‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ podcast #170: we’ve been podcasting for over five years

Introduction: Minutes 0 to 1:00
We were off due to the Oscars! You can listen below or on major platforms like YouTube, Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Royals: Minutes 1:00 to 27:30
The way the royals mistreated Harry and Meghan is finally boomeranging back on them. It’s been obvious to us what’s happening but now the world is finally noticing. Harry and Meghan were explaining their situation to the casual royal watchers with their docuseries and with Spare.

It was about 70 days after we last saw Kate before we got the first alleged photo of her. That was the photo supposedly taken of her on Monday March 4th in an Audi with her mom, outside Windsor Castle. TMZ and other US outlets bought that exclusive photo. There were questions about its authenticity. Kensington Palace said it was not an authorized photo. KP also put a lot of pressure on British media to not publish the pic and it was mostly in the US outlets like TMZ. Assuming it was real, it really looks like Carole and the Middletons arranged it.

On March 8th, Meghan was in Austin at South by Southwest for a scheduled panel discussion. She made some really measured comments about the hate she got when she was pregnant. A lot of the negative stories about Meghan when she was pregnant were from William trying to deflect from his affair with Rose Hanbury. I think that the frankenphoto release on March 10th was to pull focus from Meghan’s comments at SXSW and Chandra says that it could have always been the plan.

We got a new photo supposedly of Kate and the kids on March 10th, Mother’s Day in the UK. Maybe that was a coincidence but I don’t think so. That photo was released by Kensington Palace and came out on Sunday March 10th, which was Mother’s Day in the UK. They claimed that William had taken the photo. The picture looked really janky. The news outlets noticed this and the Associated Press, Reuters, Getty and AFP issued a “kill order” for that photo as the Oscars were happening. The palace was asked to provide the original photo and they refused for hours on Sunday. I play a clip of AFP News director Phil Chetwynd talking about this. CNN has also announced that it’s reviewing all the photos issued from Kensington Palace. Here’s a link to the photo I mentioned of Prince Philip and The Queen in front of the castle.

The Palace then posted a tweet supposedly from Kate claiming that she was the one who edited the photo. This spawned so many memes and AI photos. Here’s a link to the AI photos I posted. Experts told major news outlets that the errors were due to a photo editing app. People showed that her head was cut and pasted into that photo from her 2016 British Vogue cover. Chandra thinks the original photo of Kate and the kids is from last fall.

The palace tried to double down and continue to blame Kate. They ran a story in The Times of London Tuesday claiming that Kate just wanted to release a nice picture, she feels bad about it, and she edited it because she just wanted her kids to look good.

We got a third photo supposedly of Kate on Monday March 11, in a car with William and looking away. That photo looks fake too! I even saw a video on Twitter where someone thinks they have the exact older image of Kate that was used. The photographer vouches for it though. Assuming the photo is real, we can’t even verify it’s her. Chandra think it’s someone else.

As this is making international news, Colbert did a segment on Tuesday night about William’s affair with Rose Hanbury. Remember that William tried to shut that story down back when it broke in March of 2019. Colbert even made a reference to William getting his mistress pregnant! Get the top 10 stories about William’s affair when you sign up for our mailing list.

We know that the palace is livid about this because the Telegraph ran a story about it and said The Late Show didn’t warn the palace that they were going to run that segment. The British media regularly does this when they cover the royals. The Guardian did a summary of Colbert’s opener and in their initial story they included Rose’s name but then they edited it out!

Even the royal-friendly journalists and outlets are calling William and Kensington Palace out about it! Sarah Vine in the Daily Mail is speculating that their marriage is in trouble. Liz Jones in the Daily Mail is saying that it was ungentlemanly of William to blame Kate for photogate and wondering whether they can trust anything that comes out of the palace. BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole told the Daily Mail that this is “the greatest failure in communication by the Royal Family I have ever witnessed.”

Camilla went on vacation last week, supposedly due to being under strain and fighting with William. Charles was seen on Wednesday at a photo op at Buckingham Palace. Chandra is surprised that Buckingham Palace hasn’t taken a side on this PR disaster either way. William is in no way ready or suitable to be king.

Comment of the Week: Minutes 27:30 to end
Chandra’s comment of the week is from Cerys on the post where the DM questions whether they can trust anything that comes out of Kensington Palace.

My comment of the week is from Little Penguin on the Best of the Oscars post.

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  1. duchess of hazard says:

    Happy anniversary of sorts! I remember when you guys talked about starting a podcast and here you are! I do enjoy it whenever its posted. Thank you for doing it, because I know what a time suck this can be for prep, getting together and then editing the whole thing.

  2. BeanieBean says:

    Good to hear y’all again!

  3. #24 says:

    I love listening to the pod! I esp love when Kaiser gets giggling! Thanks for giving me some laughs during the boring ride home

  4. Formal Gumby says:

    I love y’all’s podcast; your hard work is appreciated!

  5. Roan Inish says:

    Yes Congrats on five years!

    With all the talk about edited and photoshopped photos I’m surprised no one referred to the Wanks’ not very festive Christmas photo. IIRC most people thought that Wills was added later to a photo of Kate and the kids. The depressing photo was in b/w and looked like they were standing in front of a mall photo place backdrop! I’m guessing it is easier to add someone via photoshop with the simple backdrop.

  6. Jo says:

    Also, is it possible that TMZ would release an unverified timeline of “recent” Kate sighting video?