Christina Hendricks had a 2nd wedding at home so her mother with Alzheimer’s could go

Christina Hendricks married her love of four years, camera operator George Bianchini, in a goth wedding last month in New Orleans. The wedding weekend had everything — a ghost tour, a postnuptial parade, Shirley Manson officiating at the 110-year-old Napoleon House, MUFFALETTAS! But it turns out there was someone very important missing from the festivities: Christina’s mother Jackie Sue. Jackie Sue, who lives in LA, couldn’t travel to NOLA due to her Alzheimer’s. So this past weekend, exactly two weeks after first saying “I do,” Christina and George recreated their wedding at home — complete with the same gown for the bride, same suit for the groom, and Shirley Manson presiding in the same caped red dress — so Jackie Sue could attend. I’m not crying, you are! (I’m totally crying.)

“My mother has Alzheimer’s and was not able to come to New Orleans for our wedding, so we brought the wedding to her yesterday in our backyard,” the actress shared on Instagram on Sunday, May 5.

“My mother has always been my best friend and there was no way we weren’t going to share our love and celebrate with the biggest supporter and cheerleader in my life. When you are living so in the moment, so in the present, it is so important to have beauty and love and happiness around you,” Hendricks wrote.

“This time we had flower girls and dogs and more wonderful friends join us. @garbage surprised us with a Scottish wedding twist to this ceremony and it was another perfect day. @gillyflowersla made beautiful arrangements inspired by our New Orleans wedding and who wouldn’t want to wear their wedding dress twice!!! @katyakatyalondon @clairepettibone #alzheimers”

Hendricks and Bianchini first tied the knot at the historic Napoleon House in New Orleans on April 20. The guest list included Mad Men creator Matt Weiner, Christian Siriano, Mae Witman and Retta.

“New Orleans is a place that I always loved to go before I met George, and a place that he always loved to go before he met me,” Hendricks told PEOPLE. “And then when we first started dating or meeting up, because we lived across the country from one another, it was the place in the middle. It just feels like our city together, even though we both loved it individually.”

She walked down the aisle in a custom Katya Katya bridal gown which she paired with a Claire Pettibone custom version of her Boho Juliet veil with pale grey silk ribbons and lace flowers.

[From People]

This is so, so sweet. Christina’s mother looked just beautiful. Christina looks so much like her in the face! The pictures of them hugging did me in; Christina all serene, and her mother seeming just slightly overwhelmed with joy. Wherever Jackie Sue is in her diagnosis, the connection between mother and daughter was palpable.

Moving right along to the safe ground of superficial matters… I love that while many brides fit two or more dresses into one wedding, Christina bucked the trend by wearing the same dress to two weddings. She really loves that dress! Which I suppose is as it should be for your wedding dress. Only now I have a montage playing in my head of Christina wearing it to everything. Date night at the movies, in her wedding dress. Hosting Thanksgiving, in her wedding dress. Attending the Met Gala, in her wedding dress. Hey, it would’ve fit right in this year!

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  1. Who is cutting up onions in here😢.What a great thing to do to make sure your family gets to see it too.

  2. BlueNailsBetty says:

    Oh that is so lovely. 🩷

  3. NotTheOne says:

    What a great palate cleanser. I love seeing families who are close to each other. The love is so obvious.

  4. lucy2 says:

    That’s really sweet. Wishing the best for her and her mother.