DM: Rishi Sunak ‘sneaked off’ at the D-Day events & ‘the heir was sidelined’

Following the 80th anniversary of D-Day commemorations in Normandy, Prince William has been telling everyone that he’s an “emerging statesman,” a world-class diplomat and a very important future king on the global stage. It’s true that William was the biggest British name at the Omaha Beach event on D-Day. King Charles visited the British Normandy Memorial and then left before the Omaha Beach event. But what was weird is that Charles and Camilla weren’t the only ones who left before the big world-leader event on Omaha Beach. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also left early – apparently, he rushed back to the UK to give some interviews as part of the upcoming general election. That’s the only reason why William was seated in the front row of the Omaha Beach ceremony – it should have been Sunak, but he wasn’t there. From the Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle column:

Could Rishi blame the King for his D-Day muddle? Buckingham Palace provided Downing Street with advance notice that Charles would be missing the international ceremony, principally on medical advice.

It was this announcement which seems to have made Sunak and his acolytes think it was all right to head home early as well.

If the King had stayed, Sunak couldn’t have sneaked off. What no one in Sunak’s team noticed was that the King had appointed Prince William as his official representative for the international ceremony. That backfired. William, as the senior Briton present and representing the head of state, should have been photographed with Biden et al instead of David Cameron. The heir was sidelined.

[From The Daily Mail]

It’s interesting that the Mail is saying that “the heir was sidelined” while the heir has been briefing every rota reporter that he’s a big-boy statesman because of the D-Day events. While William did shake hands with several world leaders (Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, President Biden), it’s not like anyone takes him seriously. It also feels like the Mail is indicating that it was pretty insulting to Britain’s allies that neither King Charles nor PM Sunak bothered to go to the Omaha Beach event and they were fine sending the angry egg. I know the Mail is pointing out Sunak’s fumble – and it is insulting that he rushed home to do an interview – but make no mistake, they’re poking William too.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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41 Responses to “DM: Rishi Sunak ‘sneaked off’ at the D-Day events & ‘the heir was sidelined’”

  1. Marichendd says:

    Goodness, that photo of huevo sitting in the front row with all those make-believe medals. All why others are dressed appropriately. He looks like a fool…

    • Royal Donwnfall Watcher says:

      Its sooooooooo cringey. I mean…it really does look like he is dressing up for Halloween as a big-boy-statesman who has done lots of important things worthy of medals in his life. When you realize that he has done nothing with his life, those medals are an insult to anyone who has ever served.

    • He looked like a fool because he is a fool. He should never have been front and center. He isn’t a global statesman he is a putz who has disappeared his wife.

    • TheFarmer'sWife says:

      I’m shocked Peggy didn’t wear his jet plane slippers! And the look the side chick is giving the PM of Britain! Good Lord, side chick, tell us how you really feel?

  2. Mego says:

    I am sorry but he looks so old…

  3. Minnieder says:

    🥚 looks old and silly

  4. Proud Mary says:

    “[S]hould have been photographed with Biden et al instead of David Cameron. The heir was sidelined.” I wish y’all could hear me laughing, it sounds so delish. !!AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I saw the picture with Cameron and thought, what the heck is he doing there? Now I know the back story — william and sunak, losers

    • Julia says:

      It would have made no sense for William to be in that photo. It was a group of politicians. Even though Cameron is unelected he is a working politician not a figurehead. The Mail is trying to insert William in places he doesn’t belong.

      • Proud Mary says:

        But Julia, you’re missing the point. KP has devoted the days following the ceremony to hyperbolically embiggening William as a global statesman. So yeah, it’s funny as heck that Cameron was there and not him. Whatever he’s doing now, Cameron is NOT a world leader. I wouldn’t care one bit about William not being in that pic, but for his overinflated ego.

    • bananapanda says:

      The story here is that the UK is led (barely) by two losers who seem to be staffed with complete idiots. The 80th Anniversary was a pretty big international event and the UK (?!) couldn’t figure out how they wanted to represent themselves. If they want to be seen (still) as a major force in international politics this is a joke – and with President Biden* calmly and elegantly representing US, they look worse by comparison.

      *I thought Dr. Jill Biden looked fabulous and elegant in every picture and video too.

  5. Hypocrisy says:

    Loving that he was left out of the photo 📸 my petty side is celebrating 🎉 💃🏻

  6. bisynaptic says:

    I don’t understand this whole section: “If the King had stayed, Sunak couldn’t have sneaked off. What no one in Sunak’s team noticed was that the King had appointed Prince William as his official representative for the international ceremony. That backfired. William, as the senior Briton present and representing the head of state, should have been photographed with Biden et al instead of David Cameron. The heir was sidelined.”
    William wasn’t photographed with Biden? And that’s Sunak’s fault, somehow? What does David Cameron have to do with anything?

    • BeanieBean says:

      That didn’t make a great deal of sense to me, either. If Charles had stayed, but Sunak left, Charles would have been in the photo with the French, American, and Canadian politicians? Why? Looks like the appropriate substitution happened, Cameron for Sunak; William was only subbing for the king.

  7. Laura D says:

    If the rumours are correct (and these are rumours) Sunak had previously declined the original invitation. He is such an ardent Brexiteer that he thought it would damage his image if he was seen photographed with too many European leaders. It’s interesting that his side are now trying to blame the king leaving as to why he went home, when there are multiple sources telling us that Sunak never intended on staying for “main” event because he deemed it a “French” event. In fact in his “heartfelt” apology Sunak double-downed on the fact he didn’t feel he’d done anything wrong because he had attended the British ceremony. It’s not often I stick up for KCIII but, imho his reasons for leaving are legitimate. Sunak (on the other hand) had no legitimate excuse. Sorry for going on about it but, I’m still so very angry that our PM thought it was ok to turn his back on the fallen because they were “foreign.”

    As for William being sidelined I doubt he’ll care too much about that. He still managed to get his picture taken with Biden, Trudeau and Zelensky while wearing his faux medals so he’s more than happy. 😆

    • ML says:

      I had read that Sunak left to film a TV interview which is supposed to air later. His exit, as the appointment for the interview, was planned in advance. He didn’t share that with his fellow Tories and left them fuming that he had said that he wants Gen Z to serve, but ignored actual military war heroes. It was Liz Lettuce Truss levels of ineptitude.

    • Proud Mary says:

      “[H]e thought it would damage his image if he was seen photographed with too many European leaders.” Well, that’s one plausible explanation, anyway. A more Occam’s razor explanation could be that, in an election cycle, Sunak didn’t want Brits to take a gander at his miniature stature juxtaposed against men who look like giants compared to him?

    • blueberry says:

      Ah this is interesting context. Makes sense he’s flailing around for a flimsy excuse now that he got called out.

    • Sid says:

      Supported Brexit but is allegedly headed to California for a cushy job after he is booted from being PM. Leaving behind millions of people dealing with the Brexit fallout. He and his ilk are the worst.

  8. .Sydneygirl says:

    Lol…what is that side-eye that Camilla is flashing the Prime Minister?

  9. Amy Bee says:

    The DM is saying that William doesn’t have the statute to represent the UK at such a world event. I suspect Rishi, mistakenly thought he would be applauded by the rightwing press for refusing to stand next to Macron and Biden at the D-Day ceremony by leaving early.

  10. AMTC says:

    Billy boy’s participation medals look pretty pathetic compared with those of the Governor General of Australia (seated next to him) who served in the military for over 40 years and was Chief of Defence. Not that I think Australia should have a Governor General (the King’s representative).

  11. Sue Denim says:

    the way he’s sitting, especially the proportions of his legs, the way they’re crossed, with hands in his lap, also really reminds me of how “Kate” was sitting in the “cancer” video. Her shoulders, the shape of her head and size of her eyes seemed more William than Kate in that video too…

  12. MOBx3 says:

    “First of all, this prince is an idiot, and, secondly, he is a fool – knows nothing of the world, and has no place in it.” -Fyodor Dostoevsky
    Love this literary quote..Seems to fit perfectly with this post.

  13. Mslove says:

    The Fail’s article is confusing. Did Peg tattletale on Rishi for leaving early? Is it Rishi’s fault Peg was sidelined? Where’s Keen?

  14. Rachel says:

    W would look so much younger, if he just shaved off what’s left of his hair.

    • Myself says:

      My husband has been shaving his head since he was ~30 and he looks great. He’s 15 yrs older than POW and he looks years younger.

      The comments here about how he should do transplants or minoxidil etc- blech. Bald is beautiful. Balding isn’t that bad either – he’s just a jerk. But how do you think a regular guy feels reading about how all these people online wish he’d get his hair back? It’s hurtful.

      • Cali says:

        My husband shaves his head and also looks great. But he has a nicely shaped head and tan skin.
        William on the other hand is kind of pasty and has an egg shaped head. I think he would look even worse than now if he went for the totally hairless look.

      • Myself says:

        But he can’t change the shape of his head. And shouldn’t be mocked for that. Heaven knows there are PLENTY of other things to hold against him.

      • ArtFossil says:

        @Myself: William is contemptible and I shall mock as I choose.

        As Saul Alinsky said in Rules for Radicals:

        “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.”

  15. Lady Digby says:

    The Fail is a right wing newspaper contemplating the annihilation of their party, led by Rishi, at the General Election. They are very cross with Rishi for many reasons as not being up to snuff ( they’d much prefer Boris!) Rishi is disposable but the Fail are stuck with William who has also failed to live up to expectations. He is an empty paper bag but they have embigged him up for years just like Boris. Will has to be superior because he’s the British monarch to be, don’t cha know? The tabs need him to be more successful and make “them proud to be British” when he’s just there at D Day being dwarfed by veterans and world leaders who have achieved and are accomplished. The Fail would have unleashed their fury on Will if he’d just turned up for the Grosvenor wedding instead of any D day events. They are holding back at the moment but he can’t depend on their support forever.

  16. Lau says:

    I mean Macron had the time to plot the dissolution of our parliament (possibly offering power to literal nazis), attend all of the events AND host the Biden during a whole weekend so Sunak seems pretty lightweight there.

  17. Mads says:

    The way Camilla is unable to hide her loathing of Sunak in the picture makes a lot more sense when you take into account a titbit from a piece in The Times by a very well connected political reporter, Tim Shipman, about Sunak leaving the commemoration services early; he states BP was absolutely furious because Charles attended against doctor’s advice and was in pain. Camilla must have known as that picture was being taken, Sunak was about to leave early and Charles was pushing through the effects of his chemotherapy treatment.

    • Sue says:

      I keep reading such conflicting reports about Charles and the treatment he is receiving but if it is accurate that he is getting chemotherapy and is in pain then William is absolutely contemptible. Not so much for this specific occasion but for every other time in the last 6 months where he has refused to step up and be the support for his father that he ought to be. And even more contemptible is the way the media is covering for him when in any other circumstances there would be much more focus on William’s failings instead of pathetic attempts to make him seem like a :snort: global statesman.

      • ML says:

        Well said, Sue. KC might be a cruddy father, but the reality is that he’s the king. If he’s not capable, then the next in line should step in accordingly if not for his dad, then because it’s his literal responsibility to his job. Making a senior citizen, who is battling cancer and in pain do the work is despicable.

  18. Magdalena says:

    I don’t think Charles “appointed” William to represent him as head of state at all. William was just… there. Like Ivanka was just … there, at the grown-ups’ meeting when her father was president. No-one took much notice of him because he is a lightweight, or as someone memorably said, a nonentity, no matter how much his accolytes in the British media and beyond try to puff him up. Charles isn’t elected, neither is William. On the international stage, particularly when it comes to side meetings and such things, the elected officials and THEIR representatives are the ones who matter. Sunak wasn’t there, so of course Cameron would be prominently featured. Charles and william were “leaders” at the events they attended only in the tiny confines of their own minds and those of the UK reporters.

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