Fitzwilliams: Duchess Meghan ‘could never be forced to’ visit to the UK in May

I still find it extremely suspicious that someone (who??) organized a British church service to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games. It feels like an enormous set-up by the British government, working in cahoots with the British media and the royal family. Back in February, it just appeared fully formed and on the schedule: an anniversary service to which Prince Harry was “expected” to attend. Granted, this could be an attempt to convince Harry and the Invictus team to select Birmingham as the host city for the 2027 games, although that is also a huge f–king trap too. But for now, the focus is on will-he-or-won’t-he come back to the UK in May. And, as always, will Meghan join her husband? Will they bring their children? Will they meet with King Charles or Prince William? This whole gossip storyline gets recycled for each new “thing” those people invent as a reason why Prince Harry “must come back.” Speaking of, the Sun published exclusive comments from Richard Fitzwilliams:

Richard Fitzwilliams exclusively told The Sun: “The best way of resolving the rift [between Harry and William], if it is to be resolved, is to do it privately. With Catherine and the King’s illness – that is an enormous game changer even when there are deep family rifts. The two very senior members of the royal family, are very, are seriously ill, and you can’t really predict what’s what’s going to happen. So, as I say, the Sussexes do spring surprises. This has happened before, and you never know what might happen in the coming weeks or months. But I don’t think Harry would do anything without Megan’s consent.”

Mr Fitzwilliams went on to speak about the Invictus games being a potential turning point in their relationship. The expert previously hinted a reunion could be possible when the Duke visits the UK in May to mark the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games. It would be Harry’s first time in Britain since his sister-in-law, Princess Kate announced she is receiving preventative chemotherapy for cancer after abdominal surgery in January.

The royal biographer continued: “We don’t know but things can happen that you don’t expect? And you look at the time scale between now and the Invictus games – It’s still quite the time. It’s perfectly possible Harry could come over before then to see his father, whether or to what extent he might see William and Catherine, or whatever I simply don’t know. But Megan is very unpopular in Britain. She knows that any appearance she’d make here would make headlines, and they wouldn’t necessarily be favourable,”

Mr Fitzwilliams has already previously claimed that Meghan would make the final call on whether Archie and Lilibet visit their family across the pond. He claimed: “Meghan has the say. There’s no doubt Harry wishes to convey he is a very devoted family man and will put them above everything else. Just like William. If Meghan didn’t want to come she could never be forced to. It would be extremely unlikely Harry would come over with the kids without Meghan….the problem is Meghan isn’t obviously keen on visiting Britain because she is not popular here. Nor is Harry, but it’s different for him. She’s asked for this. If she comes there will be a huge amount of adverse publicity because of the way she has acted for the past four years. On top of that you have the issue of Archie and Lilibet who are completely blameless.”

[From The Sun]

“If Meghan didn’t want to come she could never be forced to” – he sounds almost rueful, like “dang it, if only we could drag her back to the UK so we could continue to abuse her!” And this: “If she comes there will be a huge amount of adverse publicity because of the way she has acted for the past four years.” The way SHE has acted? These people are so helplessly addicted to hating Meghan, they live in their own little worlds. Anyway, the larger point is that royalists are going to fuss over this for the next month: is Harry coming for the Invictus thing, will Meghan come with him, will either of them speak to William or Kate. I hope the Sussexes avoid the trap and announce at the last minute that they’re not coming. Perhaps even send Princess Beatrice and Edo in their place.

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  1. equality says:

    They way Meghan has acted? She did an interview where she was overly nice about the racist royals and participated in the netflix documentary which was her and Harry’s own story to tell. If this is how the media still speaks and the royals never counter this take, not even Charles, I wouldn’t return either. I’m sure any decision about their children will be made by H&M together and with the advice of their security people.

    • SURE says:

      What about the way Fitzwhatshisname acted about the Oprah interview BEFORE the actual interview was televised? And what about the way he has acted since then? Pretending that he wasn’t outed as a cheap fraudster?

      • aftershocks says:

        When are these rota and BRF nonces ever gonna stop with their delusional behaviors and ridiculous storylines?! The Sussexes left in large part because they were being driven out via vile mistreatment; Chuck later evicted them from their secure, safe, paid-for FC home; RAVEC and the courts have refused Harry’s request for self-paid police security in Britain. So what do these fools want exactly? 🤦‍♀️

      • bisynaptic says:


      • Debbie says:

        Perhaps the media should include “Editor’s Notes” or warning notices whenever they publish opinions from this Fitzwilliams fellow, just the way they give warnings about Kate’s photos, because he sure has proven himself to be unreliable.

    • Don’t go Meghan.they aren’t sincere. They simply want a photo op to show how ‘nice’ they are
      They need help, stay in beautiful California.

  2. Kristen from MA says:

    Yep, she’s minding her own business and living her life. What an outrage!!1!

    • Nev says:

      Leave The Duchess alone!!!!
      Ughhhhhh carry on Meghan.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Apparently, the RR’s/BM believe Madame Duchess WOC, is a runaway slave that can’t be forced to do anything. Like, go back for their abuse. And, they’re right. More power to Meghan.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    Richard Fitzwilliams is deluded. If this church service is really happening I think Harry will be there, not sure about Meghan. I remember after they left the UK in 2020 the press declared that Meghan would never return and she did.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      Harry and Meghan have helped many charities and friends by delivering a taped interview that was shown at whatever event. This is what will happen. Harry isn’t going to England just for this. They might think he’s dumb. But he’s not. He knows this is a trap. And nothing about it was set up by Invictus. It’s a totally English thing.

      • MsIam says:

        I hope you are right and that he delivers a message via video. Harry did that for the Diana Awards and everyone was fine with it. The Rota are acting like the whole of Invictus hinges on this church service thing but it really doesn’t.

      • Charter says:

        How is a church service a trap? Harry’s not stupid, he’s played these people for the last 4 years. If he wants to go, he can. Meghan won’t go most likely. If he does go, it’ll be like all his other visits – very short. He’s often got other things to do there anyway.

    • Cessily says:

      Fitzwilliams Is the very definition of a pompous ass with no integrity.

      • Jacqueline Thurman says:

        They hate Meg even more because she won’t play this sick game with them !! She is so done !!!!

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Neither the Invictus Games or St. Paul’s Cathedral have this listed on their sites. At all. St. Paul’s has other things listed-for tourists and whatever. They’re open that day for visitors. Might be wrong again. This sounds like British tabloid media nonsense.

      Someone, somewhere came across something. At the moment, I believe it as much as I believed the fakakta email about Meghan’s “bullying”. Whatever BM.

      Where is Kate?

  4. KC says:

    Real question here for our British celebitches: why do memorial/anniversary church services seem to be such a thing? The anniversary of a sporting event seems like a strange reason to have a religious church service. I noticed there seem to be a lot of commemorative church services for things in England. I grew up Catholic in Catholic school in the American South so we went to church a lot – twice a week and again on special holy days of obligation, but those were notable religious events. I don’t recall ever going to a church service for the Olympics or to commemorate the anniversary of someone’s death.

    Is it just the Royal Family who have church services all the time for seemingly secular occasions because they’re the head of the state religion? Or are regular British people commemorating secular things with church services too?

    • Julia says:

      I think it’s just made a big thing of when it comes to the Royal Family events. I live in the UK and memorial church services are not normally news unless a royal is involved.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        My theory is that the royals make up reasons to have church services because it gets them attention: see how relevant we are! Certainly, a church service to observe the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games, which they have shown no interest in since Harry left, sounds like a made up thing to me. They do seem to always come up with something as an excuse to keep whining about whether Harry will come.

    • ABritGuest says:

      I’m curious as to the capacity in which St Paul’s Cathedral may be doing a service for IG’s ten year anniversary too. I can’t imagine this is typical for royal charities so I’m guessing that if accurate it may be organised by the ministry of defence & perhaps to celebrate the UK competitors.

      Military recruitment is down & im guessing the uk government is trying to lean into acting like they care about veterans

    • KT says:

      Only c. 650k people attend church a week – out of a population of c 60 million – so it’s beyond most of us why any Church services happen!

      I suppose it probably is because of the monarch being head of CofE, and Church very much being part of military life.

    • bisynaptic says:

      Wondering the same thing.

  5. Becks1 says:

    the way Meghan has acted over the last 4 years? GTFO with that nonsense. but I guess to abusers, calling them out on that abuse is the worst thing you can do.

    If she doesn’t come, its for a variety of reasons, including (most importantly) security issues.

    We know that Meghan has traveled to the UK since leaving in 2020, and we know she has brought her children there. So its not like she’s just flat out refusing to ever go to the UK again. She “just” wants proper security based on death threats as a result of hateful columns from people like Fitzwilliams.

    • Charter says:

      She’s ignored the lies and gaslighting. She and Harry have created an amazing and successful life. They’re doing more for others than the RF ever have. They’ve made the media and RF look stupid. That’s her crime. Grey rocking the media and the Rf bs is her worst crime, according to them.

    • Jacqueline Thurman says:

      Meg last visited for Queen Elizabeth. The jubilee and her funeral. She is not impressed with the others.

  6. Dee(2) says:

    The way she has acted is to not say anything about the country or that family in public in years. I honestly believe that is their issue. She has not been suitably apologetic and rescinded her claims about her treatment, nor has she shown any care or concern about earning their ” forgiveness”. They feel like she’s unworthy of her position and she has the audacity not to care what they think and isn’t trying to fit in a box to please them. Just another example of their unearned sense of superiority.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think her comment from a year or two ago – when she referred to them as “my husband’s family” really got to them. That’s how she views them. Not as THE ROYAL FAMILY, not as higher than her or above her – but as her in-laws, and as such, they’re Harry’s issue, not hers at this point.

      • Jais says:

        I loved that comment. And I think you’re right in that they’ve wanted meghan to be completely awed by their royal specialness and she never was. It’s thrown them for a loop ever since.

      • MsIam says:

        Meghan’s got their number for sure. If the phrase “Not bothered, honey” was a person it would surely be Duchess Meghan, lol.

      • Debbie says:

        I loved that comment too. Sometimes Meghan has a way of quietly putting people in their place that does a body good. Between that description of the royal family and the way she described Scamantha as “my father’s other daughter” shows that she knows where to place the knife when someone deserves it. I love it.

  7. Charter says:

    Harry’s a very smart and tactical man. He’s been playing the RF and the BM like a fiddle for 4 years. He’s got their measure.

    If he goes, it’ll be a short visit in conjunction with other things. 48 hours max. How is this a trap? He’s far too smart for these deluded d^mb you know what’s.

    Harry knows far more about these people than us people looking from afar. He’s not deluded.

    • Bad Janet says:

      I don’t think anybody is saying otherwise. Just because a trap is laid doesn’t mean he will walk into it. This one with the church has an easy out – he videos in, or skips it entirely. Is it even an official Invictus event he has any obligation to attend? My understanding is that this project has no formal ties to royal patronage anymore, nor the British government. It’s run by a board of trustees.

  8. Seraphina says:

    He is correct that with Chuck and Kate being seriously ill – this is a game changer. One would think that cancer would cause some introspection that life is short – time to make peace with his son and DIL and for Kate with her BIL and SIL – but nope. So sad.
    Lastly, they don’t want Meghan to come back – “if she comes there will be a huge amount of adverse publicity because of the way she has acted for the past four years”. That is a warning to Meghan to stay away. Why would she come back after how they treated her, continue to treat her and basically flat out say they will do it even more harshly if she comes back.
    Let them kick rocks on salty island and H&M will continue to live their best life.

    • Tessa says:

      The,horrible way they treated Meghan and she is blamed

    • Tessa says:

      Kate was upset not that she behaved like a mean girl and made trouble for Meghan but that Meghan herself told what really happened. She was very kind to Kate when she spoke to Oprah. Yet Kate interprets this apparently as Meghan attacking herKate acts like a victim and was clearly in the wrong

    • goofpuff says:

      I don’t know if Invictus would choose the UK ever because they love H&M and they would not want to see them abused by the British media, royal family, and Tory government during their time there. We all know that if Invictus is in the UK, Invictus will have to fight to keep control of the hate and it might not be worth it when there are better choices out there.

  9. Tessa says:

    How do these writers get away.with saying Meghan is very unpopular in Britain. They don’t speak for all. And the abolish the monarchy protesters obviously don’t like the upper echelon royals like c and c.

    • SarahLee says:

      I was just looking for a comment about this before posting my own. They are so very quick to talk about how unpopular not just Meghan is but Harry as well. Is that actually true? If it is true, then it is because of the drumbeat of negativity printed by the tabloids constantly, but I really wonder if it is actually the case. Our nextdoor neighbor just got back from a trip to London and she told me that people she met were asking her if she lived anywhere close to Harry and Meghan (do British people not have a clue how huge the US is?). She said a shopkeeper told her to “Take care of our Harry and his family.” She thought it hilarious that people just assumed she was in with the Sussexes (we live in Indiana), but I wonder if it is something more – like they AREN’T hated and that’s the real reason the Windsors and Waleses don’t want them to come back.

      • Jais says:

        The sheer fact that fitz has to repeat she’s unpopular multiple times suggests they are trying to convince the audience. If they say it enough they hope people will believe it. And some will. But surely many don’t as evidenced by your friend’s experience.

      • sevenblue says:

        Aren’t they always doing popularity polls about royals? On those polls which are probably asked to the royalists, H&M seem unpopular. However, Meghan’s podcast was number 1, Harry’s book was number 1 in UK. If they were that unpopular, how can they still have selling power? The polls don’t reflect the reality, it seems.

      • Selene says:

        Right. They are unpopular with the British press journalists, not with the people. We all know that the royal rota is an echo chamber. *eyeroll*

      • MsIam says:

        Well, according to the press, people were buying the book and listening to the podcast out of “hate”. I guess its a new hobby y’all. Smh.

      • Hummingbird says:

        I don’t live in the UK ( thank God) but I do live overseas amongst a large number of Brits, mostly English, and I am completely alone in my support of H & M.
        Nobody I know has a good word to say about them.
        Of course, this bias is based solely on tabloid stories which they devour daily , coupled with that peculiar British Empire mindset which means the RF can do no wrong.
        Whenever I can, I strive to shut down the lies but sadly, it just results in angry looks and in a couple of cases, unfriending taking place.
        No great loss to me but it is a prime example of sheep mentality.
        If the media did a 180 tomorrow and started praising Meghan, they’d claim her as their own I’m sure.

      • KC says:

        That’s so sweet and adorable.

      • sevenblue says:

        A lot of british people hate Piers Morgan, but he still can’t sell his book. No one is buying things from someone they hate or don’t care. Like it is said, it is the press who hates H&M because the press can’t control them through bullying like they did to other famous people, royal family members. I am sure there is a section of public who believes tabloids lies and don’t like H&M, but they are not consuming what H&M are selling. They are not watching their Netflix doc. There are enough fans in UK who make them number 1 in whatever they produce.

      • CatMum says:

        That’s so sweet.

        In my experience, nobody abroad has any idea of where things are in the states. When I was traveling in Spain someone very excitedly introduced me to a Canadian and seemed surprised that not only did we not know each other already, but didn’t live anywhere near each other.

        We’ve also seen ridiculous assumptions made by the brit press (who are at work and ought to be able to look things up) so, yeah, nobody knows where much of anything is!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @MsIam, I adore your comment. Antis were listening and buying the Sussexes books/podcasts for material to complain about. To fill their own pockets.

        I don’t listen to Joe Rogan’s nonsense, will not listen or look at Dan ‘Chupacabra’ channel, won’t buy a RR’s book (exception was Omid’s Endgame).

        I’ve bought Clevr Blends-love the Golden Superlatte. Warmth in a cup. Donated to the SS/H&M fundraisers/charities. More things.
        @SarahLee, nice story. Believe that is more the truth of the general publics opinion. The logistic thing is entertaining. The BM believes Montecito is a 5 minute to LA and, don’t recall if it was Roya Nikkeh or Becky English that claimed the Sussexes next trip overseas was Remember asking at that time, “When did Canada move?”..

  10. L84Tea says:

    Isn’t keen to visit Britain because she’s unpopular there? Um, no. More like she isn’t keen to visit Britain because she doesn’t feel safe for herself or her children, and Britain treats her like inhuman garbage.

    • Jais says:

      Thank you. They’re lying. The reason that Meghan isn’t visiting is it not bc she’s unpopular. Please. It’s bc, as Harry has said, it feels unsafe there for Meghan and his children. There was some news around a week ago that “someone” in the church messed up and released the full invictus memorial schedule. There were screenshots of the schedule with some royal reporters noting that considering Harry’s need for safety that the leak might even cause Harry not to come to the service. It seemed like a big deal that someone accidentally released the schedule early. Believe it said tba next to Meghan.

      • Jais says:

        Had to look back but yes I saw a screenshot of a daily express article from April 2nd by Nathan Kay in which they published the daily schedule of the invictus ceremony. Someone at St Paul’s had posted it on the St. Paul’s website. The article takes about how the inadvertent publication of the schedule might jeopardize Harry’s attendance as he would not be happy. Haven’t seen any other articles about this and pretty sure the schedule was taken down but I’m thinking that there were some calls. So if it’s a trap as Kaiser says, the “inadvertent publication” of the schedule by St. Paul’s so far in advance just makes it seem more trap-like. Or it was genuinely a mistake?

      • lanne says:

        so many “mistakes” happen around the Sussexes. The fire in South Africa in Archie’s room. The schedule being posted. The paparazzi “finding out” where they were staying in Canada.

        There are some who wouldn’t mind an “accident” happening, and are willing to nudge it along.

        As far as Meghan’s popularity: negativity works. 250,000 negative articles and people have negative thoughts: whoda thunk it? All this talk about her “behavior” and her “whining.” But when you ask what specific behavior she engaged in, it’s crickets. Goebbels was right: a lie told often enough becomes the truth. The rota ratchets are graduates of the Joseph Goebbels school of Journalistic Integrity. Let’s call them out on their Nazi-ism behavior.

    • Christine says:

      Exactly this, well said. How many articles do they need to publish in England wishing ACTUAL physical harm or death on Meghan and their children before people say, “duh, of course she’s never going back”?

  11. Maxine Branch says:

    The total rejection by Meghan of Harry’s birth family has left those gutter rats scrambling. They will never admit to the reason she rejects them. They poisoned the well and she refuses to drink from it and is living her best life and dreams far away from those poisoners. Of course her children will not come without her and I do believe Harry would not want his kids there without his wife. Question I have is this an IG ceremony in May or is this some sort of loosely associated service using IG as a pretext? Hope neither of the Sussexes attend whatever this May nonsense is.

  12. rosa mwemaid says:

    So Fitzwilliams admits that the treatment of Meghan is abuse.
    I think that as the King is head of the armed forces and head of the church of England he should attend this service, not to do so would show a lack of respect for those who have suffered life changing injuries fighting for Queen/King and country. But as the King has cancer and is receiving treatment for it, he may not be well enough, failing him it should be Prince William as the next head of the armed forces, and head on the church of England, Kate no longer has cancer, according to her doctors, she is recovering from major surgery and her doctors think that they caught all of it, the treatment that she is receiving now is merely precautionary. William of course if fit and well, and the children have a nanny.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      rosa mwemaid, I wonder if Billy Idle is prepared for a lukewarm welcome? He’s not Harry. If he attends and Harry attends, I think we all know who is going home incandescently angry.

  13. Eurydice says:

    What a bizarre concept – a woman can make her own decision about where she chooses to travel.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Eurydice, this man is completely illogical. He tells the world that she is unpopular and that the bm will write terrible headlines about her. Why would any of them ‘force’ her to return? Frankly, as far as I can tell, they can’t ‘force’ Harry to return either.

  14. ABritGuest says:

    The way most of these commentators talk about Meghan is so disgusting & then they take umbrage when you call out their coverage as racist & misogynistic. William prioritising his family’s needs is good- when it’s Harry it’s because Meghan is in charge & makes the decisions 🙄. Harry did the Oprah interview, was in the docuseries AND wrote a book but Meghan “asked for it” (it being the press’ negative coverage & therefore her so called unpopularity). And what is the issue of Archie & Lili please?

    While i wouldn’t blame Meghan if she never stepped foot in the uk again- she does have friends & charitable interests in the uk. We also don’t know if her business plans would include uk as a market so I don’t believe she will never return. I do think sometimes these royal commentators are trying to bait Meghan into “proving them wrong” with their claims she will never return to the uk.

    Harry’s security case showed that Harry & Meghan tried to bring their kids in September 2022 but weren’t happy with the security arrangements for the familyso didn’t. Of course easier to blame Meghan being afraid of negative press headlines (as if that’s new) rather than RAVEC denying adequate security as to why Meghan & the children haven’t been back to the Uk more & are unlikely to come in May.

    It’s so annoying that any Uk visit Harry does will have the press centring it on the Windsors rather than the cause he is promoting & whether he sees Charles & William& Kate. especially when William & Kate keep briefing how much they hate/cant trust Harry. Harry mentioned on GMA he might see his family during uk visits he has planned & I would suspect that he would go see Charles only because William seems to be signalling that he was grateful for well wishes but status between them remains unchanged. If he only sees Charles that would be turned into “Harry snubs woman he once regarded as a sister” before being spun into William/kate didn’t want stress of Harry visit.. something something Netflix cameras 🙄

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t think Harry and kate were ever close. She got flirty with him and liked to be seen as the center of attention of two princes

  15. Bad Janet says:

    This church service thing seems off/fishy, but, I am not suspicious of the motives for Birmingham being named as a potential host city. It is notoriously difficult to find places to host events like this. Birmingham has hosted some big events recently (like the World Gymnastics Championship) and has the infrastructure to support it, and willingness to do it. A lot of cities won’t even bid on events like this anymore. Birmingham may not be a trap; it may have been the best possible (or even the only) option available out of places which actually made a bid.

  16. Pork Belly says:

    I actually think M is well-liked in England, certainly more genuinely than Whitey K. I have no evidence to show for it though, just going by my own perception and the BM’s almost neurotic need to keep pointing out the opposite. They do enjoy living in Opposite Land when it comes to the Sussexes.

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      Unfortunately that is not true, although Harry is the most popular royal among black people. I wonder why!!

    • BeanieBean says:

      I swear, just a few days ago we had some royal reporter swearing up & down Meghan & Harry were well-liked & well-treated in the early days of their engagement & marriage. I’m so confused!

  17. Shawna says:

    She’s “not popular?” Is that a new term for “receiving death threats?”

    • Blithe says:

      Perhaps it’s a representative of the press patting himself on the back for his own efforts in disparaging Meghan and whipping up the racist rage?

  18. tamsin says:

    I for one would like to give this pantywaist Englishman Fitzwilliams a knuckle sandwich. He is such an offensive, odious toad the way he writes about the Sussexes. He is so patronizing, sexist, racist, and full of petty snobbery.

    • Mary Pester says:

      Sorry, but I’m bloody fuming. Let’s get it straight fitzy you pathetic little excuse for a man. Megan has behaved with grace, dignity and an exceptional work ethic for the last four years! Unlike Billy and bone believe that “work” is a four letter word in every sense of the meaning! Work to them is first day of term picture, or days out with full court press on their every false smile and action. Megan has two children and both she and Harry do the school run, then go on and WORK for the rest of the day. Now about this church service, I have done some digging and asked my friend sandy, who as some of you know, became heavily involved with invictus after what happened in Las Vegas. Seems the concensus among staff is that the two who left “suddenly”, ahem, CEO Lawless and Cheif commercial officer Bill Cooper, might have had something BIG to do with it. Scott Moore the new CEO is still unsure who authorised this church service, but, my money is on Lord Kensington, a close friend of Charlie’s. After that leak I want Harry to go stealth mode and I think that was done to try and stop Harry coming so that Billy can stroll in. Mark my words. But Harry is wise to their games and won’t let them win

      • Eurydice says:

        Thanks so much, Mary Pester. I’ve been wondering for a while who arranged this 10th anniversary binge. I haven’t seen any mention of the event on the IG Foundation website.

      • fwiw says:

        Mary Pester’s reminder that William believes “work is a four-letter word” brings to mind Maynard G. Krebs, Bob Denver’s TV character in Dobie Gillis. A beatnik, he always overreacted when someone said the word “work” by crying out “WORK!?!?” Maybe the UK has its own Maynard G. Wales.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Mary Peter, that’s very interesting. I guess we can only hope the new people in those positions are not led by the brf’s wants in future. This probably hasn’t made too many people happy. If Billy Idle shows up, I wonder if he’s prepared for a lukewarm reception? He must think he’ll get the kind of welcome that Harry gets!

        Eurydice, I’m glad that the IG Foundation is making it clear that the church service isn’t something connected to them.

      • Chrissy says:

        That makes a lot of sense actually because Willnot is hugely jealous of Harry’s Invictus success and would love nothing better that claim ownership of its success especially if Harry doesn’t attend. Has the Invictus Board sanctioned this Church service in it’s name or can we agree that the Royal are behind this Church Service ? Something smells if Harry knows nothing about this event!

  19. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Because Duchess Meghan continues to live in the heads of the BM and RF, I think she should start charging them rent.
    They’ve lived there rent free for far too long

  20. Lau says:

    Gaslighters gotta gaslight.

  21. Bad Janet says:

    Bottom line, folks. You can never out-logic someone’s delusions when they are this attached to them.

  22. B says:

    “the problem is Meghan isn’t obviously keen on visiting Britain because she is not popular here. Nor is Harry, but it’s different for him. She’s asked for this. If she comes there will be a huge amount of adverse publicity because of the way she has acted for the past four years.”

    Putting aside that stupid lie about Meghan refusing to travel to a country unless she’s popular there “she asked for this” is abuser logic and lingo. Abusers all use the same language especially when it come to women. Somehow women are always asking for it but men never are. Meghan asked for a unhinged 7 year hate campaign to be unleashed on her.

    Last but not least its well known that Charles will not offer proper security to his son and daughter in law. NO ONE believes he cares about the safety of the Sussex family so no one is going to buy his poor grandpa act or that Meghan is avoiding a whole country because she’s “unpopular”. During the RAVEC court case Harry’s team submitted a list of every time the Sussex family tried to travel to the UK and were given inadequate security which meant they canceled trips or didn’t bring their kids. All this is public record so Chuck and Willy can use their little stenographers to plant lies in the press now but history will not be kind to them. It will remember them for the small jealous petty creatures that they are.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      B, what is the end game? Do they want to keep the Sussexes out of the UK or do they want something to happen to them while they’re in the UK?

      • Chrissy says:

        To my mind, if they can’t have one of those, they want the other. Nice dad, huh?

      • Mary Pester says:

        @brassyrebel, to not put to finer point on it, I strongly believe that if Charlie and William had their way, they would send Megan to PARIS!

      • B says:

        Both @Saucy&Sassy.

        They want to keep them out of the UK because of jealousy and spite. They also don’t care if they come to harm in the UK. The reason the British press endlessly complain about how much security the Sussexes have and their “compound” in Montecito is because it makes them untouchable.

        In the UK Charles took their security and home Frogmore cottage which was on lands without public access. Whenever the Sussexes travel every country or city gives them adequate security. Its only in the UK they are intentionally put at risk.

        Make of that what you will.

    • Tessa says:

      She asked for it is one of the most offensive phrases ever. The writer should be called out on this.

    • kirk says:

      @B – Thank you for pointing out the classic abuser argument “you asked for it” to try to justify their own inexcusably violent behavior. Also thank you for pointing out the security facts from the RAVEC court case; the Sussexes have complied with onerous 30-day notice demands, only to be stuck with less than adequate security detail in the UK.

  23. Julianna says:

    If Meghan is soooo unpopular then why does he need to tell everyone that in his article multiple times. Everything they write is usually the opposite of the truth when it involves Harry and Meghan.

  24. QuiteContrary says:

    Meghan has acted above reproach. They’re just angry because she hasn’t given them any fodder. And because she and Harry refuse to throw their children to the wolves in the British royal tradition.

    And this line: Kate and Charles “are very, are seriously ill, and you can’t really predict what’s what’s going to happen.” Tell us more, FitzForNothing.

  25. MikeB says:

    Fitzwilliams is like a broken record, he repeats the same words every time he speaks to the media. He makes no secret that he is a Meghan hater. He always claims that Harry wont do anything without her permission when its obvious they are a team and make decisions together. At one point he states he doesn’t know, that’s right Fitzwilliams, you haven’t a clue what you are talking about. If Meghan is unpopular in the UK it is not because of what she has done over the past four years but the constant hate stories produced by people like you over the same period of time.

  26. olivia says:

    So much to unpack here:
    “Just like William”. Please. If I rolled my eyes any harder they would pop out of my skull. Trying to make William likeable by proxy-ing him to Harry is just so sly and ridiculous.
    Also, Harry and Meghan are neither here or there here in the salty isles.. They are not unpopular by far other than the newspapers barking they are.

  27. phlyfiremama says:

    Pure fiction. Harry & Meghan are very loved in UK, only the tabloids talk trash about her.

  28. Over it says:

    The way Meghan has acted over the last 4 years? Bitch please. She wasn’t the one who wrote articles about her self being paraded through the streets of London naked and having sh-t thrown at her . .she wasn’t the one sending herself white powder / she wasn’t the one threatening her own life all the time. F these asswipes and their unhinged racist hatred for a woman who choose her self over their dumb asses. I hope Harry and Meghan tell these people to f all the way off . And one more thing. The Brit’s don’t hate Meghan. The British media demented asses only want us the public to think this to build up Heuvo and button mutton

  29. LynnInTx says:

    What caught my eye, other than the usual idiotic lies about M, was this

    — “Harry wishes to convey he is a very devoted family man” —

    Not IS, “wishes to convey”.

    That’s really deliberate wording that is insidiously supposed to plant the suggestion in your head that he truly ISN’T one, he just wants to look like it. That he doesn’t truly care about his own children. That’s another way of minimizing (and other-ing, and giving permission for abuse) A & L. It’s another way of trying to make H look like sh*t in people’s estimations.

    The big lies about M draw attention away from the little lie about H.

  30. therese says:

    “She’s asked for this.?????” I just can’t read this kind of stuff. It is so upsetting. I’m trying to stop cussing. They have gotten out of this trash and they need to stay out. Invictus does not belong to the Royal Family and trash media Britain, and I pray they never get their tentacles into it and the Sussexes. I pray Harry has a lot of control about where the games are held, and I don’t want England to get them. I don’t want Harry or Meghan to go to this service. I think it is part of the Crown or England trying to get a slice of or control of something they have been forced to acknowledge as VERY, VERY large and fabulously popular. (I don’t think the Palace cares or thinks of how much good it is doing other people, or they would already have given homage and support to it.)

    • Carol says:

      Yes, I can’t get over “She asked for this”; it’s vile and disgusting. She deserves the hatred and bile directed at her on the daily, for *years* now, even when she keeps her head down and isn’t seen for months??

      These bleating ROTA hacks are despicable.

      There isn’t a damned, tangible thing Meghan Markle has ever done to deserve ANY of this. Even if she was “stroppy to staff”, which truly is the only thing they’ve mentioned that wasn’t “she eats avocadoes” stupidity, THAT deserves this? But the King throwing a public hissy at staff over fountain pens deserves the utmost loyalty and ass-kissery?? (And no, I don’t actually think MM “bullied” the staff, unless expecting them to work is asking too much).

      I’ve been an anglophile since I could walk, for some unknown reason I’ve always been drawn to Britain. Then recently found my DNA is 90% British. Whatever. But such low, creepy, relentless sh!t that is constantly, apparently, sanctioned or even ordered by the Crown has permanently damaged any goodwill I had for the Islands. I’m not sure I ever want to visit again.

      That so many of the public buy into it and bleat along just fills me with disgust.

      “She asked for this”. Forever eff you.

  31. AOC says:

    ‘She asked for it’. Aren’t these the very words sexual predators/rapists use to excuse their rapey behaviour??? Fitzwilliam……hmm!! Interesting name. Very interesting.

  32. Debbie Droog says:

    Awesome comments. So much support for Harry and Meghan but are you from the UK? The UK has very devoted royalists who will stand firm with the royal family. Nasty UK people have threatened to pelt Meghan with rotten eggs, fruit and vegetables. I believe they would as I’ve seen an egg thrown at Charles. I wish Harry would do a video to celebrate the 10 year anniversary. Meghan and Harry,stay home with the children and be safe. You do not need to place yourself into a toxic environment. Nothing has changed since you and Harry left. The media, journalists, commentators, BP, KP and the royal family are still negating your very existence. The RF will never hold themselves accountable. There is something so very wrong with this “church service”??? Is it normal to bring church services into the Invictus Games? Be safe, be kind, and send a video expressing your congratulations for the 10 year Invictus Games celebration.

  33. Advisor2U says:

    The way the British tabloids, with The Daily Express in the most unhinged way in the lead, are reporting these stories since to months is insane (Harry is coming to the Invictus Game Service in May. Or maybe not, because…. Meghan is the villain). And it really looks like a total trap for Harry, to support the UK IG2027 bid — and for other things to happen perhaps.

    I’ve checked this think out, and this is what I’ve found/ came to conclude:

    1). There is no such thing as an Invictus Game anniversary service in May, organised by the Invictus Foundation. When I gave them a call, I was told that they don’t comment on it.
    If it was theirs, they would have enthusiastically promote it by now. They organise and promote a lot of different IG events, which take plays around the globe on a steady basis each year.

    Despite all the talking and screaming by the UK tabloids and R-commentators, until this day, no such service has been published or scheduled on the website of the St. Paul’s Cathedral for the month of May.

    2). The UK (and European) Veterans Community starts the wars’ commemorating events in the month of May (as in, meanly related to WWII). Probably this includes a church service on this May 8th.
    However, note that the UK’s Veterans community organisation and the Invictus Foundation/IG are two totally different entities – the I-Foundation is a private charitable org., the Veterans community org. is government bonded.

    3). The first Invictus Games were held in September of 2014. But the Invictus Foundation was only officially registered at Companies House later in London, in November 2014.
    So logically, one would expect the10th anniversary celebration of the Invictus Games to take place in the last quarter of this year, not in the Spring/May.

    4). The announcement of which country/city wins the bidding to organise IG2027 is expected to be made between the end of April and the beginning of May of this year.

    5). Harry said in Wistler, Canada, during his GMA interview with Will Reeve, when asked if he was going to visit sick dad Charles soon again:
    “I have got other trips planned that would take me through the UK or back to the UK, so I will stop in and see my family as much as a I can.”

    The UK tabloids might have taken Harry’s prospected UK visits, to speculate and conclude that an upcoming visit is about said May church service.
    Or … maybe the May-church-service organisers, whoever they may be, planned the said church service with the same assumptions (he will soon visit the UK/his dad, so let’s plan this service), and of course, given that the announcement of which city/country will organise the IG2027 is scheduled within that time frame.

    So guys, connect the dots If you want to.
    My take:
    The ex-top IG/IF staffers, who recently left the Invictus Foundation (to me these were Tory/royal sycophants), are planning an IG-coup, together with the government in favour of/ or orchestrated by the UK Royals.

    They are using the veterans and the war commemorative season to reach their goal. Hence the government’s Birmingham bid together with the vets organisation. I’m almost sure that they are the once who’ve put together the May church service, behind the backs of the new Invictus Foundation CEO, Harry/the Patron and the Board Trustees.
    First major action of the takeover plan: bring in the royals at the May church service – invite Charles as Head of the Armed Forces, or William in his sick-leave absence. This might make Harry to stay away.

    The ultimate and long-time planned goal is to kick Harry out of the IG/Invictus Foundation. But Harry is aware of these moves. Let’s see how this plays out for the UK IG2027 bid. If the UK doesn’t get it, it means that Harry has won the powerplay, … for now. If they win, we have to seriously worry about the IG’s future. Part of the he plan is to destroy Harry’s IG global respect, popularly and legacy.

    • JudyB says:

      Excellent research and analysis!!!

    • BeanieBean says:

      Goodness! Combined with what Mary Pester said above, this is totally believable. And diabolical. Not too much longer til we find out.

  34. Underhill says:

    There is a brand new gaslighting meme out there that Kate and Bobo want to make up and have invited the Sussexes into their parlor, along with their juicy plump children, but that woman Meghan wont climb into their web. Isn’t she terrible?

  35. blunt talker says:

    Harry should do a halogram for the event-that would be a blast-as for as Meghan and the kids-that is a decision that Harry and Meghan will make as a family-not the royal rota-not the royal family-and not the royal gossipers and shitstainers-I did hear a whisper about Frogmore cottage-but I will wait and see if true before commenting-the security issue is a major sticking point-so they will decide which way is best for their family-Willy would do the same for his family-writing false narratives, putting words in the Sussexes mouth without their permission-guessing and sabatoging future plans of the Sussex family is plain stupid and very unwise.