Tim Gunn hates the Kardashians, Jersey Shore


Do you know how much I love Tim Gunn? A ridiculous amount. Tim is my ideal gay boyfriend. I want to go shopping with him, I want him to take him to The Olive Garden, I want him to talk me into getting dessert. I want to curl up on the couch with him and watch old movies starring Cary Grant. I want him to cut my hair. I want get drunk with him. I want to have a good cry on his shoulder while he puts his arms around me, telling me, “It will be okay.” Sigh…

So, Tim gave a wonderful interview to Wonderwall, and they asked him about two of the trashiest pop culture spectacles out there today, the Kardashians and the Jersey Shore people. And Tim didn’t hold anything back! And you know what else? My gay boyfriend actually used my favorite descriptor, the one that gets some hate around these parts – he uses “farty” in everyday conversation! AS DO I!!! Oh my God, it’s a signal that Tim wants to be my boyfriend.

Wonderwall: What do you think of Jersey Shore style?
Gunn: Ugh! Oh! Don’t even get me started. It is not a style to emulate. I know that the show is hugely popular. I will tell you it pains me when I hear 12-year-old girls say it’s their favorite show. You shouldn’t be watching it! And it’s so incendiary that New Jersey is no longer permitting it to be taped in New Jersey.

WW: That’s why they’re going to film in Miami.
TG: Yeah, so what does that say?

WW: Nothing good.
TG: It’s like throwing people to the lions in ancient Rome. I don’t get it.

WW: J-Woww is launching her own line.
TG: Preposterous! Preposterous! Sorry.

WW: Are you a supporter of the Kardashians’ line with Bebe?
TG: No! I just think the Kardashians have an absence of taste and I don’t think that that should be perpetuated. I’m sorry I’m sounding like an old farty snob but it bothers me.

WW: You sound like somebody who’s telling the truth.
TG: I will say in general with celebrity labels, with the understanding that they’re not actually designing them, but you hope in a way that they’re not overseeing them either. I’m all in favor of anything that employs young designers.

WW: How do you feel about Fashion Week moving to Lincoln Center?
TG: We have to look for a silver lining to this. And we’ve known for a number of seasons that we were battling with the Parks Commissioner. Why, I do not know because Bryant Park helped brand New York as the fashion capital of the world, but we’re taking the high road here. And for me, I love the fact that we can align fashion with the arts. It puts it into a cultural context … and I’m really quite thrilled by it all. The only little downside is it’s going to be a subway ride away from the Fashion District.

WW: We’ll make it work.
TG: We’ll make it work. Exactly.

[From Wonderwall]

Those are my two favorite sentences of the English language now: “I just think the Kardashians have an absence of taste and I don’t think that that should be perpetuated. I’m sorry I’m sounding like an old farty snob but it bothers me.” It bothers me too, Tim! And it should not be perpetuated! I mean, sure, I enjoy the Kardashians in the same way I enjoy Lindsay Lohan or Gwyneth Paltrow. As in, I don’t really care about them as people, but they’re fun to write about and talk about. But let’s not pretend their fashion sense is tasteful or interesting or even “good”.


Tim Gunn in New York on February 10, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Icecat says:

    I love him too!!

  2. ogechi says:

    There is something about Tim Gunn i dislike. He used terms like ”Preposterous” and ”absence of taste”. Because of him, i stopped watching project runway. People who work hard must be encouraged no matter how awful you think of them.

    Besides, K sisters never did drugs or behaved abnormally like Lindsay Lohan. The kardashians have brought so much laughter/confidence to so many homes, while Lindsay brought shame to her family and fans.

  3. Maleficent says:

    I love Tim even more than before!

  4. Ursula says:

    Can’t stand him, think he is cheap. I wish he would fly off to a planet where all annoying miscreants go.

    No I cannot stand the Kardashians either.

  5. Peach says:

    I’m with Tim!

    love him so hard.

  6. Maleficent says:

    Ogechi- Are you kidding me? The Kardashian’s have never done drugs???? Well okay, believe that if you like. Not to mention they hang out with that despicable Joe Francis, make sex tapes where they are used as a human toilet, and prance around like they are owed some sort of respect. PUH-LEEZE!

  7. QB says:

    I love Tim Gunn and he tells the true.

    The Kardashian are not like Lindsay they are belowe her. Lindsay once upon a time had talent the Kardassian have no talent and are famous because they use to hang with someone that had a sex tape and then one of then had a sex tape.So they are no talent vulgar skanks.

  8. susanne says:

    You know, he’s really cute when he’s not making that prissy-farty face!

  9. e says:

    I don’t know much about Tim Gunn but I don’t really see him as an Olive Garden type of guy. I think that is Kendra’s favorite “Italian” restaurant though! 🙂

  10. ,,,, says:

    I want to take him to Red Lobster and get into a tiff.

  11. kaligula says:

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: Tim Gunn for president!!!

  12. Bodhi says:

    I love him too!

    Besides, K sisters never did drugs or behaved abnormally like Lindsay Lohan

    Um… didn’t one of them admit to bringing coke in her purse to a radio interview or something? And Kim becamse famous because she hung out with Paris Hilton & if you think Paris didn’t/doesn’t do drugs, you must have grown up under a rock

  13. bellaluna says:

    I love him! And I agree totally with his “throwing Christians to the lions” comment…isn’t that pretty much what reality TV is? Watching others de-construct so we can feel better about ourselves? That’s why we don’t watch reality TV in our family – it sucks and it’s just too stupid for people with our IQ’s.

    @ Ogechi, Um, I’m not trying to be mean here, but Khloe got a DUI and the family staged an intervention for Robb because of his drinking, I think. And Lindsay had talent once.

  14. anna says:

    “Absence of Taste”


  15. mel says:

    I wanna take him to happy hour and get him drunk. Would luv to see him loopy, he can be soooo uptight sometimes, but i luv him!

  16. princess pea says:

    “People who work hard must be encouraged no matter how awful you think of them.”

    I totally disagree. Encouraging and supporting people just because they think they “work hard” is how you get Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag and the rest of the waste-of-air fools in Lalaland. Not to mention your own example: Lindsay Lohan, one of the most vocal about how HARD she works.

    Not to mention we’re talking about fashion, here, not kindergarten.

  17. Jazz says:

    The K sisters probably do drugs, they just haven’t been caught out yet. I also would like to get Tim Gunn drunk.

  18. ButterQueen says:

    GAH! I want Tim Gunn as my grandfather. One day.. One day…

  19. snapdragon says:

    “Besides, K sisters never did drugs or behaved abnormally like Lindsay Lohan.”

    one of the K sisters was arrested for a DUI, and one of them made a sex tape…not exactly model behavior. and if they are considered “hard working” than the rest of us must be like indentured servants. tim gunn is right -there is a high trashiness factor there.

  20. Feebee says:

    You put the word “shocking!” after Charlie Sheen’s return to rehab headline, but it wasn’t considered more appropriate after Tim Gunn dislike of Kardashians and Jersey Shore?


  21. city says:

    LOVE HIM! LOVE HIM! LOVE HIM! I wish they would continue his show – Tim Gunn’s Guide to style. Everytime I go to buy something, I ask myself if Tim would approve…..

  22. lilred says:

    I love this old farty snob!

  23. Late night wigs says:

    princess pea-

    ITA with you. Also, people SHOULD work hard! It’s insane that people think that they should get recognition and a free pass to suck just because they’re doing something they should be doing anyways! Besides, if you don’t critique people, they’ll never get better, but I guess people nowadays are too worried about hurting feelings. Personally, I love Tim Gunn and others like him who keep it real and tell the truth, I don’t know why anyone would rather have a bunch of smoke blown up their butts than get honest feedback. People are too sensitive nowadays! Love ya Tim, you can critique me any day 🙂

  24. snowball says:

    @e – the Olive Garden reference came from an episode of Project Runway season 2, where one of the contestants (Santino Rice) did a bang on job of mimicking Tim. One of his favorites was to tease one of the other contestants by pretending to be Tim and saying that Tim wanted to take Andre to the Olive Garden. Tim even thought it was hilarious.

    Back on topic, I looove Tim and I’m glad he spoke frankly about the idiots from Jersey Shore and the worthless Kardassians. He didn’t say anything that many, many people weren’t already thinking.

    @ogechi – “The kardashians have brought so much laughter/confidence to so many homes”

    They have been a less than zero positive influence on kids who watch them and for whatever reason, emulate them. Laughter, yes, they brought that. Confidence? How is it promoting confidence for one sister to have a boyfriend who abuses her, but she still gets pregnant by him? How is it promoting confidence by willing to let some guy pee on you? How is it promoting confidence by rushing into a marriage with a guy who doesn’t even acknowledge his children from a prior relationship? Which one of them (I actually forgot) got arrested for DUI?

    People watch them for the same reason they watch Jersey Shore. Because it’s like watching a trainwreck.

    On the plus side, we almost never hear anything about Paris Hilton anymore.

  25. Chana says:

    “Absence of taste”-Hee! Love this man. He really just tells the truth. I love that he acknowledges that most celebrities are not involved with the clothing lines they put out. It’s some other designer who often gets zero credit because the celebrity comes swanning in, glances at a few sketches, and takes a few pictures at a store opening. It’s maddening.

  26. kristin says:

    February 24th, 2010 at 9:34 am

    There is something about Tim Gunn i dislike. He used terms like ”Preposterous” and ”absence of taste”. Because of him, i stopped watching project runway. People who work hard must be encouraged no matter how awful you think of them.

    “Preposterous” is a word and “absence of taste” is a spectacular way to describe the tackiness of the Kardasians. Just because reality television doesn’t showcase elegant or extensive use of the English language doesn’t mean that other people shouldn’t speak eloquently.

    Further, TOTALLY DISAGREE that people who ‘work hard’ should be encouraged in this context. When someone tries to qualify for an Olympic sport, and fails to make the required time, should they be allowed to compete simply because we don’t want to ‘discourage’ them? NO! As someone else said, this is not kindergarten. If someone can’t design (Lauren Conrad, the Kardasians, freaking J Woww) or sing (Heidi, Paris), why should we encourage them to keep doing it?

    Furthermore, these people don’t ‘work hard’. I’m sorry, but they don’t. Going to clubs, shopping, and calling the paparazzi, and, okay, spending an hour or so one day to approve of a line of clothes that have been designed FOR you does not qualify as working hard in my book. Say what you will about *real* actresses’ and actors’ paychecks, but at least they have to show up and perform to get paid. They have a marketable skill. Reality stars’ only skill is being more slutty/obnoxious/tacky/stupid than the average person on the street.

  27. Lisa says:

    A Hard-worker is a person who started from zero and reached their goals. Not what these “socialites” are. How does Kim Kardashian work hard and everything has been given to her in a silver platter?!

  28. juiceinla says:

    Swoon indeed! I adore Tim Gunn like you all. Oh I just love that he has these opinions, even if I am a bit surprised that he voiced them publically(He just has soo much class, you know???)

    Maybe I have him on too high a pedestal. I don’t care, he’s delish. can do no wrong.

  29. Cat says:

    I love him! Right when you think Hollywood’s gone to hell, Tim lets us know that there are still people who value quality over a name/trendiness. And yes, I am also sick of famous people getting fashion lines based on a name. Get over yourself and realize you’re not a designer, no matter how many clothes you’ve been gifted!

  30. jover says:

    Agree with most of the above; but has the fashion industry so lost confidence in itself that it must partner with every lame, nitwit celeb – Bebe even being associated with a Kartrashian!! Wonder how Max Azria’s teaming up with that paragon of style and class – Miley Cyrus – has gone – I notice the adds in Walmart have largely disappeared. The fashion industry needs to end its ties to Hollywood if it wants to re-establish its cache.

  31. skilo says:

    I love, love, love Tim Gunn. I just think he’s adorable and he has such class. For me he’s the pretty much the best thing about project runway.

  32. BLA says:

    God bless this man.

  33. Looking pretty suave their buddy, haha!

  34. Tammy K says:

    Your comments made laugh so hard. I loved the part about wanting him to take you to The Olive Garden. I remember when Santino did that little bit about Tim and Andre going to the Olive Garden. It was so funny!
    Thanks for making my day!

  35. Tammy K says:

    I’m sorry I was wrong! The bit Santino did was about Tim and Andre at Red Lobster! I still thought it was funny.

    I love him too.

  36. Hahaha ABSENCE OF TASTE. Brilliant.

  37. ThunderC*nt says:

    God bless Princess Pea. Well said.

  38. Mingo says:

    Are we surprised?

  39. DEFAMATORY!!! The Kardashian women are Ladies Mr. Gunn, don’t be jealous. You took a pot shot toward a family of nice women. To say anything about the use of violence is just inappropriate. Use your energy to make the world a better place instead of trying to incite or create maliciousness.

  40. suzieq says:

    Love the comments snowball!!

    Luv Tim! He tells it like it is!
    i too am sick, sick, sick of all the K’s, including their Mom! Yuk! No talent ‘look at me’s’ – lord knows we need more of those!!

    There are many truly talented guys & gals out there! Those who have worked hard to earn it!! Boycott all others!!

  41. Gina says:

    I agreed with all the above.
    The Jersey Shore is just a group of adults acting like they are in h.s immature and idiots, they all pass each other STDS back and forth disgusting…They have disgraced there own State of Jersey how embarrasing is that. and probably there families.
    The K’s they are just another worthless so call talent people who take up this world. They are pretty much alcoholics, and they are not smart keeping douchbag men in there lives who dont even respect them. But I do love Tim his the shit. He did not sugar coated anything his right. and his class.