Queen Camilla led the international royal parade at Constantine’s memorial service

Here are some photos from the late King Constantine’s memorial service in Windsor today. My expectations were off – I thought the memorial service was going to be quieter and that cameras would not be inside St. George’s Chapel for the service, but I was wrong. This reminds me of the memorial service for Prince Philip in 2022 – I thought it would be very quiet but then all of these foreign royals turned up to support QEII (and see her one last time, as it turned out).

For this service, Spain’s King Felipe and Queen Letizia came into town and they brought/met former king Juan Carlos (Felipe’s father). Queen Noor of Jordan flew in. The Windsors were very well-represented – those in attendance: Queen Camilla, Princess Anne (and Tim), Zara and Mike Tindall, the Gloucesters, Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, the York princesses, Prince Michael of Kent and his racist wife, Princess Alexandra and more. The Greek royals (and yes, I know they are no longer considered royals) were also there en masse. Oh, and Prince Philip’s “special friend” Penelope Knatchbull was also there. Interesting.

So, it turns out, a lot of Prince William’s family and extended family were there today. Which makes it even more notable that he couldn’t face them or was too drunk to face them or something. Whatever is going on between Charles, Camilla, William and Kate is just so weird and unsettling. Camilla looks thrilled about it, though. Whatever it is.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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  1. MaryContrary says:

    And William is too busy with the school run to show up to his godfather’s memorial with the rest of his extended family and royals from all over the world? So so bizarre.

    • StellainNH says:

      A “world ambassador” wouldn’t miss an event like this. He’s such a hot mess.

      • 809Matriarch says:

        He wants to be seen as a
        ”global statesman”

        This is why he will never succeed. He always wants to be seen as but doesn’t want to do the work to achieve what he wants to be seen as.

        Something as simple as just showing up for like a 1 to 2 hour memorial service is too much for him.

        Harry always shows up. He always shows up to do good.

    • Honeybee says:

      Jordanian King and Queen are the pioneers in avoiding such things. They often used to send former crown prince hassan and his wife. Rania and Abdullah have attended KC3 coronation and CP Victoria wedding to Daniel. Their son CP Hussein only attended Japanese enthronement. They often used to send hassan and his wife sarvath. They are both nearing their 80s. Even Queen noor used to attended any event even though she doesn’t represent the institution.

      This is why Bulliam is very much involved with JRFs. Just like KP, JRFs are another liers. These two KP and JRF are wiser than any royals. No respect for them.

  2. Maddy says:

    Camilla absolutely looks thrilled as well as Prince Andrew and Fergie! They led the pack with large grins on their faces. What a great look for the British royal family, to have a sexual predator at the head of the line.

    • Tessa says:

      And of course Andrew is front and center.

    • Cessily says:

      At this point Camilla has effectively gotten rid of both sons and a husband while she remains Queen, she has won and isnt hiding it from anyone.

      • lanne says:

        She has major Evil Queen from a Disney movie energy. It’s pretty comical–and fitting.

      • Amy Bee says:


      • MrsH says:

        Cessily – don’t forget Diana!

      • Josephine says:

        But to what end exactly? It’s not like she can change the line to the throne to her family. And she has never seemed to like to work. Does she actually care about public sentiment? This may win over a few losers but she’s still just the side piece who tortured a young woman. I guess she may be somehow drawing cash out of the royals but the whole thing seems like there is no prize here.

    • Princessk says:

      Very interesting! Camilla taking centre stage. William missing in action. Andrew striding along looking very pleased with himself, this mess is a big advantage to him. Penny the mistress was there beaming. Marina Ogilvy was allowed out of the cupboard…. A room filled with royal scandals and skeletons. I wish someone would do a detailed analysis of this gathering.

    • Gabbygirl2 says:

      To Maddy, I read the daily fail to see the British response and a very loud and vocal group were voicing their disdain for Camilla, Fergie, and Andrew being front and center. They even wrote that Camilla, Anne, and Fergie were adulterers at one time or another. The commenters didn’t leave out Edward and his beard for not showing. The last statement was from a comment and not me. They even wrote things like kate has had a breakdown and Wills wasn’t sober enough to attend. The last info that I want to share is how many said that the tabloids have lied before in order to cover for the royals and when the truth comes out, it will be the end of the monarchy.

      • Pinkosaurus says:

        Thank you for your service by reading the DM comments and reporting back so we don’t have to! I always find it interesting when there are lots of negative comments, not so much that readers feel that way but that the Daily Fail is not deleting and hiding them immediately. 🤔

      • Agnes says:

        Yes, thank you for your service. I always get nauseous reading the Mail, and would probably actually get sick reading the comments.

        It is an interesting study in propaganda, watching how the Mail edits (or fails to) the responses to its stories.

  3. ML says:

    Brain fart: the Spanish king is Constantine’s nephew. When he and Letizia were in Denmark, the Frederik cheating scandal broke. And that story was amplified by the BM. Was that to cover for something else? The Spanish media seems to have sources in KP. Is there something that PW wants to avoid (other than the obvious), which is why he was a last minute no show?

    • Sunday says:

      Yes! I’ve always thought *that* story coming out when and how it did was way too much of a coincidence. Plus there was that blind item about a royal separation in early ’24 and then quick as a flash they were crowned before there was time for a divorce, like a forced reaction to a calculated move, a strike/counterstrike situation.

      Also, this came out when, around Nov/Dec of last year? Will’s private secretary gave notice in Oct and probably ended his term around the holidays, Charles’ diagnosis (which they 100% knew about/planned around before it was public), whatever tf happened/is happening with Kate – the timeline indicates that things in Will’s life were spiraling around this same time, and then suddenly a huge scandal with a couple VERY similar to Will & Kate breaks? Frederik and Mary are pretty comparable to Will and Kate, and Will is someone who needs to cut other people down to make himself look taller, so of course he’d try to take down another royal couple. This is also around the time the “rumors” about “trouble” in the Montecito marriage also began kicking up, which everyone knows is total bs and deflection.

      IDK, it all fits to me – and now the coward can’t face the people he threw under the bus, what a surprise.

  4. Tina says:

    I’m sorry but the visuals of the family walking up with Andrew and Fergie at the lead? Yikes.

  5. Yes Horsilla does look happy at this memorial. So most of the rest of the family could attend but not Peg. Just what is going on behind the scenes? This is getting more and more bizarre.

  6. Brassy Rebel says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s gross that all these “royals” are celebrating a king whose “subjects” kicked him out years ago.? This is kinda proof that even when told to go away, they don’t. They didn’t exactly treat this as a private family gathering.

    • JT says:

      It is gross. All the crying about H&M not being working royals anymore and can’t call a website Sussex, then you have these fools celebrating a bunch of deposed royals from a country that is a republic.

  7. Cessily says:

    From the looks of the one photo that family is being led by the pedo nonce… such a great image for a nation to have out there.

  8. Tessa says:

    Harry will never be forgiven so the royals out out Andrew first in line accompanied by his ex wife

  9. MrsH says:

    Felipe should be there that is his uncle. What is surprising is that Frederik is not there because it’s his uncle too. Anne-Marie is his mother’s sister. William not being there is not surprising at all though.

    • ML says:

      Frederik had that scandal late last year where pictures of him and Genoveva Casanova were printed in the Spanish media. The Spanish and British media printed tons of stories about it, but it got little coverage elsewhere.
      I’m wondering if Frederik might not have been happy about how much the BM paid attention to this story? Plus, W&K were not at his son, Christian’s, 18th bday party? There might be bad blood between the two RFs.
      And if Genoveva told the truth, PW might have done the same as Frederik?

      • Iz_Q says:

        No need for all the dramatic speculation. HM King Frederik had a scheduled Council of State meeting today and that’s why he is not at the memorial service. The DRF was represented by Princess Benedikte. Not even Daisy was there who is away from DK on a private trip. Keep that dramatic speculation on why William can’t be bothered to walk 30 steps to attend this memorial for his godfather.

      • ML says:

        IZ_Q, Thanks for the Danish update. I’m not sure I believe that the families are happy with each other, but Frederik and Mary not attending makes sense.

        William uses the press to his advantage and feeds it with stories about other people so they will not report on him. His secretary quit in October, InTouch ran a story about things not going well between him and Kate, he flew to Singapore alone, the DF ran an article about his exes…and then the Frederik story arrived in time to use up all the oxygen feeding the BM about stuff William was uncomfortable with. If there’s no huge skeleton about to tumble out of a closet about Constantine, then it’ looks odd and inappropriate for W not to have attended this service.

      • Macky says:

        @ ml. I agree with you. Freddy could push up or back his meeting. He is the king. Seems he didn’t want to go. It could be a simply reason like he doesn’t want to be seen at a disposed kings funeral.

  10. Tessa says:

    Camilla wears the feathered hat. Looks like something a duchess wore in 1903

    • Janice Hill says:

      Not her worst. At least the feathers are on top of the brim. Check out the pink feathers that she wore to Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The feathers ARE the brim. But I always have to give her props for wearing the feathers with confidence.

  11. Sumodo1 says:

    Princess Diana is threatening to leave her grave and drag Billy boy by the ear to his next event.

  12. India says:

    Peggy is afraid all his European cousins will question him about the situation with Bones. He is a chicken shyte coward.

    • ML says:

      That whole family gossips about each other and leaks like crazy. The chance that none of the European cousins will find out what happened is dlim to none.

    • MrsH says:

      I wonder how the European royals feel about William. I wonder if they can’t stand him and he knows it. Though he probably doesn’t like anyone but himself anyway so…. I always think of Norway and what a striking difference to how they treated Martha Louise and later her boyfriend/fiancé. Sweden too totally supported Madeline living her life. I can only imagine what they think of the BRF and how they treated Harry and Meghan in particular. It will be interesting to see how many show up for William if God forbid he ever gets to be king.

  13. Interested Gawker says:

    So Letizia supported Spain’s football team in Australia and now attended King Constantine’s memorial in England like a show off /s

    It is ridiculous that William is allowed to keep his annual spending from being publicly known, won’t lift a finger to do bread and butter royal engagements, has his wife disappeared, conducted an investiture under the influence of lord alone knows what and swans himself to the BAFTAS but can’t even attend a service for his own godfather where he was meant to do a reading in his own backyard. All while insisting he’s up to his armpits in domestic responsibilities, come on!

    The kompromat, threats and legal arm twisting to keep the POW’s behaviour from being discussed properly in the UK media must be extreme.

    • There seems to be a couple things going on. Remember when PW and Kate were late for the coronation and how annoyed KC was? I think there are a couple rifts going on and power struggles between KC & PW, PW & Cam, Cam & Kate, and PW & Kate. I think there may also be substance abuse by PW and possibly Kate. PW & Kate are in protection mode. They are revolting, stepping back, temporarily quiet quitting, it seems.

  14. ncboudicca says:

    Superficial comment: who’s the hot guy with the Van Dyke?

    • delphi says:

      That’s Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece. Not sure if he’ll be referred to as “king” at any point, since the monarchy was deposed in the 70s.

      • Lauren says:

        Except for hardcore monarchists most people just use the title a person held at the time the monarchy was deposed. IMO its similiar to how people still use maiden names when referring to Kate and Megan.
        Someone on social media joked that Charles should use the reignal name King Prince Charles since thats what everyone was used to calling him.

      • delphi says:

        @Lauren: “King Prince Charles”…that gave me the giggles.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Prince Pavlos-King Constantine’s son. His wife, Marie Chantal, is in the eye catching dark red. For a fascinating old school read, search “The Miller Girls” in the way back machine of Vanity Fair. There are three sisters, father was some kind of Duty Free magnate. One married a Getty, one married a Von Furstenberg prince, and Marie Chantal married the Crown Prince of Greece. Now their kids are IG famous for partying all over the world . . .

  15. Lady Digby says:

    FK’s no show has inevitably ramped up speculation about both the fate of his wife and his ability to cope in a crisis. The Spectator has brought out an article online behind a pay wall questioning the woeful comme strategy of PoW medical situation versus the competency demonstrated by KC and wife and team.

    • Chrissy says:

      It’s about time someone says something. But the BRF seems to be deaf to all the speculation about FQC and the utter laziness/ incompetence of the POW and his office to read the room. He needs to be made aware of his responsibility to the taxpaying public to do his “job” since he’s living a extravagant, tax-payer funded lifestyle. Never mind them seeming less than forthcoming about the status of the FQC!

  16. Sunday says:

    Oh, this was like an Event, not just skipping church with the family.

    The most generous explanation I can muster is that they wanted the international headlines to lead with “Prince William Backs out of Memorial Service” instead of “Prince Andrew Attends Prominent Event with Global Leaders Despite Still Being Wanted by the US FBI for Questioning Related to Being a Disgusting R*pist and P*dophile.”

    It’s also possible that Will just doesn’t f*cking care. Doesn’t care about looking bad in the press for shirking a duty he sneers at for someone he clearly didn’t give a rip about, doesn’t care about piling on yet another transparent excuse that he knows everyone sees through but can’t or won’t call him on, doesn’t care about looking responsible ahead of his (possibly very soon) ascension. He just doesn’t f*cking care. He’s going to be king, he’s the important one, he’s sick of being told what to do when he should be in charge! So he lunged at the steering wheel and promptly drove his reputation off a cliff.

    Or, they thought he would be clean and he wasn’t. If this is addiction, I think it may go beyond booze.

    The press is obviously willing (or contracted) to cover for him up to a point, but he just keeps giving them things to report on. This is all going to boil over sooner or later, he can’t keep this up.

  17. Lady Digby says:

    Who is going to stage an intervention and get FK into rehabilitation for anger and alcohol addiction if that’s the long term issue that is erupting now?

  18. Amy Bee says:

    I’m starting to think William threw a hissy fit when he was told that Camilla would led the family and not him and that’s why he pulled out.

    • Shawna says:

      Sounds just like Bully Idle.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Amy Bee, I don’t see that. He’s had more than enough time to get used to that. Most of his family was there, so I can’t see why he would suddenly pull out. Besides, didn’t I read that he was recently seen with the Escort’s son?

  19. MinorityReport says:

    Maybe the continental royals showed up for the same reason they showed up for Philip—seeing the monarch for what may be the last time. Charles didn’t go to the service but definitely could have done an informal dinner.

  20. M says:

    This whole thing gets weirder by the day. I can hardly keep up with all the theories. Camilla looks like a prize-winning horse with that smirk. She really is the last one standing.

  21. Mary Pester says:

    Oh well played camzilla, very well played. The most hated member of the Royal family and the hardest working of the Royal family (with the tame thug thrown in)). Yes you take the crown for the most manipulative Royal EVER.
    YOU have shown the European Royals who wears the trousers in the UK and it ain’t Charlie or willy is it dear??
    I notice that’s Tim nice but dim didn’t walk all the way with Anne, was he there to contain Andrew, so he couldn’t work the room, and the thug?, well it does go to show, that come EASTER we might get to see your sprogs doing the Royal two step, because bone head and bone idle won’t be, unless there is a hell of a lot in cash going around.. And lets not forget how much he’s missing Jason!

    • Jazz Hands says:

      Move over Easter Bunny because Mary Pester is the one promising treats this Easter! I can’t wait.

  22. QuiteContrary says:

    I hope the ghost of Diana haunts Camilla and Charles in their quietest moments (and not the “Crown” version of Diana’s ghost).

    This is all so gross — Pedrew, Camilla, Mike Tindall, the racist Princess Michael. Nice royal family you got there, Britain.

  23. Murphy says:

    When I first read William wasn’t going I figured his handlers found him on a bender this weekend.
    But all those other Royals showing up and he’s absent…that really looks bad.

  24. sparrow says:

    Thank heavens for Mutley. And also Sarah’s back in the fold. She must be gleeful.

  25. royalWE says:

    Interesting that the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent are there – their son in law just died on Sunday.

  26. Libra says:

    Interesting that Penny was there. Can’t find any evidence that she is related to the Greek RF. Could she be related through Phillip?

    • Elizabeth says:

      There’s been conjecture she was Philip’s daughter.

    • Nore says:

      Penelope (and Norton) were tight friends with Constantine and Anne Marie for many years, went together on holidays and everything. I alread expected her to be in Athens and was not surprised to see her there. C and AM were also present at her daughters wedding and Alexandra was flower girl for Pavlos and Marie Chantal.

  27. Chiclit says:

    I am starting to think the Andrew and Sarah remarrying rumor has some legs. She looked polished. Even if it doesn’t totally redeem Andrew it would re-royal Sarah who clearly has become a safe pair of hands who doesn’t threaten Cam or W and K and who would likely love to attend ribbon cutting events again. And it might burnish the York girls.

    • Shawna says:

      Fergie has been “burnished” through the fire, that’s for sure. She may still have more skeletons in her closet, but the ones that she’s survived through at this point are considerable. So I see why they’re floating it to get the BRF some positive goodwill. But getting back with Paedrew just doubles down on his awfulness. Her coming “back in” would be meant to whitewash his return. Gross!

    • Tessa says:

      Andrew should not represent the royal family neither should ferg ie
      A retirement would suffice

    • Tessa says:

      If they remarry it would be more of a business arrangement to spin that they always wanted to be with each other. Despite evidence to the contrary.

  28. Just Jade says:

    The mistress looked very proud of herself for dismantled her husband family from the inside.

  29. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I’m glad that Fergie is looking well after the mastectomy.