Did King Charles ‘ban’ Prince Harry from visiting him in Sandringham?

This weekend was full of royalists screaming into the echo chamber they made for themselves, mostly about the Times report about Prince Harry offering to “temporarily return” to royal work while his father has cancer. That story came, in my opinion, straight from Buckingham Palace. I’ve developed a theory that Queen Camilla has her own side operation and she ends up briefing all kinds of bullsh-t, mostly about her stepsons. Well, I also believe this new Sun exclusive came from Camilla’s operation, because she’s still pissed that her husband met with Prince Harry one-on-one two weeks ago and she was kicked out of the room. Now she wants people to know that Harry was “blocked” from meeting his father in Sandringham.

Prince Harry was stopped from joining the King at Sandringham after flying to the UK because Palace aides feared “they’d never get rid of him”. The Duke of Sussex was told to get a hotel instead of staying with the cancer-stricken King. The Sun on Sunday can reveal Harry, 39, planned for a long heart-to-heart with his dad. He had even hoped to join the King — recuperating from cancer treatment — for a few days at Sandringham.

But instead he was instructed to visit Clarence House, his dad’s London home, for a short managed face-to-face meeting — and then told to get himself a hotel for the night.

It was understood Buckingham Palace accepted his quick visit to Britain as a kind “gesture” and “cause for optimism”. But it was not believed to have led to a major thawing in relations. When Charles rang his younger son to reveal his shock cancer diagnosis, Harry “took it upon himself” to fly to London. But after landing at Heathrow on February 6 he was told not to set off for Norfolk, where the King, 75, was planning to spend time with Queen Camilla, 76.

As Charles delayed his departure for Sandringham, Harry was directed to go to Clarence House. He spent 45 minutes inside, but only around half an hour with his father. An insider revealed: “Harry came over to see his father, expecting to go to Sandringham. But instead he was asked to be at Clarence House and was restricted to 30 minutes. The fear was that if he went to Sandringham they would never get rid of him.”

Just six minutes after Harry left the meeting with his father, the King and Queen made their way by Bentley to a helicopter in the Buckingham Palace gardens before flying to Sandringham. Harry later stayed in a hotel in London, although it has not been reported which one.

[From The Sun]

Someone suggested that Harry’s flight was delayed because of the huge storms hitting California in that 48-period when Harry was trying to get to England. Which I believe – I would guess that the original plan was to have a longer visit between father and son, but Harry arrived too late and Charles was probably pretty tired from his first cancer treatment that day. The fact that Harry had a police escort from Heathrow tells you all you need to know about Charles agreeing to Harry’s visit and how much Charles wanted to see his younger son. This whole “Harry was PUNISHED by not being allowed to go to Sandringham” thing is so dumb – my guess is that Harry asked “where should I meet you” and Charles thought Clarence House would be better and so that’s what happened. It also sounds like everybody Over There is still salty about the fact that Harry breezed into town, saw his dad, met with his lawyer, dipped in 25 hours and made it back to America in time to present an award at the NFL Honors.

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  1. Miranda says:

    “…never get rid of him”? Dude ran to get on an airplane with a f–king hanger IMMEDIATELY after his father’s coronation. Harry may have hoped for a slightly longer meeting (maybe), but this is not a man who wants to linger in that place.

    • Cessily says:

      Whoever okayed that comment absolutely hates Prince Harry and it comes across loudly, it doesn’t matter who said it it’s that fact it was said and allowed to be published at all that should be the issue. It’s a sick kind of twisted evil and it’s showing. Glad to see Jamaica and publications here in North America starting to point out that no matter what the Sussex family does or says they will be vilified in Britain because of the palaces and their rulers in the media.

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      They are totally manifestants that they want him to beg to stay lol but he had plans and couldn’t make it longer because he had commitments. Too bad that storm cut his meeting short. Coween Cowmilla should sit down and stfu.

    • SarahLee says:

      Regarding the “never get rid of him” part – isn’t that what they want? Don’t they want Harry to leave his wife and two children and come back to be the whipping boy and clown for the family? Maybe William no longer wants that.

      • georgevna says:

        And how is it a SLAM on Harry to imply he would have liked to stay for a longer visit with his father? Clearly, they think this makes them look like winners in the power struggle, but HARRY ISN’T STRUGGLING FOR POWER, he just wanted to see his Dad, and his Dad WAS OKAY WITH THAT, and yes, Harry has a full calendar. I don’t doubt he would be open to a longer visit if that’s what his father wanted, but I think he knew the plan going in, and if he didn’t, he was gracious enough to shift gears. These asshole really think it looks good to say “Harry wanted to spend more time with his father, but we weren’t allowing THAT!”???

    • Advisor2U says:

      Sometimes when the royal reporters report about palace leaks and refer to ‘palaces sources’, you thing, okay, there do I find the truth/facts in this story, can there be some truth in this or the other?
      But then they undermine their own stories, full of childish glee and stupidity to score points, which makes zero sense. The hole story becomes laughable AF when anyone can poke holes in elements that are outright and easy to verify lies.

      In this case – even if a stupid palace aide (Camilla!!) tells you (jokingly?), “We were afraid we would never get rid of him,” you should use common sense and not print that stupidity. For Christ’s sake, the man lives in the US with his family, he has obligations in the US. Why would he want to stay at Sandringham, of all places (the site of the painful, parting Sandringham negotiations in January 2020).

      Time and again you’re left wondering if these skilless British royal reporters ever went to journalism school.

    • TRex says:

      I wouldn’t bother getting worked up by anything from The Sun… it’s a Super Market Tabloid.

  2. Jais says:

    The fear was that if he went to sandringham they’d never get rid of him. Huh? Setting aside the fact that he had to get to the NFL awards, they thought he’d just never leave sandringham? I’m assuming they meant he would stay longer than Camilla would like bc obv he would go back to his wife and kids. Please. They act like he’s begging to stay overnight in a royal household. They’re just mad that he’s not begging.

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      That’s it exactly! This is the crux of the entire situation here, for the family, the press and the public, “they’re just mad that he’s not begging”.

      • anon says:

        Exactly he has an awesome life and doesn’t need to beg for scraps. They hate it as thats what they hold over everyone else. I’m sure they were all patting themselves on the back the next day and then Harry pops up at the NFL Awards and everyone is thrilled to see him. The trip to Canada got great reviews in all of the international media that I saw. Only the UK media was negative. I do think the tide has turned.

    • Jay says:

      It really doesn’t make sense, knowing that he had to be back in the US to present the Man of the Year award. He couldn’t have stayed long at Sandringham even if he were invited.

  3. Maxine Branch says:

    I think you nailed it. Harry’s intent was I believe to visit his father wherever. He was booked and busy the next day. The nastiness is coming because he came and it destroyed their pre-written narrative of the uncaring son. The rain delay and well as police escort shoots down their original narrative so they created one to fit their agenda. What is amazing is they really are making themselves and that family look like total jerks. Watching them twist and turn themselves in and outward to try to besmirch Harry makes you look back at them harder. The entire echo chamber over there is eating themselves alive in real time.

  4. Horsilla is in a snit because she wasn’t in the meeting with Chuckles and Harry. She needed to trot out this fodder to continue on with the smearing of Harry. Harry had Chuckles protection on this one. I believe that the plane was delayed and he would have had more time.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      But here is what I never understand. Why did Charles need to go back to Sandringham so quickly. Didn’t the mansion they met in have beds and servants to bring Charles whatever he wanted? Personally I think Charles asked Harry to help out because William isn’t doing anything. And Harry said he already had commitments. So Charles threw a fit and left.

    • Shawna says:

      I’m honestly confused here because it does sound like Camilla is in a snit. But Charles was letting better messaging go through about Harry’s visit even though Charles always sacrifices anything and anyone to Camilla. Is it possible that C&C are having or will have a rift in terms of their PR strategies regarding Harry?

  5. Just Jade says:

    The mental vampire rats spent the weekend throwing up about Harry & Meghan Canada trip. I think the welcoming by the First Nations really did a number on them. They are losing their sh…. over and over because the daily fail changed their headlines so many times over the weekend and I think that’s why they keep going back to Harry’s 26 hours visit to salty island and they are not ok seating on the sidelines.

  6. Becks1 says:

    He couldn’t have stayed for a few days bc of the NFL honors, so I’m sure that wasn’t something he asked for anyway.

    And the whole “afraid we’d never get rid of him” – I feel like that is straight from Camilla, because she has done her utmost to separate Charles from his sons so Harry’s meeting with Charles, without her, probably really set her off. I doubt Charles was worried that Harry would come visit and never leave again.

    • Ginger says:

      Yeah, even Becky English said this story isn’t true due to the NFL awards. These people can’t even do the most basic fact checking. The British press and RF/staff are so upset that Harry went to see his dad. They already had all of these pre written stories slamming Harry for not visiting him and now they have to slam Harry FOR visiting him ( and no one is having it)

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        They never fact check. They just pull stuff out of their arses and expect us all to have amnesia.

    • windyriver says:

      @Becks 1 – That’s my take also. Camilla doesn’t want Charles to rebuild his connection to Harry. Harry showed concern and support for his father, and if Charles has any sense left, facing a sobering diagnosis like cancer sparked a glimmer of appreciation that despite everything, Harry still cares about him. There can’t be too many people in Charles’ position, and in his toxic environment, that really feel that way about him as a person. I’m not completely sure how much Camilla’s truly cares outside of wanting to preserve her status as queen, and Will is so twisted himself I doubt he knows what he really feels about Charles.

      I’m sure Harry has no ulterior motives. He’s said, he wants a family, not an institution. But Camilla, aided by her many henchmen, has been so deep into manipulation and game playing for so long, it’s impossible for her not to see the same deviousness in everyone around her, and any situation where she’s not in control is an immediate threat.

      Just writing this sounds like something out of Shakespeare! The king on his deathbed realizes the only one who truly loved him was…! But there may be an actual element of (sad) truth here.

      • Caribbean says:

        @windyriver…I have another take (we know that the s*de p*ece is bad, but…), this reminds me when Harry and William were not getting along and they kept saying it was Meghan and Kate…There is something going on between Charles and WILLIAM…they have had dueling schedules for months, no record of him seeing his father…etc.
        This smells of William not getting his way…he did not want his father and brother to meet.

      • Shawna says:

        Definitely, Charles has to know anything Harry does for him now is genuine and has no ulterior motive. You kick someone out of their own domicile, rendering them homeless in their native country, but they still show up for you? There is no possibility of spin.

        And that is why the BM must spin.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Her success at separating him from his two children is absolutely abhorrent. She’s so controlling and smug about it, as if she knows she’s got the keys to Charles.

      Charles is obviously manipulated by her daily, but I suspect on this matter he seized the reins from her and cut her out knowing she’s the biggest briefer against Harry. Because he’s a Scorpio king who stings to kill when it pleases him.

    • Eurydice says:

      So, why would Camilla want Charles to be estranged from Harry at this point in time? It’s clear that Harry has no interest in rejoining the RF in any working capacity. It’s clear that he has a great life in the US, so he wouldn’t be underfoot in the UK all the time. And the best way to put William in his place is to embrace Harry. What’s in it for her now? Is it that she wants all of Charles’ attention on her side of the family? I don’t have a Machiavellian mind, so it’s hard for me to see the advantage, now that Camilla has gotten what she’s always wanted.

      • Jaded says:

        Because Camilla knows Harry does not like or trust her, as per his comments in Spare, so whenever he’s in town she’s got her claws out at the ready. All she has to do is drop a few demeaning comments about him to her tabloid toadies and the next day it’s all over the BM.

      • windyriver says:

        @Eurydice, what @Jaded said. But also, I disagree that “it’s clear” that Harry has no interest in any working relationship with the RF. At least, it may be pretty clear to us, but not necessarily to Camilla. How would she know? I doubt she and Harry speak beyond mere pleasantries, any information about him is filtered through others, who have their own agendas. It could be as simple as a suspicion Harry wants to get back at her for things she’s done over the years – because that’s what she would do. Maybe she thinks if he has Charles’ ear he’d undermine whatever future plans she has, say, for further elevating her family. Harry already said in print she’s dangerous, this after the years she invested rehabbing her image. He gave us a peek at who she really is, a manipulative woman who executed a 40 year plan to dislodge Diana and become queen herself.

        As I said above, when you’re so deeply devious yourself, you see deviousness all around you. Which in the case of the RF, and especially the senior courtiers, is pretty much reality; they’re all dedicated to their own self interests. Camilla may be viper-in-chief, but the truth is, everyone of them is a viper of one sort or another.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Jaded – it doesn’t seem as if anyone really likes or trusts each other in that family – I think Charles trusts Anne, but I don’t know that he entirely trusts Camilla, otherwise she wouldn’t have been out of the room when Charles met with Harry.

        Harry doesn’t trust Camilla because she’s a schemer – she plots and plans and she doesn’t waste her energy if there isn’t a goal to her benefit. But H&M have been already accused of pretty much everything at this point, including the killing of Elizabeth and Philip and bringing on Charles’ cancer and Kate’s whatever – and what’s done is done with Spare. The H&M bashing strategy is played out, so why continue it? Harry is no danger to her, not like William. Maybe it’s the standard RF strategy of using Harry as a cover-up – this time to cover how she’s undermining William, but I feel she’s more creative than that.

        So why not turn it all around? Why not embrace Harry, knowing that he’ll mostly stay on his side of the planet and that this would drive William bananas. It wouldn’t have to be tearful apologies and heartfelt reconciliations, just small dribs and drabs – it can drag on forever, the media and experts will have something new to froth over and William will have another reason to hit the bottle.

      • georgevna says:

        I think it’s simply that Camilla hated Diana, and hates Harry because he not only adores Diana, he’s LIKE her. The suggestion that Charles enjoys Harry, much less the idea that the Diana-ness Harry & Meghan could have brought to the monarchy could’ve been a good thing, is never going to sit well with her. And she genuinely hates Harry for seeing through her, and thinks he gave her an excuse when his book pointed out he had a normal child’s fears and reticence about the role she might take in his life. She is Machiavellian, yes, but also just a bitch — this doesn’t make strategic sense, but he’s Diana’s son, and she hates him.

      • Eurydice says:

        @windyriver – I guess I figure that a woman who’s successfully completed a 40-year plan to become Queen is the type who would do her homework about what her adversaries want and don’t want. She likes to read – all she would have to do is read Spare to get the idea that Harry doesn’t want to be back in the business. And what more could Harry do to get back at her? Whether Charles knew about Camilla’s 40-year scheme or whether he’s totally clueless up to this day, he’s always going to side with Camilla anyway and she knows that. A transactional person like Camilla weighs the pros and cons- and there’s no pro for Harry to get back at her.

      • windyriver says:

        @Eurydice, replying to your comment at 1:29 above – that makes sense to you and me, but the people in the institution aren’t capable of thinking like that. If they were, they wouldn’t have pushed Harry and Meghan out in the first place. People said so many times in these comments during the earlier years, “a rising tide lifts all boats”. Why not harness H&M’s popularity to enhance the image of the RF as a whole? For that matter, Charles could have done something similar with Diana, like what JFK did when he said, “I’m the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris.” He celebrated her (in public), and enhanced his own reputation in the process. Instead, Charles was jealous, hurt and offended, and as per Diana’s interview, sulked for the most of their 6 week Australia/NZ tour because on walkabouts people wanted to be on the side where Diana was.

        These people aren’t capable of thinking like that. Their privilege, their jealousy, their sense of personal entitlement runs too deep. It’s been bred into them, and they choose people around them who reinforce their view of what’s due them, rather than looking logically at the bigger picture of what would ultimately be in their best interests.

      • Charlene K Brooker says:

        She is well aware that Harry knows about her friendship with Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson, and they are publically trying to destroy Harry and his family.

      • Eurydice says:

        Lol, I’m sure all of you are right. It’s just that, as an introvert, I like to conserve energy and I wouldn’t waste any of it just because I hate somebody. There would have to be a real goal to move me off the sofa – and once I achieved that goal, I’d be right back on the sofa.

  7. SussexWatcher says:

    I hope Camzilla does continue to brief to her BFFs in the press about how much they’re trying to punish Harry. And I hope that Pegs continues to brief to his BFFs in the press about how he’s going to strip Harry’s titles when he’s king and how much he hates and rages his brother and sister-in-law. Because all of these utterly bonkers, violent, delusional articles are showing the rest of the world that the Leftover Royals and the UK press has completely lost the plot.

    More and more US outlets and regular people are talking about how hypocritical and vitriolic are Chuckles, Pegs, and all the rest.

    Kaiser – I hope you’ll post about that hilarious and snarky article from the Intelligencer about Prince Harry infuriating the royals by saying nice things about his father. And that the royal family and their media minions are actually the problem. So good.

  8. equality says:

    He had a long flight back and then had to prepare for a trip to Vegas and get prepared for IG events and travel to Canada. But he was going to stay several days at Sandringham? If they wanted to be believable, they should have said he wanted to spend more time without specifying several days. For a quick trip, CH would be more sensible since he flew into London. If KC wanted to ditch him, he could have used the excuse of PH’s delay and said “maybe next time.” It makes it look more like KC wanted something out of Harry than that PH wanted something from him, especially with KC bothering to send an escort. This is probably the narrative, the BM is trying to stomp down, that KC wanted PH to do something and the answer was nope. It’s another story that KC is allowing to stand and proving yet again what a worthless father he is.

    • Is that so? says:

      Thank you.

      They are writing for folks who lack media literacy, and do not engage in critical thinking. They are writing for folks, whose confirmation bias is happily satisfied with anything that can ‘justify’ their obsession in hating the Sussexes.

  9. Tina says:

    The press will be the end of the monarchy. All of these headlines about Harry are just awful and I was happy to see again regular Brits (like with the Pray for Them nonsense of a few weeks ago) pushing back. These people are all awful awful awful. I hope this past week serves as the perfect reason why the UK cannot host Invictus again. They couldn’t even pretend to care about the vets. Being in Canada and seeing the local coverage was so refreshing. The UK media is a lost cause.

    • Advisor2U says:

      Prince Philips famously said that the European monarchies were brought down by their most ardent supporters, signalling that the same could happen with the British monarchy (if they don’t embrace change).

      In Britain at this point, the dance to bring the monarchy down, is heavily being performed by the unhinched press and their now very visible invisible contract with the royal family. In their obsession with destroying Prince Harry and Meghan, (because they refuse to partake in that contract), they have exposed the Royal Family as a cesspit of vile, talentless, insecure, jealous vipers, who eat eachother alive for a positive headline. Mind you many of these poor traits were less obvious/visible in those European monarchies.

      And now, more Brits are getting aware and disgusted of what they see at play on both sides of that ‘invisible’ contract. The cry for abolishing of the monarchy is growing.

  10. MsIam says:

    These people will print anything to try and center the Unroyals in Harry’s life but nah folks, that party is over. Harry is such a boss, he keeps it moving.

  11. Advisor2U says:

    Prince Harry said: I want a family not an institution (of the monarchy).

    Meaning, if we on both sides can live by the principal of “no sell out by or leaking of private or other information about me and my family, no contractual obligations from my side to any UK press, then we can work out some sort of family (not working) relationship.” Charles, his hideous wife and their palace staff – pit deep in the contractual relationship with the non-dom tabloid/media barons – are not willing to live up to that request.

    Harry, it is never going to work. Make up your mind sir.

    • Rnot says:

      Harry will always want a relationship with his father. It doesn’t matter whether Charles is actually capable of that or whether that’s healthy for Harry. Ask any child-protection worker, kids almost always love and want their parents, even if they’re terribly abusive. It’s just human. Harry’s clearly willing to enforce healthy boundaries, but hope springs eternal.

    • Jaded says:

      Ummm…Harry’s already made up his mind, hence his leaving royal life and moving to California with his dear family. Just because he visited his father after it was announced he had cancer does not mean he’s ready to jump back into the royal fray. That’s what people with integrity do, they put aside their own negative feelings to offer support and sympathy to a family member despite problems in the relationship.

  12. Amie says:

    Funny how this crap didn’t come out until this weekend, after Harry and Meghan’s very successful trip to Canada. This seems to be another reaction to Harry’s comments in the GMA interview about visiting family at some point. The courtiers and Camilla had to put out there that he was denied more access to his father

  13. Jen says:

    I missed commenting earlier…..It appears that Harry’s wardrobe is now sponsored by Eddie Bauer.

    • Jaded says:

      He’s free to buy whatever he wants. Eddie Bauer is very popular in Canada, and just having a logo on his jacket doesn’t mean his ‘wardrobe’ is being sponsored by them.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Jen, I have no doubt that if that was the case Eddie Bauer would announce it to the world. Eddie Bauer is big in the US, so it makes sense that Harry wore some of their apparel.

  14. mariam says:

    side note what is that tiny bump on Harry’s head has he always had it before 2018.

  15. Tessa says:

    Charles never denies the stories. Such a bad father

  16. BeyondTheFringe says:

    The comment about “never getting rid of Harry” is obviously either directly from Camilla or the men in grey. The MIG so obviously hate him for his (TRUE) scathing take on how they manipulate and scheme for their own benefit rather than that of the country or monarch and this just sounds like some BS one of the deranger MIG would say.

  17. Lili says:

    I agree with you Kaiser, i think Camila is briefing to the press because she was snubbed, which also shows she lacks self awareness, why would she want to be there if not to gather intel for the papers. I hope for her sake Charles recovers and she is not left on her own . i reckon she will be put out quicker than she can pack her bags

  18. Laurac says:

    How could he have planned to spend a few days in Sandringham when we all know he had to get to Vegas the following Eve?

  19. Just Jade says:

    I think Harry saying”I have my own family” did not seat right with the rats.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Just Jade, I think you’re right. He turned the conversation from the brf and to his own family in CA. That had to really anger someone or many someones.

  20. WiththeAmerican says:

    The British tabloids siding with Camilla against blood princes will bring the monarchy down if they’re not careful.

    The entire argument for royals is prefaced on blood entitlement.

  21. Rapunzel says:

    Notice the article also complains they “couldn’t confirm” which hotel Harry stayed in. They’re so mad they know nothing.

  22. Amy Bee says:

    Given that Harry went to the NFL Honours a few days after being the UK says that he couldn’t spend a few days with Charles. So this story is made up.

  23. JanetDR says:

    They are still bothered that they don’t know where he stayed.

  24. Lau says:

    I don’t know, Charles still looks pretty cold and cruel even if he did help organised Harry’s visit if he ended up seeing him for less than an hour. It’s really hard to see how you can go around that fact.

  25. sparrow says:

    I hate how this kind of thing is written up. How dare they gabble on about the guessed at details of Harry’s very personal visit to his ill father. It’s beyond decent to me.

  26. Beverley says:

    Queen Jump Off doesn’t know when to quit. It wasn’t enough to push Harry out of his own room, turning his only private space into another of her closets. No! She wants to discredit him, she wants to best him every time. Keeping him away from his old man is one way. It’s her best way of managing both the king and his son as she sees fit. She leads KC3 by the nose, enriching her own family while undermining Charles’ family.

    And dragging Harry with a daily barrage of criticism and venom is Camilla’s strategy. She has ugly-charmed key rota and they’re at her beck and call. They operate just like her, treacherous, shady, and cruel. The Escort doesn’t worry about what the King has sanctioned because she knows she can harass, humiliate, and/or harm Harry and Dogshit hasn’t have the stones to rein her in. If there’s one thing Camilla can take to the bank is that Charles will always let her have her own way…even if it meant the destruction of Diana’s sons.

    • Deering24 says:

      “Queen Jump Off doesn’t know when to quit.”

      And that is what invariably nails people like her. They can never be satisfied or content–forget truly happy. I’m putting money down now she’s going to go too far someday with someone (if she hasn’t already.) And it’s going to come back to bite her.

  27. Lady Digby says:

    No wonder Harry described one of the RR writing science- fiction in Spare. All of this is unhinged and makes them look deranged. All to deflect from a clueless heir and the radio silence about Kate.

  28. Is That So? says:

    These folks are clearly not writing for the world, but for folks who believe power equals cruelty. The things they put out into the world with pride, as if it’s something to brag about is amazing. They are peacocking over the idea that a father would block his son, who without prompting jump on a plane and flew for hours to see him when he heard his father was sick.

    The other thing I’m hearing in this is that Charles is not in charge. The article is not saying that Charles did this, but that it was done by others. This reminds me of the story Harry told of making an appointment to see his grandmother, and when her courtiers found out suddenly her diary was full, and she had no time for him. There’s something in the Way Harry told the story that makes clear that this was not her choice but that she was being highly managed.

  29. tamsin says:

    i believe that Harry loves his father. They seemed to have a loving relationship when Harry was a child and Diana has attested to that. I think Harry will always do right by his father. His love and respect towards his father is a direct contrast to Charles’s shitty behaviour. Harry is a loving person, and has the love of his wife, children, and his mother-in-law. What do you call what is between Camilla and Charles at this stage? Who really loves Charles? He is isolated and bereft of any kind of giving and loving emotion that should uplift him at this stage in his life.

    • georgevna says:

      Absolutely reminded of that! And Harry is standing by the open door, telling Charles and even William that there’s a different way, that they don’t have to leave the monarchy, they could just leave their managers and manipulators and maybe get some therapy, too. And Charles and William won’t listen, and the Grey Men won’t let him be near them long enough.

      IIRC, in Spare, he also relates that at the Sandringham Summit, of the 5 plans, only the “You leave, you get nothing, good day sir” plan was printed for review, and that he was told by one of the courtiers that the printer broke before it could print their half-in half-out proposal, so sad. But that that very afternoon, he saw the offices in Sandringham printing reams of stuff, catching them in the lie — but by then the Queen hadn’t seen their plan and had been told it was irrelevant and unworkable.

      It’s such blatant manipulation, but C&C are so used to it, and feel like they are in control. There are courtiers who have gotten away with this for so long they fear no repercussions; Harry is the only thing they truly fear, because they can’t control him. Well, Harry, his Black wife, and his mixed-race children.

      • georgevna says:

        Absolutely reminded of that! And Harry is standing by the open door, telling Charles and even William that there’s a different way, that they don’t even have to leave the monarchy, they could just leave their managers and manipulators and maybe get some therapy, too; that they could modernize the monarchy and act like human beings. But Charles and William won’t listen, and the Grey Men won’t let him be near them long enough.

        IIRC, in Spare, he also relates that at the Sandringham Summit, of the 5 plans, only the “You leave, you get nothing, good day sir” plan was printed for review, and that he was told by one of the courtiers that the printer broke before it could print their half-in half-out proposal, so sad. But that that very afternoon, he saw the offices in Sandringham printing reams of stuff, catching them in the lie — but by then the Queen hadn’t seen their plan and had been told it was irrelevant and unworkable, so the only choices were maintaining the status quo or leaving completely.

        It’s such blatant manipulation, but C & C are so used to it, and honestly believe they are calling the shots, and well served by these jackals (even in this scenario, C & C are terrible terrible people, though I do think Charles could be somewhat redeemed, if he had any courage). There are courtiers who have gotten away with this for so long they fear no repercussions; Harry is the only thing they truly fear, because they can’t control him. Well, Harry, his Black wife, and his mixed-race children. It’s absolutely Shakespearean.

  30. Mary Pester says:

    These poor saps, don’t they realise yet that the more we get “Harry was stopped doing this that or the other thing”, or William is stopping Harry from this or that, and Palace aides have delusions of their own importance, they are making the WHOLE (OTHER THAN HARRY) Royal family and it’s archaic staff look petty, mean, vindictive and just really fucking useless. I would love to see the incandescent one try and stop Harry doing what ever he wanted. He caught Harry by surprise once, he won’t do it again, and sorry not sorry, stealth Harry is causing so many Royal and Royal adjacent idiots to loose their minds, it’s a joy to behold!!

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mary Pester, I’ve often wondered if the owners of the tabloid bm, particularly, are anti-monarchist, because I agree that they are harming the brf with all of these articles. It makes you wonder.

      • sparrow says:

        I think the tabloid press has a lot of power over the BRF. There must be 10s of stories used as bargaining chips. Mutual hatred going on. Mary Pester, I only read your reply to me re Cornwall last night. Thank you for the offer and hope to take it up some day!

  31. Libra says:

    Every day is opposite day @DM. Turn around that Harry was barred from Sandringham and you have Wm who has not been invited. Many more examples too numerous to list.

  32. QuiteContrary says:

    Camilla must HATE it that Harry and Meghan became so popular in the United States by just being their authentic selves. They didn’t need to connive with the tabloids. They didn’t need a master PR plan. They’re just living their lives and serving the causes close to their hearts. It must drive Camilla around the bend.

  33. Shawna says:

    Just when you think they can’t sink lower.

    On the one hand, it’s not like Harry can’t pay for his own hotel room. He’s not a beggar looking to establish squatter’s rights in Sandringham. On the other hand, if he did want to spend more than one session with his dad, how is that bad?

    The world ain’t worldin (adapted from “the math ain’t mathin.”)

  34. Hannah says:

    A perhaps more logical thought on Prince Harry having a police escort (and I’m not sure this has happened every time he’s been back her – so please don’t come at me)

    Can you imagine the global outrage if g-d forbid anything happened to Harry on British soil? It would make Diana’s death pale in comparison

    Harry is still a very much loved (son) man of the people of the U.K. (not talking about his family, courtiers or BM) but people like us

    It is very much in the RF’s best interests to make bl**dy sure nothing ever happens to Harry (Meg, Archie or Lili) on British soil

    It would be a diplomatic catastrophe and spark global outrage

    This is why he needs proper police protection