English: Princess Kate is ‘very distressed by the fallout’ from the Frankenphoto

Becky English at the Daily Mail has a big new piece where she “answers” readers’ questions about the Windsors. English is the head of the royal rota, and she uses her position to squeeze exclusives out of the palace for herself, and in return, she carries water for them at every opportunity. Judging from the reactions from some of the Princess of Wales’s most ardent media defenders (like English), I gather that Kensington Palace still believes that they can control the narratives around Kate and around their own incompetence. And if all else fails, just talk about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, amirite?? Some highlights from English’s piece, which is full of lukewarm tea.

Kate is distressed: The Princess of Wales is ‘very distressed by the fallout’ after she admitted digitally editing a family portrait taken by Prince William, according to Rebecca. The picture was released by Kensington Palace to mark Mother’s Day on Sunday and prompted an apology from Kate, which Rebecca said was ‘honest and heartfelt’. The Princess – who has not been seen at a public royal event since Christmas Day – was ‘simply was trying to put out a nice picture of her children’, Rebecca added. She also said she hoped ‘lessons have been learnt internally’ at Kensington Palace but that the public should ‘accept the apology equally graciously and move on’.

The slimmed-down monarchy: English said the King has always been a ‘big advocate’ of the idea but ‘never expected to lose his son, daughter-in-law and brother as working royals in one fell swoop’. Rebecca also said ‘some of the senior royals are a little frustrated at the suggestion they need to ‘step up’ more’, given how many engagements they already carry out. Princess Anne and the Edinburghs are among those working hard, but Rebecca said: ‘Apart from perhaps the odd extra investiture, how much more can they do?’ She added that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will ‘clearly not become working royals – should they want to, of course – for another decade or two’.

Harry will never be allowed to come back and work!! Rebecca believes he would never now be accepted back into the Royal Family because ‘too much water has flown under the bridge’ since his departure. However, she also wrote that there ‘may come a time’ when Prince Harry ‘would be accepted as a guest at family occasions’ – but not as a working royal.

King Charles won’t remove the Sussexes’ titles: She revealed she had ‘asked this question many times, of many people’, but Charles believes it would be ‘punitive’ and he ‘would not want to humiliate his son’. Rebecca added: ‘Some see this as a weakness, but many others think it is a sign of a man who simply loves his son, however personally disappointed he is.’

Harry will visit Balmoral: Rebecca said she believes the Duke will bring his children with him at some point. She added that her ‘best guess’ is that he will visit Balmoral in summer because the estate is ‘exceptionally private’ compared to the likes of Windsor and Sandringham. She wrote that there are a ‘number of properties’ there, so other relatives ‘wouldn’t have to be under the same roof, and there is a lot of space if it gets too much.’ Addressing whether Meghan would come with him, Rebecca said: ‘Harry, as we know, was very keen to have her at Balmoral with him when the Queen died.’

Pressure on Kate to disclose more information: Rebecca agreed with a reader suggesting there was more pressure for Kate to share her medical details ‘considering King Charles and Fergie were so transparent’. However, she said that was ‘not to say I think she should bow to that pressure’, adding: ‘Kate and William have to do what they think is best for their family.’ Rebecca also said there had been a ‘contrast between the very regular appearances of the King in public and the deafening silence from Kensington Palace’. And she said this lack of public announcements relating to Kate had ‘unfortunately added to fuel to the fires of the rumour-mongers’.

Will Prince George go to Eton? Rebecca said George’s name has been down for Eton College for years because it is so close to Windsor, where his parents William and Kate hope to live long-term. But she said the decision on the Prince’s next school is very complex because ‘there are huge security implications for the family, school and other parents’. Rebecca also said the Waleses are ‘exploring other options’ for George instead of Eton.

William is still mad at Harry, of course: She said William was ‘very hurt and angry’, but ‘on behalf of his wife and late grandmother, the Queen, who he believes Harry has greatly disrespected’.

Diana would have fixed everything: ‘Truthfully, I don’t believe things would have got to this stage if Diana hadn’t passed. She would have been a glue that held things together. I think it’s very difficult for many of us to comprehend just how devastating it was for them to lose their mother at such a young and impressionable age.’

Kate is very upset: While Kate does not have her own social media accounts, Rebecca said the Princess is ‘not unaware of some of what’s been said’. She added: ‘The Wales’ attitude has been not to react to the trolls – why give them the oxygen of publicity – which is understandable in many respects.’ However, Rebecca added that Kensington Palace had been a ‘little naïve in thinking that one of the most famous women in the world could disappear without trace for three months without people worrying about her’. She added that royal aides ‘should have given some more proactive updates sooner’, which ‘would have gone some way to skewering the conjecture’. And Rebecca said: ‘It’s unlikely we will hear much more until she is ready to come back to public duties. The last time I checked, this was still likely to be after Easter.’

[From The Daily Mail]

My minor prediction is that Kate will not make an appearance on Easter Sunday, after which there will be an even bigger outcry because KP has played this whole “after Easter” thing way too loose and vague. That being said, I do think KP will probably try to provide another proof-of-life video or photo in the next few weeks. Whether anyone will believe it, well, who knows. English also points out that KP only realizes now that they should have given updates on Kate sooner – gee, why didn’t anyone think of that before?

What else… the other working royals bitching about working more, omg! They’re barely doing anything, Edward and Sophie went on a ski holiday, Camilla was on vacation, everyone but Anne barely clocks in one or two events a week. They’re so dreadfully overworked, you guys. The stuff about Harry… they’re always trying to get him to Balmoral alone. I hope he never goes back there. And the dumb sh-t about Harry coming back to work, my god. Give it a rest, psychos, he’s not coming back.

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  1. Who is she consulting? A magic eight ball? Q: will Can’t come back? A: ask again later.

  2. Laura D says:

    The minute she (or any of these paid trolls) bring Harry into their discussions then they lose the argument. This is supposed to be about Kate. Kate and her husband allowed the photo to be published. Kate and her husband allowed the tweet admitting to manipulation. Being “mad” at Harry shouldn’t even come into it. Ridiculous article from a dishonest journalist.

    Remember this is the woman who had to delete her tweet saying only WC stayed to meet the crowds at Windsor. If she has the confidence to lie so openly when the event is being shown live on the BBC what other lies has she had printed which are more difficult to disprove.

  3. blue says:

    I still don’t get why there was any photoshopping at all. Why not just put up the picture as it was shot?

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Because it doesn’t exist.

      It’s a collage of different photos put together to create a fake photo.

    • Jaded says:

      That would mean putting up at least a half a dozen different photos.

    • tealily says:

      Why not put out no picture in the first place?

      • Andrea says:

        Because that would be the logical decision but Kate is all up in SM..and she is very sensitive about her appearance, last year after the year anniversary of the queens death she and Will visited Wales and during that trip her badly wrinkled eyelid came unglued and was dropping down her face..it was all over Twitter and the next appearance she had her “fringe” cut to hide that wonky eye. She’s been in panic mode since last fall, she knew eventually it would be revealed she is a racist and much like when Peg boarded up at Sandringham before Spare was released.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        They had to put out something. Because they were just getting more and more questions on where is Kate. But people figured out that this photo wasn’t real. So now there are even more questions on where is Kate. And this lie about them going last weekend to some shops and watching the kids play. And no photos. Each time this happens and they still refuse to put out an actual photo or have her in a video. Just makes me more sure. Something has happened to her. And they can’t. If it was just a puffy face on her or something like that. William would still have her out there. Because to much heat is coming down on him.

    • Unnderhill says:

      There was no original photo. They took two old photos and pasted them together in a new background, and they did it rather poorly.

    • MarqueeMoon says:

      Well, apparently William was credited is Photographer for a photo that didn’t exist.. it was just a collage of a lot of different photos that were taken months to years ago … it wasn’t just a little bit of Photoshop to make the kids look nice… It was just lying liars lying

  4. Jais says:

    The photo disaster did not happen bc they wanted the kids to look perfect. Stop blaming the kids. Kate was given a whole new head. It wasn’t about the kids. Stop throwing them under the bus. Try protecting them for a change. And the public doesn’t need a new pic of Louis which will inevitably be scrutinized seeing as how KP is no longer a trusted source.

  5. equality says:

    In other words, PH said no to coming back so we have to put out yet again that it was our decision and we don’t want him back. The advice H&M got for being maligned for stupid things like closing a door and being lied about was to take it that everyone goes through this sort of thing. So tell Kate the same whether she did the photoshop job or not. Instead of admitting that KC cannot take away titles, she has to pretend that the father who took away the residence and military associations is reluctant to take away titles because he cares. If I were Meghan, my children and myself would not set foot at Balmoral without a public apology for being excluded before. When you count all sorts of things as “work” time, of course, it looks like some of them are doing a lot. But funny how nobody is having to take up the slack for any of the losses (including QE and Phil which they neglect to even mention).

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Exactly. No way no how is Harry going to Balmoral. Let alone bringing his children there! I would honestly fear for his safety if he did stay there.

      And all the bullcrap about poor sad Chuckles not meaning that his slimmed down monarchy should exclude his son and son’s family? You were responsible for driving him and his wife away. And responsible for them staying away because you stripped their security and are still instructing your people to not allow the Sussexes proper security in the UK. Are we meant to think he couldn’t change the Ravec decisions? Come on!

      What a fcuking wimp and pathetic excuse for a father. This is a mess of his own making, through his inaction, fear of the heir, and letting Camzilla run rampant behind the scenes. Enjoy, king Chuckles, enjoy.

  6. Chaine says:

    It’s weird how she says wills and Kate hope to live long term at Windsor. I mean they already live there for starters and b, he is going to be king sooner than later and that’s one of his future castles so why couldn’t he live there

    • Blujfly says:

      It’s weirdly written but when Kate and William spent $5-7 million in taxpayer money on their Kensington Palace mansion, their people told the reports and rota again and again it was their forever home and they wouldn’t live anywhere else. jobson and Palmer both pointed to those lies when the Wales moved to Windsor. So this is English carrying water for the Wales yet again.

  7. Lau says:

    Imagine if they do a proof-of-life video and it’s a deepfake but very badly done ?

    • sevenblue says:

      Considering the brilliant job they did so far, it would probably be Will in a wig saying us to f*ck off and leave her alone.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        😂 Sevenblue, I would pay 17 cents of my own hard earned money to see that video.

      • Shawna says:

        Paying money to see Kate or a comic semblance thereof? Man, this would be a blockbuster charity fundraiser if W&K had the sense of humor to make it so.

    • bisynaptic says:

      LOL They just did.

  8. PersephonePi says:

    Well, next Christmas is “after Easter”, so..Kate could be non-working for a whole year and technically RF wouldn’t be lying, right? 😆

  9. Lady Digby says:

    She’s still dancing around the pooping elephant in the room that the tall, balding guy with wonky teeth is the much heralded heir to the throne who has yet to perform at full capacity as PoW and certainly could and should be carrying out a lot more duties. Why is he exempt from workload reallocation during King’s treatment for cancer? Also Kate has a horrible husband who has just thrown her under the bus so she’s probably way more upset about that than anything else!

    • Jaded says:

      He’s probably being forced to exempt himself from most of the workload reallocation because everyone in his family knows what a bumbling, foot-in-mouth, unprepared idiot he is and he’d make an utter fool of himself and the BaRF.

    • Shawna says:

      I suspect how he treats her in private is at least as bad, and she wouldn’t be surprised at this recent under-bus-throwing.

  10. Jks says:

    Kate is probably even more distressed at having been so thoroughly thrown under the bus by Will’s team.

  11. Sunday says:

    Just like Tominey, having English return to her PoW clairvoyance and obvious Kate sources tells me that something has shifted behind the scenes, because it was the rota and English’s own 180 in coverage that kicked off suspicions in the first place.

    We have to look at KP/Will and Kate as two distinct, opposing sides. My guess is Kate has been fighting to be seen (or at least heard) this entire time, and Will is the one who saw this as his opportunity to (metaphorically…probably) lock her in the tower and make his single dad Will pivot, except he f*cked up so badly and repeatedly that it left the palace stumbling and Kate was able to get a foothold.

    My ultimate tinfoil tiara theory is that the TMZ-staged/edited photo of Kate was from team Kate. KP and Will were clearly driving the narrative at that time (and making a mess of it), and Carole saw an opportunity. Before that the rota was refusing to take Kate’s side or even source her side as usual, but that photo and its controversy put the power back in Kate’s court (because who but Kate can prove she’s actually alive).

    The terse, rude comments from KP about “read our original statement, dummies” were obviously team Will, and Kate clocked how that rankled people and decided to break ranks and release a photo. And then KP pulled a digital version of the Flybe stunt, wherein they released obviously doctored photos and then immediately threw Kate to the wolves for doctoring historic records.

    tl;dr make no mistake, the Wails are at war.

    • Shawna says:

      ITA the TMZ photo was Carole and Kate trying to wrest power back. What exactly the message was to the public (beyond just trying to gain power from William/KP), I don’t know.

      Call me the TMZ truther at this point; I will always think that was a real picture of Kate’s head now, whatever else was manipulated.

  12. Kokiri says:

    If Kate is upset, it’s because she’s taken the blame for yet another willy mishap.
    Plus he’s probably incandescent when they are in the same room, so she’s dealing with that side of him all the time.

  13. Andrea says:

    Omg guys it happened.. my husband ASKED me about the sh@tshow…” babe what’s going on with the princess lady, the one who looks older than she probably is, the one who used to be pretty” lmao..

    • sevenblue says:

      I started getting messages from never-interested-in-royals people too. That’s how much they f*cked up the whole situation.

    • bettyrose says:

      The single best aspect of all this is the people who used to roll their eyes at my RF obsession now come to *me* for the dish.

    • Shawna says:

      Everyone on CB: *cracks knuckles* Let’s do this.

    • Becks1 says:

      My direct boss and then her boss both IMed me about this morning, and then my husband’s best friend text me about it and was like WHAT IS GOING ON.

      Too much, too much is what is going on.

  14. Beth says:

    Can’t recall Harry any instance where Harry ‘greatly disrespected’ the late Queen. William moaning about the same re: Kate must mean some of what Harry describes in Spare. But, to be frank, this just makes William sound over-sensitive and rather hysterical. Harry wasn’t nasty about Kate (and Meghan hasn’t ever been, either), although she did come over as a real, perhaps less than perfect, human being (as we all are).

    • Andrea says:

      they love to throw those lies in, all gaslighting and psychologically convincing the peasants that he was disrespectful because if you say it each and everyone it must be true. I would love for a news outlet to do a thorough documentary on the gaslighting PR client journalists of the royal family. It just sickens me. Sometimes I even take a break from this blog because it just makes me angry reading the B.S. from the UK hacks

  15. Andrea says:

    I will die on the sword… Kate was responsible for the frankenphoto, she did all the edits herself, everything was intentional including editing Charlittes arm to give a CLEAR shot of missing big blue. KP and Peg said they would not take the fall for her and forced her to make the apology. She has a long history of lying and sadly is teaching the next generation to lie.

    • Sunday says:

      Alt theory: will/kp created and manipulated that frankenphoto specifically to troll kate. they framed her and then ratted her out. they’re trolling her, right down to ‘off with her head’ and the missing big blue.

    • Isabella says:

      Love your theory, but I don’t get why Will insisted he took the photo. Because she could hardly pretend it was a selfie? And somebody had to claim it was a recent photo?

      • Shawna says:

        Not related to Andrea’s theory, but I think William said he took the picture so he can pretend he’s with Kate and with the kids and that they are all together right now.

    • Jks says:

      I think you are right about Kate editing her photos. I think it’s because a professional photographer wouldn’t airbrush her and blur her wrinkles and jowls as much as she would like. She probably obsessively controls every photo.

  16. VilleRose says:

    I can’t really feel sorry for the other royals picking up the slack when Harry & Meghan were essentially evicted from the UK. They were all too shortsighted in their hatred of Meghan and hoping she’d run back to the USA, they never envisioned Harry would make the decision to get them both out, stripping the royal family of two valuable players. They didn’t have long to gloat, we all knew things would go downhill after QEII died, even if the rest of them didn’t. If Kate did truly edit that photo, she should have known better. Without the protection of upsetting QEII, they are all under extra scrutiny and what they got away with while the Queen was still alive no longer applies.

    And Kate is upset about being caught (or her staffers anyway), not the fact that she altered a photo to misrepresent the truth.

  17. bettyrose says:

    Exactly how often do they declare that Harry won’t be welcomed back? Can we get a statistical analysis photoshopped with a picture of Harry enjoying a serene morning walk on the beach?

  18. Blujfly says:

    Does anyone in this family ever again plan on living at their giant piece of property in London with tens of homes and mansions, having spent tens of millions of taxpayer money on their homes there over the years?

  19. ML says:

    Look, KC wants a slimmed down monarchy. Paedrew’s interview and H&M leaving happened during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, not KC’s. He already knew that PA, H, and M were not there and therefore not part of the equation. So no one is going, “Gosh, we didn’t see this coming.”
    Next, anyone other than the flabberghastic 4 realizes what their worth is right about now due to supply and demand. “Gosh, KC -and- K can’t help out? And W as heir isn’t? And QCC has traipsed off to murder helpless Spanish birds? Golly gee, time to start talking about how much you want me back to help.”

  20. Brit says:

    As far as I’m concerned the most important sentence is:

    She added that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will ‘clearly not become working royals – should they want to, of course – for another decade or two‘.

    That line ‘should they want to, of course’ is a massive change of attitude. Initially the whole press and palace fury at Harry and Meghan was supposedly because the Sussexes were supposedly ‘stepping away from their duty’.
    Now, four years on, English writes as though it’s accepted that George, Charlotte and Louis have a choice whether or not they become working royals.

    I hope those kids do have a choice and if they do the only person to thank is Harry for leading the way

    • Dee says:

      The children should have their choice of what they want to do with their lives. Monarchy has no place in a modern world and it’s toxic to expect the kids to carry on like it does. The writing is on the wall, so why carry on with pushing them to be walking anachronisms? If it’s true that they will be allowed to be themselves, that’s a step in the right direction. Defunding the royal family, maybe creating a stipend for one person who will fulfill any royal obligations until laws are revised will bring an outdated institution to an end.

    • Shawna says:

      Are they honestly going to give George a choice? I hope so.

    • Jais says:

      For sure the kids should have a choice. Harder for George. And yet one day they’ll see how their uncle, in a very similar situation, was absolutely eviscerated for his choice. Harry was slammed for a full year after he decided to no longer be a working royal and before he went on Oprah and said a word. And Becky was a huge part of that so honestly fuck her for saying that. She doesn’t give a fuck about those kids and will be writing lies about them for the next twenty years. She can’t wait for those paychecks.

  21. Saucy&Sassy says:

    They’re still looking for somewhere for George to go instead of Eton? Well, there was an article in an Australian newspaper about one of it’s private, old boys schools. Wow! The issue of making it co-ed evidently is being looked at. They selected Marlborough because it was once all boys and then went to co-ed to talk some of the students there. One of the things they mentioned is that they reported that the boys would put their dicks over the girls’ shoulders. This is where KHate wants her children to go?

  22. Shawna says:

    Harry has continued to be invited to family events, so I don’t know why Becky is patting herself on the back and presenting herself as uniquely in the position to guess that they might eventually do so.

    No one is calling for Anne, Edward, and Sophie to work more, so calling BS on that faux victimization.

    Charles can’t unilaterally take away their titles; it would have to go through Parliament.

    I won’t keep going, but nearly all of these assumptions are faulty. It’s just an attempt to make KP’s actions seem reasonable. They are not.

  23. Amy Bee says:

    What is it going to take for the press to admit that Harry doesn’t want to return as a working royal?

  24. B says:

    They must be able to get away with murder up in Balmoral because I think its really weird they keep trying to lure Harry up to Scotland. Especially when his work, the Spencers and the Windsors themselves are all based in England.

  25. QuiteContrary says:

    Oh yes, how terrible that the senior royals might need to cut more ribbons, eat more cake, drink more sherry and wave a bit more.

    Try spending a single day on a factory line … or standing behind a supermarket till … or digging up and repairing streets … or caring for ill patients as an NHS nurse.

    Cry me a river.