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Introduction: Minutes 0 to 7:30
We were off for a couple of weeks. The Oscars are next weekend so we won’t have a podcast unless something huge breaks. Since we last talked Chandra and I both saw American Fiction, that was my favorite. Chandra liked it but wanted it to focus more on Issa Rae’s character. She thought The Zone of Interest was very disturbing, but loved Poor Things. She is also watching Capote vs. The Swans and loves the performances. If Emma Stone takes home the Oscar over Lily Gladstone, Chandra is fine with that.

Royals: Minutes 7:30 to 29:00
In our last podcast we mentioned Charles’ cancer diagnosis and Kate disappearance following abdominal surgery. Kate has not been seen in over 60 days. A Kensington Palace spokesperson gave a snotty statement about it to Page Six that did not reveal much. Their PR is so terrible.

Prince Charles released a video where he’s opening get well cards and he’s walked to church a couple of times. We don’t know what kind of cancer he has or what stage it is, but he’s doing his best to keep the public updated as Camilla takes over everything.

On February 15th the Sussexes made a three day trip to Canada to do events ahead of next year’s winter Invictus Games. Harry had an interview with Good Morning America. The Sussexes also launched Sussex.com and Meghan got a podcast deal with Lemonada media. They’re making calculated moves and getting positive coverage apart from the silly criticism of the fact that they hold hands. Harry was also criticized for answering questions about visiting his father.

At first we heard that William, who is BAFTAs president, was not going to attend the BAFTAs on February 18th. That’s pretty typical for him. However after Harry and Meghan got so much press for their Canada trip, he announced that he was going. A photo went viral where William was talking backstage to actresses, including Ayo Edebiri and Phoebe Dynevor, who were looking at him skeptically. It turned out that Prince William had made a very inappropriate comment to Mia McKenna-Bruce about her movie. He was very unprepared to meet the actresses and admitted to not having watched any of their films.

On Tuesday the 20th, William issued a statement on the Middle East crisis, which no one was asking him about. William was scheduled to visit the British Red Cross and could have just issued a statement about their work instead. On Thursday, February 29th, William went to an event at a synagogue in central London to discuss anti-Semitism. Kate was originally scheduled to go with him to that event. We remember when Kate did an event with Holocaust survivors in 2021 in which she was engaged and charming. After William’s statement on the Middle East and after he looked drunk at an investiture ceremony, Piers Morgan published a story about how William has been drinking wine since he was 13.

On Tuesday February 27th there was a memorial service in London for King Constantine II of Greece, who passed last January. Neither Charles nor William went to the funeral in Greece in 2023. Charles announced ahead of time that he would not make it to this memorial. William was scheduled to give a reading, but canceled less than an hour before. It became international news.

At the service were Camilla, at the head of the procession to the church, and Prince Andrew and Fergie were also upfront. Also there were Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. She’s a notorious racist.

The Kents’ son-in-law, Thomas Kingston, passed away at just 45 in Gloucester on Sunday. His death was not announced for two days and his in laws went to that memorial service before the news got out. The press announced that William’s absence at the memorial wasn’t due to Thomas’s death.

Meanwhile there are all these stories about how the monarchy is fragile and the cracks are showing now. The way the Waleses have bungled their own PR is astounding. Here’s a link to the story Chandra mentioned from The Daily Beast.

Comments of the Week: Minutes 29:00 to end
Chandra’s comment of the week is from Walking the Walk on the post about Harry losing his case over royal protection while in the UK.

My comment of the week is from Christine on the post about the Willy Wonka kids experience in Scotland.

Thanks for listening bitches!

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  1. WaterDragon says:

    My best friend and I are seeing the Oscar nominated films and shorts this week at the cinema. This is sort of a tradition with us. One of our all-time mutual favorites from the past was “Parasite”. We’re skipping Oppenheimer (she found it boring and I thought It would be too long to sit through in a theater) and Maestro (I thought it was tedious, plus it can be streamed).

    Yesterday we saw “American Fiction” and both LOVED it. It had a lot of funny moments. I also could relate to its commentary on family dynamics. I think it is one of those movies that I will definitely buy on Blu-Ray so that I can savor it whenever I want.

    Up today is “The Zone of Interest” and “Past Lives”.

  2. WaterDragon says:

    We both HATED The Zone of Interest. I would definitely never watch it again, like Maestro. There were several times when the screen was a blank gray mishmash with a cacophony of grating screeching noise. We at first thought there was a problem with the projectionist, but apparently it was some sort of artsy machination since it happened several times.

    We both loved Past Lives. It was so moving and I will add it to my Blu-Ray collection. I totally agree with the Rolling Stone review.