Prince William had a drink with Rob McElhenney in Wrexham for St. David’s Day

It never fails to be hilarious to me, to remember how everyone in the British royal/aristocratic establishment looked down their noses at then-Meghan Markle because she was a “celebrity” and “actress,” when all of those people are desperate to hang out with celebrities. Prince William is one of the worst when it comes to clout-chasing celebrities. He will do anything for a photo-op with an actor, singer or reality star. And that’s basically the only way to get him to do work for two days in a row: tell him he’ll get to meet an American celebrity.

So, here are photos of Prince William in Wrexham, Wales for St. David’s Day. Saint David is the patron saint of Wales. William, the Prince of Wales, refuses to learn Welsh or buy a Welsh home or have a Prince of Wales investiture or spend time in Wales. But they managed to roll him out of bed today, all so he could do a photo-op at a Wrexham bar (“pub”) with Rob McElhenney. As many probably know by now, Rob and Ryan Reynolds bought Wrexham Football Club and they’ve been investing in the club and the Welsh community of Wrexham. Rob is the Chairman of Wrexham FC, so that’s why he likely had to fly in for this fakakta photo-op with Peggington. Incidentally, this is not the first time the Windsors have used McElhenney for a photo-op – in December 2022, Charles and Camilla also visited Wrexham specifically for a celebrity photo-op too.

Given the fact that William seemed visibly under the influence at a recent daytime investiture ceremony and given all the chatter about his drinking (in general) recently, you would think that William’s staff would avoid all of the staging around alcohol and pubs. But no, William surrounds himself with incompetent people, so we’re getting photos of him pulling a pint and throwing back drinks in the middle of the day. These days, I’m quite flabbergasted by the baseline incompetence on display. Also: the photos just look like that, like the photographer smeared vaseline on the lens. Maybe Peggington demanded a softer focus so no one would see his bloodshot eyes and visible neck bruises.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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  1. JanetDR says:

    Wow. Just what I would want Mr. R to be doing while I was in apparently dire straits. 😒

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      My first thought as well. Ready for the “school run” apparently. Too busy to visit wife in hospital.

  2. Surly Gale says:

    His body language in the first picture looks to me like he’s flirting. Struck me that way, is all I’m saying.

    • Em says:

      He’s so desperate for celeb recognition

      • Chelsea says:

        He’s also probably desperate because the celeb in question also met Harry a few months ago at the Messi match in LA and gushed about him in an interview(as did Will Ferrell who also talked to Harry after H finished chopping it up with Leonardo DiCaprio)

      • Lmao you beat me to it Chelsea, a million bucks says that William tripped over himself to get these pictures with Rob because Rob and Glenn took those selfies with Harry and gushed over him at the Messi match! As a huge fan of It’s Always Sunny, this is so frigging funny to me! 🤣

    • Emme says:

      @Surly Girl, I thought sycophantic more than flirting, is all I’m saying! 😂

      • AC says:

        Agree . These people looks down on Americans, but he surely wants to keep hanging out with Americans. What’s really his strategy on why he wants to hang out with HW actors 😄

  3. Well now all you have to do is get a celebrity and some drinks for Peg to come out and “work”. Just look how happy he is pouring the drink and then chug it down. One pint Willy my a**.

  4. Em says:

    William is such a jealous beta male, look how confident rob’s posture is like he’s in charge and look how subservient William looks.
    He only knows how to grin like Voldemort when American celebs give him any time of day and he’s always clout chasing to meet the ones that met Harry, jealous insecure man.

    William needs to understand that’s he’s an odious little toad with a huge inflated ego and terrible breath, this is why after these engagements these celebs want nothing to do with him on a personal level unlike his brother

    • Christine says:

      He really is sending out submissive body language, which is fine, except for the fact that we absolutely know that is not what he was going for.

  5. LoryD75 says:

    So he can have a pint with a celebrity but not attend his godfather’s funeral? Sounds like he’s going Hollywood…isn’t that one of the complaints about Harry?

    • Maybe they weren’t serving alcohol at the memorial.

    • Jenny says:

      Right?? The press should totally—and rightfully—roast him for going to do this but not being able to attend a memorial service.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      It’s a disgrace!

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, this is a super bad look for William. He can’t attend his godfather’s memorial service 5 minutes from his supposed home but he can travel to Wales to drink with an American celebrity?

      • Nic919 says:

        Also Harry already posed with Rob and Glenn when they were at the Messi match so I am sure this was a factor too.

      • Becks1 says:

        oh lordy I had forgotten about that. William really is so desperate and always playing catch up to harry.

    • Kristen from MA says:

      Drinks with a celebrity (FUN!) = Yes
      Visit to a synagogue (IMPORTANT MAN!) = Yes
      Family memorial service (Family who know who I am, BORING) = NOPE

    • Athena says:

      I get that Constantine was one of his many godfathers but they probably were not close and he William can probably count on one hand how often they met. So please let’s stop this false outrage that he missed his godfather’s funeral and bailed on the memorial service. It was rude to promise to do a reading than not show up but I just think everyone is leaning too hard on the fact that this was his godfather.

      • Snaggletooth says:

        THat’s not particularly the point. William made a commitment to attend and do a reading at a memorial for a valued family friend and his godfather. We’ve all had similar commitments in our lives and understand the importance of this kind of obligation. Dignitaries from all over Europe got themselves there but William couldn’t be arsed. The sheer flakiness, rudeness, and disrespect he is capable of is astounding. No one on this site particularly gives a toss about Constantine or the godfather relationship but William made a commitment and blew it off. Come on. IS that not even slightly outrageous? And following that up with any implication of “oh well, barely knew the old coot who cares get over it” would be pretty shocking. Again, WILLIAM made the commitment. This is the future king, and head of a country/family that talk a big game about duty, keeping calm and carrying on, etc.

        And then he follows that up with an outing to yuck it up at a bar with movie stars? When he’s supposedly not even working because of KAte’s serious illness. This is the third star studded event he’s done during this work sabbatical, my goodness his team are idiots.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        “…stop this false outrage”

        It is not false outrage, we are “royal watchers”, that’s the point. I signed up for clothes, jewels and history but all we are being given is this ongoing train wreck. I never signed up for watching this parade of dysfunction even in the Diana years but here we are, this is what “royal watching” has become and we’re judging them for how they execute their duties. William had a responsibility to be at that service and bailed at the last minute, then he pops up grinning away in a pub. IT’S DISRESPECTFUL and more proof that William isn’t ready for primetime as the heir.

      • Nerd says:

        We don’t know if he was close to Constantine or not. We can only go by what the media’s hype leading up to the memorial and since the memorial about how close he was to William, Charles and other family members. We can only go by the heavy presence of other royal family members for this memorial, Camilla actually leading the memorial, the memorial being held specifically in Windsor (UK) and the fact that William was scheduled to do a reading. All signs lean towards his godfather being important to him and the rest of the royal family.

  6. Steph says:

    Going to drink with two Americans who are doing more for the Welsh than him is…a choice. More taking credit for others work I see.

    • Christine says:

      So much this!

    • Lucy says:

      Right? He managed an event in Wales that has minimum Welsh people, maximum alcohol and Hollywood just days after missing a funeral that was theoretically important to him. It’s just wild.

    • SunnyDays says:

      Yes, exactly!! The huge lack of awareness of how ridiculous this is on SO many levels is mind-blowing. Just, wow.

      Sometimes I think the Wales’s PR team must do these things to either troll W&K or troll people like us, who are actually paying attention. But then I remind myself, no, they are actually this clueless.

      • Rnot says:

        What if this IS actually the best they can manage because William just doesn’t communicate or coordinate with his own staff. What if they’re always reacting and trying to keep up appearances because there’s no plan or leadership. It might explain the KP staff churn rate.

        William can’t be fired from his future job and now he has “fuck you” money. No one can make him do anything. These days it looks like no one can reason with him either. The man is in crisis of some sort.

      • Jais says:

        That seems like a good description @rnot. Very reactionary and lacking a clear direction.

      • Deering24 says:

        Rnot–given how much William pretty much hates everyone in general, it’s a good bet he _really_ despises his staff. They represent the duties he can’t escape; the responsibility he doesn’t want; and the accountability he’s never going to face up to.

    • Fortuona says:

      Well to fair to him it is 1 American , the very Welsh owner of the pub The Turf where he is drinking ,and a very,very posh English bloke as Humphrey Ker went to Eton at the same time as him and Harry

      • Steph says:

        My bad. One American who is doing more for the Welsh than him.

      • Christine says:

        Have you seen the derangers using this on social media to gasp breathlessly that Willnot is SO CLOSE to Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds? It’s hilariously stupid, which always delights me.

        Also? A Canadian doing more for Wales than the fucking Prince of Wales.

  7. MrsH says:

    He is such a POS. If god forbid he ever gets crowned I hope all the royals he did not show up for do the same in return for him. Wishful thinking but a girl can dream.

  8. Jais says:

    Will this be his only event after he’s made it all the way to wales? Pulling a pint and chatting sports with a celebrity? Honestly, wrexham is very cool and worth a highlight but there’s gotta be other things he can additionally highlight in wales, yeah?

  9. therese says:

    What I am becoming aware of more and more, is how William clutches his hands together tightly in front of himself, seemingly out of insecurity. Like a little boy. A lot of men seem much more secure of themselves and their bodies. Just an observation. Don’t see Harry doing that, but he is very secure in himself.

    • sevenblue says:

      The bad part is Kate is copying that behavior, which is normal for couples, but looks very weird on a woman. They look like football players covering their groins in front of the goalpost.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        They are both very closed against the world and see the world as threatening. I suspect it’s one of the few things that unite them. A common enemy is always helpful in a marriage like this.

      • sevenblue says:

        “Kate and William are essentially incompatible, yes, but they trust each other absolutely & fear the outside world utterly. Their marriage is one of mutual fear,
        not love”

        @WiththeAmerican, there is an astrology newsletter from 2011. That is from K&W’s reading from there. It seemed interesting to me that you made the same analysis. Maybe, you read it too? Anyway, what I noticed also from there, it talked about Kate’s energy getting drained with time. I don’t believe astrology 100%, but sometimes some character analysis fits like a glove.

      • Harper says:

        @sevenblue I was just talking about the Astro America astrologer to Mr. Harper last night. AA always predicted that William will not rule and the reading that Kate’s energy drains and gets worse with time seems eerily on target. He must have seen this circus coming.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        @Sevenblue, I posted it here many months ago after searching for it for months because I lost the link! Yes, I found it fascinating and so accurate, predicting George’s birthdate years in advance, for example.

        It also coincides with how they’ve always come off, as two dysfunctional people who serve each others primal needs. sadly I think Kate has always been mad about William and the crown, whereas he has treated her horribly throughout the years.

        As awful as Kate is, the years of rejection and humiliation and lack of emotional security must have some toll in addition to making her even more miserable to other women.

        I never forgot him saying Kate was a bully, she has mars conjunct her ascendant, mark of the bully he said. I went and looked at the charts of other bullies and they had the same conjunction in first house. Crazy. The Greeks were on to something.

        @harper the energy drain analysis he did seems spot on. Another British astrologer (a royalist who h*tes Harry) also predicted – prior to this whole thing – a big energy drain for her around this years birthday, saying she might not come back to work, even while trying to put a positive spin on it.

        I do wish he were still alive so he could see how right he was.

  10. Lau says:

    Not too long ago the DM had an article with a selfie of Harry with Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton at an American football game so you know that William had to jump on the occasion to get his own meetup.

  11. Jay says:

    I don’t think that a midday pub visit is a huge deal in UK, and he (or his team) has chosen someone who probably has more favourability in Wales than the POW. Not to mention a much bigger social media presence. But it does seem like a pattern that TOB is more likely to attend a gala, an awards show with celes, or a drink with a celeb.

    • Chrissy says:

      Let me get this straight: Willnot cannot find the time or inclination to work. But, with his wife in her sickbed and in communicato, he flew, I assume on his publicly-funded helicopter, to Wales to meet an American celebrity in a pub and is photographed pulling and enjoying a pint. All of this, after he failed to join his family in honouring his Royal Godfather because he had a “personal matter” to deal with. WOW! He’s a disgrace and someone needs to crack down in this clown! I hope the DM does just that!

  12. Becks1 says:

    i guess this is why he did the visit with holocaust survivors earlier this week – he really really wanted to do this event with drinking and Rob McElhenney and he was told he had to do something serious first.

    This seems to be his new pattern – he’ll do one serious event as long as he gets to follow up with a celebrity event.

    If they can’t promise him more celebrities over the next few weeks, we probably won’t see him again until St. Patricks Day, if that.

    • s808 says:

      It’s like his team is negotiating with a child.

    • Jais says:

      Well, he’s actually doing events. Just a few weeks, we were like come on, do something. And this is it. How many days ahead was this announced? Def feels like his team is finding him random stuff to do.

    • Dutch says:

      Or as someone said elsewhere, the synagogue event was assigned to him by BP. This one in Wales is definitely in more of what Pegs sees as his wheelhouse.

  13. TigerMcQueen says:

    WTH is up with the Vaseline lens on the pics? That’s super weird.

  14. Inge says:

    So he can once again drink alcohol during an engagement but can’t go to his godfathers remembrance & read an eulogoy.


    • Chrissy says:

      What’s worse is that both of these events, the day drinking with a celebrity and the Memorial service, would both be counted as work events for him!

  15. girl_ninja says:

    I’m sure this has nothing to do with Harry, Rob and Glen Howerton were photographed together at nterMiami CF and Los Angeles FC soccer game in LA in January. Nothing at all…

    Thirsty ass Willy.

  16. Harper says:

    This is Ariana Grande “left side only” levels of photography. No photos of Burger King that show the side of the neck where the bruising is. His laughing it up with celebs and tossing back pints while his wife is in a coma is going to come back to bite him in the butt.

  17. Mslove says:

    I think it’s fiscally irresponsible to fund a Prince who won’t get off his bum to do his job unless pints or movie stars are involved. And when he does do the odd serious event, he looks uncomfortable and impatient. The sovereign grant needs to go. It’s a scam. The provision they put in to prevent a fall in value is bullcrap. Abolish the monarchy.

  18. Tina says:

    So the Prince of Wales is spending St. David’s Day in Wales drinking in a pub with an American? They couldn’t come up with one event that maybe contributed to the Welsh people or highlighted a Welsh cause? The fact that Rob is doing more for Wales than William should be embarassing to everyone involved in this.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I was thinking the same thing. He traveled to Wales to meet an American and have a pint for St. David’s Day? Not visiting a primary school, or even touring Wrexham, seeing what Rob and Ryan Reynolds were doing for the town. Or even attending a service for St. David’s Day.

      • Becks1 says:

        Apparently he did visit a school as well.

        The comments on Rob’s IG post about this visit are…..well, not pro William, I’ll just say that.

      • Lula08 says:

        He did visit a school and a memorial before the pub. There are videos of him interacting with the kids on twitter. The kids looked happy. IDK why he insists on calling his wife Catherine publicly. It seems so formal and pompous, but I am American so what do I know.

    • Jaded says:

      Willbur knows the Welsh people think he’s a useless tosser, he’s avoiding doing anything that will bring out the “NOT MY PoW” folks.

  19. ArtFossil says:

    William hasn’t been seen with any other member of the royal family since December 25.

    December 25.

    Will the palace let William attend Commonwealth Day? Will they cancel Commonwealth Day altogether?

    • Lady Digby says:

      @Artfossil this should be a three line whip to attend for all senior royals so Willy Wonky absolutely needs to be front and centre. No one is going to overlook this if he goes AWOL.

    • Jaded says:

      My guess is they don’t want him there and he’ll cancel for “personal reasons”. A lot can happen in 2 weeks too.

  20. Lady Digby says:

    I keep chuckling over the lovely Michael Sheen giving him the death ray stare at the BAFTAS!

  21. Lissen says:

    This visit was planned at least 1 week ago. Humphrey Ker, CEO of Wrexham AFC, was guest on the Fearless in Devotion podcast last Sunday. He was in LA. He said he’d be in Wrexham for tomorrow’s game and he’d be really jet-lagged. So I’m assuming the main reason is this visit. Fun facts, Humphrey’s maternal great-grandfather was the Earl of something or other. He’s 41 years old, and he went to Eton. Wouldn’t surprise me if he knows ALL about Willie.

    Rob McElhenney, an American, speaks enough Welsh by now that he can hold a basic conversation with Welsh speakers. If Willie is able to feel shame, he’d be ashamed to be there.

    Willie loves superhero movies. The People article said he’d catch up with Ryan Reynolds later. So … Deadpool, and incidentally, Deadpool is familiar with pegging. Also, Deadpool’s going to be the “Marvel Jesus”. Yikes! Maximum effort with the clout-chasing!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Humphrey Ker must be the very tall, bearded dude in the background. HIs ancestor was the Earl of Suffolk.

  22. Draadje says:

    Y’all….I’m a big fan of Wrexham AFC. I swear to you, Wrexham is not a hotbed of royalist loyalty.
    ‘Meh’ is the most positive sentiment a Windsor can elicit in that town / city. Rob and Ryan are getting a bit of stick too from the supporters as they consider the Prince of Wales absolutely tone deaf and an insult to their heritage.

  23. Amy Bee says:

    How is this supposed to commemorate St. David’s Day? Plus, all those complaints about Meghan being just a celebrity was the press transcribing William’s jealousy. Just like Camilla, William is always eager to surround himself with celebrities.

  24. CC says:

    New conspiracy theory: A group of Welsh freedom fighters kidnapped Kate and the children (and they accidentally grabbed Carole as well), and all William has to do to get them back is renounce the title Prince of Wales. Thus far, William’s response has been, “Nah, you keep em.”

  25. Chelsea says:

    Given the criticism William has been taking the last few days these are such terrible shots to have out of him — especially as the inquest on the death of his cousin’s wife also came out today(won’t go into it further as to not thread jack but it’s very sad). KP’s incompetence really knows no bounds. I don’t even understand why their first inclination was to have him in a bar today instead of a church and local community center. (Maybe they knew the only way to get him outside in the light of day was the promise of booze and a celebrity but still this is TERRIBLE PR)

  26. L4Frimaire says:

    Are they knocking back pints or shots in that photo? The photos definitely look soft focus. Guess he remembered Wales exists.

  27. Lady Digby says:

    Is FK on a reduced return to work or does this guy usually just do 2 or 3 events a week? As a UK tax payer I do feel entitled to a pie chart or two breaking down how his , 173 events a year take place on a weekly basis? Fail commentators assure me that he is very hands on behind the scenes ( not very reassuring given DV rumors!)

  28. Sarah says:

    I, a nonCatholic American, had never heard of St. David so I googled it. Yall, this is from the Welsh tourism website: “St David and his monks followed a simple, austere life. They ploughed the fields by hand, rather than using oxen, and refrained from eating meat or drinking beer. St David himself was reputed to have consumed only leeks and water – which is perhaps why the leek became a national symbol of Wales.” 🧐 Seriously though, is this a holiday associated with drinking as is Mardi Gras or St. Patrick’s Day?? Is the ordinary Welsh dude day drinking today or is this just the only way they could get Will out of bed? nvm– answered my own question

  29. kris says:

    I’m not surprised , I bet his people sought this photo op out , I remember Rob and Glenn Howerton taking a pic with Harry. And I heard a podcast where he was very complimentary about Harry . William is always trying to get one up on Harry , smh.

  30. Lissen says:

    Another reason for Willie to go to Wrexham – he wants to be in the docuseries Welcome to Wrexham! Pa & his wife went there and got in the docuseries. He wants to be in it too. The docuseries has won 5 Emmys! plus garnered global attention. This is where the global statesman should be.

  31. mel says:

    So wait…. he can’t go to his godfather’s memorial service where he has an actual role but he’s got the time to go drinking with a celebrity. He’s surrounded by incompetents who don’t stand up to him or tell him not to do extremely dumb stuff.

  32. kyliegirl says:

    So basically William’s team watched the docu series Welcome to Wrexham and planned this day. The series did a moving episode on the tragic accident in the mines and it incorporation the other pump that survived (one is included in the memorial looks like a wheel) on their new stands. Interesting that no member of the royal family has visited before. Glad he visited, but seems like his team is uninspired and using other’s work again to make him look good.

  33. Lisa says:

    Grinning like a loon! Hope he has a driver! Is he allowed to fly a helicopter anymore? God I hope not!

  34. Whatever says:

    William visited All Saints Primary School first and then visited the Gresford memorial as today is the 90th anniversary of the mining disaster. THEN he went to the pub. He is the Prince of Wales, it’s Saint David’s Day. Geez. And there is ZERO evidence that he has a drinking problem.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Whatever, what do you attribute to his wobbly appearance at the investiture?

    • Nic919 says:

      Are we going to forget about the fact that he broke his front teeth at a wedding because he was too drunk?

    • mel says:

      He should have skipped the pub stop. It’s inappropriate considering he skipped the memorial.

    • Jais says:

      It’s good he visited a school. It’s too bad the pub visit was reported first. Weird if he went to the school first.

  35. QuiteContrary says:

    Rob McElhenney, I love you, but you’d better apologize to the Liberty Bell the next time you’re in Philly for appearing with this British moron.

  36. Zoochy says:

    William wouldn’t be out of place on Always Sunny, ironically

  37. Sass says:

    Is Rob really that short or did William insist on standing on an orange crate?

  38. Lissen says:

    The Wrexham AFC website had pics of the visit. Looks like the managers of both the men’s & women’s teams, the club captain, and the team captain HAD to be present as well. They presented Willie with a jersey with his very own name on it. Precious. But the other players were NOT there. The men play tomorrow; the women on Sunday. Both very important games. This is a lousy time for Willie to impose himself on the club, pulling them away from their work as they try to win this weekend.

    Fearless in Devotion tweeted a pic of Rob with the crown photoshopped on his head, entitled, “One of two true Princes of Wales”, the other true Prince being his co-chairman, Ryan Reynolds. Willie has a Wales problem.

  39. yupyup says:

    How is he 42? I am almost 41 and nowhere near that ripe. Doing evil shady shit to people imust be exhausting.

  40. Janice Hill says:

    Drinking shots in the morning is really bad behavior in all respects. If the actor couldn’t meet him at any other time, they didn’t have to drink, even in a pub. Why even meet in a pub? I wonder how the other events went.

  41. jwoolman says:

    I still say the British Royals are just cosplaying rich people with zero political power. The world spins the same whether they live or die.

    William was a lousy on-and-off boyfriend and so it’s no surprise that he has been a lousy on-and-off husband. He was a jerk while courting and he is still a jerk. I do think he cares about his children and sometimes maybe even about his wife. But he is primarily (like all of them) a celebrity by birth who has no talent or experience or accomplishments that would make him a celebrity otherwise. He might actually know that.

    But he also might actually be terrified by what has been happening to his father and wife. We don’t know anything – maybe she flatlined during surgery or soon thereafter. Maybe she is facing potentially permanent disabilities that means he can’t count on her in public. He has 3 kids and despite all the nannies – being their sole remaining parent may really scare him. Something brought him face to face with that possibility. He was traumatized as a child and adolescent by his parents’ divorce, his mother relying too much on him for emotional support, and the early loss of his mother in his teens. He has a lot of unfilled cracks in him. At the same time always being treated as the special heir to the powerless throne didn’t help his proper development any.

    He is waiting to get a powerless throne from a powerless monarch, but undoubtedly assumed he would have a decade or two before that happened. Now he realizes it could happen any day and he would be all alone to deal with it because his wife is incapacitated. He is not as mentally strong as his grandmother, who faced the same issue but at least had a functioning husband at her side. She thought she would have decades before becoming Queen and then her father died while her family was still quite young. She couldn’t do it all either and her family and personal life suffered for it, but she was made of sterner stuff than William and managed to cope. Maybe he can’t.

    The whole royal family has always been disastrously dysfunctional. Harry is the lucky one because he has at least put a big distance between himself and the royals and has actively pursued professional therapy. I’m sure he wishes he could have contact with his nephews and niece (he was a close uncle) and that his kids could know their cousins, but I doubt that such things would be safe physically or mentally for Harry and his wife and children. Meanwhile, the royals and Brits in general persist in blaming everything on his wife, who is more likely just busy enjoying her own family and life far far away and not really interested in palace intrigue anymore. Not her problem, regardless of how her relationship with Harry is going.