access to them.

    2. Having all the knowledge on what’s going on with the Wales, but not being able to reveal per their contract with the Royals.

    Too bad, so sad!!!😈😂😂🤣

  7. equality says:

    Meghan likely didn’t attend when Serena went because she wanted to let it be about Serena and not her attendance. I guess, Tyler and Oprah will be disappointed to learn that they aren’t A-listers. Getting tired of this arbitrary classifying of other humans based on solely Hollywood work anyway. Whatever designation in relation to films people give there are Hollywood “A listers” who aren’t worth the time (consider Brad Pitt) and there are not “A listers” who do valuable humanitarian and environmental work (consider Ed Begley Jr). The BM can miss me with this garbage.

    • Deering24 says:

      Besides, security issues also probably figure into H&M passing on this. And folks at home always have more fun than the Oscar attendees, who often look like they’d rather be elsewhere around the second hour and a half or so…😉

      • Elle says:

        I came to say the exact same thing. Security issues, they’d rather be at home with their family, they may be not at the Oscars themselves but meeting with people in town for the Oscars to discuss investments or ideas for their non profits, etc.

        While obviously Meghan is an actress, she has thrown herself into other work. Prince Harry is a political figure (I am sure that isn’t the best term so I apologize for that) who is so decorated to his non profit work and this doesn’t seem like his ideal type of setting.

        Quite frankly, while I like looking at the fashion, I personally think the Oscars look boring, long, and stuffy. Even if I lived in California and was important (I don’t and I’m not), I’d still rather be anywhere but there.

    • MelodyM says:

      Somehow, I don’t think Oprah and Tyler are worried about about what the BM think..those salty clowns are so far down on the list that they’ve fallen off completely and are lying crumpled in some dark, dusty corner, lol

  8. Eurydice says:

    Networking at the Oscars is for wannabes and hangers on, not for those who have already arrived.

    • Dilettante says:


    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Like everyone in the UK press. :snerk:

    • Gennessee says:

      We’re going to have to agree to disagree here. The Oscars and Awards season are prime networking time for A-listers as well. There’s no need to attend super public parties or red carpets like Vanity Fair or the Governer’s Ball, but there are smaller soirees and parties that need to be attended to maintain A-list status. In Hollywood, it’s who you know, and status, like Q scores, is never permanent.

  9. Becks1 says:

    doesn’t Elton John always host an Oscar party? are we to think he’s never invited them? Or that Vanity Fair wouldn’t love to have the sussexes attend its party?

    The Sussexes are A-listers, despite what the british media desperately wants people to believe.

  10. ML says:

    What a yearly tradition to have! Now the other (negative) article today in which, “According to Puck’s Lauren Sherman, the Duchess of Sussex hired a new Montecito-based stylist named Jamie Mizrahi,” makes sense. Time for the horrible Sarah Vine to quote her friend from Montecito on this as well. 😛

  11. Isabella says:

    Going when Serena was nominated would’ve pulled the focus from Serena. Better to celebrate your friend’s achievement at home with your kids around the TV.

  12. WiththeAmerican says:

    MarkMeets? Um, ok. He was a freelancer who runs a PR type company now.

    I know for a fact the Sussexes have been invited to a-list post-Oscar parties every year.

  13. Nanea says:

    Does everyone in the UK who does some freelancing for The Fail get to call themselves an expert now?

    Especially when writing about entertainment-related issues and the biggest film awards show in the *US*?

    I don’t think that guy knows more about the Oscars than the general public does, and he’s just proven he knows *nothing* about the way H&M operate, aided behind the scenes by WME and the tons of influential people H&M have met over the years and probably have on speed dial.

    And we know H&M wouldn’t attend anything if they’re not in some way involved, as they know all the attention of the press would be on them, even among Hollywood A-listers.

    • kirk says:

      Is there still an audience for this swill in UK? If so, hard to believe ppl are willing to suspend their own judgement to hear what a self proclaimed exspurt has to say about people who were supposedly “exiled” by BRFCo. Meanwhile Variety reports that Meghan will be a keynote speaker at SXSW.

      • kirk says:

        Actually I’m looking forward to Katie Couric pretending to love Meghan at SXSW after writing in her book about how much Prince Harry stank when she met him in 2012. Too bad Kitty Couric couldn’t have updated her memoir to include what it was like to interact with Harry on Aspen Commission. Naw. Little Miss Kitty had to trash everybody in her book. Well, everybody except Matt Lauer 🙄

  14. Kt says:

    It’s such a dumb take.

    No-one does new business at the Oscars.
    It’s the end of a gruelling months-long ordeal on the awards circuit that legit drives everyone involved with it crazy. Half the attendees haven’t eaten all day.
    And they all have to pose for endless photos, have perfect hair and make-up, and give inane sound bites to entertainment reporters.

    • Mairzy Doats says:

      It’s all about maintaining and elevating one’s status on the class ladder. For the class system to work one needs to have the approval of those on the rungs above you, ie groveling for approval from Hollywood! Your own family members! The BM! It doesn’t work that H and M don’t feel they need to grovel for approval.

  15. Kate says:

    There is a WME pre-Oscar party this Friday night for clients only, maybe they will turn up at that. Usually its at Ari or Patrick Whitesell’s house. I almost think they would be more likely to show at this than the Oscar party night on Sunday,

  16. paintybox says:

    Yeah! With her SAG card maybe Meghan could get a little speaking role and Harry could be an extra! They must be desperate for money at this point! And attention! *🙄* Do they really pay people for that garbage content?

    • BeanieBean says:

      I haven’t read all the comments yet, but yours opened up the floodgates for me. The writing in that article is execrable!!! Examples: ‘nominations’ used twice in one sentence, first paragraph; ‘make or break’ used in the first paragraph & second paragraph; ‘future projects & production deals’ used in the third & fourth paragraphs; and finally, does this so-called expert actually think H&M just invite themselves & offer up their services to present an award? Has he ever even watched an Oscars show before? Does he seriously think you can just show & get in?

  17. MsIam says:

    More fan fiction from the Mirror again. The Sussexes are the “desperate” ones but tell me again who is appearing on that Celebrity D-list of Brothers show? That sounds like desperation to me. Harry and Meghan have really and truly left those folks in the dust. I wonder has the Mirror sent Harry his check yet?

  18. Mary Pester says:

    On not, not the “, Harry and Megan /Oscars again. Haven’t the idiot press given up on this by now. Lots of A list stars don’t attend unless they have a film in production or nominated for an award.. The facts are IF Harry and meghan WANT to attend they will, because they can, and if they DON’T want to attend they won’t, because they can. So really, they need to keep Harry and Megan’s names out of their mouths with this crap. If they can’t make it without mentioning Harry and Megan, they have ALREADY LOST

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mary Pester, yes, they’ve lost and they are finally having to grips with that.

  19. Rnot says:

    This makes it sound like they’re new arrivals on the scene and no one knows who they are yet. No one goes to the Oscars to network. It’s not that kind of event and it’s not set up for it.

    • Sarah says:

      Exactly. Has this Mike person ever been to the Oscar’s?

    • Gennessee says:

      No, but they do go to Awards season after parties and gatherings. If you don’t think deals are discussed or connections made during this time, you’re living under a rock.

  20. Amy Bee says:

    That PR guy sounds desperate and how many times are the press going to say it’s make or break for Harry and Meghan?

  21. B says:

    Example No.3,785 that British tabloids don’t know how Hollywood works. You only go to the award shows if you have a project nominated or you need media attention to keep your name out there. Archewell Productions doesn’t have a project and the Sussexes hardly need media attention. The after parties can be a different story but the Sussexes wouldn’t need to go to them to network.

    When you roll with the big dogs networking is done over lunch and we have seen Meghan lunch with many A-list stars and power players.

  22. L4Frimaire says:

    This reeks of trying to get the news focused on bashing the Sussexes again because the Windsors aren’t liking the current spotlight being shone on them right now. No one expects them to be at the Oscars and they certainly don’t need to go there to “network”, lol.

  23. A Guest says:

    Y’all need to Google this guy. He’s a former “journalist” from the Daily Fail and Buzzfeed. He’s as a PR expect in Hollywood as I am.

    If he was a heavyweight in the industry, he sure as hell wouldn’t be quoted in this newspaper. 🤣

  24. MsIam says:

    The other thing the press always fail to mention is that its what, an hour and a half or two hour trip each way from Montecito? To me it seems like they go to LA when they have multiple meetings or events. Unlike those who have a royal helicopter they can use like a taxi. Unless it something specifically in it for them, they are not going to travel that far to dress up and sit in some auditorium just to be “seen”. I mean who doesn’t know who Harry and Meghan are? And they have one of the biggest agencies in the world who can arrange any meetings they need. What ” nobodies” have a contract with Netflix? Omg, this is ridiculous.

    • Surly Gale says:

      Dear MsIam ~ I beg to differ: I am a “nobody” and I have a contract with Netflix!!!
      I pay them monthly and they deliver things I want to watch. This is our contract!! Thus, lots and lots of nobodies have a contract with Netflix.
      Omg is right! It is ALL so ridiculous!! (hoping I made you laugh at my own ridiculousness, cause I’m giggling as i type). How do they not know we see them? We see their efforts at distraction. We’re sick and tired of it, too! Why can’t they see us? We who are laughing at them? They are proudly showing us how base and dumb they are…and we’re expected to admire them for it?
      Calling them ridiculous is being kinder than they deserve.

  25. girl_ninja says:

    Basically. The Royal Rats are desperate to see the Sussex’s living their best life so they can criticize and pick it apart every moment.

    Now that Duchess Meghan will be headlining a keynote panel alongside Katie Couric and Brooke Shields at this year’s South By Southwest’s event on Friday there will probably be a rat infestation in Texas.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:


      Oh splendid. 🙄
      Just what we need here in Texas. MORE rat infestation. I live roughly an hour south of Austin (depending on traffic. Which is why I go the back way and stay off IH35 as much as possible)

      Staying firmly away from South X Southwest this year for sure.

  26. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    This yearly prediction from the rota is beginning to sound very much like the rota’s yearly prediction that Kate will be keen this year, and we all know who that turns out.

  27. QuiteContrary says:

    “It has been claimed.”

    That’s always a signal for me to stop reading, because whatever follows is absolute nonsense.

    • bisynaptic says:

      “…it has been claimed, with it also said…”
      —The whole paragraph is in the passive tense. 😂

  28. Lau says:

    They can get as desperate as they want, the Sussexes remain the most unproblematic members of this family and there is nothing the British media can do about it.

  29. Saucy&Sassy says:

    IIRC, the WME announcement stated there would be no acting rolls for Meghan. That tells me that is not the direction she wants to go. Why do they keep coming out with this stuff, when we’ve already been told it’s not going to happen?

  30. Pam says:

    The more the Sussex family moves forward the more irrelevant the BRF becomes.