Mistress claims Tiger Woods had “gay sex”

2009 Australian Masters - Day 3

The only way this story could get any better is if the headline was “Tiger Woods has crazy gay Ambien sex with Tom Cruise.” Which, you know, is coming. So, anyway, one of Tiger’s mistresses – let’s name her Dopey… or Sneezy… or Strap-on. Her real name is Loredana Jolie, and she’s Italian maybe. She’s now trying to get a million-dollar tell-all deal in which she’s alleged going to describe all of the kinky sex she and Tiger used to have, or all of the kinky sex she witnessed Tiger having. “Kinky sex” being “an orgy in which any hole will do” I think.

One of Tiger’s many mistresses, Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, is penning a tell-all book about the golf ace and claims that she witnessed him in gay encounters.

RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that Loredana has claimed she saw Tiger having sexual relationships with other men. That shocking twist is something no other mistress has claimed and there has been no proof.

But Loredana recently attempted to sell her story for $1 million and graphically described group sex that included incidents of Tiger with other men, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Loredana says she is planning to spill all about how she and Tiger “came about, his healthy appetite for arranged sex, threesomes, girls next door, girl-girl, and an answer to all the rumors surrounding Woods’ sexuality.”

That hint about Tiger’s sexuality is the key to Loredana’s hopes for making a seven-figure deal, no matter how unlikely that seems.

Loredana, a gorgeous blonde from Sicily, has told people she was one of Tiger’s favorite mistresses.

One of her representatives told RadarOnline.com: “She is in talks with a number of publishing companies regarding a tell-all book deal.”

Loredana has kept a low public profile since being named as a Tiger mistress but and lately has been spotted at an upscale Florida country club on the golf course, taking golf lessons.

[From Radar]

Meh. I mean, I could believe that Tiger tried a little man-on-man action. It wouldn’t surprise me. But I think all of his mistresses prove pretty firmly two things: Tiger is mostly heterosexual and he has horrible taste in mistresses.


Meanwhile, as MSat was talking about yesterday, the whole “Where in the world is Tiger Woods?” thing has become a subject of much speculation. Msat reported the theory that Tiger was in New York, staying at Trump Tower. Meanwhile, Us Weekly’s cover story this week is all about how Tiger is laying low at the Long Island mansion of “his billionaire pal Jim Dolan, the controversy-prone CEO of Cablevision and owner of Madison Square Garden and the New York Knicks.” A source told Us Weekly: “[Dolan is] the one keeping him under the radar. Jet-setting everywhere. I know Tiger’s flown on Jim’s jet from Florida probably three times.” However, just hours after that story was released, Tiger’s yacht Privacy was seen leaving the dock in Florida, and it is unknown if Tiger is on board. Meanwhile, Elin is back in Florida, without her wedding ring (photo below):


Elin Woods in Florida on January 6, 2010. Credit: Barcroft/Fame Pictures. Us Weekly cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. Tess says:


    Well….remember the old saying about lying down with dogs and getting up with fleas?

  2. Firestarter says:

    Come on, now he is supposedly Bi-sexual? That, I have a hard time believing!

    This idiotic woman is trying to pre-sell books is what she is trying to do.

    Shame on people!

    Not that there is anything wrong with being bi-sexual.

  3. Tess says:

    Have to add: In this case, not so sure which one’s the dog and which one’s the flea.

  4. Tia C says:

    LOL @ Tess – was thinking the same thing!

    All this Tiger stuff is beyond out of hand. I mean, nothing that people do really surprises me, but I’m with Firestarter, I have a hard time believing the bisexual stories, too. Sounds like yet another starf*cker seeking money and attention. But like I said, nothing would surprise me, especially where Tiger’s concerned.

  5. Cuntastic says:

    This is earth shattering! Wait, no it’s not.

  6. Toe says:

    Well….if he’s groupsexing alot, in between those girls there could be a transvestite hiding, hoping to get a feel of his famous golfballs.

  7. Caprice says:

    These lame women will make up anything to have their name connected to him.

  8. justathought says:

    It looks like Elin’s wedding ring is off her finger! Way to go girl! Love it when women find happiness in self- empowerment! Ditch that lying “dog”!

  9. Wow says:

    Please. They need to stop with this mess. I don’t have much belief in anything these second rate mistresses have to say ant Cheetah. Especially since they have been cut off and are saying anything that will sell just to make a buck. Pathetic atempts they are going through to make him look worse so that at the very least his wife will leave him.

    Elin is not going anywhere. She will continue to stay with him once the embarrassment wears off.

  10. oxa says:

    It would explain his sexual behavior, disdain for women and inability to remain monogamous in any relationship.

  11. Linda Diane says:

    Didn’t you just know this was coming?

  12. buellblaster says:

    He’s a horndog who is reaping what he has sown.

  13. LolaBella says:

    Okay, I believe that Tiger was unfaithful and had a few mistresses, but at this point ANYONE can come forward and say that they’ve had sex with him!

    It’s not like Tiger can hold a press conference and refute the ones he DIDN’T have sex with, that would just make this entire ordeal even more despicable and his PR people wouldn’t let him do it anyway.

    There’s nothing to prevent the crazies from coming out of the woodwork and making all sorts of allegations now. Unless this woman and the others have irrefutable proof (photos and videos etc.) then they’re just ‘claims’.

  14. Ursaline says:

    Kaiser, I love the smarmy photo of him at the top! That totally captures what everyone thinks of him right now.

  15. lucy2 says:

    This sounds to me like she’s just trying to out-skank the others and get a better book deal. Though anything’s possible, I’m not buying it.

    I really hope Elin ditches him. There is no amount of money worth putting up with that piece o’shit for.

  16. MizzExpert says:

    Very funny about the Tom Cruise reference! Their lawyers are too good to ever let that out of the bag!

    This guy has definitely fallen into the Eliot Spitzer trap~fame/power and tasting the forbidden fruit once too often and then not being able to let go.

    His poor wife and children. Better had he just whored himself out when he was single instead of bringing home diseases and strife to 3 people who didn’t deserve it.

    With all that he has/had, seems to me there is some self-loathing that goes along with such self-destructive behavior. His analyst must be raking in gold trying to pry open that nugget!

    He’s a SCUMBAG!

  17. Bonfire Beach says:

    And exactly why is this chick credible?

    Regarding the magazine cover saying Elin drinks herself to sleep at night – I highly doubt that.

  18. Kiki says:

    Tiger just can’t win these days. It’s probably time he speaks up and tells his side. His silence is hurting him more.

  19. jule says:

    ok ok I admit it, I am having his love child….LOL

  20. Beth says:

    Kaiser are you really this gullible? It seems like every story you post you say “I can believe this”. Even stories like this one that is so out there. Besides if he was into gay sex, the other mistresses would have said something. Four or five others are talking and I doubt he woult do things with one woman and nobody else.

  21. Taya says:

    People think she is lying? Oh please! Not so long ago no one would thnk that Woods was a serial cheater either. And now, Tigers has screwed how many women while married? This does not surprise me nor do I think she is lying. Woods had sex with anyone and everyone without protection because he is a sicko.

  22. ccoop says:

    I don’t believe it either, I just see a skank with her eyes on the dollar signs. Not that he isn’t a skeevy horndog, of course. But by remaining silent he is encouraging these kinds of unsupported claims, and once the accusation is out there it’s going to be hard to wipe that from the public consciousness.

  23. Firestarter says:

    @Taya- Just because someone is promiscuous, does not mean that they are also bi-sexual or gay (Not that there anything wrong with that).

    How is this woman the ONLY one who has seen the kinky, bi-side of Tiger? If he was truly that way, we would have already heard other rumblings before this latest accusation. Next someone is going to come out of the woodwork claiming he likes sex with animals, has a very “close” relationship with his 9 iron, and engages in Sadomasochism.

    I can believe a lot of things, but I do not believe this obviously desperate attempt to gain financially, rumor. I am sure the woman is shopping this book around because there is no publisher stupid enough to print such insanity. I’d like to see her proof, names, photos, dates. Yeah, right, the liar has none and knows she cannot get a dime without them, so she is going to try her best to get attention by making claims at this point, and then she will come up with 1001 excuses why she “cannot reveal” them.

    I am no Tiger Woods fan, but seriously, this circus has to stop. As another poster said, he should just come out, face the music and tell his side, no matter how sordid it may be. It couldn’t be any worse than the rumors developing daily in the media.

  24. Liz says:

    My horse claims he hooked w/ Tiger….

  25. Firestarter says:

    Before the spelling police arrive, I realize I used an o instead of an i in sadomasicism. I also added an h, which is incorrect.

  26. mel says:

    Dont believe a word of it…

    Elin looks very thin and I heard last nite on Extra that Sam is not taking things well… the kids always suffer when things are rocky between parents and she probably hasnt seen her father for two months…. sad any way you look at it.

  27. Whamo says:

    I heard tiger had had his front teeth knocked out in that confrontation with his wife and this is why he’s not been seen. He has to get fixed up before facing the public. Anyone hear this or just more crap for the pile?

  28. JRZEEgrl says:

    personally, I find him to be one of the most unatrractive men I’ve ever seen.

  29. Emily says:

    You know, at this point, I’m half expecting a few farm animals to come forward and confess an affair with him.

  30. yae says:

    Emily & Toe,

    OMG too funny.

    Well at least his wife looks like she got paid and has her self-respect intact.

    Good for her and hopefully this will not affect her child. For the child I think the media should lay off.
    This is not something a child needs to read about their father.
    Watch…..Tiger Woods PR team is already bringing out pictures of his bare chest. They will paint him up as a sex object and try to sell him off. They need to make that almighty $$, doncha know.

  31. hmm says:

    Tiger’s PR team did not bring out sexy pictures, that was Vanity Fair using old pictures and trying to capitalize on the scandal. I do think that Tiger is doing himself a disservice by remaining quiet because every skank on the planet has now remembered that she used to bang him.

  32. rainbow might says:

    I came here to write just what Oxa had said. This whole episode of seemingly uncontrollable sexual encounters with low class and highly available women could have been to try to overcompensate and/or reverse his gay/bisexual leanings. I’ve seen this more than once, mostly among men with more pressured to fit into a heteronormative role. It also happens among people with gender issues. The fact that many women reported he took drugs before sex only further confirms it IMO.

    We should think more about his behavior before we declare this money grubbing ho a lying money grubbing ho. We should also be more open to the fact that plenty of people have experimented sexually, or may not have sex the way you expect.

  33. GatsbyGal says:

    I mean, I could believe that Tiger tried a little man-on-man action. It wouldn’t surprise me. But I think all of his mistresses prove pretty firmly two things: Tiger is mostly heterosexual and he has horrible taste in mistresses.

    Either that, or all the gay sex he has is with homeless young drifters who he kills and makes it look like accident.

  34. Emily says:

    @hmm, well, maybe he’s not saying anything because there’s something worse to come. I mean, if he sits down for an interview, says “oh yeah, I slept with these girls, it was hot but that’s all there is”, and then something ELSE comes along, he’ll look bad all over again.

  35. zeep says:

    This would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic…these whorish sluts will stop at nothing!

  36. trisket whisket says:

    My bi-sexual parakeet just chirped that he bagged Tiger too! Damn, now have to get that bird tested, especially after seeing Jamie Grubbs, et al.

  37. sparky says:

    Can’t beleive the people here blaming the whores rather the fraudster Golfer.This guy is one horny sex addicted dog.In all probability,of all his mistresses at least only one came out with this gay claim.I beleive this,as Tiger is now hiding his fucked up face like a real pussy.

  38. Goddess711 says:

    I won’t believe it until PeeWee confirms it!

  39. whatever says:

    This is totally believable. If you’re addicted to sex, which I think Tiger is, I think you’ll do just about anything to get off. Anything, or any one.

  40. Trojan says:

    Tiger with men….NO WAY…He’s too much of a pussycat

  41. Emily says:

    trisket whisket: I don’t think your poor bird has any chance fighting the myriad viruses he’s picked up.

  42. Taya says:

    Firestarter, there is a huge difference between being promiscuous and having several affairs, three-ways, sex with hookers and etc while married and while your wife is pregnant. Woods is a sex addict and most sex addicts will have sex with both sexes. It is not the gender that turns them on it is that craving of the sex and feeding that high.

  43. ogechi says:

    After this accusation, what next??? Someone said 2010 is a yr of Tiger **smiles**,i seriously hope so. Bcos he is black huh??>?>

  44. gg says:

    Taya is right – sexual addiction includes anything and everything.

    Fire – you spelled sadomasochism perfectly the first time. 🙂

  45. guilty pleasures says:

    Ummm, wouldn’t the GUYS come forward?

  46. bamboo says:

    If Tiger wasn’t rich he is sooooooo ugly forget the blond mistresses even the street hookers will charge him double to have sex with him.

  47. Jag says:

    She’s probably hoping that Tiger’s people will pay to shut her up, whether it’s true or not.

  48. tiger homo says:

    Woods is a pole smoker and now everyone knows.

    I hope she cleans him out right down to those gawd ugly teeth and he has to move in with Richard Simmons.

  49. fetish dude says:

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