Times: Prince Harry ‘willing to return to a temporary royal role in support of his father’

For years now, Prince Harry has exhibited a very strong I’m Never Going Back energy. He loves California, he loves being able to protect his wife and children, he loves that he’s not part of the 24-7 toxicity in the UK. During his Good Morning America interview, which aired on Friday, Harry said some interesting things like “I love every single day” in America, and “I have my own family” when asked about the Windsors. It has been abundantly clear for a long time that Harry is happy where he is, but with his father’s cancer treatment, Harry would like to see more of King Charles these days. Which is why he also told GMA: “I’ve got other trips planned that would take me through the UK or back to the UK so I’ll stop in and see my family as much as I can.” I took that to mean that Harry will continue to make the effort to have some kind of personal reconciliation with the neglectful father he clearly adores. Unfortunately, the neglectful father is also a giant a–hole who needs to keep feeding the rabid British media machine, which probably goes a long way to explaining this mess:

The Duke of Sussex is willing to return to a temporary royal role in support of his father during his illness, sources have revealed. In an attempt to help heal the rift in the family, the King and Prince Harry are said to have had several “warm ­exchanges” since Charles ­received his cancer diagnosis. The duke is now understood to have told friends that he would step into a royal role while his father is unwell.

Harry, who is the fifth in line to the throne, remains a counsellor of state, although as a non-working royal he is not expected to be called upon to stand in for the King. Yet to heal the rift, Harry is now said to be focused on reconciling himself with his family.

Similarly, Charles, 75, is believed to want to see more of his son and a source said there was a growing sense that a rapprochement would “benefit the ­institution”. A royal insider said: “On all practical levels it makes perfect sense for the family to come together to support the King while he’s sick. Much has been said on both sides in recent years, but that has never diminished the fundamental bond of blood, and there are now pragmatic aspects to consider, with the King and Kate’s wellbeing ­paramount in this. The details of the Clarence House meeting and subsequent conversations are private, but the feeling is that this arrangement could work.”

The meeting last week with his father at Clarence House, at which the Queen was also present, did not provide time for a detailed discussion but it is understood that Harry wants to make an offer to make a limited return to royal duties. A written plan would have to be drawn up and ­actioned by the King and his closest aides before Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42, could embark on any official duties on behalf of the monarch. Harry would not receive public funds.

Some within Buckingham Palace are not quite so amenable to the idea of a return, ­saying it would be “unlikely” and the late Queen had made clear that the Sussexes could not be “half in, half out”.

Regardless of whether any official role is granted, there appears to be hope in both the Palace and Montecito, the Sussexes’ Californian home, that a peacemaking operation could be successful in the coming months and years.

[From The Times]

It’s almost as if the half-in solution the Sussexes suggested in 2020 is now suddenly a good idea, four years later. Weird! In any case, this did not come from Harry or anyone close to him. The source is the same one who insisted to the Times: “The meeting last week with his father at Clarence House, at which the Queen was also present, did not provide time for a detailed discussion.” Now suddenly Camilla was in the room? Then why did she run to that crackhead Petronella Wyatt and neigh about Harry kicking her out of the room? My honest-to-god guess is that Charles was the one who said something like “we could really use you around these days” and Harry said something noncommittal like “we’ll see, Pa.”

The other candidate for “who was the source of this” is, of course, Prince William. The only reason I don’t think William is the one behind this particular story is because William would have centered himself and made sure that a source said something about “of course William despises his brother and will never forgive him!” The story isn’t centered enough on incandescent rage, is what I’m saying. Anyway, some really weird things are happening over there and, as always, I hope Harry stays far away.

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  1. s808 says:

    Harry has no reason to go back and has made it clear he will never be a working royal for the firm ever again. He can support his father in other ways. It sounds like “sources” put it out there just so they can shoot down the idea and act like Harry offered when everyone knows he did not. It could also be part of a plan to smoke out William and get him back to work.

    • Lady Digby says:

      Yes that was my take too, just blowing smoke down Willy to make sure he comes running back to work. The Times claim that friends of Harry say blah blah when Harry has just spoken for himself and made the position clear. His wife, children and life are in America but his dad is ill and he hops to see him whenever he travels to the UK.

      • Agnes says:

        Weird that there have been no Willy briefings against this (probably BS) assertion. Usually Tom Sykes at The Daily Beast would immediately run some outraged take about how much W hates H and would throw an absolute schitt fit if H were to once again perform any Royal duties, but we’ve heard zip from those insiders. I wish we knew what was REALLY going on with the Wails. Will there be public inebriation again tonight at the BAFTAs?

      • Jais says:

        Willy has been briefing against this in other papers. He never loses an opportunity to rage-brief.

    • Dee(2) says:

      I think you’re correct because there was another story yesterday about how ” There’s no way back for Harry!!!”. I think people( the press ) still don’t know what was discussed because their two biggest sources ( Camilla and William) weren’t included and they’re throwing everything at wall. Harry’s not a real feminist because he didn’t want his stepmother in the room, William has no time to meet Harry he still hates him, Harry absolutely wants to come back and hates his life in America ( because he’s a failure!!), Harry can never come back because we still all hate his guts, etc.

    • windyriver says:

      Looks like the Telegraph has an article (Hannah Furness) quoting “palace sources”, saying, nah, not gonna happen, Sandringham summit agreement stands, yada, yada. I have whiplash from these silly stories, but anything to fill space in the complete absence of hard (or any!) real information I guess.

      • Sam says:

        I would be very disappointed if Harry really would support this toxic institution again that should actually be abolished. Even if it’s his family. But they are all abusers who wish him something bad, if not even death (Meghan’s thoughts of suicide, the worldwide spreading of hatred, the instructed paparazzi hunt).

      • Teddy says:

        Yeah Tom Sykes also already has a hateful screed that there’s “zero chance” Bill will ever allow Harry to perform official royal duties. Too bad that Harry already does, every time he steps out, just by virtue of being the better, truly charismatic brother lol

    • Whyforthelove says:

      Ding ding sources have already shot it down 🤦🏻‍♀️

      • Agnes says:

        Just saw the new Incandescent Screech on The Daily Beast. Took longer than usual tho. I guess Willy was slaking his thirst at a private club and couldn’t be reached for the usual ire and brimstone till now.

    • Caribbean says:

      I would not even like to guess how Harry feels. I know that they would have gladly served as long as they were not in that ‘faux gilded case’, so there is that.
      I do know for a fact that these stories will continue as long as the clicks continue and as long as they can say the Royal SNUBBED H (and M)…

    • Deborah says:

      “Sources” get paid for their tips, no matter how much smoke and mirrors they are, because it benefits the rags with a tidbit that keeps the divisive gossip on Harry and Meghan. That’s all. If ever a Royal ‘housekeeping’ were enacted, it ought to begin with its so-called Court of Sources.

    • Bean says:

      They lofted the ‘Harry back to help’ balloon merely to have the seething hordes of deranged Daily Mail responders shoot it down. What better way to get clicks than by making something up that you know will trigger all the island saltines to respond ‘no, never, after his betrayal’. They can now write article after article and generate click after click based on this one story. I do wish Harry would have his comms team come out and say ‘Harry never said that, it will never, ever happen’. Take the wind out of their sails as it were.

      • Caribbean says:

        That would be nice if that would stop it, but whatever else they do not answer then everyone (including well-wishers) will wonder if (unanswered articles) are true. It is a never-ending cycle…I saw something similar to this with Angelina Jolie, back in the AJ vs Jen days…but this is next level!
        The Media would Be SO HAPPY if they get a response out of H & M. They are even making up ‘clap back’ that is how desperate they are. Meghan wrote about her website builder, and they all published it to say she is defending her website…no, she was not, she was simple talking about working with the same person that did The Tig…

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      Willie would just be so darn happy to be able to dump work on his lil brother so he can vacay with an english rose while kkkhate negotiates her new separation contract.

      Harry was clearly being polite. How would he be able to say no fcking way Im going back there, im a thousand times happier in the USA and fck eggplant and his racist baby brain wife. He just wants to see his father whenever he can.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      It sounds like to me that the BM/BRF are saying, it’s obvious that the Sussexes are popular wherever they go, but we can’t quite say that. They’ve been VERY MUCH welcomed in Commonwealth countries, BUT WE CAN’T SAY THAT. Harry & Meghan are great diplomats for pretty much everything. BUT WE CAN’T SAY THAT.

      Harry might want to step up and help his ‘cancer stricken father’, uugghh. He “might” want to do it…rest assured..it won’t be ‘publically funded’. Meaning, any of Harry’s appearances in support of his father will need to be privately funded. I don’t wan’t Harry(or Meghan) to do anything for the effin BaRf. If they choose to, they better be paid after the BRF pulled their security, funding and Frogmore. The good generous publicity that would give Charles is $$$$$$$. No freebies for KFC.

    • SarahLee says:

      The smoking out William part is what I thought this was from the moment I read it. Suddenly, Wills is at the BAFTAs. Suddenly Wills is (drunk) at an investiture. The absolutely last thing William wants is Harry the Dutiful, returning to the UK to help his father in his time of need. Has William even visited Charles yet? I doubt it.

  2. Chloe says:

    Honestly i feel like the source on this one is the press themselves. They listened to Harry’s interview with GMA and simply ran with something. They turned: “when i am back i the uk, i’ll try to see my family” i to “Harry’s ready to come back”

    • ArtHistorian says:

      This really just read as wishful thing from the press based on a deliberate misreading of that interview.

      • ML says:

        This is what I hope it is. Harry flew over without his family to meet up with his father. His kids are approaching school age in the States and his wife has been abominably mistreated by the royals and the press.
        If, huge if, Harry were to help out, what on earth would that even entail given H&M live with their children in California and his father and SIL are ill in Europe?! What help would be temporarily necessary? And #WhereIsWilliam?

      • Gabby says:

        I agree with you @Chloe and @ArtHistorian. I think this was put out by a desperate and Sussex-starved BM.

        But what is their end game on this? Shame Harry into returning (ludicrous), nudge the RF into pleading for Harry to return (slightly less ludicrous) or to warn the left behind Windsors to get out there and become newsworthy? We shall see.

        I can see William putting it out just to shoot it down with the “Outraged William Won’t Allow It” stories, but not as much as the media just making it up.

    • Lawrenceville says:

      They got all this from listening to Harry’s interview with GMS and made their own conclusions. There’s no one, this time I will add not even at BP, or from the Sussexes leaking anything to that woman Nicker. All this is just twisting Harry’s words. Harry has said countless times, he wanted to support his grandmother, that’s all. His grandmother is no more, there’s no one else gonna get be supported by the Sussexes, not even that dogsh!t father of Harry’s. The rest is all guesses and innuendo. Harry is not gonna sacrifice his wife and children at his father’s altar, no sire. All these fools, the Nickers, the C-words, the Rottens, Cameltoes,Piss Morons, Joblessons etc of this rota club are merely wishful thinking aloud.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, it does feel like they just twisted the GMA interview. And then added that Harry told friends he’d be willing to return in a temporary royal role. It feels made-up and like they’re trying to assuage the BM and the RF’s egos and insecurities. Harry made it clear he’s happy in America and he doesn’t want to return, except to visit. But in their minds, being royal in the UK is something that should be desired and Harry’s actions are shattering that hierarchy. He makes them all look unworthy bc he doesn’t want it and so they’re making up stories that he wants to come back to make themselves look desirable and save face. Like Harry said, it was embarrassing for them that he left and it’s embarrassing that he said on an American news program that he’s good outside the system. It’s a whole farce being played out to make it seem like Harry is begging to come back when he’s clearly not.

    • Smythe020 says:

      This. The DM has at least five articles articles along the theme of: “Harry wants back, but he will never be welcomed or trusted, palace aides say, ‘No.’ William says, ‘Never.’ And what about Meghan?” complete with all the speculation, as if Harry has climbed the steps of Windsor Castle on his knees begging forgiveness. I was really hoping H&M’s new communications strategy would mean we’d get a very curt counterpoint statement shutting this down once-and-forever. I understand if they don’t want to give it air, but it’s churning so much revenue for the BM, they should pull the rug out.

      • Bean says:

        I agree – this is insanity that is feeding itself. Would take a one sentence response to nip it off and I think they need to. It would also go to prove, again, that the BM just make stuff up.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        H&M -January 2020-we’re stepping back from our royal duties and living elsewhere due to the heinous behavior of the British Media and certain people within the Barf & their employees.
        BM: Harry’s blindsiding the Queen.
        H&M: Crickets for a long time.
        BM: H&M are doing everything for attention because we talk about them every day it means THEY ARE the attention seekers.

        As we all know, it goes on and on. Like the Wheels on the Bus song. H&M hold hands. OMFG how dare they. Ridiculous, repugnant and repetitive. It’s sad that these people settle for being RR’s in the BM. I know here in the US we have a number of shows about cold case files. Does the UK have something similar? That’s actually proactive or are media people scared away from solving real crimes? Or, are these RR’s just as lazy as the Wank’s, uhhmm we’ll only do something if our paymasters/grey men tell us to.?

  3. Lawrenceville says:

    Regardless of whether any official role is granted, there appears to be hope in both the Palace and Montecito, the Sussexes’ Californian home, that a peacemaking operation could be successful in the coming months and years.
    Bi emphasis on “appears” and “years” I rest my case.

    • Kingston says:

      Harry has stated unequivocally & more than once that: “I want a family, NOT an institution.”

      Unfortunately, H’s “family”….meaning specifically chucky (& his co-h0 & sibblings & their families + bully & his lot), are incapable of defining themselves separately from the institution and in turn, the institution, meaning the servants, particularly the snr courtiers, private sec’y, etc., as H said in Spare: “…through a series of bold Machiavellian maneuvrs, had managed to consolidate power.” And each felt himself to be “the one true monarch.”

      When there’s no room in your house that is off-limits to servants while you’re in it, including bedrooms & bathrooms, nothing you say in your own house is private. This is how the incessant & seemingly unstoppable leakage occurs….underpd servants supplement their meagre wages by selling gossip to the shitmedia. In addition, there is also the barefaced briefings against the diff palaces by the snr mngrs of each, as they try to get gd PR for their principals.

      And as H also told us in Spare, the shitmedia in britain see “this large, ancient and very dysfunctional family as theirs to exploit.”

      So in signaling loudly & clearly that he loves his family & wd like to hv them bk in his life but WITHOUT the interference of the institutional mngrs & workers, H is seen as the better man. Because onlookers see tht the family members are entertwined with the institution & cannot or refuse to extricate themselves.

      In conclusion: H will never return to that hellish existence in no way shape or form & he wd doubly sure NOT expose his wife & kids to it.

      • aftershocks says:

        “I want a family, NOT an institution. ”

        Right @Kingston. I came here to mention those same words by Harry.

        In other words, Harry is apparently willing to visit the U.K. in order to maintain civility with his ailing Pa. He is NOT interested in going back to the U.K. to work on behalf of the institution. Been there, done that. There’s no going back to a toxic situation. Too bad that the BM now desperately realize they chose the wrong royal couple to pump up and get behind.

        Obviously, the institution needs Harry, and he doesn’t need them. They should have treated him better and truly valued him, instead of using and abusing him and his wife. The lack of trust is on H&M’s part toward the institution and the rota, both of which continue so very hard to attack and destroy H&M, even despite that errant strategy failing miserably.

  4. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I’ll say it again, these feverish dreams are just the British press desperately seeking a response from the palaces (especially KP) or the Sussex’s. I don’t think that anyone is truly buying this, not from either side but the press will continue to try.

    • Carmen says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Charles wanted Harry to come back, since it looks like his “slimmed down monarchy” is about to expire from anorexia — Charles is old and sick, William is a useless rageaholic, Edward is looking decidedly unhealthy, Andrew is in disgrace and God only knows what’s happening with Kate. Charles needs all the help he can get. But unless he is ready to give a sincere apology to both Harry and Meghan for the hell he allowed (or encouraged) the tabloids to put them through, he can forget it. Harry isn’t stupid, there is no way he will let Meghan be subjected to the royals’ nastiness any more, and the royals are incapable of acting any way else. So there they are. Harry has already said his life and his family are in California so the Brits will just have to make the best of it. The tabloids can write all the bullshit stories the want but at the end of the day all they will get from Harry is the back of his hand.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      100% agree. The British media is desperately trying to get reactions by the royal family spokespeople. Prince Harry is not about to leave his wife and children to become once again the punching bag of his own brother and the tabloids and for what?

      • one of the marys says:

        I think at this point, even if Charles apologizes, Harry will not take on official duties or roles. Too much time has passed and the couple fought hard to get where they are

      • Eurydice says:

        Whether Harry is in or not, he’s still William’s punching bag. At least, this way he can ignore the blows from 5,500 miles away.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Right! Plus, the schizophrenic pandering about ‘wanting Harry back,’ is lame and inauthentic. They want the dollars Harry & Meghan generate, plus some of the shine reflected by the dynamic duo’s clout and prestige. At the same time, they would love to be able to continue exploiting and abusing Harry & Meghan, while banking off these abuses. That is NOT gonna happen again. Harry got that monstrous rota & royal firm off his back and out of his life. He’s free! Why would he be willing to go back to abusive servitude?!

  5. Shawna says:

    Camilla was there? This is really bonkers, having actual different facts reported, not just spin.

    Could just be Charles lighting a fire under Willliam, but this would be a total 180 from BP’s insistence that Charles isn’t asking to William to step up.

    Most likely this is just someone making a new story about that meeting in light of the GMA interview alone. Reeve asking the leading question about unifying the family is at fault here.

    In any case, I hope this isn’t true.

    • EllenOlenska says:

      Reeve had to ask the question or the interview would have been criticized as a puff piece. The fact that Reeve didn’t press further is a sign that all of this was likely negotiated up front. For as much as Harry has built his own life here and built Invictus and Sentebale and many other projects, it is his birth tie to the royal family that will still be of interest to many. For all that he has suffered due to it, there has been some benefit to it. How many can name the founder of the wounded warrior off the top of their heads? This was well done and clearly agreed to in advance,

      • Magdalena says:

        How could it have been described as a puff piece if it was about the Invictus Games? Nothing wrong with asking about Charles (that’s journalism), the problem was with the phrasing AND the stupid emphasis on “reconciliation” when the interviewer has at least some idea of how toxic the situation has been. It would have been enough to ask one question related to the recent trip to the UK and moved right on to focus on Invictus. Almost as though someone put the words in his mouth (did they contact KP/BP for comment the minute they booked the interview?), seeing that THIS was how GMA chose to advertise the interview: emphasis on “Prince Harry talks about King Charles and possible reconciliation” as opposed to “Prince Harry talks about Invictus Games in Canada” with the Charles reference a mere footnote, which it actually was in the interview. The latter would have STILL got global headlines – pretty much anything with Harry’s name gets global headlines, so the interviewer (no matter how experienced he is), and the editor who decided to put that spin on an Invictus-related interview, were at fault here.

      • Naomi says:

        Just a shout out to @EllenOlenska for her name– I’m an Edith Wharton fan too!

      • windyriver says:

        @EllenOlenska – I agree that GMA likely wanted a little something more for the first piece, which was in their first (more news focused?) hour. Since it was just the week before that Harry had hoped on a plane to meet with Charles, it was a reasonable topic. The piece focused solely on the IG was in their second hour.

        If we’ve learned one thing these past years, it’s that it’s pointless to microanalyze what Harry (or Meghan) “should” have said, as the media is totally capable of making up a story from half a sentence, or, nothing at all. In this GMA interview, Harry actually gave quite a few sentences, which is why it’s being referred to as “another Harry tell-all” in some press. I’m actually enjoying the idea of the BM ripping their collective hair out over Harry giving this interview to an American outlet (again), and leaving the rest of them out in the cold (again).

        As Kaiser mentioned the other day, I do wonder if the question about US citizenship caught Harry by surprise. Don’t see that it matters, in the long run; for one thing, that he’s considered it I take it as confirming how serious Harry is that his former royal life in the UK is over and done with (though he’ll visit for family and business/legal purposes).

      • EllenOlenska says:

        I believe it’s also sweeps month in the US and that, no doubt, helped shape the promos.

      • Shawna says:

        The only way this wouldn’t be a puff piece would be if it asked hard-hitting questions about Invictus itself.

    • Chantale says:

      Yes, Camilla was there. She was listening at the door and looking through the peephole. That is why the meeting was 45 minutes. Harry caught her.
      Or, she was there by bugging the place where Harry had the talk with his father. Harry found the bug in one the vases and cut the meeting short.

      • Pinkosaurus says:

        My assumption is that Camzilla was there with Charles to greet Harry and then Charles and Harry went to a private room to talk without her. That way, both the stories about H “meeting” with his father and Camilla and Camilla being excluded from a private talk are true.

  6. SussexWatcher says:

    The fact that unnamed sources are already leaking to the press (whether the information is correct or wishful thinking) should remind Harry of why he and Meghan should never return. They cannot keep quiet for one single second and are already using him as a cudgel against Pegs, which is who I think this is really aimed at. The messaging around ‘the whole family coming together to support the king’ makes it sound like this is a reminder to Pegs that he’s the fcuking heir and better get his lazy, incompetent ass in gear.

    Also, they would expect Harry to come back but not receive any public funding? Nah, they can eff-off.

    I don’t think Harry’s comment about maybe seeing his family while he’s passing through the UK on other business means what these delusional people want it to mean. Harry and Meghan are peaceful under a tree, booked and busy. They are never returning.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I snorted at that, the idea that sure, Harry can come work for us representing us, but he’ll have to do it on his own dime. Gee, how generous! Also, I loved how infinitely shady his answer was that sure, he’ll stop in on his way to somewhere else & see someone in his birth family, you know, in between flights or something. Ha! They’ll just be that stopover, hey, I’m in town for half a day, want to get together? That’s how much they mean to him. No more, no less.

  7. equality says:

    PH wrote up a proposal before and got shot down. If I were him I wouldn’t up anything for any palace. If they want him to represent them in anything let them write a proposal. His time is worth money now. Let KC pay if he wants “work” from Harry.

    • Bren says:

      I love that H&M maintained the Sussex Royal website and link to it on their new site as a reminder of their original proposal and the denial of it.

      Rereading the 2020 transition plan is a reminder of how far Harry and Meghan have come since leaving. They have done a lot in four years. They settled into a new home, expanded their family and created media projects alongside their foundation work. I can’t believe some people thought they weren’t doing enough at times but they did more in four years than most people do in a decade.

      Harry and Meghan have worked too hard for independence to return to that toxic environment.

  8. SURE says:

    “..father he clearly adores..” Would H still adore such a cruel father or would he pity him now?

    • Lissen says:

      Harry’s said that he has a great deal of compassion for both his father and brother. He knows they’re trapped and they can’t get free. Harry is free and can clearly see and appreciate how dreadful life in the brf was/is. He feels for them; pities them; understands their situations; probably forgives them; doesn’t mean that he’s going back.

      Harry’s free.

      • Kingston says:

        I hope that by now, with the added perspective that comes with space & time, that H now believes tht his father & brother are only trapped in their mind. That if they truly wanted out from the gilded cage, out from their luxurious enslavement, they could.

        They hv more money than he did when he left & even now tht he’s much wealthier, they hv millions more than him. Even if they wd hv to shed a lot of their wealthy trappings, they still hv great personal wealth.

        So I sincerely hope tht H’s compassion for bully & chucky is no greater than the compassion he wd feel for a stranger.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Lissen, agree. I’ll probably explain this poorly. IMO, Harry is in a place where looking at his Windsor/father/brother family is like looking at a Monet. Up close and personal, it’s really messy. From 5,000+ miles away it looks better, but deep inside, you still know it’s messy and you operate as someone from a distance. Hard to explain. Pretty sure Harry doesn’t see William in a good light at any distance. He’s just not screaming to the wind about it.

        I don’t believe Harry (Harry/Meghan) are offering a temporary role).

  9. Seraphina says:

    I saw this article last night and thought, it must be very grounding and centering to Harry to know he has his own family, his own kids and wife who adore him. A wife whose interests are the same as his (to do good) and he is far far away from people who have used him and caused him harm. There was also another asinine article about how Meghan is reaching out to Kate with an olive branch – all media craziness. As far as Kate – show us a new pic of her and her recovery.

  10. Harry is too busy with his life and works to be sucked back into that cult institution. No way will he subject himself or his family to that nonsense again. I think Chuckles may actually regret that his slimmed down monarchy along with whatever is happening with Can’t might just be a problem but I don’t think he even would ask for Harry’s help. Harry probably will travel thru UK for his charities but I think that it.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      I think that’s what the meeting the other day was for. I think Charles asked Harry to come back. And Harry said nope! And that’s why the meeting was so short. Harry was supposed to bow down and say of course sire. But he didn’t. Harry of course went to check on Charles. But Charles has never shown that he cares about anyone else. Everything he does is to keep him on the throne. So he wouldn’t have sent security to escort Harry to him just so he could assure Harry he was okay. For goodness sake. The man went to pick mushrooms while his mother died. Whatever happened to Kate is bad. And it includes William. And more than likely will be the end of the British monarchy.

  11. Lady Digby says:

    Isn’t this really about the elephant pooping in the palace as on why isn’t the actual heir shouldering the appropriate burden of even temporarily covering for dad? No one expects Harry to return but UK is entitled to expect the fit and healthy 41year heir to do his job which does include covering for dad? Fed up with the wrong focus here when it is Willy’s lack of action that should be scrutinized and this is The Times round about why of pointing at the actual heir’s indolence and turpitude?

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      Yeah, I see this nonsense as press manipulation to get the lazy heir off his butt to do some work. The BM know Willy’s jealousy of Harry fuels his every action so they’re probably using the thought of Harry returning and doing Royal work as a motivation. Problem is Willy is already ranting son raving and shut this BM pipe dream down cause he will never allow Harry to return to the Royal fold.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        I think William is so out of control right now. It is Charles who has him on lockdown. It isn’t that William is refusing. Charles isn’t letting him be seen. Because of whatever happened with Kate. Everything comes back to that. Kate dissapeared. And nothing has been the same since.

      • Jaded says:

        @Robert Phillips — I totally agree. I think Charles has finally had an *aha!* moment, starting around the time of the coronation, that William is an albatross around everyone’s necks and brings nothing to the table except a belligerent attitude, ineptitude, disinterest and indolence. If William had anything to do with Kate’s health issues, that would have been the final straw for Pa. I can picture him giving William the dressing down of his life and relieving him of certain duties, which he was barely performing in the first place. Kate is lazy, inept and spiteful but I’m sure Charles is fond of her in his own weird way and probably feels sorry for her being married to his bully of a son.

  12. Julie says:

    Yesterday headlines were that the king and the heir were have secret meetings at Sandringham. And today you have that BS is every tabloids. My guess, Harry saw it coming thus is very clear confirmation that he is happy and love his life in the US. He might be willing to visit his father who is the king, but he is not interested in the royal business.

  13. Tina says:

    I think the source is the press and their need for new drama. Harry just had a great week of press and now they need him to be seen as begging to come back. They need his shine. And now William is leaking to everyone that he will not allow this. Ugh these people are so weird. What QEII understood when Harry and Meghan left is that they are still members of the family. They should be treated like Beatrice or Eugenie and still be invited to family stuff. But Charles and William are obsessed with punishment.

  14. Lili says:

    it seems to me Charles needs Harry back since Willy isnt pulling his weight. so this could be a manipulative article to get the public on board and bring harry in line, what Harry might see as a 3/4hr visit could end up turning into weeks of assignments of please help your darling pa out. Harry needs to make the intentions of his visit clear.

    • Just Jade says:

      Charles and the BM Rats are living with regret of could have, should have & would have. They are so out of touch with reality of this world it’s unbelievable. May be they were watching another interview with GMA because their version of things are truly fictions.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      Regardless of what the British Media think. They don’t control the majority of the public. It is just the older generation that believes all the lies put out by the tabloids. So they can try to push for Harry to come back. It’s not going to affect the rest of the world. And will only highlight that William isn’t stepping up at all.

  15. Chantale says:

    I love Buble’s serenade, funny and lovely. I always thought My Way fits Harry to a T. It is one of my favorite songs. These are part of the song I think relate to Harry:

    Yes, there were times I’m sure you knew
    When I bit off more than I could chew
    But through it all, when there was doubt
    I ate it up and spit it out
    I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way
    For what is a man, what has he got?
    If not himself then he has naught
    Not to say the things that he truly feels
    And not the words of someone who kneels
    Let the record shows I took all the blows and did it my way

  16. Christa says:

    The press saw how well Harry did in Vancouver and they are desperate for royal reporting that is interesting. But this has no chance of happening.

  17. Mads says:

    FFS, I’ve read more credible fanfics on AO3. This is a desperate attempt to garner negative articles and panel discussions to distract from the great pictures, articles and positive buzz around the Invictus One Year to Go events in Canada. The GMA interview has also REALLY ticked them off with Harry clearly stating his family is in the USA and admitting he’s considered becoming a citizen; heads exploded in the palaces and the press. One thing I’d like to point out – and what the UK media always forget – is when Harry refers to his family in the UK, that includes the Spencer’s too.

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      Good point about the Spencers. Harry is very close to his Spencer aunts. But of course the BM only sees the Windsors as Harry’s family. It boggles my mind how the BM can make Opposite Day of things everyone else hears clearly and understands.

    • Dee(2) says:

      The press doesn’t want to acknowledge his closeness to the Spencer side, which is obvious given the fact that he acknowledged them in the opening of his book, because they want to present an image of him being isolated. That’s why they hate that he’s close to Eugenie still, and I’d wager he’s at least cordial with Beatrice, Zara and Peter. It’s also why they ignore that he’s a married man with two kids , because then it becomes oh you don’t talk to your asshole dad and brother and not he’s all alone and adrift in the world.

  18. Eurydice says:

    I have to laugh at how one tabloid called the GMA interview as Harry’s “latest tell-all,” when it was pretty much “tell nothing.” How this got turned into “Harry’s coming back to be a royal again…I don’t think Google makes a translator for that.

    • MrsCope says:

      Right?! He was almost cagey during that part of the interview. Quick, succinct answers with very little to interpret. He kept the meat of the interview focused on Invictus and Invictus families, and they still managed to whip up an airy froth with high peaks in the UK . I would consider it a gift if it wasn’t so toxic.

    • Nic919 says:

      Good morning America isn’t trashy like good morning Britain so I bet the British media assumed it was. They cover real news plus lighter topics but GMA doesn’t have panels spouting bs like the British show.

      Nothing in that GMA interview suggested Harry wanted to go back to work for the others.

      This sounds like William wanting to look macho and pretending he is doing something while he’s hiding away b

      • Jais says:

        GMB just feels like an extension of the tabloids. American morning shows can be silly and grating at times but nothing like those panels on GMB. It makes the news anchors look so unprofessional.

  19. Tessa says:

    I don’t believe a word of it
    All the talk of William taking titles and being angry. Harry and Meghan and their children should not go back. Charles needs to have words with lazy william

  20. Jay says:

    This is wishful thinking on Charles’ part, I think. He knows that the actual heir is not up to the job, and I think he sees Harry’s success and wants a piece of it. The press plays along because they, too, are bored and need a Sussex story to keep their readership at bay.

    • Gabby says:

      Right you are with “he sees Harry’s success and wants a piece of it”.

      As a parent, I find it disgusting to feed off your child’s efforts in this way. It shows what a limp parasite King Tampon is.

  21. sevenblue says:

    The condition of H&M’s half in was not to work with royal rota. So, there is no way it is gonna happen especially while Harry is still waiting on his cases against Sun and DM. We knew when Kate got disappeared and Charles got cancer, the press will focus more on H&M for stories to hide the real stories. We are gonna get a few months of these stories, buckle up.

  22. Talie says:

    If Harry was going to authorize friends to speak for him on a story like this, it wouldn’t be with The Times. The Telegraph, maybe, but not the The Times, and especially not to Kate Mansey. That being said – Kate has been putting a strangely positive spin on Sussex stories lately, including defending the Sussex.com relaunch from the palace’s perspective.

    I feel like this is a Buckingham Palace special – and as soon as she posted it and did an interview about it on the Times Radio, Rebecca English – her former colleague – immediately shot it down. And then it was a cascade of shooting down by other royal editors. I suspect this is a case of “the girls are fighting.” The girls being Kensington and Buckingham. And the reason most certainly has something to do with the long-term health prospects for Charles and Kate possibly not being so positive.

    • Magdalena says:

      Wasn’t Kate Mansey recently employed by the daily fail? Isn’t she the one who was responsible for the lying article about PH abandoning veterans and not replying to a letter then the whole thing had to be put straight? I was surprised to see her name on a byline elsewhere. The UK media platforms are all so very, very incestuous.

      • Jais says:

        Yes, that’s exactly who she is. Valentine Low recently retired from the Times so maybe she’s replacing him? She played around once and now she’s claiming to have sources with Harry’s friends.

  23. Amy Bee says:

    I believe this story was planted by William to set up the stories in the Sunday papers that say that he will block any return by Harry. However in the process of doing so he has stepped on news of his new housing project.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, I can almost see this. The weird detail is that Camilla was there? Not sure why William would brief that though. But the immediate reaction stories from William saying absolutely not are telling.

  24. Brassy Rebel says:

    Yeah, the Times wishes! But I think they are just trying to use Harry as bait to draw TOB out of whatever hole he’s been hiding in.

    What I don’t understand and what surprises me is Harry saying that on his trips back to the UK, he will try to see his “family” (not just Pa). Who else, besides his York cousins, would he want to see? 🤔

    • Mads says:

      His maternal family. He’s very close with his aunts

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Then wouldn’t he have specified his mum’s family? I got the impression he was speaking of his paternal relatives. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

      • Patricia says:

        He is close to his Spencer aunts and uncle. Look at Archie’s christening photo and you will see Diana’s sisters. They were also there for the unveiling of Diana’s statue. I was very touched in Spare when Harry and Meghan were going out to visit Diana’s grave on the island and there was his uncle helping him with the boat. I don’t think many people realize how hard Diana’s death was on het siblings. But,
        I will never forget her brother’s eulogy, it was magnificent.

    • North of Boston says:

      Why wouldn’t his “family” automatically include his family on his mother’s side in anyone’s mind? Why is the assumption/default that it’s only the Windsor’s unless he qualifies “family” with an adjective.

      Yes I know that often in English and in America and elsewhere that gender-neutral words historically have been taken as describing a man by default unless someone puts “female” in front of it, but that’s just the result of centuries of women being denied basic rights and the ability to work in most jobs outside of a handful of exceptions.

      But “family” almost always include men and women, and Harry very publicly is known to have two parents, why wouldn’t people assume by default that his “family” refers to both Spencers and Windsors without him saying that explicitly?

      • Anon says:

        I’m personally closer with people on my moms side then my dads side but both are family to me. I also have people I call my family (and my kids think of their kids as cousins) but we are not blood related. I don’t get why people think Harry’s only family is Charles, Will etc.

      • Tisme says:

        @North of Boston…YES. Thank you.

      • Nic919 says:

        He clearly is closer to the Spencer side because his aunts offered the Spencer tiara to Meghan and they attended all the christenings.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I made the assumption he was talking about his father’s family because that’s the family he was talking about and being asked about in this interview. There hasn’t been any drama around his relationship with the Spencers. In context, he was talking about visiting the family from which he is estranged. That’s the Windsors.

  25. GMH says:

    Here come the Gray Suits again trying to worm themselves back in the picture when it come to Harry. I think he is too smart to fall for their back handed efforts to assert control over him, which would be the result should he agree to any role with the firm, no matter how temporary and supportive of his father. And it would be hell for Meghan and the kids. Not gonna happen!

  26. kyliegirl says:

    Harry said in his interview that he already has trips booked. This means that he is booked and busy with his own life and with HIS family in CA. Harry is a caring son. From Spare his love for Charles is evident and all he really wanted was for his father to spend time with him. This was also evident in the interview. He was grateful he got to spend any time at all with his dad. The BM desperately wants them back, but there low EQ doesn’t allow them to say this. They are like little children in the school yard, being mean to the one they like the most. Plus, they need stories to sell and the current crew just doesn’t do it. Harry knows the score, but wants a relationship with his dad. I don’t even think he care about William.

  27. Harper says:

    No, Harry will not return to pick up the vital Arly Years work that Twigs in a Blanket is unable to complete right now due to her being neither here nor there. The under fives of England are on their own.

    But there are some interesting implications in the sentence that says there are pragmatic aspects to consider due to the King’s and Kate’s wellbeing. Chuck’s cancer, we get, but I thought Twigs was on the mend from successful abdominal surgery. Interesting to imply that there are facts related to Kate’s wellbeing that concern Harry.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, interesting implications. We’re pretty sure that the press knows more than it’s telling – perhaps this is a way to nudge some of it out there under the guise of making it about Harry.

  28. Hannah says:

    I just can’t seem to work my brain around a situation where Harry (Meg, Archie & Lili) would leave their gorgeous Californian lifestyle, that dreamy mansion (which they own) for a grace and favour 2nd rate creaky old home and left over table scraps (at the mercy of Chuck, Cam & Will) When he has it ALL in the USA, and on his (and Meg’s) terms – accountable to no one but themselves and each other. I’m obviously missing something

  29. Macky says:

    Harry offered half in/ out. If he decided to official do some stuff, all that would mean is it took them a few years to decided to listen to him.

    I wrote sometime ago that queen Elizabeth and later king chuck still considers Harry their property/person. Everyone works for them. Invictus is basically a royal tour. I firmly believe chuck counts Invictus as overseas work. In the future William will to; as a way of being lazy.

    Honestly he is too far up the line of succession to hang out in the usa indefinitely. Unless the British public is okay or understand why he is living it up overseas. Sunny California. Do the English realize he maybe in real physical danger? I laughed for years but the media is creating an unsafe atmosphere.

    • Tisme says:


    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Macky, I don’t see an issue with Harry being “too far up the line of succession to hang out in the usa indefinitely.” He has only one way to go and that’s DOWN the line of succession when the three Wails children marry and have children. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other.

      I agree that the bm/brf have engendered so much hate and vitriol against the Sussexes that it poses severe security problems in the UK. What I find the most interesting is that the bm/brf completely ignore that. What does that say about them?

    • BeanieBean says:

      He’s not hanging out here, he lives here, he’s created a life here. What nonsense.

      • JudyB says:

        Ditto “Huh”??? California is now his home–he is not just hanging out there! And the royal family has absolutely no control over what he does or doesn’t do, regardless of how “high” he is in their family.

        And it is absolutely NO business of the British public what he does with his life–they do not need to be “OK or understand” why he chooses to live in California or how he earns money to support his family.

        The whole problem is that for some very strange reason, not only does the royal family think they own Harry, but the public and the media think they own him as well. After a very difficult childhood and adolescence, he is finally FREE and can do what he wants. It does not matter if Charles or William will not accept his decisions or be in the same room with him, or anything else with his family. And I repeat from an older post, his children will NOT need whoever is king to approve their marriages. No one in his little family needs permission of the royal family to do anything other than dressing up in funny, antiquated uniforms, wear medal they give each other, or stand on a balcony–and who would want to do those things anyway????

  30. Bettyrose says:

    My employer has a mechanism for emergency temporary hires when a critical role is temporarily vacant. Has HR begun reviewing CVs of qualified candidates currently residing in the UK? Oh, right, birth and marriage are the only pathways to this role. Maybe time for a new hiring policy?

    • JudyB says:

      Aha! You have hit the nail on the head. The problem with the royal family is their lack of an adequate hiring process. Putting whoever is born into the family into jobs, regardless of their qualifications or even desire to perform those jobs adequately, is a serious mistake because it is clear that nearly all of the current job holders are completely incompetent and unqualified.

    • kirk says:

      Y’all are killing it today in the comments! 😂

  31. Chantal1 says:

    Sure Jan. Now, Where’s Kate?

  32. Roseberry says:

    The majority of the UK press are running with the story below, I thinks it’s pretty obvious that BP briefed the Times and Peg rage briefed everyone else that he’s legally and financially contracted to. Why would harry want to spend time at Sandringham when the world knows that he had to be in Vegas for the NFL awards event!

    “Prince Harry had reportedly hoped to join King Charles for a few days at Sandringham during his trip to the UK earlier this month.
    But according to royal insiders, the Duke was told to visit King Charles’ London home, Clarence House, and was limited to a fleeting face-to-face meeting with his father.
    He was also later told to get himself a hotel for the evening, sources added.
    Harry “took it upon himself” to make a return to London following the news of his father’s cancer diagnosis and a personal call from Charles to break the news.
    Upon his arrival, however, the Duke spent just 30 minutes with his father as Charles had delayed his visit to Sandringham with Queen Camilla to have a brief chat with his son.
    “Harry came over to see his father, expecting to go to Sandringham. But instead he was asked to be at Clarence House and was restricted to 30 minutes,” an insider told The Sun.
    “The fear was that if he went to Sandringham they would never get rid of him.”
    Just six minutes after their chat, the King and Queen departed for their trip to Sandringham”

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Roseberry, okay, that’s funny. These are some salty folks because Harry didn’t hang around and give them photo opportunities.

    • Eurydice says:

      Lol, how stupid. I don’t know when Charles called Harry about his diagnosis, but it was announced publicly on the 5th and Harry arrived on the 6th. He left on the 7th and attended the NFL honors event the next evening. So, how was he expecting to hang around Sandringham for a few days? And nobody takes it upon themselves to visit the King – the King decides who visits him.

    • Dee(2) says:

      He took it upon himself to visit but got a police escort from the airport? Guess he set that up himself. He wanted to go to Sandringham and stay, but he was also wrong for doing the NFL awards the next day? Also they knew that he had the Invictus events planned for this week, why would they be afraid that they couldn’t get rid of him? Everything they write just comes across like bitter ex to the extreme. And William is just pathetic. He’s not even someone that was born on third base, he’s someone that was born with one foot on home, and is angry that Harry even gets an at bat.

  33. Square2 says:

    I took what Harry said in GMA as – “When I’m in Britain for the court cases against the Fail, the Dimn, etc.”

    To the Rat BM: Just because Harry was friendly towards the press, answering some shout out questions, and thanking the print media for covering the Vancouver/Whistler events, does NOT mean he is going to have anything to do with you again.

  34. Goldenkatz says:

    Check out the Telegraph just now about how there’s no way back for Harry. This is all UK sources arguing with each other. H isn’t interested in coming back.

    • Chantale says:

      I will take your words because I am not clicking on the Telegraph. Ever!

      • Jais says:

        Same. I’m perfectly good with seeing excerpts here or screenshots online. No need to click on the Telegraph and give them money.

  35. Giddy says:

    Harry return? That is absolutely not necessary because William has finally grown into his role; he is attending events and communicating with the public in a warm and receptive manner. No? I’m sorry Britain. You have a lousy, childish, jealous, angry, ineffective man as your FK. In fact, I would say that you are FKed.

  36. tamsin says:

    This story was spun to from a sentence Harry said about visiting his father when he is in London (unless pa squirrels away as soon as his son arrives in town) on business. He has other trips “planned” said the man. Thus, the media can begin a series of stories to humiliate Harry- he’s not wanted, no way can he come back, etc etc. Notice how vitriolic the stories are. No way to entice someone to even visit for any reason.

  37. aquarius64 says:

    The stupid thing about this shooting war with KP/BP and the media is the UK put on a bid to host IG. All this sniping is off putting, especially with corporate sponsors. There are too many countries that would love to host IG (S. Korea, Italy e.g.) that will not give the Sussexes grief. These clowns are disqualifying the UK.

  38. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I agree with acquarius64 that the bm is harming the UK’s chance for an IG in 2027. I would really like to see South Korea get the bid, but we’ll have to wait and see.

    I think that it would be possible that KFC resigns as the (whatever position he holds) with the Commonwealth Trust and asks they vote Harry in. That isn’t royal and includes mostly countries that do not have KFC as head of state. Clearly after H&M’s reception in Jamaica, it’s obvious that would be a good fit. That’s all I’ve got. I don’t see Harry doing any of the Royal stuff unless it was to lay a wreath.

    I don’t know why the bm thinks Harry & Meghan have TIME to do what they suggest. They have a lot going on and their days must be very full.

    • Mary Pester says:

      Offs, will these people never learn, the UK is Harry’s toxic ex, hanging around like a bad smell on the perifory of Harry and Megan’s life together. That’s why they try and latch Harry onto anything that they do.
      Today every bloody paper has a headline like “William says there is definitely NO WAY BACK” for Harry, and “, WILLIAM BLOCKS HARRY’S RETURN to royal duties and how PALACE aides STOPPED Harry travelling to Sandringham with his father!and yes camzilla was in the room, (, yes hidden behind a very large painting 😁).
      All because of such great pictures of Harry and Megan having a wonderful time on Canada.
      It must be exhausting for the idiots trying to find ways to distract from Billy’s laziness

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Mary Pester, I don’t know why they even keep trying to distract from Wont. It’s pretty obvious that he’s not going to change.

        I hope you’re feeling better after the car accident.

      • Eurydice says:

        The RF is the toxic ex who says “If I can’t have you, nobody can.”

      • Jais says:

        @mary pester, lol yes I was just think that Camilla was hidden behind a painting, the one where the eyes follow you. My nieces and nephew are very into old scooby doo right now and that painting with the creeper eyes is definitely how I pictured Camilla spying😂

  39. Mslove says:

    I know someone in the media said Keen didn’t have cancer, but I’m starting to wonder if Keen does indeed have some type of cancer. Harry could very well help his dad on a part time basis without moving back to England. Hell, it would be the only way to help because
    of Peg & Cam.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mclove, I think the brf needs to fix their own problems without waiting for someone else (Harry) to fix it for them. Either they’re capable of handling things or they are not. Let’s see which they are.

      • Mslove says:

        The BRF are capable of handling problems with big bags of cash, back room deals, and out-of-court settlements. I don’t think any of that will get Peg off his lazy duff though.

  40. LadyUltimate says:

    Why would they need Harry if they seem to not even need the heir to do anything that just sort of resembles “work”?

  41. GDubslady says:

    Harry not only remains a counselor of state for Charles but under the Regency Act of 1938, Harry will be Regent for George if William is declared unfit to serve as King. Stepping down as a working royal does not change this. It is all based on Harry’s being the next person in the line of succession over 18. Five people outlined by the act determine the monarch’s fitness to serve. The decision only requires a majority of three. Interesting enough, the monarch’s spouse is one of the five. If Charles passed and William’s fitness was questioned, will Kate be around to vote? Maybe this has been the source of William’s hostility for years as well as Charles’ recent efforts at rapprochement. Is the Firm preparing for a possible regency and can Harry avoid it or has he been trying to avoid it all along?

  42. Cassie says:

    They are just misinterpreting some of his comments and writing rubbish as usual..

  43. GDubslady says:

    Correction. The Regency Act of 1937 not 1938. Harry apparently would have to have a UK domicile so that might be his way out but I’m betting Harry would do it if required. If William refuses to do the work while his father is ill or later incapacitated and Harry temporarily steps in, what choice does the Firm or Harry have if Will won’t perform. Big question is will Meghan follow Harry back to tge UK.

    • Tessa says:

      William wants to be king but on his own terms

    • BeanieBean says:

      There is nothing about that institution that requires Harry. Absolutely nothing. He’s a free man now.

    • windyriver says:

      @GDubslady – “domicile” in this sense is a legal (and tax) concept in the UK that does NOT mean, has a house/living quarters in the country. Harry maintains his “domicile of origin”, and as such, is considered domiciled in the UK for the purposes of the act, even though he doesn’t live there.

      See: House of Commons Library, “Regency and Counsellors of State”, page 24. (Dated February 6, 2024.)


  44. Celine says:

    We know from Harry interviews for promoting Spare that he is still open to the half-in, half-out idea and he would gladly do engagements for the monarchy if Charles wanted him to play a role in the Commonwealth. However, it’s not up to Harry alone, it’s up to Charles, and Charles was one of the driving forces behind Harry’s exit. Charles doesn’t want Harry in any way to serve the public in his reign which is why he evicted him from Frogmore Cottage. The truth is that Charles doesn’t need Harry. With the exception of the lazy heir and his wife, Charles has Anne, Sophie, Edward and even Camilla. They work hard according to royal standards but also don’t overshadow him.

    • aftershocks says:

      Again, Harry has said that he wants “a family, not an institution. Thus, whatever Harry might do to support his father will be on Harry’s terms and no one else’s. Harry does NOT need the royal firm! 😤

      • Celine says:

        He said in his interview with Michael Strahan that if his father asked him to work for the commonwealth, that idea is of course on the table. —- Working for the monarchy and the commonwealth will be on Charles’s terms, who is the king, not Harry’s. Harry has the choice to accept or decline. And as I said, Charles doesn’t want or need Harry.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Celine, actually he doesn’t need to be part of the brf if he works with Commonwealth countries. Most of them don’t have KFC as head of state. He could work for the Trust.

  45. Gia says:

    He’ll visit his ill
    dad “when he’s in the neighborhood” that’s how it sounds and no he cannot be half in and half out. That ain’t how it works.

  46. Chantale says:

    If it is to be part of Harry’s destiny, nothing will shake this. Look what happened when Edward married Wallis. George, the second brother, Harry’s great grandfather, became king and he did no want to. When fate comes knocking at your door, you sometimes have no choice. I hope it is not in Harry’s future. He should be happy doing what he likes with Meghan, Archie and Lilibet. I think Archie going to be a rich organic farmer selling his organic chickens and more to the world. LOL

    • Tessa says:

      Harry cannot be king. Williams three children are ahead of him . Harry made his choice and he and Meghan and the children are family.

  47. Patricia says:

    He is close to his Spencer aunts and uncle. Look at Archie’s christening photo and you will see Diana’s sisters. They were also there for the unveiling of Diana’s statue. I was very touched in Spare when Harry and Meghan were going out to visit Diana’s grave on the island and there was his uncle helping him with the boat. I don’t think many people realize how hard Diana’s death was on het siblings. But,
    I will never forget her brother’s eulogy, it was magnificent.

  48. Patricia says:

    He is close to his Spencer aunts and uncle. Look at Archie’s christening photo and you will see Diana’s sisters. They were also there for the unveiling of Diana’s statue. I was very touched in Spare when Harry and Meghan were going out to visit Diana’s grave on the island and there was his uncle helping him with the boat. I don’t think many people realize how hard Diana’s death was on her siblings. But,
    I will never forget her brother’s eulogy, it was magnificent. I don’t b know why this isn’t being accepted. I certainly have not submitted it begore.

  49. Razan says:

    This could happen. It does not contradict what he said that he has his own family in California. He could temporarily represent the King and the British public would be happy to have him back. After all Harry is a military man and military men leave their families for months or even years to do their duty.

    • Tessa says:

      Harry won’t leave his family. Meghan and the children. Why would Harry leave them for months or years.

    • Kingston says:

      I wonder why some folks insist in hvng these wet dreams abt H going bk to the hellhole he fled for his life from.
      In the netflix Invictus docu H said categorically that he wdnt hv made the choice of hvng kids while he was serving in the military. Yet here comes someone telling him tht its just fine for him to go off to be the footstool for an ungrateful bunch, leaving his family for months or even yrs!
      Jeebus Christis! The madness!

  50. JudyB says:

    Did you notice that the authors of the article made it clear that Harry would “not be paid from public funds” as if the media is writing a contract for these visits and making decisions on the conditions. So, assuming this help from Harry were to come about, who in the heck would be paying for his expenses, and those of his family, assuming they were welcome to come? Would not count on his father or brother chipping in. And we can only assume that Harry and family would have to stay in a hotel, so none of this is going to happen.

    Since Harry and family are practically broke and barely surviving financially in California, do these people really think this poor, undeserving family would agree to come to the UK to help out a father who has made it clear in the past that they are not welcome? Unfortunately, I think they do believe this. Definitely deranged.

  51. Karen says:

    I know everybody keeps saying that Harry said he would never be a working royal again but he said that he would not go back to being a full-time working royal. He does not see that as part of his life again, but it does not mean he might not be willing to do things on an as-needed basis. I know the family is horrible when it comes to him and his family but he is not like them and will not turn his back if needed.

    • Kingston says:

      Needed to do what exactly?

      Apart from the monarch, NO OTHER MEMBER OF THE ROYAL FAMILY is obligated to do a damn thing. They only crafted the role of patron & visits to charities & then got the givt to agree to use them for bells & whistles & call it “soft diplomacy;” all to ensure that they could BE SEEN as being of value to justify their continued existence.

      H is not into performative nonsense.