Blake Lively: ‘last week I left my kids for the first time ever’ for the Super Bowl

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By all accounts, Blake Lively is a pretty hands-on mom. She has four children with husband Ryan Reynolds, daughters James, nine, Inez, seven, and Betty, four, and a fourth child who we don’t know anything about other than they are already a year old. Maybe Taylor Swift will give us the hot goss on Baby #4 in her next album. Anyway, this year’s Super Bowl looked a lot different than last year’s for Blake, when she used the occasion to slyly reveal via Instagram that she’d given birth. As you probably know, Blake has been Taylor Swift’s +1 at a lot of Kansas City Chiefs games this season, including the Super Bowl. There was even a hilarious Insta post from Ryan with the Deadpool trailer on the TV in the background as he asked, “Has anyone seen my wife?” We did see her, Ryan!

As it turns out, Blake’s trip to Vegas was her first overnight away from her kids, and she lived it up! In a funny post this week, she talked about her night of freedom. She wore crazy clothes, borrowed a lot of jewelry, took silly pictures, and went clubbing! Oh, what a night.

“Last week I left my kids for the first time ever,” Blake wrote on Instagram Feb. 20, referring to her and Ryan’s daughters James, 9, Inez, 7, and Betty, 4, as well as a fourth child whose birth they revealed in February 2023.

And for her rare mom’s night out, she went all out with her Super Bowl look, noting that it was also first time that she “wore pants that were shoes.”

Sharing new photos of the girls’ trip, Blake gave a closer look at her red Adidas track suit—complete with the shoe pants—while she posed in her Las Vegas hotel room. The Gossip Girl actress also showed off her stunning bracelet collection, joking that she “borrowed more jewelry than the skeleton in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.”

One of her bracelets was even dedicated to husband Ryan and featured the Deadpool & Wolverine poster design, with Blake adding, “I treated a friendship bracelet like a Flat Stanley for my husband like I didn’t realize it wasn’t ’07.”

After witnessing the Chiefs take home the trophy, the 36-year-old then joined in on the afterparty celebrations, though she joked that maybe a night of partying is no longer for her. “I went clubbing,” she quipped. “Now I know what my episode of the Twilight Zone would look like.”

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Hey, good for Blake! I think every mom understands the need for a little “me time” and what a better first trip away than a quick overnighter to watch your bestie’s boyfriend win the Super Bowl? And good on Ryan for setting the example that dads are parents who take care of their kids too and not just glorified babysitters. I had no idea until I saw the picture that her pants were also shoes. Blake has always been willing to try new fashion, so power to her, I guess. Having my pants attached to my shoes would make me feel like I’m wearing the bottom half of a child’s onesie, though! I also think the “Flat Stanley” Deadpool/Wolverine friendship bracelet was an adorable touch. Nice, subtle promotion to the Swifties.

When Blake got home, she recreated Ryan’s “where’s my wife” post, only captioned it, “Honey I’m home. My day was good. Yours?” Ryan and Blake’s public relationship where they tease and troll each other cracks me up and really endears both of them to me. I relate: Last week, Mr. Rosie made a Valentine’s Day post about me with unfortunate, funny pictures of me. I wasn’t mad at all. In fact, I’m currently plotting my revenge for his birthday post next month.

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  1. Pinkosaurus says:

    There’s an art to picking an unflattering, maybe silly picture to tease your loved one and a photo that makes thrm feel ugly and embarrassed. I think the public dynamic between Ryan and Blake is cute and gets them a lot of coverage. I would not recommend anyone else try that unless you are certain it is only mildly unflattering.

  2. Kitten says:

    I know Blake is a really surface-level person (I will never forget the plantation wedding) but I’ve always had a soft spot for her, probably because of Gossip Girl. I’m glad she had a fun SB weekend.
    Also, I always really enjoy her fashion. The red track suit was super-cute and her hair looked amazing. If I had hair like hers, I’d always wear it curly.

    • MaryContrary says:

      She may be “surface level” but she and Ryan Reynolds are one of the biggest philanthropic celebrity couples: they gave $1 million dollars to the NAACP, $1 million dollars to HBUCs, among many other causes, and started a DEI program to get people hired as interns and PAs on film/tv projects where thousands of people have been placed.

      • Kitten says:

        And I think Blake and Taylor kinda share that in common, which is nice. I may criticize Swift for the private jets but I do think overall she’s a decent almost-billionaire in terms of paying her people well and giving back.

      • Kingston says:

        Those donations to Black institutions was their way of mea culpa-ing their way out of accusations of racism for their tone-deaf wedding location.

  3. Marie says:

    Someone on Twitter called her outfit “c**ty Sue Sylvester” and had me laughing. Love the outfit tho it would give anxiety to know that if ever my feet would hurt, I couldn’t remove my shoes without removing my
    Bottoms too.

  4. Flamingo says:

    In a sea of Prince William photos this is a refreshing change of scenery with Blake. She looked super cute at the SB.

  5. Kokiri says:

    Love her hair.she’s beautiful in a vanilla pudding kind of way.
    Can’t stand her husband though. Mr Lively looks like a ton of work for very little reward.

    I’m glad she’s not being shamed for going out, or called a bad mom, like Sophie Turner was. All who you know, I guess.

    • Joanne says:

      Ryan Reynolds is one of the truly nice, good guy celebrities there is. He’s from Vancouver and does a lot of good deeds there. A woman had her back pack stolen containing a stuffed bear with an irreplaceable voice recording in it. Ryan Reynolds read about it and funded the reward money but also gave it so much publicity that the abandoned backpack was found and returned to the woman. He also does a lot of surprise visits to sick children in hospitals. He’s a great guy who role-plays as being sarcastic and money driven.

  6. MsDarcy says:

    I’m doing the math to figure out how this was her first night away from her kids when she was in London a few months back with Taylor Swift for Beyonce’s concert film opening, and Ryan famously stayed home with the kids and cutely mocked their photos online afterwards.

    • Hello Kitty says:

      the “math” is that a) either this isn’t really her first night away from her kids and that’s part of the joke because whenever people see a celebrity mother out without her children, they exclaim “where are her kids?!?!” as if she’s not allowed to do anything without her children; or b) every time you see her in a location outside of her home base of New York, her kids are actually geographically with her, but at a home away from home with her husband, mother, nanny, caretaker, etc. and she returns home to them later that night and the SB was actually the first time she left her kids back in NY and took a solo trip

      • Kay says:

        My bet would be the second. If I had their money, my kids would come everywhere with me, along with a few nannies. It’s the best of both worlds, doing what you want to on trips, and not having to be away from your family.

        Alas, I am a poor, so we either do family friendly trips or suck it up and leave them with grandparents.

  7. Renee' says:

    Blake’s hair is incredible! I have hair envy…..

    • Anon says:

      I have hair almost exactly like Blake’s and as soon as I saw her, I thought that I need to start rocking it when the curls are behaving. And maybe buy a curling iron or curlers too, to better define some pieces! I hate the idea of the damage those tools can cause, though.

      Any hairdressers here have advice on products/styling/tools to get this look?

  8. NMB says:

    Blake irritates me to to no end. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I find her so performative and it comes off, to me, as fake. Yep. That’s why, lol.

    • Kingston says:

      Er…maybe try “I’m jealous?” Thats only 9 letters.

      (I’m teasing:-)NOT! personal.)

      We all love her luscious curly hair.

    • La Dolce Vita says:

      I find her blah – in every aspect – appearance, personality, acting.
      Never understood how she was supposed to be the great beauty of GG instead of the exquisite Leighton Meester.
      Also, I don’t understand how Taylor, who seems intelligent and witty, has conversations with this boring, blah TradWife Octomom.
      But maybe Blake is witty and entertaining behind the scenes. Who knows?

    • Tara C says:

      She is one of the only celebrities that I can’t decide if I have an irrational hatred of or if it’s perfectly rational. I think it’s something about how she ALWAYS sounds like she has marbles in her mouth, she is a very bad actor, and she had a good 4 year stint where her team would put out all the roles she was in contention for (but would never get). It was just weird. I also think if she hadn’t gotten (an incredible) nose job, boob job, and her teeth fixed… she would be an extremely forgettable white girl.

  9. Normades says:

    Blake famously doesn’t drink which I admire for someone who has been around a lot of parties (Bleo hello!).
    After 4 kids damn her body is banging and probably due to a very healthy lifestyle.
    She does go out though as we have seen in multiple restaurant dates with Tay and good for her.

  10. KC says:

    Real question for the parents from someone who does not have children. It struck me as really, really weird that a 9 and 7 year old have never been away from their mother overnight. I started having weeklong (longer as I got older) visits with my grandma and aunties when I was 4. I was going to slumber parties and sleepovers with friends by 1st and 2nd grade. My niece and nephew, who are now in their 30’s started making two-week long visits to stay with either my mom or myself when they were 3 and 6.

    Was that a generational thing, or a family culture thing? Do kids nowadays seriously never spend nights away from their parents until they’re almost tweens?

    • Shawna says:

      For me, having a baby during pandemic totally set my expectations for being with my child at a level that would probably strike pre-pandemic-mamas as helicoptering. We couldn’t travel for the first 2.5 years of his life, so I just never got into the headspace of leaving for trips. It takes planning to get away, so it’s not like I can just “oops” my way into having a weekend apart; it’s just not in my parenting headspace, and it will conscious effort to change.

    • Carol says:

      My kids are grown, but we moved away from family while the kids were young and it was awhile before I realized that the only times I was away from my kids overnight was when I was having another baby. We were too poor to plan an overnight outing just for fun till the kids were much older.

  11. Julia says:

    Blake and Ryan probably both have older parents. (I looked it up: Blake’s dad has died and while her mother’s age wasn’t obvious, she has kids in their 50s. Ryan is 47 himself, so I’m assuming his parents are in their 70s at least.) Their relatives might not be in a place, physically or mentally, where they’re set up to just casually take on a bunch of little kids for a night. Also, covid has definitely changed things for people: I’d hesitate to casually hang out with, say, an adorable 6-year-old who might also give me the covid they just picked up at playgroup.

  12. Flute says:

    Her whole outfit at the SB was part of some deals with the brands, right?