Before Ines de Ramon, Brad Pitt ‘dated, but never seriously’ & he found his ‘spark’

Last week, People Magazine had an exclusive about Brad Pitt and his girlfriend Ines de Ramon. Brad’s team isn’t slick. They’re as obvious as can be, and it’s clear that they want a focus on Brad’s love life and his relationship with Ines right now. But for what reason? Usually, this kind of thing is a deflection for Brad’s bullsh-t, from his financial disasters to his humanitarian disasters to the fact that he financially, emotionally and physically abused Angelina Jolie. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be one particularly bad story about Pitt out there, and the more his team talks about Ines, the more I think that something big is coming down the pike. Anyway, Brad Pitt wants everyone to know that Brad Pitt is very happy with Ines de Ramon!

Brad Pitt “couldn’t be happier” in his relationship with girlfriend Ines de Ramon, a source tells PEOPLE exclusively. After PEOPLE confirmed that the two-time Oscar winner, 60, and the jewelry executive, 34, are cohabiting in his California home, a source says the move-in was the “natural” next step in their relationship.

“They were spending so much time together at Brad’s that it just made sense for Ines to move in with him,” the insider says. “Brad’s very happy and loves spending time with her. Moving in together was a natural thing.”

The couple was first spotted together in November 2022, with sources claiming they had already been dating for “a few months” by then.

Previously, de Ramon, who is the head of wholesale for Anita Ko Jewelry, split from actor Paul Wesley in 2022 after three years of marriage. Pitt, meanwhile, split from Angelina Jolie in 2016 after they began dating in 2005 and wed nine years later in 2014.

“Since the divorce, Brad’s dated but never seriously,” the source says. “This is the first serious relationship, and he couldn’t be happier.”

The insider — who describes de Ramon as “kind, funny and very special” — went on to note that it’s “amazing” to witness Pitt’s revived joy.

“With Ines, he found his spark again,” they say. “It’s truly amazing to see. Brad’s a great guy. He deserves to be happy.”

[From People]

“Since the divorce, Brad’s dated but never seriously” – excuse me but I lived through the Neri Oxman Debacle of 2018, just as I survived the Summer of Nicole Poturalski, which ended swiftly when it was revealed that Nico was not the “hot, younger Angelina Jolie look-alike” but rather an Instamodel hustler with a much-older husband. Good times. Even if you argue that Ines is Pitt’s first real “relationship” since Angelina, that sort of begs the question of why Pitt needed to dry out for seven years before deciding to be in a very awkward relationship. “With Ines, he found his spark again. It’s truly amazing to see. Brad’s a great guy. He deserves to be happy.” Does he though??

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  1. Eva says:

    We’ll see what the coming weeks/months will bring, because all these articles smell strongly of an attempt to divert attention. I know there may be some court hearings in the Miraval case in March. Maybe Brad is expecting a disaster. Or maybe he’ll come out with some new poo.

  2. bergamot says:

    It’s his monthly tabloids update that he signed up for in return for positive coverage, but he is also rolling her out so he can bring her to red carpets for his upcoming movies.

  3. Nina says:

    Yeah the last time we saw his spark he was terrorizing and abusing his family in flight.

  4. EliseM says:

    I wanna be the prom king who can bring the freshman cheerleader to the dance, too guys!!

    Always a good look for a 60-year-old. (insert eyeroll)

    • bergamot says:

      Yes, but not to his movie premiere red carpet. The constant influx of these tabloid pieces that sound like written about two teens is, I guess, to normalize for his fans (who are mostly older women) that he is with 30 year younger woman. They won’t care if he is “so, so happy”, right? But most importantly, he is not with evil Angelina.

      Sorry, this is answer for Nins

  5. txgirl says:

    I personally think this is a tactic to get his divorce finalized

    • bergamot says:

      How? He can remarry if he wants , they bifurcated their divorce and are technically divorced since 2019. He is the one suing Angelina about vineyard, so if that’s the issue it’s of his own doing.

  6. TRex says:

    Nothing but side-eye for him and his new relationship.

    • Brit says:

      Why? Because he is too happy?

      • mary mary says:

        No, because wtf is a 60-year-old doing with someone half his age. Yes, she’s a grown woman, but let’s not pretend that this man won’t take advantage of the power dynamics that being twice the age of his partner bring. Like, ask Angelina Jolie.

    • Ivy says:

      Yeah Ines is the one who can’t marry legally yet so I don’t think it’s that

  7. Lionlover says:

    He’s very immature in my opinion. Can’t figure out why a 30-year-old would date someone such much older. Gross.

  8. Natalie_K says:

    Remember when the Neri Oxman thing blew up because she had a billionaire boyfriend? Has anyone noticed who that billionaire boyfriend/now husband is? Bill Ackman, who is running around dismantling DEI policies as fast as he can.

    • Lionlover says:

      Bill Ackman was quite territorial about it all whilst Neri Oxman (very, very smart and eccentric woman) made good use of the paps to promote her passion (by carrying design or whatever books as she was being papped). Think Ackman was quoted saying Brad Pitt needed to go and get an education. Ackman is a weirdo IMO and I have bookmarked his Raging Bill / Intelligencer article/interview to read at a later stage when I can stomach it.

      Pitt (remember his navel-gazing GQ or whatever interview it was where he was rolling around in the desert sand and being such a deep-thinking artist?) SO wanted the cred he thought he’d get by linking Oxman’s name with his. I have no idea if Brad Pitt is dumb like people say (I have only read a few of his interviews and his Sony leaks emails suggest he is quite methodical about producing films) but it’s a fact he is not educated. These ivy league elites – or at least Ackman anyway – were offended he and PR team had even tried to sell that story.

    • La Dolce Vita says:

      I know, right?
      Turns out Neri Oxman’s husband is a big ole pro-apartheid white supremacist racist. And misogynist.
      And Neri Oxman is from the apartheid colony herself.
      Now the Brad Pitt stunting makes sense. He appeared in apartheid puff piece “World War Z”. Water finds its own level….

  9. Winfrey25 says:

    Such a shameful man who keeps humiliating his 6 children with his sleazy affairs he flaunting via media every week since their domestic violence in 2016 .

  10. Pajala says:

    I think Brad is rolling this story out because he wants to have 2 more kids to prove to the world that he is a great father. I’m guessing that Brad and Ines will elope on the Amalfi Coast this fall and by spring she’ll be well along in a pregnancy. Babies in 2025 and 2026.

  11. Pajala says:

    Also interesting to me is that all 3 women mentioned above — the MIT professor, the Polish influencer, and Ines — are ‘Angelina knockoffs.’ The guy is obsessed with rewriting his story.