Princess Kate’s summer plan is to ‘under-promise & over-deliver’ on events

Here are more photos from the Princess of Wales’s big appearance at Trooping the Colour on Saturday. After almost six full months of shenanigans, malarkey, lies and frankenphotos, it turns out that Kate pretty much looked the same as always. I’m glad that all of the worst-case-scenario theories turned out to be false and I’m glad that she’s capable of getting around and doing events in some kind of capacity. It was just a few weeks ago when “royal sources” began soft-launching the idea that Kate would be out of sight for all of 2024. Last month, even the Mail was saying that we probably wouldn’t see Kate until autumn. So, is Trooping the first of many summer appearances, or was this merely one appearance until autumn? Well, the Telegraph had this piece: “What the summer could hold for the Princess of Wales.” It’s all speculative but the sourcing seems to be from palace briefings, especially since they’re making a point of saying Kate will absolutely not be seen at several big upcoming events (the Garter service, Ascot).

This will be the way Kate operates for now: Surpassing all expectations, she [attended Trooping] under plans that have been tentatively in the works for weeks but only confirmed at the last minute. This, it is thought, will be the pattern in the months to come. The Princess hopes to return to a form of public engagements, already working from home when she can and easing herself back into meetings.

No Garter Day or Ascot: Palace sources have ruled out Garter Day and Royal Ascot in the coming weeks, but everything else – Wimbledon, the Japanese State Visit, and bread-and-butter engagements – remains a possibility. The watchword at Kensington Palace, caution, still holds. They will not be confirming appearances too far in advance, and have emphasised over and over that the Princess is not making a full return to work.

The rock star comeback: Her reappearance at Trooping, therefore, will have all the power of a rockstar comeback. Instead of the Catherine-shaped hole on the Buckingham Palace balcony that had been feared – her absence glaring as her young family tried to carry on without her – she will be at the heart of the King’s official birthday celebrations, back where she belongs. It is, royal watchers will note, a typically “Kate” return: under-promising and over-delivering, with a powerful emotional message, a surprise photograph, and a full-scale outing to come that no one would have expected her to manage. In a royal career of perfectionism, the Princess is staying true to form.

Squashing rumors: Her appearance at Trooping will also have the effect of squashing, once and for all, the rumours about her health and whereabouts that have swirled around the world all year.

She’s not used to resting: Resting has not come naturally to the active Princess, we gather, but she is trying. As with any patient having chemotherapy, there is no crystal ball to predict when and where we will see her in public again. The Princess of Wales, however temporarily, is coming back. It would simply not have been the same without her.

[From The Telegraph]

LMAO, she won’t confirm for Garter Day or Ascot but Wimbledon is being left open. People were joking about that on Friday, and I even tweeted that it would have looked bad if Kate had turned up to Wimbledon and nothing else beforehand. Looks like they were holding that over her head – she couldn’t go to Wimbledon and flirt with Roger Federer unless she made an appearance somewhere else beforehand.

“Her appearance at Trooping will also have the effect of squashing, once and for all, the rumours about her health and whereabouts that have swirled around the world all year.” In fact, her appearance at Trooping squashed many rumors about her dire health, so much so that now people are wondering what in the world has been happening behind-the-scenes for six months, that Kensington Palace f–ked up the communications to this degree. Also: “Resting has not come naturally to the active Princess.” GMAFB.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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  1. Tankerbelle says:

    I’m glad the thumbnail image on the Kate articles today is one that shows her new vertical scar. A scar that could not have been caused by her new plastic surgery. I don’t pretend to know how she got that scar but I predict she won’t be doing any work where she’s left alone with Will.

    • Agnes says:

      There were a lot of trolls coming out on Reddit to explain away that new deep scar by saying plastic surgery had enlarged her left browline’s existing old chickenpox pock mark. Just no.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I saw that too and couldn’t make sense out of that. And supposedly plastic surgery isn’t done on a cancer patient.

      • Tankerbelle says:

        I’ve also seen people try and say it’s a raindrop on a window or something. But you can see it in multiple photos with her head tilted this way and that. Usually it just looks like a light brown line, a shadow. But it’s always in the same spot. I also saw people saying she has new teeth, so I compared photos. She doesn’t just her upper lip goes higher up when she smiles on that side than it ever did before, exposing more of her teeth. So yeah, I now think she was in hiding for 6 months to let some reconstructive surgery heal.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        Maybe she just had a normal screening colonoscopy and had some precancerous polyps removed, that could be the origin of the big cancer storyline.

        When she’s not smiling, she still has jowls to some degree, so I am not on the plastic surgery train. Fillers, sure. Or maybe a thread lift.

        I think she threatened him with divorce after learning of his extracurricular activities and pulled out of sight, then said, “I don’t care, you take care of the public explanation. It’s your problem now.” I think she really metaphorically flipped him the bird all this time and has been mostly taking time off and refreshing.

        I now think that this has been a battle of egos between W&K for some time.
        Maybe they were throwing shit at each other and she got a lac that way, that would explain the ambulance, & the lack of visibility during recovery and **negotiations**. The end game is that it made her (and huevo, by association) more popular than she was.

        Awful win-win. What a horrid family.

    • She has been lying for six months and she will continue to use cancer as a way to get out of “work” when she doesn’t have it. Remember she said she has good days and bad. I would love to know about that large scar on her head?

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        Honestly with all of the photo manipulation going on at Kim Jong Un palace, I don’t know what to think anymore. I wondered if that scar, which we didn’t see later, was a makeup run from rain or something.

        But, this photo seems less retouched than others.

      • Agnes says:

        The source of that photo, or at least the high-res one I saw somewhere online, is Getty. Up close the scar has that ugly puckery look you can’t get rid of by just spackling on more make-up. No wonder she was turning her face to the brick wall in that staged pap shot in the back of car with William earlier this year.

      • Harper says:

        One hundred percent Kate was not seen because of the obvious scars. CarolE so wanted to out that Kate was injured in that car photo. With deep visible cuts like that you need a plastic surgeon immediately and they probably went to London on the 28th to get the best.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        I got botox long ago for migraines. One of the areas treated was in my hairline, from before my temple toward the center part areas.

        One injection damaged a nerve controlling a muscle above my eyebrow and I have a permanent divot in it, very similar to K’s but maybe 1/4-1/5 the length of hers.

        TL;DR- I had botox injection damage a facial nerve and got a *smaller* permanent divot in and below my eyebrow. That could easily be the case here, but with more damage to a peripheral facial nerve, and a longer crease.

      • Lily says:

        Her blind fans would deffend her even when her Eyebrows end up on top of her head, right now it is in the middle of her forehead

    • Elizabeth says:

      If she wanted to have plastic surgery, all she needed to do was have them announce she’d been in a little fender bender at Windsor and she’d broken her nose and eye socket when the airbag deployed.

      • Tankerbelle says:

        I don’t think this was planned plastic surgery, I think it was reconstructive surgery.

      • ML says:

        This is what I think. And on Friday afternoon she announced her comeback next to a [weeping] Will, ow!

    • ML says:

      Yes, thank you for posting the pix with K’s scar. My friend in marketing thinks that KP wasn’t bumbling, but knew what they were doing when they admonished us not to pay any attention to K. They were never really clear. And they didn’t show her face. W acted weird and claimed she was healthy. They suddenly cancelled Italië so she could have planned surgery. The TMZ 5-wheeled car pic was shot down by KP, but it’s the one that fits best with that scar. And for someone who was gently caring for K and couldn’t work, W didn’t act that way at Trooping. She may have cancer, but she definitely seems to have other stuff as well.

      • Agnes says:

        Yes, that 5-tired car photo is definitely interesting in light of the fact that Kate has a new, deep scar on the left side of her face. Maybe one of those pillows they throw at each other had a brick in it.

      • Mayp says:

        You can clearly see the long scar in the un-retouched picture I posted on Saturday. To me, the biggest clue that something untoward happened is the extent to which they are trying to hide the scar.

        Attached below is a link showing a picture of Kate turn to her right talking to William on the balcony. You can clearly see that entire area on her face was photoshopped. And badly done. It almost looks like someone took some white paint and a large brush and just swiped it over that area to hide her scar.

        Warning: this link is to a Daily Mail article. Do not use this link if you don’t want to give the DM clicks!

      • Sid says:

        The fact that the car photo was the only one KP worked to bury in the UK is rather telling. They let the nonsense farm video slide, released a goofy frankenphoto, etc. but it was the car photo that got them in a tizzy.

      • Agnes says:

        No, that’s a small chickenpox pockmark from childhood, which I read about in some rabbit hole about The Scar. If you can zoom into the Getty image of the scar from the trooping, you can see how large, deep, and puckery the new scar is even under heavy makeup, with a thin whiter Y shaped line on her left forehead. The old pockmark is now incorporated into the new scar.

      • Dandelion2 says:

        @agnes The white line disrupts her forehead wrinkles… I did not see it at first. Oh my…

  2. Rapunzel says:

    She’ll probs be at Garter and Ascot. Definitely she’ll be at Wimbledon. They just want to make it seem she’s still touch and go. They’ve realized they made her seem too ok, and are trying to fix that.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Girlfriend lives for these big family events, events where she can flaunt her status over the rest of the family – wonder if her family will be at Ascot and Wimbledon this year?!?!?

      • Mayp says:

        I also think that Kate will not want to miss a tiara-wearing event. So I fully expect to see her at the Japanese State Dinner.

    • Becks1 says:

      She’s definitely going to be at Wimbledon. I agree with Kaiser that that’s what this weekend was about. She was told no Wimbledon unless she did Trooping.

      • DDDDC says:

        I predicted it last week when they put the feelers out for her return. It was very obvious for the timing alone – if you follow GS tennis.

      • Nic919 says:

        She skipped Garter but she will show up to a few Wimbledon matches.

        She will skip Ascot. She hasn’t gone that much in the past. We just recall all the bad doily outfits and it means being in a carriage with William which I think she will avoid.

    • Jais says:

      I’m actually most curious about whether she’ll go to the state dinner for Japan. Will she be gifted a new tiara? If Camilla has a say, i would guess no. I’m thinking she won’t go to the dinner but it’ll be interesting to see.

      • Mayp says:

        Oops, I commented above before I saw your post @jais. I totally think she will be at the State Dinner. She would absolutely show for a tiara-wearing event. I think the only reason she wouldn’t show is if Charles and Camilla put their foot down.

      • Jay says:

        That’s supposed to happen at the end of this month! I would be surprised if she shows, for a lot of reasons. First, after Kate upstaging him on his very special fake birthday celebration, I doubt that Chuck is eager to get overshadowed again. I also highly doubt that Camilla will want to have the younger queen consort-in-waiting photographed with her. Finally, aside from a tiara photo, state dinners are not a place where Kate or William shine – they are not exactly gifted conversationalists, after all. Yes, William wants to be in his “international statemen” era, as seen by his D-day performances, but he certainly won’t get any headlines with his wife there.

        So, basically, none of the Windsors want to be overshadowed by her presence, and other than maybe getting to wear a borrowed tiara, I don’t think Kate will be that interested in participating. Now, Wimbledon? Yes, I think she’ll be there with her mom or sister.

      • Debbie says:

        Far be it for me to say but who says that Kate has to be given an actual royal tiara in order to show up with one? As long as there is a do-it-yourself craft store in England (or a Party Pieces around), I’m sure she can fashion her own makeshift “tiara.” And, if Charles’ coronation has taught us anything, Kate has no shame in wearing a do-it-yourself “tiara” either.

  3. equality says:

    So a letter (likely written by someone else), a photo (probably an old shot), a carriage ride and standing on a balcony are over-delivering? In what job on earth would that be over-delivering? The under-promising part I do believe.

  4. Seraphina says:

    I am at a loss for words and thought on this entire story line. To be MIA, to have the world speculate and be concerned for her health and she comes back looking very well. I do not think it’s cancer but why would they even throw that out there. If I am correct, then the whole lot of them are vile and deserve to be thrown out of the public coffers.
    I can’t wrap my mind about Ma Middleton being silent and out view either. There is more here and I think it’s either something went down with Wills (temper wise) and it was the last straw or a separation. The press stated for years they were getting her ready for her duties and now that she is POW she can’t uphold them? WTH.

    • Ameerah M says:

      Just a reminder that people can look well on the outside and still be suffering from cancer. Not everyone will look like they are at death’s door. I have worked with a few cancer patients and you would never know they were sick unless they told you.

      • DDDDC says:

        Yeah, but they don’t turn out with sculpted calf muscles. Girlfriend has been working out – strenuously – so she hasn’t been ill for quite a while.

    • Ameerah M says:

      @Seraphina – sorry my comment posted in the wrong place. This wasn’t directed at you.

  5. WithTheAmerican says:

    The “Duchess of DooLittle” is not accustomed to resting, the Ministry of Truth reported.

    The lies being shoved down people’s throats are staggering.

    • SarahCS says:

      I have no problem believing she is up at the crack of dawn compulsively exercising so on that basis I accept their statement. Just not in any way relating to her ‘work’.

  6. SamuelWhiskers says:

    How on earth is that a woman in her early 40s.

  7. Keke Swan says:

    There IS a scar.😳🤔😓

    • Roan Inish says:

      @Keke Swan where exactly is the scar? I just don’t see it?

      • MsIam says:

        Its her left eye area, to the side of her eyeball under her eyebrow. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know what that area I officially called, the socket maybe? Anyway, I think KP and the Palace has played the whole world about what’s been going on for the last six months y’all.

      • Mrs Moose says:

        W is left handed. So if he took a swing at her right temple/cheek she could have fallen onto her left side of her face and split it on a table, desk, bookshelf or similar.

        It is very apparent in the P6 photo that they’ve photoshopped that area because her skin looks filtered compared it the texture and pores by her cheek closer to her nose.

  8. SussexWatcher says:

    OMG the comedy stylings of this sycophantic stenographer – Kate will do as she always does and under-promise while over-delivering? I can barely breathe from laughing so hard. This woman is the queen of the overly keen promise, followed by a delivery ranging from taking 5 years to write a 5 question survey and pie chart to literally nothing at all.

    And then they want us to believe Kate struggles with resting and having time off and doing nothing? What are they smoking over there? This is a woman who has done nothing of note in 40 years except chase a man, have 3 children, and bully other women. Her charities are closing left and right because she’s so uninvolved and she’s had some of the lowest royal engagement numbers ever year since she joined the firm. She’s been coddled and infantilized since the day of her and Huevo’s engagement followed by her taking off her first to years of marriage to be a wife in Wales (code for shopping in London).

    I guess the ‘turn Kate into a Saint’ machine is in full effect.

    • Nic919 says:

      They actually tried to claim she worked 8 years on that 5 question survey. Which made things look worse.

      As for the not used to resting line, they must be laughing their asses off when they write this tripe.

    • StarWonderful says:

      As someone said somewhere on this site, Royals don’t “work”; they do PR. Why does the British public put up with this outdated and expensive institution? It’s a cult and is inhumane to members of that cult.

  9. Hypocrisy says:

    Not believing the cancer diagnosis at all after seeing her, we have had zero evidence from medical professionals and KP is an unreliable source.. she certainly looks like no friend or relative I’ve known that is receiving cancer treatments.

    • sophie says:

      Oh my, what an interesting, well rested, updated face! What’s really interesting is how the PoW will divorce what seems to be a highly regarded woman by certain elements of the British public. Roll over, Prince Andrew as he’s after your accommodation!!!

  10. Jais says:

    In a royal career of perfectionism, the Princess is staying true to form. Yikes. The media’s simpering and sycophantic need to make Kate perfect in comparison to all others is so off-putting. It started when Meghan entered the picture and Kate played into it hard. And imo it’s backfiring. The perfect princess who never puts a foot wrong is not interesting and is a facade. This princess had concerns about the skin color of a baby. This princess helped her mom leak a fake crying story about her SIL to Camilla Tominey. So we know she’s not perfect but the need to shove it down peoples’ throats that she is in fact the perfect princess is deeply unpleasant. People don’t like that. And they see thru it.

    • Nic919 says:

      They say this within a week of a letter being sent full of typos and grammatical errors. Perfection indeed.

      • Jais says:

        They’re just hoping that if they repeat perfect enough it will infiltrate the public’s mindset

  11. Becks1 says:

    so I will be gracious and say as a threshold matter, its hard for sick people who don’t “look” sick and have invisible issues like fibromyalgia or severe migraines or a mental impairment – people expect you to look a certain way when you’re sick or disabled and for those that don’t, it can be hard. So I’m keeping that in mind here.

    BUT that said……we’ve been told its chemo and for someone going through chemotherapy with months left of treatment, she looked damn good.

    Was cancer a complete lie? Was this is all a power move on Kate’s part? I have no idea what’s going on at this point. KP’s behavior over the last 6 months never made much sense, but it makes zero sense at this point.

    • Agnes says:

      There are so many different treatments for cancer now, and different kinds of “chemo.” One of my friends with Stage 4 prostate cancer just took a pill and was walking around the whole time, he took more naps but that’s it, didn’t look sick. Ditto another acquaintance with breast cancer. Charles looks like death warmed over. We only know what they tell us, and they have a history of lying.

      I’m curious about Kate’s new scar, William’s manipulation of SEO with his “Harry Potter scar” comment, and all the trolls on SM explaining away the scar. It’s a weird concerted effort sort of like that mysterious “Kate’s in Houston” campaign. The only thing that is crystal clear is that Harry and Meghan were 100% right to flee England with their lives and nothing else.

    • Jais says:

      Whatever happened over this past six months, whether it’s cancer, MH or something else, the BM propping Kate up as perfect as soon as she steps out is squeaking me out. And Kate needing to be seen as perfect is another part of it. The messages that are being sent are not great. Look, I wouldn’t love pictures of me looking less than perfect being blasted out for the public’s consumption. So I get that and even empathize with it to some extent. But there’s just a really obsessive need for the superficial appearances to project a reality that just isn’t truthful. I don’t know what specifically is untruthful about all of this but something sure is.

      • Agnes says:

        I really don’t understand it either, the need for the BM to go so over-the-top with praise, and so down-low with spite (towards Harry and Meghan). Who is conducting the propaganda orchestra, and to what end? If they just eased up and admitted they *are* mere mortals, they might become more popular. But probably not lmao, way too late!

      • Jais says:

        Possibly too late. Once they’ve gone so completely ham with the propaganda it’s hard to turn back.

  12. DARK says:

    I really don’t see plastic surgery. She looks a little thinner than usual so I do believe that she has been unwell in some form but I wouldn’t trust BRF statements they play a little loose with the truth. I do think that if she has been unwell then she probably hasn’t been drinking over the last 6 months and maybe a william free environment helped too.

  13. Lulu says:

    Rockstar return = minimal crowds and boos. Glad to see she is okay.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    All Kate does is rest so that narrative KP is trying to push is false and unlike most cancer patients she didn’t work for 6 months. I’m sure she will be at the Wimbledon finals and the Japanese State Dinner. She’s not going to miss a chance to wear a tiara.

    • Julia says:

      I think she will be at Wimbledon. I’m in two minds about the state dinner. While it’s clear she loves wearing the tiara she always looks miserable during the actual dinner as she is not great with small talk.

      • Jais says:

        Iirc, last time they sat her behind a giant candelabra or a huge thing of flowers or something.

    • Tessa says:

      If she’s recovering from abdominal issues would she be able to eat at the state dinner or would she get a special diet.

  15. Brassy Rebel says:

    Well, this is a switch. Usually, she over-promises and under-delivers.

  16. Lizzie says:

    A “royal career of perfectionism”—gag gag gag. I have no other words for that comment.

    She had better be careful–too much flirting and visible enthusiasm with Roger Federer and KP might actually put an end to that particular line of “work.” Remember what happened with Ben Ainslie?

    • SamuelWhiskers says:

      Hey she’s managed to go an entire six months without flashing her entire butt, or wearing hot pink to a memorial, or the press printing articles about what a nightmare she is to work with and that’s why the Cambridge household is having a huge staff exodus (oh wait those stories vanished when Meghan joined).

      Man being “missing” is great for her reputation!

    • Pam says:

      I think I missed that. What happened to Ben Ainslie? I remember the pictures of her smiling at him the way she NEVER smiles at William…

  17. Lisa says:

    Now I have seen the children Kate can disappear for another 6 months!

  18. Tessa says:

    In some of the pics she’s the image of carole.

  19. BeanieBean says:

    She’s going to Wimbledon, you just know it. And they’ll call it work. There are not enough eyeball emojis for this one.

    But this was interesting: “… a typically “Kate” return: under-promising and over-delivering…” Not that she over-delivers per se, but she certainly does ‘under-promise’ & it has been noted.

  20. Beverley says:

    What gets me is that the Royal Racist is being hailed as “perfect”. Sort of confirms the notion that the royal family and the rota rats are such deeply-ingrained bigots that these accusations of racism mean nothing and don’t reflect or affect their views of perfection.

  21. Blujfly says:

    Some of the only ways we know Kate spends her days doing are leisure pursuits (piano, watercolors,drawing, sailing) and “watching box sets with William.” Perhaps by her inability to rest they mean her compulsive exercise disorder

  22. blueberry says:

    Nobody is perfect and as a public figure for her to continue to beat this drum, it’s nauseating. I just imagine how much pressure she puts on Charlotte. And future daughters-in-law? Oof

  23. Bklne says:

    So, if you publicize (or have someone publicize on your behalf) that you’re going to under-promise and over-deliver … doesn’t that very act end up negating itself? 🧐🤔🤨🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  24. Tara says:

    Came here from YouTube where I saw all those shorts about Kate and trooping. And then it hit me: now that there is a fresh sighting of kate, they have something they can use as future reference to create additional AI videos. Am not sure if the color of her dress (white) does also mean it’s easier to modify – in color for example. I feel as if I had a lightbulb moment, now I will wait and see how underpromise and overdeliver will present itself.

  25. Miss Scarlett says:

    Well this will be a nice change from Kate over promising and under delivering for the past 13 years… She’s great at keeping expectations very very low.