Times: King Charles isn’t jealous of ‘useful ally’ Prince William anymore

On the 80th anniversary of D-Day, King Charles and Queen Camilla attended a commemorative event at the British Normandy Memorial. The event was also attended by President Macron and France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron, and Camilla made a horse’s ass out of herself with Madame Macron. Charles made a speech and then he and Camilla had lunch with some WWII veterans, and then left Normandy before the big commemoration on Omaha Beach. They left Prince William to represent them at the big ceremony. This was a last-minute adjustment in plans, and William has been trying to get mileage out of it every since. He briefed the Mail about how he was a big-boy international statesman and CNN dutifully reported that Charles’s absence will help prepare people for “King William’s reign.” William just couldn’t help going overboard and rushing around to all of his favorite reporters to brag about how he did this one thing (sitting on a stage with actual world leaders). Of course Roya Nikkhah at the Times got a special briefing too. Some highlights:

Charles used to be anxious about his idiot son interacting with world leaders: Once upon a time, not so long ago, the sight of his son rubbing shoulders with more world leaders than the monarch would have induced a wave of anxiety. For years, those close to the King and his heir experienced the sensitivities as William and Kate’s profile sometimes overshadowed that of Charles and Camilla.

William is hesitant about overshadowing his dad?? William’s friends observe that the prince, who regularly beats his father in polls charting the royal family’s popularity, has always been conscious of not “queering his father’s pitch”. But something has changed.

Charles & William’s relationship these days: A friend of the King says that in recent years Charles’s tendency to consult William on tricky family issues involving the Duke of York and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has helped to ease the anxieties of the past and boost their personal and working relationships. “If there was ever a green-eyed monster or a sense of rivalry between the two, that is a chapter of the past,” the friend said. “The King sees his son as a useful ally on family matters and increasingly in discharging the duties of nation and state. When you are monarch, you’re not counting the column inches. You’re thinking about performing your role for your country, not just as King Charles but as ‘the family’.”

William is really drawing attention to all of his medals: Pinned to his suit were medals and decorations, including his Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jubilee medals, and Coronation medal. But it was his striped Army Air Corps tie that carried a subtle but significant message, a nod to the military role handed from father to son last month, when William took over from Charles as the colonel-in-chief of the AAC, which trained Prince Harry as an Apache helicopter pilot.

Harry’s absence: To many royal watchers, Harry’s absence from D-Day events last week — where, had he still been a working royal, he would surely have played a significant role — only highlights the importance of the strengthening bond between Charles and William.

William’s support: A source close to William said: “He very much wants to support his father. That isn’t something new, but of course with everything the King is going through with his treatment, he will continue to support him as much as he can.”

A big-boy international statesman: The global platform that events in Normandy provided was also a diplomatic boost for William, 41, who travelled to France with his new private secretary, the former diplomat Ian Patrick. The prince, whose annual environmental prize is held in different locations overseas, continues to want to burnish his credentials as an international statesman. This year’s Earthshot event will be in Cape Town in November. “It is important for him, both for his current role and his future role as head of state,” an aide said.

Charles’s heavy lifting: The King left Normandy on Friday before the main international event to pace himself as he recovers from cancer. A friend of his observed: “The King did the heavy lifting in the morning, his heir was there to honour veterans later in his absence. Those decisions are very carefully made, they’re not done without consideration about the optics.”

[From The Times]

William is really showing his hand with all of the talk about the medals – it’s clear that both Nikkhah and Becky English got a memo to draw attention to the fact that William wore his coronation medal (unlike Harry!) and that William made a point of reminding people that he’s now patron of Harry’s old Army Air Corps. Nikkhah and English both got the same briefing about William’s keenness to be seen as an international statesman too.

What I find fascinating about this story though is how it’s positioned like it’s coming from Charles’s people, when really, this is ALL William’s PR/comms. This is William telling people that he’s more popular than his father and his father is fine with William’s enormous popularity (lmao) and that Charles recognizes how important it is for William to be an international statesman, and how Charles loves him more than Harry! William is as obvious as he is stupid. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have this entire system in place solely devoted to flattering and embiggening dull, dumb William.

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  1. Tessa says:

    What sort of surveys think he’s popular. He’s lazy and has a bad attitude. His wearing those fake medals is a,joke. I think there is mutual distrust between Charles and huevo. William is the heir charles deserves.

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      Hahaha don’t you remember William’s sexiest bald man poll win? Ewwww.

    • equality says:

      The rigged polls where they ask readers of the DM or YouGov selectively picks poll respondents.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      The surveys he commissions. The surveys of his staff. The surveys he takes of the furniture and potted plants.

  2. Maxine Branch says:

    William’s only legacy is he hates his brother. That will always be front and center with other’s when interacting with him. The better brother is no longer invited to their parties. The brother who served and has never forgotten those who served before during and after him through his Invictus Foundation.

  3. Pinkosaurus says:

    Charles and Camilla will never NOT be jealous of anyone and everyone else’s positive coverage. William will be punished by Camzilla and her press cronies soon enough for his constant stream of embiggening leaks. Fortunately for KP, William is way too lazy to work most of the time, so they can attribute his absence to being considerate of his toddler father’s tantrums.

  4. Tessa says:

    Statesmen don’t flaunt unearned medals in front of real war heroes.

    • Hypocrisy says:

      Exactly 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.. Peggy is definitely turning out to be a great example of “the emperor wore no clothes” what a buffoon.

  5. SussexWatcher says:

    I agree this seems to be another embiggening piece straight from Huevo’s stenographers. But I was kind of also getting the message of: Kate is gone now and in the future and Chuckles knows that William alone isn’t enough to overshadow him, so he’s not worried about sending him out to these events. He’ll let Willy go out and play big boy dress up, with his chocolate medals and striped tie because he knows the headlines will be minimal and the attention fleeting.

    Hopefully we’ll get a post about it but I’m also curious about all of the headlines about how much better off William was doing these events without Kate at his side. They sounded pretty clear to me that he’ll be flying solo from now on.

    • equality says:

      It sounds like also that they are bonded because they are both jealous of H&M and what they accomplish.

    • Tessa says:

      William wanted to go solo for a while now. And be hot single guy.

    • Agnes says:

      Yes, and I suspect CRex loves all the flak Bill gets every time he opens his damned mouth.

    • Jay says:

      That’s what I think, too. What’s changed recently that suddenly, Charles and Camilla no longer worry about being overshadowed? TOB certainly hasn’t gotten better at his job or developed an ounce of charisma. Nope, it’s Kate’s absence.

      Easy not to be overshadowed when the clotheshorse that used to steal your spotlight is hidden away, maybe never to return full-time, and William is basically part-time as well. OFC Charles and Camilla aren’t threatened by William and his one solo event per week.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        How she got that way is probably another thing Chucky and Bride of Chucky are holding over Huevo. They know the truth and could put him on blast at any time.
        Huevo’s just hoping he’ll become King before they do.

        It does make me wonder – Cloppy the King’s Favourite Nag is always about 5 steps ahead of the royals. You know she’s gotta be planning for when she outlives her husband. How does she ensure she’s looked after, not thrown out of the country? She’s hoarding secrets from the palace courtiers, about Huevo, and keeping tight with her tabloid buddies.

        Phase 1 was Take Diana’s Place
        Phase 2 was Neutralize the Boys’ influence over their father
        Phase 3 is Survive the Changing of the Guard

      • Jais says:

        Camilla has a good many friends in the press. But even if she’s just chilling at Ray Mill after Charles passes, I’d love to see all the treacherous backstabbing she has done come to light. So she can live to see everyone going after her on the front page.

    • Julianna says:

      I think he is already trying to get them out there. MSN and a few other lesser known outlets all had the same headline “Prince William shows monarchy is ‘at its strongest’ without Kate”.

  6. The Hench says:

    Dear God. This is like Mean Girls, Royal Edition.

    So and so won’t speak to so and so.
    X is jealous of Y
    X doesn’t like Y stealing their limelight
    X has evicted/is threatening to evict various relatives
    Y wants a bigger house than A through to Z
    X is much better at something than somebody else
    Y is ‘no longer’ jealous of X


    #abolish the damn monarchy. What a waste of space and money.

    • Eurydice says:

      Given the longevity of that family, this vapid discourse will continue for another 50 years.

      • TN Democrat says:

        Will-not will leak snarky articles about his brother and father for the rest of his life. Will the press/public finally turn when he starts targeting his own children in the next decade or so? At what age will he deem it acceptable to toss them to the rota?

    • AMTC says:

      @The Hench. I hope Tina Fey is reading and takes this up as an idea. Tinfoil Tiara instead of The Crown.

  7. Wow he sure is laying it on thick about those unearned coronation medals. When has Chuckles not been jealous of anyone getting more attention than himself.

  8. Eurydice says:

    Omg, this is so Black Adder with the sycophants all praising the idiot Prince of Wales. Of course, Charles isn’t jealous of William. The only time William got any real notice was when Kate was standing next to him.

  9. Sydneygirl says:

    The only thing I think these two are bonding over is whatever is going on with Kate and protecting the Monarchy from the fallout.

  10. Tessa says:

    Also the spin about how William suffers when his wife is sick added to the embiggening

  11. Beana says:

    How heartwarming. Two narcissists stop their bickering and jealousy when they realize they can bond by mistreating the family scapegoat. What a family.

    • Liz says:

      Yes the same as William and Kate uniting against Meghan. Typical narcissistic bonding to tear someone else down.

      When they don’t have a target one then becomes the scapegoat.

  12. AMTC says:

    Useful ally or useful idiot as the Russians would say.

  13. Jan says:

    Harry left more than 4 years ago, WHY is everything from the palaces is always about Him.
    If Chucky and Cain were doing a good job, there would no mentioning of the Sussexes.
    Aquazzura, should be spending Meghan shoes regularly, Cain liked the shoes so much he bought 2 pairs.

  14. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I don’t believe that Charles thinks of William has a “useful ally” as much as a “useful tool”, he can give William a task and then blame him when he mucks it up. I wonder if William realizes how much his father and his Tory handlers think of him as a “useful idiot”?

    • SarahCS says:

      It is very much the latter. I don’t know if the choice of wording in the article was on purpose but maybe this is quiet trolling as they know what people will think of.

  15. s808 says:

    He’s such a big loser. If he was actually all of these things he wouldn’t have to tell us.

  16. Monika says:

    “Those decisions are carefully made, they are not done without consideration about the optics.”
    Optics: that is all what counts for Willi and Charles.

  17. Amy Bee says:

    “What I find fascinating about this story though is how it’s positioned like it’s coming from Charles’s people, when really, this is ALL William’s PR/comms.”

    The press does the same thing to Harry and Meghan i.e. try to make it seem like the story is coming from them. They did that with Charles’ Birthday and the Duke of Westminster’s wedding.

  18. Jais says:

    “When you are monarch, you are not counting the column inches.” Of course, Charles is counting the column inches. This is a man who gets upset when he’s knocked off the front page. Which William knows. So this is a dig at Charles. William telling him to worry about the country and not the column inches. Sound advice sure but it’s more about William trolling his dad than anything else.

  19. Lau says:

    How can anybody keep on publicly embarrassing themselves like William does is beyond me. He has no business being that narcissistic.

  20. Mslove says:

    Where is Peg’s wife? I think he’s having too much fun being an International Single Statesman. Going to France & watching your step mom get drunk does not make you ready for the throne.

  21. one of the marys says:

    I enjoy all the big boy phrases. It so succinctly describes him.

  22. Grandma Susan says:

    The “Monarchy” seems to be 100% made of fiction.

  23. Joanne says:

    Charles looks like a tin pot dictator in that silly uniform. William and Charles are clowns wearing their self given medals while attending ceremonies for real heroes.

  24. Lauren says:

    Based on the photos and video clips I’ve seen it doesn’t look like Will did more than shake hands with a few “important” leaders. Pretty hard to mess up when it doesn’t look like you even chatted withe any before or after the ceremony

  25. yupyup says:

    So now we know. That star Corps tie was driving William up a wall. He really really wanted one just like Harry’s. One with a red ribbon. Its sad and funny how proud he is of it. Why do I feel he wears it and prances around Fogmore Cottage “talking” to Meghan like a lunatic. This is it. This is all he is going to give for a long time and Charles couldn’t be happier because Will really is his mini me. Wearing fake valor and standing at places next to actual important people and people will smile at him and he will smile back and wave and bend at the waist to gravitate over others. This is it.

  26. Sue says:

    I will never understand how they think this is a good look for the royal family when they come right out and state that Charles was jealous of William and of Kate. It doesn’t matter if they are saying this is not how things are now. It matters that things were EVER this way. It is like they haven’t got a clue that this is no embiggening for either man. It’s deeply pathetic.

  27. Oh come on. says:

    So … William got a medal for attending the coronation?

    And he’s calling his pet reporter to boast that he wore it?

    Omg if I were a British taxpayer, I’d be furious at having to support these fools.

  28. Lisa says:

    Awe! He has graduated to his big boy pants! Too bad he still acts like a two year old that needs a time out! Where is Kate and your children Willy boy?

  29. Cassie says:

    My god Charles in that army outfit with all those medals is just so bad .
    Doesn’t he realise how ridiculous he looks ?

  30. wolfmamma says:

    O used to read a lot of historical novels as well as teach history. This all is so on point with intrigues and machinations and such. Truly a laugh.
    At least with Queen E and the Prince there was some humor and a bit of dignity about it all. Now it’s just rubbish although expensive waste of taxpayer money rubbish.

  31. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Does anyone know whether Harry got a coronation medal?

    • Angela says:

      Yes, Prince Harry was issued a Coronation medal but he won’t ever wear it as it has Camilla’s face on it. He will not honour the woman who made his mother’s and wife’s life a misery. Good on you Prince Harry for sticking up for Diana and Meghan!