Quinn: ‘Losing Kate was Prince Harry’s second great loss after losing his mother’

The royal fan-fiction has been off the charts this week, filling the vacuum left by the palace comms offices going radio silent. For years now, there’s been this particular thread of projection about Prince Harry and the Princess of Wales – before Harry met Meghan, I would have argued that Harry and Kate were close and that she enjoyed the optics of being the only woman with two princes. There was always going to be jealousy on Kate’s part towards anyone Harry dated or married. But Kate well and truly lost her mind when Harry fell for a beautiful, successful, biracial American actress. Harry put Meghan on a pedestal and defended her and adored her, and the contrast between that relationship and Kate and William’s marriage was too stark. Years after Harry made it perfectly clear that he will always choose Meghan, his soulmate, wife and mother of his children, the Kate-aligned “experts” are still trying to convince everyone that Harry is torn up about Kate. Ingrid Seward recently said that Meghan “disrupted” Harry’s bond with Kate. Now Tom Quinn claims that Harry’s second great loss, after the loss of his mother, was losing his friendship with Kate.

Prince Harry is feeling “torn” and regretful over losing the close bond he once shared with sister-in-law Kate Middleton, according to a royal expert. The Duke of Sussex, 39, and his wife, Meghan Markle, have reached out to the Princess of Wales, 42, following the news of her cancer diagnosis. And according to author Tom Quinn, Harry “really misses” the friendship he and Middleton once shared.

“[Harry] really misses that warm, uncomplicated relationship, and he is torn between loyalty to his wife and regret about the loss of the woman he was so close to,” Quinn told the Mirror.

“Losing Kate was Harry’s second great loss after losing his mother.”

However, Quinn claims that the Duchess of Sussex does not share her husband’s sentiment when it comes to her sister-in-law.

“Meghan doesn’t feel guilty about Kate, because she feels that Kate should’ve been the one person in the royal family to back her against every difficulty,” Quinn shared. “Apart from anything else, Meghan knew Kate was an outsider, so she just couldn’t understand why Kate always towed the royal line rather than supporting her, Meghan, the other outsider.”

“Kate’s cancer diagnosis has been a real shock for Meghan, but she can see no way to patch up the relationship simply because it has become so poisonous,” the “Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir from Queen Mary to Meghan Markle” author continued. “She also doesn’t want people saying that she is trying to make things up with Kate just because Kate is ill,” he said, adding that the mom of two “still feels Kate was in the wrong and should apologize before they try to build bridges.”

[From The NY Post]

“Losing Kate was Harry’s second great loss after losing his mother.” GMAFB. Harry poured all of his feelings, grief and loss into a memoir already. Harry has made it perfectly clear, in his own damn words, that the loss of his mother shaped him as a person. It’s disgusting to evoke Diana’s death as somehow similarly traumatic as his choice to walk away from a brother and sister-in-law who were actively attempting to destroy his wife. They keep trying to make “Harry must miss Kate, Harry must check in on Kate” happen and he’s not biting.

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  1. Foundinamuseum says:

    Hahahahahahahaha girl bye

    • Wow they are really stuck in opposite week. The re-writing of history is just laughable at this point. Harry was very clear in his book about Can’t.

      • ML says:

        Right?! This is opposite week. Good grief! Anyway, clearly in Harry’s own words this was absolutely not the case, so why on earth are they writing all these Harry longing for Kate amidst nasty Meghan stories at the moment? Who feels that they benefit from this isht?

      • Is this peculiar insistence in royal media that in-law siblings develop and maintain close emotional bonds well into middle age limited to England, or is it a UK thing?

      • Alix says:

        He didn’t “lose” his sister-in-law, he CHOSE his wife. Wow. Just wow.

      • Proud Mary says:

        Susan Collins, don’t you know that the “Captain of My Soul” chapter was about Kate?

    • Joy Liluri says:

      In his memoir, he talks about the death of his best friend whom he still misses. He talks about the loss of his mother which shaped him into who he is. He talked about the death of his grandma.

      He talks about wanting to be close to William and Kate and that never happening except for when he was third wheeling them at an event. No visits to their place, no chances at being fun uncle Harry.

      Everything they say about them being so close is a complete fantasy that Harry has already corrected.

      • February pisces says:

        I remember pre-Meghan when George was born and there was excitement about harry being fun uncle Harry. Then nothing… no pics of harry and baby George interacting whatsoever. I definitely think willie squashed that idea and ensured harry wouldn’t have any public interaction with George and the other kids.

        I remember there was even a story about it saying the reason was because harry was ‘single’ (at the time) and they didn’t want to make him feel bad.

      • Lorelei says:

        @February, I’ve often wondered about Harry’s relationships with W&K’s children. We know basically nothing, but I’m sure he probably *was* excited to become an uncle, and loves those kids. Harry isn’t petty enough to hold who their parents are against the children and to let W&K’s actions prevent him from having any relationship with them, imo. Although now, the Sussexes probably just send them gifts at the holidays and for birthdays and that’s about it because William wouldn’t allow anything else (and I doubt they ever even see whatever H&M do send them; William probably intercepts everything).

        The rest of this article is straight up offensive. The way this asshole speaks about Meghan’s innermost thoughts, how she feels about Kate and how she wants to conduct any further contact with Kate— this guy knows NOTHING. He’s purely speculating and it must be infuriating to be spoken for like that. We already know that Meghan was empathetic enough to call Kate a “good person” on Oprah even after everything she’d put Meghan through.

        IMO Meghan had a unique perspective into exactly how hellish Kate’s life actually is, and she likely feels sorry for any young mother diagnosed with cancer, but beyond that, we have absolutely no idea what she thinks about Kate. This guy is just spouting off with his own conjecture and to even publish it is gross.

      • Ginger says:

        I always thought it was odd that we never saw Harry interacting with W&K’s kids. He pretty much ignored them at events. Very strange. There are plenty of pictures of Harry interacting with other relatives kids but not his niece or nephews.

      • February pisces says:

        I definitely think harry was told not to interact with George when he was a baby in public. They knew anything that showed harry being ‘fun uncle Harry’ would infuriate willie because he can’t have harry look good.

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      WTF we all know he doesnt give a fck. LOL he barely knows her and never saw william anyway, so dont even try.

    • Persephone says:

      I mean it’s ludicrous 🙄
      But I’m thinking that’s a way maybe for them to hint that KKKhate has shuffled/is shuffling off this mortal coil…

  2. equality says:

    Meghan is the one who only commented about one issue with Kate and called her a nice person. Harry is the one who exposed all the stories about her petty behavior. But Harry is the one who feels bad? I’d say more likely that Meghan feels sorry for her. And his greatest loss? Talking about someone who served in combat and likely had fallen comrades? And whose grandparents, with whom he was close, are both deceased? And who lost a child by miscarriage? I almost wish PH would respond to some of this fanfic and say, “Yeah, no. These are the important people I have lost.”

    • Chelsea says:

      Harry also talks extensively in Spare about how the loss of his best friend in a car accident as a teen really affected him but hearing him talk about digging a grave for his child by hand was devastating and it’s honestly offensive that Quinn would gloss over that and call losing Kate his 2nd biggest loss. This is yet another example of these people seeing Harry’s family that he created as insignificant in a way that they would never about William’s children because these people are just racists. It’s just always amazing to me that they have no issue showing their racism to the world like this

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Chelsea, Quinn didn’t gloss over the fact that Harry & Meghan lost a child, he IGNORED it. As the other RR’s do and that is at best, heinous. So appalled at what these f*cking people write.

        Tom Quinn, another RR stranger to H&M, knows what Harry’s “feeling” and what Meghan is “thinking”. For fun I’m going to revisit Harry’s interview on Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert. I remember the bit with them laughing about how RR’s know how he thinks and feels. paraphrasing Worth another listen.

        I might need to clean out my ears. Missed the part where Harry mentions missing Kate. /s lol

  3. truthSF says:

    Over the loss of his unborn child, and almost losing his wife and (unborn 1st child) after being constantly attacked and suffering in that hellhole?! Kate was his 2nd great loss?!! Oh, hell no!!!!!!😒🙄

    • Inge says:

      Exactly this.

    • Giddy says:

      It’s almost as if these so-called journalists have a contest going of who can write the most insane Harry fiction of the week! “Losing” Kate a huge loss? Never, never, never.

    • Over it says:

      This right here

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Exactly! Along with Meghan’s miscarriage in July 2020. Ya know, when, funding was pulled (along with security after March 31, 2020). The BM/BM affiliates released their location. I’ll say, it’s another opportunity to give thanks to Tyler Perry and everything he did for Harry & Meghan.

      A distant (very) relationship with a SIL that abused one’s wife and is greater than (that) and the loss of a child. Harry was kind to Kate. RR’s are drinking sewey water.

      Mentioned it before, my husband has a sister that no one speaks to anymore. For years, I was the problem because he started coming into his own in his late 20’s/early 30’s. A year or so? into our relationship, SIL was in town for a visit. She literally cornered me to tell me that they were tight, they told each other everything and were each other’s best friend. What she didn’t know was that her brother had already warned me about her. He told me to not tell her anything and that she was full of sh*t & didn’t trust her.
      So, I’m sure Harry is suffering the loss of Kate, who was very unkind & lied about Meghan. /s
      Meghan, who broke the conveyor belt for Harry.

  4. Dee(2) says:

    This is truly disgusting. This man has lost a child and they think his sister in law, who was a primary instigator in the media behavior that drove his wife to suicidal ideation, is one of his biggest losses?!! Do or did these people want some sort of throuple? Or is just too much for their tiny racist brains to comprehend that the white woman didn’t win? And this man has probably never been in the same building with Meghan and definitely not at any point in the past four years, how the hell would he know how she feels about something we found out about three weeks ago?

    • Beverley says:

      Totally disgusting! The loss of his own blood, his unborn mixed race child doesn’t even get a mention. And we all know why.

    • Josephine says:

      It’s beyond disgusting. It’s a different type of harrassment, and someone should lose their job over this. It’s deeply disturbing and I don’t know how the people there don’t revolt.

    • Lau says:

      Disgusting truly is the word here. Kate needs to stop asking for articles like this one to be published because she only appears like a delusional stalker.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Honestly, Harry might need some kind of restraining order against Kate. This is giving deranged, delusional stalker and while it was always eye roll worthy, this week it’s been truly next level.

        No wonder Kate worked so hard to destroy Meghan in the press. She’s absolutely gagged over her BIL, who does not even look at her let alone speak to her now.

      • Giddy says:

        Kate obviously has no idea that not speaking out against such articles diminishes her.

      • goofpuff says:

        Kate is a delusional stalker.

    • Over it says:

      I also 100 percent agree with you and anyone else who saids the same thing. These people are vile . Harry lost his unborn child, but sure Kate is second to the lost of his mother. F these pond scum heartless racist.

    • ecsmom says:

      You made me think I wonder if this is how Kate could possibly get Williams attention. If Harry wanted her then Huevo would notice her.

    • bisynaptic says:

      It’s probably the White-vision goggles. 👀

  5. Yup, Me says:

    Comedic hijinx!

    If (and that’s a huge IF) Meghan is ever around those people again for any reason, I hope all pretense of curtseys and order of seniority and who walks before whom are completely done away with.

    • acha says:

      Order of precedence, more like order of abuse. I can’t believe Harry exposed all of that and it’s reported in so few places. Glad I found this place that speaks truth to power.

      Speaking of Meghan — that wedding picture. Someone really did say “LOL let us put her in the ugly olive-drab room and make her deal with green colors,” and Meghan said “fine” and made it look fantastic…

    • Anna says:

      Oh I can see how Kate stands in front of Meghan waiting for a curtsy and Meg just looks at her and does nothing 😀 and then just walks smoothly in front of Willy 😀 a girl can dream.

      I really admire Meg’s will to fit in, I could even bow to someone I absolutely admire, but would not be able to curtsy to a bunch of self important a-holes.

  6. L84Tea says:

    This narrative that is suddenly being pushed hard about Harry and Kate is beyond nauseating. What is it they’re trying to say exactly?

    • Interested Gawker says:

      It’s so weird!
      Why isn’t the press’ focus on William, you know? Her real, actual husband? Her children who are dealing with a change in routine from her diagnosis?
      I still think the lack of Kate making a big production out of her convalescence is a glaring sign that she is not in a position to make her own decisions. The (fake)farm shop video was meant to show her as hale and hearty… I still think Kate would be making it all about her, not Harry. So many people read Spare, it’s clear this bond he’s supposed to have with W&K is all made up fantasy by the rota.

      What on earth is going on?

      • Agnes says:

        It’s weird and it’s CREEPY. I don’t understand the message they are trying to telegraph here. Incest? Harry always seemed to acknowledge Kate as a human being, while William usually appeared embarrassed that a knicker-flashing peasant was the only woman who would marry him. WTAF.

      • bisynaptic says:

        Maybe we’re not intended audience for this.

    • Ginger says:

      I agree. They are REALLY pushing this “Harry was oh so close to Kate” narrative. I think it’s from KP because they are freaked out from the response of the missing Kate saga. Kate was mocked and no one was really missing her. They always try and make Kate seem desirable and it’s weird. Harry was always cordial towards her. If he really liked her (and crushed on her like the press try to push) then why did he marry someone that was the polar opposite of her? He tolerated Kate at best and once he saw how she treated Meghan he was done.

      • equality says:

        Yep. If he had a thing for Kate, why not marry Pippa?

      • FloridaWoman says:

        (And also Pippa is dumb as a rock. Remember her book for party pieces that had a recipe for making ice? lmfao.)

    • Sunday says:

      Honestly it’s impossible for me to read these stories as positive for Kate. I think this is bait. They’ve been boxed in with the cancer story and they’re prohibited from reporting about the Wails marriage directly so they’re hoping to generate some backlash instead so they can shift their coverage. They did this back in January, too – brought up the “concerning rumors” about the marriage just so they could talk all about it in a way they never had before (and it was working, until the cancer video).

      All it takes is a single journalist to connect these stories from the palace with Harry’s words and it plainly shows that Kate shamelessly, publicly flirted with her brother-in-law entirely for attention (because she wasn’t inviting him round for dinner after), and when Harry fell in love with a woman she could never compete with, Kate set out to destroy her instead. And Will has either been totally m.i.a. peg-deep somewhere in Norfolk or actively egging on this plan.

      • KC says:

        Sunday, the never inviting Harry to their house (that was practically next door) is the thing my poor brain just won’t let go of. My partner’s brother, who is single, lives about 10 minutes from us and I personally invite him over fairly often. That’s in addition to times my partner invites him over. Which is I think common for the many, many millions of siblings who live in close physical proximity and also consider themselves close emotionally. Of course we all assumed Harry was always popping round for roast chicken! Hearing that Harry had never been invited to W&K’s apartment in Kensington was one of the most shocking things to me in Spare.

      • Lorelei says:

        Harry is a gentleman and the way he treated Kate in public was how he probably would have treated any woman; it’s not indicative of some deep, lasting relationship.

        If anything, Harry might have been extra kind to Kate at times because he knew just how awful William actually was, and could see that he treated Kate like trash. IMO he could have been a little protective of her, but ONLY because of the type of person Harry is (a decent one, unlike most men in that family) and how volatile he knew his brother was. Not because he cared deeply about Kate specifically.

        And after the way she treated Meghan? That was unforgivable and Harry probably couldn’t even stand the sight of Kate by then.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Agree @Lorelei. Harry was a gentleman towards Kate. For reasons. Closeness or lust were not a factor at all. IMO, in the pictures from the past, Harry seems almost embarrassed by Kate’s attention. He wasn’t flirting. He was tolerating a situation. Yeah, how she treated Meghan was a rubicon. Quite obvious at the walkabout after QE2’s passing.

    • Blithe says:

      Up until today, I’ve thought that these sorts of stories were simply about propping up Kate as the English Rose. This recent shift is so noxious, so odd, and so just-plain-off in contrast to what Harry has actually said, and to what the public has actually seen that I’m now wondering if something beyond racism is at work here. Whatever is wrong with Kate — will Harry somehow be blamed and framed for it? Some have speculated about William’s possible role in Kate’s disappearance from public life. Perhaps the next fan-fic shift will somehow inexplicably blame Harry (and Meghan) for Kate’s troubles.

      I hope I’m wrong though. This article is quite bizarre, and seems oddly placed in a US tabloid. Do US readers REALLY care what some random writer speculates that Harry thinks about his estranged brother’s mean-girl wife? Where’s Kate? Really?

      • FloridaWoman says:

        You know, I wonder if the “come back and be with my wife for me” articles are briefings from William.

    • paintybox says:

      Since they project everything, they probably mean it was actually Kate’s biggest loss. Now she’s all alone with Mr. Royal Potato-head who definitely needed his charming brother along for the ride to make himself seem bearable. Without Harry’s charisma, Will is just freakish, sorry. Kate is dull, vain and vapid but even she must look at her husband and miss the sh*t out of Harry.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Hmm, I used to think it was a way of making William jealous or come to heal but now I think its used as a way to troll her. Openly lusting after your BIL has never been a good look and at one point it was soo bad that she was told to back off and he then started scaling back on public appearances with them both.

      William notoriously kept her and her family away from the RF for years – there were a few occasions here and there she got to meet them but even then it was brief.

      Regardless of the reason she comes off looking like the deranged stalker that we know she is. The press whitewashed her stalking of William in the lead up to and during their time at St Andrews – the stalking continued up until they got engaged. Her stalking at St Andrews was the campus gossip – she didn’t bother to hide it.

      • esquire says:

        Carole was the mastermind. I doubt he would have gone the distance but for Carole messing in motherless William’s mind.

    • bisynaptic says:


  7. Nubia says:

    Kate should be terrified that if William can throw his own brother away and call his own mother paranoid what will become of her. She will remember Harry’s kindness towards her one day.

  8. Beverley says:

    It really chaps Britain’s hide that their prince fell hopelessly in love with a Black American instead of feeding KKKhate’s ridiculous thirsty inappropriate fantasies about him. I guess he was never to marry, but was to entertain the Future Queen’s flirtation with him indefinitely.

    That’s all kinds of stank.

  9. Ohwell says:

    That narrative is so strange.

  10. The Hench says:

    Before the Great Embiggening of the Wales started, the press used to write very pointed articles about Kate flirting and being all over Harry at joint events….they made it clear that she showed more interest in her husband’s brother than her husband.

    And Harry has, multiple times, in his own words, spoken and written, made it clear that he was not that close to Kate.

    And yet…once again ‘royal experts’ just make stuff up and it’s published like fact…

  11. Mrs Robinson says:

    It might be that he was disappointed when she was petty and unkind when he needed her to be warm and generous with Meghan, but he and Meghan seemingly felt sorry for her so let things slide (which really doesn’t indicate any kind of heartbreak).

  12. Mooney says:

    Why are they making out Meghan to be a Camilla in a Harry KKKate (🤮) relationship? Except Diana was actually married to kc3.

  13. Grandma Susan says:

    OMG! They’ve got the fan fiction up to barf level! Harry didn’t “L0SE” Kate because he never wanted her.

  14. Maxine Branch says:

    Instead of being honest these folks would rather live in a fantasy world. Harry is a very cavalier man and made sure this woman was treated in his presence with respect by her husband. Beyond that pretty sure he had has no interest in her other than as their message stated wishing her peace and healing. There is documented proof of who was longing for attention from Harry and it was Kate. Harry has his love, his plate is full and he appears to be eating and living well in the House of Sussex.

  15. Barbara says:

    Ugh, this makes me genuinely nauseous. To compare the loss of his beloved mother to not getting along with his viper of a sister-in-law is just gross.

    • Oh come on. says:

      Who’s the source for this silly narrative? Not William or BP, for sure. I have to think it can’t be Kate/Middletons, because these stories at face value make Kate look like a would-be adulterer?

      Who benefits from a narrative that Harry is secretly “torn up,” pining for Kate?

      This story makes no sense unless the journalists themselves want to believe that Harry isn’t REALLY fulfilled being married to a Black woman. Even though he says he is, and everyone can see their love for each other.

      • Lorelei says:

        I can see it possibly coming from William, because he doesn’t want to admit to himself that his younger brother’s wife is so much more impressive than his own in literally every way— and he wants to keep up that charade with the public so they continue to see Kate as superior as well.
        It might make him feel better to think that Harry misses Kate, even though it’s demonstrably untrue.

      • FlamingHotCheetos2021 says:

        I could see William putting this out there as a prelude to a divorce campaign.

        “My wife started obsessively lusting after my brother and went nutty when he fell in love with and married somebody else!”, the poor beleaguered Prince cried. Blame the ousting of a blood prince on Kate because how dare he, etc., etc..

        Of course the RR would have to milk it and start out saying things backwards before outcry from certain people ‘set the record straight’. Maximum drama.

  16. Tessa says:

    Kate is high maintenance and pits on airs. Harry and Meghan are married and I doubt he misses the woman who undermined his wife. Harry had to intervene when Kate took threatening steps to his wife. Comparing Kate to Diana In relation to harry is odd to say the least. Kate was never a mother figure to harry. Ingrid is deluded and why would she think harry would prefer his brothers wife to his own wife. Kate has a husband. These articles are disturbing to say the least. Kate lost harry and his wife through her mean girl behavior.

  17. MsIam says:

    This a new level of shitty for the Unroyal press. But I wonder how this makes William feel? They act like Harry and Kate were the couple and William was the third wheel. Anyway, I know the Sussexes have put the press on “ignore” but I wish they would clap back on this. Its an insult to Meghan, implying that she was the “other woman” just like Crocmilla was. Or maybe that’s the point? They’ve tried the “brothers were so close until Meghan” storyline so now they are throwing this Harry/Kate b.s. out there.

  18. Asantewaa says:

    Kate is obviously not getting the attention and care from William so they have resorted to plan b, use Harry as a substitute. Spare told us otherwise. Harry is madly in love with his wife, no room for conniving Kate. What is all this propping up of Kate. There was even a supposedly thank you card from Kate without her signature. How strange!

  19. Nanea says:

    What drugs are these people on?

    Are they hallucinating?

    Shouldn’t it be part of the job description of the rota 🐀🐀🐀 and 🐀-adjacents to have read Spare?

    Anyone with eyes could have seen that this infatuation and outright flirting was very one-sided long before Meghan even appeared in Harry’s life.

    The disrespect and misogynoir of these people is off the scales, just because their yt princess never got her husband’s attention and has been sidelined by Bulliam the Incandescent for quite some time.

  20. Cel2495 says:

    lol BM, knock it off ! 🤡

    Stop trying to make this happen ! Harry respected Kate as his sister in law nothing else … now all he wants from all of them is space. He knows they are all 🗑️

  21. Tessa says:

    The pictures of kate flirting with harry are just on the creepy side
    Kate is married to William. It’s not like Meghan is being compared to an ex of harry.

  22. SussexWatcher says:

    So…are they trying to tell us without telling us that Kate is dead? That was my second thought.

    My first thought was STOP. Just stop with this, you disturbed, delusional weirdos. We’ve seen with our own eyes how Harry has treated Keen in their most recent interactions (curtly directing her into the car with his program while she makes moon eyes at him and speaking to her via Pegs at the CW church service when he and Meghan needed to get into the aisle).

    Miss her?! Through his own admission he barely knew her and would never have gone for a woman like her anyway. Harry told us all – Meghan, she IS the list.

    The creepy as hell fantasies these rota rat weirdos keep spinning are just disturbing. And their racism is shining through with the narrative that Harry is heartbroken and pining for his white sister-in-law over his own wife!

    • Rapunzel says:

      So, i don’t believe Kate’s dead. Even if they murdered her, they’d have just said she got a fatal blood clot from surgery. No reason to fake her being alive.

      But I’ll be damned if this wording isn’t really really curious.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Agree. We talked yesterday in comments about how dismissive Harry was of Kate through multiple events since H and M left, and even in Spare how clear it is that Harry was never close to Kate.

      Kate is delusional and beyond self centered to see herself as more important than his wife, his close friend, his baby.

      It’s also super creepy erasure of Meghan, especially after how awful the car chase was which was supposed to be just aimed at Meghan. These people are sick.

      • Lorelei says:

        Exactly. It was obvious to anyone with eyes that Harry detested Kate for the last couple of years that the Sussexes lived in England. We’ve all seen photos and videos. They need to give it up.

  23. s808 says:

    Royal Reporters are not dying off fast enough for me. We have H’s own words regarding Kate and yet these people are still trying to tell his story.

  24. Jais says:

    Aside from the delusion about Harry missing Kate, this man is putting words into Meghan’s mouth. Quinn has no sources with Meghan. Please. Absolutely zero. And yet he’s writing a whole paragraph of fiction about how she feels about Kate’s diagnosis, that she doesn’t want people to think she just wants to patch things up bc Kate has cancer. Say what? That’s just all fiction. This man does not know. And yet he’s talking like he knows what Meghan thinks, feels and says. Baloney.

  25. Rainbow Kitty says:

    Why are there all these stories about Harry “losing” Kate over the past few days?

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Right?! This is what I’m wondering about. What is REALLY going on that they can’t talk about (yet), so have to make up these creepy stories that are clearly hinting at something. The Wailses’ divorce? Kate’s death? Because WHERE IS HUEVO?!?!? Where is he and where are the children (who apparently haven’t been in school his whole year)?!

      No one with a lick of sense would believe Harry is missing the woman who – for years – bullied and lied about his wife. So what are the rota rats really trying to tell us?

      • Rainbow Kitty says:

        Yes, very weird. And everyone knows that Kate was always fawning over Harry. Not the other way around.

      • Miranda says:

        Where IS Huevo? I figured they were going to take advantage of the newfound knowledge that disappearing was THE way to get coverage, but I didn’t think they’d start immediately. I was also going to say that I thought William might at least let Kate’s turn last a little longer, but nah, why start treating his wife decently now?

      • Kitikonti says:

        Well, William just popped up on my telly, he’s at the Villa match with George. Enjoying the extended Easter break…

    • swirlmamad says:

      Something is building and the pressure cooker is about to blow. Over the past week or so the stories about H+M have been increasingly even more unhinged and over the top than they have been, which is saying something. They are beyond the point of desperation trying to cover up whatever the hell has happened. The scalding hot tea is on the brink of being spilled and the sh*t is gonna completely hit the fan….they’re losing control. My spidey senses are screeching — forget tingling.

  26. Becks1 says:

    There is NO part of Harry – none, zero, zilch – that is “torn” between his loyalty to Meghan and his relationship with Kate. NONE. Spare made that perfectly clear. There was nothing in Harry’s thought process about Kate, besides how cold and unwelcoming she was towards Meghan.

    William and Kate’s CHILDREN were more part of his thought process than Kate when it came to the press.

    i do think there were things that Harry has had to grapple with re: his family over the past 6 years (his whole life to be honest) and we saw those things laid bare in Spare.

    What we did not see was regret or any sense of loss about not being close to Kate. We saw that he was a little disappointed that W&K cut him out before Meghan ever came on the scene (when he talks about waiting for a dinner invitation that never came, etc) but there is no sense of loss right now re his “relationship” with Kate.

    • s808 says:

      Exactly! He mentioned being excited about being the “fun uncle” who pops over — but was never invited to their home despite living a stone’s throw away! Weren’t W&K also the last to know about Meghan? He definitely did that for a reason.

      Outside of work, they wanted nothing to do with Harry.

  27. Macheath says:

    This is creepy and obvious trolling. The toxic media is desperate to get a rise out of Harry and hitting below the belt to get it.
    I don’t even agree with the assertion that Harry was ever anything beyond polite and friendly to Kkkhate Missington. Definitely not close. Not by a long shot. Just look at her behaviour. Being close to someone is being willing to open up to them, letting them know you intimately (emotionally), caring about their wellbeing, speaking regularly, understanding each other without words or etc. There is no evidence their relationship was ever like that. In any event, equating his loss of his mother, who was treated cruelly and died suddenly and horrifically, with Princess Limpet is such a stretch I’m surprised Quinn hasn’t contorted into a saltine pretzel.

  28. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I was reminded yesterday, here in fact, of a word that we used to use in the olden days (the 80s)…Skeevy. This narrative regarding Harry and Kate is Skeevy, skeevy AF. I have nothing left to say about this. Wait, wait, it needs to be said one more time…Skeevy!!

  29. Laura D says:

    Kate is recovering from major surgery and receiving treatment for cancer. Instead of filling column inches with smaltzy stories about how her husband is doing everything possible to help her with her recovery, or how the children are helping to look after mummy. We get drivel about how Harry is “suffering” without her in his life! Harry the man who wrote a best selling autobiography about why he had to leave his country. No-where in the book did he make a huge deal about his “friendship” with Kate, let alone having any qualms about choosing his love for Meghan over his “relationship” with her. Did these people not read Spare?

    Kate’s cancer obviously isn’t getting the sympathy/interest “they” thought it would so, “they’ve” decided to re-hash their old favourite: Harry really, really loves Kate! This drivel has got to have come from the Middleton camp. There’s absolutely no way on this earth will I believe that losing his “friendship” with Kate came anywhere near losing QEII and Prince Philip. No matter what I (or others) may think about them Harry simply adored his grandparents. He put up with the family’s attempts to humiliate him (and his wife) at their funerals (and let’s not forget Kate was a major biatch at both funerals.)

    Harry may have been disappointed with Kate when she showed her true colours. However, I doubt he mourned the loss of their friendship when it meant staying friends with her meant he could lose the love of his life and his beautiful baby boy.

  30. LaurieLee says:

    I might have reached my limit of the gross nonsense I can read from these royal reporters. This one takes the cake. Also it is really interesting to go back and read that post from 2012 that is linked above, even then people were talking about William ignoring Kate.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      I feel the same. I saw this headline and just felt sick. The abuse and erasure of Meghan as Harry’s wife is so sick. I guess these stories came from camp Middleton and KP in a desire to make Kate seem desirable and her narrative about Harry belonging to her.

      As I wrote above, it’s giving needing a PPO vibes at this point. (

    • Lorelei says:

      Same. This one went too far; “offensive” isn’t a strong enough word.

      IDK if they’re attempting to guilt Harry into another visit, this one to Kate, but if that’s the case, LOL. It will be a cold day in hell before that happens.

      What would be interesting to see is if Harry would return for Kate’s funeral— I could see it, purely out of respect for his niece and nephews and with a hope that maybe his relationships with them might be salvageable somewhere (far) down the road. William would probably have him banned though, so it’s a moot point.

  31. Jais says:

    Harry has talked about the royal work as putting on a show. Showing up and smiling and then he went going home alone to his apartment. Harry took pride in his work and the reporters loved him for putting on that charismatic show. If Kate was at an event, he spoke to her as part of that show. I’m sure he liked her fine as he said in spare but its not like they were hanging out once the event was over. As he said in his book.

  32. Liz says:

    Harry gained a wife and two children. Gains that very obviously made his brother and sil jealous.

  33. Amy Bee says:

    What drugs is Tom Quinn on? Did he even read Harry’s book? If he did he would know that he and Kate were never close and that the second great loss was the death of his best friend Henry van Straubenzee (Henners). How much is the Mirror paying Tom Quinn for these fanfics?

    • SarahCS says:

      They are doing what they always do with Harry and ignoring anything he (or Meghan for that matter) have said directly in favour of their own fantasy narratives. As the die-hard readers/believers won’t have read Spare I can only assume it lands with that demographic.

  34. Feebee says:

    I thought Ingrid Sewer was bad but this guy needs a slap to snap out of it. This is pretty disgusting territory and frankly how dare he! If I may clutch pearls for just a moment. Considering who Harry has actually lost and then to conflate that kind of loss with this current fanfic shit they’ve got going on with some Kate and Harry narrative is low and deranged even for them.

  35. Ohwell says:

    The rats should push stories about Willy taking care of his wife, preparing meals, going for walks, you know stories about a husband being present and supportive for his ailing wife.

    Instead you have Harry misses Kate fanfic… it is truly bizarre.

    • Jais says:

      Right? Where are the cute stories about how William is supporting his wife? Why are they writing made up stories about Harry missing Kate? That man hasn’t made eye contact or smiled at Kate in years. If he was missing her, he would look at her and he did not once look at her. Once again, there is photographic evidence that disproves all these silly narratives.

  36. Cessily says:

    The way the generation before them swapped and shared wives and husbands is it any wonder that the BRF and their propaganda press find this narrative acceptable? These are the people who protect rapists, pedophiles and human traffickers, so to them wife sharing is just what Pa did.

  37. lanne says:

    So we are to realize that the job of rota ratchet is an endangered species? These people are desperate to keep their jobs, which seem to be going the way of Blockbuster Video store manager or compact disc manufacturer. How can a ratchet do a job when there isn’t any royal work to report on? So they have to resort to writing pure fiction and hope the haters they seek as readers eat it up. Own goals seem to be the M.O. of many things British these days.

  38. Angie says:

    What?! Straws, grasping, clicks, hopefully not happening. Ridiculous!!

  39. Jan says:

    By now the tabloids should give up on getting the Sussexes to dance at their bidding, zero engagement.
    Meghan loved her toxic father, but there only so much abuse a person can take.
    TT must be pissing himself now the money is drying up, with no more pictures of Meghan to sell, and Doria is left, right and center with the Sussexes.
    I think Unable is the furthest thing from Meghan’s mind.

  40. Eurydice says:

    Yes, Harry has been so torn that he’s never even bothered to contact Kate whenever he’s been solo in the UK. Next, they’ll be telling us that it’s William and Meghan who have prevented Harry and Kate from expressing their true love.

  41. Pork Belly says:

    Trying to figure out who comes out looking good with this fanfic: Kate maybe? But why?

  42. aquarius64 says:

    This silly story only resurrected old stories that Kate is too friendly to unavailable men on the X App. I posted about Kate getting too friendly with Roger Federer at Wimbledon last year, in front of his wife. The Fail cleaned up the story and Federer had to do damage control.

    • Lorelei says:

      Kate’s demeanor was also very different (read: flirty) any time she was around Ben Ainsley, and it did not go unnoticed.

  43. Tate says:

    Damn do these people have any idea how psychotic they themselves look?

  44. Ennie says:

    William is being spared from gossiping about where he is, etc

  45. Wendy says:


    IT’S FALSE and VILE!! OMG they have the nerve to compare the loss of his beloved Mother to the loss of his relationship with his sister-in law. What about the loss of his Grandfather and Grandmother the Queen. WTF I guess they didn’t read Spare??? Cant roll my eyes hard enough.. this was funny

  46. WiththeAmerican says:

    I’ve had it with this sick crap. I never click on the source for these because I know they’re rage baiting. Speaking for Harry when he’s spoken for himself and said the complete opposite, using his dead mother and erasing his wife, is disgusting.

    from now on I’ll be writing the editor of these tabloids about how they are perpetuating falsehoods based on Kate’s delusional, one sided, imaginary relationship with Harry. Will include the facts from Spare that they’ve completely rewritten with KP Middleton fan fiction.

    It’s not that I think this will change what they’re doing, but once editors are shown the facts and continue to publish harmful, defamatory lies, they know they’re on different ground as they can’t claim they didn’t know.

  47. Kateee says:

    Funny to look back on their old interactions, since Harry has said publicly that he didn’t really spend time with them in private despite affectionate public appearances. It makes me think Kate understood William’s jealousy of Harry and blantantly flirted with him to keep William feeling territorial about her. Because she behaved this way with other men, too, and frequently, but William hasn’t seemed to care since Harry left.

    Dredging up the past feels intentional. Remind William of his jealousy? In the same newscycle he was “spotted” at a pub with Carole?

  48. Athena says:

    Why is Meghan even mentioned in this man’s book. Shouldn’t the title be … from queen Mary to Kate Middleton

    • Lorelei says:

      My thoughts exactly. And we all know the answer is because anything with Meghan’s name gets more attention/clicks/sales. This guy is a bottom-feeding POS

  49. B says:

    What’s the point of lying if no one believes it? In order for propaganda to be successful it has to be believable. No one believes this more importantly it has become more obvious that the palace controls the British press and creates narratives. People knowing Kate/KP want this out there and that she is desperate to be linked to Harry while she obsessively copies everything Meghan wears and does looks pathetic and psycho.

  50. Mary Pester says:

    No Mr quin, Harry hasn’t LOST Kate, he knows exactly where she is, on the other side of the Atlantic ocean and ain’t he fking glad. I find the pictures of bone drooling over Harry quote nauseating!
    I’m quite angry today, I don’t know why maybe I’m just overtired and aching a lot but, in my early hours musings I had an interesting thought process, my old police officers brain decided to fire up its neurons once again and I looked at a time line that is quite illuminating.
    Cars race from KP to London clinic late at night in December.
    January they announce bones going onto hospital for PLANNED a do surgery, first lie, because if it was planned, they wouldn’t have had to cancel so many appointments that had been booked for weeks! But WHERE is bone. Then KC is in hospital same time as keen, camzilla visits and does Royal duties, bullsht story of KC visiting bone, another bullsht story of Billy visiting bone, but look who was in the car with him. Where is bone. King discharged, waves to people, where is bone, king starts chemo but continues reduced duties, where is bone? Stories start to circulate, more and more questions, Billy is pissed and swaying at investiture and drops medal, where is bone, THEN we get the fake mothers day pic exposed, where is bone, then fake video saying she had HAD cancer and is taking profelactic, FKING LIAR, staff are accused of trying to access notes, accusation has disappeared, but had served its diversionary purpose, same as the invisible fillipino nurses, the false farm shop pictures.. I’m beginning to believe that it was the Butler with the candlestick that did it. What does she look like kate dear, the woman who’s taken your place, or has your mother warned her of and told Billy it ain’t going to happen because bone has to much Kompromat on you and your family

    • fwiw says:

      Can the RF survive when the public eventually learns of all the lies and fakes (created, I suspect, because of Kate’s refusal to cooperate)?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mary, okay, so now I have some thoughts to go with yours. The article (link above) that Kaiser posted regarding Bone and Harry, was from 2012. Wasn’t that just one year after the marriage? Is someone trying to make it look like Bone Idle has been flashing the goods to more than the public? It sure seems that someone wants it to look like Bone’s attention was split. I think there are enough examples out there when she’s around other men that there could be follow up articles about that. They MAY have been swinging at Harry, but they hit Bone. Wow, this is not a good look for her.

      Didn’t I read somewhere (here?) that Harry and his buddies called Bone Idle ‘the limpet’ because she stuck so close to Billy Idle back before the engagement? She just kept coming back.

      This is actually an embarrassing article for Bone Idle. I think there are machinations going on behind the scenes for a formal separation/divorce and there are negotiations on going. I also think it’s possible that her mental health has been affected. She has spent practically her whole life to snag the Prince and if she can’t keep hold of him, what does she have left?

      • Mary Pester says:

        6y+Saucy, exactly, they have overplayed their hand this time. People are still asking questions about the fake mothers day picture, the fake video announcement, the false farmshop farce and the fact that Billy can’t get his act together, BUT NO ONE is saying they miss either of them, and people don’t seem to care either. I think the separation has been a thing for a long time, that’s why adelaide was given to bone. Divorce (I think) is a way of, they can’t have Billy looking like the bsd he is, I’m just waiting for the first member of staff to either move say America or Canada, even Australia and spill the beans big time. They could break the NDA they all have to sign and if Billy tried to make threats of sueing them, they have a brilliant one word answer, KNAPH.
        And you never know, his latest squeeze might grow tired of skulking around and go public, you don’t sign ndas in the bedroom

      • fwiw says:

        @Saucy. Good point. Kate is getting a bit of unflattering press. You ask what she would she have left without William. She still has her children, and I hope they are ok.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Mary, what a mess. In so many ways, it wouldn’t be such a loss to the brf if they faded into the background. Well, as long as they have someone to do the work, which would work for them. QE2 was right that she needed to be seen to be believed.

        fwiw, if they are being homeschooled as we believe, they are probably fine. I have no idea if they’re with either of their parents, which could be an anxious time for them. They are being kept away from school and kids who will undoubtedly be questioning them, so that’s good.

      • Julianna says:


        Before I read your comment I literally had a lot of thoughts that they were insinuating that Kate did just that. I wasn’t going to comment until I saw yours. I’m wondering if that is EXACTLY what they are trying to imply with all these articles.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Julianna, “I’m wondering if that is EXACTLY what they are trying to imply with all these articles.” I’m not ruling it out.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        Sauce & Sassy, surely if the children hadn’t been at school for some time, one of the other children would have told mum and dad and it would have leaked out, all the parents are no going to be loyal to W and K.

    • Julianna says:

      👍 @ Mary Pester

      • Patricia says:

        @Mary Pester I think it was last week that I referred to you as a legend on this board. I love your suggestions, my favorites being STFD and STFU! Now I look on you as a icon. I have privately thought every single thing you said in this first post. Something just doesn’t make sense. They’re using Harry as a cover to keep Bones name in the forefront of the of the news. It has even crossed my mind that Kate may no longer be on the planet, may be disfigured, may be cognitively impaired. Something is not right. And I have a definite idea who may have caused it or who is leaking information to the vultures. I wouldn’t put it past Willie Idle and KP to say there was a tragic accident and she could not be revived. (I hope not for her children’s sake) But they did it to Diana so wouldn’t surprise me. You are an amazing woman, Mary, smart, strong, caring, brave. Thanks you for all you have done for your country. Like Harry, Service is your middle name.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Definitely the butler with the candlestick in the library. Wait, these two don’t read, scratch the library. In the yoga room.

  51. Lulu says:

    Example of how one sided that friendship was is when courtiers had to tell Kate to stop flirting in public with Harry as it made him uncomfortable. She responded she was trying to make him feel welcome and of course the courtiers let her know that a prince of the realm did not need her to make him feel welcome. And now they try to sell that Kate is just so shy. Lifelong flasher and flirt.

    • Mel says:

      Wait, what????!!!! Seriously? Then she had the CRUST to think it was up to HER to make someone who is a Prince by birth when she’s a commoner, welcome?? HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  52. Shawna says:

    I didn’t know I needed that big of a laugh, but it feels GREAT.

  53. K-Peace says:

    It seems to me like a big hint that Kate is deceased. Talking about how the “LOSS” of Kate is similar to the “LOSS” of Harry’s mother who died. It seems like they’re trying to give us another big clue about Kate being gone. Which is my theory about what’s going on.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      Something is wrong, very wrong, because the simplest way to shut down speculation is to produce Kate in an unambiguous presser.

      Why can’t they do that?

      Why should an abdominal surgery patient be bed bedridden months, very against current advice to get the patient moving?

      Why should William insist he too would not work for the duration of her ‘getting settled’ they be so flaky and weird when he did venture out?

      The BM are restless and muzzled, it’s clear some in the Rota know things they are barred somehow from saying. Why is this the content they are going for?

      Now a cancer diagnosis, a 180 from the initial reports it was not cancerous. Why, with both Kate and the king ill, wouldn’t William bring George at the very least to Easter services? Why is Kate unable to have a puff piece interview with no fakery?

      And now the carnival around pretending Harry has anything to do with any of this rather than calling out the obvious scam of a farm video. Money changed hands for that footage and the The Sun editor said they were working with the palace.

      ‘Loss’ really is a strange and emotive choice of words. Why aren’t the press talking of the Waleses as a couple or as parents? Why can’t they talk about William?

      When will we have proof of life for the Princess of Wales? Where is Kate?

      • Kingston says:

        @Interested Gawker

        You make an interesting point about that cancer diagnosis that wasnt and then conveniently was.

        First of all, it was KP that told the public, at the end of January after she “left the hospital” that kHATE’s surgery had been successful and that THERE WAS NO CANCER.

        But then she remained missing and so they had to come out with another plausible excuse so they pulled the highly doctored mother’s day pic. And when it became clear that the fakeness of the mother’s day pic was becoming a huge scandal, causing the American media to chime in, they shushed everyone up with the vid of kHATE galivanting down the street in farmgate.

        And then isht really hit the fan as folks rejected the vid and the scandal of the missing would-be consort grew bigger.

        And so it was, with their backs against the wall, that KP pulled the ultimate card, coming out with the BBC-Studio(NOT News!)-facilitated, AI cancergate vid.

        There is no doubt that since kHATE supposedly “left hospital” at the end of January that KP has been in desperation mode to come up with more and more seemingly plausible reasons to explain her perplexing absence as they sought to buy more and more time to keep the hoi polloi at bay.

        The absolute big one has been the Cancer Card which, in desperation, KP has played, thereby buying themselves enough time to at least take them to trooping (June 15.)

        Already KP and their mouthpieces have been flying a kite to prep folks for her absence from trooping. And even Wimbledon! (July 1) And of course, after Wimbledon come the royals annual 3-month-long ‘summer break.’

        I tell you, KP is gonna succeed in keeping that woman away from the public eye for the entirety of 2024.

        But trust, the attaclapse (look it up) WILL come.

    • Julianna says:

      @K-Peace & Interested Gawker 🎯

  54. QuiteContrary says:

    I usually brush off nonsense like Quinn’s blathering, but it’s incredibly offensive. So that mixed-race unborn child meant nothing to Harry??

    This is what he wrote: “Under a spreading banyan tree, while Meg wept, I dug a hole with my hands and set the tiny package softly in the ground.”

    He dug a hole with his hands … I could feel his pain radiate off the page when I read that.

    To say that Kate was his second great loss … just despicable. These racist a**holes really place no value on the lives of Meghan and her children with Harry.

  55. vpd4 says:

    What?! OMG, enough already. They have to be laughing behind the scenes.

  56. Ben says:

    The power of Meghan!!! Mentioned in the books title along Queen Mary. He’s not wrong. She has made history. The most charismatic, glamorous and kind married in royal since Princess Diana. Period. His statement about Harry is poking the bear but he also doesn’t come as a stan of Kate. Mentioning that she wasn’t a girl’s girl basically.

  57. Nerd says:

    These people are mentally and emotionally unstable. This is the same woman who had racists concerns about what skin tone his children would be and how it would make the royal family look. She allowed a racists lie to be used against the love of his life and mother to his children. A racists lie that was the catalyst to the unrelenting abuse she suffered during her pregnancy with their first child and sent her spiraling to the point of contemplating suicide. It was the catalyst to the borage of racists attacks from her fans and the media that resulted in what would be his second greatest loss, his second child who died as a result of a miscarriage. A 42 year old racist mean girl who doesn’t know what boundaries are and was okay with her racist lie and concerns being used to attack him, his wife and children isn’t his second greatest loss, it isn’t even a loss. I am so disgusted with these people who put the life of a 42 year old racist bully above his own precious child who he and Meghan lost, cried over and had to bury.

  58. Over it says:

    Kate husband is the one who should be missing her , but he ain’t . Harry has a wife Meghan. He is so addicted to her that he doesn’t recognize space when it comes to her . Wtf is this shit from Tom Quinn? Harry ain’t missing Kate because for Harry it’s Meghan all day every day. Kate should find a man who loves her like that . These people are f nuts .

  59. girl_ninja says:

    These sick people will try and have you believe that Harry would choose a white woman over the his wife, the love of his life and his CHILDREN. White supremacy is a sickness.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      girl_ninja, oh, yes, I agree. The racist derangers will run with this, because that’s what they do. What a great look for the UK–it’s the MAGAs all over again.

  60. vpd4 says:

    WTF is wrong with these people?

  61. Tessa says:

    So Quinn did not want Harry to get married just sit around pining for his brother’s wife. Harry and Meghan left 4 years ago.and rarely saw the Wales. If Kate really liked harry she would have been nice to Meghan. She even ignored Archie when she was a few feet away.

  62. kelleybelle says:

    Another day, another “royal expert” who’s full of shit.

  63. Paddingtonjr says:

    Have we ever seen a picture just Harry and Kate at an event or just hanging out? There are pictures of Will and Sophie together, even a picture of Edward and a pre-divorce Diana. But not one picture of just Kate and Harry in 13 years?

  64. HD says:

    What if Meghan went around briefing the tabloids that William’s second great loss, after losing his mother, was losing Meghan? That would make her look like a lunatic, right? Why do people like Quinn not get that they’re just making Kate look pathetic and delusional and like she’s engaging in public fantasies about her brother-in-law?

  65. Heather says:

    My take is that it’s all BS to cover all the Andrew movies coming out 🙄

    The FBI would still like a word, Andrew.

  66. ChattyCath says:

    Insane. Is Ma Midds rewriting her narcissistic history in the hope of Kate marrying Harry if there is as seems likely a divorce? What stalker behaviour. It’s time to issue a cease and desist. This really is defamation. Poisonous

  67. LRB says:

    I love Meghan’s wedding gown and the spectacular and well thought through veil. Her mother too is the epitome of grace and looks absolutely stunning and serene in what must be a very alien environment for her.
    That’s all I got… frankly the rest is codswallop ( is that a word American’s use or understand.. if not I am sure you can guess the meaning. )

  68. Katie says:

    This should not meet editorial standards to print. These are incredibly specific claims about the inner life of people that almost certainly did not talk to him, some of whom have made direct statements to the contrary.

  69. Flower says:

    Is this not the journalistic equivalent of papering the cracks with sh!t?

  70. Mel says:

    I want whatever this guy is smoking. Harry and Kate weren’t BFF’s and why are they acting like they were married or some such nonsense? They don’t know Harry or Kate, why make up this kind of ridiculous BS that really is verging on inappropriate.

  71. JudyB says:

    That is the WORST photo-shopped image ever of Harry supposedly holding onto Kate’s arm. First, her arm is clearly behind the pasted-in photo of Harry, second, it does not even look like his hand, and third, that hand is not holding onto anything!!!

    And Harry is not a blathering idiot. He is an adult, caring husband and father who could care less for the person Kate has become!!!

  72. AC says:

    Agree with @kaiser H was(is) deeply enamored with M. He literally left his country and took his wife and baby son with him. If these so called journalists are suggesting a “triangle”, to me it’s always been about H-W-M. K is just the fourth person who’s been envious of M as both brothers are fond of M. Prob the BM knows all this but they can’t admit it. Sometimes I wonder since they’re never ever direct, if they’re writing the opposite of what they really mean lolZ..
    I still think, W wanted(wants) out of his marriage, it’s always been about wanting what H has.

  73. LaurenAPMT says:

    Cutting off a toxic relationship is painful, and you mourn the memories and the relationship, itself, even though ending it was necessary. I’m sorry Harry lost whatever he had in Kate (though I feel like saying it was second only to losing his Mother was a big stretch), but I love that he did what was best for himself, his wife, and his family.

    • Tessa says:

      Harry and Meghan fell in love. Married and had children. I don’t think harry lost anything regarding kate. It is All on her for the bad treatment she gave meghan.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Luckily he didn’t lose anything in Kate. Harry barely spoke to her for years before they left and now he won’t even look at her.

      She’s done his wife dirty and he knows it.

  74. Izzy says:

    Whatever they’re smoking while they write this is beyond Cheech & Chong-level strong.

  75. Faraway says:

    Me thinks the Rota would do just about anything to hurt Meghan especially and H&M’s marriage as a bonus! Stirring up conflict for H&M, when even the blind can see that it’s Saint Catherine who has always had the hots for PH!
    Hence too the vicious leaks to massacre Meghan in the public’s mind. The deluded mind thought she would for ever be flanked by W & H, alas … lo and behold H fell in love with M and Saint Catherine’s dream evaporated.

  76. bisynaptic says:

    Will these people say literally anything, for money?

  77. LadyBreenie says:

    So so close that Can’t personally told Harry about her and Wee Willy Wanka’s engagement, and Harry didn’t find out from the news. Yeah rrrright! GMAFB indeed!

  78. Square2 says:

    To Mama Meddleton, STOP. STOP these insane briefing & articles. God doesn’t like ugly. Playing with fire, you & KKKate will get burn eventually.

  79. Square2 says:

    Just had a look of the 2012 CB link posted above. Wow, there’re a lot of KKKate defenders & apologists in the comment section. Wonder where did they go? X/Twitter? Youtube?

  80. Anna M. says:

    The Rota and royal family seem to be obsessed and have a problem with the fact that Meghan, the mixed race woman ended up with the nice, polite, charming, handsome gentleman who worships the ground she walks on, while their English Rose ended up with a cold, aloof, shy, self absorbed, detached and self entitled man child. This must be frustrating. Is this why they are hoping that Kate and Harry were closer than they really were? Does it makes them feel better for Kate?.

    • Iolanthe says:

      Nauseating. Why is that woman called an English Rose . She is plain ordinary Kate Middleton not Kate Winslet who fits that title . And while Harry lost his mother forever , this female is still alive and kicking isnt she ? In the meanwhile there were other actual and distressing losses. The Queen Mother, Prince Philip ,the Queen , a best friend , an unborn child ..they all died . So how the hell is that living breathing racist a ” loss”.

  81. choklit_latte says:

    Bless their hearts, they keep trying to make Fetch happen.